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He leaned forward and brushed his lips against Mark’s. Mark wanted to chase the kiss, the warmth of it, the familiarity. He felt Kieran’s hand come down to splay itself over his chest—over the elf-bolt that hung there, below his collarbone. “We will be done with each other.”

No,” Mark whispered.

But Kieran was on his feet, the warmth of his hands gone from Mark’s skin. His eyes were dark, his whole body tense. Mark shot to his feet after, meaning to demand that Kieran explain what he had meant by done— just as a terrible noise split the air.

Fic:”I Am Scully” (Stella/Scully) - Ch. 9 “Do Thy Worst And Steal Thyself Away”

Title: I Am Scully

Chapter: 9 - Do They Worst To Steal Thyself Away

Characters: Dana Scully, Stella Gibson, Fox Mulder

Relationships: Dana/Stella

“So, let me get this straight,” Stella said, trying not to be mad. “You spent most of your life being in love with a man who didn’t consider yourself worth fighting for?” Stella said and it sounded awful but deep inside Scully knew that it was the exact thing she had been thinking. “He knew how much you loved him, enough to ask you to come to England with him, after you left him?” She didn’t know how much of that was true but she simply assumed it must have happened. She stood in front of Dana, feeling sorry for the woman but she was simply too mad at Mulder to stop.

Dana crossed her arms in front of her chest, feeling the tears brim in her eyes. She chuckled humorlessly.

“And he didn’t fight for you?” Stella asked. “Because if he did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation,” she said. They both knew that it was true but Scully didn’t want to go back.


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omg, what if tomorrow at evak’s home sweet home they try to study but can’t concentrate because they are talking about trivial things and they all end up sitting and talking about each other’s lives. so even talks about his past and what happened with the balloon squad but you can see it’s hurting him and sana as the fucking great friend she is, says: “you don’t need to talk about it, only when you’re ready” and even smiles at her, grateful and says: “i’m ready” and looks with his concern look™ at isak and start telling the story.

so when we all stop crying even finishes telling everything, isak sits on his lap and caresses his cheek then kiss it and sana looks at him, with her understanding eyes™ and has a shy smile on her lips, feeling so proud of him and then even and isak ask sana about her life and she can’t handle it anymore and starts crying everything that’s hurting her out, so when isak and even see this, they look at each other and get close to sana and try to reassure her but sana says she feels better now after crying because she needed it and begins to tell them everything, making even feel sad and angry at the same time. isak feeling frustrated too because he doesn’t know what he can possibly do to help her but sana tells them that she wants to deal with it so they don’t need to worry and thanks them for listening to her and isak and even say at the same time: “we’re here for you. anytime, we are your friends, du er ikke alene” and they smile to each other with grateful eyes and fade to black and you can find me crying my life out but hey, at least sana is not alone anymore


I’m still not over yesterday’s episode and can we talk about the look on her face? This is the look of realization of feelings she probably didn’t know were there. This guy’s been cheering her on since day one! He’s the one who always gives her encouragement when she most needs it, he blindly believes in her and always appreciates and acknowledges everything she’s done for everyone. She’s finally seeing that everything she’s been looking for has been right there beside her. Bellamy has been in love with this girl since the beginning and now she’s realizing she is too.. ❤️