i love them so much

But what if Clare was listening to Dead Hand because it was on a mix Eli made for her forever ago when her parents were fighting and it always made her feel better. Or he just made it to be romantic when Adam was making him look bad?
Or for Valentine’s Day that year?!
“Woman are trouble.”
“Even me?”
“Especially you.”
Or what if Eli bought her a CD at the Dead Hand concert?
Or Clare bought it after finding out how much he liked them and listened to them endlessly while thinking about him and he smirked when he realized she memorized it all?
Or she learned it because it was always on when they were mackin’ in Morty?

  • The "I look like a cinnamon roll but i could probably kill you" squad:Nomi and Kala
  • The "I look like i could kill you but i am actually a cinnamon roll" squad:Will and Lito
  • The "I look like a cinnamon roll and i really am a cinnamon roll" squad:Capheus and Riley
  • The "I look like i could kill you and i'm really gonna kill you" squad:Sun and Wolfgang

okay but the whole “make sure cap never finds out about this” thing in ant man makes me feel like if steve found out he would never let sam forget about it. that little piece of shit would probably bring it up in every other conversation

“hey sam remember that time you got your ass kicked by a guy half an inch tall”

“hey sam speaking of ants”

“hey sam-”