i love them so mu uh uch


fandom: how to train your dragon 2.
characters: all the berk vikings, including valka.
ship: hiccup/astrid, stoick/valka, but they’re not the focus.
song: see end of the video.

** please watch in HD! **

with less than a week to go until the US release of HTTYD2, i started to get that sinking, paranoid feeling that something horrible is going to happen in the movie that will chuck me into a pit of utter despair for weeks. as such, i felt the overwhelming urge to just see all the characters (aka MY BABIES!) being HAPPY. and this song came up on my ipod on thursday and it never fails to make me want to bob my head to the rhythm, so… that’s how this video was born.

well, that and the fact that i’ve been wanting to vid HTTYD2 since forever because IT’S SO PRETTEH. =3 i don’t think i’ve ever made a video this fast.

if for any reason you can’t see the video on youtube, it’s also on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/97641546

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