i love them sfm


You know, sometimes it feels like the Flash is this guy my boyfriend becomes when he runs off to save other people. Like I’m the only one who doesn’t get the Flash. He felt separate from you. But yesterday when you saved me, I remembered I have no reason to be scared. The man I love is a superhero. I love you, Barry Allen. The Flash. I love all of you and I always will


The Cast of Hamilton for Time 

Hamilton is a story about America. And the most beautiful thing about it is because it’s told by such a diverse cast with such diverse styles of music, we have the opportunity to reclaim history that some of us don’t necessarily think is our own.

*takes deep breath* lISTEN,,, you can really tell how much the teen wolf cast like and respect each other, not just as colleagues in their work but as people in their lives. It’s not just a professional relationship for them, it’s /real/, and it’s definitely partly due to the tone that tyler and dylan set since they were the leads AND best friends that the cast are more like a weird and loving family, even for the alumni that left seasons ago. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY OK.

This really hit home for me rn bc I’m watching the SDCC panel and melissa ponzio said it occurred to her that throughout all these years there was honestly never a bad day on set, because everyone on the cast and crew wanted to be there. tbh how many shows can say that?


from the “hey, you are my partner, okay? it’s a guy hug, take it” to the “i love you so much and i’m so worried about you that i just want to hug you to make sure you are okay”


You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath. I know you feel what I feel.


I’ve got you. so you have. may it keep you safe, always. you are brave and honourable and kind, any woman would be fortunate to be loved by you. sometimes I feel I am doomed always to want the things I cannot have. we promised each other. a queen is allowed to break her promises. once again you are my saviour. you still wear it? always. whatever happens, I will never regret what happened here. I’ve never met a woman like her, her courage her endurance her kindness. thank god I have once precious memory to sustain me, the fleeting dream of the life I might have lived.