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  • yoongi: do you know how hoseok makes me feel jimin
  • jimin: how
  • yoongi: he makes me feel like stars are shining in daylight I want to cook him food even tho idk shit about cooking he's the best friend i've ever had he's super amazing and listens to me he makes me feel like im watching a kdrama and seeing our love evolve in front of my eyes
  • taehyung: [on jimin's lap] you just condensed mine and jiminie's love story in one sentence

Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)


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Sea mechanic is wonderful and pure just girlfriends being so supportive of each other??? Luna being low-key fascinated by all of Raven's science and tech and Raven being like "all that spiritual stuff pfft so dumb but pls tell me everything right now" both of them being SO INTO EACH OTHER'S STUFF EVEN IF THEY DONT GET IT AT FIRST

Raven falls asleep on the swivel chair in front of the computer and wakes up to the sound of Luna whispering, “computer, show me the jungle. Computer, show me the stars. Computer show me the ocean.” As the screen flashes with images of deep space and the roaring sea, Luna can’t believe the universe is so big. She had never known how much STUFF there was to see. Raven is amused and rolls her chair over to be beside Luna, who is staring, wide-eyed, at a video of a volcano erupting.

“Technology is amazing,” she breathes. “Will that rocket really be able to take you into space?” Raven gives a soft, airy laugh.

“Yup.” She and Luna exchange soft smiles before Raven pulls the computer keyboard away from her companion and out in front of her. “Have you ever seen the moon up close?” The woman shakes her head, although there is a glimmer of fascination in her eyes that gives Raven a rush. “Here, look.” She searches the computer for photos and videos of the moon, each more high def than the last. Luna’s face lights up.

“It’s incredible,” she says. Her face wrinkles in curiosity. “How does it get its light?” She asks, turning her head to the side. “The stars and the sun burn with fire but the moon doesn’t. How is it so bright?

Raven will sit for hours and explain the way the sun’s light is reflected off of the pale surface of the moon. She will talk about how it orbits the earth and how big it is and Luna will drink it all in. Raven eventually mentions how the moon moves the tides of the sea and Luna will smile, thinking to herself how this woman is a moon of her own: Fractured and bright and beautiful. This cosmic girl sways the ocean in her. Luna never knew how much she could love the moon.

ryden 33/365
it looks like ryan’s about to do some pitying(if you read throam you will know what i mean)

ok but can we talk about bakugou who gets freckles in the summertime across the bridge of his nose and his shoulders

and kirishima havin a heart attack when bakugou comes back 2 school after summer break covered in lil freckles from the family vacation he went on with his mom and dad

and kirishima gripping bakuogu by the chin and placing fluttery kisses all across bakugou’s cheeks and nose and it kinda tickles so bakugou’s scrunching up his face and trying not to laugh and kirishima just wants to kiss aLL OF HIS FRECKLES

and his hair is sunbleached and he just looks so?? pretty? and his expression goes all soft when he sees kirishima smiling at him and

i just need freckly summer bakugou who has the tiniest lil sunburn on his face that makes him look flushed and kirishima cupping bakugou’s face in his hands and running his thumbs over his cheeks and kissing his nose i JUST NEED THEM TO BE SOFT AND IN LOVE OK bye