i love them more than almost anything

I loved you with everything I ever told you I did. I loved you to the moon and back and beyond. To infinity. More than anything I had ever loved before. Yet you still deserved more. Because I loved almost every part of you but not all of you. You had flaws that made me stressed. That made me sad. You had flaws that I found myself hating. Resenting. Wishing I could change. You have to understand that I loved you so much that I knew that you deserved someone who could love every single one of your flaws, not just most of them. I loved you so much that I understood that I couldn’t love you enough. I loved you so much that I understood that you deserve a girl who can cherish and adore even your worst weaknesses. I really hope she is that girl for you. And I hope I find a boy one of these days who can love me even more than I loved you.
Court of Dreams’ Individual Understanding of Feyre

During my reread of ACOMAF, I was struck by the unique way each member of Rhysand’s Inner Circle related to Feyre’s traumatic experiences (primarily taken from chapter 16 [family dinner]). SJM did such an amazing job with this! IRL, it doesn’t usually take just one person to help heal your past hurts—to understand—and we see this with Feyre. It takes the entire Inner Circle to help her begin to heal, and to learn she was not alone. 

Cassian understands what it is like to starve and freeze—to fight alone for survival. 

Azriel understands the horror of being imprisoned in darkness and brutally beaten, left to die. 

Amren understands being trapped in a body not her own. 

Mor understands how dreams can be stripped away and laid bare—to escape and dream anew. 

Rhys understands the terror of abuse, and what it’s like to wake up every night, every morning afraid his freedom isn’t real.  

Court of Dreams - All of them understand what it means to find a family they’d only ever dreamed of having—to love and care for and cherish one another more than anything in the world.

Alex’s Trauma (2x19)

She doesn’t speak for an entire week.

An entire week where she refuses to open her mouth, even to eat, to drink.

She accepts the IV fluids, nutrients, without complaint, without comment.

Without comment because she won’t open her mouth.

Won’t open her mouth because if she does, the water will rush in.

If she does, her lungs won’t just burn. They’ll burn while they drown.

If she does, she will never stop screaming.

If she does, she will never see her sister again.

At least her death will be protecting her. She’d told her in no uncertain terms to negotiate. That Supergirl – that Kara – is bigger than her. So at least her death will protect her.

Maybe Eliza will take comfort in that.

Maybe Eliza will finally be proud of her.

But she wants to live even more than she needs her mother’s approval, so she doesn’t open her mouth.

If she does, the screaming won’t be hers.

It’ll be Kara’s, it’ll be Maggie’s.

James has already lost his father.

Winn had only just started to have a family.

J'onn’s already lost too many daughters.

J'onn can’t lose her too.


So she doesn’t open her mouth.

Even though he’s standing over her, even though he’s keeping watch over her. Over her sister. Over her girlfriend. Over his sons.

She wonders who’s keeping watch over him.

But she doesn’t open her mouth.

Not when Vasquez drops in to visit, to force Maggie to shower, to eat something.

Not when Lena comes to visit, to force Kara to do the same.

Not even when M'gann rushes in, windswept and desperate, like she just launched herself through the vacuum of space to get to her, to get to J'onn.

Not when M’gann forces James and Winn to help each other eat. Shower. When she nearly has to wrestle J'onn to make him do the same.

Alex just watches.


Never with her eyes closed.

Never with her eyes closed, until the drugs they pump into her force her to, because it’s a relief, really, to see people, other people, people who love her, instead of her own reflection in that damned cage.

Instead of her own panicked eyes, floating hair, her own drowning body.

She watches, but she doesn’t speak.

And they don’t ask her to.

Kara tells her stories. Stories she used to tell her when they were kids – when they were kids and Rick had a crush on her and all she could think about was how he meant Eliza would be proud, even though she’d rather spend time with Vicky Donahue – about Krypton and about laughter and about alien science.

Winn sets up a video game console in the room and he has James and M'gann play Mario Kart with him. They all look at her more than they look at the screen, and Winn thinks he sees her almost crack a smile once.

“You’re my sister, Alex. Both of ours,” he tells her in the silence after, James taking her other hand and nodding. “We’re never gonna lose each other, understand?”

She understands that he doesn’t want to ever lose each other.

She also understands that there’s nothing he or any of them can do to prevent it.

She blinks at him, and that’s as much of a response as she’s been giving anyone, so he squeezes her hand and accepts it.

James talks to her about CatCo, about being Guardian. About how much he admires her for being a superhero without a suit.

“This doesn’t change that, you know, Alex. You’re not weak and you haven’t failed. If it had happened to any of us, you’d tell us the same. I know it’s easier said than believed, but it’s true.”

M'gann tells her stories of Mars, of red skies and fighting white supremacy, of old loves and new hopes.

J'onn says nothing, except that he couldn’t be prouder to have her as a daughter. He lets the rest of their time together lay in silence.

Neither of them are much for words.

But Maggie says even less than J'onn. Almost as little as Alex.

She never leaves. It’s James who calls her captain and arranges paid time off for her. It’s M'gann who forces her to shower when Vasquez can’t do anything more, but like Kara, Maggie refuses to go anywhere other than the bathroom right off the med bay. It’s M'gann, too, who forces her to eat, but she won’t do it anywhere but Alex’s bedside.

She just stares at Alex.

Stares at her eyes. At her chest, like she’s making sure it’s still rising and falling with her breath.

With life.

And that’s exactly what she’s doing, what she’s assuring herself of.

None of them try to get Alex to talk, but they all let her know she’s loved.

Cared for.

Watched over.

Safe. Safe. Safe.

The first nightmare that breaks through the sedative has her talking again.

Or screaming, more like.

For Supergirl. Whose life is worth more than hers. Whose life is so valuable that it doesn’t matter what happens to hers.

Supergirl is too important.

Her screams make Kara hold her, whisper to her, as she wakes up.

Her screams make Maggie stand, make Maggie, for the first time since they found her, string together more than a few coherent words.

“You matter too, Alex. You’re important. Yes, your sister is important, Danvers, your sister is everything because she’s your sister, but did you ever stop to think that maybe there is no Supergirl without Alex Danvers? Did you really think you’re the only one willing to die for the people in this room? Did you really think the people who love you could ever bear to live without you? Did you really think Kara could live without you? That I could live without you?”

Alex blinks and Maggie’s low voice cracks and Kara blinks out tears and Winn’s eyes widen and James holds his arm because he knows Winn scares at raised voices, even if they’re raised in beautiful words, and J'onn stares at his daughter and M'gann stares at hers, and nobody, nobody, nobody breathes.

And then Alex says her first words since her gasping, desperate greetings when they’d found her.

Her voice is chapped and her voice is gravel, but her voice is alive, alive, alive.

“The people who love me?”

Maggie cracks a small, wet grin through her tearstained face.

“More than I’ve ever loved anyone, Alex Danvers. And I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before, I’m sorry I didn’t let you tell me, I’m sorry I almost waited too long for this first, I – “

But Alex is reaching for her and Alex is kissing her, kissing her, kissing her, and M'gann is escorting everyone else out of the room because they need this moment, they need forever’s worth of first moments like this.

"So life is too short, and we should tell the girls we love that we love them, huh?” she asks when they break for breath, breath that Maggie easily breathes into Alex’s lungs, safe, safe, safe. Loved.

“Something like that, Danvers,” Maggie smiles against her lips, and Alex lets herself cry, lets herself break, lets herself be… loved.

“I love you back, Maggie. I love you back, I love you back, I love you back.”

Neither of them say aside from variations of those three words for hours – hours while they kiss, while they touch, while they cry and while they breathe, breathe, breathe – they say nothing but I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.

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Leela, oh man I can't wait to read your response to this video, tbh while I was watching it, half of my brain was just thinking about how much I was looking forward to your reaction

this is so unbelievably sweet and i can’t believe that you look forward to hearing my thoughts so much!! i’m going to be completely dead honest with yall (when am i not tbh) … i was not one of the people who was super jazzed about the idea of a pastel edits video. i totally sided with dan in his past live show responses about the idea–that there’s no cohesive culture or stereotypical tropes around “pastel” that they could try to imitate, and also (though he didn’t say this) that it’s basically just a product of a sort of sexualized trope that tumblr seemed to make up out of thin air. i think i generally felt that at worst it would make them really uncomfortable, and at best it would just be a video of them putting on random pastel clothes and maybe wigs and making fun of the whole concept and that’s about it. so like. god damn, i was not prepared for how good this was nor the boundaries that it pushed, especially coupled with the tweet from dan preceding it. and even though there was still a lot of mockery and grumbling about it, especially from dan, i was not prepared for how much they would genuinely enjoy it and have fun with it. i think that’s just a testament to them and their connection/chemistry more than anything–it seems like there are very few scenarios and situations they get into together that they don’t end up completely loving and enjoying almost purely bc of how much they’re able to make each other laugh and bring each other joy. but also, in this case, bc they were so visibly enjoying the opportunity to touch and flirt and see each other wear a totally different look to their norm (and incidentally those exact things were what made punk edits irl such an incredible video too).

that being said, it wasn’t all just flirting and softness. there was some unexpected depth to this, or at least, a lot of room for me to speculate about what it might mean for them to be making a video like this, speculate about how they might feel about it, etc. and in order to do that i’m going to discuss a whole bunch of things that happened in the vid in three general categories: soft things, sarcastic things, and sexual things lol. one overarching observation to begin though: um. not to objectify but. phil is lookin damn fine. idk if his running/gyming are already having an impact but he somehow looked really well built in that t-shirt in a way i don’t think i’m used to seeing, so. ok. just had to get that out of the way.

1. soft things:

obvi, deeper analysis aside, there was a lot of genuinely sweet, wholesome, lovely shit happenin’ in this vid and it all had me close to tears. first of all. the brief and gut-wrenching return of the music from the blindfolded cat game vid and the dan and phil do poppen kookin vid, aka the softest videos known to mankind. thx phil. also interesting bc that means he def associates that music with softness and maybe he thinks about those videos as being soft and adorable and pure in the same way that we do. then,,,, phil going so high pitched when he talks about dans curls and saying that he’s ‘obsessed’ and dan getting all flustered when phil touches his hair and forgetting how to talk lol. “am i consenting you?” same. just generally, this was a video full of phil being rly into dans neck tattoo and dans curls and,,,, dan. just generally lmao. ik they lie all the time about preparing for videos and make it sound like phil does all the preparation even when dan has a hand in it, but in this case i really want to believe that phil actually went out (or online) shopping for dan and picked out that sweater and dungarees mostly bc he thought it’d be rly cute to see dan wearing them, which is why he also seemed to expend less effort on shopping for his own outfits. i loved his emphatically positive comments about the various elements of the get-up like when he was putting the tattoo on dan’s neck and told him that it would look amazing in such an earnest completely non-sarcastic way!!!! and a bit earlier when dan decided to also compliment phil out of nowhere, ALSO in such a genuine and emphatic and non-sarcastic way, regarding his “accurate cutting out” skills. the way that dan was instinctively so happy with phil’s arm tattoo and his first thought was to tell phil it matches his eyes before he naturally diluted it by slipping into a sarcastic tone of voice. and the way that he was so supportive of phil’s blue wig in a way that went beyond “u look good,” but rather was more along the lines of “u look good AND this fits with this deeper thing about you that i love so much and that shows how deeply i know you, namely the way that you want to make an impact when u enter a room” ahhhhhh goodness i think they both really found each other to be very pretty in these outfits, and doing a video like this is is as much a fun and exciting thing for them to experience as it is for us to watch.

one thing that really stood out to me was the moment when dan talks about feeling like he wants to do some ‘soft’ things after assuming this new persona and then he lists some examples of what those might be: writing a poem, cloud gazing, buying some sorbet, and then phil pitches in with surfing off the edge of a waterfall … which like,,, what? lmao. but the reason this moment hit me so hard is because it was the first point in watching the video that i realized that they were completely avoiding associating the concept of “pastel” with some more generalized concept of “femininity” and rather, just associating it with softness and aesthetic choices, both of which they proceeded to discuss throughout the video with absolutely no gender typecasting attached. so in this exchange, it really struck me that even when they were listing ‘soft activities’ they didn’t say anything about wanting to do activities that are stereotypically girly, nor did they shy away from talking about embracing things that could be perceived in that way like writing poetry or hugging unicorns or eating sorbet or whatever else. really the only mention of gender at all during the video was when phil talks about finding male underwear (on dan’s laptop btw, i just need to point that out) and even then they were just bemused at the idea that men would *want* to embrace the pastel but feel the need to hide it under their jeans lol. idk,, i’ve written about this before at great length (especially last year when dan bought the rhinestoned gatorland hat) but it’s just so lovely to see both of them progress to this point of total comfort with how they might be perceived and give absolutely no mind at all to any nasty stereotypes that people might launch at them for being two men in an extremely close relationship deciding to dress up in pink and touch each other and hold rainbow umbrellas and light up unicorns. like. the very THOUGHT of that happening a few years ago would be totally absurd especially with dan’s own seemingly internalized homophobia and both of their enforcement of gender binaries/heteronormativity. and yet, it’s a point that i will never stop making bc i can’t adequately express how happy it makes me: dan and phil have grown so much. we’ve watched them blossom into these self-assured people who are confident not only in themselves but in their relationship with each other, who are proud not only of themselves but of their relationship with each other, and who no longer feel such an innate need to hide.

2. sexual things:

in a similar vein, there was so much surprisingly overt sexual flirting and innuendo in this video that absolutely was not demanded by the situation at all. with last years halloween baking, one could make the argument that it’d be hard to mess about with melted chocolate and poke sticks into balls without making a lot of innuendos and giggling at them. but,,, there’s nothing in any way sexual about phil clipping on dan’s overalls for him….like. it was a completely innocent thing for phil to do. but dan decided to say “strapping me up on camera there’s a certain audience for this sort of video” while it was happening, as though *inviting* us to interpret this sexually, putting the thought into our heads on his own terms. the same applies to the tweet teasing the video. first of all he didn’t need to tweet at all but he did, to promo a video that wasn’t even on his own channel i want to point out. and if he wanted to promo it he could’ve just done a generic “just got done filming with phil” tweet or even a “wow just got done filming with phil and now we’re so messy” tweet but instead of leaving it there he took it to an explicitly sexual place of his own accord and, again, on his own terms. i can’t think of an explanation for this besides the notion that dan wants us to get used to thinking about them in sexual contexts, and he’s trying to push back a little on the strictly platonic and g-rated image they’ve built for themselves and their interactions. of course one could easily point out as a counter-argument that this isn’t the absolute first time they’ve made sexual comments about themselves. a good fairly recent example, but still pre-baking universe, was when they did the 3 legged ddr video on dapg and dan kept making comments about bondage and whatnot. but that still seems so different to me than many of the examples from this video for two reasons: first because, as mentioned before, the situation in the 3 legged ddr vid, in which they were literally taping themselves together, kind of demands innuendo in a more immediate way than like, strapping on overalls does. and, second, because the comments in that vid still seemed a tad uncomfortable, somewhat like dan envisioning the way that people would be screaming about these moments and sexualizing them anyway, and feeling forced to acknowledge the sexual overtones of the situation himself to get out in front of it. in this video, the difference is that dan truly and happily *went out of his way* to make these sexual and flirty comments, about the overalls, about tattooing phil’s penis or his ass, about phil biting him if he (dan) mentions cotton candy. and on and on. like,,,,, totally unnecessary, totally comments that dan made of his own volition bc he *wanted* to and *chose* to and that is so so important to me.

at the same time, phil, while less vocal in his flirting, broke the g-rated boundaries in his own ways, especially, and probs most memorably, by unzipping his trousers plainly in view of the camera and then plainly in view of dan. i was really shocked to see that and felt like i’d been totally transported back to 2008 lol. they’re both making these conscious decisions to unravel certain parts of this veneer they’ve had in place for so long and it’s something so exciting and monumental to me.

3. sarcastic comments:

as exciting as all of the above is, there hasn’t been a total transformation yet. there was still some visible discomfort with aspects of what they were doing, mostly on dan’s part, but a bit on phil’s as well, and to me it came out mostly in the form of super sarcastic comments sprinkled throughout the video. at 2:38 when dan says “it’s just like so pastel,” in the most mocking voice of all time. pretty much the whole time they are looking thru the example pics and trying not to make fun of the edits, but then basically openly shitting on the whole concept of aesthetic moodboards and whatnot. the “this is so stupid” comment that dan makes around that time. at 5:38 phil saying, “wow dan you look so soft.” this one is less clear but to me it definitely sounded sarcastic and mocky. at 6:59 the voice/face dan uses when he says “these soft knees. woowwwww.” at 9:07 when dan asks, “what is my life? why do i keep agreeing to these stupid videos? … do you deserve this?” and then at the end, phil saying “the things we do for you guys” and promoting dan’s channel, with dan quickly reassuring people his content is “not like this.” there are just these threads of self-consciousness and self-awareness that i don’t think they were fully able to shake, and an awareness specifically that this video seems/feels a lot like pandering, or at least specifically responding to something that was so vehemently requested by the audience and that they’re pretty clearly doing it just to “give the people what they want” (even though of course they ended up appearing to love it and have so much fun with it). this whole aspect of video-making for an audience is always going to be a tricky one for them, because they both pride themselves on originality and creativity and a so-called quality threshold and all that other bullshit, so choosing to make a video that is such a fervent fan request and that doesn’t involve the same creative energy that they’d normally want probably makes them somewhat uncomfortable (esp if that video is one where they have to literally dress up as a popular fan fantasy and touch each other a lot). that’s why it was so particularly interesting to me to hear phil say “well we’re on my channel there’s no integrity here,” because from *our* perspective it’s true that phil seems to care less about the quality threshold that dan talks about, and that he’s happy to put up fluff content (with dan) quite frequently whether it be a phil is not on fire or a day in the life or a baking vid or whatever else. phil’s clearly speaking in amusement and jest when he says his channel has no integrity but undelrying the humor is a clear separation they seem to see between the purpose of their channels and i was surprised to hear it reiterated so directly. this coupled with what we know about phil being more business-minded, having an on-camera presence that seems to be more different from his real self than dan’s, censoring himself, keeping his thoughts somewhat reserved, ,,, there are lots of connections here that i’m seeing but not finding the best words for in this moment. i think what i mean is that phil views his channel as entertainment in the most literal and fundamental way: the purpose is to please the audience, make them feel good and happy, and give them what they want to see. that process doesn’t necessarily require him to put a lot of himself out there. on the flip side dan sees his channel and his content as true artistic endeavors that are representative of who he is, his value as a creator and maybe even as a person since he connects so much of his self-assigned meaning of life to his career. all of this is shit we knew, but. i’ve never heard phil comment so glibly and cavalierly about that divide. the comment felt super important to me.

overall: there’s such a strongly purposive quality to everything dan and phil choose to do. even amongst all of the sensory onslaught of this video, the scenes of dan stroking phil’s arm and phil cooing over dan’s curls and both of them referencing sex and sexual situations so much, it’s this mindfulness, the transparently premeditated nature of it all, that hit me hardest and that i cannot stop thinking about. they’ve made so much progress in such a relatively short space, with their comfort levels and their confidence and their ability to disregard audience perceptions or, if they do regard it, to at least not let it dictate their behavior so damn much. ultimately with a video like this, when so much seems to have shifted, my mind always goes back to the frame-by-frame way in which videos are edited and the consequently frame-by-frame way that dnp watched this video back, looked at every joke they made, every touch they shared, and decided to leave things in as they were. decided to sit and maybe draft a tweet together that very consciously broke down their carefully constructed walls. it all is very deliberate and that matters. this video could definitely in my opinion be remembered as a turning point much like halloween baking if it is followed by more behavior that pushes boundaries, more conversation about defying gender roles and stereotypes, more sexual humor, etc. it was so exciting to watch and i’m so proud of them on so many levels.

(dan and phil pastel edits irl

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'you want to have kids with me?' for your line blurbs pleaaase xx

You want to have kids with me?

“What do you think our kid will look like?” she asked me suddenly, sliding her cold feet into my lap. I let my fingers rub them gently, gazing wondering up at her.

“Our what?”

“Our kid. Or… future kid” she corrected herself.

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((Okay, So I’m doing a MC that has really bad vision, and so they take her to the eye doctor and get her her first pair of glasses))


  • MC was always squinting, and Yoosung was somewhat concerned
  • She was always asking him what signs said, and he was rather worried when she said that the world was quite blurry
  • After a lot of convincing, Yoosung managed to get MC to go to the ophthalmologist
  • “I don’t know why you didn’t come in sooner miss MC. You are very nearsighted”
  • They asked her to go and pick out some frames.
  • She was really worried because she couldn’t see any of the frames without them already being on her face and two inches from a mirror
  • “Yoosung…can you pick out some glasses for me?”
  • Yoosung brought over several frames, and MC put them on one by one and Yoosung either said keep or never mind
  • Eventually, he found the perfect pair. It made her beautiful eyes stand out and he loved the color on her. They were turquoise frames with purple arms and the metal on the frames made her bright eyes that much brighter
  • About a week later, the glasses came in and MC went with Yoosung to the eye doctor’s clinic together
  • She put them on, and for the first time, she could clearly see Yoosung and his beautiful purple eyes and adorable smile. He had the most wonderful hair, and MC smiled brightly
  • The world was no longer a blur, and she ran over to the mirror to see what she looked like
  • The glasses were very thin, yet cute, and they really brought out her eyes and framed her face
  • “Yoosung! I can see again!”


  • MC was trying to help Zen rehearse for his upcoming play
  • But she kept messing up the lines, and holding the paper out an arms length away
  • And she was still unable to see the stupid small print
  • So Zen, who was worried, told her to go to the eye doctor. 
  • Apparently she was far sighted, and the ophthalmologist wasn’t sure how she was able to text at all
  • Apparently she had a text to voice program
  • MC went to go pick glasses, and after looking for a moment, she chose some rectangular black frames. Just the right amount of cute and attractiveness.
  • A week later, she went in and the frames were all ready
  • She put them on and went home to surprise Zen (Don’t worry she took public transportation)
  • When he got home he was stunned
  • She was gorgeous, not that she wasn’t before, but something about the glasses just made her that much more attractive
  • “Wow, Zen! You’re so …pretty! I wanna play with your hair!”


  • MC kept running into the edge of tables and things, and Jaehee became very concerned
  • So she dragged MC to the eye doctor 
  • MC started crying, and admitted that she didn’t want glasses because she was afraid of people making fun of her
  • “People will not make fun of you. I will make sure of that”
  • They ended up going in together, because MC was scared to go alone
  • When MC was told to choose her frames, she freaked out because there were so many options
  • They eventually settled on a pair of frames that looked suspiciously like the faux glasses that Jaehee wore
  • Jaehee made sure to wear her glasses when they went to go get them
  • “OMG you two are twins! That’s so cute!” The eye care assistant said as they gave MC her glasses
  • MC put them on and Jaehee took a selfie of the two of them just to prove to MC that they were adorable and they deserved the world
  • “Wow…we do look like twins Jaehee!”


  • When MC couldn’t distinguish between Elizabeth 3rd and a pillow, Jumin knew that MC needed glasses
  • He actually brought the ophthalmologist to MC
  • She actually fainted when she saw Doc Lee
  • So he brought in another ophthalmologist in to see her
  • This one was much less scary and MC was more willing to work with them. 
  • She ended up needing pretty thick glasses, and she started to cry. 
  • Jumin soothes her telling her that she will look beautiful with glasses, and if she didn’t want them, she could get contacts.
  • She ended up getting brown oval frames, and they looked adorable on her
  • Jumin showered her with praise and told her how beautiful she looked
  • Now he’s starting an aesthetic glasses project for cats
  • Run Jaehee run
  • As soon as they got home to the penthouse, MC ran to the window and gazed out at the beautiful scenery
  • “Jumin! It’s so beautiful! Come look!”


  • MC was always on the computer, and she seemed to be having a harder time seeing the screen than normal
  • Saeyoung tried to lend MC a pair of his glasses, but that didn’t help either. 
  • Saeyoung knew that she needed glasses though
  • So they went to the eye doctor to get her glasses
  • Apparently, she needs glasses badly, because she was very nearsighted
  • So the glasses were going to be rather thick
  • So she decided to get awesome frames like Seven’s
  • They were a pastel pink with what looked to be a brown print inside of the plastic. They were rather large and round, but MC loved them
  • Both of them now had cute glasses and neither could see anything without them
  • “Oh look, I can see more than a tomato now!”


  • V…um…how do I put this…he’s blind too
  • So he couldn’t tell that MC was losing her sight
  • Until one day Jumin brought her home after Driver Kim almost hit her because she couldn’t see the car clearly
  • They went to the eye doctors, and V heavily reconsidered the eye surgery 
  • He ended up calling Jumin to ask him to set him up with the ophthalmologist while MC got her eyes checked
  • She wasn’t quite as blind as V, but pretty damn close
  • She ended up getting harry-potter-like glasses
  • They looked really cute on her, like really good. 
  • A week later, V had an appointment for surgery on his eyes, and MC got her new glasses
  • “V I can see again! The sky is so pretty, wouldn’t you agree?”


  • Saeran could tell right away that she needed glasses
  • She squinted at everything and it made her look like she was angry at the world
  • So he dragged her to the eye doctor
  • She really didn’t want glasses for some reason
  • “Why do you not want glasses.. You obviously need them.”
  • “Because I’m going to be teased again”
  • Apparently, MC used to wear glasses, but stopped when people started calling her names
  • Saeran told her that if she wanted she could get contacts like him and if anyone teased her they were going to get decked
  • He led her in, and he saw the cutest pair of glasses. 
  • They were black on the arms, and had a wire frame around the rims. 
  • He had her try them on and she just looked so cute
  • She got them a week later and she just looked adorable in them, even though she didn’t think so
  • He decided to convince her by bringing her on the roof to watch the sun set
  • “Wow. it’s so vibrant and colorful. Thank you Saeran. Maybe glasses won’t be horrible after all”

It’s been interesting leaning some details about the grand social experiment that is One Direction.  The manipulation of fans by Syco/Sony is real and has played a huge role in what we know as One Direction.  I think, often, we have played into Sony/Syco’s hand, but that only goes so far.  If the diabolically ingenious marketing strategy was solely responsible for 1D’s unprecedented success, they most certainly would have replicated that success (to some extent) by now.  What all the social media and exposure did was to provide a window into the lives of 5 boys.  They kept a pretty tight rein on what was displayed, but it was the boys, parts of them at least, we saw through that window.  I don’t buy into the idea that everything we see is a PR contrivance.  PR pushes certain stunts, narratives and obscures certain truths about celebrities.  Celebrities will try to keep some elements of privacy in tact (if they value their sanity.)  If someone has a lot of public exposure, however, the kind of person they are (in real life) will eventually become apparent.  (I think even most Justin Bieber fans are well aware he’s kind of a jerk on some level.)  As the Beatles (and 1D) sang, “Nothing you can know that isn’t known, Nothing you can see that isn’t shown, Nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be, It’s easy.”

The lads have paid a price for all this exposure - the withering glare - millions of seemingly unblinking eyes.  The thing is, those unblinking eyes also “fell in love” with the boys and their reputation of being lovely, humble, kind people reinforces our observations.  Consequently, the fan base truly feels they know the lads on some level and there has been an almost familial bond formed.   In my corner of the fandom, people refer to the lads as their sons.  (I call them my nephews.)  We want to nurture and support “our boys” more than anything.  Steve Aoki has marveled at the One Direction fan “army” and it’s support for he and Louis (in spite of Louis’ miserable team.)  Louis has bent over backward expressing gratitude to the fans - all the lads praise the fandom effusively.  While the invasive entitlement of the fan base is a down side, the deep connection we have with the lads is an upside for them.  The ONLY reason this grand experiment worked this well, for this long is because of WHO the lads are.  

They are the ones performing on stage, who can enthrall an audience without the usual pop gimmicks.  They are the goofy, rowdy, irrepressible, thoroughly decent, charming and eminently likable guys.  They are the creative force behind the band.  We did buy into the experiment, but it couldn’t have been this successful, for this long if the lads weren’t who they are.

We have made Sony/Syco richer, to be sure, but we’ve also given the lads a huge amount of power.  (Which is a VERY rare commodity for artists in the music industry.)  Our connection with the lads - their connection with us has made them master of their own destinies - as One Direction and as solo artists.  (Louis will be free soon, don’t worry.)  Ultimately, the genius wasn’t in Sony/Syco’s marketing plan, but in WHO they were marketing.  In the long term, it’s “our boys” who will benefit most, certainly not Syco.  That diabolical, ingenious plan was conceived to make Sony (and a petty little man named Simon) richer and more powerful.  In the end, One Direction and its members will reap the rewards.  “At the End of the Day,” 1DHQ manipulated the fans and the lads, but ultimately, they manipulated themselves right out of a job.

(I do my best to refer to post Midnight Memories 1D as something other than boys.  I know, lads doesn’t always have the best connotation, but it’s very commonly used in Britain and they do refer to themselves that way.  In this post, when I use boys, I’m thinking of pre Midnight Memories 1D.  I think, since they’ve been to war and back, they’re not really boys anymore.)


@redpensandgreenarrows said: Well, there is my headcanon prompt to you! After Beauty and the Beast Reprise is sung, Adam dances Belle out onto the balcony for some privacy…

Thank you, dear! This is a lovely headcanon idea. So I may have written way more than I originally intended to. Like 2k words more. Oops. Enjoy :) Spoilers for the new movie obviously!

Also on AO3.


As Madame Garderobe finishes her third aria of the celebration extravaganza, it seems her dancing partner’s feet are finally giving out. Finally. Belle almost huffs her surprise and relief out loud, when he takes her by the hand once more, but instead of leading her back to the middle of the dance floor, he expertly weaves them through the crowd standing along the fringe of the ballroom.

Though, if that brief, teasing eyebrow raise is anything to go by, she’s not masking her relief as well as she hopes.

Of course he’s completely unwinded, secret dancing master that he is. All afternoon, she’s had the good fortune to discover that during their first dance in this very room just a few weeks ago, he had, in fact, been holding out on her. Whether it’s years of cotillion bred into him or that he naturally carries himself with a zealous grace that’s been concealed for so long, her fiancé, the returned prodigal prince, is a very adept dancer indeed.

She might be jealous at his ability to move with such carefree ease, if she could only bring herself not to be utterly thrilled as his dancing partner, to feel cherished in the security of his arms, to spin around a room surrounded by the people they both love. She hasn’t danced like this in…well, perhaps ever. She also cannot recall having this much fun in a single day. Not even throwing that treacherous snowball at him, not even her books compare to this splendid adventure. And seeing the man she loves so deeply like this…so jovial, so full of life, so…content. He positively shines in his radiant blue suit, the color just the perfect shade to highlight those captivating, alluring eyes she could absolutely drown in.

All her life she’s been called beautiful from a distance, but up close…he is something else entirely. He is truly stunning.

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How Could I Forget?

Request: Reader and Newt met each other, got married through some sort of magical marriage that makes a so-called deep connection. But an accident makes her loose a memory. She is back home, but connection remained like a connector to soul and emotional part. Newt watches from afar, some depressed time… May be this connection is like Unbreakable Vow. Do not know, how to describe it…((( Reader after sometime manage to remember. Angst in beginning, but good ending.


Originally posted by jeremy-jordans

You stand at the alter, facing Newt. “Please grab arms,” the Minister says. You do so. “Now, Newt, do you promise to love (Y/N) even when it’s hard to do so and care for her when she’s unable to care for herself?”
“I do,” Newt says, sharing a smile with you. Lines begin glowing around your hands.
“(Y/N), do you promise to love Newt even when it’s hard to do so and care for him when he’s unable to care for himself?”
“I do.”

“I pronounce you husband and wife.” The line glows brightly before diminishing. Newt leans in and gently kisses you. The guests cheer before the two of you run out of the chapel.

“Come on, Newt, we’re going to be late!” you call while pulling on your shoes.
Newt runs over to you and quickly kisses you. “I’m sorry, sweetheart.”
“Just hurry it up,” you say with a laugh. He pulls on his coat and the two of you apparate to Hogsmeade where you were grabbing drinks with some friends from Hogwarts.

You wrapped your arm around Newt’s. You start heading to the Three Broomsticks. “This is where you took me on our first date, remember?” Newt asks.
“How could I forget? You spilled butterbeer all over me,” I said with a laugh.
“You turned beet red and I couldn’t stop laughing.”

There was a bang coming from behind you. You turned to find two men arguing. They clearly looked intoxicated. They begin casting curses and you look to Newt in fear.
“Let’s get out of here,” he whispers.
The two of you begin to run, but curses are coming quickly in your direction. Newt wraps his arm around you, but it’s not enough.

You’re hit in the back and crumple to the ground.

Newt’s PoV

I feel (Y/N) go limp before hitting the ground. “(Y/N)!” I scream, falling to my knees. I immediately wrap my arms around her and apparate us to St. Mungo’s.
“Help me! Please!” I scream to whoever can hear me. Two nurses run to me.
“Can you carry her?” one asks. I nod. “Follow me.”

I cradle (Y/N) in my arms and run after the nurse who leads me to a room. I set her on the bed and then am ushered away.

“Mr. Scamander?” a healer asks.
I stand. “Yes?”
“Your wife is going to be fine, but-”
I rush into her room and the two of us lock eyes. I reach for her hand, but she jerks away. “Who are you?” she asks inquisitively.
“Newt, I’m your-are you-,” I turn to the doctor, “Can she see okay?”
“Mr. Scamander, (Y/N) is suffering extreme memory loss. I’m afraid she really doesn’t know who you are.”

I turn back to her. “You don’t know me?” I whisper. She shakes her head.
“Can I speak to you outside, Newt?” the healer asks. We walk outside and I slump into a chair. “I strongly urge that you not try to reteach her everything. If she asks questions, answer them, but don’t attack her with information.”

“She’s my wife,” I hiss quietly.
“We’ll tell her that, but leave it there. She should get her memory back.”
“Should?” I say through gritted teeth. He nods.
“I’m sorry, Mr. Scamander.”

I walk back into the room. “(Y/N), you are going to be released soon, and you’ll be in Newt’s care,” the healer said.
“Why him, I can care for myself,” she says.
The healer looks at me. “I’m your husband, (Y/N).”

(Y/N) is released into my care the next day. “So this is where we live?” she asks.
I fight back tears. “Yes, it is.”
She sits down on the couch and I sit across from her. We sit in silence, not looking at each other for the longest time. “When did we get married?” she asked quietly.
“5 months ago.”
“I’m going to bed.” She stands up and I point the bedroom, where she goes without saying a word.

After sitting on my own for half an hour, I go into the bedroom and change into night clothes. As I stand over the bed, (Y/N) turns around to look at me. “I know we’re married and stuff, but I really don’t feel comfortable sleeping in the same bed as you.”

I nod before grabbing an extra blanket and making a bed on the couch. I curl up under the scratchy blanket. What had I done to deserve this? Tears filled my eyes and I began to cry uncontrollably. What if she never remembered me? Would we continue to live life like this? We’d made a vow that neither of us could break. Would she fall in love with me again or would we live a life being unhappily married?

I wake up on my own. This is the first time in 5 months I’ve not woken up beside (Y/N). I get up and find (Y/N) sitting on the counter in the kitchen. “I don’t know how to cook. Or what to eat. Anything, really,” she says, defeated.
“I’ll make cereal.” I pour two bowls and we separate. It’s hard for both of us to be near each other.

After breakfast, I have to care for my creatures. I go into my case and begin feeding all of my creatures. “I just don’t understand how she can’t remember me at all,” I say to no one. There’s no one I can talk to about this. She was my confidante. I told her everything and now she doesn’t remember me.

“Newt?” I hear (Y/N) call from above the case.
“Yes, love?” I call back. I catch myself as soon as the words leave my mouth. I kick my desk and then sink to the floor. “I’m coming,” I call.

As I exit my case, I hear a scream. “What happened?” I ask.
“You just- the case- how?” she screams.
“It’s enchanted so it’s bigger on the inside,” I explain.
“Newt, I don’t enjoy being lied to.”
I sigh. “Just, follow me.”

I lead her down the staircase and watch as her jaw drops. “This shouldn’t be able to happen.”
“It’s magic. Don’t tell anyone, but I’m a wizard.”

She steps away from me. “Are you serious?”
I nod. “So are you.” Her jaw drops.
“Let me show you around.”

I introduce her to all my magical creatures. Well, reintroduce. We spend almost all day down there. To finish off the day, I cook dinner using magic. We eat in silence. “That was pretty cool.”
“Thank you.” After I clean up she’s already in bed. I grab my clothes and change in the bathroom.

I crawl under the covers on the couch and stare at the ceiling. I thought that magic might bring her memory back, but no such luck. If that didn’t do it, what can?

Months pass and we continue our routine, she sleeps on the bed, I sleep on the couch, we try not to talk to each other. I don’t talk much. I don’t leave the house. How can I continue living life when my wife doesn’t know who I am. I spend most of my time staring at walls.
I’m doing just that when (Y/N) walks in. “It’s our anniversary.”
“Is it?” I ask.
“11 months.” She pauses. “Where did we meet?”
I smile. “Can I take you there?”

I put my hand on her arm and apparate us to Hogsmeade. “The Three Broomsticks. We came here when we were still in school. I spilled butterbeer all over you, remember? I turned beet red and you couldn’t stop laughing.”

She smiles. “I think I can remember it. Kind of. I don’t know how I could forget it.”
“You did a charm to clean yourself up and I couldn’t even look in your eyes I was so embarrassed,” I laugh.
“I had to ask for the bill because you couldn’t talk.”

I look into (Y/N)’s eyes. “You remember.”
“How could I forget?”
“Do you remember me?”
“Mostly. I don’t have everything, but I have enough.” She reached up and kissed me. My heart filled with butterflies. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to me.

Tears filled my eyes. I apparate us back home. “You remember here?” I ask.
“Yes. You broke three plates in the kitchen, a mirror in the bathroom, a chair, and our bed.”
“I hoped you’d forget that,” I whispered, a smile playing on my lips.
“I may forget some things, but your clumsiness is none of them.”
“Have I mentioned how much I love you?” I whisper.
“Yes, but I have not. Newt Scamander, I love you more than anything on this earth.”
“More than chocolate frogs?” I ask.
She laughs. “More than chocolate frogs.”

It’s almost midnight now and we both yawn. “I know it probably goes without saying, but you don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight.”

Anon request: Yandere!BTS’s reaction to you having a stalker.

Full request:  Yandere BTS reaction to you having a stalker? I didn’t see a rules page when I looked for it, but some people don’t like writing stuff like that, which I get. Although I would be surprised if you were okay with writing BTS as yanderes, but not writing about third-party stalkers. Anyway, thank you for your time and your blog!
Man, you guys are going to make me cry with compliments like that. I love doing requests, and I feel even more motivated when I get messages like this! <3
Also, when it comes to requests, I’m pretty open to doing almost anything as long as it doesn’t involve them risking their careers, if that makes sense. If you make them out to be everyday people, yeah. Sure. Why not? Request away. But if you want them to do something at an idol event, think long and hard about what you request.

He would stick to your side, not wanting to confront the person and possibly scare you away in the process. He wanted nothing more than to tell the stalker to find a new hobby, or at least a new target because you were his and only his, and no one else was going to have you while he was still breathing.

Originally posted by bambamisaboomyinmypants

He wouldn’t hesitate to confront the stalker, especially while you were present. Acting tough and looking intimidating was his specialty. He also wanted you to know that he was the best protector around and that you wouldn’t find anyone better than him to keep you safe. He would keep you safe and happy.

Originally posted by rapnamu

This boy would be all over you, his arm wrapped around your shoulder or waist whenever you two would hang out. Whenever he caught the intruder watching you, he would send them a smirk to let them know that you were taken and wouldn’t be alone any time soon. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch you.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

He would watch from a distance. He didn’t like someone else paying as much attention to you as he did because it was his job to watch you, to make sure nothing happened to you. If he saw the stalker treading too much into his territory, he would step in and let it be known that he was the only one allowed to have eyes for you.

Originally posted by notdeletednotused

He didn’t like acting tough around you. He wanted you to think that he was gentle, and he would never do anything to harm anyone, but when it came to someone else invading your life, he only wanted you safe. He loudly made it known that no one else was allowed around you.

Originally posted by amsimaria

He didn’t want you to focus on the stalker, so he did everything in his power to keep your mind off of it. Though, when your back was turned, he didn’t hesitate to send silent threats to the intruder. You were Tae’s, and no one was allowed to mess with that or try and take you away from him.

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Anyone who tried to push him out of the picture wasn’t welcome anywhere near you. He wouldn’t hesitate to fight anyone who tried to intervene because he was the only one who wanted the best for you. No one else could treat you as well as he could, and protect you like he could. Only him.

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

Welcome to the Freakshow Part 2: Disobedience Will Not Be Tolerated

(gore, violence, general horror aspect)

   Kidnapped by the ringmaster of one of the biggest travelling circuses and forced to perform, the beast has to accept his new life and try to survive…

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Before Shepard, Garrus always thought human hands were odd - why so many fingers? Why the nails? Why so small?

But of course, Shepard had to go and change that when she made him fall in love with everything about her. Well, okay, she didn’t make him, but it damn well felt like it when you touch her hand for the first time in six months and realise just how much you’ve missed her, how much you’ve needed her, how you’d do almost anything to hold her hand again at any given moment.

He loves how soft her fingers are. He loves how nimble and tender they can be. He loves how there’s more of them to wrap between and around his own, how they manage to fit perfectly. He loves the way they can hold, clasp, drag and pull at his body. He loves how they can say things words can’t.

He holds her hand more than he probably should, but he doesn’t care, and neither does she.

Angel of mercy

WWE imagine
Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader
Word count: 1,238

It all happened in a blur. The speech. The yelling at the end. The stares between both men. Seth walking down the ramp with a determined look on his face. And suddenly, the attack. The beating. But not coming from Triple H as expected, no. The beating hand belonged to Samoa Joe – as cruel, brutal, and ruthless, if not more. Bloodthirsty. Hungry for recognition. Longing for glory. Meanwhile, backstage, terrified eyes witnessing the chaos. Faces growing paler with every passing minute. And a worried whisper escaping your lips.


* * * * *

He knew he was alive. He could tell from the way his body hurt, from the noise all around him, and from the bright lights of the arena blinding him through his half-closed eyelids. He could hear the medics calling for him, and pressed the hand holding his, so they knew he was conscious. He could feel himself being moved away from ringside. Damn, that situation was all too familiar! And suddenly, the lights seemed to dim down, informing him they had passed the gorilla and were now backstage. Probably on the way to the ambulance. His eyes opened a bit more, much to the medical team’s relief.


A content sigh escaped Seth’s lips as he recognized your voice. Besides, only you called him by his real first name. His eyes found you as you reached the stretcher he was lying on, and he reached out for you. You took his hand in yours immediately.

“Hey love,” he whispered.
“How do you feel?”
“Hurting everywhere, obviously…”
“Besides the obvious, I meant,” you chuckled.

He felt silent, but judging from the look in his eyes, you knew exactly how he felt. Just like you, he was worried about his knee, and probably silently praying to whatever was up there that he’d be fine.

“I’m surprised you’re not freaking out,” Seth joked.
“Yeah, you can thank Roman for that later…”
“Thank me for what?”

You turned to face the Samoan, who had caught up on you.

“For being a true brother,” Seth answered and held up his fist.

The Big Dog gave his former stable partner a fist bump. Despite Seth’s on-ring betrayal, the two were still close friends in real life. You reached the ambulance, and Roman somehow managed the medics to let you ride with them. They didn’t seem very enthusiastic at first, but finally gave in, and you went to sit in the back, still holding your boyfriend’s hand and keeping him awake throughout the ride. Whenever he seemed to doze off, you would ask him to stay with you and make him talk – you’d remind him of happy memories the two of you shared.

“Pretty thoughtful of you,” one of the medics noted as you reached the hospital.
“I just know how well he reacts to those memories,” you answered simply.

Seth was taken to a scan, while you were asked not to follow and to wait outside. Something about that made you feel anxious. Nothing positive could possibly come out of this. You suddenly heard your phone ring in your bag, and you picked up the call without even checking the caller ID.

“Thank goodness, you’re picking up,” Dean Ambrose sighed in relief at his end of the line.

A coin smile found its way to your lips. You had known Jon for years now, and the two of you were as close as siblings. His being in Smackdown now meant you didn’t get to see often, but he’d often call or text you. Colby almost got jealous of him once, until Jon assured him he’d never feel anything more than brotherly love for you. And besides, he was head over heels for Renee, it was plain to see.

“I saw what happened. How’s Seth?” Jon asked
“Alive, conscious, hurt – both physically and mentally, I think. The doc is seeing him right now.”
“Why aren’t you with him them?”
“I can’t be. Scan.”
“Shit, that doesn’t sound good. How are you holding up?”
“Worried sick, you know me. But I’ll be fine. He’ll need me to anyway,” you sighed.
“You hang on, (Y/N), OK?” his tone softened. “Me and Roman will be there for you two, no matter what. And Renee too.”
“Thanks, Jon. I appreciate that, really.”

You heard your name being called, and you raised your eyes to see the doctor who had examined Seth. You nodded to him before turning back to your conversation.

“Jon, I gotta go. I’ll keep you posted, OK?”
“Yeah, please do. And take care.”
“I will. I promise,” you smiled before hanging up.

You stood up and walked to the doctor. He had a weird look on his face, one you couldn’t quite decipher. He was trying to come up with the best way to say what he had to say. After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

“As we feared, his knee has been injured again. However, surgery is not required this time.”

Relief immediately washed over your face as his words lifted your most serious concern.

“But he’ll be out of action for a few months,” you said.
“And he might have to miss Wrestlemania again this year,” the doctor added. “I’m sorry about that.”

You shook your head. He was going to be devastated. You were directed to the room Seth was in, and as you entered, you found him lying still with a stern look on his face.

“Did they tell you?” he asked.
You nodded, “It could have been much worse.”
“I should have seen it coming. I wasn’t told what Hunter had in stores, but I should’ve known it’d be that bad.”

You took his hand in yours and intertwined your finger with his.

“Colby, only half of it was scripted. Even with Joe brought in, they couldn’t have predicted a legitimate injury. You could have just been pushed out of the picture.”

Seth fell silent, and you saw him clench his jaw and try to keep a straight face. Until a tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. You immediately pulled him into a hug, holding him tight and encouraging him to let go. He cried until he couldn’t anymore.

“I’m scared, (Y/N). I’m scared to death that I’ll never be able to set foot on a ring again. I’m scared I’ll keep injuring that fucking knee over and over again,” he whispered against your skin.
“And it’s normal, honey. Tonight was quite a lot to go through. But you’ll get back on your feet. You will get out of this, and you will go back to the ring eventually. A knee injury is not enough to stop Seth freakin’ Rollins, we both know that!”

He managed to chuckle, his face still buried in the crook of your neck.

“And you’re not in this alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way,” you whispered, “I promise.”

He pulled away and looked at you before gently caressing your cheek.

“You’re way too good for me. I don’t deserve such an angel of mercy.”

You smiled at the compliment and at the reference behind it – he called you that as a reference to Mercy, the angelic looking character from Overwatch, and your favorite to play.

“Who cares? I’m still here, and I’ll still be watching over you. And only you.”

You gently cupped his cheek and leant forward to kiss his cheek.

anonymous asked:

(I hope I made it in time!) Could you write a part with Todoroki and his s/o who just had twins which look more like him and one has his red hair while the other has the white hair of his? You know like some cute family moment.

Shouto was watching the clock like his life depended on it. The fact that he had to leave you at home with the twins while he went to work when there wasn’t even any crime at this time of year — nothing the police couldn’t handle themselves — was infuriating. He wanted to be a good dad, and he didn’t wanna start late. 4:59:57… 58… 59… And he’s outta there. Time to go home to his family.

“I’m ho—“
“They’re sleeping.” You looked up from the cribs with a grin on your face and if that didn’t make Shouto’s boring day a million times better then nothing could. “I finally got both of them to sleep! Come here.”
He slipped out of his shoes and approached the cribs, and he’d never gotten as good a look at them until just now. Your daughter, his daughter, had a soft layer of dark red hair growing in, dark brown eyes closed peacefully in sleep. Her brother, two minutes younger than her, had the whitest hair ever and the bluest little eyes you’d ever seen. He loved his kids more than anything.
“Aren’t they sweet, Shouto? When they aren’t wailing or pooping, I mean.”
“I love them. They’re so small and good. I’m so glad these are our kids, [Name].” He was almost going to cry.
“They look just like you, sweetie.”
“No, they look like you.”
“Shouto, dude. Look at them. They’re you if you were split in half.”
You grinned at him, then looked back at the cribs. “Uh, Shouto? Our daughter’s freezing the crib over.”
“Oh my god.”

Strength - [EXO] Dr!Baekhyun Au

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

[A/N] He came home with a sullen look, and no matter how long I lived, I shall never forget that look, ever. Based on a true story.

Medical field, as everybody knows, deals with life and loss. And maybe a lot of outsiders out there who thinks that death didn’t affect the staffs as much as the family does. And logically saying, they shouldn’t.

But no matter how many times you heard the word death, it will stung you.

Maybe you don’t understand much but seeing how Baekhyun is breaking within himself, humbles you to the great creation by God. He takes whom he please, whenever He pleases. Don’t life mattered when it’s short? Don’t we value things the less we see them? Don’t we appreciate things that are not forever, like you and everyone around you. Or this ground you stepped on, or this sky you are seeing, or this wind you feel on your skin and this breeze.

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Extra Time- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Daryl x reader where the reader is bit and Daryl just wants to spend time with them before they’re gone so he doesn’t kill them yet. As they wait, the reader realizes nothing’s happening and they discover they’re immune”

Word count: 1680

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death/blood.

Note: honest to god, I fucking love getting messages and questions from you guys.. even if they’re not related to anything in particular. I just love knowing people actually care, uk? 


You walked along the empty street, nothing but a backpack accompanying you.  Even the backpack itself was almost empty, matching your eyes.

A run gone wrong, they would call it. But it was so much more than that. It hadn’t just gone wrong, it had been bitten, beaten and tired down. 

Just like you.

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Trying out the present tense… it’s hard, guys. 


They think I don’t see. They think I’m concentrated fully on the road. But I can see them, I’m not blind. Prompto’s chattering away in my right ear, completely oblivious; Gladio’s reading his latest book; Iggy’s drinking his coffee. On the surface, it looks like they’re just doing their own thing, but in the mirror I see it – Gladio’s hand moving from his own lap over to Iggy’s, giving a small squeeze to his knee. Iggy smiles slightly, his eyes going soft as he looks out at the passing Duscae landscape. His own free hand moves to rest atop Gladio’s, his fingers curling around the much larger palm and squeezing. Gladio’s cheeks redden slightly and Iggy’s smile grows a bit. I feel myself smiling too as I round the corner and head into Cleigne. I’m with three of the greatest friends I ever could have asked for – and I’m glad two of them have found happiness. They’ve given me so much love and support over the years – I can’t put to words how happy I am to see they’ll be able to be there for each other too.


I’ve started to love driving. Not because I enjoy not being able to grab a nap in the back seat – god I hate that – but because I know Iggy’s one, getting time to steal some much-needed rest and two, stealing a few hand squeezes and knee-touches with Gladio while he thinks no one’s watching. I think it’s sweet, really, the way they keep stealing these little moments when they think Prompto and I won’t notice. It’s kind of adorable how shy they are about it. I mean, it’s Iggy and Gladio – they aren’t usually shy about a damn thing. And I mean, it’s not like Iggy’s sexuality was ever exactly a secret. We all just kind of knew without him ever saying anything. Sure, Gladio comes as a bit of a surprise to me; but it really does put how protective he is of Iggy in battle into perspective. I always just thought Gladio thought Iggy was all style and no stabbing – but I guess love just makes you worry all the time. I can get that; I love these guys to death – and I worry all the damn time about them.

I see Gladio’s hand make its way up to Iggy’s hair, replacing a few strands that blew out of their usually-perfect placement in the wind and I almost snort before catching myself. Here’s Gladio, the big, serious macho-man being the sweetest, most damn adorable dude I’ve ever seen. Huh. Maybe that’s why they’ve been keeping this on the down-low. Maybe it’s Gladio who just isn’t ready for us to see this side of him yet. My eyes fall back on the mirror as Iggy’s hand goes up to pull Gladio’s away from hs hair, holding it instead on the seat between them, smiling at down at the newspaper in his lap that he’d bought at the Coernix station with his Ebony. Gladio’s thumb rubs the back of Iggy’s hand until Iggy pulls his hand away when Prompto turns around to ask him a question about whatever random fact he’s been looking up on his phone this whole time.

Gladio’s expression looks sad to me in the mirror, missing Iggy’s hand in his. Or maybe, I guess, looking at the sour way he watches Prompto help Iggy replace his flyaway hairs by pointing them out, he’s just upset to have lost Iggy’s full attention. Luckily for him, Prompto’s easily distracted and I’m the greatest friend in the world, so I call Prompto’s attention back away from them and out of the car by pointing out the way the sun looks shining down on the dewy trees and rocks, and he starts rooting around for his camera, excited. Gladio’s lips quirk upwards the second Prompto turns away, and he leans over in the pretense of checking out the page Iggy is reading, but I see his lips press against Iggy’s cheek on the way. The cheek turns pink and Iggy huffs at him, nudging him away with his shoulder. Gladio smirks and straightens up, pulling out and opening his book, leaving one hand on the seat between him and Iggy. It only takes a minute for Iggy to reach out and take it again, shooting Gladio a gentle smile before turning his attention back too his paper, cheeks pink, as I see Gladio’s thumb start rubbing the back of Iggy’s hand again. I really can’t help but smile. Not only is this the most damn adorable thing I’ve ever seen, but these guys are also some of the best friends I could ever ask for – they desrve the world. They at least deserve a few stolen moments together in the back of the car, at least for as long as I can keep Prompto distracted. I love these guys more than anything, and I’ll do anything to make sure they can stay this happy forever.


It’s a gratifying thing knowing Iggy trusts me enough now to actually fall asleep while I drive at night. I mean Prompto, hell, he can sleep anywhere, something he proves easily sleeping with his head at a really awkward angle against the side of the Regalia, his mouth hanging open, lips and hair fluttering in the wind. I snort so hard it hurts a little– he looks like such a dork.

The sight of Iggy in the rear-view mirror, asleep against Gladio’s shoulder, catches my attention. He looks so peaceful, none of that nagging worry I keep seeing in his eyes. I can’t help but smile – he looks… happy, there’s no other word for it. My smile grows as he snuggles closer to Gladio in his sleep; it’s the most damn adorable thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Scratch that – Gladio pulling him closer and kissing Iggy’s hair is the cutest friggin’ thing I’ve ever seen.

Gladio looks up and notices me looking and grins. ‘So how long you been grinning like an idiot at how adorable Iggy is when he gets all snuggly?’

I snort and roll my eyes at him. ‘Couple weeks. And come on, it’s not just him who’s being cute. Why you guys sneaking around? You know we don’t care what you two get up to when you sneak off, right?’

‘It’s Iggy who worried,’ Gladio shrugs, adjusting his shoulder as Iggy moves closer in his sleep. ‘He didn’t want you to think his dedication or focus would be compromised. Which is stupid, because no one is more dedicated or focused than Iggy.’

‘Right?’ I laugh. ‘Well you tell him that I don’t give a shit how snuggly or, ya know, otherwise,’ I wink in the mirror at him, ‘he wants to get with you. He’s still my Iggy. And I still love him just the same. You know, just not the same as you do.’

‘I hope not,’ Gladio yawns. ‘You looking to take a break or what?’

‘Naw, I’ll keep driving. You go ahead and get some sleep. Trust me, you’ll know if we run into any daemons.’

Gladio nods and rests his head on Iggy’s, falling asleep almost instantly. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling, knowing two of your best friends are so happy together, and of course, knowing I’m helping them get some cuddle time in. I turn towards the nearest rest area, Taelpar or whatever, and smile. I’ll do whatever I can to make sure they get as much as they need; because they’re my friends, and I love them more than anything – no matter what I have to do for them. And really, there are worse things than driving at night right? It’s not like any of us are in mortal danger. At least not as long as any Iron Giants don’t materialise in the street.

‘They still secretly cuddling back there?’ Prompto asks groggily.

‘Go back to sleep, Prompto, you get really grumpy when you’re tired.’ I smile as Prompto passes out again almost immediately. I hate the silence, but I’d rather have them all happy and well-rested than not. Like I said – they’re my friends. I want only the best for them.