i love them more than almost anything

Gift Suggestions

the last couple of years i’ve suggested gifts for anyone having trouble, but this year i’ve only managed a couple cause life’s been kinda hectic. since i don’t forsee having the time here’s a general list

if you know the person well:

  • figure out what they love most, take into account anything that’s recently happened in their lives, and anything they’ve mentioned in passing: they love baking and star wars? the world is literally yours. they love van gogh and recently moved to a new house? get them a housewarming present. they mentioned loving plants but complained about killing anything green? SUCCULENTS (have answered more than 130 asks that cover almost everything)
  • SOCKS.
  • get sth that reminds you of a cherished memory, inside joke, argument. book set in a place you vacationed together. henry cavill wrapping paper cause one of you is a fan and the other NOT (have done this), rare childhood favorites: candy, movies etc
  • get crafty with it. scrapbooks, picture frames, calendars, planners with surprise notes scribbled on important days. PLAYLISTS (fanfic and fanart!)
  • if you’ve decided to get them clothing or anything that is a matter of personal taste, it’s safer to shop from a store you know they love; they’ll probably like it and if not they can easily return it
  • something that passive aggressively shows you care coupled with sth fun: sunscreen for all that hiking they’re doing and a novel by their fave author; phone charger cause they’re always running low and a cute case
  • i personally love smaller presents rather than one big one, but go with your gut

if it’s a secret santa or someone you don’t know that well:

  • tis the season to get cozy: scarves, quilts, candles, SOCKS. you can keep everything gender neutral and choose safe patterns or colors. avoid anything overtly christmasy
  • get them a book/movie you personally enjoyed that has broad appeal. add a little personal note saying why you liked it. done. 
  • mugs filled with beverage goodies. a tea selection and honey. coffee and biscotti. hot chocolate and marshmallows.

works for everyone:

  • make them something edible from scratch. google is your friend for recipes and very few people won’t appreciate at least the effort (even if you fail abysmally).  
  • alcohol is usually a well-received gift that will suit any budget. wine is the safest but weirder might be better if they’re friends (AND MAKE SURE THE PPL YOU’RE GETTING IT FOR ACTUALLY DRINK)
  • handcream and chapstick make for excellent presents or stocking fillers these winter months

Previous Gift Suggestions 

Genji - He’s shocked and slightly amazed by his s/o, thinking them more like a work of art and perfection rather than something made with wires and metal. He likes to make jokes about a cyborg and a android walking into anywhere, much to his s/o’s probable annoyance. 

Zenyatta - Zenyatta is very interested in his s/o, asking a lot of questions and becoming very pleased and almost happy; his s/o represents that balance of omnic and human that the world needs. 

Junkrat - Robots are omnics, and Junkrat isn’t the biggest of anything related to the omnics. He probably feel betrayed and hurt that his s/o would lie to about something kind of important like their humanity and would probably just avoid them out right. 

Extra Time- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Daryl x reader where the reader is bit and Daryl just wants to spend time with them before they’re gone so he doesn’t kill them yet. As they wait, the reader realizes nothing’s happening and they discover they’re immune”

Word count: 1680

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death/blood.

Note: honest to god, I fucking love getting messages and questions from you guys.. even if they’re not related to anything in particular. I just love knowing people actually care, uk? 


You walked along the empty street, nothing but a backpack accompanying you.  Even the backpack itself was almost empty, matching your eyes.

A run gone wrong, they would call it. But it was so much more than that. It hadn’t just gone wrong, it had been bitten, beaten and tired down. 

Just like you.

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It almost seems like us Lobby rats get the short end of the stick when it comes to music.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the bands out in the zones, Comic Sans Samurai, Cold Dead Hands, The Mad gear and the Missile Kid, and even the few singles the Fab Four have pushed out of their asses a couple times. Seriously, Black Dragon Fighting Society is a fucking anthem. 

And the bands themselves are pretty fucking awesome too. They put on a show with lights and fire and the speakers turned to eleven. The Dracs come and they can get out in a second, no hesitation, the first sign of those Better Living assholes and they’re out. They’ve gotten good, now we know when BLi is coming half an hour before hand.

But holy fuck, you haven’t lived until you see a show in The Lobby.

These bands know how to cut it close, and they live for it.

One band, a girl group called The Top Gun Chicks, make the loudest, angriest music you can imagine, and they make a point to be heard. They’re not my style, but I make my own point to go to one show a year. To be more specific, the one show they play on the roof of the cleanest, whitest, and safest Better Living apartment complex they can find.

They manage to play at least four songs before the Exterminators catch on, and then the Chicks make the biggest exit they can manage, last year they zip-lined off the roof on a rope made of their own merchandise and landed on the building next to us. The entire audience (including myself) was detained for seven hours, but they had no evidence to keep us there.

The desert might get raw with their music, but The Lobby bands have a fucking reason to go hard. Getting caught gets you famous, more bands form in your image, and escaping gets you just as famous, more bands show up just to glorify you, and the noise gets louder and louder. Better Living gets stuck in a never-ending loop and it’s fucking hilarious to watch.

Bands like Strawberry Body, Odd Man In, My Dad’s Ass, and even hip hop groups like Kung-Fu and The Fat Man, The Slim Johns, and Oddity. They started it all and most of them are still going, still pumping out records and selling out venues. Making kids like me get angry, and get schooled, and fight the fuck back.

Desert bands can hit it raw, sure. But Lobby bands? Holy Shit.

julikoloveszestiria  asked:

Random question because I feel like it: What is it about Sorey/Mikleo that really makes you like them so much? (Just curious, because I love them too!)

this is a difficult question to answer, at least for me. it’s not so much “there’s so much i love about them” or “what isn’t to love about them?” (although both are true). it’s more that i almost feel defensive answering.

i love this ship because sorey and mikleo feel like real people, and their relationship feels real. they care deeply about each other, and the game goes out of its way (moreso than the anime does) to make it explicit that they will do anything for each other.

i’ve read before that they were intended to be canon, but the producers felt the need to censor their relationship because they were worried about the potential negative feedback from the japanese audience. (not to say that they wouldn’t have had any negative feedback from their american / european audience, but that they felt justified in leaving it implied; it’s not so much gay-baiting as it was censored). [if anyone wants a source on that, you’ll have to give me some time; i’m typing this out right before i go to work.]

and i feel defensive answering this because of all of the zestiria fans who deny that sorey and mikleo had any romantic implications whatsoever. because of the way the anime has treated these two (and sorey in particular), and the way the anime is fueling them. i know i’m not justifying myself to those people (who i would go so far as to describe as homophobic – it’s like the people that deny yuuri and viktor from yuuri on ice were meant to be a couple; they are forcing straightness upon these two gay boys), but it feels that way.

okay, anyway, sorry for how personal that got. here’s some cute things i love about them:

  • they sleep in the same bed together. they wake up in the morning to each other’s face.
  • their love is eternal; mikleo waits thousands of years for sorey to wake up, and he greets him with a smile
  • sorey and mikleo cook for each other, and they enjoy doing it
  • they enjoy every moment they have together, even when times are hard
  • they only have eyes for each other; neither of them are shown to have feelings toward other characters, nor are they shown to ever be flustered by other characters or their partial nudity (lookin’ at you, hot spring skit)
  • they trust each other; even in instances that some couples might be looking to see signs of cheating, they don’t. sorey lets alisha sleep in his bed and mikleo doesn’t see an issue. alisha and sorey have a scene that lailah misinterprets, and mikleo never brings it up. (i wish i had more examples of vice versa, but mikleo just doesn’t have any instances like that with the ladies that i can think of)

ok that’s all i’m gonna say. i love them a lot, though, and their relationship means a lot to me. even if it is fictional. :^)

- mod eli

To add on to what Eli said, yes, one of the main reasons I love Mikleo and Sorey so much is their believability, which also in turn makes them so relatable.

They’re real and genuine together. They’re not forced and they don’t feel fake; their relationship and timeless friendship feels authentic. They have similar interests, but different opinions. They have different personalities and different likes and dislikes, but they grew up together. In fact, I think that’s one of my favorite details about them–the fact that they are literally childhood buddies who grew up to go on this incredile journey together. Like, it’s so endearing. How could they not love each other more than anything else in the world?? Especially after all they share together?

Honestly, they’re a breath of fresh air?? Their personalities combine so easily. Sorey’s bouyant enthusiasm and compassion–and Mikleo’s more reserved thoughtfulness and loyalty. And compound that with all of the memories and experiences they already share together that make them know the other so intimately and deeply, despite how different they are in character, and which makes them trust each other like the very air they breathe. All of that rings so inherently of all my favorite childhood romances. I adore them.

I love their togetherness. I love their unity. I love how much they care for each other. I love how dependable they are to one another.

I love all the little things, too:  that they cook for each other. That they live together. That they read together. That they explore together. That they journey together. That they fight together. That they dream together (which was a huge focal point of the entire game that the anime seems to have forgotten about). They do literally everything together; how can that not be romantic?

They’re so inherently and easily intertwined that they easily are one of my top favorite pairings of all time. 

Just saying.

- Mod Krissey

Not used to characters that don’t wear their true feelings on the outside for readers and gamers to easily determine, like some sort of t-shirt with a kitschy meme on it? Yen’s character has far more depth than almost any others in the whole IP. Just because she is independent and often combative, doesn’t make her a *itch. If anything (in the game) she is one of the very few that give a sense of urgency and importance to rescuing Ciri, a girl she loves like a daughter. I could easily see moments where she was willing to do anything to find and save her. Just as I could see the subtle clues that some of the things she was doing were painful for her, but did them anyway. I’m sick of love interests in games being so sycophantic, cutesy, etc. etc. It made her feel like a true equal to Geralt, not just “his woman”.

One of the things I love about May Chang is that she’s absolutely boy crazy, and has crushes and is not afraid to admit them, but all of her decisions were completely her own, and she did them because she wanted to, not just because of boys.

Like, she’s such a badass that she crossed the desert by herself, and traveled through basically the entirety of Amestris because she wanted to. Sure, she wanted to find Edward once she found out how famous he was, but her main motivator was that she thought since he was such a fantastic alchemist who could help her on her quest for immortality. Ed was more of a side quest than a main one, because even though she was crazy for him, May still traveled with Scar, Yoki, and Marcoh and was focused on her mission. 

And Alphonse. May realized she was crushing hard on Alphonse, yet she still left him to go up north and continue on her own journey. Her affections did nothing to impede her on her on her own quest. Even after she reunited with Al, she didn’t let her crush on him getting get in the way of any business they had to take care of, and again, Al was more of a fun distraction on the side than anything else. She still decided to leave him and bring Envy back to Xing with her in order to fulfill the quest she set out for herself to accomplish. 

And when she decided to come back, it wasn’t because of Alphonse. No, it was because she still believed she had to help fight in this conflict she had gotten embroiled in earlier. It was completely her choice, and she did it because she thought it was the right thing to do. 

And then, when it came time to help Al transmute his soul in order to get Ed’s arm back, what did May do? Girl decided to help him do it in order to save the world. She wasn’t petty enough to refuse to do it just because she liked him and didn’t want him to go. She was focused on saving the world, and so she did what she had to.

May managed to be boy crazy, and crush on multiple guys, but in the end, she didn’t let any of that control her, and she made all of her own choices like the badass she is. Boys were more of a fun thing on the side to her, and it just makes me so happy that she exists.


boy do these two talk too much in bed. or just enough maybe. and that’s some canon shit! that married banter!

sigh just let me ramble and love them too much i’m sorry 

this (super obviously) started as one thing and morphed into a whooooooole other thing but w/e all i care about is them being loving and happy together tbh

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  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Malukah

Happy New Year everyone!

I know that for many of us, the last 365 days haven’t always been a breeze, to say the least. There are reasons to look back and feel bleakness at the past and the days to come. But if I want you to take anything away from this post, it’s this: This is the year the Collective came together. Almost by accident, a hundred individuals separated by time and space came together together with their shared desire to inspire others who love tabletop games and the spirit of adventure that embody them. Though the Collective is comprised of many pieces and people, only together could we have made such a thing possible.

More than anything, I’d like to thank everyone who’s joined us, old and new, official or unofficial, vocal participant or silent supporter, for joining me here and making this all possible. Thanks to you, I have made connections across all four corners of the world, and in the days to come I can only anticipate greater days as far as we are concerned.

So, this Paladin expresses his deepest thanks and love, and ask that you join me in raising one cup of kindness in farewell for the passing year, the year the Collective grew from a vague idea to a colorful reality, and join me tomorrow for all new days to come.

For Auld Lang Syne.


  • (Them: Phil isn't that well known, but if he is, it's because of Dan!
  • Phil: That's alright.)
  • (Them: Dan is so great! He has so many subscribers- more than Phil.
  • Phil: That's alright as well, I'm proud of my friend.)
  • (Them: *doesn't give credit for anything Phil does.*
  • Phil: It's fine, I just want you guys to be happy.)
  • (Them: *ships him and his best friend together, even to the point where it has invaded both of their personal lives*
  • Phil: This has made me uncomfortable in the past, but it's still fine, cause we love you guys!)
  • (Both Dan and Phil: *consistently give us content on YouTube, and have gone above and beyond. They gave us a (basically) world tour, two books (almost), and multiple documentaries and a movie.*
  • Them: But we need more! Phan! Kiss! Give us more content!!!
  • Dan and Phil: We're probably both physically and mentally tired, but we love you guys, so we'll give you as much as we can.)
  • (Them: *needs to understand that Dan and Phil are human beings who need to just relax for a bit- they need some time off, and we shouldn't exactly be pressuring them to do even more.*
  • This isn't just a certain group of people. This is a generalization. 'Them' is for those of us who have said or done these things, even without realizing it. It's no ones fault, we just have to learn from our mistakes. Both Dan and Phil are human, just like you and I. Let's treat them as such.)

“Noah appeared beside Blue. He looked joyful and adoring, like a Labrador retriever. 
Noah had decided almost immediately that he would do anything for Blue, a fact that would’ve needled Adam if it had been anyone other than Noah.”

“I don’t think we was ever written in the stars,” she says,

“Our relationship wasn’t anything like the ones you see in the movies or read about in books. We argued, a lot actually. We disagreed on almost everything. I think there was times when we hand on heart honestly hated each other’s guts. We never had those cute moments where we watched the stars, instead we were probably arguing under them but he made my heart beat paces I didn’t even know was humanly possible. And his arms felt more like home than any other place I had been to. Our love story was far from normal, but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t my favourite.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

stormdragon  asked:

The boundless series by JestersTear, is basically Fenris having a low opinion of himself and Anders helps him see himself in a better light. It's really good, and the author has another fic with low self esteem Fenris called Convergence. I know there are a couple other fics with Fenris low opinion of himself but I can't remember right now. But there was a fic on kmeme of Anders having low opinion of himself, it was however abandoned.

OMG I just re-found Boundless the other day and I LOVE that fic!  OMFG I love it!  Anyway, in general I think they both have some self worth issues, but where I see Fenris’ character arc as one of recovery and growth, of learning that he does have value when he had never been treated as anything more than a possession, I see Anders as almost the opposite.  As DA2 goes on Anders falls deeper and deeper into depression and tells Hawke several times that he will only break their heart/cause them trouble etc.  I also tend to see Fenris as a much more decisive character than Anders.  He takes his time to decide how he feels about something (because he’s finally allowed to feel things and have that matter), then makes a decision on what that means and what he will do about it.  It’s only when he doesn’t have that time to process his emotions that he feels the need to escape them (e.i. Hawke’s romance).  Anders on the other hand has spent nearly his whole life hiding affection, and if he feels that he would only burden the object of his affection, he’d convince himself he can just keep his feelings to himself.  Since their backgrounds and past traumas are so similar, it really can be written to work either way, which is one of the many fun and interesting things about the pairing.


Meet the witch!
Start out with a few of your favorite selfies, then answer the questions below.

Eden, but my friends call me Ed


Genderfluid! He/they/she pronouns are all good for me!


Upstate New York

Zodiac sign?
Leo under Sagittarius moon

Personality wise I identify a lot with fire and use it in almost all my spells, but physically I love being in/around water

Animal you have a connection to?
Foxes are a strong one that I’ve always loved and identified with. Deer too, there’s loads of them where I live and they’ll come right up to me sometimes

How long have you been practicing witchcraft?
Around 7 years, but I’m still always learning and trying new things!

What kind of witch are you?
I’d consider myself a casual witch. It’s more of a hobby than a religion to me, I’m not pagan or wicca or anything.

Favorite kind of magic to work with?
That’s a hard one. I love luck and glamour magic!

Do you have any friends who are witches?
I’ve got a little group of other witch fiends! They’re great and sometimes we cast together

A symbol that’s meaningful to you?
I’ve been pretty into divination lately and have been using an 8 pointed star for that. Any stars are good really. Also an eye, that’s super important to me too.

Favorite scent?
Vanilla, lavender, and lemongrass. I wear a few drops of vanilla extract as perfume every day

Favorite color?
I love grey and teal and deep purple

Favorite band?
Ok Go, Panic! At the Disco, and PWR BTTM!

Favorite food?
Honestly steak and loaded baked potatoes. And cake.

I work at a LARP camp but don’t usually get paid, I do it because it’s fun. Mermaiding is my other hobby, along with drawing and fashion/costume design. Also performing in drag!

Do you have a Familiar?
Yes I do! A new born baby black cat appeared in my frozen garden a few days before halloween about 6 years ago. His name is Mojo and he’s always purring and whines until you hold him like a baby I love him !!!

Where’s your favorite place to be?

Do you have a job?
My main job is being a chocolatier for a craft chocolate business, but on the side I make bathbombs with one of my witchy friends and sell them at fairs along with my jewelry. And during the summer im a professional fairy or mermaid for kid’s parties.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I can blow bubble rings underwater and dance in high heels.

Do you play any instruments?
Acoustic and electric Ukulele!

Favorite thing about being a witch?
Being able to use magic to make myself and my friends happy.

Emotional Despair- Moon In Sagittarius

Those with this Moon Sign seek emotional optimism and often succeed, yet when they are faced with negative emotions, it can restrict the silver lining life view that they wish to withhold, where the winding paths of potential constrict and shorten. This often leads them to look elsewhere for that same spiritual high, that adrenaline, meaning that they can overindulge in food, drink or partake in reckless behavior such as unsafe sexual relations even. It’s almost like they take the “free spirit” angle of their personality completely in the wrong, extreme direction. Don’t be surprised if they take off and you don’t see them for a couple of days, no note or anything. I’d suggest that these souls go out into open spaces, try to establish some freedom without putting themselves in danger, and let their loved ones know more about them than they’d usually allow, just so they can look out for them. People with this placement should know that it is okay to feel down without seeking an immediate high, and that they will be back to their spirited self hopefully without any damages.

headcanon that teddy lupin changes colors involuntarily, in the funniest of circumstances- like this time, and that time, and every time molly weasley can think to recall on long and rainy nights, children gathered around her knees and hanging on ever word. 

when he is almost six, grandma molly catches him stealing a chocolate frog from the top of the cabinet, and his hands turn bright red. it doesn’t go away for weeks, and james, just a baby, cackles himself into passing out until none of them can keep a straight reprimanding face any longer.

when he is almost ten, two-year-old rose tricks him into eating a ‘special cauldron cake’ (mud) with her cute little button nose and mischevious eyes. he’s sick for hours, his face a neon green that sticks ‘till christmas. 

when he is just eleven, the sorting hat announces proudly that he, edward remus lupin, is a hufflepuff. he grins harder than he ever thought he could, and his hair turns a bright mixture of pink and yellow, lighting up the hall. he doesn’t mind the chorus of laughter- he stands out in the best way, the kindest way, for once. 

when he is almost sixteen, he kisses victoire weasley, just fifteen, behind a platform sign on the magical side of king’s cross. “what?” he says, elated from kissing the prettiest girl he’s ever seen, and she giggles. “you’re pink”. teddy’s glowing, smiling, beautiful and rosy, the way molly weasley can remember most vividly, if she thinks back hard enough.

of course, teddy’s always there to remind her when she forgets a detail, his hair a simple brown now, his child bouncing on his knee, her bright little eyes focused on her great grandmother, listening to the stories she will one day repeat, with just as much laugher in the first telling as the thousandth. 

Strange love smut

So finally I got my shit together and made the strange love smut!! Possibly one of the most requested smuts so I should of done this a lot sooner but here it is!! I hope you like it (I’m not really sure about the structure but hey). Enjoy!!! - Grace😸😸

Rumours where left rumours, wether it was obvious we were more than just friends or not. Wether it was thought we were on a hundred different substances or not. We didn’t have to fucking tell them anything.
Nor you or Ashley had made your status clear, you loved her, but that strangely wasn’t quite yet relevant.
The neon lit club, the smell of smoke, alcohol and sweat hitting your nostrils as you walked in.
You almost instantly noticed Ashley sitting at the booth surrounded by other people some you recognised, others will complete strangers, you walked over to the booth, eyes locking with Ashley’s when you reached the table she got up excusing herself from the other people around her, engulfed into their own pointless conversations barely noticing the blue haired girl leaving.
She grabbed your hand leading you to the private bathroom.
“Hey” you smirked standing closely to her staring into her bold eyes, she moved closer to you gripping your hips, lifting you up a little so you could sit on the sink counter.
“They were talking about us again, how we are insane” she whispered into your ear, referring to the people she was with at the booth.
“So what if we are?”.
She leaned in and kissed you her hand sliding up the back of your loose top, you kissed her back, relaxing your body giving her access to you. She made you weak.
She pulled your top over your head throwing it to the floor, kissing you again while un-doing your bra and throwing that to the floor.
She kissed down your neck leaving little marks that will sure grow by the morning, trailing her lips to your chest, over your boob massaging it slightly making you weaker and desperate moans escape your lips.
You lay back in the constricted space slumping against the cold bathroom mirror, her fingers looped in your skinny jeans dragging them to your knees.
She looped her fingers in the hem off your panties, kissing your thighs, keeping your eyes locked in each other’s the whole time she slowly and painfully dragged them down her hot breath Making your hairs stand and your hips thrust in frustration, her smirk growing as she saw what she done to you.
She placed a soft kiss on your clit making you moan slightly
She licked a stripe up you then brought her fingers up and slowly slipped one in at a time , pumping them in and out as you thrusted your hips in time trying to get more friction , your breathing got heavier and she sucked harder making your moans fill the room, her tugging at your sensitive spot along with her long slim fingers pumping into you in time made a knot form in your stomach, closed your eyes seeing white dots at the back of your head moans getting louder as you hit. once you catching your breath back you turned to face her smirking “now it’s your turn” shuffling yourself off the sink and swapping places with her.