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Russian Roulette - Chapter 4 (M)

Reader x Sehun

→ After a fateful meeting with a very shady, dark, young man bearing the name Tao, you’re sent out on a fatal mission: wooing Tao’s good friend and assistant Sehun, into leaving his fiancee.

→ Warnings: Smut.

Word count: 1,7K

His kisses were hot and guilty down my jawline to my collarbone. He peppered them all over my exposed neck and also let his tongue caress the salty-tasting skin in between. It was hot and I loved it. I also despised it.

This was business for me, I realized as I found myself deep into Sehun’s dark apartment, and despite me having found myself to really fall in love Sehun, this was only a mission that I was to do or else I would face severe consequences. I tried reassuring myself; no, I would not break his heart if I were to leave and never see him again. I had not had that big of an impact in his life, nor had I been in it for too long. He would be indifferent if I were to disappear. 

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Living. Breathing. Loving. I’ve loved a dead boy for six months now. The first few I was convinced that maybe Eric wasn’t real. That him and Dylan were only imaginary friends of mine. But that was so wrong. I loved them. I was with them constantly, I let Eric caress me places a boy hadn’t ever even see before. I love him, I loved him with a gun in his hand joking with Dylan in front of his victims. I loved him as parents screamed in my face about how sick I am, how I’ll be the next shooter. That I should’ve gone with them to hell. I can’t hate them. I can only manage to hate parts of them. Dylan’s soul crushing depression was something I hated, it immobalized him for days on end and ripped his mental to shreds. I hated that I didn’t love him the way he needed me to. I can’t hate the way he would hug me before math, I can’t hate the way he’d always look back and give me a big goofy grin. I can’t hate the support he gave me when Eric just couldn’t seem to get it right. And God, Eric. I find it so hard to function without his face. But I do manage to hate parts of him too. I hated how he always felt as if he needed all of the control to feel safe. How he acted as if my comfort to him was an insult. The way he spoke to me when he was angry. But I did love them. I love them. I miss my boys..

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Adonis - DK smut


Word Count: 3310 (fuuck lmao)

To say that I didn’t enjoy Seokmin’s hard body above mine as he thrust his hips to meet mine would be a terrible lie. I loved staring into his eyes as he held my hands above my head, pushing them deeper into my sheets, dominating me completely. I loved traveling my gaze south to watch our lower bodies meet in an intense dance. That was our sex position, week after week. And I would never have thought of the possibility of trying something new, since he got me off so good every single time. But yet that night, as I sat behind him, with my hand wrapped around his cock, my lips softly caressing his right ear, and his face contoured in beautiful pleasure, I knew I liked this a lot more.

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Haven't seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them yet, know nothing about it, but you're making me ship gravebone already. o_O

I’m so happy to be spreading the gravebone love~ You should definitely check the movie out sometime to experience Colin Farrell shushing/cooing at Ezra Miller while caressing his face/chest/everywhere cuz damn honey, dayum.

Goodbye Stelena | Day 1: Why do you love their relationship?

There’s so many reasons for why I love Stefan and Elena’s relationship, but one reason has always rang true for me and that’s that what they had was real.

I started watching this show when I was 17 back in 2009 and never really “shipped” a couple before or had a tv couple really inspire me with their love story until i started watching TVD. Stelena had instant chemistry with each other and had that special something between them that I loved. The episode that really solidified their epicness to me was 1x10 “The Turning Point”, because the absolutely beautiful way in which Elena expressed her love for Stefan, the way she caressed his face when he tried to turn away from her when his face started to change, the gentle way Stefan treated her the whole time I mean i was blown away by that whole episode because it showed not only was their love real, it was also pure as could be. 

Stefan and Elena taught me a lot of things about love, and what i always admired about them was the loyalty and respect they always shared. Elena made a lot of questionable decisions in S1-S3, but Stefan always stood by her. He always let her make her own choices, and never judged her for what she did to protect her family and friends. The amount of respect he showed her really made me take notice because she was his everything, his soulmate and best friend. He watched out for her friends and family and loved them just as Elena did, and if that’s not loyalty at its finest then i don’t know what is. 

Did they have a perfect relationship? No, no one does its not that black and white. We saw their struggles, we saw them fight, go through hard times but the important thing is that they got through it together. We know the horrible story of S4 till now, but the one thing that always stayed constant with them is their undeniable connection. They will always be connected, this is the couple who’ve had different reincarnations of each other fall in love throughout centuries of time. Stefan will never love anyone like he did Elena, and he will forever remain her best choice. Their love story will always be relevant, they’ll always be meant to be, and no matter what their love will never die.