i love them i actually do

“Stardust, in you and in me”

I wanted to play with lighting effects and the boys wanted in on it apparently

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Do you really think Jungkook is in love with Jimin and vice versa? I want your honest opinion. 🌚

Well actually I think there’s something going on between them. We saw a lot of moments that normal friends wouldn’t do but jikook did. They always care about each other, look towards each other directions (heart eyes😍), are very comfortable with each other, spend their free time together, always want to be together, have fun together, are memes together, but also are flirty with each other… there’s a lot things going on 😉 

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But I’m not sure if they are together. Love is between them for sure but I don’t know if they are a couple right now.
On the other hand we have a lot of proofs. One of my favorite is that v live when Tae went to Jungkook’s hotel room. Kookmin world did this analys. I watched and later read it a lot of times. If it’s true then well… they are close for sure 😉 
It’s very complicated. We can’t say that they are a couple but we can’t also say that they hate each other. But one thing is certain:  

Kookie loves Mochi 😍

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And Mochi loves Kookie😍

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thank you for ask! ❤️

also I can’t wait for new bv, I want to see them cuddling while they are sleeping ❤️ 

          I just realized that Uma might actually be more powerful than Ursula when it comes to magic. Like, to make herself huge, Ursula needed the powers of the trident. Uma meanwhile only needed the necklace and I’m amusing innate power to do the same.

            I could be wrong about this, but dang, I think I love her more now that I have this in mind.

Finally got a chance to draw the lovely Aunt Cherry who was designed by @ethmoiids. They did such a great job I had to draw her as soon as I could. Shes got one of the best designs I’ve ever seen. Big thanks to them and if you haven’t checked em out go do it! 

A little bit about the lovely Aunt Cherry:

She’s Pandora’s Aunt (obviously) on her mothers side, and one of five siblings. Shes only about 300 years old and the youngest of her siblings. Aunt Cherry is one of Pandora’s favorite family members and she’s closer to her than her own mother. She might not be in the actual story so much but there might be short story/comics with her and pandora 

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What inspired your latest piece with the (horrifying) deer under the light at the gas station? It’s so beautiful and strange and it feels like it’s pulling me into some other world. Btw I love all your art so much!!

Thank you so much! I was actually inspired by a real-life weird gas station that I always pass when I take trips home to see my family. It’s like…it’s a place with some very strange vibes, in the middle of absolutely nowhere, and you’d never know it was there from the highway but I often end up there at night. 

But I also really really struggle with painting/lighting/environments and I loathe doing them because of that, so I wanted to force myself to paint and do a study of something outside of my comfort zone.

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I saw your post talking about the Grumps playing Sonic Unleashed and I completely agree with you on every level. Its obvious that they are trying to be funny, and they are, but they focus on the smaller details and fuss about them... I do love watching them play, so I'm not trying to say i deliberate dislike them, its just a bit irksome...

Yeah, I’m actually not really enjoying this playthrough, so I’ve decided to stop watching it.  Like, maybe that comes across as me being protective of one of my favorite games, and I won’t lie and say that has nothing to do with it, but that’s not all there is to it.  I’d feel weird watching them tear apart any other game that really… wasn’t worth tearing apart, too.

Unleashed has flaws, definitely, and I’ll be the first to point them out if anyone wants me to.  But the things that Arin’s ragging on aren’t anywhere near the actual flaws the game has – he’s just doing stupid stuff with the game and trying a little too hard to rag on it in ways that don’t really match up to the game’s worth.

Let it come naturally, dude.  ‘06 and Boom were terrible games.  Rag on those all you want; they’re falling apart at the seams.  But Unleashed is a solid package, even if it is a little bit juvenile.

But of course it’s juvenile.  It’s Sonic.

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Hey, so sorry if you've already answered this (I didn't see it in your frequently asked questions) but do you ship/pair any characters from bnha besides tododeku? You're my all time fave artist btw

yeah i do!!

  • kiribaku!!! gotta love them sdhfjsdf
  • tsuchako,,,, HAROLD
  • momojirou gotta lov the girls
  • inatodo i blame @fumikage entirely
  • actually todoiideku is so pure and good wow ot3
  • iideku separately also
  • kinda ship todobakudeku
  • shindeku ???? im probably a subconscious dekubowl person now that i think oF IT????
  • guys idk i ship everyone w/ everyone as long as its healthy and loving tbh
  • except mineta he can go slip on a banana peel sorry thanks

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To step away from Touken for a little bit (not that I don't love them but I just want to know more about Touka away from Ken), do you have any headcanons about Touka's relationship with Ayato? She must have been the one to teach him how to fight and use his kagune and I feel that after reuniting, they have become a lot closer with a deeper understanding of each other and their motives.

Yeah, actually

1. The first time Touka has to kill she is 9 and she and Ayato had been on their own for a month. A month of no food – of ducking in and out and abandoned buildings and sleeping in alleyways. Her stomach hurts so badly, so incredibly badly, but it’s Ayato’s sobbing that breaks her. “Onee-chan,” he whimpers, “Hungry,” so weak he can barely speak. After that, she goes out, heavy hearted and kills the first human she can lure into that abandoned building. It’s easier the next time.

2. Later, other ghouls start bothering them over territory disputes. She is nearly killed when a big, strong ghoul starts harassing them. She’s 10 and barely able to stand up. The only thing that saves her is Ayato using his kagune to shoot crystals that slice through that ghoul while he was distracted with her.

3. They start training together after that, practicing their fighting until they were the strongest ghouls in their ward.

4. Touka no longer bats an eyelash when she kills, especially not when Ayato was in danger. He was all she had, and vice versa.

5. They fight in sync – not two bodies, but one – and become quite feared as result of this.

6. They try to kill Yomo the first time he comes into that dilapidated building that they shared, but for once they had encountered the first ghoul stronger than the both of them in years. He’s quiet, but he doesn’t kill them even when he’s won. “you’re both so young,” he says, and both of them are telling him to fuck himself with gritted teeth, snarling. Then, he offers them a place to stay. Ayato hates the idea, but Touka is enticed by the idea of a warm bed, constant fresh clothes, and food.

7. She cries for days when Ayato leaves. She’s never really the same after that. Why did everyone always leave?

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In POTC5: DMTNT, do you think there wasn't enough scenes showing depth of everyone's relationships? Ex: Jack could have told Henry the stories of his parents' adventures ("Your mother was the Pirate Queen."). Henry and Carina could have confided in and learned more about each other and thus begin to fall in love. There could have been a scene or two of Carina and Barbossa bonding over their love of stars/astronomy and/or Barbossa telling his pirate tales. What do you think?

Sheath those swords, readers… This is gonna be a long read.

Keep reading

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I really hope you're going to say yes, but do you ship Blackcest (specifically Sirius/Regulus) at all? I love them so much.

((OOC: … as in… with his brother?… like his actual brother?… like not even the bastard brother he grew up with only to later realise they’re cousins so tecHNICALLY it’s okay? ….

His actual brother?… no))

  • Them: So, what are your hobbies?
  • Me: Well, in my daydreams, I can sing, dance, write, do amazing art, and take beautiful photos. I know seven forms of mixed martial arts, plus some street-boxing style fighting, too! Ooh, sometimes I have psychic powers or magic, and I LOVE to daydream about going out with friends and trying crazy things together--
  • Them: Literally what the actual fuck I said hobbies in real life not in your daydreams????????
  • Me: .... Oh.
  • Me: I like to daydream a lot. :)

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Heyy i just wanna say i love your naruto related fics! Seriously i've been reading and re-reading them for days now, especially your madatobi fics. I feel blessed, truly. You also have a collection of kakaobi and once again i feel blessed that a great writer such as you gift us with your writings. Now here's a question: have you ever thought about madaobi?? How abot writing a madaobi fic sometime?? I hope you do. Ao3 is VERY lacking in madaobi and i believe the rare pair queen can fix that.

You must be peeking at my WIP folder, because I actually just started one? Though it’s mainly KakaObi, and the MadaObi part is super sketchy. It’s making me want to try writing non-sketchy MadaObi, though, definitely. 

It would be less sketchy, except I totally lost a bet with my wife and she wanted vampires and vampire-family-related consent issues and I should know never to wager with Bet when vampires are on the line, but I never learn. D:

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Can I possibly get NSFW Yooran headcannons? (If u ship that).

I’m so sorry it took so long to get this out, I had a hard time focusing on actually writing this at first and getting used to writing in general but here it finally is~! I loved writing these so I hope you enjoy them~

-        Huge humiliation kink, seriously everything to do with it. Especially since Yoosung can become so easily embarrassed and flustered so Saeran can’t help it. Saeran will even go as far as to leave very visible bite marks and hickies because of how Yoosung will become so embarrassed with being in public with such noticeable marks.

-        In addition to humiliation, Saeran loves making Yoosung ask for what he wants, despite how obvious he’s being just to see him get super flustered and a stuttering mess and he attempts to spit out that he just really wants Saeran to fuck him good into the mattress and pull his hair.

-        Saeran loves biting and bruising Yoosung’s pretty skin with his teeth, sometimes breaking skin, licking up the blood with his tongue, relishing in all the sounds he can elicit out of his boyfriend.

-        Minor knife/blood play, nothing super dangerous, mostly just sensory play, a few minor nicks here and there sometimes.

-        LOTS of aftercare after a scene, with a lot of cuddling. Aftercare is especially important for Saeran after a particularly difficult and intense scene because sometimes he can be prone to dom-drop just as much as Yoosung sometimes is prone to sub-drop.

-        Sometimes, they’ll go for something more vanilla—in comparison to what they would normally do—when they’re too tired or not in the right mood for something more intense.

-        Every once in awhile they’ll try something super intense, like gunplay. And they discover that they actually both really like it. Since the whole thing is pretty intense, after the first time they did it, Saeran felt super guilty and needed a lot of reassurance that it was Yoosung wanted and that he’d really enjoyed it. It took awhile for them to try attempting it again.

-        Seriously into orgasm denial followed by overstimulation, Yoosung just melts into a stuttering mess just begging to be allowed to cum, then begging for Saeran to stop because it feels too good and too much all at once.

-        Forced mouth fucking because damn that feels so good when Yoosung’s throat just clamps down on his cock just right, plus Yoosung kind of gets off on not being able to properly breathe during it.

-        Petplay, because Yoosung is a good little sub and loves to please his Master, and sometimes it’s nonsexual, but most of the time it’s hella hot and heavy and the sex is so so much better when he’s taken his punishments like a good pet.

Ooops I had struggled to think of things for this request, and then I just couldn’t stop myself because I fucking live for Yooran and I still have many many more headcannons but I didn’t want to write giant paragraphs aha~ ^o^;;;

Also keep an eye out for the Yooran gunplay fic that I’m currently working on (2500 words and counting so far)

Just wanna share something ♡

I wanna share something.

You’ll know this if you follow me on twitter (twitter.com/angeljikook).

If you ask me “Jungkook or Jimin” I’d definitely say both.

My bias is actually Jungkook. And I couldn’t call Jimin as a bias wrecker because my feelings for Jimin is the same as Jungkook. I love them both so much it hurts wtf :(

Whenever I meet an army at school, and they ask who my bias is, my friends would answer “Her bias is Jungkook” but I correct them right away by saying “and Jimin. My bias is Jikook.”

And they get so confused like why do I have two biases in Bangtan :( IS IT BAD TO HAVE 2 BIASES :(

Anyway, I love Bangtan as a whole :)

Thank you!

//When I first wanted to make an ask blog, I got really inspired by 2 other blogs (@itsjacepi and @I-am-an-orange-rug) So I made a few other blogs too… But none of them was as succesful as this one! I’m so happy that people like what I do, because what I do I enjoy doing as well. I never actually thought if I will ever reach 300+ followers, but it happened and I’m just.. Wow!

I’m so amazed! I don’t even know what to say anymore, but thank you! Thanks everyone for all the support and love! I hope I won’t fail any of you lovely people! :’).

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Vansnavi for the ship ask?

Who said “I love you” first shameless fic rec https://archiveofourown.org/works/7799992 Usnavi did

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background Usnavi does. Vanessa has a pic of her cat.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror I feel like this is something Usnavi would totally do, but also Vanessa wakes up so much later than him that she doesn’t always see the notes so he’s just started to leave post-its instead

Who buys the other cheesy gifts USNAVI BUYS THE CHEESIEST GIFTS, I feel like Vanessa is not good at gift giving at all, with anyone, not just him, so she always asks Nina for a good gift idea and she gives him really good gifts he actually loves because Nina is smart like that

Who initiated the first kiss 

Who kisses the other awake in the morning I don’t think either of them do that because I think Vanessa loves sleeping late and Usnavi not at all and I don’t think he’d have the courage to just go back to bed just to kiss her and risk a nudge in the stomach if it’s too early for her

Who starts tickle fights neither of them, they don’t do that

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower Vanessa doesn’t ask, she joins him and it’s up to him whether he’s in the mood for naughty stuff or not. Usnavi asks extremely awkwardly and Vanessa just learns to leave the door open just in case so she doesn’t have to suffer through 10 minutes of stuttering every time she says “hey I’m gonna take a shower”

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch I feel like this is something Vanessa would do, just pop at the bodega and spend time with him, a quiet lunch break, a bit of making out, nice stuff

Who was nervous and shy on the first date shameless fic rec https://archiveofourown.org/works/10485270/chapters/23131677 I think that Usnavi was, but also Vanessa was quite emotional on the inside because I don’t think they’ve ever really been FRIENDS before, more like acquaintances with a huge crush on each other and their first date is probably one of the first times they really sat down to talk and learn so much about each other just the two of them

Who kills/takes out the spiders both of them pretend they’re absolutely not scared of spiders so they’re both willing to, but they’re both secretly terrified 

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk shameless fic rec https://archiveofourown.org/works/10485270/chapters/23875728 100% MY BOY USNAVI

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The mood your recent pictures have invoked are so good. The colors- everything go so well together. I get more and more excited to see new stuff for your series!

Thank you very much~! Colors and backgrounds do give me a bit of trouble, but I’ve gotten better by using different methods.

1.) After I draw my thumbnail I use google sketch-up to draw some simple boxes for my scene, it helps a lot with perspective!  2.) I make sure to do a greyscale thumbnail to know where my light sources are going to be. 3.) Flat colors work the best with me, rather than shading and blending everything out. I also love gradients, but sadly I can’t use them in the actual comic since it’s a gif, and gifs are really bad at handling gradients. 

incase anyone cares today was actually such a good day with the boys going live and everyone being so active and interacting with eachother and yelling at the boys for having the worst quality livestream and overall i’m so glad and thankful to have found such a positive and strong band that i can always look to for happiness and all the people in it as well. so thank you to the hippo tumblr community for loving the boys as much as i do and please continue to spread your love for them.

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I like how the entire PJO fandom at this point has come to the agreement that we'll rip the PJO books apart for everything that's wrong with them and complain about Rick's writing endlessly, but as soon as someone says something that's ACTUALLY meanspirited we'll fucking fight them with tooth and nail.

v true! bc as much as i critique rick and the books, they do mean a lot to me and i really do love them 

thats one of the reasons i can be so hard on them at times