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since u did the voltron au, do u have a ship from the actual voltron show???? also who's ur fave in voltron???

Lance’s my absolute mostest fav!!!! And since he’s my fave I’ll ship anything in which he’s happy, honestly, but I did draw some klance a while ago so I guess you might say that’s my main one 👍

Writing Prompts

• That’s no longer relevant.
• I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously.
• There’s a joke or two in there.
• He can’t do that to us.
• I ache all over.
• Let’s wait for them.
• Who did it to you?
• It went to dark places.
• We can’t eat all of them.
• It wasn’t very convincing.
• Who would do that?
• We like the darkness.
• Can we laugh?
• It exhausts me.
• Did it count?
• I was ready to go.
• It’s a tough place.
• Let’s wrap things up.
• We all talk about it.
• Can we kiss you?
• I have so many complains.
• Who actually loves their brothers?
• Let’s discuss the rumors.
• Why did you shift the tone?
• Can we shoot them?
• These people are ridiculous.
• I love product placement.
• Can you explain this?
• They are not scientists.
• Oh, bleep, just bleep the bleeping bleep.
• There was no context.
• You are too mainstream.
• We don’t have wings.
• It made no sense.
• Is it still possible?
• Are you procrastinating?
• We have the cards here.
• Do I get a choice?
• None of it mattered.
• You can’t revise it.
• It’s not fair at all, is it?
• What did they even want?
• Who changed your mind?
• Can we talk about the romance?
• Is that a red herring?
• There are legends.
• Who carried the body out?
• We could have solved the mystery already.
• I was in love with them all.
• They know how to do this.
• It’s raining candy wrappers.
• It was no honor.
• Celebrate them.
• Please, don’t eat me.
• I’ll be performing there.
• Who doesn’t love a good heist?
• I only sell fakes.
• We could work together.
• It lacks realism.
• Isn’t that blackmail?
• He paid me off.
• Do you want to sleep?
• You’ll need to carry him.
• You could make it out alive.
• Let’s not speculate.
• Where can I buy tickets?
• Just pick a side.
• Are you crying?
• I remember you being smarter.
• I have the sun.

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I love your Elsewhere university concept! I have a few questions that might be cool to get the answers to? Like, Do you think that there's ever that one stoner student that's immune to magic and totally unaware of the Others, and somehow sidesteps any interaction with them? Or a kid who was 'blessed' with perfect grades but it's actually a curse that comes at a terrible price? What about a professor that's Seen It All and ushers new students to the side if they see them dangerously close ..(1/2)

..(2/2) to getting themselves into trouble…or are the Professors unaware of the Fair Folk themselves? Is there a special sealing ceremony during graduation where your degree is ‘stamped’ onto your soul by the Fae? And is there a particular benefit to REALLY strong coffee that maybe gives students a brief respite from any magic-related shenanigans they’ve experienced? Does anything special happen at midnight/samhain/new year? What about the witches? Thanks for your time! <3 <3             

It’s quite common for students to breeze through the University without any interaction with or knowledge of the Gentry at all. It’s why there are protections in the first place; they may seem like kitschy traditions but they do keep the majority of students safe.

I think there’s probably several of the Gentry who like to grant favors with a sting in the tail; I imagine perfect grades could easily come with a catch.

The professors vary. Most are alumni and have at least a passing understanding of the University’s unique nature, and of these many will try to quietly help students when they can. There are definitely some disgruntled visiting professors who don’t get why this university likes its goddamn sodium so much, though.

The Gentry don’t care one way or another about graduation, or what you study. In general they’re pretty indifferent to most of student life that doesn’t revolve around them. In any case, due to the legal names on the diplomas, graduation takes place off campus in a really lovely hall commissioned sometime in the 1940s, out of their reach.

Coffee has no benefits other than those coffee usually does.

Holidays are generally weird and it’s hard to tell how much of it is typical college celebration weirdness and how much is something Else. Midnight is just a weird time in general.

Witches are probably going to find that on campus they’re more effective than they expect to be; it’s a good thing to keep in mind.

Liam’s to do list for him and ryder that you get at the end of the game is so sweet. He wants to get the two of them real wine and pets and even a new couch and right in the middle of this beautiful little list he says “write the question” (as in THE question). The best part is he sends a follow up email where he’s like “I SENT THAT ON ACCIDENT DONT OPEN IT” and right after he sends another where he says “actually keep it we can both add to it together” and just omg what did we do to deserve liam kosta

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Do you think the new Spider-Man trailer gave away too much of the movie and focus too much on Tony Stark?

I think the new trailer did seem to give pretty much away. There was a lot in it that probably should have been left for viewers to see in the theaters. But, with that being said, I’ve thought that about movies several times and then after I see them I realize the trailer didn’t actually show me much or was framed way differently.
About Tony? I think it makes sense that he has quite a bit of focus on him since peter is still figuring out how to be spiderman and a superhero. Tony will clearly have a big role in helping him do that. Plus I always love some Tony Stark

“I’d like to ride storms, kill sharks in the open sea, drive out the aggressors, reconquer the country, undo the ties of serfdom, and never bend my back to be the concubine of whatever man." - TRIỆU THỊ TRINH

Mary Read & Anne Bonny aesthetic

for @blacksailsandredhair

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Hey! May I pretty please have headcanons for the mait three + Phitchit for when their s/o confesses and starts crying from embarrassment and fear(or being rejected)? I hope this is a good ask I reeeallly love your blog!! ^^


-He starts comforting them right away 


-And then he gets a bit embarrassed himself


-Panicking to the max

-He almost starts crying himself 

-He’s pretty sure that the crying means crush is regretting confessing


-Is so freaking awkward

-Like ‘are you okay’

-No, he didn’t realise crush is crying at first, if you haven’t noticed. When he does, he’s pretty unsure about what to do next



-This wasn’t supposed to happen

-He was supposed to accept smiling and everything, not be comforting soon to be s/o!

The Team Plays Matchmaker

Anonymous asked: Hi Meg! I love your blog! I was wondering if I could request an Avengers one-shot? Maybe the reader likes Sam and Sam likes her, but they are both too shy to say anything? Maybe, the other Avengers help get them together and, in the end, it actually helps strengthen them as a team? (Takes place after the events of Civil War). Is this okay?

Here you are, lovely. I do not own ANY of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: FLUFF!

Pairings: Sam Wilson x fem!reader, the Avengers and Bucky Barnes

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You blushed when your eyes met Sam’s. It was another one of Tony’s game nights. After everything that happened between him and Steve, Tony had been trying his best to smooth things over. Steve and those that sided with him had moved back into the Tower,  but things were still tense. So, Tony and Clint came up with the idea for game night. You didn’t mind, except when you ended up across from Sam.

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A teacher actually being friends with a student is weird. Like I've joked before (especially when drunk) OMGSH I LOVE THAT STUDENT LIKE I WOULD ACTUALLY HANG OUT WITH THEM AND BE FRIENDS. But do I actually mean it? No. I would rather hang out with people my own age who understand life and everything, aka, not children. lolololol

Can’t relate, my kids are 10 and I’m closer to wanting to adopt them than wanting to be their friend. (But also I don’t want to adopt them because I don’t want them or their smells in my house.)

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what so isayama wants a good happy ending now to please the fans? after killing bert and erwin? 😕

What Isayama defines as a good ending is different than the one some of the fans actually think.

He’s not planning to back away from the path he settled till now. As I explained in my response to Eremika Dude, there were too many elements actually preventing them to save the Earth or doing some heroic and noble deeds. Even Isayama declared at some point he was scared to betray the readership since the series has gone in popularity, therefore increasing the expectations of the readership:

I: A short time ago, I was on that stance. I wanted to shock all the readers. I kept thinking of betraying the people who loved to read it…but along with my age, my way of thinking has changed. I don’t know what will happen.

He then said this in the ANSWERS guidebook:

- “I’m going with the ending that I decided at the beginning of the manga’s serialization, and it’s going well so far.

And the elements were here. He had the worldbuilding sorted out, but the way to convey the elements had to be worked on (hence his post of him talking about taking inspiration from GoT). The world as we currently know it was planned, the same as the titan’s true nature and the reason why the walls were breached. The way it can come as deceiving is because we began this story following the point of view from people trapped in a bubble and whose fate was already decided.

But look at this: we were never in the point of view from the good guys, only a bunch of ignorant seekers advancing further to the truth. Starting with Eren and his personality, to the SC’s questionable actions. The titans they killed to allow “Humanity” to advance were convicted felons from an enemy nation, they aren’t above torture and murder to get the mission accomplished (which was one of the main points of the Uprising Arc) and in the end, the Reiss rulers weren’t a bunch of irredeemable despots because nobody could’ve known the vow of the First King. In the latest chapters, none of the superiors, Hange included, were against the possibility of war.

Still in the latest chapters, the SC aren’t neither that brethren of heroes dedicating their heart to their faction, judging by Eren, Mikasa and Levi’s reactions during the course of the serumbowl, leading to an irrational decision that led Erwin, a commander of exception, to his demise. The discovery of Grisha’s logs revealed despite all their efforts, they were fighting with sticks against a nation who had the galting gun pointed at them. Eren’s coordinate began to awaken, eventually giving him a reason to keep moving on by following into his father’s step, and probably staying silent about the key to awaken the coordinate. Shifters only live 13 years after their awakening, which barrens a good ending for Mikasa. Levi lost his liege, meaning his Ackerpowers can’t maintain him as humanity’s strongest and on top of that, Eren ruined Armin’s only moment of joy after seeing the ocean, which wasn’t even an endgame goal.

The author’s vision of good ending is the one that stays coherent with the recent events, who gives a satisfactory conclusion considering what was presented while leaving few plot holes. If Isayama began to settle a happy beach party for EMA at the end, that wouldn’t be considered as a good ending, because absolutely nothing lead to it. Meanwhile, the possibility of a bad ending where Everyone Dies TM began to simmer in everybody’s mind, therefore it wouldn’t come as a bad shocking surprise unlike chapter 84. 

What if Bert and Erwin end up being the only MCs dying?

This is the final arc and there’s more to come. I have no idea how they’re going to settle that final battle, but Isayama planned to have every character from the first volume to die. I’m still surprised comic reliefs like Sasha and Connie managed to survive for so long but their death was also planned. Concerning the mains, if neither of them dies at the end of the last bloodbath, the shifter lifespan will kill Eren and Armin.

I honestly don’t think Isayama has the guts to, for example, kill Levi off. They’ll probably just remember Erwin in the end as ‘the brave soldier who gave his life so peace could happen uwu’ and Bert as the 'monster, who, almost gainst his will, breached the wall X number of years back’ (2)

I haven’t received the first part but I can answer the Levi thing. I’m suspecting him being kept a little longer for business reasons because he cumulates a huge percentage of the popularity votes, meaning if he dies, the manga sales will take a hit. Then again I still don’t have the impact done on sales since Erwin died, but most people are still upset 7-8 months later. There’s no reason for Levi to be kept alive: he doomed the SC with an irrational decision, fully aware it was and was losing his strength. He served his purpose and therefore raised a major deathflag.

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Do you have any opinions of HxH that most people would disagree with? Mine is that I think most of the CA arc was a drag and meruem was a boring character, Pitou should've been the main villain

Oooh this is a really interesting question

I’m not actually sure how unpopular this is but I’m not a huge fan of the Phantom Troupe. I don’t actively dislike them or anything but they just don’t do much for me. I like Machi, and I like Kalluto (purely because I’m interested in wtf Kalluto is thinking/planning), but the rest I’m actually hoping get killed off. (I would love it if Machi is the one who kills Hisoka once and for all so I’m hoping she lives.)

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I have to say. I'm incredibly jealous of writers like you and Gotham for your ability to beautifully weave in lines from the book and show canon. Even if you change who actually says them, you bring those words in seamlessly. I'm really in love with this new story of yours (I know, big shocker). But that "nothing hurts when you love me" line just KILLED me. So SO very beautiful.

Owww, thank you so so so much lovely @takemeawaytocamelot!! But you shouldn’t be jealous at all, it’s not as hard to get those lines in, as it is to create a wonderful plot - and that you do so beautifully! I love that Jamie dixit and thought it was the perfect way to end this first part of the story. 

Btw, I’m saving your Vegas AU to finally catch up to this weekend, when hopefully I’ll be able to breathe a little. Can’t wait!! <3

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Hmmmm....Floran about Delta, please???:^3333

Floran to Delta

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: “Phew.. She is really attractive, do you know that? Also I love how dedicated she is towards her friends and the poor and those who are in need. Also her sarcasm is quite charming.”
ship them with: “She is infatuated with Takumi, isn’t she?”
brotp them with: “Alex and Shelly!”
needs to stay away from: “Dumb or unknowing people, she could trick them so easily, hahahaha..”
misc. thoughts: “A really interesting ally. Such a flirt.”

Random Thoughts

The Hunters from Monster Hunter can survive stupid high falls, direct hit from fireballs, and even getting stomped/kicked by creatures like the Lao. How do you translate that into other universes/fandoms? Do you just call them durable? Do you just leave it as it’s the armor? Or do you just say their blood is actually Potions and that’s why when you drink it, you recover health. Things to ponder.

I finally got around to doing my taxes and actually get a nice refund this year ;; Now I’m debating whether I want to treat myself a little with either finally commissioning someone or getting another Squishable (I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH IM SORRY).

Choices, choices….

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Do you actually want Team Delusional to be right? What if they are?

1) I would love it if they are. Truly. 

2) If they are, then my full faith in the show would be restored. After I’m done screaming “holy shit” at my TV, I would probably get on here and send a personalized message to any TD member who wants one congratulating them on calling that. Then, in between doing that and watching the general fan freakout that would inevitably follow the reveal, I’d probably write a letter to Gimple apologizing for calling him a sexist troll losing faith in him as a showrunner. And then from that point on, I would watch my favorite show without scowling at it… which is a big deal for me, because I scowl at everything. It would be a good day. 

Thanks for helping alleviate my boredom, anon. ;) 

Please Answer:

Should I post my preferences and fanfic on Tumblr or my Wattpad? I’d provide the link to my Wattpad but my stories don’t do well on there, so if I forced my entire existence because I love to, who would actually read my Wattpad or should I leave them on Tumblr?

So I’ve been filled with love and affection again lately and I really really wanna give a certain someone a hug *cough @jiminy-krispies cough*

So here’s the best I can do :)

You make me smile so much!!!

I look at cute things and I think of you cause I always wanna make you smile too!! And you’re a cutie :) can’t forget about that!!

You make me want to actually do things!! I’m usually okay with barely doing anything and just lying in bed on my tablet for most of the day, but now I want to go where you are and give you a hug, now I want to make things so you’re proud of me, now I want to do things that would make you happy :)

You’re such a nice person!! You always make me feel better when I’m sad and even if I do cry I can say ‘jiminy believes in me and everything will be alright’ and I won’t cry as much!!

You make me happy :) I’m so so glad I can be friends with you. I love you!!

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so i’m in new tuchunka and i’m crying?? happily??

like the krogan may seem hostile, buy they’re also just trying to actually live - there are krogan fathers joining clubs to talk about their smiling child and take tips, telling their mates they love them, trying to make gingerbread cookies, organising a KROGAN PROM for the sake of bonding, and just trying to do better!!

and i’m just so happy for them like that’s so wonderful?!?