i love them both so much!!

So many of you liked Pidge as Peridot and I do too so here they are/she is(??)!!!! They’re basically a model for how the team’s suits look like (thus a drawing from both the front and back) and I have to say I like it quite much. It’s just their regular space suits minus the collar and and jet pack and very simplified. And UGH i love them. I’m probably gonna do the others later tomorrow. ✨


||I’ll be there||


Heyy! Could you do V angsty texts when you’re always lethargic and irritable because of your depression. You both know you like each other, but you won’t date him because you think he deserves better, so you shut him and all the guys out without telling them why. And you can’t explain your depression, all you really know is that you’re tired of everything, even thinking tbh. Thanks so much💜

hope you liked it, I did change it up a bit to where you do explain I hope that’s ok

Much love~💖

Relationships That I love - The Walking Dead Edition:                  Michonne and Carl

“A huge part of why Michonne lives and breathes is to be a part of keeping that young man safe.”

- Danai Gurira

“Carl’s friendship with Michonne is really important, because Michonne still acts like a kid in a lot of ways and it’s someone that he can actually talk to other than his dad,”- Chandler Riggs

“She likes to be there and do what must be done. And in this moment, what can she do? And also realizing how much she loves both of these people. The love of them is so strong, there’s no way I’m losing both of them tonight.“

- Danai Gurira

“Their closeness is beyond, so the idea of that happening is horrifying and horrific for her.”

- Danai Gurira

“A reflex and protecting Rick and Carl are the same thing. Because [Michonne’s] reflex IS to protect Rick and Carl.”

 - Danai Gurira


Me: I’m not into Undertale anymore
Me: [Hears the soundtrack again]
Me: Well time to make a pointless crossover that I, for whatever reason, will put lots of thought into

(First two images have better quality if opened in new tab!)

Simon and Ethan.

Simon and Ethan were so cute in their videos.

They were both so giggly, and they were both having a great laugh.

It was nice to see them do laughing challenges because my babies deserve all the happiness they get.

They were both adorable cuties that I Love so very much.

Wishing the best for them!!

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Hello! Who do you think would propose? Aaron or Robert? and where? Your thoughts on a robron wedding in the future. Will it be a big/just with family/ofscreen(maybe when they come back from holiday and they spontaneously married there) etc.? (1)

Maybe you also have some headcanons about the proposal and the wedding? Thanks for answering! I appreciate it! (2)  

Hi nonnie!

Thank you so much for this lovely ask. God, I have so many thoughts and feels about a Robron proposal and wedding. I’m more than happy to answer this!

Robert will propose. Both of them have thought about it, but Aaron is caught fluctuating between thinking that he’s not good enough to be someone’s husband (on the bad days), and wondering how best to do it (on the good days). He thinks that Robert will want something really fancy: French restaurant, huge ring, romantic setting, the works. Robert, however, doesn’t want any of this and he knows that Aaron doesn’t either. All that matters to him is that he asks the man he loves to marry him.

Robert asks both Chas and Paddy for their blessing to marry Aaron. Neither of them are particularly over the moon about it, but they can’t deny how happy Robert makes Aaron, and that’s enough for them.

And so they’re in the back room of the pub when it happens. Robert has made a meal for himself and Aaron (and paid everyone to keep out of their way for a few hours). If Aaron were anyone else, Robert would buy him flowers and play romantic music. He lights some candles, though.

They have talked about getting married, but Aaron is still taken by surprise when Robert asks him. It’s not at all how he imagined Robert would do it, but that makes it even more special in Aaron’s eyes: Robert knows that Aaron doesn’t want the pomp and pretension that used to litter Robert’s life with the Whites. Half way through Robert’s speech, Aaron is nodding his head. (‘Let me ask,’ Robert says, but he has the biggest smile on his face.) Aaron waits, and the question is barely out of Robert’s mouth before he answers.

They marry in Emmerdale. They both know that they wouldn’t get away with anything else, and neither of them want to. As much as Aaron may say that he doesn’t care what people think of him, he wants the villagers to know that he and Robert are in love and will promise their lives to each other. For Robert, it’s a chance to show Vic and Diane how happy he is, and maybe to make them proud of him as well.

They marry in Their Barn, decorations (sophisticated lighting on hay bales, maroon and blue cushions on chairs) courtesy of Victoria (though she doesn’t appreciate the detail that Robert goes into when she asks why there of all places). It’s a really small gathering: just the Dingles, Vic, Diane and Doug. Adam is of course Aaron’s best man. Liv is Robert’s. Of course everyone cries, though Aaron casts his Mum a look when she says that she’s crying for completely different reasons (they all know that she’s joking really!) 

They have their reception in the Woolpack. They don’t send out invites, but half the village is there to celebrate their marriage. (Robert thinks that they’re all there mainly for Aaron, and is taken aback when they warmly and sincerely congratulate him). Cain and Paddy give Robert the evil eye until Robert gives his speech. He talks about how lucky he is to have Aaron, how Aaron has made him a better man than he could have ever hoped to be, and pledges his love and his life for as long as Aaron wants him, which he prays will be until the end of their lives. He plans on getting old and grey with Aaron. Cain and Paddy shake his hand after this speech and accept him fully into the Dingle fold.

Thank you again for this ask, nonnie. It was a pleasure to write!

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How Overwatch agents first say "I love you" it doesn't have to be long, just those headcanons

I am so sorry this took so long to put out, I wanted to get the other stuff done before this. Hope you’re still lurking about, Anon. I tried to keep them short.

Lucio: He says he’s working on some new music but he’s not feeling confident about his one track. He doesn’t want anyone to hear it yet, so keep this to yourself. And you do because all it is, is Lucio saying “I love you” in different ways, both English and Portuguese.

Reinhardt: You’ve been working together for a long time and while you’re shy about telling him how much you love him, Reinhardt is not. He’s getting old and he certainly wasn’t expecting falling in love again, so he shouts his love for you mid-battle and completely destroys his opponents.

Reaper: Before the fall of Overwatch, Gabriel tells you really simply after a mission or during downtime. It’s not a big deal and the chances that you’ll both survive the war are iffy at best, so he wants to let you know just in case. Afterwards, Reaper does not outwardly state that he loves you; his version of “I love you” is not killing you.

Soldier 76: Before the fall of Overwatch, Jack has a very hard time confessing his feelings. Has to get you completely alone and make sure no one else can hear what he’s going to say. Afterwards, Soldier 76 pretty does the actual same thing minus nervousness; he’s fiercely protective of you and he always says “I love you” as if he’s going to lose you.

Mercy: The first time you are brutally injured, Mercy’s “I love you” just spills out. Losing you before she admits her feelings was one of her biggest fears, having it nearly happen encourages her to say “I love you” as many times as possible.

Zarya: The moment Zarya realizes she’s in love with you, she finds you wherever you are and just flat out tells you.

Widowmaker: After sniping you dozens of times and battling you one-on-one, it occurs to her that she’s completely smitten with you. Of course, Talon knows this too so Widowmaker never says she loves you because she doesn’t want to kill you, she quashes her feelings quickly and continues trying to kill you only to “miss”. Every time.

Genji: He’s actually said it plenty of times before verbalizing it to you, he’s never said it out loud before because he wasn’t sure you’d reciprocate his feelings – what with his scarred face and cyborg body. When he finally says it and you can actually hear it, the sincerity almost hurts.

McCree: Cowboy speech is difficult to understand simply because McCree has so many different nicknames for you and they’re all terribly flirty. So the only time it actually clicks that he’s in love you, is when you’re all alone and he just has to look at you.

Pharah: It takes a while for her to admit her feelings because she’s unsure she’s even deserving of someone’s love and trust. You say “I love you” first, and it doesn’t bother you much that she doesn’t say it back. Only, when she does say it, you need her to repeat it a few times.

Tracer: She calls everyone “love” so when she first tells you her feelings, you think she’s joking because you’ve been into her for a while now and there’s no way she feels the same way. She probably kisses you too, just to make sure she got her point across.
Hanzo: The first time Hanzo says “I love you” is when the two of you are stuck somewhere waiting for a rescue. You’re almost completely asleep when he says it, and the following morning you say it back only for Hanzo to brush you off. The next time, you have a recorder at the ready, and when he brushes you off, you play it back to his extreme embarrassment.

Mei: She thinks you don’t know Chinese, but “I love you” is the one phrase you learned. So you pretend not to understand for like, three months, and then the next time she says, you in respond in kind. She is a blushing mess and you never let her live it down.

D.Va: Again, D.Va says “I love you” a lot: when Lucio makes her a theme song, when Reinhardt cooks, when 76 buys her retro gaming stuff. But the first time she says it to you, its in the midst of a rainstorm and she climbs out of her MEKA and curls into your side. You grab a blanket and wrap her up like a little burrito and pull her between your legs. Then she says it.

Zenyatta: Like Zarya, the moment it clicks that he’s in love with you, he shares this information during morning mediation. He also explains how he never imagined making such a close bond, and he wonders how he’ll be able to share himself with other people when he wants to focus on you. A lot.

Ana Amari: It’s an unspoken thing between the two of you, you’ve never said the words out loud because you know how you could be used against each other. But that first time she tells you how she feels, it’s probably in the hospital after she loses her eye. She doesn’t think she deserves you, but she wants to protect you, if you’ll bear with her for a little while longer.

Symmetra: Oh, she doesn’t love you. You just create a lot order in her life and that’s why she keeps you around. Yep. That’s totally the reason. You just overhear her one morning come to the conclusion on her own, you don’t want to embarrass her so you keep it to yourself.

Winston: He has to call you into his lab to tell you something important, and you know something is off because he’s actually cleaned up the place. When he tells you he loves you, he takes the glasses off so your face is blurry enough that he can’t see your expression.

Junkrat: So many bonfires. It takes a very high cliff for you to see what they all spell out. You didn’t expect anything less but you wonder how happy Roadhog is when the news stations pick up the message of “I LOVE YOU”.

Roadhog: God fucking damnit. He’s a murderer and wanted fugitive and why the hell is he in love with your adorable self? Oh, he tries to pretend he feels nothing, probably attempts to leave you behind on several missions, and there’s the one. The one mission that goes so terrible that you almost die and Mako has to admit to himself that he never ever wants to see you get hurt. It’s one of those “I fucking love you” kind of deals, and he keeps his eyes on you all the time.

Bastion: Beep boop.

Torbjorn: Oh, he tells you straight up he loves you, and by this admission you need to stop making remarks about his size. Quit calling him any of the dwarf names from Snow White and The Lord of the Rings. That means the Dragon Age stuff too, you goofball.

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lmao so i was rewatching the alan carr interview and when alan started to dance she was just like "lol ok" and dance along w him. and then the almost exact same thing happened when tom was there. it just shows how much they're alike and makes me love them more? both as a collective and as individuals

the same person

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HI!! I just wanted to say that your blog is absolutely amazing, although I haven't gone too much into it because I haven't read the series haha! I was just wondering, I read TOG quite some time ago and never continued, should I? I just finished reading Six of Crows and it was phenomenal and I would like to read another book and couldn't decide, would continuing TOG be good? I'm so sorry to bother you!!!

Oh trust me, you aren’t bothering me at all.

Thank you so much!

Throne of Glass is so, so amazing. It is truly my favorite book series and I have read a lot of books. I would say definitely read them. While I loved both Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire and Queen of Shadow are just.. WOW. Read them. Read them all and tell me what you think. They are so great. 

So I just finished the best wingfic for overwatch and lemme tell you I cried my eyes out. I love wings..SO FUCKING MUCH!! 

Anyways I came up with a bunch of headcanons for other Overwatch characters who weren’t involved in the story. 

RoadHog has the largest wings of all the members, even Reinhardt because his wings are largest in both width and length. He can’t exactly fly with them but he can slow his descent and glide. He’d have milky grayish white wings with dark freckles along the tips and inner working of his wings. 

Junkrat is missing one of his wings. It wasn’t blown off but instead cut off sometime back. I imagine despite Junkrat being a blonde he’d have dark wings, a smoky ash that looks black in the dark which probably had something to do with the loss of his wing. 

Lucio has very agile wings. A dark set of chocolate brown wings with darker brown flight feathers but lighter interior feathers. 

Hanzo’s wings are similar to Genji’s but are dark charcoal grey with white flight feathers. 

Zarya has very thick muscled wings that are brightly colored, not pink to her disappointment but instead a very light red with a scattering of green, very similar to a parrots. 

I have more but its 7 AM and I haven’t slept so gooodbyee

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i saw two rlly nice things today!!!!! a rlly cute asian lady sittin on a rlly cute brown lady's lap (n they both had shaved heads!!!!!) and a lady with a french accent holding hands with a lady with a chinese accent!!!!!!!!!! (i may be misgendering them tho) IT WAS LOVELY AND MADE MY WHOLE DAY BETTER

this was the CUTEST MESSAGE omg thank you so much for sharing with me!! ;;;____;;; What lovely things to see!

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hey there >< finnaly found you after seeing so many short story about nalu you create, i LOVE them, especially the story where there's zeref as natsu's bigbrother!!!!! Where do you live anyway? Wow ( ^∇^)

Originally posted by nyanpasuminasan

THANK YOU SO MUCH~!! Q/////////////Q That actually makes me happy like really. I love making comics about them. I REALLY LOVE DRAGNEEL BROTHERS. They are both dorks to me xD

By the way, I’m from Philippines. ^_^


Happy Fresh Meat Friday! This week, I’m serving up a rec for @cannibalcuisine and @empathalitis (oh god, I hope your tumblr names are the same as your AO3 names - if not, sorry for tagging you!) ANYWAY, I’ve been enjoying this duo for a few weeks now. They’ve got great fics they’ve worked on, both together and apart, and there’s so much to choose from (and a lot of it is very naughty, indeed). They put a lot of Spacedogs on the table, too, if that’s your cup of tea! I know I’m only supposed to rec one author, but they’re a team and it would be sad to split them up, no? Here’s a link: http://archiveofourown.org/users/cannibalcuisine/pseuds/cannibalcuisine

Show them some love!! Happy weekend, Fannibals! And congrats @freshmeatfriday team for such a successful first month of this fabulous endeavor! xoxo

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Also we're studying the Aeneid this year in Latin and I'd love to know your thoughts on it : )

Off the top of my head : it was so nice! I liked it very much. The last chants are a bit too war-focused for my taste (I tend to get bored) and there were definitely a lot of “I love HOMER” moments in it, but it was so sweet to read, and the dichotomy between the admiration for the greeks and the will to surpass them was very vivid and absolutely adorable. I can imagine Virgil being super intense about it, you know? Anyway. Aeneas was a true hero, much more satisfying, or less frustrating ratherthan Odysseus or Achilles ever were (never forgetting to honour the gods, showing both mercy and fierceness, intense in his love towards his son and father, his best trait I think, his most human one), which made him absolutely irrealistic but worthy of admiration. I like my protagonists a bit more flawed, but the whole thing gave a true splendor to it all. An array of interesting, faulty, well characterised secondary characters makes the Aeneid a very compelling story (Ascanius, Nisus, Pallas, Euryalus). Dido of course was a highlight : both strong and weak, both fatefully cursed and willing to conquer and decide for herself until the end, passionate and deadly. The women are more or less well-represented for a classical story : Aphrodite and Juno have a central role and true agency, minor female deities as well, Dido is a beautiful character although played by the gods. Virgil’s writing, from what I can gather from the translation, is not as poetic as Homer’s : more direct, more matter-of-factly, with an aura of decisiveness. He can become quite graphic in the battle scenes, too.  

Very interesting read.

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what are your thoughts on DabiShiga?

oh boy. shigadabi is my jam like nothing else. i love both of the characters A LOT, and together they’re just the perfect ship for me.

i will say tho, that the ship is pretty much completely based on what the community makes of it, since there is only very little interaction between shigaraki and dabi in the manga (so far, which will hopefully change at some point). but the community comes up with a lot of good stuff, so.

in theory, their characters could definitely work out. not in a “standard” relationship way - because both of them have obvious antisocial traits - but in a very self-indulgent, honest way. their relationship would be based on the whole “love and hate are of the same coin” thing, but it’s definitely not toxic. it involves two consenting adults who know what they’re in for, who are aware of the other’s flaws and who, in the end, would both share the same amount of power.

what i like most is the dark, complicated nature of the relationship while keeping a lot of possibilities for character growth. imagine one of them trusting the other enough to allow little gestures of affection - it’s the struggle for growth it involves. the fact it wouldn’t work out from the very beginning, but instead would be a piece of work for both. but, both of them secretly caring about the other enough to fight for it and step out of their own comfort zones.

just, both of them being very honest about what they do. they don’t try to impress or change the other man, they’re just being their own troubled, snarky self - and so none of them ever put on a mask for the other one, both know what they’re made of and deal with it. nobody tries to bend or break themselves. they’re just very open about everything.

this got very long and still these are my thoughts about shigadabi summed up. i know the community is tiny and maybe this ship will never become a big thing, but i still love it and the people who keep contributing to it. they’re all darlings.