i love them because of these scenes not despite them


i couldn’t resist so have a shitpost version of grouptale au. this is probably not what happened but nobody’s put up any story that i’ve seen yet so i’m taking liberties. how does an entire squad of children fall into mt. ebott? did they take a field trip despite knowing the danger? who knows, one of them probably wanted to jump and it turned into a whole scene of everyone trying to save everyone and they ended up downstairs.

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laurel lance week → day one
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— Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

so I know that we’re all ecstatic and excited because the truest otp is finally canon and they’re flirty and it’s fluffy and it’s oh so wonderful. BUT, despite it being heavily implied and obvious and everything, neither of them have actually uttered the proverbial three little words yet. anyone else wondering how that’ll come about?

I’m hoping for a really casual fluffy domestic scene, in which they’re just being season 1-era fitzsimmons + kissing and flirting, and one of them (I’m thinking jemma) says or does something ridiculous or funny. and fitz just chuckles and goes “I love you.” and for a second he kind of freezes, and she does too, because they’re both realising the weight of those words and how ridiculous it is that they’ve never said it up till now, but then he just kinda shrugs and goes: “what? it’s not as if this is news to you.” and this radiant grin just spreads across jemma’s face and she gives him this tight hug and her cheeks hurt she’s smiling so much and she pulls away from the hug and goes: “I love you.” and then they kiss and it’s wonderful and we all cry.

your thoughts?

Has Belle EVER asked anything of the “heroes”?

This is a sincere question. 

Because I can’t remember any? 

In S2 she barely knew any of them; Rumple asked a few times for their help FOR her (and I’ll point out that despite his actual threat so that they’d keep her safe in the hospital, she was magicked by Regina and forcibly drugged while fighting and crying by the same sadistic bitch who kept her prisoner for 28 years). In 3A she was back in SB when they were in NL, so couldn’t be asking favors. In 3B she and Neal set off to resurrect Rumple themselves, even though he’s a former villain who’s been helping them for a while and sacrificed his life for the town, which apparently warrants a rescue mission… *cough* sometimes. In season 4? I can’t think of one.

I’m not even going to detail all the things she’s done for them during that time, from getting Pandora’s box to NL to solving Zelena’s plan to freeing the fairies to babysitting, among many others. Nor will I mention the crappy things THEY have done to her personally–Regina just recently ripping out her heart (even after Belle OFFERED to help her!); the numberless times Killy brutalized, used, and try to murder her; even Snowing’s aforementioned neglecting her in the hospital so she was repeatedly abused.

After all that…the one single time SHE asks for help, and even though it will actually be to their benefit to save Rumple as well, they turn her down.

Behold our heroes, my friends.

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Why does Naruto reminding Sasuke of the bridge scene prove that Sasuke cared about Kakashi and Sakura? I mean, we know he did because 699's monologue was proof enough, but in that scene, I only see Naruto explaining why he can't focus solely on himself (like Sasuke wanted him to do), since his body moves on its own (like Sasuke's did to protect him). But nothing about why Sasuke, at that time, would care about Kakashi and Sakura. I'd love to believe this like everyone else but I'm in a stump.

During this scene, Sasuke acted like Sakura and Kakashi were expendable:

But Naruto then references back to The Land of Waves where Sasuke’s body “Just moved on its own” to save him. The reason Naruto mentions what had transpired on the Bridge, was to prove to Sasuke (and the others), that despite Sasuke’s claims, Naruto knew that his body subconsciously moved to save them from the Infinite Tsukuyomi, because he cared about them:

Sasuke’s continued silence during the whole explanation just serves to further prove Naruto’s point, because he had no rebuttal. Naruto then says that he’s sure Sasuke understands, because that was now the second time he had done such a thing:

Naruto only used himself as an example for a hypothetical situation where he’d be in a similar position to Sasuke, and explained that his body would just move on its own to save them - just like Sasuke’s did. Because regardless of how much Sasuke tries to deny it, Naruto can see through the deception because he knows there’s still good in him.

I can’t be the only person who’s heart feels super heavy not with sadness but with love when they see Draco or read scenes with Draco in them.
I can’t be the only who will never fully get over my hardcore crush on him even if it’s just there. In the back of my mind.
I can’t be the only one who knows that Draco may have made the wrong choices and he may have been able to stop them or maybe he couldn’t but despite that I love him as a character because he’s so much more complex then what you see of him.
I literally can’t be the only one who’s like dang Draco