i love them because of these scenes not despite them


i love drawing scenes, and in yowamushi pedal, i shall boldly declare my love for this adorable dorky climber duo who was brought together as rivals by the mountain god Lol. XD i love all the beautiful fanart posted in tumblr and of course the pixiv artists in japan no matter the pairings or groups, because i truly enjoyed yowamushi pedal n all mediums. I can’t wait to see more, despite the anime has finally ended for IH arc. 

I adore Sansaka, and these doodles of them helped me pull thr my current art block i am facing. Will post more doodles of them here in the future to get the ideas out and destress. And also, to share to all the sansaka fans here.  :)

Once again, congrats sakamichi-kun, for being the top racer in IH T/////T


laurel lance week → day one
↳ favorite scene


i couldn’t resist so have a shitpost version of grouptale au. this is probably not what happened but nobody’s put up any story that i’ve seen yet so i’m taking liberties. how does an entire squad of children fall into mt. ebott? did they take a field trip despite knowing the danger? who knows, one of them probably wanted to jump and it turned into a whole scene of everyone trying to save everyone and they ended up downstairs.

feat. @the-humerus-skeleton‘s aqua soul because i love them

Has Belle EVER asked anything of the “heroes”?

This is a sincere question. 

Because I can’t remember any? 

In S2 she barely knew any of them; Rumple asked a few times for their help FOR her (and I’ll point out that despite his actual threat so that they’d keep her safe in the hospital, she was magicked by Regina and forcibly drugged while fighting and crying by the same sadistic bitch who kept her prisoner for 28 years). In 3A she was back in SB when they were in NL, so couldn’t be asking favors. In 3B she and Neal set off to resurrect Rumple themselves, even though he’s a former villain who’s been helping them for a while and sacrificed his life for the town, which apparently warrants a rescue mission… *cough* sometimes. In season 4? I can’t think of one.

I’m not even going to detail all the things she’s done for them during that time, from getting Pandora’s box to NL to solving Zelena’s plan to freeing the fairies to babysitting, among many others. Nor will I mention the crappy things THEY have done to her personally–Regina just recently ripping out her heart (even after Belle OFFERED to help her!); the numberless times Killy brutalized, used, and try to murder her; even Snowing’s aforementioned neglecting her in the hospital so she was repeatedly abused.

After all that…the one single time SHE asks for help, and even though it will actually be to their benefit to save Rumple as well, they turn her down.

Behold our heroes, my friends.

Thor: The Dark World (liveblog) [x]

I liked this moment all the more because it wasn’t a big moment.  It shows that Thor doesn’t just rush in to the battle, even though he would have been in the right to do so, because this was a clear prison break, but instead he offers them the chance to avoid getting their asses handed to them.

They decline, of course, so we get a fun battle scene and I enjoyed that a lot.  Despite that they’ve already seen Thor in action, they probably figure that he couldn’t fight them all at once, nevermind that Thor’s got them fairly well bottle-necked here, which is true enough because some do get out.

But I love that this is a moment that’s not meant to be a huge thing, it just is what it is, but shows that Thor has grown up a lot and gives them a chance.

Plus, I like looking at the prison here, even though it’s very dark (and let me tell you about my struggles to lighten things up a bit) it’s very detailed and decorated.  There are carvings pretty much everywhere, the cells themselves are very clean and bright, it’s that same mix of old world and high technology that Asgard favors everywhere.  I may have wtf’d a lot about the design outside (seriously, it’s ridiculous, but I love it so much, as I do everything these rich assholes with questionable taste have) but inside it’s interesting and pretty neat.

I also notice there really aren’t a lot of cells down there and most of them don’t seem built for long-term holding, only Loki’s cell has any kind of furniture that we can see.  Is this because it’s more of a temporary holding place, but the wards there are stronger, and so they have to keep Loki there, instead of moving him elsewhere?  Is it because they generally hand over their prisoners to other worlds, where they’ve committed the crimes?  Does Asgard not have a lot of crime?  Do they generally execute them instead?

I know the real answer is probably, “they couldn’t cgi in furniture very well, so they just left every cell but Loki’s empty” but I tend to think that it might be that Asgard just doesn’t hold a lot of criminals, because they generally don’t have a lot of criminals to put in the cells.  Nobody attacks them because they’d generally get their asses handed to them (and probably would have here as well, if Loki hadn’t helped them) and they brought the Marauders here because there’s nowhere else to take them, they don’t seem to have a home world of their own and Vanaheim isn’t equipped to handle them.

I would like to think this is more like Asgard’s equivalent of your local drunk tank than federal prison, honestly.  But given the location of it, where it’s way deep inside of Asgard and you have to go down all those steps, and how strong those barriers are, it probably makes more sense that their regular jails are full with all the Marauders they’ve captured (because I don’t think this is everyone we saw on Vanaheim? it’s hard to tell, though, so I’m not really sure) and this is their maximum security wing, which generally doesn’t get a lot of use.

so I know that we’re all ecstatic and excited because the truest otp is finally canon and they’re flirty and it’s fluffy and it’s oh so wonderful. BUT, despite it being heavily implied and obvious and everything, neither of them have actually uttered the proverbial three little words yet. anyone else wondering how that’ll come about?

I’m hoping for a really casual fluffy domestic scene, in which they’re just being season 1-era fitzsimmons + kissing and flirting, and one of them (I’m thinking jemma) says or does something ridiculous or funny. and fitz just chuckles and goes “I love you.” and for a second he kind of freezes, and she does too, because they’re both realising the weight of those words and how ridiculous it is that they’ve never said it up till now, but then he just kinda shrugs and goes: “what? it’s not as if this is news to you.” and this radiant grin just spreads across jemma’s face and she gives him this tight hug and her cheeks hurt she’s smiling so much and she pulls away from the hug and goes: “I love you.” and then they kiss and it’s wonderful and we all cry.

your thoughts?

I can’t be the only person who’s heart feels super heavy not with sadness but with love when they see Draco or read scenes with Draco in them.
I can’t be the only who will never fully get over my hardcore crush on him even if it’s just there. In the back of my mind.
I can’t be the only one who knows that Draco may have made the wrong choices and he may have been able to stop them or maybe he couldn’t but despite that I love him as a character because he’s so much more complex then what you see of him.
I literally can’t be the only one who’s like dang Draco


AAAAAAAND here comes the rain. Fuck. Driving’s going to be REAL fun. :/


Okay, I am for real when I say that Funny Man is my favorite. I love him to death. Death, death, death. He’s just amazing… and OMGFUCKhot… and despite what a lot of people say, pretty damn funny. (Watch the Toxic Wobble interview he does with Charlie Scene, J3T and Danny. It’s fucking great. “Me freeeeaky…” XD )

I was tempted to post a picture of him mid-shenanigans, BUUUUUUT I like these ones better. He looks incredible in all of them - and not gonna lie, he kind of looks like Jason Segel, which is cool, because I love Jason Segel. That being said though, if there was ever a competition between them for who was better-looking, Funny Man would win by a fucking landslide. 

Out of all the pictures though, number three is my hands-down favorite. He’s so goddamn attractive. Just… GAH. I CAN’T EVEN. 

So: Talented? Yes. Awesome? Yes. Sexican? HELL yes. Very aptly put, by the way. :)

Thus concludes my fangirling of epic proportions over Funny Man. Yay! :D

anonymous asked:

So did Adam basically confirm Emma and Killian won't meet in the AU world when he went straight to talking about them in 6b instead of actually answering the question?

No, he didn’t confirm that at all. What I think he did confirm is that we won’t be seeing them meet before they go to hiatus. From filming spoilers, we know there was at least one scene filmed with Colin in this AU world (this is where the ‘older Killian’ rumors sprung from, which with all the other evidence seems to be what will be happening*). That was also when they were supposedly filming for 6x11, which is the first episode back from hiatus. Everything is pointing to the AU/wish world storyline carrying over to the second half of the season for the first episode. And THAT’S when Emma and Killian will meet up in that world. 

*The whole ‘he’s really really old’ rumor remains just that - all other indicators point to a 50/60 year old Killian.