i love them because of these scenes not despite them

When antis were saying how Robb and Talisa’s sex scene was hotter than Jon and Dany’s I completely disregarded it because all I remembered was Robb and Talisa lying on a bed kissing, but during the rewatch, I forgot about their first sex scene.

They showed their first kiss. The tearing off the clothes. Them damn near destroying everything in the room. Them winding up on the floor despite the bed being next to them. Ugh. Guys I love Boatsex, but D&D could’ve made it so much hotter than what it was.

They should’ve shown the first kiss.

Jon’s hair should’ve been undone.

Dany’s braids should’ve been undone.

Jon should’ve kissed Dany on the way inside, showed them making out, then showed him shutting the doir behind himself.

Most people weren’t saying that they needed more because they were being haters. It’s true. This was the most anticipated sex scene in 7 years and it wasn’t even longer than 40 seconds but they gave Grey Worm and Missandei more depth. Ugh.


i love drawing scenes, and in yowamushi pedal, i shall boldly declare my love for this adorable dorky climber duo who was brought together as rivals by the mountain god Lol. XD i love all the beautiful fanart posted in tumblr and of course the pixiv artists in japan no matter the pairings or groups, because i truly enjoyed yowamushi pedal n all mediums. I can’t wait to see more, despite the anime has finally ended for IH arc. 

I adore Sansaka, and these doodles of them helped me pull thr my current art block i am facing. Will post more doodles of them here in the future to get the ideas out and destress. And also, to share to all the sansaka fans here.  :)

Once again, congrats sakamichi-kun, for being the top racer in IH T/////T

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Maggie Sawyer ❤️❤️

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: Ooooo I don’t really know. I haven’t thought too much about the SuperCrew and their houses yet. My guess would be Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.
best quality: RIDE OR DIE
worst quality: A Latina actress should be playing a Latina character.
ship them with: Alex Danvers of course!
brotp them with: Hmmm. I guess Alex because they don’t really have her interact with anyone outside of Alex do they?
needs to stay away from: bullets. she’s not safe. I don’t care what they say.
misc. thoughts: While I might have issues with stuff involving the actress I love the character of Maggie. I think she’s a great supportive gf and Alex needs that and deserves that. I just hope they do something with her character outside of Alex and I’d love to see her interact more with the gang. The scene where she hugs Alex while Alex cries breaks my little heart.

Alex Danvers: (gonna do them together because I drew the picture together)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would hug and love
hogwarts house: Again, never really thought about it for a lot of the SuperCrew. Without too much in depth thought I’d say Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
best quality: Her love for her sister. ;-;
worst quality: despite being super smart sometimes she just sort of runs into danger head first.
ship them with: Maggie
brotp them with: Vasquez
needs to stay away from: Dad
misc. thoughts: I love Alex and Kara’s relationship so much. Any scene with them and their love for one another is just A+. I really hope the rest of this season gets its shit together and remembers that they’re the heart of the show.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 16 (FINAL)

It all ends the way it started. With grown men getting a beating from a tiny little woman, but this time around there’s two of them and the mobsters still run in fear and tears. Also, they were their babysitters.

Personally, I through-fully enjoyed the mobsters storyline from beginning to end, and it’s so like them to get conned and end up in embarrassment yet again. In their defense, they are like a phoenix that keeps on rising from the ashes, again and again. And despite their ways, they were kind of good guys once you got to know them and kept them in line.

Another incredibly funny storyline were the neighborhood kids, who I was sorry to not see at Bong-soon’s wedding, and just kept brining laugher with every scene they were at. Their journey was equally enjoyable as the mobsters, sometimes even more because theirs was a love story with their Noonim. And I love how they went to have a little talk with Min-hyuk to know more about his intentions with their boss. I love even more than he had no idea Bong-soon had this group of high-school kids patrolling the neighborhood too. HAHAHAHA!

Also, it was good that the show clarified that Mom didn’t use physical violence against Dad *that* time around. I still believe that the show didn’t portray this woman in the right way and that her journey wasn’t all that. She’s still the bully she was at 19, the only difference is that she doesn’t use her fists. Should I be applauding this? And I would have like for Dad to make an stand other than to leave the house, for example, how about a real talk between them? He was such an endearing, honest and good character thorough out the show that I grew to love him as I love our leads. He is precious. It gives me hope that the last scene between him and Mom was much more peaceful than usually when Gook-doo’s mom was involved.

Speaking for which, can we all agree that it’s time Ji-soo starts getting leading man roles? I enjoyed him as a second lead but I didn’t connect with his character more than I did today. Ji-soo it’s at his best when he has an actual emotional storyline to work with, and in this episode Gook-doo was earnest to a fault, which made me feel all he was feelings. I love that despite being heartbroken he put his friendship with Bong-soon before anything else, because that’s what truly mattered to him. It wasn’t about winning over the girl, but about keeping her in his life because the friendship they shared is that important to him.

I’m also happy awesome bro Bong-ki got some screen time too. This was such a good character, just like Dad, and I was sorry we didn’t get to see more of him. I also think his storyline with Hee-ji was a little rushed at the end. And it doesn’t seem like it because Bong-ki spent a lot of time healing broken bones (thanks to his sis) but this relationship was really put to a test: Gook-doo found out not only that he had been lying through out their entire lives by keeping Bong-soon’s secret but also that his girlfriend was attracted to his best friend. So I appreciate how their friendship remained strong even after everything they went through.

As for other characters like Secretary Gong and Mr. Oh, they were another great comedy act. Especially when they were together and I love how their bromance was born by getting to know each other better through their shared experiences with Bong-soon’s abilities. Pffft!

Finally, Min-kyuk really changed through the story: started as a lonely guy looking for protection from his own family and ending up as a man with a family to protect. He was smart, honest and assertive from day one, and not once he tried to change Bong-soon into something she wasn’t. The greatest attribute Min-hyuk had was that he never made Bong-soon feel that she had to hide from the world, what’s more he even encouraged and helped her to be more like her true self and come into her powers. He always tried to be there for his girl but was more than willing to be a proud onlooker when the time called for it and let Bong-soon do what she had to do.

Bong-soon’s journey was also something to witness. When we first met her she was hiding from the world, afraid of her powers and by extention herself. These abilities she was born with had made her an outcast despite her spunk and outgoing personality, she was confident but had insecurities. Some of them born out of crush and others from the idea society holds on how a woman should be and behave.

I liked how the show connected her personal life with the city’s problems, because in a way they are one and the same, by having her best friend being kidnapped by the resident psycho. It was a good move since she was already gaining the confidence to do more with her powers by watching the news, her interactions with the mobsters and the neighborhood’s kids and Min-hyuk, who knew from day one about her powers and didn’t rejected her. He thought she was sexy! All of these factors made Bong-soon want to become the heroine of her life (beyond a video game) and I really loved to see her grow into a truly strong woman ready to take on the world.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon wasn’t a perfect show but it was really entertaining and sweet, made me swoon and laugh out loud more than twice per episode, and I’m going to miss these characters and their shenanigans!!

PS: Did you guys catch how the Mobsters were shook at Mr. Oh’s resemble to their former associate -Gwan-bok- through the wedding photoshoot? LMAO!!

F. Scott Fitzgerald Just Doesn't Seem Real To Me.

I love his work. I admire him. I credit him (and a certain 11th grade teacher who assigned The Great Gatsby) with reviving my desire to be a writer.

But he lingers in the place of otherness to me. He doesn’t seem real.

When I watched Tom Hiddleston play him in Midnight in Paris, I was fascinated. I was drawn to the idea of seeing (even fictiously) a walking, talking F. Scott Fitzgerald. To hear a voice attached to him. To see eyes shining the way his probably did when he had one too many. But it still felt like a story, no matter how real I wanted this idea of Fitzgerald to be.

One day, goofing around on youtube, I found voice recordings of Fitzgerald’s. I listened to them over and over. His reading of Ode to a Nightingale makes me misty eyed to this day. But somehow the idea that that was his voice left me awestruck.

Now, with Z: The Beginning of Everything, I’m struck again. I didn’t think I’d enjoy this new actor- who is he to think he could live up to my F. Scott Fitzgerald? But he crushes it, though still in a way that makes me feel Fitzgerald is a figment of the world’s imagination.

That’s the funny thing about heroes and idols and inspirations- they always elude realness. They seem so mystical and fantastical that we can’t quite process them living in a world that liked them, hated them, caused them harm, embraced them. We can’t picture in our heads that our heroes might have done things they didn’t want to do. Personally, the scene in Z: The Beginning of Everything where Scott does a reading of This Side of Paradise blew my mind. I can’t imagine listening to him read his own words- or failing to do so.

But he did. And heroes do all those mundane things we dread daily. Because despite our love and admiration, they were/are people, too.

Grey’s Anatomy 14x04 Review

Let’s start with the nonessential, could have been left out, made me wish I could fast forward scenes commentary:

The New Interns

Wow, we spent several minutes looking at interns who were all there for comedic relief and would never be hired. There is not one intern who is being hired from the many the writers chose to show on-screen. So, waste of time. Also, not very funny either… Kind of repetitive considering old storylines (i.e.; Cristina interviewing candidates).

Richard and Catherine

Does Catherine enjoy being annoying? Like, she was doing more than teasing. It was insulting how she treated Richard. Yes, everyone has a past, but you don’t rub it in someone’s face to make them uncomfortable. And what was the point of their drama anyway? They had enough dinner drama without the “former lover” angle.

Jackson and Maggie

I think they could have a strong brother/sister bond. I mean, Maggie defended Jackson and he appreciated that. She was a buffer and an ally, something he’s been lacking lately. I am glad, though, that the writers shut down Jaggie as a romantic entity through Catherine’s brother/sister comment. They cannot and should not be dating. It’s too weird and uncomfortable. Also, Japril all the way. In fact, I think he was attracted or intrigued by Maggie’s rambling at the dinner because it is an April-trait. I don’t think the realization was conscious, but rather he saw in Maggie what he missed with April. 


I actually rather enjoyed her scenes. I am glad she returned to church, both alone and with Harriet, because her religion is important to her.  Between praying this episode and talking to Jackson last episode, she is growing into herself and finding herself post-baby (both babies). She is learning to stand up for what she needs and that is essential. Her character is worth so much more than heartbreak and being pushed around.


Is it bad that I don’t really like the script version of Megan? I mean, first, no matter how nicely you were treated, you were still a captive. You were still harmed and kept hostage. You were cut off from your family and life is not the same from one country to the next. How can you come back near-normal? And why did she forgive Nathan so easily? Where was the doubt, the insecurity, the anger, the hurt? Besides that, she’s also very abrupt and rather mean. I don’t even say this just in terms of Amelia, but also most of people she comes into contact with. She’s short with Owen, impatient, angry, and basically calls him an idiot for marrying his wife who she barely knows. She gangs up on him, bringing Teddy and Evelyn into it. She doesn’t like Amelia or the doctors. She’s yelling at everyone. I guess, for the most part, it’s how she treats Owen that bothers me the most. I just don’t like her personality.

I am glad she gets to have her child by her side (who is, by all accounts, adorable), but it doesn’t excuse her in my eyes. Like Meredith, she is self-centered and angry. She hurts those who love her and never apologizes. Both women have good moments; however, they are not fully redeemed in my eyes and I doubt they ever will be. Your pain and suffering does not give you a free pass to be an asshole.

Nathan, Meredith, and Megan

This needs to stop. How many times can the writers write this back and forth of who he loves. It is basically the same sentence repeated over and over again with no resolution. I don’t care who ends up with who. In all honesty, Meredith is looking up at the ceiling remembering Derek and Megan just wants her kid so Nathan doesn’t even have to factor into the equation. The writers need to put an end to this poorly-written love triangle and make a decision already. Seriously, put us out of our misery and stop wasting valuable screen-time.

Now, for the fun part. What we’ve all been waiting for…and pretty much the only two things I was watching for 🤣


Amelia is my favorite character of all time. I don’t think that’s much of a secret. As much as I hate that she had to deal with another obstacle, it let me breathe freely knowing her actions last season were influenced by the tumor. It made me confident in my love for her character and integrity. She is so much more than last season and so much more than a tumor. She is amazing. I am hoping, like in this episode, her recovery includes more talk of LA and her Private Practice life. Not only do I love PP Amelia (and hope to see more of her on-screen), but it makes her who she is. More people need to see that. Meredith needs to see that. Megan needs to see that. Owen’s seen some of it, but we need on-screen scenes and deep conversations about her past. We need more. I think this is the opportunity to do it.

I did like the humor mixed in with her post-surgery complications; it gave a little lightheartedness. I mean, now we know she speaks French and German. I appreciate how many people stayed with her and rotated in and out. It shows how many people love her. Her emotional and pain-filled scenes made my soul ache, but it was necessary. One, it shows that she is still fighting. Two, it further proves Caterina’s amazing talent as an actress.

One of my favorite scenes was when she hugged DeLuca. It is true, everything he said, and it put things in perspective for Amelia and the audience. She has been living a life with a tumor pressing on her frontal lobe. When something is removed, whether it be physical like a tumor or mental like an eating disorder, normal life feels abnormal. You feel like you are missing something or are “wrong,” when in fact you are getting accustomed to being healthy and strong. It was a turning point for her and for people who may have been confused about Amelia’s behavior and reactions up until now.

Owen and Amelia

I am disappointed that Owen and Amelia did not have more screen-time, particularly when Amelia woke up. However, I understand it. Owen and Amelia deal with their emotions rather similarly–they run, whether it be through drugs, going on another tour, leaving the state, or focusing on work/other worldly happenings. Owen was terrified that Amelia would die or come out of surgery a completely different person. He was terrified she wouldn’t love him anymore. And, yes, I know he was planning to cut the ties before he found out about the tumor, but it’s one thing to walk away before getting even more hurt and another to find out the truth. Like Owen said back in Season 12, he was relieved that the plane crash happened because he and Cristina could stay frozen in time. I think he felt the same way about leaving Amelia–he was leaving her before she chose to leave him. And, the truth is, he has always loved her–he has never stopped. That thought was just too painful for him to bear.

Throughout the entire episode, I was waiting for a scene with them and we finally got it. He was prepping for her to come home, stocking all her favorite foods (because he knows her so well) and getting her things together. He wanted her to come home. I was disappointed that Amelia wanted to stay with her sisters, but soon enough it came to light why. She was scared and upset and feeling utterly horrible and guilty. Those emotions, her repentance toward her actions despite them being influence by the tumor, shows just how much the tumor had taken over. She never wanted to hurt him. And, yes, she has to take some responsibility, but that’s not the real her. She didn’t want to go to her home with Owen, not because she doesn’t love him, but because she loves him so much that she doesn’t want to hold him back. She wants to set him free. True love is doing what is best for the other person even if it may hurt you. It’s putting them first.

What I love is that Owen was hearing none of it. He loves her in sickness and in health. He knows that they have hurt each other and yet there is still time to fight. He is not giving up hope yet. He wanted her to come home. His hand holding, his speech, his posture, him stocking the fridge, all of these things point to him loving her and wanting to keep her close. 

I really thought it would end on that cliffhanger but kept my fingers crossed for more and, luckily, we got another scene. That simple scene, with Amelia looking out at the rain and Owen driving them home, reassured and affirmed the hope I’ve held for them. (Did you see Owen looking at her and her smiling while the speech overlay spoke about trusting that we got it right? I can’t stop watching the tender beauty in that scene.) It is symbolic, in a sense, they are moving toward a new life together, on a new foundation, but with the same love. The rain is coming down softer now and it will clear. It is not forever. And the two of them? They are on this journey together, forever and always.

So I’m seeing that some people aren’t completely happy with the reunion scene, but like…that was beautiful?? The way they comfort each other and they’re just together and don’t need to say anything and Jemma showing Fitz that she still loves him and him thinking he doesn’t deserve even though he ONLY HAS ROOM IN HIS HEART FOR JEMMA BECAUSE SHE OWNS IT AND ALWAYS HAS and just… Like yeah, okay, in my hopes and dreams there were hugs and epic kisses but really, this was so much more realistic after everything they’ve been through. They need to heal, and this is them taking that first step toward that together, despite everything they’ve been through and I just… I dunno, I just really loved it okay? 

Also can we talk about how freaking amazing Iain and Liz are in scenes when there aren’t even words like??? Honestly I’m in awe of them (like always).

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Reasons why you ship rivetra?? :)

What a loaded question!

Let’s see…

I should probably start off with the fact that Rivetra is what got me into SnK. I was late to the fandom, having joined just when the Dub was being released. Matt Mercer had voiced a character in a game I had just played and I loved his voice so I wanted to find more of him. I saw he was going to voice Levi and idk, I looked up Levi, read his wiki page, saw the mentions of Petra, clicked Petra, read hers, and immediately shipped them. 

Like I hadn’t watched the series, I knew next to nothing about it or the characters, and the fact that I shipped them from two wiki articles clearly says a lot. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Their interactions that readers/viewers witness are limited to a handful of (wonderful) scenes, but despite this, despite the limit, even these scenes stick out to me and show that there was more to them than what was on the surface.I mean, I have a knack for reading super deep into things and word of god does state that between the panels of the manga, Levi does think Petra is cute, and while that may be looked at as just attraction, it’s honestly more than enough to prove my point that there’s more than meets the eye. 

A lot of my reasons are also based on the anime, and while a lot of people argue the scenes in the anime versus the manga, you have to keep in mind that Isayama was involved with the anime, and I just read about how with the upcoming second season, he is also not only involved, but allowing for more filler scenes to be included that he wasn’t able to include in the manga. So to try and debunk any arguments based on the anime because those particular scenes weren’t in the manga is kind of redundant tbh. 

But rather than make this a post proving why Rivetra is a thing, and with all the available arguments in favor of them in mind, the short answer is that I really, truly love them. I love their characters and I love them together.

I think despite Levi’s social ineptness, he and Petra really seem to go well together. I mean, whether their relationship has platonic or romantic undertones, you cannot deny the fact that they were closer than a typical Captain/subordinate relationship. 

She cares for him, and that’s very clear, from her talk with Eren about him to consoling him during his frustration at Eren’s lack of transformation to worriedly demanding he step away from a partially transformed Eren and even to the letter she sends her father (regardless of what translation you prefer to listen to.) She respects him, yes, but she does care for him, and as does he. He listens to her, he asks her for reassurance when comforting a dying soldier. And you absolutely cannot deny the visible heartbreak of finding her body, of taking her patch from her, of watching her body fall from the horse cart, of surrendering her patch to another soldier, and of course his meeting with her father. 

And it’s this that I’m able to see between the panels, between the animation sequences, of what their relationship was, of what it could have been. It’s this dynamic that I love, of a stoic warrior and a kindhearted soldier, of a love that could have been, and just how wondrous it would have been. 

For a bit of a less serious but equally important reason just look at them okay, they’re the perfect size for each other and together are just super aesthetically pleasing. 

Tiny grumpy and tiny happy. 

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how ready are u to die about mattelektra next month? they're honestly going to destroy us, we're gonna get elektra feeling rlly confused and lost still affected my her love for matt but not understanding, gonna get matt probably having to hold his teammates back/beg them not to hurt or kill elektra, despite her being the hands greatest weapon. imma cry

LISTEN, I’ve been ready to die since they announced she was going to be in Defenders. Like, I’ve actually been a zombie this whole time, just walking around and killing time until Aug 18, lol. Did you catch the scenes in the 2nd trailer where Matt is fighting Jessica and Danny?? 


Seriously though, I feel like I’m going to need to watch this season with a Mattelektra support group. Anyone wanna join me?

Abemiha week day 6:

Crossover - verb. The act of taking two typically unrelated series’ characters and having them interact; taking character(s) from one fandom, and translating them into another series’ setting with typically little to no basis for doing so

“But I have infinite tenderness for you. I always will. My whole life.” -Blue Is The Warmest Color

His Dark Materials Crossover!

The basics:

Mihashi from our world, knife bearer, barn owl daemon(female)

Abe from Lyras world, can read the alethiometer, badger daemon (male)

LONG rant under cut! Like seriously. It’s the story basics.

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To me BTS is just more than a boy group. My life has never really had a bright point, I’m not pretty athletic, smart, and I’m fat and hairy. My life has been filled with bullying from peers and my parents. So when I found BTS they became a light to me. Just when I’m ready to give up they always bring me back, put a smile on my face when I really don’t see a point in living. Theses 7 boys who struggled to make it to where they are now, and continue to work hard with smiles on their faces really are an inspiration. Without BTS I think my life would be even sadder, maybe even ended. Sure it hurts to know that despite how strongly I feel for them I will never meet them, due to my family being quite poor, but I still care for them. I’m proud to be an ARMY because to stand a group like BTS means to have another family, one that’s way more supportive than my own. I hope one day to meet the boys to tell them how they save me but unfortunately I will never get the chance. Despite that I still love them even though they will never know me.

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Everybody keeps calling them unhealty. (What does it mean?) ive seen so many couples coodepedent, verbally abusing, staying in a relasionship not to be alone, they are not in love but they care about each other, they cheat and forgive. The lie and forgive. I mean its not surealism. But in terms of the soap itself every couple n character in there are messed up, toxic and abusive arent they?

Well to be honest I think Aaron and Robert do have a very unhealthy relationship if we’re judging them as real people, but you are right that this is soap and that it’s a bit different in that medium. Soap is all about the drama so you do get these huge storylines which wouldn’t happen in real life and make things messy. I mean just to start with, they covered up a death together, which isn’t exactly a solid starting point for any relationship! Most couples don’t actually have to deal with a hurdle like that! And then the writers decided to turn Robert full-on villain and then redeem him again. In real life if someone has been a ‘villain’ it’s not so easy to just start again with them and put aside what they’ve done, but because it’s soap, he gets shot, changes, and had a redemption storyline. As a viewer of soap, we accept this. But like I said, if they were real people it wouldn’t be that simple. Soaps take everything and ramp it up to the most dramatic it can possibly be. I think most of us watching understand that, and it’s why we don’t permanently hate every character in the show! Because most of them have done something terrible at one point. I mean Aaron, who is a fan favourite (and my absolute favourite and son), has done some dreadful things in his past. Just off the top of my head I can think of the warehouse robbery with Ross where he knocked out a completely innocent man that worked there so they wouldn’t get caught. And the fact he attacked Kasim is also HUGE. Or it would be in real life. But again, it’s British soap. We accept it. Realistically most soap characters should probably be in prison by now. 

This is why, although I entirely understand people who hate Robert, I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking myself. If he was real, then yes. But he’s a (sometimes) soap villain in the midst of an attempted redemption arc. Viewing him as you would a real person just doesn’t work. It doesn’t work for most soap characters. That’s why British soap is so unique and why I like it so much. It takes you to extremes, but at the same time tries to deal with the emotional fall-out in a semi-realistic way. It’s fascinating as a medium. 

This is part of why I still like them as a couple. Because yes, if you take them as they are and look at them like they are real people, it’s sooooo toxic. And the history there is enough to make you want to get them away from each other. Aaron has a terrible temper and so many unresolved issues, Robert is a master manipulator with a frankly shocking history. They don’t communicate properly (most of the time, although it’s looking better recently) and the stakes are always super high. BUT when you look at it within the context of British soap, it’s true that it’s hard to find any character, let alone a couple, which doesn’t have similar problems. Look at Cain and Moria, for example, which is a big fan favourite. If they were real people, I doubt they’d be rooted for as a couple, but viewers understand that it is soap and so they have a lot of support. There are people out there who like Debbie and Ross together (I hate it, personally. I’m all about Debbie and Rebecca), but Ross has literally shot a man in cold blood. It was a pre-meditated hit for cash. In real life would you want anyone to date him? Noooooo. You would want him in prison. But in soap, again, it’s different. (The same goes for the other big British soaps as well. I can think of so many examples of couples which would be regarded as toxic and even abusive if read in a real-world context.)

Rooting for relationships in soap is different from most mediums, because it’s more about the chemistry and emotional connection than anything healthy. Because it can get so ridiculous and fantastical (one day they’ll write a comedy ep, next it’s a whodunnit), it’s more about that connection between characters and who works well on screen together. It’s about who compels you and you want to see sharing scenes. This is why I think Robron are so popular. It’s not (as many would say) because people believe they are healthy and the perfect blueprint for a happy couple. It’s because they provide huge drama while somehow managing to maintain that connection and a very realistic sense of loving each other. That’s hard to achieve in soap, but somehow they’ve done it. Through all the dramatic storylines there’s been this constant, believable affection between the characters. It’s like they’re tied to each other. So despite the weirdness around them, you put them in a scene together where it’s just the two of them, and suddenly you have realism, because it feels like watching a real couple. I’ve honestly not seen anything like it in soap before and I have no idea how they’ve managed to create something like that in the medium of British soap. 

Part of the appeal of Robron for me is that they are two very damaged people. They both have BPD (imo, as someone who has that myself). They are capable or bringing out the absolute best and the hellish worst in each other. You never know if they’ll make it or not either, even though you want them to, because the mixture of their personalities could make them perfect together or a toxic mess. As a team they are unstoppable. Apart they are broken. And these are two huge Emmerdale characters with history (especially Robert). They’ve not been written for each other. It doesn’t feel forced. They just click. Those two established personalities provide some of the best interaction and chemistry in soap. Emmerdale struck so lucky there. I genuinely think it was an accident as well. They accidentally stumbled upon gold with their characters and actors, and they don’t even know what to do with it sometimes (hence the strange writing decisions which happen from time to time). Because they’re trying to fit a couple worthy of Wuthering Heights or some other huge, messy, dramatic, gothic romance, into a soap format. 

When I say they’re unhealthy I mean that if they were real, I would encourage them to stay away from each other. But because they exist in soap, I see past it. I agree with those who say the relationship is toxic by non-soap standards. They are absolutely right. But this is soap. This is the medium they exist in (which is often unfortunate). I think we have to accept that things will be extra dramatic and extra terrible but also extra brilliant as the storyline requires. If you want to see healthy couples in realistic domestic situations, then I’d say British soap isn’t the best place to look for that. (Unfortunately).  

Powerful Moments in Civil War

After seeing Civil War, I’d like to discuss what I believe were some of the most powerful and pivotal moments in the movie. Don’t read this if you haven’t seen the movie yet:

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You saw the 9/11 plane before it crashed? I am terrified of planes despite it being the safest transportation and that's because of the videos and scenes etc I see on TV or YouTube. My heart breaks for them and I just try to cut that incident out from my mind because thinking about the people, real people who could've easily been our loved ones, being burned, crushed, and suffocated to death without them able to do anything breaks my soul.

No. I didn’t see it. I heard it go over my head. 

My classroom was on 14th street, which is about a mile north of The World Trade Center. It was the beginning of the day, and I had my class doing their journal writing, which was the first 15 minutes of every class. So it was quiet in the room. I allowed kids to listen to their headphones while they were writing also.

So we’re sitting here in this quiet room writing and all of a sudden, I hear this sound go over us. It was like a small plane flying very close… or that’s what I thought it was, but 14th street is not over any flight paths and no small plane should be flying over us.

I looked up at this strange sound to see if anyone else had heard it and all the students were still writing except for one kid, Jason, who caught my eye with the same confused look I probably had on my face. Then the sound faded and we went back to work. 

This is the only reason I know I didn’t make it up. Because Jason heard it too, and he mentioned it on FB years later, so it was confirmed, after the fact that we heard it.

I’m a little more nervous on planes now, but not much. I do start getting claustrophobia if i’m on a train in a tunnel and it stops, though. Because when the buildings collapsed, they were evacuating people in trains into new jersey and the tunnel flooded. That’s a rumor, but I knew someone who was working army reserves at ground zero and he was telling us what he could and when we asked him that he refused to confirm or deny it. So whether it’s true or not, it made it very hard for me to handle getting stuck in a tunnel. Unfortunately, the train I took every day had the longest tunnel in the whole MTA system. It didn’t get stuck often but when it did… ugh.

One of the things that was most difficult after 9/11 was to walk around down town manhattan and see all the “missing” flyers. Of all the people looking for their loved ones who were lost. 

Oh, ugh. And I was friends with a nurse who worked in a hospital downtown and we took her out in my brooklyn neighborhood to get a break from it all, and she broke down on the street, not because of all the victims she had to care for, but because she was waiting to care for the victims, and THEY NEVER CAME. No one could help. They just died. 

You know? It’s a lot. Any way you look at it, it was full of tragedy. It’s really hard to comprehend it, and it’s okay to compartmentalize it and look at it piece by piece. Or put away parts of it that are hard to deal with. Let me tell you something I’ve learned. You CANNOT take on every tragedy and every injustice. You’ll burn out. You’ll collapse. It’s okay to let go of things or look at them from a distance. Talking about it to you right now, it’s easier for me to share these little details than it is to think about all the lives lost… which i was thinking about in those days, but which don’t affect me personally.

9/11 changed a lot of things and a lot of people, even people who didn’t experience it directly. I experienced it second hand, from a mile away. And yet, it was so large, I did have first hand experiences that, while not affecting me physically, affected me emotionally and psychologically and continue to to this day. 


i couldn’t resist so have a shitpost version of grouptale au. this is probably not what happened but nobody’s put up any story that i’ve seen yet so i’m taking liberties. how does an entire squad of children fall into mt. ebott? did they take a field trip despite knowing the danger? who knows, one of them probably wanted to jump and it turned into a whole scene of everyone trying to save everyone and they ended up downstairs.

feat. @the-humerus-skeleton‘s aqua soul because i love them

You know they’ve managed to make Robert way more sympathetic throughout this storyline, despite turning him into a scheming villain wrecking the family of his unborn child, than I ever thought they would. But I still have a hard time seeing them actually allowing Robert to have real feelings about this baby. Like if they finally take a turn in the narrative to allow him to come around to the baby, either because it’s going to be born and he’s going to have to love it eventually or because he needs to love it before he loses it. I just can’t see them  allowing him to finally have the type of scenes that would show that he cares, that could see him dealing with the realities of being a father, that could touch more on Jack and all of that emotional baggage. Sometimes it seems like they only ever allow Robert to have feelings about Aaron and by extension Liv and sometimes about his own family, but I question whether they would let that extend to this baby. I don’t know, maybe it’s because no one has been allowed to have feelings over this baby in this story, unless it’s fake or hatred. 

Even Rebecca only got to say “I think I love it” once when she was deciding whether or not to keep it. 

Sigh…I don’t know. I’m just counting down the days until she has to give birth or it gets really unrealistic, and then maybe I can finally understand the point of this story, or at least the endgame, or at least it will finally move forward somewhat into new territory. 

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That last paragraph about how we don't give a fuck anymore after laurel died YASSSSSSSSS. We stayed in our lane and defended our fave and look what it got us. They also thought LL fans couldn't drag them to hell and back because we used to just ignore them but nope, not anymore.

I think the thing that really frustrates me is this:

I was first introduced to the DC universe when I was 9 years old via the Teen Titans & JLU animated shows. I began reading Teen Titans comics at the age of 13/14 and fell in love with Roy Harper, which led to reading more Black Canary, and now the two of them are my favourite comic characters.

I went into Arrow with an open mind. I was annoyed by a lot of the things they did but brushed it off as “creative liberty”.

I didn’t ship Laurel and Oliver after the first season because of how badly he treated her, but my love for the comic characters - and particularly the GA/BC relationship from the cartoon that was my first exposure to them - had me still hope for a better dynamic between them in the show. I loved the scene in S2 where they said they couldn’t be together but “I still need you in my life” / “we’ve been through too much together for it to be any other way”. Because even though I didnt want them together romantically, I still wanted some exploration into their history and how pivotal they both were in each other’s lives regardless of the nature of the relationship.

Laurel’s character development was the best in the show and worth following despite all the other shit it was surrounded by. Her relationship with Thea was my absolute favourite part, Thea was clearly an “uber speedy” retaining storylines and characteristics from both Roy Harper and Mia Dearden from the comics. The dynamic between the two of them was so comic reminiscent and I love them both.

Even as Laurel’s screentime began to diminish and even as they continued to disrespect her, every hardship she faced seemed to push her further with the same kind of development that had me hooked on her in the first place. It wasn’t until S4 started that her screentime diminished and she was forgotten in the plot and received no further development (comparitively to prior seasons). But even then I gave Arrow the benefit of the doubt, i figured “every show has a lull season and a low point midway before it picks itself back up” and “maybe this plot is just something they don’t know how to incorporate her into, when this story ends it’ll be fine”.

I never, ever, for a single second thought they would kill her. Killing Dinah Laurel Lance on a Green Arrow show is literally so far beyond the realm of anything that should realistically happen, and anyone who has any ounce of respect for their source material and the work of those who came before them (that made the show possible) would never even try it.

So when it actually happened, I literally felt so much righteous fury and felt like a fool for all of the times I sat through their bullshit writing and questionable creative/narrative choices. It was never gonna “pick back up”. It was never “just a lull point”. It had been running itself into the ground, and I was too loyal to these characters and too hopeful to see the dynamics I have loved since I was a child, that I didn’t see it coming.

Oliciters like to say “no one cared about Laurel until she died” and “Laurel fans are fake and never stanned her” but that is undoubtedly false. People have always loved Laurel. Nobody felt the need to big her up constantly and bombard the staff because we truly believed she was safe and there for the duration because killing her is literally a fucking stupid idea that goes against their source material in the biggest, most disrespectful way. And now her fans realize how far this show has fallen and we’re rightfully fucking angry and we do not give a fuck who knows.

If there’s one thing I love, it’s when Rob shares ANY scene with The Kings.

Nobody can tell me that Rob doesn’t secretly love them. He’s appalled by them and they drive him a bit nuts because they’re generally massively embarrassing and weirdly always half naked…

But he LIKES them despite himself. They’re mates. Yeah, Rob calls Jimmy a loser and complains about spending hours with him in the portacabin and Nicola is uber bossy and puts Rob in his place but there’s an affection there, I KNOW IT.

I like to think that Rob looks at them and in a quiet secret part of his mind is a little envious. Jimmy is Nicola’s idiot, they’re funny and accepting of each other. They’re warm and ridiculous and yet scathing and both still hold down great jobs.

Rob would never ever admit it but I think a part of him holds a lot of affection for them and wants a little of what they have. Sad thing is, it is so possible for him and I like to think one day he’ll get it. That he’ll be someone’s idiot.