i love them and miss them so much

shoutout to my #1 team the boston bruins for an amazing season! while i’m extremely sad that it’s over, i’m so proud of what these boys accomplished. this team was so resilient and never quit no matter the situation. while they got screwed over by the refs basically every game this series, they still managed to come back and fight hard. i love all those guys and i’m going to miss them so much. the future is bright for this group of boys and i can’t wait to see them again next fall💛

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I saw an ask about the lodge scenes. Why the fuck they didnt show us an honest conversation between aaron and robert as a couple now talking about why they did what they did ,said what they said, how they felt. Seriously sometimes the writers dont exploit the jems ,their powerful scene,, quotes, stories of the past and they waste them. They could create so funny, heartbreaking, loving scenes

Yes to all of this. I actually just had a chat with my friend @godamnarmsrace about this. They don’t need to create new drama for them, they already have so much drama in their history that would make good drama now.

I woudl have loved an honest conversation between the two about the lodge and abotu the scrapyard scene and about all the other stuff that went down.


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  • lockscreen: one of my favorite quotes, it’s my lockscreen so that whenever i turn on my phone i’m reminded that things always get better
  • homescreen: another quote i live by, that i’m reminded of daily
  • most recent song: I Found by Amber One, currently my favorite song. i just love how mellow it is and the lyrics are beautiful
  • most recent selfie: low quality selfie of me getting ready to spend the morning with two of my favorite girls (i babysit them a lot whenever i’m home from school)
  • bonus: the cuties i got to hang out with at the farm 💕💕 (funny story: i went back to their house the next day because they missed coloring with me. i love them so freaking much aahhh)

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Its been almost half a year since my last relationship and I've become very good friends with a nonbianary person who has a very large crush on me.Unfortunately I don't reciprocate those feelings for them, but I do miss being in a relationship quite a bit.I know there isn't much you can respond with,but the nb person is my only friend right now and I just wanted to get it off my chest that I wish that felt the same for them and feel alone because platonic love never makes me feel good enough.

I’m so sorry ):

Damn, the next reSWAN bit is done already, so I get to leave it for like two weeks before going to pick though it, and the one after that has an astonishing amount already written too!  I keep being an anxious mess thinking ‘oh no, I’m going to miss the deadline!’ but I’m really ahead of schedule for two months if anything!   After these two is the last one in July and it’s collecting threads, making decisions and getting everyone settled enough to be wrecked again the next time I start writing about them, haha.  

I love them more the more I wreck them, I think.  

Still, I’m just really proud of myself for doing this so long and so consistently!  It’s been a bit at the expense of some other things because I only have so much energy, so I haven’t done as many traditional paintings as I would have wanted, but I’ve never sustained a writing project this long.  It’s important to me that when I finish it’ll be a year of monthly updates, but it’ll also be a version of the story that is better and more ME and removes everything that was done to please others and will still be the group of weirdos I fell so in love with a dozen years ago.  

I’m looking forward to continuing the process of removing the old one from easy circulation.  I think even what I’ve done so far - removing reSWAN from a ‘series’ with the other ones, and making the others only visible if you’re logged in - has increased the number of people seeing it blind and being willing to give it a shot.  

For those concerned about such things, I suppose, the plan is to remove the original SWAN/ISH from AO3 entirely.  I’ve already removed the links to them from my website, though some digging will still produce the original at the moment.   The only place it will be staying is FF.N, mostly because there’s a ton of reviews and views and things that would be harder to save than the few on AO3, and FF.N just has a kind of vibe to it that’s like ‘don’t expect too much here’. There’s also just so much there to untangle to even use the interface, so making that much of a fuss to delete it isn’t worth that much.   I do hope to be able to sneak in and edit some part of it to link to reSWAN instead to tempt new people away, but it will languish there for nostalgia time or something.  

Maybe this is what I should be using the journal for, I have no idea.   

SFSJDKFJSGD LONG TIME NO KLANCE or actually art in general ahah well…

I wanted to practice bgs and i wanted to draw klance so i tried to hit two birds in one stone since my time for drawing is super fucking limited akjsdfas. Hope you guys like it! <3<3

me when i fuck up my whole life and then hope no one notices

do you know in the darkest hour part 2 when lancelot and merlin went back to the knights and arthur but lancelot walked in first solely to give arthur a panic attack that merlin was dead, only to have merlin walked up five seconds later?? what assholes. what honest to god jerks. i love it. they literally planned that out. they stood outside that ruined castle, about to walk in together, but then one of them was like “wait wait wait, hang on. dude. i got an idea. everyone will go crazy.” and i am willing to bet all the money i have on this earth that it was lancelot’s idea