i love them alllllllll


castle….[star wars ladies]

by imperialimpala (aka me)


every rwby villain ship



Willem the Wicked *drool* a.k.a Willem’ CGs.

CG1: After Willem saves you from being sold and you finally relax, which makes your emotions pour out and he comforts you. Contender for favourite CG

CG2: A kiss on the hand is a vow. I believe he promised to take you to his rose garden again. Contender for favourite CG

CG3: When Hotaka walked you home because you had the intention of confronting Willem about what you’ve heard. And Willem grabs you and tells Hotaka to keep out of both your affairs. He also asks you if you’ll trust him or them. Contender for favourite CG

CG4: Hotaka 😍, Sion and Aoi. Aoi has just killed Chidori’s murderer, Satake. So much hotness in one photo.

CG5: Really really like this CG of Soji and the MC cooperating to kill Tori. It looks really good. Contender for favourite CG

CG6: When you and Willem are about to be parted and he kisses you for a long, long time. This was before you found about Kin’s plan. Contender for favourite CG

Sweet Ending CG: Happy in Holland with Willem. About to engage in some fun activities, see the headboard behind you both? He teases you about getting used to Western underwear *chokes* Contender for favourite C - GAH I LOVE THEM ALL.

Happy Ending CG: To be continued