i love them all so much i cant wait to watch them eat each others hearts

Exo’s reaction to you flinching during an argument

Request:  hi i was hoping i could get exo’s and got7’s reactions to their s/o flinching during a fight due to a rather unpleasant past relationship?? (they thought they were gonna get hurt) (also i hope this doesn’t break the rules for requests!!)

*TRIGGER WARNING: Harmful Past relationship. Exo in no way harm you. 


This was your first real argument after he came back from tour in Hong Kong and you were beginning to doubt if you could handle his absence for so long. “Minseok, I come back to an empty house, empty bed, for months. You have the boys, the fans.” Minseok subconsciously steps towards you, his voice rising momentarily before you flinch quickly. He would freeze and feel his heart break, all arguments forgotten as he cautiously opens his arms for you. You’d run into his hug immediately and feel his hands soothingly rubbing your back, kissing the side of your head. Hours would pass as you both sat down and talked it out, past and future, promising to be there for each other. 

“Not all my relationships were as happy and loving as you Minseok…but I do love you”

“I would Never touch you like that. Ever.

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Junmyeon would come back to you after a very hard day of almost everything going wrong at SM. As he walked in late you jokingly complained “Junmyeon I can’t believe you made me wait longer for dinner” and he looked up at you frustrated, snapping “Look if I’m really that much of a burden, you should eat alone” before shame crashed through him at his words and your small step back. Junmyeon would immediately slowly approach you, hands up as his eyes filled, sighing in relief when you tucked your head into the crook of his neck and breathing your scent shakily in. He’d apologise in the softest voice, explaining his troublesome day but not excusing his treatment of you before you’d frame his face, showing your forgiveness.

“Junmyeon, you are not a burden. To me or anyone.”

“I’m so sorry jagi, I shouldn’t have snapped, I appreciate you completely.”

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Yixing and you rarely argued as you both trusted each other’s decisions and choices however it was the last straw for you when Yixing yet again pushed himself impossibly far and fainted. You’d plead with him “Baobei, please have a break, lighten your load! I cant take watching you get weaker!” but all Yixing could think of was the expectations of all those who supported him and his own determination. He would gesture to the side emotively as he argued back watching your eyes flicker to his hand and close. Sorrow filled him at your past, rushing to gather you up against his warm chest as his familiar voice calmly soothed and comforted you. Sitting you down and brushing your tears away, he swore he would watch his health.

“I never want you to feel like that again y/n. I will always be here for you.”

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Baekhyun being the cheerful, playful man he is would rarely have reason to argue with you but he can’t always be happy. It would be a day where he wakes up tired, too tired to put that warm smile on his face and you’d be aware of the sudden shift. Being 6 month into this relationship you’d be clueless on how to help, trying to make him laugh or cuddle him which would only cause him to groan “Can you just leave me alone for now.” as he began to push you aside with his long hands, making you curl into yourself. His usually bright eyes would widen at the sight and he would tentatively stroke over your back, speaking in hushed tones to relax you. He’d hold you on his lap for a long time as both of you find quiet contentment in one another.

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Jongdae is the member who always looks out for the others, and tries to look after them to his best ability. Walking in on a brewing argument between Jongdae and Junmyeon, you’d quickly step forward to break it up before something was said that would escalate the situation. Jongdae would shake your hand off his broad shoulder, frustrated and trying to get across how he felt a little taken for granted before Junmyeon took him by the shoulders to turn him towards you, looking down with your shoulders shaking. Junmyeon would quietly leave as Jongdae would realise how he had taken you for granted, repeating all the things he loved about you as he held your hands, smiling that unique grin that made your heart melt.

“I’m an idiot jagya, You’re always just trying to help. Thank you.” 

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You hadn’t meant to delete the track. Chanyeol always let you mess around and compose your own songs on his laptop, almost communicating with each other through music. Your finger had slipped and when Chanyeol came home and found out, he groaned loudly into his hands and berated you. When you told him what track it was, he stood up fast “The title track. You deleted the title track.”. You knew he hadn’t meant to but his height, usually endearing and clumsy, was intimidating when standing so fast, reminding you of your past. Lowering your head with your hands clenched you would feel his arms envelop you; murmuring into your hair how he’d just make another, that maybe you’d like help compose it.

“Please don’t feel intimidated jagiya, Let’d have some hot chocolate, then we can start our song.”

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Kyungsoo is another who wouldn’t argue often, being very self aware and introspective. However when he told you of the news of his new romantic drama and the possibility of a heated scene, you were happy for him but couldn’t help that insecurity that welled up. You’d quietly say “Please don’t… what if she’s perfect for you”.Kyungsoo would bring his large hand up to bring you into him to reassure you but seeing you back away quickly at his hand cause his face to fall, his heart to fill as he held up his hands to wait for when you were ready to be held by him. Seeing each other’s misunderstanding would bring you into a long hug, his hands smoothing down your waist gently. 

“You are the only one I’d imagine. I promise you that.”

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Jongin would be frustrated at how reluctant you were to go public. He would perfectly understand your cautiousness and apprehension but when he sat you down with a picnic and ask softly again you could only softly refuse. You’d feel awful but the thought of all the cameras, the invasion of privacy, you just couldn’t. Dragging his rich brown hair back in confusion, he replied sharply “It’s not about that, its about showing the world it’s you I love, in order for us to move forward!”. Hearing only his sharp tone, you’d drop your head, leaning away before his soft hands tilted your face gently up to look into his calm brown eyes, his small cheek dimple on display as he smiled reassuringly at you.

“Okay y/n we’ll do this on your time, I’ll wait with you.”

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This argument happened after Sehun noticed how much you liked to hang out with his hyungs. He trusted you and them completely, he knew how much you loved him just as you knew how much he loved him. The issue was that you would tease him about being younger, being the maknae with them. So today he would snap, angrily telling you “If i’m so young, such a baby, why’re you even here. I’m 23.” You’d avoid his eyes, immediately making yourself smaller. Sehun would instantly curse himself at his temper, sitting down and coaxing you to cuddle him on the sofa. You understood where his annoyance came from and promised him he was very much someone you respected and loved. 

“I mean, I admit I can be childish…but not all the time…”

“You’re the most loyal, caring and genuine man i know Sehun.”

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Admin C- I hope this is what you wanted Anonnie! ! It’s certainly more angsty but I feel all the members would be comforting in their own ways.  If you liked this please feel free to come request more.

Dating Bobby would include

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  • a lot of pet names like every pet name ever invented would be said to you one way or another 
  • babygirl, love, sweetheart, babe, baby, just everything that made your heart all tingly
  • would speak english to you constantly, i mean who wouldn’t love bobby speaking english
  • those friendship-kind-of-feel-skinship
  • the constant arm around your shoulders
  • and puts it around your head and putting you into a headlock
  • but then he chuckled when you’re not giving any restraint to his headlock bc he does this all the time
  • then he would put his head on top of yours and smell your hair 
  • he loveeesssss smelling your hair 
  • and would do it whenever he could i swear to god he would just smile whenever he smells it 
  • and whenever he’s sleeping over at your place he would borrow your shampoo
  • even buying the same one as yours and bring it on tour 
  • bc he said that it reminds him of you
  • wears those musky really masculine body wash and aftershave 
  • and he smells delishus
  • gives you all of his hoodies bc it smells like him 
  • and you’ll give it back to him when it’s starting to lose his smell
  • and he will take the hoodies back on tour because it smells like you
  • ok hold up. sorry but ok this is too intense for me
  • always holding your hand anywhere because he always walks faster than you and he would make you catch up to him
  • and a few pulling and tugging your arms just wait he’ll want to walk everywhere with you 
  • from night markets, malls, walking you to school, parks, everywhere just he’s very active okay 
  • he’s active, in bed 
  • all the food all the games?!! i mean its such a perfect date for bobby tbh
  • he would buy all this foods for you
  • and shoving them in your mouth first before devouring everything into his 
  • and would buy every single thing he sees bc he loves to eat and so does you
  • like both of you would just eat 24/7 
  • i feel like he would love his girl to eat just as well as he is 
  • so dont you order that fancy salad off the menu bc he just wont and cant have it 
  • and he would play those games and try to win the ridiculous prizes for you 
  • with his child like competitive side lets just imagine
  • and since u guys played all the time and bob is sooooo good at playing games (look at all the vapp guys hes  a downright ace) he would win a lot for you until your rooms will be FILLED with all the stuffs bobby won for you 
  • usually he will win you the really huge dolls, and when you play to win for him it will just be those really small trinkets (bc u suck) that bobby would keep in his room on top of his dresser 
  • and then eat again 
  • and again
  • always carrying tissues everywhere bc that boy cant eat properly to save his life 
  • and he would be whining when you wiped it off with a tissue and not with ur mouth!!!!!!!!!!! OMG
  • he would be so clingy and needy all the time tbh he would be so cute god help me 
  • mornings with bobby would go both ways
  • its either
  • lazy lazy mornings 
  • “babygirl staaayyyy in beeedddd”
  • “babe i want to sleep some more”
  • with that raspy voice?!@&?!
  • and pulls your body back straight to bed 
  • or 
  • he would be such an early bird waking up in the morning and cooking breakfast or eating leftover
  • reheating them in the microwave and not letting it hit 0 secs bcs the sound will wake you up in your sleep
  • he’ll let u sleep but would wake you up when he’s done eating because he’s bored
  • ordering americanos and drinking lots of coffee in general
  • just having strolls around the park with coffee in your hand and his hand in the other
  • ramen date nights!!!!
  • where both of u would just pig out and let ur face be swollen the next day
  • usually occurs when he has concerts and day offs the next after
  • no drama whatsoever in this relationship bc u both r chill af and ure both really secure with ur relationship
  • “well did you get jealous?”
  • “well, no, bcs i got you”
  • OH OH OH 
  • and since he’s really bad at taking care of himself esp his voice due to all the stress and those screaming and rap performances 
  • you would have to FORCE him to drink herbal hot green tea and thats when he hates loves u the most
  • “babe, sirheo” “babe no why it’s too hot” “ah babe too hot!!” “ah why did you make it that hot” “put a lot of honey in" 
  • but would secretly loves it when you’re so intent on making him feel better since he’s always working hard 
  • like bringing food whenever he wants u to and massaging him!!!
  • he would love massages from you and would do the same for u if youre tired 
  • flexes his abs 24/7 
  • and his arms like gOSh i get it ure hot i get it but YOU WOULD LOVE IT 
  • nuzzling into his arms and shoulders 
  • sharing every single thing you own 
  • eVERY LITTLE THING shirts pants god even toothbrushes 
  • whats yours is his whats his is yours
  • like its not even a debate anymore its rlly intense both of u just really really gives your all in this relationship, LITERALLY
  • at first u would be really hesitant to depend so much on him and shares everything
  • but then he would really look into your eyes and drills it into your head that
  • "a lot of things are yours, babe." 
  • and u know that he means it, like his heart is yours, his firsts are yours, he is yours
  • sharing clothes 
  • just imagine his really big oversized shirts worn by you
  • when you go public:
  • both of u would just go everywhere together and being the social butterfly he is, he would run into tons of people and would just proudly introduces you to everyone
  • writes all of his lyrics based on you
  • the sex would be so fucking good 
  • like i mean come on look at him 
  • will be so passionate every single time its just like a switch 
  • but will be pretty vanilla imo
  • will try to make both of you feel good 
  • only calling him "bobby” when you’re mad at him 
  • and when ure mad he will be turned on too bc thats what u call him in bed 
  • so every argument will be solved with sex whats wrong with that
  • its mostly just disagreement or when you’re both frustrated with each other bc ure both very stubborn 
  • frustrations there is just a lot of frustration
  • but he’s your ride or die
  • he will be SO PROTECTIVE and so a BIASED  towards you
  • will defend u till the ends of the earth in front of anyone
  • but thats what he loves most about you, that you’re stubborn
  • and thats what u love most about him the fact that he’s very passionate in everything that he do and he has a strong and clear vision of all his philosophy and choices 
  • so its always fun to see you bicker about the different opinions between the both of you
  • calls him jiwon, babe, baby, bb, bobba, bubba
  • “bobba” how cute :(((
  • a lot of midnight strolls and a lot of eating junk foods 
  • watch tv series together in his bed in his arms with ur legs tangled over each other and nose kisses and eye smiles and just everything cute and fluffy is in bob when he wants to be- ass grabbing in public 
  • “yah! babe!” and he would laugh at your reaction 
  • so you would spank him back 
  • and both of u would have a good laugh
  • matching tattoos, somewhere hidden with only the two of you who knows 
  • carpool karaokes 
  • rap battles
  • and if you’re not korean and you can’t even keep up with half the shit he spits
  • he would freestyle for you in full english so you could rap his songs
  • and probably would write you tons of lazy raps in english and record them 
  • and gives it to you for ur anniversary or birthday
  • plays guitar hero xbox
  • going to church togetherrrr!!!!!  
  • whenever he has the time to
  • bc i feel he would want someone with the same beliefs as him, but would love u nonetheless if ure not
  • sends memes and snapchat funny faces when he’s away on tour
  • can be really romantic if he wants to be, but you’re the kind of girl who loves fun relationship more than the romantic one
  • if you’re not from korea, he would love to travel to your country and learn about the culture
  • i feel like he will be so open to the possibility of dating an international fan
  • “babe, whats this” “uwa whats that” “babe what did u just say” “babe, teach me how to say i love you" 
  • and he would just know what to say i love you and i’m hungry 
  • afterall he would just be so amazing okay
  • if he ended up not to be with one of us please please i beg u with all the kindness in my heart pls pls take care of him
  • because he fucking deserves it 
  • he has one of the best hearts i know out there 
  • and u would not regret dating him bc he’s just really2 good with u and he understands u 
  • and will accept every single flaw within you with such love and compassion
  • and you would do the same thing for him and thats why your relationship will last 
  • bc the both of u really respects each other 
  • and rlly accepts one of the other so it’s easy to forgive one or two things that u guys might have done 
  • ok 
  • im done- let me live- 
  • he’s just the best ok

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magical nonsense

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haha yea right im doomed. 

hamilton + valentines day headcanons



  • he takes you out to a fancy dinner on valentines day!!!
  • its nothing too special, really, 
  • but he didn’t really have a lot of time to plan anything because he’s had a lot of work lately!!!
  • however, its special because youre with him.
  • the two of you both get dessert and share them with each other
  • (he likes…. snatching lil pieces of your food anyway…)
  • no matter how cold it is outside, the two of you walk most (or all) of the way home, your arm linked with his!!!
  • you talk about everything, and if one of you has had a hard day, you discuss it (and sometimes you just let him complain about jefferson without saying anything because he could go on for hours about him)
  • when you arrive home, the two of you get changed into your pjs
  • have a lil kissing session (or a cuddling session if you don’t want to kiss) to warm yourselves up
  • and then you exchange gifts!
  • alexander got you chocolates, really pretty underwear (he hints that he wants you to model it for him so !!! do so if you want to but its fine if you dont, he just knew you would look good in them) and a locket with a tiny picture of the two of you in it!!!
  • as well as a hand-written letter that talks about how much he loves you and how thankful he is that you’re his valentine
  • after you’ve given him your gifts, the two of you settle down for a movie (he lets you pick) and you share your chocolates and eat more candy that he bought
  • when you go to sleep that night, you sleep face to face with your limbs entangled and your noses pressed together


  • he spends days upon days planning it
  • and he really shouldn’t be, because he has a job, but he does anyway!!!
  • he starts off with this really sweet scavenger hunt around your house
  • and eventually, hidden underneath one of the couch cushions, is a letter and a map leading you to your favourite restaurant!!!
  • fast food or some fancy place or some cafe? doesn’t matter!
  • whatever place is your favourite, john is waiting in a little pink blazer
  • and he looks really nervous so he gives you the warmest hug when you enter
  • you guys sit down and have a really nice meal 
  • and, before you get the check, he pulls out a small box from his pocket
  • and at first you’re…. probably scared he’s going to propose
  • but he actually is just giving you a charm bracelet as your valentines day gift!!!
  • theres only one charm on it to begin with, which is a small silver heart with his initials on the side that faces your skin
  • but he says that he’s going to get you more charms all the time whenever he wants to give you a present!!!
  • the two of you take a cab home and while you’re in the backseat, he holds your hand and quietly sings your favourite song in your ear
  • because he’s actually…. kind of sleepy….
  • today was a tiring and long day and he spent hours setting up your date
  • when you get home and after you give him your presents, he’s almost asleep!!!
  • but he doesn’t want to be without you for a second so he’ll try and stay up with you and do whatever it is you’re doing
  • if you want to bake or cook something, he helps!!!
  • if you want to watch a tv or a movie, he sits with you and watches it!!!
  • but he cant help falling asleep about an hour after you get home
  • so you will have to… drag/carry him to your bedroom by yourself because he wont wake up
  • right before you fall asleep, you hear him almost inaudibly whisper “i love you”


  • he takes you out for lunch on valentines day!!!
  • and then he spends the rest of the day taking you around town
  • ask to go somewhere and he will take you
  • to a boutique??? yes, he knows that one, but he also knows really good ones like that too…
  • to a bookstore??? yes, and you can bet he will take a lot of pictures of you amongst the shelves!!!
  • to somewhere else??? wherever you want to go, he’s happy to be there as long as its with you
  • but he wants to stay out long enough that its dark when you get home
  • and when you’re trying to change into your pjs or comfy clothes later that night, he’s like “hold up y/n can i come in?”
  • clothes or no clothes, he slips inside of your bedroom, sits you down on the bed, and is like
  • “y/n i made you some pjs can you please wear them tonight”
  • and when he gives them to you, they are…. exactly what you look for in pjs….
  • size, shape, cut, colour…. it’s catered to what you like!!!
  • he made them specifically for you!!!
  • he even added a little tag with a heart stitched onto it
  • and they are… so comfy…….
  • but he doesn’t let you do a lot for the rest of the evening…
  • if you even step one foot in the kitchen, he’s like “y/n please don’t spill anything on your pjs” and almost always ends up doing whatever it is for you
  • he will carry you bridal-style to bed when you’re ready to sleep
  • and when you’re settled in, he’ll snuggle up next to you and lay his head on your chest/shoulder and wrap his legs around yours
  • (sometimes he likes to pretend he’s smaller than he is and will curl really small under the blankets)
  • as you’re falling asleep, you feel him running his hands under your pjs and tracing little hearts onto your skin
  • the last thing you hear is “happy valentines day, baby”


  • he cooks you…. the entire meal
  • like appetizer, salad, main course, dessert
  • he cooks E V E R Y T H I N G ALL BY HIMSELF
  • and won’t let you even touch it until he is done
  • he sets everything out on the table really nicely, lights a couple of candles (like… really nice candles)
  • and then the two of you eat dinner together!!!
  • afterwards, he cleans up all of the dishes, and washes them all, and dries them all, and puts all of them away
  • and then he tells you to get your coat on
  • he takes you to the place where you first met and gives you your present there, which is…
  • a really nice ring. like, a really nice, really expensive ring with a small diamond in the center of it
  • it was probably too expensive
  • he leans in and deeply kisses you while he slips it on your finger
  • then the two of you go back home and he gives you a lot of your favourite candy/chocolate!!!
  • the two of you munch on it while you play cards and scrabble and other various board games
  • because lafayette… really likes board games…..
  • when you’re going to bed at night, he’s splayed out like a starfish on his half of the bed 
  • and his fingers are moving and twitching while hes dreaming
  • and you swear you hear him talk about how beautiful you are in his sleep


  • angelica takes you to a buffet for dinner!!!
  • honestly, she wants you to be able to eat whatever mixture of food you want to eat
  • (and shes hungry… for a LOT OF THINGS…)
  • you two talk a lot over dinner!!! and she constantly talks about how much she loves you and how beautiful you are and how selfless and kind you are and….
  • she just goes on for. a really long time
  • its so endearing. 
  • after the two of you have filled up your bellies you go home
  • she makes sure that you take the scenic route and asks the taxi driver to play a really calm radio station!!!
  • when you open the door, she sits you down on the couch before you can go anywhere
  • and you open presents!!!
  • she gets you really fancy lotion and body moisturizer and face masks and a lot of really nice smelling things 
  • (and some…. really sexy underwear….)
  • (but she doesn’t give it to you, you just find it two weeks later in your underwear drawer with a smiley face over the price on the tag)
  • (she was probably too embarrassed to just hand it over)
  • and then the two of you settle down on the couch and watch a movie!!! or a tv show!!! or sometimes you just listen to music
  • and when you’re sleepy, she gets sleepy, so the two of you stumble to bed and fall onto it
  • and she wants to be spooned tonight
  • and she’ll bring your hand up and keep it against her lips and kiss it periodically until you fall asleep


  • eliza makes you a really nice breakfast
  • pancakes or waffles and maybe eggs and bacon and she makes some frozen juice or hot tea (depends on your preferences)
  • and then she takes you to a lot of really nice places!!!
  • she takes you to museums, art shops, galleries
  • even a pet store at one point!!! 
  • (but thats just because she wants to see all of the dogs and pet them)
  • she takes you to a small cafe at the end of the night to wrap things up
  • and when you get home, she lets you get changed, but will ABSOLUTELY NOT LET YOU LOOK IN YOUR BEDROOM CLOSEt
  • and so she locks herself in your bedroom for like half an hour after you’re done changing into comfy clothes
  • and when you hear the door open, you can’t even see her because 
  • she literally bought you 
  • a massive bear
  • and a massive bear is now wandering through your house
  • eliza is so small that she’s hidden behind it and when she finally gets to the living rooms she drops it and wipes sweat off of her forehead
  • “wow thats heavier than i thought it would be haha”
  • along with the big big bear, she got you a box of chocolates!!!
  • the two of you cuddle with the big bear while you watch movies and eat chocolate and candy and chips and popcorn all night
  • and when you’re going to bed that night, right after you shut the lights off and crawl into bed, she whispers “you’re going to snuggle with me and not the bear right”


  • he takes you to vegas for valentine’s day!!!
  • gets a really nice hotel room for the two of you
  • with a really nice view of the city
  • and will take you sightseeing throughout the day
  • but at nighttime, he’ll give you your presents
  • and being the chill, suave guy he is, hes all smirks and winks and eyebrow wiggles
  • but when you’re opening your presents, out of the corner of your eye, you can actually just see him beaming and almost clapping his hands because hes so excited 
  • he got you a towel with both of your initials sewn onto it (”hahaha y/n look how cool this is. i can make you dry any time” “thomas that’s not necessarily a good thing” “oh yeah true fuck”) and shower gel and body wash
  • he really, really wants to take a shower with you
  • like it doesn’t even have to be sexual. he just wants to have a shower with you
  • if you dont want to, thats okay!!! but he wants you to have one and use the things he bought you anyway
  • if you do want to, he will be… very very gentle and very very cautious
  • because he actually just wants to wash you
  • and he will get your hair all shampooey and then wash it out very gently
  • and when hes using the shower gel, his hands are very smooth and running softly along your skin
  • and its… really nice…
  • when you finish drying yourself off (hopefully with your new towel) hes waiting for you on the bed and he gives you a really nice massage
  • (hes really pampering you. more than usual)
  • when hes finished, the two of you order room service and watch tv and then go to sleep wrapped up in each others arms


  • he was working all day and had a lot to do so he brings home your favourite take out!!!
  • and the two of you chow down at the dinner table
  • and talk about his day
  • and when you’re finished, he cleans up while you pick a movie and make popcorn
  • but before you watch it, he makes you open your presents
  • he got you a lot of really nice scented soap
  • chocolates, of course
  • (he manages to sneak it open and snags a few)
  • and a lot of really nice candles!!!
  • like, really nice-smelling candles
  • and he’s really bashful about it and really hopes you like it
  • he didn’t want to get you jewelry so he got you a lot of sweet smelling stuff instead!!!
  • he will fall asleep really early into the night because he is so tired, but when you want to go to bed later, hes really affectionate
  • like really, really affectionate
  • and he will not stop kissing you
  • no, really, his mouth is on yours until you fall fast asleep


  • aaron takes you out for dessert!
  • the two of you have dinner at home and its really simple, like salad or soup, and still really good
  • but the portions at where you go for dessert are insanely big
  • (he did take this into account, which is why you had such a small meal beforehand)
  • and the two of you stay until it closes
  • because he was never sure if you wanted to get…. more than one dessert
  • and he didn’t want to ask… if you wanted something else…. because he didnt want to imply you did
  • when you get home and change into your pjs, youve just settled down to watch tv when hes like
  • “y/n can i give you your gift now”
  • and so he toddles off to the bedroom to get your presents
  • and comes out looking really nervous
  • (he’s always really nervous about doing romantic things! he’s never sure if he’s doing it right)
  • he gets you quite a few things
  • one of them is a really soft and comfy robe that matches one you got him for christmas
  • he feels so comfy and safe and sleepy in his and he wants you to feel the same way
  • (he has this secret belief you use it when hes not around)
  • he also gets you a vase of your favourite flowers
  • and really small diamond earrings!!!
  • (”y/n do you like your presents” “yes aaron” “y/n do the earrings fit” “yes, aaron”)
  • you go to sleep really late that night, both of you wrapped up in your robes
  • and he really wants to be the big spoon
  • so he pulls you really close to his body and falls asleep with his breath tickling the back of your neck


  • she takes you out on the town!!!
  • you pop into a lot of different clubs and bars, saying hello to her friends
  • (she has so many friends oh lordie)
  • and when you go home, she puts a blindfold over your eyes and leads you to the couch and makes you wait while she gets you your presents
  • its just an entirely new outfit!!!
  • (”look you will look so cute in this shirt its gonna fit perfectly”)
  • she wants you to try it on for her !!! so badly !!!
  • and when you do, she literally squeals and makes you model it and takes about ten thousand pictures 
  • she then gives you a million kisses before you take it off
  • (actually, she gives you a million kisses after you take it off, too)
  • and when you’ve all settled down, you lay together on the couch and she sings for you!!!
  • any song you want, she will happily sing
  • rap? as long as you can beatbox for her (doesn’t matter how good) she will spit fire
  • when it’s time for bed, she will cuddle up to you under the sheets and snake an arm around your waist and press kisses against your flesh until one or both of you falls asleep
dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



nekoastral  asked:

Can you do Mtmte megatron's human s/o tells him about Valentine's Day when he finds them making heart shaped valentines for members of the crew. He almost forgot about it and when it's the night before, he rushes to make things perfect: food, music, and even somehow gets their favorite chocolate. He feels discouraged though cause of his past crimes until s/o brings him a giant valentine that talks about how they love him and he breaks down crying and hugs s/o to face and they kiss.

I’m a slut for Megatron.

Megatron entered your shared suite after a long day of work to a ridiculous sight. You were sitting on the floor humming a tone surrounded by various cut out hearts that you were decorating. Each had some corny pick up line that was made for specifically for a certain bot. Looking at the one of the finished ones, a red and white cutout heart that read “To:Ratchet - ICU in my dreams”. He didn’t bother looking at anymore.

“What are you doing?” he asked venting out a sigh

“Valentine’s Day is tomorrow so I’m making everyone cards” You said looking up at him with a smile.



He was spectacle of that but he wouldn’t say it out loud. 

“This is the holiday where loved ones exchange gifts is not?” He asked

“Yup and Friends too” you added.

He hummed an answer and watched as you finished up another. This time for Tailgate, he didn’t bother reading it. Curious he asked if the big grey one was for him.

“That’s Whirls! Cant you tell? The big yellow dot for his optic.” You pouted while looking at the card.

“That’s an optic?” He huffed out a laugh at your expense, a muffled yes was his reply. “So where is it then? Where is my card?”

“Not here.” You declared.

“Not here? Where could it be then?” He asked and pretended to search the suite. 

“Megatron” You whined “Can you just wait till tomorrow? Yours is special. Ya know? I put a lot of work into it…” You  were wringing your hands in that nervous gesture you always did.

Frag. He thought. He had prepared nothing and now he needed something.

“Alright” He replied. “I’ll be back later”

“Where are you going?” You asked in confusion.

“Work. I forgot I had one more thing to do.” he bluffed and turned to walk out the door.

“Yeah… Alright” You mumbled under your breath as he shut the door.

Thus began the night from hell. Megatron was looking for anything that remotely could resemble the gifts shared among humans on valentines day. What do human femmes even want? He questioned. He couldn’t obtain any plants that were traditional to earth. And jewelry made for Cybertronians’ would weigh you down. Wracking his processor he tried to remember what humans did on special holidays. Food. Humans love food. He turned in the opposite direction and made his way to where you stored most of your food. He had no idea how to cook, but he figured maybe one of your books could aid him in his struggle. Finding out what to make was a hassle but when he returned to your suite later with a plan. He found you passed out and curled up next to your stack of valentines. Gently he picked you up and moved to the berth you shared so you could both recharge in peace. 

The next morning you woke up with a grin. You kissed Megatron on the cheek with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” and you were off. Skipping down the halls passing out your valentines with the up most cheer. A good portion didn’t understand what was going on, but with a short explanation from you gave them a good idea. Some got a kick out of your jokes, others not so much. You were completely oblivious to Megatron basically sweating bullets the whole day. You had agreed earlier that you would meet up back at the suite after he was done work. He would have a short amount of time make your meal and obtain the music from Swerve. 

There he stood in their shared suite. He had mass-displaced himself for this occasion and it was doing nothing to quell the sinking feeling he had. The soft piano music played in the background and on your small table sat a cube of high grade and a sandwich with a cup of water. A grilled cheese to be exact. He had no idea what humans considered fancy in consumption. But this…this didn’t look like what humans eat when they are celebrating with loved ones. Still staring down at the table, with his back to the door you came waltzing in 

“Some of the guys were comparing their cards to see who got the best one. I still think…” she trailed off. “Hey whats all this?” You asked coming closer to him and the table.

“I…I made us dinner. But I do not think this is what it should be.” he answered somberly. 

“Is that grilled cheese?” You asked with a chuckle. He nodded in response. “Yum!” You smiled up at him, and went to sit down. He followed your lead and sat opposite of you. As you enjoyed your sandwich he sipped his high grade.

 “Ya know” You started “this is really good for someone who’s never cooked before.” The meal lasted for about five more minutes. 

“Be honest with me…” he began with his helm in his hand “This meal… It is not a common food usually eaten for this holiday.”

“You can eat whatever you want” You said narrowing your eyes at him. 

“That’s not what I asked…” he vented.

“Megs…No it’s not exactly a common food one eats when they go on a romantic date. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are here with me, that you made an effort. Most men from my planet don’t even try on days like this. They mindlessly pick up some flowers and chocolates at a convenience store and that’s their contribution to the holiday…. I think its time for my present now.” You finished.

You got up from the table and walked over to the berth. You were fishing around underneath it as he watched you drag out a giant red heart. You walked back over to him and unfolded it. It was completely blank.

He stared at the blank card and then looked up at your nervous expression.

“Here me out.” You started. “I’m not dissing you or anything right now. I know that’s what it looks like.” You were fumbling over your words now, and placed the heart on the table. You got down on both of your knees and grabbed his servo. “ I couldn’t think of what to write. I could have written a corny line down, or just that I love you… but it wouldn’t have been good enough. I love you, a lot actually.” You chuckled then continued “I know you doubt that sometimes because of the past. But that doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you, for you. Your a kind mech whether you know it or not. Maybe a little hard headed sometimes but you have a beautiful soul. You doing this proves that. Thank you for today Megatron, I really do love you” You whispered. 

He was staring down at you blankly. You were about to ask him whether or not he was ok when he let out a powerful vent and hunched over, dropping his head into his servos. You immediately stood up when he let out a pained whirling noise. You knew that noise but you had never heard it come from him.

You called out to him as you tried to pry his servos from his face. 

“An old mech like me…” He said brokenly “I’ve done terrible things y/n…” He trailed off again but you got the gist of what he was saying.

“You may be a old crabby mech sometimes, but I sill love you” You joked as he reached out to grab at your waist. He buried his helm into your chest.

“Thank you, my Spark” came his muffled reply.

Smiling down at him, you placed a kiss on his helm. You whispered  “Happy Valentine’s Day Megs”.

Proposals and Kids?

Request: Alec imagine where you are a witch a max asks you to teach him about magic while you’re talking he tells you Alec is planning on proposing to you and your like what and max is like I can’t wait for more siblings cuz he doesn’t understand they’d be his nephew and just super fluffy alec


Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None really 

Authors Note: Hey! Sorry if this is terrible but I hope you enjoy anyhow :) Also thank you guys so much for all of your amazing support! LYSM <3 Also! Requests are currently closed because I have so many ideas coming in so unfortunately they will have you be closed for the time being, I hope you all understand 😊


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“Max! Food is ready!” You scream from the kitchen, you had just finished up making his lunch. Dinosaur shaped ham sandwiches with a cup of lemonade, Max’s all time favourite.

You were currently baby sitting for the Lightwoods, whilst the whole family went to Idris to sort out some difficulties the Clave were having with the whole Valentine ordeal. You didn’t mind though, Max was like your little brother.

You could remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. A cute little bundle of joy, Mrs Lightwood had described him with a huge grin. Alec had always said that was the way he would be with your kids, when you guys actually did have some. Full of love and care, making sure nothing in the world could hurt them.

You smile at the memory, your boyfriend was all that you could ask for. Even though you weren’t accepted by the Lightwood family straight away, being a Downworlder and all. But Alec and Izzy both fought for you and eventually made their parents see that you would never do anything against Shadowhunter Law. You were taught by the one and only Magnus Bane, you would never disrespect him like that.

You are pulled from your train of thought when you hear little, bare feet pattering against the wooden floor. A small patch of moving hair was visible from over the kitchen counter, then suddenly a cute little head popped up, grinning at you then to his meal.

You move around to lift him up onto one of the stools, then sat beside him.
Taking a sip from your cup of tea you made earlier.

“ So after you finish your lunch, unfortunately we have to do some tutoring” you say as you watch Max devour his sandwiches. He paused to take a drink then looked you at you.

“ Can you teach me about magic please, Y/n?”  He says with the cutest puppy dog eyes, how could you refuse?

“ sure thing, but you need to eat all of your sandwiches and I might have made some strawberry jelly for afters” you ruffle his hair as you get up to tend to dessert.

After lunch, you cleared up the kitchen whilst Max read out a story from his book of fairytales. He was genius when it came to school work but when it came to runes and magic he was a bit on the iffy side.

So you both then headed into the living room, and plonked yourselves onto the large couch.

“ Right, do you want to start with runes?” You say gathering the flash cards up.

“ Sure, can we do ceremonial ones? Izzy was telling me about Parabati runes and how powerful they are”  he mumbles placing his story book onto the coffee table.

“ Yeah we can do that, so what runes do you know of that are used in ceremonies?”

“ Well I know the Parabati one and thats for the bond of love and friendship between two warriors, to make them strong in battle” he says looking up at you will a childish smile. You smile back and nod to signal what he was say was in fact correct.

“ Then there is the marriage rune… Y/n? ” Max asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“ Yes?” You reply looking up from the flashcards.

“ How are you and Alec going to get married if you cant have runes on your skin?” He says curiously.

“ Well, Me and Alec haven’t talked about marriage before” you say simply.

“ It just I overhear him talking to Jace      about proposing to you on your birthday… And I was wondering how would you get married? You could have a beautiful mundane wedding! With flowers and cake!!” He says excitedly jumping up and down on the couch. You were gobsmacked… Alec was going to propose?! Wait…what?!?!!

“ Hey” you say setting Max back down “ when did Alec say this exactly? About him proposing?”

“ Yesterday” he grins.

“ See me and Alec have only ever talked about having kids because marriage would be too difficult with the Law” you mumble, looking at Max with a weak smile.

“ Wait! Im going to have more brothers and sisters?!  I cant wait! We can play forts or play in the garden looking for worms… Hide and seek would be so much better!” He stumbled out, obviously only hearing the word kids in your sentence.

“ Max ” you laugh out trying to calm the excited child, who was running around skipping. “ They wouldn’t be your brothers or sisters, you would be their Uncle” Max stopped straight in his tracks.

“ So I’m not getting anyone to play hide and seek with?” He says with a wobbly lip as he turns to face you.

“ Of course you will, but you would have the responsibility of looking after them, making sure they don’t do anything silly, you would be like a cool big brother”  you say scooping him up and giving him a hug, he snuggled into you; wrapping his arms around your neck.

“ Y/n?” He says in a small whisper.

“ Max?” You reply in the same tone.

“ Do you think I could have a nap before Mum and Dad come home?”

“ Yeah, sure you can… We will just say you did some work, yeah?” You say setting him down on the floor with a little smile.

A huge grin formed onto his face and he ran off down the corridor towards his bedroom.

You quickly snapped your fingers, making the flashcards, that were spread out on the coffee table, slid perfectly back into their box. You spot Max’s story book and pick it up.

You flip through the pages and discover a bookmarked area, it was a fairytale wedding. It was obvious that Max had scribbled on the characters to make them look like family members. Alec was the groom and you were the bride. Max was so adorable it made your heart swell.

You set the book back down and pull out you phone from your hoodie pocket. Quickly pressing the call app, you scrolled down to Alec’s name and clicked call. He picked up on the second ring.

“ Hey! Y/n whats up? Are you okay?” He says with concern, you guys hardly ever called each other, because you preferred to text .

“ Hey! Everything’s fine, I was just wondering what time you guys get back?” You say, as you begin to wander the hall towards yours and Alec’s room.

“ Actually, we are heading to the portal now… So maybe about an hour depending on if we have everything sorted” he explains.

“ Oh good” you laugh “ Its just we need to talk about something when you get back.”

“ okayyy…” He stressed “ About what?”

“ It can wait till you get back, I cant wait to see you!” You smile down the phone.

“ I cant wait to see you as well, I’ve missed you so much” you sense him smiling too.

“Yeah! He hasn’t bloody stopped talking about you since we got here!” You hear Jace shout in the background, making you laugh.

“ shut up Jace!” Alec yells away from the phone.

“ anyways I will be home soon, I love you!”

“ I love you too!” You say quickly then end the call, grinning at the phone for a good five minuets, before deciding to watch some tv in your room.


You feel the bed dip from behind you, and strong arms snaking around your body.

“ Y/n… We’re home” Alec whispers kissing your neck.

“ Hmmm” you mumble, sleep still controlling your body, you must of drifted into a deep sleep whilst watching tv. You turn over so that your facing Alec and bring your hand to his face, stroking his slight stubble with your finger tips.

“ what did you want to talk about” he mumbles, leaning into your touch.

“ what do you think about marriage?”
You say in a whisper.

“ I like the idea of it, what about you?” He says keeping strong eye contact.

“ I love the idea of it but how would we, say if we were to get married, carry it out? Its not like we can have a Shadowhunter ceremony…” You say softly, moving your hands to his lips. Tracing the outline of them.

“ I don’t want that… Clary was telling me about the crazy things you can do in Mundane weddings, some people even go scuba diving!” He says with a growing smile.

“ I just thought you would want to be traditional, and I cant give you that” you whisper, looking at his lips then to his eyes.

“ I want you… Nothing can change that… I have always wanted you” he says softly leaning in, placing his lips onto yours. After a couple of seconds you pull away.

“ Did you know Max thinks that our kids are going to be his siblings? I didn’t know we had already had a son” you giggled.

“ Well we cant disappoint him can we?” He smirks as he leans in to kiss you again, this time with a lot more passion.


• when you first saw him, you thought he looked REALLY fun and cool to be around YaY
• but in all honesty, the second he saw you he pretended to act like some cool as f guy who wore sunglasses inside and wore leather boots when it reality he started to have a little freak out bc omg u looked so nice he needed to make a good impression aw
• spent an entire week preparing food for u bc he needed to make an impact when it came to asking you out, and when it was all done he just rolled up to your house with an entire 3 boxes filled with food and was like we need to talk
• then he sat u down in ur living room and watched you open the food and inside were like really cheesy puns that was related to the food it was attached to
• “if you were a burger from McDonald’s you would be called a McGorgeous”
• “if you were vegetable you’d be a cutecumber”
• “you stole a pizza my heart~”
• and ur all like um what is this and he’s all like wAIT WAIT WAIT LOOK AT THE DATES
• and so u do and it says, “date me?”
• on your first date, Mingyu took you to a carnival but unfortunately, the members decided to tag along and promised not to be a burden and that they’ll stay well away from you and him, but like the two of you see them hiding behind a bush and like stalking
• and Mingyu is just like omG WHY DO YALLS HAVE TO DO THIS TO ME TODAY
• but you guys try to ignore them and get on with the date bc you’ve been anticipating this day ever since he announced it!!!!
• challenged you to a hot dog eating contest and you won
• “I don’t know if my pride should be hurt, or if I should be in awe. either way, I think I like you even more now.”
• saw this dude juggling on a unicycle and was like I CAN DO THT Y/N LOOK IM GOOD AT THIS TOO and he literally fell off after one second on the unicycle and he couldn’t catch any of E juggling balls aw my poor baby
• u just laughed bc he’s too cute
• after the whole date he decided to walk you home and the members literally followed you guys, but whenever the two of you turned around they’d gap it and hide behind a pole or some bushes until u two resume walking. then he stopped once you reached your doorstep and it was all cute bc he didn’t want this amazing day to end then you kissed his cheek and ran inside and the second u were out of sight the members jumped from their hiding spots and started praising Mingyu at his great boyfriend skills
• gives u food nicknames so often that it’s gross
• “cookie”
• “muffin”
• “cupcake”
• oH MAN UR FIRST KISS WAS SO CUTE I CANT EVEN. Ok so this one time you were eating a pepero and turned to face Mingyu with like half of it still in ur mouth but he thought u were telling him to take a bite and so he did but he went to far and ur lips touched and the two of u just stared at each other and nobody moved a muscle and u two just stood there with ur lips attached all flustered aw
• v into skinship, likes to hold your hand a lot ;;u;;
• has a habit of touching your hair a lot and muttering stuff about it under his breath. like say you get your hair all done and pretty he’ll tweak it and personalise it and keep touching it until he likes it bc he’s a professional guys he knows what he’s doing
• likes every kiss in the book especially those cliche ones in the movies
• also likes every single hug there is hE JUST LIKES TO HUG U AND THATS ALL THT SHOULD MATTER
• when he wants affection he gets v v v v pouty bc why hang out with ur friends when u can be on a couch cuddling with him?? amiright??
• likes food a lot, he even got voted as the member who eats the most and at first you thought with a body like his, he probably didn’t eat as much as everyone was saying he did… but oh how wrong u were the second u two were comfortable w each other he would roll up to ur house as often as he could and demand some food right after he’s said hello to u
• and ur just sitting there thinking ohhh I understand now lol
• dogs he also likes dogs, he bought a dog with u and at first u were like Mingyu……….. Idk if that’s a good idea. but when u guys got it he was sO HAPPY AND TOOK IT EVERYWHERE HE WENT UP UNTIL HE GOT IN TROUBLE FOR NOT PICKIN UP ITS POOP IN THE PLEDIS BUILDING
• let’s not forget wonwoo, he likes him hEAPS he’s like a v close number 2. he pretty much invites him to every single date the two of you have and it’s more of them two laughing their arses off and more u just sitting there sipping on water
• u kinda knew they were close from the beginning bc the second u and mingyu started dating Wonwoo would give u these evil looks like ur stealing him aw meanie yesss
• but dw he leaves early so then mingyu showers u w love
• “I love u more jagiya but don’t tell him that.”
• speaks english in every opportunity he gets like he pronounces all of the food in English as much as he can, especially pineapple bc it’s the most iconic thing ever
• dislikes it when ppl touch his hair like no ur not a professional like him so he does not trust u to touch his hair with ur hands no thanks goodbye
• secretly keeps ur fridge stocked and secretly packs ur lunch so u don’t get hungry at work/school and ur always left wondering who does this awww
• and when u ask him about it he’s like “idk who it is, but they seems like a very sweet person ;;;))”
• has an addiction to cleaning, seems like a really messy person but is actually the neatest person in the group. he literally feels like crying when he sees a tragic mess anywhere and he gets tiny tears in the corners of his eyes and will drop whatever he’s doing and clean it up even if it’s not his mess lolol
• is all for couple items o yesssssssss
• when he gets jealous ooo you’ll get the cold shoulder oh no ;;_;; like he won’t talk to u at all and ur pretty sure he’s gonna break up with u but like without him even knowing it he still does cute stuff for you like he’s pretty much indirectly loving you and u just smile bc no matter what he loves u deep deep down
• “I don’t like it when people flirt with you.”
• “I’m yours and yours only, you know that.”
• your phone background is a photo of u sleeping and Mingyu holding a pair of scissors looking like he was about to cut it and when you woke up and saw it as your lockscreen you nearly screamed and he’s like u bETTER NOT DELETE IT OR IM CUTTING IT FOR REAL
• one time Mingyu tried to make cookies with you and you put some batter on his face and then he put some flour on ur nose then u read it as a declaration of war and the two of u pretty much initiated a food fight right there in the dorms kitchen. u cracked eggs on each other heads, chucked chocolate chips at each other but then u suddenly slipped and then he slipped then u landed on top of each other and it was so cute bc he pointed at ur lip and was like “u have a little something there” anD HE WIPED IT OFF WITH HIS THUMB AND U STARTED BLUSHING AWAW
• makes u do acting scenes from famous movies and dramas bc he wants to try acting and one time the two of u acted romeo and juliet and it was pretty cute TBH
• being the visual of the group puts a lot of pressure on mingyu as he always constantly has to uphold that title by making sure he looks his best at all times, not to mention his job as a rapper who has to write his own lyrics and has to perform with energy. sometimes he thinks he can’t do it at all but u have to pull him away from the work and just shower him with love bc you know that’s what he needs at that moment - someone to comfort him and tell him that he’s worth it, that he’s good enough.
• “what would I do without you”
• strokes ur hair and hums on the top of ur head until u fall asleep in his arms
• wakes u up by blasting his rap music full volume and the Windows always nearly break and the bed literally shakes and he won’t turn it off unless u get up yourself and do it what a meanieeee
• ur first fight with Mingyu was about his very insecurity, he was hating himself bc he should look better than the way he looks and the two of you ended up yelling at each other bc he was perfect just the way he was ;;_;;
• you ended up getting hurt by some of his words and the second he saw the tear leave ur high he immediately felt guilty
• “im so sorry, y/n. you know whatever I just said wasn’t true, right? i promise, I love you so much. I won’t ever do that again.”
• Mingyu might like to joke around with you and everyone else a lot, but when it comes to ur feelings, your heart and your relationship with him, it’s nothing to joke about to him. You are so special, so important to him and he’s so glad to have you in his life. You of course, are so lucky to have him as your boyfriend and know that the two of you are meant to be together forever.
• “like the ocean…. I love you. Pineapple.” - mINGYUUUU~~~

Title: Sugar Sugar

Pairing: 6yr old Junhao

Genre: fluff horendous levels of fluff

Summary: Five year old Minghao and Junhui have a system, one which involves Minghao evading having to eat his vegetables and gain a best-friend

To say that Minghao dislikes vegetables would be a gross understatement; he absolutely abhors eating anything green. He doesn’t believe it when his mom says carrots will help his eyesight—he can see like twenty blocks away—or that eating them will make him grow big and strong like his dad. So he doesn’t understand why his mom always packs vegetables for his lunch when she makes him suffer with the stupid green things for dinner.

Minghao survived just fine last year in second grade eating snacks and sticky jelly sandwiches so he doesn’t understand why this year it has to be different.

“Is your mom a veterinarian,” Mingyu asks, mouth drawn in disgust as he peers into Minghao’s lunch box.

Jihoon sighs from across their brightly orange coloured lunch table “It’s vegetarian.

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Banana Pancakes                       (Steve x Reader)

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Banana Pancakes

Imagine (Steve x Reader)

Imagine that you are making breakfast for the team after a mission, and Steve comes in after working out, seeing you dancing in your pajamas.

Word count:2032

Read at your own risk.


Music filled the kitchen of the Avenger’s tower. The night before the team had taken down another HYDRA base. Considering how tough a mission it had been, you decided to turn off all of their alarms and let them sleep in giving you time to make them all breakfast. It had worked too, everyone had stayed asleep long enough for you to get up early and start cooking, well it worked on all except one, who slipped out before even you woke up.

Food and cooking materials littered the counters. You gracefully navigated the mess you had created, picking up what you needed and danced back to the stove. You pretty much knew what everyone liked having known them for a few years. But there was one plate that you had set off alone, you took special care to make them perfect. A plate of Banana pancakes sat alone, above all the rest. You poured chocolate chip pancake mix into the pan, for Natasha, who you knew would be craving them, she always did after a mission. You swung your hips along with the music, flipping the disk into the air.

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Our Apartment (Luke)

Note to self. Next time Luke tries to talk you into renting an ‘apartment with a view’ RUN. run far away and never come back. I huffed and paused once again on the fourth flight of stairs i’d gone up today, for what seemed like the hundredth time. I only had one more flight of stairs to go…but my legs were dying. 

“Come on slow poke.” Luke mocked as he walked past you with ease, his long legs giving him a completely unfair advantage. 

You groaned and continued trudging up the last flight of stairs mumbling, “stupid freaking elevator breaks today of all days…” You and Luke made many trips back up and down the stairs, until finally every last moving box had reached its destination. You’re guys apartment. 

Luke had been touring for what seemed like nonstop over the past 2 years, and this year was his first official break; which you couldn’t be more excited for. Although the long night phone conversations and skyping dates were, of course, ideal relationship goals, you couldn’t help but be ecstatic about getting a whole year with your amazing boyfriend. 

Luke and you spent the rest of the day unpacking and rearranging the furniture until you both finally felt settled. You fell onto the couch, completely exhausted from todays work, Luke fell next to you, easily sliding his long arm around your shoulder and pulling you into him. You let out a sigh and nuzzle your head into his shoulder. 

“I told you the view was worth it.” Luke smiled. 

“It totally was not.” Luke tickled your side and you immediately squirmed and laughed uncontrollably. “OKAY STOP! Fine, fine….you’re right…the view is worth it.” Luke smiled; satisfied with himself. 

Since Luke hadn’t been successful in hooking up the tv you two had decided to face the couch towards the long glass windows, and the view was amazing; maybe not 5 flights of stairs amazing, but close enough. You looked out at the skyline, all the tall buildings lights and the sunset were truly a sight to see. Even though you would have loved renting a house in the woods or on the beach you understood why it was ideal to rent an apartment in the city, what with Luke needing to be close to a recording studio and all. He may have been done touring but he was a full time rock star in 5 Seconds of Summer 24/7. 

Thinking about the band made you think of Luke’s crazy best friends, whom you couldnt help but love. 


"Yeah babe?” Luke asked, not being able to peel his eyes away from the 'amazing view’. 

“Text Calum, Michael, and Ash, and invite them for breakfast tomorrow." 

Luke cocked on eyebrow and pulled out his phone. "Whatever you say Y/N. But i hope you can handle making that much food, you know how we eat.”

You laughed, poking Luke in the stomach. “I think you mean inhale.”

“Hey! I’m a growing boy!”

“Your not a boy and your practically a giant! How much more could you possibly grow?!”  

Luke tackled you on the couch and you both broke into laughter. He starred at you, his clear blue eyes shinning. 

“What?” You asked, mesmerized by his eyes; you were a sucker for them.

He smiled and tilted his head. “Oh nothing. Just thinking about how much I love you, Y/N." 

You giggle and playfully run your hands through his blonde hair. "Are you going soft on me Hemmings?” You tease. 

“I’ll show you whose going soft.” Luke growls. His eyes become a dark blue, filled with lust. You gasp as his mouth collides with yours. He swipes his tongue over your lips, asking for permission, which you gladly grant to him, softly moaning while running your hands through his hair. Luke’s hands roam up and down your body, it feels like the tips of his fingers are electrified; leaving a trail of goosebumps and wonderful sensations. You feel your heart rate pick up rapidly and a warm tingling feeling begins to grow throughout your body. Your soft moans have become ragged breaths as Luke’s kisses travel down your body. Luke pauses by your jean shorts and looks up at you waiting for permission, he’s being such a gentleman tonight. You nod, excitement sparking through your body at the anticipation of what is coming. Luke’s breath hitches at the sight of your lacy garments. 

“Fuck Y/N.” He hisses before ripping them off your legs. You gasp as Luke wastes no time attaching his mouth to your sweet spot. Your groaning becomes louder as his tongue swirls around your clit, sending shivers up your body and multiple profanities to leave your mouth.

Your hand clutches Luke’s hair, your hips slightly bucking to get all you can out of Lukes amazing tongue. “Luke…Oh my god…” You gasp as a familiar sensation begins to grow inside you. Luke inserts two fingers inside you, pumping them in and out at a relentless pace while his lips lock around your clit, sucking like a mad man. 

“Fuck!” Luke’s tongue and fingers are too much to handle, and you reach your climax, moaning his name while you slowly come back down from what can only be described as complete sexual bliss. 

Luke crawls back on top of you and kisses your forhead. “Did you enjoy that princess?" 

You nod and smile like an overly happy child just given candy. "Good.” Luke smiles confidently and starts climbing off of the couch. 

“Oh no.” you say, pulling Luke back onto the couch and straddling him, stripping off your shirt in the process. “Not so fast mister.”

Luke gives you a mischievous grin before hungrily kissing you. Your tongues battle for dominance as Luke’s hands grab your waist, he moans loudly as you grind on his growing bulge. You slip one hand down and palm him through his jeans. Luke closes his eyes and tosses his head back, enjoying the feeling of you rubbing him. 

“I think its time you took these off Y/N.” Luke growls. 

You get off the couch on your hands and knees and slowly pull Luke’s pants off. His breath hitches as he watches you wrap your hands around his large shaft. You pump him a few times before teasing the tip of his member with your tongue. Luke moans loudly and you smile to yourself, pleased with yourself for being able to make him feel this way. Your just about to take him fully into your mouth when Luke’s strong hands pull you back up to straddle him. 

“I cant wait any longer.” Luke growls. “I want you." 

You let out a shocked scream as Luke enters you, the feeling is so amazing your at a loss for breath. Luke groans with pleasure and starts grinding his hips, you match his pace, bouncing on his lap while holding his shoulders to steady yourself. 

"You feel…so good….FUCK.” Luke groans, he pulls your face to his and feverishly kisses you. Suddenly he wraps you in his arms and rolls over so your directly under him, he tilts one of your legs up and over his shoulder before pounding into you with all his strength. In this position he can reach your g-spot. You gasp and try to stifle your screams as you hang on for dear life to Luke’s back while he pounds into you. 

“Luke. shit. Oh my god. LUKE FUCK!” You scream as Luke’s finger starts rubbing your clit in tight circles. For the second time today the warm sensation in your body begins to rapidly grow. 

“Luke im gonna-" 

"Cum for me baby.” Luke growls. He thrusts faster and harder, his finger pushing on your clit with more force. You scream, the feelings in side your body taking control. 

“Fuck, Y/N, I’m cuming!” You and Luke both climax and moan each others names until you come down from your highs. 

After a few minutes of catching your breath you and Luke cuddle on the couch. The sun has set long ago and your watchings as slowly stars start to appear on the skyline. Luke wraps his arms tighter around you and you snuggle back into him, smiling to yourself. As much as you talked to Luke everyday while he was away, nothing could beat the feeling of having him next to you. 

“I love you Y/N.” Luke sighs. You smile and intertwine your hands with his. “I love you too Luke." 

You stay like that for a few more minutes, relishing in the feeling of your boyfriends arms around you and his breathe on your neck. After awhile you get up from the couch, Luke makes desperate grumbling noises and flails his arms around, searching for your body to bring you back to him. 

"NOOoooooo.” He whimpers while you smile down at him. 

“Come on, its our first night in our apartment. We cant spend it on the couch.” You say.

Luke’s eyes immediately pop open and he lunges at you, flinging your body over his shoulder. You squeal in surprise as he bounds up the short stairs to your shared bedroom. He throws you on the bed and climbs on top of you, kissing your lips sweetly. 

“I love it when you say our apartment.” He whispers. 

You smirk and silently laugh whilst kissing him. “Well thats what it is." 

Luke gives you one last kiss and looks you deep in the eyes. "Say it again princess." 

You smile and kiss him gently on the nose. "Our apartment. Yours and mine. We live here together, it may only be for a year but its our year together." 

Luke smile is bright but you can see a bit of sadness behind his eyes. "I wish it could be more than a year. You deserve more time with someone who loves you." 

You shush him and place your hands on his face. "I wouldn’t trade what i have with you for anything in the world. And i could care less if i had three years with you or three seconds. It wouldnt change my feelings for you." 

"And that feeling is…?” Luke playfully ask. 

“Aw come on Hemmings you know." 

"Yeah but i want you to say it.” He kisses you neck as you sigh in response. 

“I love you.” You whisper as he kisses the sweet stop on your neck. 

You start losing yourself in the feeling of his lips on your body until you snap yourself back into reality. 

“Luke we have to go to bed, I gotta get some kind of sleep before Ashton, Calum, and Michael come over for breakfast tomorrow." 

Luke grumbles with a small smile on his lips. He pulls you further up on the bed and pulls the covers over the both of you. He wraps his arms around you as you snuggle into him. 

"I could always cancel you know.” He says. 

You lightly laugh, already feeling the exhaustion from todays activities within seconds. “Luke. Don’t even try to lie to me; you know I can always tell. Even though you’ve only been away from the boys for a total of 2 days you know you miss them.”

Luke shrugs, knowing not to argue with you when your right. “Not as much as I missed you princess.” He whispers into your ear, giving you a sweet kiss on your cheek before sighing and swiftly falling asleep.  

You lie awake for a little while longer, wondering how you’d gotten so lucky. Two years ago you bumped into a tall blonde stranger on the streets, exchanged numbers, went on dates, and fell in love, until here you were; two years later living together. You smiled to yourself and snuggled closer to Luke before closing you eyes and drifting to sleep. 


Breathless Part 12

Pair : Jensen x Reader

Music : All I Want by Kodaline

A/N : I am sorry for the feels i am putting you all through. Just bear with me okay? Hope you enjoy! Please, dont be afraid to let me know what you think! 

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You felt pain strike through you. As if you were hit by a truck and every part of your body ached. The words echoed in your head. Everything seemed to spin and you couldn’t breathe.

Jensen reached for you, his eyes welled with tears.

“Y/N.” He whispered. “I’m so sor-”

“It’s fine. I-I’M actually happy for you!” You forced out as silent tears streamed down your cheeks.

The lump in your throat grew, making it unbearable to even swallow.

You took in a deep breath, and forced a smile. It took every strength in you to walk away. To let go. Without a single word, you pushed past him and made your way to your car. Your eyes were blurred from the tears, as you whimpered silently to yourself.

Your chest tightened and you couldn’t focus on anything but the pain you felt.

Jensen clenched his jaw. Not knowing what to do. He belonged to Danneel. But his heart still longed for you. He was torn.

His phone goes off, interrupting his thoughts.

“Hello?” He exhaled. Trying not to break down.

“Hey babe.” Danneel muttered.

Listening to her voice made his stomach twist and churn as the images flooded his mind. He couldn’t keep you off his mind and it made him hate himself even more.

“Jensen. You there?” She stammered.

He cleared his throat, and wiped his tears. Taking in a deep breath. “Y-yeah. I’m here. Sorry what were you saying?”

And though he tried so much to focus on her, he couldn’t.

(Danneel & Jensen’s story)

He stared endlessly at his phone. Waiting and hoping for you to call back. Its been two weeks since you pushed him out of your life, and not once did he hear from you. Even though he called everyday. He wrote you, sent you texts, and even had Jared try calling you, and nothing.

He was lost. The love of his life was gone. Slipping out from his grip and he didn’t know how to function without you. Never in his life has he ever met anyone who made him feel the way you did.

“Hey, whats up J? You seem a little out of it during that scene.” Danneel muttered.

Jensen cleared his throat and shoved his phone into his pocket as he met her gaze. “Sorry. I’m just exhausted.” He forced a smile, hoping she will believe him.

Danneel stared intently at him for a moment. Her eye brows furrowing as she pursed her lips. “Uh huh.” She mumbled. “I’ve known you for a while now. Come on, spill it. Whats wrong?”

As much as he didn’t want to discuss this with her, he needed to talk to someone before it drove him crazy.

He let out a soft sigh. “She left me.”

Danneel was taken back. “What? A-are you serious? Just couple weeks ago, weren’t you looking at rings?”

He nodded, feeling as if his heart dropped to the pit of his stomach. “I don’t know what to do. She wont answer my calls. She wont pick up.”

Jensen couldn’t handle it. All the stress from the accident, to losing you and finding out about the miscarriage. It was all too much for him. He was finally breaking. Not knowing hot to control his emotions.

Tears streamed his freckled cheeks as he tried to breathe.

Danneel was hurt seeing him this way. Seeing how torn up and broken he was. She knew how he felt about you. Everyone did.

She pulled him in and made soft circles on his back. “It’s okay. It will all be okay.”

He felt pathetic. Weak even as he continued to whimper in to her. Tears staining her shirt. He was a mess. A little part of him died and not a day went by that he never thought of you.

“I don’t get it. I thought she loved me.” He croaked.

“J, She did love you. She still does. I know she does.”

He took in a deep breath, a sharp pain striking across his chest, and his throat throbbing. “Then why did she leave?”

She pulled away, and met his gaze. “I don’t know.” She whispered.

They stared intently at one another, no words were spoken. Jensen closed the distance between them, and pressed his lips to hers.
Breathing her in. She tasted of something sweet, and it made him want more.

“I-I’m so sorry.” He whispered.

She blinked her eyes, her lips slowly curving up. “It’s okay J.” And in that moment, their lips were molded as one.


“I cant believe you’re actually moving!” Gen muttered as she and Tom sat at your kitchen table, eating Pizza.

“Yea, its going to be hard. Leaving this place.” You looked around your half packed apartment, feeling sad as memories of your past 5 years flooded your mind.

“But you’re going to love NYC!” She croaked. “It’s so beautiful and the weather is pretty great. I just wish you weren’t moving so far away from me.” Her voice shook and you could tell she was about to cry.

Tom wrapped his tiny arms around her and slowly patted her back. “It’s okay mommy. I love you.”

You and Gen both chuckled. “I love you too baby.”

“Yeah, I’m with bug on this one. I love you Gen. And no matter where I’m at, I will always be here for you.” You got up and walked over to her. Placing a hand on the Shep, as he slept peacefully in his moms arms. “Plus, I wouldn’t miss seeing this cutie grow up for anything.”

It was a funny story. Both Gen and Jared had no planning of this, but they certainly weren’t playing it safe. They found out they were welcoming a new baby boy 2 months after Tom’s birthday party.

Gen wiped her tears and chuckled. “Good! Or else I’d have to kick your ass.”

“Okay Ruby!” You both laughed simultaneously.

You weren’t leaving for another week, and yet, you missed her already.

Tom decided to throw the plate on his head, and run around the kitchen. Making you laugh as you watched him giggle.

They were everything to you. And it still amazed you that even though you and Jensen weren’t together, it didn’t stop them from being in your life.

“I have to go pick up Jared’s suit for the weddin-” She paused and stared at you, eyes wide as she realized what she was about to say.

You still weren’t over the fact that the love of your life was about to marry someone else. And as much as you wish you could forget it, it was inevitable.

“It’s fine. I’m okay. I promise.” You stammered. And in a way you were.  “Is he excited?”

Gen flashed a soft smile. She knew how you felt about it all, but she also knew that if you pretended it wasn’t happening, you would never get over him. “Yea. They all are.”

You nodded. Though things didn’t work out for you, you knew it was for the best.

“I’m glad.”
(1 week Later : Jensen and Danneel’s wedding.)

The courtyard of the hotel was crowded. With friends and family of both the bride and the groom. Jensen sat in the Grooms room, feeling nervous and anxious all at the same time. His heart was pounding profusely as his palms sweat.

“Nervous?” Jared muttered, interrupting his thoughts.

Jensen chuckled and nodded. “Is it that obvious?”

“Eh.” Jared shrugged his shoulders. “Yea.”

Both the boys laughed as they sat alone, waiting for time to pass by. Taking a swig of their beer, something to calm their nerves.

“Don’t sweat it J. Youre going to do great.” Jared exclaimed.

“Yeah. I know. Thanks brother.” Jensen stammered.

There was something in the back of his mind. Not sure as to what, but he felt something was off. As if something were missing. He couldn’t help but think it was just his nerves, or even the alcohol. Whatever it was, it made him even more anxious.

You on the other hand were finishing packing the rest of your things. The music blasted, and you danced around the apartment. Forgetting what today was. Until you pulled out a picture from your closet. The one where you both stayed up all night with whipped cream all over each others face.

You sat on the floor, as memories hit you like a wave crashing into the sand. It was all a blur. You could remember the way he made you feel, the way he smiled every time you talked about whatever it was you loved. You remembered the time and effort it took him to make the picnic. You remembered him staring at you at the convention. The night it started it all. You remembered right there and then, you fell in love.

Tears broke through the seal, and fell. Flowing down your cheeks as your breathing became heavy. It was like a movie with different emotions and images all hitting you at once.

You looked at your calender, and felt your heart dropped as you looked at the date.

“Shit.” You whispered. You pulled on your shoes, and slipped out of the apartment.

Back at the ceremony, it was time for the guys to take their places. “Ready?” Jared asked.

Jensen took in a deep breath. “Ready.”

You could feel the air fill your lungs as you pushed your legs to run as fast as you could. Your heart was beating rapidly and your breathing was harsh. Your legs felt heavy as you continued to run through the streets. Feeling your stomach churn as you hoped you weren’t too late.

You dialed for Jensen’s phone, still pushing yourself. “Answer. PLEASE!” You croaked.

Jensen made his way down the aisle, little did he know, his phone was silently vibrating in his pocket.

“Hey its Jensen, Leave a messag-”

You pursed your lips and let out a soft grunt. “Shit!” You exhaled.
Jared and Jensen waited patiently at the end of the aisle. His palms still sweaty as he couldn’t focus on one thought. Something felt off and he couldn’t shake it. Until he saw her.

There she stood, her hair gently laying over her shoulders as she slowly started making her way down to him. He could feel a knot form in his throat and his stomach begin to churn.

You running through the city. Pushing people out of the way, forcing yourself not to stop until you were there. You knew this was going to be nothing but a mistake, but if you didn’t say anything. If you let him marry her without trying one last time, you were going to lose him forever. And you didn’t want to live your life wondering “What if.” You needed to know.

“Please don’t be too late!” You croaked, feeling your eyes welled with tears.


this was so painful to write why cant this happen to me

Calum: Calum would wake up in his bed all groggy-eyed and still sleepy, rubbing his eyes to wake himself up. He would notice your half of the covers were overturned and you weren’t cuddled up beside him. Curious of where you were, Calum padded down the carpeted stairs to see you whisking up some eggs in a bowl. He grinned to himself while walking over to you and enveloping you in a hug from behind. You felt his bare torso against your back, causing you to grin as well. “Scrambled eggs and bacon sound okay, Cal?” you asked in your sweet morning voice. “Sounds delicious babe,” he responded while pulling up a stool to the counter. You grabbed the pan the bacon was in, replacing the bacon with the eggs. As soon as the eggs were done, you put together two plates and prepared each of you a cup of coffee before sitting down. “Thanks y/n, this tastes great,” Calum chuckled with his mouth full. You shook your head, “Your welcome, you crazy kid”. Though neither of you said it, you both loved starting your mornings like this, eating breakfast together while talking and laughing.

Ashton: Mornings started early for the Irwin family, thanks to your 3 year-old daughter, Jamie. You and Ashton were enjoying sleeping cuddled up next to each other when you heard your daughter yelling, “Mommy! Mommy, get up!”. You sighed, getting out of your comfortable position to get Jamie. Not long after you dragged yourself out of bed, Ashton was trailing behind you to Jamie’s room. You got to the end of the hallway, creaking open the door to see your little girl jumping around the room. “Mommy! Daddy! Let’s watch Elsa!” she exclaimed. You looked at each other, trying hard to suppress the burst of giggles erupting in your throat. Ashton picked Jamie up, cooing to her and asking if she slept okay, while carrying her down the stairs on his hip. You followed them down the stairwell, going to the kitchen cabinets to find some cereal and the ground coffee for breakfast. Scanning the shelves, you grabbed the Honey Nut Cheerios and the bag of coffee grounds and put them down on the counter. In the den, you could hear a chorus of giggles from your husband and daughter. After preparing three bowls of cereal, and two coffees with cream and sugar, you called in Ashton and Jamie for breakfast. Ashton pouted, “But we were just about to start Frozen!”. You rolled your eyes, “Just grab your breakfast and you can watch your frozen,”. Each of you brought your cereal bowls to the den (you and Ash brought your coffees), and snuggled up under a blanket, pressing play on the movie. Jamie’s face lit up as the title screen played, and your heart melted. As the three of you slurped your Cheerios, you realized how perfect your life was right then. You thought about how lucky you were to have a happy husband and child, and grinned. “What?” Ashton giggled. “Nothing, I just love you very much,”

Luke: You woke up to your phone ringing, Luke’s face popping up on the screen. You pressed “accept call”, saying hello to your boyfriend. “Lukey, don’t you have an interview this morning? It’s already nine o’clock,” you mentioned. “Babe, it’s two o’clock over here, time difference,” he explained. You face palmed yourself for forgetting about the time zone difference. As the two of you continued to talk you asked about his day, and mentioned the plans you had for the day while steeping yourself some tea. With the hot tea, you cuddled back into bed, wishing Luke was there to cuddle with you. “I miss you Luke, there’s nobody to cuddle with when you’re gone,” you pouted. “Y/n, I know, but I’ll be back in two weeks, then we can cuddle,” Luke consoled, with a hint of sadness in voice. “Okay, well I gotta go, I’m meeting up with y/f/n in an hour. Love you,” you cooed. “Bye, babe. Call you later tonight, okay?” you could almost hear his smile over the phone, “Alright, see ya later hon,”. You hung up, still smiling to yourself about the conversation. You opened the music app, going to your playlist labeled “Luke”, and hit shuffle. It was all the songs that reminded you of him. As the song, “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz began to fill the room, you walked to the closet to get ready for the day.

Michael: You had woken up early one day to go to the gym, which you did about three times a week. By the time you had gotten back, it was about ten o’clock and Michael still wasn’t awake. Since you knew you would get bored just waiting for him to wake up, you decided to wake him up yourself. Walking down the small hall to the two bedrooms of your apartment, you pushed open the door as silently as you could. Slipping off your sneakers, you tiptoed over to the bed and climbed on as carefully as you could. As soon as you were hovering above the sleeping boy, you lowered yourself down to his face, planting kisses all over his face and neck. After plenty of the little sweet pecks, Michael’s eyelids fluttered. “Well good morning to you too,” Michael smirked. He may have hated being woken up, but your way made it a little better. “How was the gym?” he asked in his gravelly morning voice that you loved. “It was good! How did you sleep?” you responded. ‘Mmm, great,” he sighed. “Cuddle with me babe, let’s stay in bed forever,” he pouted after a pause. “I have to shower, though! I smell like shit, I’ll cuddle after.” you sat up. “But babeee–” “–Shower,” you cut him off. “Fineee,” he huffed, “I’ll be waiting for those cuddles you promised!” he called after you, getting comfortable in bed.

Mina Magazine - Eunhae

Japan Tour which get closer to fans

Q: You first Japan tour has ended.
D: I always say I want to hold concert with Eunhyuk, by fulfilling it, I am really happy. We went to a lot of places to meet fans, I feel like we get closer with fans, I want to perform onstage more.
E: I wont forget this Tour, because there was never once there is only both of us, and we can get close to fans.

Q: You learn a lot Japanese language during the tour.
E: We really put a lot of effort in learning Japanese. Usually we dance and sing, but in Super Junior we have a lot of members, so what we are in charge is relatively lesser, but this time, there is only two of us, a lot of things we need to take care of ourselves, but because we want to interact with fans, so we work very hard.

Q: How did you learn then?
D: I will learn them myself, and help from translators and staffs, they taught us a lot dialects.
E: As long as I converse a lot and use it a lot, I will get better in it, when I learn more I feel happy. In fact, our tour was started off as concert, but after a few concerts, it becomes more like fanmeeting, talking part becomes longer (laughs).

Q: Aside from concert tour, you went to Kansai Collection and Tokyo Girls Award.
D: We never attended these events before, so I am really thankful that these events allow more people to know us, and there are a lot of fans who went to support us, they give us energy and bravery.
E: I saw may lightsticks when we are onstage!
D: Super Junior lightstick is sapphire blue, when you see it onstage it is really beautiful, members always say this color is nice. (Will you want to see sapphire blue ocean again?) I always dread to open concert and dread to meet fans again.

Q: Speaking about members, whats the difference with activities with Super Junior?
E: Because we have a lot of members, when deciding what to eat, it takes a lot of time, from the starting question “What to do?” until the actual taking action time takes more time, but when there is only both of us, because donghae and I are alike, so we can decide very quickly, it becomes easier.

Q: What about the bad side of it?
E: There is none, both of us is enough (laughs).
D: (Laughs).
E: I was thinking that will we be lonely without other members, but there is no loneliness (laughs). Because we can meet with fans!

Our new single expresses a new revolution

Q: Can you talk about the concept of your new song?
D: As usual it is a song that will makes your body dance along. But it is different from Oppa Oppa and I Wanna Dance, this is a dance song with lots of charisma, its like an evolution of Ride Me.
E: Not just the song, but we give a lot of our own ideas into the mv, it’s a single filled with love. I hope everyone can enjoy it.

Q: Why did you choose to release single again in Japan?
E: After finishing our concert tour in Japan, we wanted to let everyone see our growth.
D: Wanted to thanks the fans who be a part of our concert tour.

Q: Did the recording went on smoothly?
E: I need to pay attention on my pronunciation, because I need to rap, so I put a lot of effort in my pronunciation, but the process was fun!

Q: Any interesting stories you like to share during filming of album jacket and music video?
E: I keep on thinking how to easily present the meaning of the song, I can still remember the skeleton who appear in the mv and filming of the album jacket.
D: We used one whole day in filming mv, but Kangin and Ryeowook came to our filming site to cheer on us, so we are able to work until the end.

15 years being together, understanding everything about each other.

Q: Both of you had been together with each other for 15 years, did you find out any changes on each other when you work as a sub unit?
E: We really know each other for a very long time, I know Donghae so much to the extent that I wonder if its good, Donghae actions is entirely in my expectations, Donghae is in my palms (laughs).
D: (jokingly) I don’t know anything about Eunhyuk, I don’t know what he thinks (laughs).
E: It must be Donghae never understand how I think.
D: Because I only think things I care of, that is ELF JAPAN!

Q: Last message
D: Once again we release new single in Japan, I am happy to meet everyone again!
E: Please anticipate the Revolution version of Donghae & Eunhyuk.

Donghae & Eunhyuk photography 

Donghae & Eunhyuk who fly from Korea to Japan and straight to studio, not showing any sign of tiredness and appear full with energy! At the beginning of the interview, gentle Donghae who helps translator to hold the recorder, and during photoshoot, Eunhyuk who is humming along the songs played in the studio, two persons who is very natural.

Personal part:


Change of ideal type

When a girl pays attention to what I am saying, seeing her eyes, my heart will flutters , “ah she is really concentrating in listening to me”, and I really like to see her smile. In the past, I will fall in love with a person because of her physical features. To be honest I pay attention on looks, I fall in love at first sight most of the time. But when I grow older, I changed, I like people who goes well with me. I can’t just meet the person once, but a few times, I will pay attention on different parts, such as smile, voice, how the person talks, what the person talks, small gestures and etcetera, maybe it becomes harder for me to look for a partner (laughs), and I haven’t been in love for quite a long time.

What will you do when you date? There are a lot…

I want to go to big supermarkets to buy ingredients, then prepare a meal together. Go out together and help girlfriend to pick clothes. In the past I love to buy clothes for myself, but now my temptation over fashion decreases, so I buy lesser things. If I see clothes, I will unconsciously thought of “if I have girlfriend I want to buy this for her”. Of course, there are a lot of places in Japan which can date, such as onsen, Disneyland, or strolling in Tokyo streets. I have a lot of things I want to do but I cant do it alone all of them. So I am still waiting for a girl to appear and fulfil all of them, but it seems like I need to wait for a long time.

Morning Donghae, at night also Donghae, its tiring (laughs)

On days we have schedules, the first thing I do when I wake up is to call manager, to confirm Donghae is awake, Donghae is always sleeping late and waking up late. (Donghae who is sitting at the side apologises in Japanese “I am sorry for being late” upon hearing the conversation here). I like to be alone at night, but Donghae always call me. Actually, yesterday night he called me too “Lets eat” but I already ate, and I already brush my teeth, so I told him I am not going but Donghae reply “Whatever it is, you have to go”, he doesn’t listen to me, so in the end I went out with him (Laughs).

Vacation once a year, reducing pressure by vacation

I am originally not a person who gets mad easily, because I am a person who is bold so I don’t feel much pressure, but of course there is still a bit of pressure. So everytime I will utilize my vacation to reduce pressure. I really love vacation, I will go with members or family, I also went alone before. I especially love to go places where I don’t have much chances to go to, especially Europe.

Now its where you work hard in achieving something in your job, but 10 years later maybe becomes a dad?

I already decided that from now until the next 6-7 years I will work hard, 5 years later, I guess it will still be continuously working, not just as Super Junior, but also some other MC work, 10 years later, maybe I will become a dad… there is a Korean variety show who show about the life of fathers and children, in the show, there martial arts fighter Chu Seunghoon and his daughter Chu Sarang interactions are really cute! Its totally my ideal family. Everytime when I watch the show, I will imagine I have a kid like that.


During the interview he work hard in answering all questions, he has good brains, during photoshoot, he also attentively pose for the camera, when Donghae did solo photoshoot, Eunhyuk will stand behind the staffs and watch quietly. Even if its his time to rest, when Donghae has solo interview, Eunhyuk will still sit beside Donghae and listen, and add a few words into Donghae’s interview. In fact, he is person who is gentle and caring towards the things around him.


Liking people who is lively like a rabbit

I like people who are cheerful and lively, just like rabbits hopping and bouncing. (what small gestures you like about girls?) In short, its people who is like a rabbit who runs here and there! (laughs)

Dating in Japan I want to go onsen

During our concert tour, before Sapporo, I had already wanted to go to onsen, because our room has onsen, its so awesome! If I date, I really want to go onsen, have a bath around 30 minutes then eat ramen, watch movies and play card game!

Morning a cup of coffee, at night send messages to Eunhyuk

Everyday after wake up, I will have a cup of yoghurt drink which is good for the stomach, then I will go into the bathroom and use water to comb up my fringe which is always getting in the way, then I took off my shirt and got onto the scale to check my weight. After that, I had a cup of black coffee because it will make you feel good. Then I will go to work, if I don’t have schedules, I will go to gym, at night when I go back to dorm, I will pour in water for the humidification water heater, then send a message to Eunhyuk to ask him “what to eat?”, we always went out to eat together.

Even if there are troubles I will solve myself

In the past, I am always easily getting mad, but because of that it makes people around me feels uncomfortable, so I don’t think its good. Now when I have troubles, I will go to the bathroom and make myself calm down and think that “there is always times like this”, “I am not alone who feel like this” , “think on a better side” and also try my best to understand what others think. Even if I have friends around to talk to them, but if I really don’t need any help, I will figure out myself.

5 years late will have tour in Japan again?

If you ask me 5 years later what man I want to be? Of course a man who put family as his first priority (laughs), from today onwards I will pay more attention on a person’s inner grace. Because I really love taking pictures, so I want to also take more good pictures, and 5 years late should be holding concert in Japan right? Maybe marriage and have kids, ugh, I don’t really know about my future (laughs).


Donghae help the translator to take water from the water dispenser, showing his gentleman side. When staffs praise him for 100% service, he loudly retort “this is not service, this is love”, and he will do aegyos during Eunhyuk’s interview breaks, and sign on his polaroid photo and etcetera, a freestyle person. But in the end when talking about the end of Japan tour, he gives a very sad expression and spoke in Japanese “very lonely”, leaving a deep impression to the staffs.

Chinese to English Trans:@eunhaebemine
Japanese to Chinese Trans: DirtyPop1938

Translation - TV Guide 14 February

Found this sitting in drafts when I thought I had posted it long ago!

This is February’s issue so they answer five questions about Valentines.
This is quite short so I did all the members parts.

Q1. Which member would you date if you were a girl?
Q2. It will be Valentines Day soon. In what kind of situation do you want to receive chocolates?
Q3. “XX sureba motto happy life” (you will have a happy life if xxx), apply a situation to fit into the sentence.
Q4. In connection with the drama Dark System, what kind of machine do you want to invent?
Q5. Tell us your recent updates!

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anonymous asked:


im doing a modern clexa ok cool
  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa - clarke is in her head so much thinking about med school or imagining lexa’s beautiful face and body and how she cant wait to get home already and kiss and paint lexa’s back like she loves and wHY WONT THIS DOOR OPEN GOD DAmn oh oops
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them - lexa likes to pretend shes all tough and stoic but man oh man u should see her desk and school work theres probably not one page that doesnt have hearts with c + l all over it like lexa is so whipped its embarrassing 
  • Who starts the tickle fights - clarke knows lexa has a weakness. her arm pits. its her acieles heal. so sometimes (and by sometimes i obviously mean way too often) when they’re making out and taking clothes off clarke will sneak her hand and start tickling lexa and lexa would laugh and tell her to stop and try to tickle back bUT HOW IS CLARKE NOT TICKLISH ANYWHERE THIS GIRL IS INVINCIBLE
  • Who starts the pillow fights - sometimes clarke is so focused on reading her med school papers and lexa just wants some attention (who can blame the girl?) she sneaks up behind clarke and wacks her with a pillow and clarke acts all hurt and lexa’s like SHIT DID I HURT YOU CLARKE IM SO SORRY and clarke just steals lexa’s pillow from her hand and starts hitting her back
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile - clarke falls asleep pretty quickly because she’s always so tired from med school and honestly lexa wouldnt have it any other way because she’s most content just watching clarke sleep calmly and lexa just cant believe that someone like clarke griffin is hers
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar - lexa is the cook at home but sometimes clarke decides “no babe im treating u tonight im cooking” and lexa agrees but only because she cant say no to clarke, but damn she really should because clarke does not know her way around a kitchen. maybe this so why their pasta is sweet and instead of salty
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning - clarke is a little shit. we all know that. sometimes when she comes home late and lexa is already sleeping clarke warms up food because hey a girls gotta eat, but she porpusely lets the microwave beep because then lexa wakes up and comes to check on clarke and gives her soft sleepy kisses and can we really blame clarke for letting the microwave beep??
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines - WE ALL KNOW LEXA USES CHEESY PICK UP LINES ON CLARKE COME ON she usually gets them from raven or octavia and they promise her that clarke will love them but then why does clarke always roll her eyes when lexa says them?? at least she rolls her eyes but has a hint of a smile
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order - lexa has to have it all organized and clarke NEVER returns the books back to the right place so before bed every night lexa just makes sure every book is in the exact right spot and clarke always feels bad for messing up lexa’s books. does that mean clarke will start putting them back in place? probably not.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies - lexa cooks and bakes and loves making food. clarke does not know how to make food. so instead she watches when lexa makes it. and sometimes goes up to where lexa is making the brownies. and takes the spoon. and starts licking the spoon. in a not so pg-13 way. and lexa has a little trouble continuing her baking when clarke is doing that right in front of her….
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion - LEXA BUYS CANDLES ALL THE TIME FOR NO SPECIAL OCCASION LEXA IS A CANDLE HOE and “lexa we already have like 50 candles at home why do we need more??” “CLARKE CANDLES ARE ALWAYS GOOD AND WELCOME IN OUR HOME”
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen - clarke misses art now that she’s in med school, so she likes to draw sometimes. but not on a paper/canvas, she likes to draw on lexa. sometimes its cute little pen doodles and sometimes its whole paintings on lexa’s back
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation - lexa is such a nerd. “clarke look at this cute magnet i got from greece!! anya said its ugly but i know she secretly liked it too” and then she adds it to the fridge along with all of the other magnets lexa has bought from around the world
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines - clarke likes to read magazines and lexa never understands why. clarke also likes to take magazine quizes and lexa just rolls her eyes and says “clarke why do we need to take a quiz to know if we love each other? i already told you multiple times that ill love you until the sun dies.” and clarke just melts at that
Hey, Mr Airplane

CHARACTER : Hanbin & Reader

GENRE : Angst

Originally posted by hanbindex

you were waiting at the front gate with haeun for hanbin after your class has ended. you look at your watch again and heaved a big sigh. “yah did this kid sleep in class again and didn't know that class has ended long ago” you asked in sarcasm to haeun. she giggled and rolls her eyes.

 both of you waited till you saw a tall figure running towards your direction. he was about to say something when haeun puts a finger on his lips. “save it hanbin, we know you slept in class”. his cheeks turns a tinge of redness as he rubbed his neck shyly.

the three of you has been friends since childhood. you and hanbin knew each other longer than haeun due to parents being business partners. till then, both of you becomes close to haeun in middle school. however, its not a typical friendship between the three of you. 

it was a complicated one. you fell for hanbin the first time you met him. who doesn’t? he’s smart, kind-hearted and good-looking. moreover, his smile can melt the entire female population in the world. you were lucky to not only met him, but to be close to him.

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