i love them all!!!!!!


Whether dressed down for a little bit of fun competition, or jazzed up for a night at the dancehall, these two humans are the most beautiful when they get to partake in engagements together, and we get to see them be themselves. Always there for each other, always by the others’ side, even if they separate for a minute or two, they’re drawn back like magnets - together ALWAYS & FOREVER ♡


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The SDCC Teen Wolf panel has been uploaded by Flicks and the City…… and I DIDN’T cry twice while watching it!!!!


Remembered Dreams

So, a couple months ago when I wrote this story, @grootiez had a request and I finally was able to get it done.

So without further ado…

Drax woke suddenly, air catching in his throat. Despite his comrades’ complaints about snoring and loud sleeping, there was never a moment when he was not alert. And something had woken him. While he was loathe to give up the dream he’d been partaking in, he determined to figure out what noise had reached him and determine if it was a threat. Hovat would come to him in sleep once more.

The sounds of his boots on the grate walkways echoed hollowly through the silent ship. But there, he heard the sound again. A low growl that changed in pitch to a near-scream. It came from the creature’s berth. It was quiet after the vocal outburst, but Drax recognized the sounds of fretful sleep that followed. It would be easy to return to his own rest. He far preferred to save his strength, let his shipmates face their internal struggles on their own as he did. Yet he did not leave.

After a moment of stillness, he took his hands from his hips and entered his friend’s sleeping quarters. Unlike himself, the creature did not wake merely sensing the presence of another nearby. It merely continued to toss about where it lay. There were remnants of vines and branches surrounding him, haphazardly aimed at what could only have been imagined or remembered danger.

Drax stepped forward, bending to reach out with one finger and poke at his friend.


He did not wake, so he poked more firmly.

“Friend, you are dreaming.”

It sat up with a howl, shooting vines blindly. Drax easily dodged them, stepping to the side until his friend realized it was he who stood there. After a few moments, the small creature calmed, turning to face away as it sat, head hung low to its chest.

“I am Groot.”

“Yes, I recognized the signs of troubled dreams. What bothers you?”

I am Groot.”

At the mention of Ego’s planet, Drax sat on the bed as well. It was something few of them mentioned by choice.

“That was months ago,” he said. But despite his words, he knew that he himself was still uneasy at the memory of being trapped in the depths of Ego’s mind.

His friend’s shoulders drooped, a low whine escaping from him. A sense of defeat and fear that Drax understood well.

With no other ideas or words, he lifted the small creature and held him to his shoulder, cradling the puny, wooden body with his large hand. Out of habit, he began to rock and sing the melody he had sung to his own Kamaria years ago. His voice was rough but the tune still came true. He sang until the small limbs he supported relaxed and then hung loose. He sang until he heard the quiet sounds of sleep from his companion. He sang until he lost himself to his own bittersweet dreams once again.

casual date night ITH headcannons

vasnavi: something casual they would do is try to cook together. i think neither of them would be good at baking/cooking so they’d do it together and try to help each other get better

benina: benny and nina would go grocery shopping together and call it a date, let’s be real LMAO benny would be one of those people that lowkey slips ice cream or candy in the cart/basket and nina would see it every time, even with her back turned (bonus,, she slaps his hand)

paint chips (sonnyxpete): i came up with this one today and it makes me SQUEAL! they would be the couple that would just sit out on the fire escape and feed each other bites of ice cream (from which sonny steals from the bodega without usnavi noticing). they’d also talk about their future and life

dani x carla: listen these two would TOTALLY make a casual date out of doing each other’s nails and i’m not even trying to be stereotypical with their characters. i just love the idea of dani doing carla’s nails while she talks about what her pastor told her

vanina: i totally stole this from boopliette but just imagine,, nina reading out loud or just teaching vanessa something while they sit on the couch and have dinner or cake or something like that. just nina and her books and her vanessa,,, the LIFE