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Jian Yi and Zhan have a relationship. They know each other and even it wasn´t okay that Jian Yi stole a kiss from Zhan, is much more serious what He Tian did. I mean, he didn't know his name and he punched and harassed him in previous chapters. Plus, redhead is CRYING. It's not a 'real kiss' it's sexual abuse for god's sake. Redhead hates He tian, stop putting it like something cute. I love He Tian x Redhead but this isn't okay. He Tian went too far.

Spare me with all this bullshit okay? What He Tian and Jian Yi did are exactly the same. Even the way Old Xian drew both scenes are similar. Don’t even try to deny this and excuse only Jian Yi bc he is friends with Zheng Xi. Kissing without consent is not ok but look here sweetie this is only a fictional bl comic not a real life situation. Just bc you can’t handle this doesn’t mean I have to do same as you. Don’t use Jian Yi and Zheng Xi’s friendship to make things alright. It’s not a excuse and if this was in real life it wouldn’t make the situation less bad. Yes, He Tian punched Guan Shan once when they weren’t in the best terms and gropped his chest before but then you have Zheng Xi hitting Jian Yi all the time and let’s be real here if you are not okay with all this you should not be okay with Jian Yi’s behaviour towards Zheng Xi either. He has been doing a lot of stuff that Zheng Xi doesn’t feel comfortable about. 

like the minute someone sits me down and hugs me or holds my hand or does anything remotely to care for me esp. when i feel sick makes me cry!!! because growing up i was told that i was faking and id just be alone in my room while i was sick and in my relationships it was a “oh that sucks” and either ignored or made to continue on as if i wasnt sick (taking care of everyone else, doing laundry and dishes and household chores and cooking dinner and being obedient) and to be shown love makes me lose my composure entirely

Rules: name 10 characters you would kiss, then tag 10 people!

I already did this but it’s fine because I’d never pass up the chance to give more kissed to my favorite characters!!

I was tagged by @deadxxxmoon (the sebastian michaelis loving tsundere~) thanks babe!

1) I have another opportunity so of course I’m gonna give Hisoka another kiss! Kisses with be nsfw though because he’s a nasty fuck and I’m a clownfucker. 

2) Sho Fuwa from Skip Beat! I have a love/hate relationship with this prick but there’s no denying he’s pretty.

3) Prince Soma from Kuroshitsuji! He’s my baby and I love him!!

4) Ciel! The brat needs to have his face covered in grandma kisses because we’re no longer the same age so I can’t be in love with him and must adopted him as my son instead.

5) Kurapika! I’d be fucked up though and place some gentle butterfly kisses on each of his eyelids and make him cry.

6) Morel! Don’t ask me why.

7) Kurama Shinjirou from Kamisama Kiss! Bird boy gets all the kisses.

8) Bisky! I love how cute she is and how much she loves sparkling gems but can also kill someone if need be like she is me.

9) Kagome! I love her and she is my favorite girl from my childhood.

10) Bankotsu from Inuyasha! He’s an evil bastard but he’s hot so idc.

I’m tagging @jesterca, @lost-boy-alien, @utterlycvte, @as-cute-as-i-can-make-it, @angrymachi, & anyone else who wants to do it!!

Oh SHIT son!

Junko and Mikan finally meet! …Though I have a feeling that their “relationship” is actually going to be Mikan having Stockholm Syndrome, which kind of sounds like something Junko would do, but at the same time… ‘Little disappointed.

Anyway… Fucking wow. Junko you evil, evil bitch… But I love you anyway! Also, if there’s not a GIF of her eyes going crazy, I’ll cry.

Oh and Mikan was rubbing the tip of one of Junko’s mushrooms in a… Well…

But look!


I’m going to have another post right after this showing all of the student council members!

Oh, and I’m keeping a close eye on Junko’s hair in the opening song.

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For the Send me a Character ask thingyyyyy.... Frodooo! And Ariel too because she's awesome :D xx


  • First impression: oh he’s so wee and precious
  • Impression now: same but also what a strong character
  • Favorite moment: Frodo: glad to be with you samwise gamgee Me: 😭
  • Idea for a story: frodo doesn’t leave at the end of rotk and make me cry
  • Unpopular opinion: I think Frodo is incredibly strong and brave and heroic, like omfg you try to take the Ring to Mordor you bunch of haters >:(
  • Favorite relationship: oh for sure with Sam
  • Favorite headcanon: that last smile on the ship was him returning to the happiness he knew before his quest, gotta be, for me to go on living.


  • First impression: I was 3 so I don’t remember but I think it was love at first sight.
  • Impression now: same tbqh, perfect perfect character
  • Favorite moment: GOD the “Part of Your World” Reprise. Swear to GOD there is not song more romantic on the planet. And in my heartache that song is the cry of my soul, it’s PATHETIC hahaha. 
  • Idea for a story: I don’t need to come up with any becuase the 2nd Little Mermaid is good enough. :)
  • Unpopular opinion: Um, apparently there are some people (looking at you cracked.com) who didn’t really pay attention to the movie and criticize Ariel for “changing who she is to be with a man,” but like fuck the fuck off plz if you think this. Ariel had ALWAYS loved the human world, and had been collecting artifacts from ship wrecks for ages. I mean just check out her awesome pack-rat closet! This girl was obsessed with the world above her own her entire life. It would be like growing up loving astronomy, then not only did she get a chance to MARRY AN ASTRONAUT, she got a free ride to also BECOME ONE.  So fuck all y’all haters tbqh.
  • Favorite relationship: Her and Eric, someone kill me okay.
  • Favorite headcanon: Ariel probably still brushes her hair with a dinglehopper.
Live for love

You want to conrtol it
I need that safe feel

You want to take it slow
I need time to heal

You want to be loved
I need affection

You want to be cuddled
I need protection

You want to laugh
I need some fun

You want to cry
I need to run

You want to talk
I need to clear things out

You want to scream
I need to be loud

You want…
I need…



It soon became clear to me that the joker, often described as a raving, homicidal madman, was actually a tortured soul crying out for L O V E and acceptance. a lost, injured child trying to make the world laugh at his antics. 


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[Caption: Seven stacked gifs of immortal/mortal relationships in Shadowhunters with a quote layered over them: (1. Clary crying over Simon’s dead body) “If you die before I die” (2. Magnus looking at Alec fondly while Alec isn’t looking) “I’ll carve your name out of the sky” (3. Isabelle and Meliorn leaning into each other) “It’s better to love” (4. Simon pulling back from a hug, holding Clary at arm’s length) “Whether you win or lose or die” (5. Alec and Magnus kissing) “It’s better to love” (6. Isabelle pushing up Simon’s glasses in his van) “And I will love you” (7. Three different shots of Alec, Isabelle and Clary smiling at Magnus, Meliorn and Simon) “’Til I die”]

Sometimes I think that crying means letting go of old memories. That each tear symbolises a person or an individual moment.

If that is the case, I will keep every tear I shed for you in a glass, so even though I have let go, I still have a piece of you with me.

All I want nowadays is someone to give enough fucks to really care. You guys know what I’m talking about. I don’t need someone to start drama or bicker. I don’t need a hand to hold or someone to fuck. No, no, no. I don’t need any of that. I want real affection. I guess when you miss out on some parts of a relationship, that’s all you really crave for. My mother used to tell me that I picked the prettiest girls, but mama, the prettiest rose has the sharpest thorns. My mother used to say I loved people too much, but mama, that’s how you taught us to love. My mother used to cry about her shitty boyfriends, but mama, you never taught me any better. Nobody taught me how to love someone. No one. There was not a soul. Then again, maybe there was. I remember a girl who truly cared about me. Sometimes when I roll around, I wonder if she still thinks about me. I treated her like shit and that’s the irony, we miss people like that. That’s the truth about love, it never comes back. It doesn’t work out every time. The books we read to each other, the endings just cliff hang. That’s the truth about love, it should be free. We chain ourselves to titles and that hurts me. If you trust me, why give it a second thought? If you love me, why give it a reason to break? I used to think that beauty is what our skin shows, but the truth is, beauty is more inside than what stars can show. The truth is I’ve been in love, but was I in love with that person or in love with the feeling? The truth is, I write about absolutely nothing while trying to figure out something. The truth is, I would love to hold you back to sleep and tell you stories about me, but isn’t that best left for another night? Tonight is so great, why ruin it? That’s all I really want. Someone to give a
—  fuck.
Love has no boundaries, and it should not be confined to a certain limit. Someone once told me nothing good comes from a half-assed job and since that day I have never loved with anything less than with my whole heart.
I know I am not good at everything,
but let me tell you this…
I will love you on your darkest days, and your happiest days.
I will love you when you can’t love yourself.
I will love you on days when you’re crying.
I will love you everyday that you let me.
My love has no boundaries as to who you are.
If you’ve shown me you are good,
and you are pure,
I will love you everyday.
—  I will love you everyday
Long Distance Thoughts

I am sad but you make me happy
I wonder if you feel the same
I hear your laughter
I see your face
I want you with me
I am sad but you make me happy

I pretend you are next to me when I fall asleep
I feel your arms wrap around me
I touch your lips to mine
I worry we’ll stop talking, stop feeling
I cry because I miss you and I just want to see you
I am sad but you make me happy

I understand long distance doesn’t end well
I say that’s not what this is
I dream of being with you again
I try to get you off my mind but I can’t
I hope you’re going through the same thing
I am sad but you make me happy

We had a crazy kind of love, from the very beginning. Nothing was ever clear, nothing was straightforward, nothing was easy. We built a connection on raw love, shattered pieces of passion that got buried beneath everything we went through. We were broken from the beginning, but I never saw it as a reason to quit. In fact, for a while I thought it made our relationship that much more special, until I started getting cut by the shards of emotion that crunched under my weight, until I was bleeding everywhere from the wounds that my overly passionate love caused me. But I always said that love was stronger than anything. She was the girl I could tell anything to, the hand I could hold when mine were shaking, the shoulder I could cry on and chest I could rest my head on until I had the strength to get up and be my own person again. None of the pain I went through and none of the scars I have could change that, even if I wish they would. She held me at night, she washed my hair for me in the shower, she listened to me talk about my darkest secrets, she calmed me down when I couldn’t breathe. She may choose to forget that now, and pretend that I was never that important to her, but I can tell you that the light and love in her eyes I used to see before we leaned in for a kiss or shared a quiet moment would say otherwise. Who knows what is going through her head now, or what she really thought for the 9 months that I got to call her mine, but every time she said “I love you”, it rolled off her lips with some kind of magic. I never thought you could hate someone that was once your world, but she showed me first that you could, and I’ve followed suit. She’s not the same girl that wrapped her arms around my waist and told me how beautiful I was, nor is she the girl that whispered in my ear in a dark room at midnight that she never wanted to lose me. Our time has come and gone. I’ll never understand how she could give up so easily, how she could leave me without a second thought, how all the words she once told me could mean nothing, but everyone has told me that’s just how it goes.

I’M SO FUCKING EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW I’M NOT EVEN JOKING THIS EPISODE WAS TOO MUCH AND YOU KNOW ONE OF THE BEST PARTS? THE MOTHERFUCKING SPANISH TRANSLATION. In spanish we have two ways to say “I love you”: “Te quiero” and “Te amo”, the last one is more powerful, in a relationship level is like a deep love. You use “amas” when someone is so important to you that you can’t live without them, is important, is other level of love. The translator used this word when they translated what Lailah said. They could have used : “¿Lo quieres?”, BUT NO, they used “¿Lo amas?” AND BELIEVE ME, THAT’S BEAUTIFUL.