i love their rap songs t t

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Jack I'm loving the music you're leaving links to, are there any other similar albums or songs you enjoy listening to? Would love to check those out as well :)

Ok so i’ve been OBSESSED with Kendrick Lamar’s new album since it came out and I know Hip Hop or Rap isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and this song isn’t even the best on the album (DNA is insane) but this music video alone is worth watching regardless because it’s incredibly well shot with some fantastic cinematography:

Me trying to understand this MV

Semi-Automatic (Cover)
twenty one pilots
Semi-Automatic (Cover)

this is very possibly the first twenty one pilots song i’ve ever heard; and now i’m still just as in love with it than i was back then. i hope it sounds okay. 

also, don’t mind the rap. i can’t rap. tyler joseph wouldn’t approve of this rap.

past covers! || request a song!

(also: if you want to download any of my covers, just send me a message or an ask n i’ll give you a link!!) 

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I wasn't being rude. You just took it like that. If you want me to REALLY be hard, I'll do it. Stop acting so hip and urban, it makes you look like a try hard that's trying to resonate with the youth. Not everyone likes rap, I love your animation but I can't listen to the song in it, I have to mute and play something over it. It's not like I'm asking you to insert pop songs and references into your stuff. People have short attention spans and need updates to keep themselves interested. Jfc.

oh its you again

Are you using urban as an adjective for black? huh thats pretty racist of you don’t you think? DO you think at all? Does a person who draws a connection of black and urban using it as a negative connotation have cognitive ability? In fact, maybe you should stop “trying” to use that as a leverage to boost your own ego. I’m sure much like the people in your life would. Also maybe this is linked to your short attention span, who knows really? I don’t.

ps. I am in fact black and a lot of our collaborators much of who are also friends are also black, WOAH hard for you to wrap your mind around right??

also pps - fuck you bitch. get the fuck off anon and fight me you donkey


I was tagged by @popliar to post some sweet jams and it only took me like 2 weeks to condense my current jams into something manageable and not discordant (plus that gave me a chance to listen to the new Kendrick). This isn’t a mix because I’d have to cut an EXID song and my heart can’t handle that, but you could play this like a mix if you wanted.

  1. Miss You - Monsta X: I think in the past, this might have ended up as more of a ballad, but instead it has a really nice beat. Though I also like the bridge where the beat drops out and it’s just the piano and the vocals and rap keep the rhythm instead. Good jon, Jooheon.
  2. How Why - EXID: I think the absence of Solji from this ep forced EXID to let the instrumentation play the role of her power vocals and the result is a really chill and laid back collection of songs. There were definitely songs like this on Street (their previous full-length) but it’s definitely been refined. The inclusion of the sounds of the ocean at the beginning and end is chef’s kiss perfect.
  3. Really Really - Winner: So different from Winner’s last release, but they’ve also lost a member so I guess I’m not too surprised. It’s much more in line with what’s popular in music right now with that tropical house sound. It really suits their vocals and rappers though, so the song works. Shoutout to all those LA dancers in the video. But can YG’s obsession with low riders be over now?
  4. The Sun, The Moon In Love - Kisum ft. Pizza: I like this song better than the single Kisum put out with this newest EP. It’s got a great dreamy sound that contrasts well with her delivery, and I don’t know anything else Pizza has done, but he keeps the dreamy mood for the chorus.
  5. 1 Night - Mura Masa ft. Charli XCX: There are actual steel drums in this song, so I’m here for it. I haven’t listened to a ton of Charli’s stuff on her own, but I like her vocals here. Can you tell this list had a certain tone to it?
  6. Velvet - EXID (LE solo): In the grand tradition of Songs LE’s Written about Sex (see: Cream), Velvet is sensual and mature and suits LE’s voice. And just like Cream, you don’t have to know the Korean lyrics to understand what this song is about.
  7. Loyalty. - Kendrick Lamar (ft. Rihanna): A full version is hard to find for free, but god, this beat is everything. I want to grind up on someone when this song comes on? That’s helped by Rihanna being all over the track, but lord the beat.
  8. Bad Love - Seohyun: Some smokey horns and Soehyun’s voice make for another catchy song that I like more than her title track (though I like Don’t Say No plenty). The bridge steps up the instrumentation rather than stripping it down and that makes it great for pumping your fist while singing along. 
  9. Gajah (Elephant) - Gaeko ft. RM: I linked a lyrics video rather than the music video, since there’s some animated body-horror stuff in there. A song about the pressures of life and how you have to keep moving (like an elephant?). Love the trippy guitar sounds in particular. Gaeko’s a legend and his experience shows and Rapmon’s verse holds up well next to him. The instrumentals at the end would be great if they led to something else on a record, but there’s no other release from Gaeko right now, so they seem pointless? RELEASE AN ALBUM GAEKO.
  10. Let Me Out - Gorillaz ft Mavis Staples & Pusha T: New Gorillaz is always a time for joy, but this is my favorite of what they’ve previewed so far. Trust Damon to use Mavis Staples’ voice to its full effect.
  11. Change - RM x Wale: Of course a collab between Rap Monster and Wale would be both about real shit and still uplifting? The piano and pizzicato strings of first two verses, and then the change for the third verse that gets a little darker, a little more serious. Catchy as hell.
  12. Paradise - GOT7: Jinyoung wrote a song that hits all of my tropical house weaknesses and makes me want to shake my butt every time I listen to it. Mark low-talking in my ear throughout the entire song is just unfair.
  13. Memory - Brave Girls: @renquise has it right that this song feels like a sing-a-long in the car, upbeat and joyful. It’s great to hear Hyeran on the track, even if she couldn’t promote Rollin’.
  14. Outro: Wings - BTS: I loved this song before I saw BTS live, but the live version is perfectly placed in their show as the first song of the encore, great for jumping out of your seat as you hit that end-of-concert exhaustion/euphoria state, so now I have even more goodwill towards it. A classic 90s house sound that’s hiding a modern EDM-trap breakdown that lets J-Hope shine twice in one song. His flow serves both rhythms really well. I don’t call him Trap King Hobi for nothing.
Songs on Jungkook’s V LIVE

1. Question by Lauv ft. Travis Mills

2. It Ain’t Wrong Loving You by HONNE

3. Hits by Totemo

4. Heart Miles by Jai Waetford

5. Electric by Alina Baraz ft. Khalid

6. Unrequited by TOTEM

7. Contrail by MoonMoon

8. We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth ft Selena Gomez

9. Through the Night by IU

10. One More Weekend by Audien 

11. Change by Rap Monster and Wale

12. Purpose (cover) by Jungkook

13. Lie by BTS Jimin

14. Stigma by BTS Taehyung

rules: list your top 10 favourite girl group songs and tag 10 people 

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  1. One More Day- SISTAR (the actual best MV and song istg I love it everyone else take note) 
  2. Hate- 4Minute (I’m still cut they broke up omg they were my fave) 
  3. Decalcomanie- Mamamoo
  4. You Don’t Love Me- SPICA THEY BROKE UP TOO :(((
  5. Crazy- 4Minute
  7. I Like That- SISTAR
  8. Taller Than You- Mamamoo
  9. Sugar Free- T-ara
  10. Whistle- BLACKPINK

Things I WANNA put on the list because female artists fuck yeah

Crazy Dog- Yezi (feat. San E) 
Cider- Yezi  (I’m actually in love with this girl so)
Ssenunni- Jessi
And July- Heize (feat. Dean) 

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Everyone seems to love The Curtain Rises so much except for me. Like the rap sounds stupid, there’s so much autotune/the back vocals are so loud in the main chorus that you can’t even hear the Chissa/Nakky/Mai trio and I feel like in a last single, there shouldn’t be that kind of stuff. All the girls should be able to be heard in a last single. The song is okay I guess, but it shouldn’t be part of their final single.            

okaay :D

thanks for tag  @mii-chankai
BIRTHDAY:  may 21
PETS: i have a cat
WAKE UP TIME: usually at 7 or 9 o'clock
LOVE OR LUST: neither
FAVORITE FOOD: vegetables, especially broccoli
LAST SONG I LISTENED TO: БЛОКЕРЫ by Джарахов (Russian rap) 
FIRST KISS: didn’t have

I don’t want to tag anyone, sorry

The Music tag

Thank you bean for tagging me @keunakool imma finally starting to comeback haha so you dont have to worry anymore

rules: just add 5 questions of your own if you wanna lol

1. who is your favourite artist right now? - IU, I cannot stop listening to her new album. Everything about her recent albums has been amazing. I love the lyrics to her songs and the style and just sdbawhjb. Also LEE DAEHWI

2. who is your favourite artist of all times? -  ummmm not quite sure. Michael Jackson, Imagine Dragons, and μ’s are all very high tho

3. genre you absolutely despise? - I don’t have any I despise. Though, I say I don’t enjoy hard hip hop/rap but like you’ll see over in the corner bopping hard when you put it on

4. genre you love? - Classical, Pop, Rock, Modern Classical, R&B, Soul, and many more

5. first song you learned by heart? - I can’t remember cause when I was a kid I used to pick up on lyrics to a song very quickly. Like when i was 3 I knew all the words to Crabbuckit by k-os

6. first song you learned by heart in foreign language? - Does the Greek national anthem count??

7. your favourite lyrics? - oh god, ummmmm idkkkk

8. favourite song? - currently, im jamming to one step, two steps oh my girl, everything iu has done, Remember apink, and she’s a baby by zico

9. what does music mean to you? (don’t be afraid to write a full essay if you wanna lol) - music has been apart of my entire life. it’s one of the biggest aspects that defines who i am. majority of the sports i play include music, like figure skating and dance. ive played multiple music instruments ever since i was very young, which are piano, violin, trumpet, guitar, and recorder. music connected me with my best friends. without music, kpop specifically, i wouldnt be friends with one of my best friends, and with two of my others music just made our relationship much stronger. even this year the two newest close friends ive made has been because of music. one being @keunakool who is very dear to me. music is my main source of escape from everyone and everything. music never fails to make me feel peaceful, happy, and energized. i literally cannot imagine my life without music. 

imma tag @knkruinedmylife @omgkth @756cm @kimyumbin @knockinknk @henmi @knkinky

not to go too in depth because i still can’t even breathe but

i think part of what makes easy love™ the certified best song of all time ever is that

moreso than in their previous songs, neither the rap nor vocals has to make stylistic sacrifices for the other. like the vocals are powerful but soft? in a way that reflects the melancholy of betrayal and lost love whereas the rap is powerful in a more ragey / anguished way (also reflective of how one tends to feel when they are emotionally torn apart) and i don’t know i just feel like this song achieves that in a way none of their others quite have so far

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What kind of music are they into??

Hidan – Heavy metal, rock, dubstep, EDM, alternative. Anything among those categories is great to him, so long as it has a loud, strong beat and he can blast it to the point of bursting his eardrums.

This Will Be the Day - RWBY -  https://youtu.be/CtMXnr293zU?t=3s

The Ballad of Mona Lisa - Panic! At the Disco - https://youtu.be/gOgpdp3lP8M

SMASH! - Ummet Ozcan - https://youtu.be/Ykj_wJKkaAg

Kakuzu – He loves smoother songs and artists more known for them like Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Dean Martin. He has found a few electroswing songs he likes from Hidan’s playlist, but he will never admit it to Hidan.

Swing Break - The McMash Clan - https://youtu.be/v-CZA5bhK_Q

 Volare - Dean Martin - https://youtu.be/NgeI0NeOjhI

 La Vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong - https://youtu.be/JmqqaTU1ifw?t=1s

Deidara – Top 40, EDM, Electroswing, Techno, Glitch Hop, Dubstep,

Vertigo - Rob Gasser & Laura Brehm -  https://youtu.be/6CQHm0jvgkw?t=1s

Paradise - Dowster & Vagabond - https://youtu.be/BRcMUxJQn4c?t=44s

Storm - Stryv - https://youtu.be/ZMzjyCLYQsY

Sasori – He doesn’t listen to music that often, he prefers the silence. But, when he does listen to music, he likes scores from movies. They have this certain sound to him that he adores. 

Radagast the Brown - LOTR - https://youtu.be/pNUMP1WmBB8

Suite from the Polar Express - The Polar Express - https://youtu.be/6EsA-uEBis4

 Le Moulin - Amelie Soundtrack - https://youtu.be/jdSq9UMDTKs

Itachi – Think of music you couldn’t really see him with. If you thought rap, you’re right. He likes rap, hip-hop, R&B, and those throwback songs from the early 2000’s. It’s a guilty pleasure and Kisame is the only one to know and it will stay that way.

 Eung Freestyle - Dream Perfect Machine (I believe?) - https://youtu.be/QljRe99OMCU?t=3s 

What’s Luv? - Fat Joe - https://youtu.be/pesOprbsDaI

Bling Blaww Burr - Gucci Mane - https://youtu.be/AfumliVrF-Q?t=14s

Kisame – Just like Kakuzu, he loves more of a smooth sound. He really loves Beyond the Sea by Bobby Darin though.

Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin - https://youtu.be/43GkQcl2ID0?t=2s 

 Feeling Good - Michael Buble - https://youtu.be/Edwsf-8F3sI

I Can’t Stop Loving You - Frank Sinatra - https://youtu.be/iF5bA1Arsco

Tobi/Obito – He can really listen to anything as long as it sounds nice to him. Deidara’s walked in on Tobi listening to heavy metal and sitting there calmly on the floor. It was quite the experience for him.

Find Your Love - Drake -  https://youtu.be/Xyv4Bjja8yc

Morte et Dabo - Asking Alexandria - https://youtu.be/7Txe3rVyfeg

Ghostbusters - Living Tombstone - https://youtu.be/vWltUi1zXWM

Zetsu – He has a few anime/game songs, all covers, in his playlist. Other than that, it’s all folk music and hymns. 

Lost in Thoughts, All Alone - AmaLee -  https://youtu.be/lsz5ijRQvUY?t=1s

Sad Machine (Miku Hatsune version) - Porter Robinson - https://youtu.be/rW1ZaoMhp2w

Kachata - Folknery (and other songs) - https://youtu.be/lTN1YbiOSmI

Pein/Pain – He mainly likes to listen to instrumentals because a lot of artists ruin the music for him, but he loves the beats and such, vice versa with vocal only versions, where the music ruins the lyrics for him.

This is Halloween - VSQ -  https://youtu.be/x9lWNBDzH1Y

The Black Parade - MCR - https://youtu.be/-0F_r6oM3Mc

Misery Business - Paramore - https://youtu.be/VyncY2JDpts

Konan – She’s an addict for Top 40 hits, but sometimes she can go for listening to foreign language songs that are slow and soft sounding. They relax her a lot. She has a huge crush on Nicki Minaj though. 

Comme des Enfants - Coeur de Pirate - https://youtu.be/w3yiu3RZacQ

Roar - Katy Perry - https://youtu.be/CevxZvSJLk8

Only - Nicki Minaj - https://youtu.be/zXtsGAkyeIo

(This was based off of music we have right now. I don’t think half of this would exist during the Akatsuki’s time soooo…)

today on ‘stan talent,stan k.a.r.d’

why RUMOR is actually amazingly lit and (it’s worth watching the mv):

  • “aRe… you for real?”
  • and serving looks also
  • well all of them serving looks because VISUALS
    (BM pls i have professed my unconditional love for jseph don’t wreck my list i swear)
  • Somin blessing us with her voice
  • (that high note in the chorus tho)
  • the boys singing together is life 
  • the key point + that drop?? instrumental part = LIT
    (actually im glad it seems easier than the previous two ones thank god)
  • J.Seph at the front
  •  JEON JIWOO. that’s it.
  • that short focus on the girls’ dance
  • those aesthetically pleasing shots tho
    (well it’s k.a.r.d, you can’t expect otherwise)
  • BM’s rap
  • this is the last song before the actual debut i’m hyped
  • tho it’s in a vertical format it puts other vertical videos to shame
  • anyways
  • stan k.a.r.d y’all

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Good luck with your original works Aero-chan. I'm so happy seeing you achieving something so amazing. :) Well, this will be a bit random maybe but I wonder, what kinda music do you prefer to listen?

Aww THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is so nice of you to say!! <333 I’m definitely having a blast with it and I’ve been living in bliss for quite some time now!!

As for music, I don’t like HEAVY metal ((for example, I like Stratovarius with all my heart and soul, but don’t like Metallica at all)), I detest “country,” and there are very few rap songs I’ll tolerate. I only say the things I don’t like first because I enjoy pretty much everything else.

My iPod is a conglomeration of songs ranging from cappella to instrumental to rock to hip hop to techno to alternative rock to blues to opera to classical etc etc I have so many songs on my iPod lol I love music! I always have something on in the background when I’m writing and the genre of music changes from song to song as my iPod goes through the playlists on shuffle haha I also love music from the video games I play!!! Usually, whenever I play a video game I love ((Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, etc)) a lot of those songs end up in my playlists =u=

This wasn’t random at all, thanks for asking!

bts are so underrated in that people don’t talk enough about how their songs are so personal,
so relevant and powerful they are, especially if you read lyrical translations (if you’re an international fan)

bangtan don’t just churn out hits that sound good, they sing about not giving up, even if tomorrow is scary, they sing and rap about today not being the day you give up, they sing about inner insecurity, sing about working hard, giving your blood sweat and tears for what you want, they sing about their love for their mothers, they sing and rap about their love for music, they sing about how girls should feel good about themselves- young girls especially- they sing about so much more than just nonsensical love songs that sound good.

and a lot of comes from them and you see how much it means to them. sure they’re also very good looking and sweet and funny and talented, but they’re also just so so relevant. their work can make an impact on a listener and leave them with more than a tune stuck in your head!

I’m just going to express my love for Paradise. If you’ve seen my past posts about this song, you’ll already know about my obsession with the track and are probably tired of me ranting about it, but whatever. Paradise is one of those tracks on the album that doesn’t get as much love as some dope track like Mad City and it isn’t performed much (or ever). Paradise, in my opinion, is one of the best songs from NCT. I’m more of a ballad person so if you’re more of a dance/rap sort of person, you may think differently. Every time I listen to it, it makes me think about how fucked-up life really is, but then I remember that shit happens for a reason and that I have to deal with it. It gives me hope in life somehow. It eases me, makes me feel like maybe there’s something to wait for in life. The members’ voices are soothing, and I’m glad they didn’t put any rap in it. Music is such a blessed gift that we all need to appreciate. Appreciate Paradise, appreciate music, appreciate life 😊💖😊💖

I was tagged by the amazing @baileytsample the incredible @telekineticeggos the gorgeous @elevenknope and the astounding @beep-beep-trashmouth to do this so thanks so much guys!!! I love youuuu! 💙💙💙💋🌺😊

RULES: Answer with 5 things that make you happy, then tag 10 others!!!

1. Listening to music while driving - I love just being able to zone out in the back seat and put my headphones on for hours on end
2. Talking to my amazing friends on here!!! Including the beautiful people who tagged me (again, I love you guys so much!)
3. Wind farms - I don’t know why, but whenever I drive past a wind farm, I get really excited and feel the need to point them out to everyone in the car
4. Learning a rap - when I manage to perfect a rap in a song I’m really happy and don’t stop repeating it until I learn a new one 😂
5. Daydreaming - I day dream all day, everyday 💙

I tag the wonderful:

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I had saw the adl bts meme thing on your blog and wanted to know what you think so 😈😍😴 if you have you have time Also love love your blog by the way❤️❤️😍

Awwee thank you, love ^.^ 

Now these emoji answers, for those who don’t know what these three mean it’s down below vvv

😍 - who is your bias?

😈 - and your bias wrecker

😴 - what’s the best song to listen before falling asleep

So my bias is totally rap monster ^.^ ah i love that smart dorky man <3, however my ultimate bias will always be v, because like come on he’s just the cutest thing every and i just love how unique he is and how he looks at the world

My bias wrecker phew these boys just won’t stay in their lane, yes cause I believe no one can have one bias wrecker. It’s jungkook and suga they just make my life hard at times TT-TT

I actually have a whole playlist filled with bts songs and a few others bands that I like to listen to before I fall asleep, but my all time favorite is I NEED U slow jam second best would have to be Save Me/Save Me Piano version

If anyone else would like to send me emoji ask request feel free ^.^ the link to the full post part is down below vv

Emoji Ask Request

sf9's easy love

• rap line is 🔥🔥🔥
• maknae line looks so good; i can’t with hwiyoung and chani my cute sons
• inseong!!!
• that is dawon wearing doc marts right i can’t tell for sure and it’s killing me
• jaeyoon’s eye makeup is amazing
• in conclusion: 10/10, I am dead