i love their personalities in this sfm

TBH, I would love to see blizzard or a person who know well Source Fiilm Maker that can make the fight between Young Genji vs Young Hanzo in there past. It would be bloody but, I would want to see that so badly and see Mercy save Genji and take him to Overwatch headquarters and relive Genji as Cyborg. I’m just saying but, I would love to see that AU: ➡💰 Blizzards or SFM expert, Hey make the fight and dead Genji with soon alive again.

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It’s my turn now. I’ll show you how cool and strong I am.

The mystery of the Pyro almost resolved

Im not a Medic, but thanks for my love at the police series, I know that you can know the sex of a person with his skull (but if you have the pelvis, you can know automatically the sex of a skeleton. I try to find the Pyro skeleton in the SFM model but I cant find him). I found this picture of the Pyro’s skull (with a alien infection).

I found this information

For disgrace, I think the team work designer of Valve know too that you can find the sex of a skull, so at first, they take a “bad radiography”. That means that you cant see the important parts that can help you to find the sex of the skull.

the only that you can find in the radiography are this general feature.

Is poor, but that can mean that the Pyro can be MALE, for disgrace the important parts are damaged.

Anyway I dont give up so the pyro have a cosmetic that show his skull

here you can get a better look

the red part are the most important, but the green can say if is a male or female and still loks like a male.

I am a completly amateur, but I think that the pyro is a Men. Anyway I hope that you like my theory XD


On January 25th, 2015, genius YouTube content creator, and community-loving, Colin Wyckoff, or Kitty0706, passed away due to leukemia. Although me and the millions of other people who enjoyed his content may not have known him personally, I know that most of us had a good connection to him for he was very caring of his fans. I’m posting this just to notify people on here who may have watched his content. I’ll miss you Colin.

fanart for kitten's fic "can't fight (the moonlight)" kaisoo/R/18k+w