i love their laughs

i came out as agender to my sister a while ago and today she was talking to my partner on skype while i was in the bathroom,, her english isn’t very good and when i got back she told my partner “here it is.”

i was like “it?” and laughed and she was like “here she…. he.. is?” because she didn’t know what pronouns to use or what are gender neutral pronouns in english

i told her it’s “they” and “here they are”and she was like “oh okay” and it’s a little thing but it made me v happy 

you would think that the bros would wear seatbelts with how dangerous driving the type-D is, but nooooo

anonymous asked:

So what started the head cannon that Zim and Dib were a couple?

I assume you’re asking what made me start shipping them? I apologize if I’m wrong! Honestly, I can’t tell ya. I’ve been shipping them for a LONG time. 

As you can see here: Clickie i’ve been shipping them for years lol (Though I barely remember drawing these old drawings?? also these are fuckin’ ugly) I can’t remember what sparked it but I just know it’s been one of my biggest otps for a long while, next to Sanji/Usopp and Sonic/Knuckles back in my intense fanart days. Invader Zim was always a HUGE favorite show of mine so when shipping came to my attention I assume it was an instant ship owo