i love their laugh at the end

BNHA: count your blessings, not your flaws

Summary: Midoriya Izuku has never been asked out, confessed to, or flirted with, except as a joke.


Shouto knows he isn’t good at this.

He never has been. He can’t tell whether this is just the way he is, or it’s one more thing he can blame on his father, but he knows that he isn’t good at this. People call him stoic, and cold. Some even call him mysterious. Others call him emotionless.

It’s not that he doesn’t feel. He does feel, but it all gets locked inside and none of it ever shows. Sometimes it’s because he can’t show it. Other times it’s because he’s afraid to.

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With All My Heart - Part 5

Word Count: 2267

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Alcohol use 

A/N: Unbeta’d. All mistakes are mine. This isn’t really up to my typical standards. My writing is kinda sucking, especially lately. I dunno, guys.  

Again, tags are closed for this series but you are welcome to turn on post notifications or follow my writing blog @torn-and-frayed-writes for updates.

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome

With All My Heart Masterlist

“So how do you wanna do this?” Jensen and you were currently sitting in the airport trying to figure out how best to go about bringing your relationship public. He knew you had reservations about it, you’d discussed them at length with him, but you knew it couldn’t stay a secret forever. You didn’t want it to be a secret. He assured you he didn’t have the same swarms of media attention that a lot of celebrities had. He kept his life private, and he’d certainly demonstrated that. He never had paparazzi following him around since you’d been together.

“What are the options?”

“Well, we could just wait until JIB and I could talk about you, bring you out on stage if you’re comfortable.” Jensen said. “Or we could take a picture together, post it and then explain more at the con. Then it’s not a huge surprise.”

“I kinda like option B.” You decided. “Plus, some of the people who follow you have probably seen me in pictures from San Jac’s Facebook and Instagram so maybe that’ll help? I don’t know. I’m so nervous.” You started ringing your hands together, forcing Jensen to grab them and pull them apart.

“It’s gonna be fine, Y/N.” He tried to reassure you, running one hand through your hair. “For every one person who says mean things about you another 10 or more are gonna stick up for you, including me.” You cast your eyes downward, staring at the floor and shifting your feet. “That’s not all that’s bothering you, is it?”

“No.” You whispered. “We’ve only really known each other a few weeks…I just…what if…”

“Stop talking.” Jensen leaned in and kissed you, smiling as he shut you up.

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This is the first fanfic I’ve ever written. And it’s about Clarke’s wait.

You have The 100 season four finale to thank for this. 

I go through many of Clarke’s daily logs, with an ending that I hope will be a welcome twist. Shoutout to the calculator on my phone for helping me count the days. 

Enjoy, my loves. Feedback is welcome. 


“Bellamy, if you could see me right now…” 

Clarke huffed a laugh, and winced. Her face was still grotesque, even after nearly two months of healing. She’d taken to doing some research in the lab, studying the chemicals on hand and eventually testing a salve, which had come out a sticky green and currently coated her features. She had caught her reflection in one of the computers and immediately grabbed the radio. 

Her smile faded as she studied the other screens, the feed showing the ravaged terrain outside the sealed doors. 

“I don’t know how anyone could still be alive,” she whispered. “I don’t know how I’m still alive. But you are. All of you. Because you have to be, or I’ll kill you.”

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i saw POTC 5 yesterday. as a fan of pirates of the caribbean franchise I truly loved the movie. also.. i laughed and cried my eyes out. when I left the cinema I had such a good feeling (you know the feeling when ya have seen a good movie)

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Okay. It was more than ten minutes but whatever. Imagine waking up with Seb and you two go to make breakfast. You don't even make it to the kitchen before he smacked your ass. "Sebastian!" You shriek. He smirks and walks away. You take a pillow off the couch and whip it at his back. It turns into him chasing you around the living room while the two of you squeal and giggle. You end up as a heap on the floor laugh so hard the both of you are crying.

I love nothing more than when things turn into giggles omg

Fluffy Friday™ 

Like You Do

They don’t know me the way you do,
I jump off cliffs without hesitations,
Looking at sunsets at the end of the day,
Drowning in doubts, I could ever be.

They don’t know me the way you do,
My little jagged edges in my fragile body,
Staring at souls in a defined way,
Laughing in tears over simple things

They don’t know me like you do,
You look at me as if I’m human,
Falling into what we have made of,
Loving you with all my imperfections.

Things I love as a lee...

▪Being pinned down
▪Fingertips running up and down my legs
▪Back tickles
▪Having my feet played with
▪T E A S E S P L E A S E
▪Hiding my face with sweater paws
▪Calling me nicknames: Babyboy, Bear, Little lee
▪Ear Nibbles❕❕❕❕
▪When the ler says how cute your laugh is 😍

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Ive watched dnp for a long time (been a stan since late 2014, but known who they were since around 2010) and never really thought they were together. Theyre friendship reminds me of what i (a girl) have with my platonic friends, and ive never really thought of them as an actual couple who shags and all that. I love dnp so so much and tbh i do think theyre both possibly gay or bi, but not with each other, and would of course support them if they were together. (1)

The thing is it genuinely scares me the reaction if dnp do end up dating other people or rejecting phan. People already think theyre queerbaiting and its terrifying to think what people will say if they have new bf/gf’s, or whatever. The way Shane Dawson thinks dnp are ‘having a laugh’ makes me scared thata load of people will lose respect for them if they do end up rejecting phan. I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, i hope you have a good day 💕

We are so different in fundamental belief of what we think Dan and Phil are that I don’t think I can even give thoughts on this specifically, I’m sorry! I think there are very valid reasons for people to lose respect for them if they end up “rejecting phan,” as you put it. 

But I will say, to your basic point: no one should harass Dan and Phil if that happens. I would hope anyone who feels like they misjudged key elements of Dan and Phil’s personalities and character based on their behavior (over the years and this modern era of them) would just quietly move on rather than stick around just to express negativity. 

Because I refuse to let my tumblr be a wading pool of ‘is phan real’ arguments I probably won’t publish any more anonymous asks of this vein tonight, but if anyone wants to actually chat I don’t publish asks if they’re from people signed in, and my tumblr messenger is also open. :) 

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Just need to get this out! I'm 18 but I still have a curfew since I'm still in highschool. Anyways, tonight me and this guy went out and just were hanging out and driving. Not really doing much except talking. Long story short we ended up almost driving out of our state because we weren't paying attention, just laughing and having fun, and I was super past curfew when I got home. Totally worth it. Ive liked him for so long and he finally kissed me and I'm not even sorry that I got grounded tbh

This is what I love to hear! You’re making so many good memories and this low key made me grin so hard! :’) I can’t believe you guys finally kissed! Are you an item now or are you just taking it slow?

I love that you guys just said “yolo” and kept going haha! I honestly wish I could just do that right now. I’m so happy you finally got your man, bb! :’) 💕

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To the anon in college wanting to come out to friends....I had told mine that I really liked someone and described her in pronouns such as "they" instead of "her" and told them "how happy I was around them" and how "I missed them the second they weren't near me" and at the end they all said "I wanna see a picture of him" I kinda embarrassingly laughed brought up a picture and said "this is HER." They were shocked but all of them were accepting some even said they knew it...Good luck love!


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DID YOU SEE THE INTERVIEW.. Kookie was so excited and answered even for tae and at the end he laughed his ass of bcz of tae's extraness waaahhh i love this passion

i saww i sawww!!! all of them were so hyper omg

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omg so me nd bf have been together like almost 2 months (mayb tbh idrk) and last weekend he came over nd we slept in the same bed and he was like so warm nd cosy and waking up next to him was the best thing ever but like the night before we were gonna sleep and it was like 3 am nd instead of sleeping we ended up kinda like tickling each other nd he has the best laugh ever and omg i love him so much

sleeping with another boy is probably the best experience pretty much?? anyone can have

my @iwaoiexchange gift for lichi - the prompt was fluffy domestic iwaoi! i hope you like it!!

That time my dog disappeared into Carrie Fisher's house

From reddit user: /u/AinsleyIscariot

Someone recommended I make a post out of a comment that I made elsewhere so here it is! True story and still cringe inside whenever I tell it.

One of the most awkward moments of my life was meeting Carrie. I live in London and walk my dog because he needs to shit every now and then- usually when I get back to my road I let him off the lead and he will run to the house. He will, that is, unless there is ANYTHING else of interest within a 1 mile radius of the house. One day he just ran straight through someone’s open door and I was there on the doorstep tentatively calling after him while I could hear him sprinting around the house. Then there’s lots of barking and I realise there’s another dog there and sure enough my dog comes sprinting out the house being chased by a small dog that seemingly wanted to play with him. Anyway this American woman comes to the door, hearing all the commotion and I make my apologies and we have the usual dog conversation. She then invited me in for a coffee, I thought why not and so we started chatting, and she explained she was renting the house for a month while she was in London. I asked what she did for a living and she told me movies, I asked “Anything I would know?” Slight pause “Star Wars?” “Oh right what did you do in it were you on the crew or an actress?” “An actress” “Oh great who did you play” “Princess Leia?” I swear to fuck I stood there with my mouth open, feeling as if I’d somehow just shat down my own throat. (This was before the franchise reboot so the image of her in my head was the Carrie Fisher in her twenties) She, however, thought it was really cute and laughed it off. Absolutely lovely woman with one crazy fucking dog named Gary.

TLDR: I had a twenty minute conversation with a woman who had been on the receiving end of my dog’s home invasion and didn’t realise it was Carrie Fisher until she told me.




Jhope can’t help but stare lovingly at jimin

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Jimin can turn shy …

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But he also adddooores Hoseok

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This pair is generous with fanservice

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They laugh together a lot

Originally posted by jihope-less

And they put their arms around one another

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Soooo naturally

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They also jump into each others’ arms

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Even if Jimin doesn’t really enjoy it …

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They laugh at eachother at times

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and confort eachother when needed

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Somehow Jhope loves Jimin’s head *pat pat*

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But he dislikes the smell somehow

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He is obsessed with the idea of kissing Jimin

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Really … obsessed … 

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I mean look at Jimin, who wouldn’t ?!! (But Chimchim keeps hugging Hobi even when he make it seem like he wanna get away - Boy you better decide)

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Hobi is Jimini’s biggest fan

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He is more proud of Jimin’s abs than Jimin himself (Sarry if someone fainted here)

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He even declared his love

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And those stares

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I mean…

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THOSE stares

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Ended in something like this

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Then this

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And then OMG THIS (The”did their lips touch” is still a mistery)

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And now it is jimin who asks for more (He awoken the beast)

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And remember when Jimin gave us the best gift for valentines

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Or when Jhope who never gets angry got upset because Jimin got disrespected

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They easily make my day

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So I hope this post made yours too

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