i love their interraction

I haven’t drawn any fun fanart for myself in a long while, and I wanted to draw an actual scene with multiple characters interracting.
and I love Paper Mario so much.
So here’s a cute scene of most of the crew (sorry Ms. Mowz) shopping in Glitzville. Flurrie’s trying to get Goombella to try on dresses or something I dunno.
The boys in back are just there to hold their stuff.


                                                    Allison Argent & Noora Sætre fanmix

tove lo – scars // florida ft. sia – wild ones // rekevin – the autumn lips // those dancing days – help me close my eyes // machine gun kelly ft. ester dean –invincible // ola – i’m in love // aura dione ft. rock mafia – friends // avicii – wake me up // avicii – the nights // icona pop – girlfriend // icona pop – all night // icona pop – we got the world // fm static – tonight // dj smash ft. ridley – the night is young // gorgon city ft. katy menditta – imagination // coldplay –adventure of a lifetime // sia ft. sean paul – cheap thrills // g-eazy ft. bebe rexha – me, myself & I // lp – lost on you

I adore how whenever juvia starts crying in grays presence he has a distressed expression no a freaked out one.Gray may deny it but he has deep strong feelings for Juvia and it has shown on many ocassions.Some people will say “gray could have a reaction likr this to any of his friends” but he doesnt does he? I just love these interractions maybe its my shipper goggles being on but still whenever juvia cries hes the distressed one in most cases