i love their friendships so much

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Hi Alice!!! I just read your Edmund and Caspian friendship hc and loved it! And I was just wondering if you have some hc's about Edmund's infamous suitors? We always see Susan with her suitors but not so much as Ed with his :) Thanks ❤️

Hehe, thank you!!! And yesssss, oh my gosh, can you imagine? 

  • Edmund’s first suitor appeared when he was only twelve 
  • He had a bit of a growth spurt, and puberty was starting to hit
  • And he caught the eye of this princess who was 11 
  • There was only a year difference, but she had a hopeless crush on him
  • She would follow him around EVERYWHERE 
  • During important meetings, she would attend despite not having the need to just to stare at Edmund 
  • Edmund didn’t actually know what was up until he told Peter how this girl was creeping him out, and Peter just laughed 
  • He told Edmund exactly what was happening, and Edmund had never turned so red from embarrassment 
  • Thankfully, Peter was more in the spotlight and his next suitor didn’t appear until he was sixteen 
  • She was a lady from another smaller province and she had a very…peculiar way of complimenting him 
  • “Oh, Edmund…your brown eyes remind me of the twigs in my garden.” 
  • “My lord, your skin is as white as paper…it makes you so beautiful and fragile.” 
  • “King Edmund, your ears are quite outstanding aren’t they!” 
  • He was never quite sure if she was insulting him or complimenting him
  • Edmund tried to squash her advances by pushing one of his knights onto her 
  • Turns out his knight was far more interested and actually ended up courting the girl 
  • His next notable suitor came when he was eighteen
  • He had just come of age in Narnia, and a ball was held in his honor 
  • He got the usual attention from young ladies, but at that point he had learned how to politely decline 
  • Or sick Lucy and Susan on them–both were effective 
  • One widow in her forties seemed to wave them off and give him some peace at the ball 
  • She was really sweet to him, and Edmund pitied her since she had just lost her husband and never had the chance to have children 
  • She extended her visit at Cair, and she and Edmund actually got along well 
  • He thought of her as a mother figure…but she–er–had some other intentions 
  • It wasn’t until Susan gently broke the news to Edmund 
  • He was sooo horrified, and slightly disgusted
  • After some help from Peter, the lady finally left Edmund alone 
  • After the initial shock died down, his siblings had a good laugh about it…and he couldn’t help joining along 
  • When he was in his early twenties, he had one suitor that nearly caused a fire
  • She was not very nice at all, but she appeared to be in front of Edmund 
  • She flirted with him horribly…honestly, she was very bad
  • Edmund tried so many things…gently letting her down, bluntly letting her down
  • He tried to get Susan, Lucy, and even Peter to discourage her 
  • He got so desperate, he asked one of his good lady friends to act as his suitor for a short while 
  • Not even that pushed her off 
  • In the end, he went to her father and told him what had happened 
  • His suitor came storming in a horrifically ugly dress with so many feathers and claimed that she would start a war based on unrequited love
  • Of course, the others in the room chuckled at her expense
  • Her hand motions grew more animated, and she didn’t see the lit candle that caught fire on the feather from her sleeve 
  • She started running around wildly, and would’ve caught the room on fire if Edmund didn’t throw a glass of water on her singed sleeve
  • She was SOOO angry, but everyone in the room started laughing at the ridiculous situation 
  • Her father apologized to Edmund for her behavior, but she never visited Cair again
  • None of the Pevensies could say they minded 

Sorry ya’ll. My brain came up with some strange things just now. Haha…but I hope it made you laugh a little. 

Can we have a long post with Edmund’s suitor stories? Cuz honestly they would be hilarious.

Return To Me.

Can be found on AO3 and FF.net, also this chapter under the cut….

Summary: What would you do if you woke up tomorrow with the last 5 years of your memories gone? After an unfortunate accident, Oliver Queen must figure out his place in a life he has no memory of whilst his wife, Felicity, does everything she can to support him. With emotions, secrets and relationships pushed to the limits; will love and friendship be enough to turn back the hands of time?

Authors Note: I wanted to apologise once more for the evil cliffhanger last chapter, so I apologise sincerely. Quickly before I say anything else, I wanted to give you all a gift, today is my birthday and I wanted to shower you with a gift. However, I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry for this one…

Chapter 12: Masks.

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I know that grant deeply cares and respects candice if he didn't the show would simply not be the same. I'm honestly v v angry when certain sub factions of the flash fandom claims grant hates candice cause I know he loves and values their friendship it translates into their chemistry and makes Westallen magical. I just hate the fact that such a sweet unproblematic person like Candice has to deal with so much negativity

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I really like your theory about Winn and Lena being half-siblings, that would be the best thing! We need more scenes with them in s3... Seeing nerds geeking out is seriously so adorable to see. And with the way Winn acted around Cat in ep 21, I feel she would be a great mother figure (or mentor perhaps? More for Lena than for Winn...) for both Lena and Winn. We already have J'onn as the father figure (our Space Dad or as Winn called him, Papa Bear).

Thank you so much! I think it mostly works as a cute headcanon but the fact that it could actually work with the narrative makes it even better for me. I love seeing them together and I am definitely anticipating more of them in season 3. At this point Lena has someone that she is quite close to within the inner circle and building a friendship with Winn could add to that as well. Considering they can relate to one another so well, it would be a foolish waste of an opportunity to not capitalize on it. 

I fear that we won’t be seeing Cat very much aside from special guest appearances but I agree 100%. We know that Lena needs a prominent mother figure but I think Cat would definitely make more of a professional and personal mentor in her life. From a mother figure, Lena is in need of not only guidance but validation as well. Cat has more of a tough love approach that is separate from what Lena would be seeking but could still be quite valuable to her. Someone that could validate her but not be a ‘yes woman.’ Winn could definitely use that in his life as well! 

I certainly would like to see some interaction between Cat and Lena next season so I am adding that to my Lena Luthor wishlist for S3! We had our cute Cat and Winn moment. 

So lets have Cat and Lena being bad ass women together too!

Well, at least it’ll be Echo whose heart is broken and not Raven’s heart. I do enjoy Echo as a character, but I don’t enjoy the writers trying to possibly force a relationship between her and Bellamy–a friendship and loyalty, yes I’m all here for that and I do like Echo and how much she adores and respects Bellamy, but it’ll likely turn into something more than friends after 6 years… .and we all know the writers LOVE to give Bellamy and Clarke mediocre love interests and love lives… so, I’m not holding my breath. 

This is my guess. 

Still think Bellarke is “endgame” in “some way” but yeah… dudes, I’m just tired. lol. Ugh, I can’t do another season of this, I think. Idk, we’ll see. 

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It's kind of Jekyll and Hyde-y in a way the whole Savitar thing. Not so much the classic tale but the distinct beings. How Savitar *is* Barry but with certain things exaggerated with an absence of love and friendship and all those things that keep Barry light. And how Barry could have gone that path if he didn't have those people in his life that he does, that love and support even though he also has that darkness inside him.

Yeah that is a good way to put it. And it could’ve been explored in dopplegangers or with an evil twin (Malcolm Thawne, anyone?) but I love that they used a time remnant because that means he really *is* Barry, our Barry, just a little older, and a lot darker. He has all the same memories and pain and love, the same core, but it’s so broken and distorted now?

And our Barry could truly become that? There’s not a question of that possibility because we literally see it - he is our Barry, taken to a dark extremity. 

And that makes me love him, too? Because he truly does have the same core of love and vulnerability despite it all, just with the hate and anger ramped up to 1000 and he’s given up trying to control those things and hold himself in check. 

So Barry, our Barry, without love, without hope, and with all that pain rushing back all the time, he becomes… Savitar.

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How long do you reckon it will take till old xian graces us with some progress between zhan and jian yi?

years, probably :(  i’d like a confession, and zhan’s point of view after the future timeskip that goes fully into all the feelings of hurt and regret he has concerning jian yi 
1) blanking out most of their memories together so it doesn’t hurt as much 
2) being cold towards jian yi in order to protect himself from getting too attached and hurt again 
3) falling in love again anyway 

also i feel like recently in the manga its been less romantic and more friendship so yeah old xian bring back the romance plz 


How in the hell did I reach 4K fricken followers already? I’m honestly so shocked right now. The fact that 4K people find the content I post and write about enjoyable is honestly such an amazing feeling.

Back in December when I created this blog, I never would have thought that I’d get to meet so many amazing people and develop so many amazing friendships with all of my bubs. Each and every one of you mean so much to me and I’m so incredibly thankful to have you guys in my life.

Thank you so much for sticking around with me. Your kind words and support mean everything to me and they’re the reason I continue to write and push myself to become better every single day.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys. I love you all so much. 💗

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this is random but i was thinking about what harry said when him and nick were talking about two ghosts being about taylor swift and i realized that it's actually really smart that NICK, a close friend of harry's, was the one to bring that up. harry probably wouldn't have been able to give the answer that he did (the yelling and jokingly asking for help lmao) if he was with a different interviewer. idk i love their friendship i think it's really good that nick asked that instead of someone else

I fuuuuucking love Harry and Nick so much like it kills me


Key: If I am anxious about something personal, I keep it to myself until I see Minho and the words just fly out of my mouth before I even notice. He doesn’t tell me what to do but instead he just hugs me and tells me that he’ll be there if I ever need him. Because of his words, I will always feel a little better after I talk to him. 

Isn’t Isak a great friend? He reaches out to Sana because he knows something’s up. He sees Sana looking at Sara and the girls, so he tells her something that makes Sana know she’s been right about Sara all along – but without pushing. And then when he feels the conversation won’t go anywhere like that, he asks her a safe question about biology, tells a joke and leaves with a warm smile on his face. He’s the nicest guy.


Just because it’s the path of least resistance, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong path.
Staying together is more important than how we stay together.

Natasha is the leader of the Avengers in many ways. […] In this movie, she has the most matured point of view of any of the characters. What fascinating about her is that she is a reformed villain, so she has an understanding of life in a way that other characters don’t. She has an empathy. She can see both sides in a way that not everyone else can. She is the middle ground of maturity. [Captain America Civil War Audio Commentary]