i love their friendship so much omg

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hey mom !! i finally have some time to watch kdramas and i was wondering what are some that you recommend ?

omg i have so many,,,,hmm

  • “it’s ok, that’s love” there’s representation of a variety of mental illnesses present in well-thought out characters and the female lead is strong and independent!!! 
  • w - two worlds, killer plotline!!! so interesting 
  • weight lifting fair kim bookjoo, heartwarming and the female lead is to die for and the male lead too ,,, finally a male lead with a type that doesn’t adhere to normal standards
  • (this is a j-drama but OMG) from five to nine is ,,,,, everything it’s humour, it’s drama, it’s plot like,,,,,,,,,i loved it so much!!!! 
  • age of youth,,,,all about friendship and it addresses a lot of issues young girls face,,,,,it made me cry literally
  • le’ classic, secret garden or you’re beautiful LOL
  • dream high or boys over flowers if you’re looking for more classics (personally, i liked dream high better) 
  • the producers,,,,,i really liked the characters but it could get dry sometimes
  • reply 1988,,,,,so funny and relatable!!!!
  • the lover,,,,,,is more or less slice-of-life but really funny!!!!
  • you’re all surrounded,,,,police drama but it gets cute sometimes hehe also a really good ‘bromance’ line in this one
  • cheese in the trap, second lead syndrome galore 
  • scarlet heart ryeo, the only historical drama i went HARD for
  • strong woman do bong soo (ongoing and it’s ruining my life)

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apparently jin dressed exactly like jimin (during concert rehearsals) bc of the gun threat i cant even omg i love jin so much and im so thankful to him for wanting to protect jimin but at the same time theyre my top two biases and i'm super shaken by this news. bts's friendship is really admirable - little anon

Oh my gosh. he is such a freaking angel. I love him so much! <3

-Admin Kat


Thank you so much, guys! I love you!! Not only am I thankful for liking, reblogging and of course the friendships, but also the support I’ve had through my worse days. It really means the world to me that you care. I honestly love you so much! <3 I still don’t know why so many of you follow me and how on Earth I reached this milestone but I’m so happy and grateful! ^-^

I’m gonna just shoutout some of you guys that I love and appreciate! I would tag all of you but that would take forever and it would be a really long post haha XD so if you’re not mentioned here, I still love and appreciate you! ❤️ Okay, here comes the big list :P

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People flooding the Bamon tag with all their “omg best Brotp ever!” Or “I love how they’re such best friends”



Start your own Brotp tag if you want to celebrate some damn friendship.

This is Bamon. We ship Bamon here.

Damon loves Bonnie.

Damon is IN LOVE with Bonnie

They are both in love with each other so much that it hurts them. It’s tragic.

Get the fuck outta here with your happy ass friendship shit!

We talking vampire pancakes up in this bitch!

We talking fuck your armory because he’s saving Bonnie!

You can’t have his letter for your friend zone!

That letter belongs to Bamon and their love for each other that goes way beyond friends.

/wipes tear/ i love teenage zoldycks


This was my response to that Sarner post, I reposted it, because tumblr is not allowing me to reblog the original post.

Omg can we just not???!! So many people in this fandom would gush and faint if Flint would leave everything behind to be with Thomas Hamilton. I’m pretty sure this Sarner lady would love that too. God forbid Silver does the same. You can’t compare Silver and Madi’s relationship with Silver and Flint’s friendship. Silver has always done and given so much more than Flint has in return. Flint has put Silver (and the rest of the Walrus crew) through shit Madi would NEVER EVER do to him, simply because it’s not in her nature. Till this day Silver is still doing what Flint wants. The only person who actually gives a shit about what Silver wants, who actually gives a shit about him being his own person is Madi. How are you gonna disrespect a Black woman like that? Are you fucking kidding me? She isn’t just some random chick getting in the way of your two faves. She is a fully realized character, with her own individual story, a woman who’s people freedom she’s fighting for because a bunch of white colonial motherfuckers wanted to get rich and stay rich!? Remember? The entire economy of that world thrived on colonialism and slavery??? Madi Scott is not only a woman who based on actual historical context is fighting to stick it to the man, but also from a moral and ethical perspective has every fucking right to do so. That’s what Silver sees. And than you have the pirate who is full of grandeur and ego who wants revenge on England because they took his love away from him and doesn’t care who has to sacrifice to get his war, friend or foe. As long as everything goes HIS specific way. Let’s be honest. We all know if Thomas could see Flint now, he wouldn’t exactly agree with this revenge plot and that’s an understatement. Silver and Madi have and always will have more in common then Silver and Flint ever will. And how are you gonna act so surprised when Silver has repeatedly warned Flint that when it comes to Madi, he’s at his most vulnerable therefore he will not choose his war over her. He knew. Also the fact that Silver doesn’t believe in Flint’s war anymore isn’t exactly news either, this has been building up the entire season. He believed in Flint, but now he’s losing faith in him. That’s called character development folks, people change, deal with it. Besides, it isn’t as if Flint ever bothers to let Silver in on his plans for his war anyway, he suddenly adds and changes things and asks him to just trust him. Yeah right. Then you have Madi and Silver who discuss everything together before they go ahead with a plan. That is trust, that is mutual respect. Madi taught him the true meaning of love and friendship; to be with someone who let’s you be free to be yourself and live your own life on your own accord. And that’s what Silver wants, his OWN life.
“No homework. I got suspended,” Blue replied. “Get the fuck out,” Ronan said, but with admiration. “Sargent, you asshole.” Blue reluctantly allowed him to bump fists with her as Gansey eyed her meaningfully in the rearview mirror.
—  The Raven King, Maggie Stiefvater

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I love how donghyuck has so much love and affection in his eyes when he looks at mark like wow ;; I can't believe markhyuck invented friendship and first love ;;


I want you to look at this, look at the beautiful Nekoma members, man I missed them so much. Kuroo being a little shit like he always is and Daichi was like eyeing him ‘why the f–k am I dating this ass again’ (yes I’m a KuroDai shipper kill me).

Look at tiny Kenma wearing a mask and gosh that little wave to Hinata is gonna be the death of me. He literally does not look at anyone else except for his precious Shouyou (and yes I’m also a KenHina shipper). Inuoka man, dude unrequited crush much. No, no I’m kidding. I love their beautiful rivalry/friendship. It’s very healthy.

Yaku, omg Yaku why do you look so freaking hot smiling like that. Tora of course probably having a scary face battle with Tanaka behind Daichi. Shibayama, please someone protect that precious little child. Kai probably couldn’t believe his captain being an ass. AGAIN. But he knows Kuroo would never stop and he loves his captain nevertheless. Fukunaga, I always love his cute tiny mouth. He’s like cattest of them all (yes I made the word up), look at him being interested of something in the sky rather than having eye contact with a destined rival team. And then, of course, Lev the aspiring Nekoma ace, glaring at all of them burning with passion to go against Karasuno for an official match and probably shows off his new teamwork skill he garnered from the last match they had. Waiting to see how Hinata has improved also.

Man I could not wait for the Battle of Trash Heap to commence.

This is amazing. I heard my friend talking with my other friend while I was getting ready to leave school and I heard him say “watch dogs 2” so, of course, I jolted his way and yelled “I LOVE THAT GAME” and he was all like “Oh you have it too?!” and we legit talked about it for like ever and at one point I risked myself and said “I fucking love Marcus and Wrench, they should end up together already” and to my surprise he replied with “They do look good together, actually!”

I found myself an ally.



NC: You guys are the best. Thanks for helping me out with this; she’s gonna love this! Mod Small is gonna be 21 so we need to bring on the booze! Clo, that means no hogging the rum…that’s my job. Also, Hex, I’m honestly surprised. You wrap presents like a champ! You’re gonna need to help me with mine….it’s still in the bag…heh…


(( AHHHHH BIRTHDAY!!!!! Tomorrow (March 24th) is my 21st birthday! In light of recent events, I’ve been looking forwards to having a day that I can be with family and friends to enjoy their company and not have to worry about anything in the world.

To keep you lovelies in the loop, recently my job had retired my position….so I wasn’t “fired” and they aren’t hiring anyone for a graphics position again because there wasn’t enough work for it. I had even been helping out in other departments to keep myself well rounded but it wasn’t my strong-suit. So, as of the recent weeks I’ve been searching for a new job in my field. There is promise, but a lot of hangups have come into play that I really…really was not expecting. I’m happy for the experience I’ve earned there and for the opportunity they provided me, but at the same time I’m happy to be gone. Sadly even with my searches however, I wanted to dedicate my birthday for fun and being able to relax, but I know that even then it’s going to be hard at work to get that new career.

These coming days are going to be rough, but I’m working to pull through. With the support of friends and family, I want to thank you all for watching through the years I’ve been here (even if I’m not as active as before…imsosorrymysweets), it truly means a lot to me.

I hope you all smile as big as I will be tomorrow and that everyone spreads the love and happiness that is needed in the world. You all are wonderful, beautiful, outstanding and kind people and I’m honored to be alive another year and to be here with you all <3

Have a drink, smile, laugh, and celebrate the day!! :)

Naruto Tag Game

OMG, thanks so much @aiuchihashadow for tagging me. I LOVE TAGS SOOO I WILL DO IT NOOOW <3. Oh and I’m tagging: @cornelia1992, @stefanies, @roraewrites, @sharinghoe, @omgsakuraqueen. Please tag me if you post these questions - I want to see your answers!


  • Female Character(s): Sakura, Konan, Sarada, Kushina
  • Male Character(s): Sasuke, Itachi, Shikamaru.
  • Sensei: Jiraya aka Ero-Sennin!
  • Hokage: I love Hashirama.
  • Kage: Gaara ofc.
  • Village: Sunagakure.
  • Akatsuki: Deidara, Itachi and Sasori.
  • Jutsu: Fūton: Rasenshuriken, Shintenshin no Jutsu, Raikiri
  • Episode/Chapters: I really liked episodes about NarutoxKurama friendship. I also really liked episodes with SasukexItachi issues.
  • Fight Scene: I love battle between Sasuke and Itachi.
  • Fanfiction: I read too many of them to choose my fav. But favourite one are ofc smut. XD
  • Story Arc: Kazekage Resque Mission.
  • Filler: I enjoyed fillers with Kaguya and her sons.

What is you…

  • OTP (explain why): SasuSaku. I just like the way Sakura cares about him no matter what and I’ve been shipping them since I remember so - they are just my ship which became canon. I won’t lie - hot Sasuke is also a reason. And his pretty queen Sakura.
  • NOTP (be nice): NaruHina - I just don’t see chemistry between them and don’t care about them so - nothing serious. Somehow I understand people who ship them.
  • Crackship(s): Karin and Sasuke - I really like Karin and I think Sasuke should bang her at least once. She is so pretty, so. XDDD
  • BROTP: SasuNaru, InoSaku.
  • OT3: SasuNaruSaku for sure.
  • Crossover Ship: I don’t like crossovers so I don’t ship any.


  • Do you have any headcanons: Hmmm. I think Sasuke bangs Sakura so hard everytime he comes home. XD sorrynotsorry.
  • Are you happy with the ending? What would you have done differently? I haven’t seen manga but I don’t like that Anime ends with NaruHina wedding. So no - I’m not happy. BUT! I love new generation.
  • How do you feel about the new generation? First impression was like omg fuck you Boruto you are retarded brat $%^#& but then Sarada appeared and I was glowing like Chrismas Tree seriously. I also really like ShikaTema so I was happy they ended together but Shikadai is too much like Shikamaru. He should get blond hair. Sarada should get green eyes. Beautiful contrast for with Sharingan.
  • Say something about your favorite character. Good and bad. I learned from Sakura that you can achieve something with hardworking even tho you don’t have many abilities to be the best. Bad? Hm… She was very egocentric sometimes but it’s ok.
  • What would a child between your OTP look like? How would they behave as parents? SasuSaku should get little boy with dark eyes and long pink hair. He would be the most handsome boy in the village just like his father. And he would be master of Sharingan just like Sarada soon.
  • Say something genuinely nice about your NoTP. I like Chōchō as Sarada’s friend even tho I don’t care about her parents.
  • Say something negative about your OTP. I wish Kishi gave us something intense from Sasuke. Even one moment when he mudafucking looks like he want to get Sakura right now.
  • Is there anyway you could be convinced to ship your NoTP? Don’t think so because I care only about my main ship.
  • What would make you change your mind about the pairing? If it was true that Sasuke had sex with Sakura just to restore his clan.
  • What makes you mad about the series? Fucking fillers and retarted antis who put their shit opinions in my fav tags.
  • If you could see anything happen in the series, what would it be? GAIDEN, SasuSaku travelling and their first kiss. Maybe Karin seeing Sakura’s pregnancy and hmmm - Sasuke’s goodbye to Sakura and Sarada when he had to left for mission.
  • What would you say to Kishimoto if given the chance?  Thank you for this amazing journey! You motivated me to practice on my own skills. Maybe one day I will make something huge too. Stay tuned :D
check please au

where johnson still knows everything but he has a completely different personality.

like right now, johnson knows he is in a comic but he seems pretty chill about it. he knows whats going to happen and encourages everyone to stay calm. 

but what if, instead, johnson was more like “OMGGGG THIS IS THE CUTEST STORY!”

he meets Jack, finally, “omg. little baby frog. you are going to have SUCH A GOOD TIME HERE I CANNOT WAIT FOR YOU TO LIVE ALL OF IT!! here’s shitty, omg you two are going ot love each other so much, so SO MUCH, like, ugh, i have to leave so you can connect but i will be right behind that tree. watching. friendships are so important. I LOVE IT ALREADY.”

all their freshmen year, johnson is very huggy and likes to pet their heads and “yes shitty definitely grow the mustache and the flow. AH ITS HAPPENING!”

holster and ransom arrive: “oh you TWO. fan favorites. FINALLY HERE. look at you two. so tall. YOU DO FIT TOGETHER SO WELL JUST LIKE I KNEW YOU WOULD. holster, here is a book on panic attacks; ransom, DAMN you are gonna be such a good doctor. DOCTOR RANSOM. DOC-TOR. No firefighting. DOCTOR! YOU KIDS GO HAVE FUN!”

bitty comes to samwell. johnson, for three straight minutes: “omg omgomgomgomgomg, there he is, its happening, omg i cannot even-!!!!! omgomgomg he is going to say hi to me. HE IS ABOUT TO MEET JACK, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???” other boys on the team: wtf dude? Johnson: I JUSt LOVE THIS STORY SO MUCH. LOOK AT IT.

jack is mean to bitty: ugh bitty heis the WORST but also the BESt and I PROMISE YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SUCH A HAPPY LIFE!!!!

Jack and bitty are friends: Johnson cries with joy for a week straight.

Johnson hangs out around Samwell, just watching his two boys be happy. He just loves the story so much. It doesnt even matter that he’s not really in it.

ciinnamom replied to yourpost:Do you ever have characters that you love like you…

me w/ like everyone in overwatch i think abt being friends w/ like winston and tracer etc So Much

Omg Winston would be so happy to have more people to hang out with. 

Like it’s so comforting and comfortable to think about just having good friendships with good characters. Thinking about being BFFs with Junkrat gives me butterflies. 

Other big ones from me are the Eds from Ed Edd and Eddy and Nemesis from Resident evil 

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omg all this gotx/monsta 7 and bto7 has me shook. I just love friendship so much ?? and everytime got7 win (which im very happy about. i love my babies and am v proud of them) btob and mx congratulate them and hug them and its so sweet omg <3 xoxo, ok but did anyone else see changkyun and bambams interaction at the end of music bank??m? they are so adorable and i just want a gif of that moment but i cant find one :'( p.s.: ily

ajkshdkajs “i just love friendship” me too sobs me TOO, i just love it when groups are so friendly in this harsh industry and esp groups that debut at very diff eras and still become friends warms my cold heart

changbam these 2 chaotic meme sons… every time they meet the entropy of the universe increases… :’ ) i havent seen gifs on tumblr either so i might just do it if i have some spare time