i love their friendship so much

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Has Galen ever called you out on using a fallacious argument before?

Galen wouldn’t call me out, he would simply present his own view and we would have a nice discussion. I don’t recall us ever fighting about ideas much. We would just take turns speaking and listening harmoniously. Galen is pretty contrarian and loves to argue with people, but in the context of our friendship we have always had totally civil conversations, rarely getting heated. On the few occasions where things would get heated, it would usually be something silly like disagreement over a movie or a book or a chili dog. Galen is a good friend, and it’s sad that he lives so far away.  


NaLu - My Baby Dragon - My Pet Princess Chapter 7 pg 4-5


Inubaki: Nothing belongs to me expect the time and effort it took to make it. I love NaLu so much..! <3 I hope you guys like it.


“…when a lonely princess begins getting visits from a strange scaled boy and their journey of an unlikely friendship.”


Page: 4

Natsu’s heavy breathing caught Lucy’s attention, drawing her away from her fright. Her eyes snapped open and looked up at him concernedly as he drew in ragged breath. The princess’s mind wondered for an explanation for the young dragon’s sudden exhaustion.

“Natsu…? You’re out of breath…? What’s wrong with you?" she asked trying to remain firm yet shock with worry.

   The heavy atmosphere suddenly fall flat when his exhausted gaze turned wards her and filled with…tears?! Natsu smiled pitifully as he wept and whimpered out in reply,

"Sorry Princess. Its just that… I didn’t get to eat in the four days I waited for you. And I already fought him the other day for those clothes…”


                                           “ WHAT———————————————-?! ”

 Lucy’s cry fall short as did the air as a loud boom collapsed, rattling the ground behind them. The ground exploding and through it came an ominous growl.


Page 5:

Lucy’s eyes widened feeling the rambling growl in Natsu’s voice, which suddenly held a sharp and hard sense of authority she’s never heard from him before… It cut like a knife, so unlike the warm, and flaming hot, perky personality she’d known the pink haired boy to have. It only reminded Lucy of just how little she knew this dragon boy… 
      Her stunned expression fall to shock as she watched the dragon in front of her tense under his tone. The sun swept off its cold sword like scales making the beast simmer briefly reminding her of iron… This Gajeel…sneered at them anew and her dragon cracked his knuckles alighting it was a sudden flame…!  


today is a very very special day because one of my favourite people in the entire world lizzymindy turns 21 so I KNOW NONE OF U CARE ABOUT THIS BC THE ENTIRE SCREEN ACTOR’S GUILD IS AT TAYLOR’S 1989 SHOW BUT YOU’LL JUST HAVE TO DEAL. i haven’t posted on tumblr for someone’s birthday since 2012 but i wanted to make one today because 1) tori is the best and 2) it means that everything we’ve done 2gether is now legal which is good bc i’m gonna be a lawyer someday apparently. 

anyway tori hates sappy shit and she’s probably gonna fart on this post but i want to say that for real, i would not be the person i am today without her and every single day i am so so thankful for our friendship. she is one of the funniest people i know and she also has the biggest heart and i feel so lucky to be a part of her life. 


Sorry I don’t like to post my name/face online, but I’d be happy to share that info once I get to know someone!

Gender: Female

Location: USA (Portland, OR)

Romantic orientation: Gray-romantic (attracted to women and non-binary people)

Age: 29

Looking for: Friendship, maybe relationship? (I’d only be looking for a relationship with someone in the 25-35 age range. I’d be happy to make friends of any age though!)

About: Just your general introverted-nerd-type person! Let’s see, as far as interests go, I love drawing, baking, and hiking (though my friends aren’t much into hiking, so I don’t do a whole lot of that these days). I’m way too into Steven Universe and those Squirrel Girl comics right now, but some of my other fandoms include Star Trek, Lord of the Rings / The Hobbit, (some) Batman, Parks and Rec, (some) Doctor Who, The Venture Bros, and a lot more! I also used to be really into video games, but I don’t have enough free time for that anymore. :/

Anyway, if you want to know more about me feel free to poke around on my blogs:

Main blog: http://onfroi.tumblr.com/

Art blog: http://onfroi-art.tumblr.com/

(I may be fairly inactive when it comes to posting things, but I’m checking tumblr all the time. If you want to talk to me, I’d love to hear from you!)

Okay, I have to write this down: I’ve never cared about a tv show as much as I care about Suits.

I started watching the show because I was insanely in love with Harvey and Donna (thanks, tumblr; i know i’m a shipper trash) but right now it’s so much more than just me desperately wanting these two to get together.

Suits is even more than just about family and friendship and loyalty. It’s about life. And even thou I don’t know a thing about law, it’s the most realistic tv show I’ve ever watched.

These characters don’t just come and go. They don’t get over something from their past and forget it has ever happend. We actually get to see them learning how to live with it! And that’s what happens in real life. We don’t just forget things that happened last year and get another storyline. Things from out past come back hunting us. So as much as you say it’s boring to bring old characters back and old same issues, that’s what makes it real!

The biggest accomplishment of this show is: when Jessica, Mike and Harvey were talking about each other (and everyone in PSL) as a family, we felt it. Because they are family. And dealing with these issues together is what’s made them be.

God, I just love this show so much. I’m gonna rewatch it 3 times till January.

Taylor, you and Selena mean the entire world to me. I’m a huge fan of your friendship, or your sisterhood. I love you both so much. Yesterday, I was not at the concert last night, but I went to the hospital because I was fan girling so hard that I couldn’t breathe. Thank you so much for last night, you and Sel slayed, Selena performed Good For You for the first time, and I got so happy. Love you. Oh, right, I almost forgot, you don’t know me, but my name is Lilly. :)

PS. Maybe have Selena make a Tumblr? Thanks! 

Hey Taylor!

It’s Collin again! Klare and I are ready for round two of the 1989 World Tour! We can’t wait to see you slay the stage two weeks from Satruday in St. Paul! We are both crossing our fingers and toes that Selena will be our special guest, even though all we really need is you! We are also praying for a little “You Belong With Me” thrown in there! ;)

We are hard at work putting together our second tour outfits and practicing our vocal scales! Klare and I are literally the best of friends possible, and so much of our friendship is consumed with our mutual love for you and your music. We were fortunate enough to see you in Detroit, and we are even more excited to live in this moment with you once again in St. Paul on September 12! Klare and I used to be 45 minutes apart, until I recently moved to Graduate School in Mississippi. We are now 18 hours apart, and are reuniting just to see you perform! Klare assisted me in moving to Oxford, and we themed our roadtrip after you! We listened to all of your albums along the way and even made several stops in Nashville at locations that we knew were important to you, such as the Blue Bird! We are lucky enough to have floor seats, close to the middle of the catwalk for this show! Words cannot even describe how excited we are to see you again and continue to support you in all of your amazing ventures. Keep on rocking Tay! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON! 

Forever Fearless,

Collin and Klare

Fellow Swifties, please help us in sharing our message so Taylor can see this, as neither of us are followed by her yet! :) WE LOVE YOU TOO! 

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I just hope Sharon is written with the quality she deserves bc there is so much potential for her

i know same nonny so much same

she’s an awesome character and i’m concerned they’ll focus too much on the “she’s Steve’s LOVE INTEREST” and not on the fact that she’s a badass babe in own right. i want them to develop the sharon/steve dynamic before they do anything with it romantically. and admittedly my favorite part of their relationship is their “awkward exes” dynamic but honestly there’s so much respect there and like.

please. just don’t mess it up.

also the sam/sharon friendship. i want it hardcore because sam was so awesome and sweet toward her after steve died and i loved it a ton.

I’m not going to be around as much so email me if you want. I love it when u share nice essays, nice articles. They don’t have to be nice. Anything interesting. Anything u think of. I have some of u on Facebook and some of u on Instagram but probably I’ll be pretty absent from the whole internet. Some friendships on here mean so much to me and I would love to continue that!!!


My favorite Bromances

So after i watched the midseason finale of suit last night i got really emotional

and it reminded me once again why i love this show so much 

Not just only for Donna&Harvey (can’t describe how much i love them)

No : it was the moment between Mike&Harvey…they share such a special connection, that i’m almost crying every time the get a bromance moment together

And because of that i wanna share my fav bromance/friendships with u 

1. of course Mike&Harvey

No need for more words 😭

2. Oliver & Diggle

They are not only part of the Original Team Arrow, they also have my fav bromance on Arrow…they are like brothers and when their relationship broke at the end of season 3 …i was literally crying my heart out…when Diggle punched Oliver…i couldn’t take it…it started with these two….and i need them back for the next season!!!

3. Oliver &Barry

They had a rough start….with OLiver loving Felicity…but he couldn’t admit it…and then Barry dating Felicity

but I’m glad that they overcame their obstacles …and they are now one of my fav friendships 😍 they are there for each other when the other needs help…and oliver is kind of a mentor to barry…and that’s so awesome!!! can’t wait for more crossovers


They are sooo different and yet so perfect for each other…they have this amazing chemistry…like an old married couple …they fight together, the laugh together and they are there for each other….and most important : they can rely on each other when one of them is in trouble

5. Matt&Kelly

they had a difficult time,too….when their common best friend died…and they blamed each other for it….but i’m glad that they overcame it…now they are my fav boys on CF…and i hope the bromance continues…cause it’s strong…and i never wanna see it fade away again 

So these were my fav bromances….there are a few others that i enjoy,too …but these 5′s are on my top5 list….and i don’t wanna lose one of them!!! (Do you here that writers?!)

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hi i just wanted to say i also love shikanaru brotp relationship ;_______; it really is underrated !!

hi!!! yes yes yes it is! honestly i brotp naruto with everyone but shikanaru is so dear to my heart gahhh
this beautiful friendship deserves so much love

Taylor I’m SO proud of you, you just performed with your favorite artist! I love you so much, thank you for always listening to us and for being in this incredible friendship with us.


when they’re on lian yu and oliver has joined felicity and diggle

and they’re making jokes about how oliver is poor

etc etc


and the way diggle looks back at her

and then says “why don’t I give you two a minute”


idk why but I never really noticed it before

I love olicity so much

but the delicity friendship gives me life and is my heart and soul seriously