i love their friendship so much


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oazY-f62xq4   (Friendship 2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mme4EfvmffE (Friendship 3)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7t1JpnNun4 (Friendship 4)

I love this Jisbon “Friendship” series of videos…I can’t get enough of how cute, funny, delightful, lovable and hilarious they are…No other couple can be like them…”The Janes” would be one hell of a series…Bunney have IT in spades…Now, excuse me while I cry my eyes out because I miss them so much…

Sometimes i think the reason i love piercing so much is because it allows me to have very short interactions with fun clients that seem like friends but who i need to have no further contract with until they come back into the shop.

Low pressure short term temporary friendships. The best.

Okay, so its been a year since we were told its ending. I cannot tell you how these boys right here saved me; they all taught me something different. Whether it be being myself, being crazy, staying strong, friendship and that you can have a family no matter what. I never met these boys but it I ever did, I would hug them and tell them “Thank You so much and I love you.” because they were there when no one wasn’t.. With that being said I am proud of each and everyone of them including Hayes, Jacob, Dillion, and all the rest but these 9 guys here saved me and taught me more than anything..

So about this ship....

      I just felt the need to say this, we all, in the Zankie fandom started out loving these two.  And wherever you stand now, be it Grandtourageaf, Zacharooaf, somewhere in between, or over it all, I still love you, as long as you love me back and are respectful and respectful to Zach and Frankie.  Whichever side of the ship you lean towards, or not at all, I love those that love me back.  I respect opinions that differ from mine as long as they aren’t hateful. Wouldn’t it be a super boring world if we all thought alike?  It’s been a ride guys, one way or the other, and the friendships I’ve made in this fandom,….just wow, I love some of you so much and I’d never have met you without BB.  So wherever we are today, it is ok.  I just want to encourage everyone….take this or leave it…be kind to one another.  Some are huge Frankie fans and don’t care for Zach.  Some are huge Zach fans and don’t care for Frankie.  Some are straight down the middle and that is ok.  And some have moved on entirely and you are ok too.  You are all OK.  No one should be bullied or belittled for their opinion.  And folks, NONE of us have all the facts, so be careful what you believe, or get caught up, in or whatever.  Can we just be kind to one another?  Please?  Because we are ALL- every single one of us- beautiful in our own way.  Follow who you want and if someone really drives you nuts or causes you daily upset, or whatever, block them, but please don’t hate.  I honestly think neither Zach or Frankie wants fans hating eachother.  Love, love, love to all.  xoxoxo

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ugh tumblr is pulling the last chapter so much out of context. The only thing people see is g.raylu and are totally overlooking their frienship and the meaning behind it. Lucy and Gray NEVER saw each other as potentially love interest, they always have been in the friendzone. Even the official crunchyroll translation was very clear about it. Their friendship is so underrated and people try desperate to pull in another direction.

part 2:  Also I was waiting for a brotp moment between these two, not a twisted romance fandom thing. Such an underrated brotp, they act natural with each other, because they don’t see them in a romantic light. For example I can’t make a brotp g.raylu gifset, without people tagging irrelevant things and bashing Juvia and Natsu in the tags and it makes me so uncomfortable.

tbh this fandom or rather, no one in fandom’s can’t appreciate platonic relationships and  i feel uncomfortable too, but it’s pretty much any time two characters interact it’s shipped quicker than wildfire. and in gray.lu’s case, most people don’t like natsu or juvia and can’t accept that nalu and gruvia are going the romantic direction so they go “oh gray.lu!. i honestly don’t understand why people read ft if they hate the main character. like no get out of the fandom, we don’t want to hear your bitching.  

honestly the people who want gray.lu together at the end and actually believe it’ll happen, well sorry but it’d be bad writing cause there’s no development there at all and i believe mashima can do better than that. he is doing better than that. 

i see a few gifsets/caps of them being bro’s and the tags are like “showing everyone they exist!” and it takes every self-control not to comment “yeah as a brotp”. considering this manga’s main theme is friendship, people really need to appreciate the friendship pairings and not romantically want everyone to hook up. it’s just weird. 

So I’m really sorry for being super obnoxious with all the Pete Wentz and the inside jokey posts and endless reblogs of the same conversations between the same four people, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT, this has been helping me get through one of the worst things to ever happen in my entire life, so I’m sorry if it’s annoying but I NEEDED THIS.

I AM SO ETERNALLY GRATEFUL FOR fairlylocalmockingbird, rebelsgonetoofar, and killjoys-in-the-murder-scene for their AMAZING friendship and making me laugh so much in such a difficult time.  They are three truly fantastic human people and I am in love with all three of them and our friendship and it is amazing.

And sorry about the Pete Wentz obsession, but also not sorry because I need a place to put my endless love and affection and I don’t have an irl person anymore, so Pete is just bein’ a pal by helping me out.  Sorry if it annoys you.  I’m not going to stop though.

Divorce sucks, but we’ve only been separated for like two months, so it’s probably just going to get worse.  If you unfollow me, I won’t be mad.  But I am forever grateful for these three beautiful ladies who have kept me going, and also for this terrible disgusting human disaster who I hate a lot:

            It’s almost a year now that we know each other && in that time
                    you have been one of the nicest people on here.
         We have gone through several ups and downs in this friendship and
          I have always been able to count on you and vice versa.
It’s your birthday and so I want to take the time to
            thank you for being a true friend. I know you won’t be around that
               much during the weekend to celebrate it, but I hope you will have a
          wonderful and amazing birthday. Take your time off and celebrate it
           amongst those you love the most. I hope you will get your 38 presents
                  this year ( of course in addition to your new dog ) and that you will
             have an amazing day. Let yourself be celebrated and may you receive
                                  many wonderful and great birthday messages.
           My message is not long as I have already written you some things in
                    the letter that hopefully comes today with the mail, but even if not:
             Jess, you are kind person I adore and one of the closest friends here.
Happy Birthday unseenmockingjay

please note.

i am not a robot ( not matter how much i wish it so ) , i have my own battles & things to get through & I really need everyone to understand that i have a hard time with sudden friendship & plotting. if i am buried too quickly under affection & love, i will RUN & i will feel stressed & burdened because i want to make everyone happy & by doing that i hurt myself? my fear of bonding then rolls over into my muse / writing & it makes my time less enjoyable. so just fyi, if we don’t know each other at all please do not spam me with questions especially if i haven’t answered you yet ( or if it’s only been an hour or so ) i promise i will answer eventually!! & please i LOVE ships, but dislike talking smut until we’ve A ) plotted ic & ooc and B ) had a bit of time to rp & see where my muse fits with yours. sometimes no matter how great the ooc plot is, chemistry isn’t there & muses are lost & i just want ample time to create meaningful plots. 

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Your decision to make Kristoff Elsa's BFF instead of Anna's like in most fics was, frankly, perfect. I really dislike romantic Kristelsa (seriously that confuses me as much as Jelsa does???) but holy hell I'm all over them as best buds. I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but their friendship is one of the things I love so much about Crash!

I really like writing ice bros.  I don’t ship romantic Kristelsa and I feel ya on the Jelsa thing.  But I gave Anna Olaf instead.  Kristoff is about to have his shining moment :)

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Robin, your best work is not behind you! I meant the show dynamic worked well with Colin as a sidekick, pitching in now & then - your friendship made it very welcoming. I'm just expressing my fond memories of you both being on CITR 101.9 FM. & I did notice Colin was not up on the avant garde much, that DID bug me like it did you. Your taste is just like mine so I'm glad you are interviewing more challenging artists. Thank you for all you do. Love you & your work!

Nope too late, i quit last night. Handed my mic over to a young kid skating by. 

It was fun to work with Colin on the stuff that he liked. The major reality was, as i was further into my school, i was also working more too and had less to eventually no time to be able to keep Colin up to date on things to read. 

I really enjoy having cohosts that bring in ideas that i don’t. that’s why it’s worked so well with Brandon lately. Although there are interviews i would never bring him to, because he also, is not necessarily familiar with the stuff that excites me. But compromise is interesting. If i did something like the road trip alone, it may of been very different, but having Brandon got us more access to guys like Rob Liefeld. 


Definitely, we’re really good friends. Unfortunately, we’ve both been very busy, we haven’t been able to see each other but we’ve texted a bunch. We’re always in constant communication though. She’s SO amazing, I couldn’t imagine doing this series with any other person, she’s such a great person, and she’s so talented and so beautiful and so genuine and real. I’m so thankful that I have her. — Josh Hutcherson.


No matter who you are or what you look like, just remember that Aang thinks you’re interesting and would like to be your friend.


I think it would be super funny if Sollux were still blind at the time he got to meet his dancestor and not really understanding what was going on in the situation. Poor Terezi would be too distraught to explain things :0