i love their friendship on the show

just in case the freeform gods are listening

here is my wishlist for shadowhunters s3!!! 

- let👏🏻izzy👏🏻be👏🏻badass👏🏻again. okay, it’s not like she ever stopped, but i feel like after the whole yin fen thing her character was put aside a bit. show me my girl kicking some ass!

 -malec inside jokes. c'mon, all couples have them. give me The Gang™ gearing up for a mission and magnus says something, sounding completely random, and everyone is just like…what? and then alec just like, DOUBLES OVER in laughter and everyone is like wtf is going on

 -while we’re in the topic of malec give me magnus saying i love you first

 -there being some consequences to clary’s reckless behavior

 -clary and izzy friendship!!! like please i miss my girls i want to see them talking about things that aren’t mission or boys like like them be girlfriends friends and talk about their day and random things and just give them the 4-1-1

-more simon and luke heart to hearts!!! i live for dad!luke

-clary not fucking forgetting about luke everytime someone mentions her family 

-malec cuddling pleASE. just imagine clary or someone from The Gang™ comes over and alec is just asleep in magnus’s lap


-izzy being a scientist again


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can we get the link to your masterlist please? also, how do you think wolfstar first kiss went?

I like to think that it happened at a time when Remus was feeling really low on himself, feeling monstrous and useless, and that’s when Sirius, who has been too scared to ruin their friendship so he hadn’t said anything, finally goes jfc this boy needs to know that he’s so so loved I need to show him that I love him. And boom. Sirius just grabs him and kisses him kind of roughly because he’s all nervous tension, but it softens up quickly and then they just sort of look at each other for a moment, both kind of surprised and kind of not surprised at all.

Here you go! http://lumosinlove.tumblr.com/masterlist

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Hello, I would like your advice and input on how to deal with a friend who has done a sleeve weight loss surgery. I have been overweight my whole life with my own mom dad and doctors always telling me to lose weight. When I did loose weight they would praise me and I always hated it and was uncomfortable because why couldn't I be praised as I was. I was and am healthy. (1/2)

Now I’m starting to love myself just the way I am but my friend constantly talking about how shes loosing weight showing off how shes going down in clothing sizes and praising the surgery bothers me. It reminds me of all those times I couldt loose weight and having that pressure to do so. I want to be there for her because this is what she wanted and she did it because she has health problems. I just don’t know what do; I dont want to be an asshole and I dont want to loose her friendship. (2/2)

Honestly if you tell her this just like you did to us, it would be perfect in my opinion. 
Her decision is hers and you will always support her, but she needs to understand that your decision of not having one needs to be respected too. And that flaunting her weight loss is affecting you negatively.

Honestly if a friend can’t take something as simple as that I would question the quality of their friendship. Because it is not being an asshole at all.

- Mod Guillermo

Keith and Shiro reunited

If the real Shiro comes back, and he looks at Keith I want them to show a flashback to when they first met. We all know the two had a past together, but what was that past? How big was their friendship, how long did they know each other before Kerberos? I don’t want shipping material (all though I love the ship), I want to know more about the show. I want to have a flashback of Lance as a cargo pilot, trying to out-do Keith. I want a flashback of Pidge when she was really little when she sees Matt again. WHAT IF WE GET A FLASHBACK OF LOTOR’S CHILDHOOD!!

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I really adore Maggie and Michonne's friendship. I really hope we get more of that in season 8. And also I'm guessing we might get to see her and Rosita as well, which surprised me honestly, because they haven't really talked since S5.

Yeah, Michonne doesn’t really “talk” to anyone besides Rick (and Carl, a little), lol. None of the women are really shown to have actual ongoing friendships on the show, aside from maybe Tara and Rosita. (Sasha and Maggie was good, too, but would’ve been better had they kept up their development in S6.) Everything else is just sort of implied, which is annoying. So yeah, I really hope we get to see more female interaction in S8. Based on the trailer, it seems like it’s a possibility. But knowing how this show works, it’ll probably last for all of one episode. 😄

When One called Hanbin during a radio show game and told him that he got a girlfriend in order to make Hanbin say “I’m disappointed in you”, all that Hanbin cared about was whether One was happy. Also, Hanbin confessed that he had never said that phrase to anyone, and I think that just says a lot of what kind of angel human being Hanbin really is and what sort of friendship they have

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This season CBS cast people who wanted to be loved by the audience more than they wanted to win and then placed a vet into the game with friendship bracelets and 3 weeks of immunity from the audience. I don’t think they are afraid of Paul. I think they want to be famous after the show and think handing him the win will help them be loved.

  • me: *using tunnel vision while reblogging polygrumps content*
  • me: wow!! i love these posts showing the grumps friendships!! wow!! these friendship posts are so cute!! and so strictly platonic!!! i love it!!! #FRIENDSHIPISGREAT am i right??!!

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To be honest, I loved how Toby figured out who the real Spencer was and I'm all for the one true love thing however I think it would've been a thousand times better if the girls were the ones who figured out who the real Spencer was. I feel like the show's underlying message is about unconditional friendship and it would've made me so happy if the liars were the ones to ask Spencer something that only the 5 of them knew and then when Spence answered, they'd all run and hug her? Just a thought x

Yeah that’s fair enough. I just can’t get over how Marlene thinks that was the most romantic scene of the finale, and yet we have fans such as ourselves who would literally edit that whole scene haha


critical role gif meme - [¾] relationships - keyleth & percival de rolo

for yoongi to admit that he doesn’t match well with tae and then say that he wondered what he could do to strengthen friendships, saying he’ll do whatever tae suggests and focus on whatever he wants to do because he’s aware that tae might not follow his suggestions just shows how kind-hearted yoongi is and that he’s willing to put people before him bc deep down he cares about tae a lot


those cheeky shits

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I love Kirishima. A lot. And I love your blog because it mainly focus on him. I love how he brightens the show and how great his character is. But the thing is I saw some of your posts shipping him with bakugo. I don't ship him with bakugo though. I like their friendship and all. I think it's the most beautiful progress I have seen in BNHA. Their dynamic pair is good. May I know why you ship them? And please don't hate me.

Reasons to Ship Bakushima

Since you already like their friendship and think they make a good dynamic pair, you probably have a good idea of why people like their relationship. There are a countless number of reasons to ship them and their relationship has so much going for them, so I feel like whatever answer I give won’t be enough. I’ll try my best to answer this. Maybe it’s best if I list some of the main reasons why I ship them. 

1. Kirishima is important to Bakugou’s character development. 

Early on, he encourages Bakugou to have friends and allies by being a friend and ally to Bakugou himself.

Kirishima does such a good job making himself a friend and equal to Bakugou that he becomes the only classmate Bakugou can accept being rescued by without hurting Bakugou’s pride. This is a huge step for Bakugou’s character development because it shows Bakugou can learn how to accept help from someone without his ego being bruised. 

The character development Kirishima gives Bakugou helps Bakugou become a better hero by encouraging Bakugou to be a nicer individual and to work with other people. 

2. Bakugou CARES about Kirishima. 

Usually Bakugou doesn’t give a crap if someone is sad. However, Bakugou has been shown multiple times trying to cheer Kirishima up when Kirishima is sad, which is something he hasn’t done for other classmates. Bakugou cares about someone besides himself, and the classmate Bakugou cares about the most is Kirishima. 

Bakugou doesn’t care about people like a hero should. As Bakugou learns to care about Kirishima, he can become capable of caring about other people, further showing how Kirishima helps Bakugou become a better hero.

3. Despite Kirishima admiring Bakugou and wanting to be his friend, Kirishima doesn’t let Bakugou walk all over him. 

He’ll tease Bakugou like any friend would, even if Bakugou doesn’t like it. 

And he doesn’t let Bakugou get away with shit. He understands Bakugou needs to improve his behavior and will call Bakugou out on his bad behavior. 

Kirishima won’t let Bakugou get away with not calling him by his name either. Kirishima not only wants Bakugou to be his friend, he also wants Bakugou to treat him with respect. Kirishima doesn’t want to be Bakugou’s minion. He wants to be his equal. 

4. This point goes without saying, but similar to how Bakugou cares about Kirishima, Kirishima REALLY cares about Bakugou. 

Kirishima is one of the people who is most worried for Bakugou when Class 1-A hears the villains are after Bakugou.

And despite the dangers for him and his classmates, Kirishima is willing to break the rules to rescue Bakugou because he is one of the students hurt most by Bakugou’s capture. 

Kirishima checks to see if Bakugou passed the hero license exam and is worried about Bakugou when he sees Bakugou doesn’t pass.

5. Bakugou respects Kirishima. 

Bakugou sees Kirishima as a useful ally because their Quirks work well together and is willing to accept Kirishima into his cavalry battle team as a result. Then during that cavalry battle, he listens to Kirishima when Kirishima tells Bakugou to calm down, and Bakugou even refers to Kirishima by his name, something Bakugou rarely does and only does with people he respects. 

Kirishima puts up a good fight against Bakugou during the Sports Festival, showing Bakugou that he’s more than just his hardening Quirk, making Bakugou respect him even more. 

Not only does Bakugou respect Kirishima enough to be rescued by him without hurting his pride, but Bakugou remembers words Kirishima told him months later. Kirishima told Bakugou he’d be unshakable during the cavalry battle, and then Bakugou recalls those exact words months later. Bakugou doesn’t remember things unless they’re important. The things Kirishima says have a huge impact on Bakugou.

Furthermore, Bakugou thinks Kirishima is so strong that he states Kirishima can be unbreakable like All Might. Considering how highly Bakugou thinks of All Might, that’s a huge compliment and shows how much Bakugou respects Kirishima’s abilities. 

6. Bakugou is good for Kirishima’s character growth. 

Kirishima looks up to Bakugou for his unwavering determination and strength and tries to be a strong hero more like Bakugou. When Kirishima expresses how little he thinks of his Quirk and abilities, Bakugou gives Kirishima advice and helps Kirishima create his new super move, Red Riot Unbreakable. 

As demonstrated by Red Riot Unbreakable, Bakugou helps give Kirishima conviction and a more unbreakable spirit, making Kirishima more of an unyielding wall, which will improve Kirishima’s hero career. Kirishima wouldn’t be the mighty brute force he is now without Bakugou. In addition, the things Bakugou says improve Kirishima’s confidence. For instance, Red Riot Unbreakable raised Kirishima’s confidence and makes him feel stronger, which is important for Kirishima’s self-esteem. Keep in mind, Bakugou usually says things to hurt and lower other people’s confidence, so it’s very remarkable that the things he says helps Kirishima’s confidence instead. 

Although, it’s difficult for Bakugou’s threats and insults to faze Kirishima anyway. 

Considering Kirishima’s low self-esteem, Bakugou is an important person who’ll help raise Kirishima’s confidence. In addition, both Bakugou and Kirishima suffer from painful inferiority complexes, with Bakugou’s inferiority complex manifesting into a superiority complex. They can both relate to their issues and help each other. 

Overall, Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship gets lots of development throughout the series. They mean a lot to each other and help their characters grow. They’re arguably best friends. They’re so close that Iida automatically turns to Kirishima when asking about Bakugou’s whereabouts. 

I don’t expect this answer to convert you into a Bakushima shipper anon. It’s cool if you don’t ship it. This is a very loaded ask because there’s so much I can say about this. I don’t think this answer does this ship or their relationship justice because I can go on and on about why Bakugou and Kirishima are great for each other and why their relationship is important. If I didn’t list some reasons why I like them, then my answer would get disorganized and incoherent. By the way, thanks for asking this specific question. I’ve never really stated why I like Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship, and it’s nice to finally get my thoughts out there. Although, I could still say more on the topic. 


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “