i love their friendship okay

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Hi do you have pics of Matt and Esther with Harry and Shelby I love their friendship thanks

Okay so there aren’t that many with all 4 of them (if anyone has any more reblog with them) but they attended the GLAAD awards together

And they spent New Years 2017 together (with Kat)

But honestly if we’re going to talk about Esther and Shelby.. then I’m here for it because have you seen these two?!

Their friendship is so PURE????

(Sarah, Esther, Cat (Matt’s sister) and Shelby)

Like honestly….. Esther used #shesther as a hastag. WHAT. A. BABE.

(via Harry’s instagram story)

Like…. SHELBY!

And honestly can we discuss how supportive of their boyfriend(fiance?)/husband they are?!!?!!?! 

Honestly….. this quartet is my life. As is shumdario. As is #SHESTHER

I really do hope that one day I’ll see you again. I don’t want this to be how our story ends, because little phrases scribbled into the other’s book of memories just won’t cut it. I want more from you.
—  🖤

okay but rosa knew about the double-tuck long before she and amy got close while jake was in witsec. so, like, canonically, rosa has her huge soft spot for amy even when she’s a badass bitch who loves no one

also rosa probably spent yeARS watching amy double-tuck to jake at shaw’s after work. 


Whenever I end up in a dark zone and start putting myself and my art down (which is alot), there’s always SOMEONE who pops up just in time to smack the despair out of me.

 Whether it be a follower, a nice anon, or a buddy- it always nice to be reminded that even if I may not think I’m good, there are real people out there who actually do. And I love you all for that

So remember folks, it’s very easy for artists and writers to fall into a rut where they can’t produce anything due to low confidence in their skills. So what must you do to help them out? SMASH INTO THEIR INBOX/POST/HOUSE AND REMIND THEM THEY HAVE PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEIR WORK. SMACK ‘EM WITH LOVE.

This has been a quick PSA from Digi, PEACE.  

I want every classmate to be best friends with every single other classmate… brotp?? brot3?? Forget that, gimme the brot15 with every single kid in this class please

I want to know how you’re doing the way I used to. I want to know what made you smile today, what weirded you out… There isn’t much that I wouldn’t give just to relive a moment with you.
—  🖤

everybody always referring to combeferre as being the smartest member of the abc, but combeferre swearing to every god there is that grantaire is the smartest person that he knows

The moment Lily ducked out of the attic, James turned to him with a gaze so earnest that Severus gripped the edge of his chair and glared back. “I was a dick to you, in Hogwarts,” James said.

“Um,” said Severus and then frowned at himself. He detested filler words. But maybe this was a special occasion.

“I’m sorry,” said James. “You’ve got perfect right to hate me, but I’d like it if we could be friends.”

Severus gripped his chair harder. He considered this. James–was the sky purple? were all the pig-flying spells all over England failing for one shining moment? was his mother’s basement freezing over?–waited for him to find his words. “It would make certain things simpler,” Severus managed.

a life of smoke and silvered glass by dirgewithoutmusic / ink-splotch 

(link to full fic here)