i love their friendship :')

    I was going to do a follower appreciation for 1,337 followers, but then Persona 5 dropped and everyone made a blog and (glances at milestone in the rearview) … So I’m going to call it a 2 years celebration.  I made narxkami on April 21 2015, so it’s been just over two years since I started this blog and let me say that it’s been a blast from beginning to right now. Yu has helped me through a lot of things and helped me grow as a person (I hope), but it would never have been possible without all the precious S. Links friends I’ve met along the way. You guys mean more to me than I could ever put into words, so I just want to say thank you. Really. I’m sure I’ll forget some people, but please remember that if I follow you or if we’ve interacted ic or ooc, then you’re part of my wonderful experience here. I can’t express how grateful I am to know you all. Without further ado …

     THE OG INVESTIGATION TEAM: You guys defined the main cast in a way that any number of animes and spinoffs could never do. Even if we’re apart or don’t interact any more, I’ll never forget you guys. 

     @hanxmura, @chieriot, @amagiggled, @kvjikawa, @kumahanamura, @shirogune, @hokotei, @gooselullaby, altrustae, @velvetempress

      THESE BONDS BRING YOU CLOSER TO THE TRUTH: You guys are on my dash all the time and it’s still not enough. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

    @bleachblondbeefcake, @notyourprinccss, @thekingteddie, @sweetpvnk, @puckish-rogue, @atolsremix, @hyoukan, @froppii, @fearframed, @hananura, @reaperdachi, @beyondarrest, @emoticlysm, @sabazio@truthorslap@purseona, @seacrowned, @backstagebaae, @galacticpxnt@steelbanchou, @dokitsuu, @lamentis, @honorbourne, @rationalclover, @hiunmei, @treurspel, @ujimashii, @foolspartner, @desbearer, @orokana-riko, @frcidyne, @fragilefated@breakmaki, @shrapnelsong, @starpcff, @naesarang, @saltyprotector, @mcncheri, @downtomyunderoos

      RANK 10—YOUR EYES TO SEE THE TRUTH: If you haven’t seen your name yet, brace yourself for exorbitant amounts of praise and sappiness because you guys are the lights of my life—I can’t imagine existing without you.

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“The bible had a plauge of locusts, we have a plauge of pensioners*” - 5.06

Every ‘Shrixie’ moment 💖💛💖 (5/??)

When Stephanie figured out she was trans, the first person she went to was Tim. Tim asked her if she wanted some of his old clothes because he kept a couple dresses and skirts in case he ever wanted to wear them again. Steph of course graciously accepted because Tim has great style but was surprised because Tim didn’t even bat an eye when she told him.


Just a reminder that I love every member of the Les Mis fandom, especially my followers and ESPECIALLY my mutuals

There’s so much love and support and kindness here in a way that I’ve never experienced in other fandoms and that doesn’t go unnoticed


anonymous asked:

4 years??? How did you meet @thatheckingnerd?

Actually - I didn’t meet them. They met me.

The day @thatheckingnerd and I fought in mortal pillow. I think I won ?? I can’t remember but - we probably had a draw. They e-mailed me December, 21st - 3:30 pm in 2014. With a “Hi Kahamiya, how are you :)” 

I actually thought they’d be one of those Candies you chat with but not really so - I replied and we just started off slow and built on, ig-

We shared interests - especially in anime. One particular anime - Hetalia. 

We’d roleplay it. Not professionally, more like for shits and giggles - I think we at least sent eachother around 100-200 a day ?? through the mcl e-mail,, I’d honestly stay up from 7am to 6am until they had to go to bed,, 

and yes i’d sneak onto my laptop to talk to them lmao that’s how i stayed up for so long

We built our oc’s together, vented, laughed, watched vines, etc. but oH MY GOD - when we went (past tense) to our e-mails when we were younger, three years ago ?? We almost died. They didn’t look through all of them - but I did to see what day/hour we exactly met. 

As of now we don’t watch Hetalia - I grew out of it and don’t understand why I even liked it so much ?? I’m over it.

I don’t even touch our inbox anymore. It’s just horrible it’s like the forbidden area i’ll never even toUCH - they don’t touch it either,, 

anyways, yeah - (obviously) we still talk today - i can’t wait for our anniversary though B) I’m gonna be unavailable for the whole day don’t contact me pls

Anyways, yes - that’s how we met.

          If you’d like to be mains with me, fill in that heart? I love creating bonds with my muses as well as developing friendships with muns, so this is a very easy way to do both! What I’m getting at is —— I want to go ahead and establish definite bonds for Mitsukuni. I want to know I always have you and your muse to count on for certain feels and plotting. If you like this then I have every right to assume you feel the same. That you feel comfortable with me approaching you and your muse for interactions! Mind you, this is for mutuals only — but it’s okay if we haven’t interacted! I’m always happy with pre-established bonds well.

honestly doing errands w friends like grocery shopping or helping them find new clothes or just going anywhere for no other reason than to keep them company while they get what they need is such an underrated wholesome good experience like yes let me help u pick out cereal and put fruits in bags bitch i LOVE u ❤️💛💚💙💜💓👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩💞🌟💫💕💖🌱☀️✨💗🌺❗️🌸🍃🌷🌹🌻💗❗️❗️