i love their films so much

what she says: im fine

what she means: battle of the sеxes is a story about a lesbian tennis player that uses her popularity and her voice to make a difference. it’s an expertly made biopic; a cinematic masterpiece that uses this historic tennis match between a man and a woman to talk about gender inequality in a very nuanced way. the characters are all well-rounded, and, seeing as how it was endorsed by billie jean king herself, probably pretty close to reality. the love story between the women was not only integral to the plot, but also had some of the softest, most genuine scenes this young gay has ever seen. their first meeting made my heart melt. also, the underlying theme of older gay folks continuously looking out for the younger ones who are only just starting to figure everything out was the penultimate example of mlm/wlw solidarity. there is so much more to be said about emma stone’s performance and physicality and about the masterful way this film was written and shot, but i have nobody to discuss any of this with because people on here are so anti-emma stone lately that they’re letting this lesbian masterpiece pass them by. and also, the freaking tumblr search engine has apparently blacklisted the word s*xes. i guess this movie will never find its audience here on tumblr dot com

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We know you didn't like Homecoming, but I'm curious about something now. Since you like Liz Allan so much, and since this was her first adaptation into the movies (from what I can remember),what did you think about Laura Harrier's Liz? Would you like to see her come back? Feel free not to answer if you don't want to!

The funny thing is, back when they announced they were rebooting the Spider-Man films, I actually called that they’d be using Liz as the Love Interest on the basis that they’ve been working backwards. (I believe I also called the Vulture but that was honestly just wishful thinking because I fucking love the Vulture and although Michael Keaton gave a great performance in that movie, I have to say, if we as an audience aren’t ready to see Peter Parker punch a winged senior citizen in the face, we’re not ready for Peter Parker.)

I liked the casting of Laura Harrier a lot and I think she played the role she was given extremely well, although I’m naturally inclined to be sympathetic to the character of Girl Whose Only Mistake Was Giving Boy Who Repeatedly Ditched Her A Billionth Chance because haha, good ol’ Hollywood. Considering how fandom usually likes to discuss the MCU’s problems with how it treats women, I’m surprised how little I’ve seen Homecoming criticized for not allowing women to do anything. Please, my kingdom for a version of this movie where Liz gets to have one single little bit of involvement in taking down her father rather than Peter just flat out ruining her life while she presumably sits depressed by the punch and Nedke spins around in a chair. I would really like us to be past the point where we have scenes where the girl’s reason for going to a dance with the Main Character is “I know you like me”, you feel me?

It’s, I don’t know, it’s a pretty big departure from 616 Liz in high school:

Or even later on, when she gets involved in criminal activities trying to help her step-brother, Mark “The Molten Man” Roxton:

Or, when she threatened Norman Osborn when he tried to get involved in the life of her son, his grandson.

Liz has always been a proactive character and on top of Hot Aunt May (Did We Mention She’s Hot Now), Zendaya’s Michelle having very little screentime, the sidelining of Betty Brant, consistently one of the most important people to Peter, and Karen The Saccharinely Helpful Robot Lady Voice having, to the best of my recollection, more lines than any single female character, to have her so completely sidelined in the destruction of her family and her life for the Greater Good. imho Spider-Man should, at its heart, be about doing the right thing for no reward: taking down her father would have been the right thing, and she certainly would have gotten no reward. Instead, she’s left standing at the dance and the last we see of her is her tearfully telling The Boy she hopes he works it out or whatever. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Let women do stuff in MCU movies even if they don’t have super powers or spy training.

I would like her to come back, because again I did really like the casting and I Love Liz Allan, but honestly, Homecoming’s messages, including the erasure of the gun violence aspect of his backstory and the fact that they’ve taken a vigilante and made his goal Join The Cool REAL Superheroes left me so put off this reimagining of the series that I’m not inclined to see another Spider-Man movie until they reboot it again. (If you heard an obnoxious female voice shout “DOES HE HAVE TO” when Peter Parker Will Return came onscreen at your showing, sorry, you were in a theater with me.) She was good! I hope she comes back and does stuff! If it’s up to these writers, I highly doubt it!

I guess the ideal for me would be if Laura Harrier’s Liz appeared, somehow, in the Venom movie as the ruthlessly pragmatic CEO of Alchemax, somehow, I don’t know, we’re throwing around time skips all over the place these days:

Let women do stuff in movies, basically.

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Hi again :) I get what your saying about real athletes and car types but it still just feels like the whole age thing was too forced here. Like another movie should have gone in between cars 2 & 3. A lot of fans and kids didn’t like to see Lightning portrayed like he was in the film and really wanted to see him come out on top. They could have done this like new spoiler, diffusers, full carbon fibre body and stuff. Other racers had upgrades like Max Schnell so why not McQueen?

Yo yo! :)

Personally, I really liked the story Lightning was given in Cars 3. I agree it’s painful to watch, but it’s also a really important part of being an athlete where you have to recognise when it’s time to step away. As much as I love watching Lightning being amazing at what he does, I also love watching him grow. Accepting it’s time to find a new adventure is part of that growth. It’s also an important life lesson in general to learn when to make room for the younger generation.

And this truly just me being self-indulgent but I wouldn’t trade the scene where Lightning takes over from Smokey as the crew chief for anything. I loved seeing Lightning showing he’s not just fast and good at overtaking, he has fantastic knowledge of racing overall - he knew that track so well, he knew what other cars were going to do, he knew Cruz so well that he knew just what to say to her. I love watching Lightning winning, but I love being shown just why Lightning is special even more. 

The upgrades thing is…. weird. The Cars universe is SUPER vague on this because cars die, but they’re mechanical so why don’t they just get fixed forever?? Like if Lightning was a real car his wreck in Cars 3 would be a write-off, that car would be scrapped, so was he rebuilt from scratch? Idk, it’s something that bugs me too but I figure there’s a limit to how much a car can be modified, similar to how there’s only so much we can do to our own bodies with surgery?? Like you could get spoilers/suspension/bodywork upgrades but your engine? That’s your engine you have to have that. 

Kinda similar to how I could upgrade my Kia Picanto all I want but it’s uhh… never gonna be fast bless it. 

But alla this is just my opinion!! You don’t have to be satisfied with Cars 3′s story, or how they handled Lightning’s overall story and it’s totally cool to not like it or wanted it to have a different direction :) 

Yesterday night I watch the last film of Lupin III, the film is from this year 2 february

I watch it with the subs and I REALLY LOVE ITT

this film have so much blood and other stuff and this is good for Lupin

The animations are so much good, and the expressions are perfect aaa

I like the thing Goemon is the protagonist

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Hi first want to say I love the blog. It's one of the best ST blogs I've seen. I'm curious do you also post about other projects the actors are in like film roles ( Finn in It, Charlie in New Mutants, Millie in Godzilla, etc)?

Hey! thanks so much, we’re glad you love the blog <33 and to answer your question, we post projects of the cast, but very sporadically and inconsistently since this is a stranger things blog and we want to keep the spotlight solely on that.



pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love


Screw writing “strong” women.  Write interesting women.  Write well-rounded women.  Write complicated women.  Write a woman who kicks ass, write a woman who cowers in a corner.  Write a woman who’s desperate for a husband.  Write a woman who doesn’t need a man.  Write women who cry, women who rant, women who are shy, women who don’t take no shit, women who need validation and women who don’t care what anybody thinks. [..]  Women shouldn’t be valued because we are strong, or kick-ass, but because we are people.  So don’t focus on writing characters who are strong.  Write characters who are people. (x)


a blessed fancam.