i love their faces during this scene

...the moment i fell in love with rick grimes ... and michonne.

ever since this scene, i went from pure lust … to undying love and desire for rick grimes. it was ^this very look^ that turnt me….his gaze, his eyes, his hair, his sweat, his arrogance, his insistence, his alpha presence, everything on his beautiful face and head … his neck, his pulse, that blue shirt, his ey-…ugh, who cares, his eyes…..aw, hell, his entire body — from the smooth wavy curls on top of his perfectly-shaped head down to his worn out boots. i love errry-thing about rick grimes.

i was thirsty AF during this scene…rick’s fearlessness, his bravado, his command of this situation, his ease, his neck muscles, shoulders, arms, his strong back, his stance, his aim, his pistol-sized cock, i mean his pistol cocked and … POW! … it’s all purr-FEKKT!!!

….for this entire scene, my pannies were soaked and removed and….i was waitin’ on orders from rick. it was more than lust, i tell you…i fell in love with rick….hard, too….ugh. it goes deep, y’all.

… and this is the moment i fell in love with michonne. it’s pretty easy to see why…she’s absolutely beautiful and she’s eye-fucking my soul, erm … rick’s soul with this gaze and he’s confused and mesmerized AF, just like me!  

i mean….think about this; i know lori passed just recently, but….how many women from the family or the ZA has rick’s hands all over them within moments of first meeting, whether intentional or not? rick’s actions towards michonne (and vice versa) turned me all kinds of on….i LOVED every moment…until he grabbed and squeezed her bullet wound; but that’s another story, not to mention i had to wait for-evah just to see them touch each other again, even the subtle ones…

and finally … this is the moment i realized that … i’m in love with and want to be with richonne. i mean, i was near death in this scene because … up to now, i’ve fallen for both of them, and then … it was actually happening — they were finally surrendering to being in love with each other!! i was beside myself and couldn’t have asked for more. but i will anyway, lol. i immediately became polyamorous for rick and michonne and want them both!

for richonne only, i can be a third wheel … or sex servant … or in-the-moment observer/participant; whichever, it does not matter …. as long as it’s one or a combination or all three. i can handle it. try me, richonne. i. am. ready.

richonne owns me … it’s painful to be on the outside lookin’ in. they own me … and they don’t even know it. smh.

1st gif: tellittothedead.com — 2nd gif: chonesmint — 3rd gif: scandamonium

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: why didnt faberry ever happen? quinn was obviously so in love with rachel. in season one, theres a shot of quinn drawing an ugly drawing of rachel and yet she adds hearts around it? rachel always looked out for quinn, especially during the pregnancy. she gave away a pair of her panties just so the school paper wouldnt write about quinn being pregnant. in season two, in the scene at prom where quinn slaps rachel across the face, she feels so sorry afterwards. and even though shes just besn slapped, rachel wipes away quinns tears and holds her hand. like what the hell? when rachel wants to get her nose job, quinn is the only one who takes her seriously. shes the one who goes with rachel to the plastic surgeon and is supportive of rachel's decision. plus, it was quinn's nose that rahcel wanted. and in season three, quinn says the words "you were singing to finn, and only finn, right?" like she wants rachel to be singing to someone else, ie, her. how gay can you be quinn fabray? and quinn is so adamant about not wanting rachel to marry finn. she tells rachel that shes a star and doesnt need to hang onto the boys in high school, that she needs to let go and be her own person. quinn is the only person who truly recognizes rachels talents and capabilities and appreciates her drive and ambition. plus, quinn gives rachel metro passes so that the two of them can keep in touch. after giving her the passes, the two hug, and the pain in quinn's eyes is so clear. her gay little heart was in love with rachel throughout the entire series and yet it was never explored.

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Do you think that before Flynn stole the mothership he tracked Lucy down at all? I'm sure he would have been curious about the mysterious professor who wrote his journal-from-the-future. So I can picture him finding her at her university and attending one of her lectures or something. What are your thoughts?

Oh, my god, Anon. My thoughts are I have had these EXACT THOUGHTS!

He DEFINITELY looked her up before the series starts! No doubt. None. Erase all doubt from your mind. We don’t know the degree of it. Maybe Flynn searched online for information about her. Maybe he read one of her books (a history book– not the sad, handwritten one). Maybe, yes, he even sat in the back of at least one lecture. We don’t know how far he went researching her (he’s an intelligence gathering special agent and this could actually be quite in depth– he has her tax returns), but we do know that Flynn looked Lucy up in the present day before setting his plan in motion.

And it all sounds like an interesting little possibility and fan theory, one more connection Flynn and Lucy have before even meeting face to face, but the logical part of our brain is still like, “Proof?”

How about the fact that, in the Pilot, he knew what she looked like? Yeah. Once you realize Flynn picked her out of a frantic crowd at night in front of an explosion, it hits you: “How did he know her face?” Lucy can write her entire life story in that journal. Flynn can know her mind as well as she knows herself. But unless Lucy included a photograph, he would not know her to see her. He’d pass her on the street. Conclusion: either through research or because he staked her out (attended one of her classes), Flynn was familiar with what Lucy looked like prior to meeting her in 1937.

Now, you can argue the above. You could say that one brief, mid-episode snippet is the real first time Flynn sees her. The part when he’s watching the three be arrested after he called in that tip on them.

BUT! he is very, very far away. And he’s not even the one looking through the binoculars when it happens. 

He certainly can’t make out her face. And would he really approach her later with his biggest identifier being that she had on a brown coat? Why would he WANT to leave it up to chance? Why would he risk not knowing what Lucy looks like before going into the past where he knows he’s going to run into her? I really don’t think he would.

Also (just mentioning) Flynn’s guy that Wyatt kills in the hangar knew who Lucy was, and I’m not sure what to make of it. Flynn did brief his men about her though. We know that. Because after realizing who she was (whether because Flynn passed around a picture of her or because he said she’d be the woman following them), the man said, “Flynn wants to talk to you.” So Flynn made certain his men knew who Lucy was and that, if found, she should be brought to him, presumably unharmed.

I really think it makes sense that Flynn looked her up beforehand. It makes more sense than him not doing it. Checking up on Lucy just fits Flynn’s character. Not only for curiosity’s sake, but because Flynn won’t be caught unaware again. After Rittenhouse and his family, Flynn researches, he double-checks. The man has become obsessively prepared. It’s like a compulsion he now has. He needs that sense of control so much he doesn’t even delegate unless he has to. He trusts no one. He does everything himself. He’s paranoid something will go wrong. So many episodes, he has to check the journal before allowing himself to act. Even in 1.12, he pulled it out and studied the drawing before approaching Emma’s cabin. He looks before he leaps, and you can’t tell me that doesn’t include investigating Lucy before thrusting them into the situation where they meet. He would want to know her first, familiarize himself a little better.

So yes, he looked her up before stealing the Mothership. Fight me.

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In ep8 the search team is out in the forrest, V is talking about her plans to go party and kev suggusts inviting bettey as a distraction and veronica goes "i think she allready has one" (or something like that) and points to the blossems i had thought she was pointing to jug and betty at first. Could you maybe write a fic: V and arch don't connect the dots about bughead during the group couch scene and V and kev see bets and jug making out and tripping over tree branchs ect. (Fluff) thank you

Cute! I love it!

“Shhh” Jughead chuckled lowly, tugging Betty behind the trees, his hand wrapped around her tiny wrist.

She was giggling as her ankle got tangled up in a loose tree limb, causing her to fall directly into the handsome boys arms.

Blowing a loose strand of honey blonde hair out of her face, she looked up at him, sea green meeting stormy blue.

“Hi.” She smiled at him, her shiny white teeth showing through plump perfectly pink lips.

She was so damn pretty, it was almost impossible not to stare at her. Brushing a hand to her cheek, he looked down at her.

“How are you doing? Holding up okay?”

She sighed softly, leaning her head into his chest

“You mean the search party? Or the turf war against my family and the girl who’s made my entire high school experience miserable? Or maybe the fact that my pregnant sister is missing?” She laughed humorlessly, pulling even tighter into his body.

He smiled sadly at the exhausted blonde

“All of the above?”

She giggled, looking up at him.
“I’m okay. I’ve got you to hold me up don’t I?” Her eyes were tired, and even though he knew she was joking he could see the insecurity in her face.

He placed his hands to either side of her face and brought his lips close to hers.
“Always” he whispered closing the gap.

Every time they kissed, it felt like coming home. It felt like everything they had been missing. The unsupportive families, the pressure to do everything on your own, the broken hearts and lonely nights, they didn’t matter. What mattered was this. Was us. Betty thought contentedly.

He couldn’t imagine being without her, even in the stillness of the woods, she had a spark that was undeniable. He had been missing that spark for the longest time, resigned to live in his black and white world alone. Not anymore, not when he had found his home, and she was pushed up against the old weeping willow, her hands buried in his hair.

The kissing turned more and more passionate, the cold chill of the late fall air pushing them even closer into each other, Betty’s hips pressed firmly into his, while his hands explored the bare skin under her sweater.


The pair pulled apart so quickly Jughead almost lost his grip on Betty and she flew backwards before his hands caught her waist.

Veronica and Kevin were standing in front of them now, hands on their hips.

“Well what do we have here?” The cocky smirk never leaving Veronica’s lips as Kevin practically bounced with excitement.

“This is a totally new development, our very own tortured writer and the one and only girl next door. I love it. I need it. I have to have it.” Kevin rambled, squeezing Veronica’s arm.

Jughead was bright red, his hands still on Betty’s waist as she tried unsuccessfully to hide behind him.

“Listen guys, it’s not…”

Veronica cut her off

“Save it B, if Holden Caudfield over there can make you this happy, even in this horrible situation, I am all for it. You have officially gained the Veronica lodge seal of approval. Don’t make me regret this Jughead.” Veronica raised a dangerous brow, before winking at Betty and turning on her her heel.

Kevin went to follow Veronica, before turning back, running to Betty and wrapping her up in his arms.
“You have so much to tell me, I’m sleeping over tonight. I’ve been an awful best friend and I’m sorry for neglecting you.”

She kissed his cheek and nodded as he sprinted off.

Jughead wrapped his arms behind her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder and she leaned back

“Are you okay with this?” He whispered in her ear.

She turned around at that and raised a brow, resting her arms around his neck.

“Okay with what?”

He dropped his eyes
“With everyone knowing we’re together, knowing you’re with me.”

She gripped his chin gently

“Jughead jones, there is no one else in this world I would want to be with. Let everyone know! It just means I get to do this in public.”

She pressed a slow long kiss to his lips.

Pulling away with the goofiest face she had ever seen him wear, he grabbed her hand and helped her over a fallen branch

“Well come on then girlfriend, let’s go find your sister.”

Cards Against Humanity Starters:

“I drink to forget alcoholism.”

“This is the prime of my life. I’m young, hot, and full of crippling debt.”

“Dear [NAME], I’m having some trouble with doing the right thing and would like your advice.”

“During sex, I like to think about Mufasa’s death scene.”

“White people like all-you-can-eat shrimp for $4.99.”

“I’ve had enough of your face.”

“Having problems with menstruation? Try shutting the fuck up!”

“The gypsies said my inner demons are how I’ll die.”

“I don’t need luck! I have edible underpants!”

“Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s daddy issues.”

“My superpower is being a dick to children.”

“Studies have shown tasteful sideboob is good for you.”

“Honey, mommy and daddy love you very much, but apparently mommy loves daddy’s credit card more than daddy.”

“When I am a billionaire, I shall erect a 50 foot statue to commemorate a tiny horse.”

“The class field trip was completely ruined by puberty.”

“Licking things to claim them as your own will always get you laid.”

“Hope is a slippery slope that leads to a disappointing birthday party.”

“Step one: almost give money to a homeless person. Step two: taksies-backsies. Step three: profit.”

“Me time never fails to liven up the party.”

“Why not spice up your sex life by bringing that thing that electrocute your abs into the bedroom?”

“Ever since the ‘incident’, every time I close my eyes, I still see your sad little naked body.”

“Women get turned on by tentacle porn.”

“Help! My son is farting and walking away!”

“I lost my virginity by pretending to care.”

“I learned the hard way that you can’t cheer up a grieving friend by giving a tumor a cutesy nickname.”

“Thanks to the sharing economy, I can now make money renting out my used panties.”

“Instead of coal, Santa now gives the bad children a can of whoop-ass.”

“Honey, I have a new roleplay I want to try tonight! You can be shutting the fuck up and I’ll be not having sex.”

“The next Happy Meal toy is pinkeye.”

“My mom freaked out when she looked at my internet history and saw 'a-big-black-dick.com/a-bigger-blacker-dick.”

"Can it wait a bit? I’m in the middle of making poor life choices?”

“Remember the old days when you could just slap 'SWAG’ on everything?”

“TSA guidelines now prohibit whining like a little bitch on airplanes.”


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Buckle up buttercups, I have a ton of feeling about this episode

  • Ed’s plan with the acid was so extra
  • Jerome is such a diva and I love him
  • The GCPD (mostly Lee) is just so done
  • The Court of Owls is like the audience, watching sh•t go down from a distance
  • Does Oswald have any security system at his house? I mean people just show up. You’re a crime lord and mayor, Oswald. Always be prepared.
  • Harvey is trying his best and I believe in him
  • His line about not being ready was too true
  • Alfred and Bruce are butler and ward goals
  •  Oswald is very bad at figuring out plans 
  • “You punched a man’s face off”
  • Bruce’s escape
  • Murder carnival
  • Jerome having a henchmen that carries around a stapler 
  • Bruce realization in the mirror maze
  •  I just loved the mirror scene 
  • Lee not forgiving Jim
  • Oswald’s whole thing at Barbara and Tabitha’s bar/club
  • Fish and co. continue to remain MIA
  • “I created you”
  • “Love means sacrifice”
  • Also how are Selena and Ivy doing during the black out
  • Bruce and Alfred bonding and creating Batman’s number one rule
  • “I will not kill”
  • PENGUIN NO! OSWALD! COME BACK! (Also what are the writers going to do about this
  • Y’all better bring OSWALD BACK

Okay, I’m going to slow down in my epic fangirling just a moment to appreciate Molly’s face during That Scene. She’s in pain. Just like Sherlock is in pain. It’s a selfish impulse, the most selfish of impulses to ask a man who you know doesn’t love you to say what he’ll never say, but she’s given her heart so hard, so easily to him before. It’s the dark side of humanity, and you can see her heart breaking as she says the words telling him to say it. 

And when he says, when he says “I love you” in that soft voice…

She looks like she wants to say “I’m sorry”. Like she wants to apologise and never stop apologising for putting him through it, forcing him to say it.

But she says it back. She says “I love you” because… because it’s true. And she’s his friend. And, even after all these years, all the times she’s said no to her friend and stood up to him, her heart is her traitor and she clutches that phone and holds onto the false belief until the pain passes.

harry shum jr is one of the best actors.

don’t believe me? just focus only on magnus’ face during any scene he appears. there are so many emotions on his face. his eyes are saying more than any words that come out of his mouth.

idk every time i watch any scene with magnus, the other characters are disappearing a little bit because magnus’ face says so much

i just love harry shum jr is what i’m trying to say

Love Live! Sunshine!! things that kill me

• Riko literally stripping in front of Chika in the very first scene they have together??

• the quiet “zura” right before Ruby starts freaking out in the first episode

• “oh no she’s brain damaged”

• smol Zuramaru and the motion detector lights

• it’s joke

• Riko literally breaking down a wall and proceeding to jump from the balcony of one two story building to another

• tiny Yohane hitting a tree with a stick for no apparent reason and falling down

• You having a hat that says “YOU” on it

• Hanamaru showing up to the beach at 4:00 AM

• Riko actually literally saying “I love you” while holding Chika’s hands during the sunrise


it’s joke

• the fucking Tokyo outfits (the original ones especially)

• “I’ll do my Rubesty”

• You Watanabe + glasses??

• Mari comically tripping face-first into concrete during the most dramatic scene in the series

• Riko screaming like the lipstick les she is when her fanfic falls out of her locker

• all that damn Kanamari angst

• all that damn Kanamari flirting

it’s joke

(i have space in my brain for about 3 Things. here’s two of them)

Dorian specializes in let’s plays of scary games. Zombies, murders, creepy kids in dark hallways. Part of his channel’s appeal, he knows, the thing that really makes his videos stand out, is Bull. Bull, who hates horror movies and video games, but loves Dorian enough to cower in the corner and hide his face in a pillow during every cut scene.

He’ll play other genres on request, though. Lately his subscribers really want him to play this game with the giant bird-dog. Bull wants to play it too, and that’s really the deciding factor.

But no one told Dorian that the point of The Last Guardian was climbing really high up. He can deal with jump scares, and gore, and fucked up shit, but climbing up the side of a building at the edge of a million-mile drop is not something he can do.

About 20 minutes into the livestream, Dorian hands the controller off to Bull, and doesn’t take it back.

Commentary that makes it onto the highlight reel includes:

“Man, it’s a good thing this kid is like, an Olympic level gymnast, because it would be really bad if he lost his grip now.”

“The graphics in the game are gorgeous! Look, Dorian, you can see the leaves on that tree down there!” 
“No I can’t. I’m not looking.”

“Dorian, you’re going to have to let go of my arm if you want me to get past this part.”

“Oh, cool! There’s more tightropes further up!”

“Eat the fucking thing, Trico.”

“Don’t stop there, you’re going to fall!” 
“No I’m– oh shit.”


that i fucking love how we’ve all unanimously decided to make Katie McGrath our gay figurehead on this show as we lobby for SuperCorp to become canon (bc one gay ship does not a non-heternormative show make)

honestly tho… can anyone tell me with a straight face under oath that there is no Gay Sparkle™ in Katie’s eyes during every fucking scene with Melissa

official petition to name all SuperCorp fans:

#Katie and the Gays™

so we all sound like a cool band but really we’re just tribe of fucking insane(ly gay) fanpeople willing to sell our souls to satan to see this ship become a reality

#that’s right

#crazy and queer

#and totally here

#for supercorp

join me: @katie-and-the-gays

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You guys I absolutely loved and I mean LOVED the scene where Jackson and April were doing the surgery. Jackson being bummed no one would see this unprecedented surgery that he and April were doing. And April saying “I’ll see it” and just the look on his face. April will always be there for Jackson in his most pivotal moments of his life. And I think Jackson finally realized that. His deep love and appreciation for April was written all over his face during that scene. I hope this is the beginning of a reconciliation.

How Strdia locker scene should go
  • Lydi@: I never said it back
  • Stil_s: *bemused* What?
  • Lydi@: I never told you I loved you too!
  • Stil_s: Lydia....I was talking to the Jeep.....
  • Lydi@: WHAT?? We kissed, in this locker room
  • Stil-s: During a panic attack, did you want me dead or something and straight after, you were having your way with Aiden! I've had more meaningful kisses with Malia
  • Lydi@: oh yeah...You two dated
  • Stil-s: oh god....Did you tell her, in front of her face that you loved me?? You're a fucking terrible friend...

Mac during the unofficial briefing of the possible Zodiac Killer in 1x15 “Magnifying Glass”

(I promise I’ll get to making more scene gifsets, I’m just loving Mac’s face right now)

To anyone thinking of boycotting Beauty and the Beast due to Le Fou being poor representation for the lgbtq+ community

*Some minor spoilers ahead, you have been warned*
When I saw that Le Fou was going to be an openly gay character, i was super excited. And now I just saw the movie and absolutely loved it. Many fans who have been anticipating this movie see Le Fou as a troupe for a gay guy who falls for someone straight, and frankly a huge jerk. And while Le Fou does hint at his love for Gastón, Mrs. Potts informs Le Fou that he deserves someone much better (which I personally think Le Fou knew deep down all along). And at the end of the movie, during a ballroom dancing scene, they subtly slip in Le Fou dancing with another man, with an absolute look of joy on his face.

My thoughts:
I think that while Disney could have done way better (c'mon, just give us some cogsworth x lumiere although I personally saw some good subtext of that sort) I think that overall Le Fou was not particularly bad character and wasn’t too stereotyped. The movie was really really good and I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was really well made.
Good job Disney, we may have a while to go as far as representation, but we’ve made a small step forwards.

I’ll Keep You Safe (Jerome x Reader)

Request: Hi I was wondering if I could have a Jerome Valeska one shot where the Reader would be Jim’s niece and she would be interning at GCPD to become a detective? She would be super smart , but has a shy nature and suffers from panic attacks. During the Cheerleaders attack The Reader would go with Jim to observe the scene and in the midst of things she would get a panic attack and Jerome would take an interest in her and kidnap her ? Lots of fluff please ? Thank you! I love your writing . ☺️ @goghstudy

A/N: Special thanks to @goghstudy for helping me with the ideas (even though it’s their request). Go and check out their blog :)  MASTERLIST

Word Count: 1,035

Warnings: Anxiety, kidnapping, panic attacks

A gust of warm air hit your face; the scent of coffee was calming although some police officers were typing off on their computer. Your eyes scanned the building; the lighting, the walls, the people in the building, the computers, everything. That was when your spotted your Uncle Jim Gordon talking to a lady.

You were relieved when you saw him. You had a shy nature and suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. You barely had people in your life that you’d call ‘friends’.

Originally posted by gobblepotfans

You walked up the short staircase; Jim turned around and was surprised to see you. “Hey Y/N, how are you?” He gave you a gentle hug and let go. “I’m fine.”

“Great kiddo. This is Essen. She’s the boss.” He said in a sarcastic voice which caused you and Essen to laugh. “Very funny Gordon. Welcome to GCPD Y/N.” She shook your hand and showed you around. You saw a tall man wearing glasses and holding what seemed to be an eye in a plastic bag. You cringed as you looked at it. “This is Nygma.” Jim said. You hesitated to shake the man’s hand. “What has one eye but cannot see?” Nygma said abruptly taking you by surprise. He stared at you, his eyes widened as he waited for an answer. “An eye.” You murmured.

He lifted the plastic bag containing the eye up to his face and smiled. He stared at you all waiting for some sort of laugh but sadly all he got was a cringe. You stepped back. “You know Y/N, you’re smart. I like you.”

“Okay Nygma. Don’t freak her out.” said Jim as he put his right hand on your shoulder. As you started walking with Essen and Jim, Jim turned around and said to Nygma “And put that eye somewhere where no enters like your office.” Nygma nodded and walked up to what seems like his office.

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You walked down to Jim’s desk and he sat down. Your grip held the file in your hand tighter as everyone stared at you. Is it the way my hair is styled? Is it my clothing? You began growing conscious; Jim looked at you and sighed as he saw Tom Dougherty and his gang looking at you. “Move along Dougherty!” Jim tapped on the seat next to him. “This is your desk. Right next to mine.” The desk was empty; a lamp was hanged over the desk.

You sat on the chair and put your files down on the grey desk and began reading some criminal files. Jerome Valeska killed his mother. You and Jim began talking together with Essen when the phone rang and filled the calm air that surrounded you. “Hello?” Jim said. “What? We’re coming!” He slammed the phone down. He got up and put on his belt armed with guns. “Y/N, you come with me so that you’ll experience what we experience.” Some policemen came to assist Jim.


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You got out of the police car and watched from afar. The ginger man began showering every cheerleader and the bus with oil. The screams coming from the bus made your heart beat faster. The ginger man approached you slowly with a smug grin on his face. A layer of hot sweat beads grew and covered your body, your breathing got heavier. Not now please! You told yourself as your panic attack grew. “Hello gorgeous, I’m Jerome.” You trembled and stepped back. You looked over his shoulder trying to spot for your uncle Jim. “Oh what’s the matter sweetheart? I’ll take care of you.” Someone from behind grabbed you by the wrists and shoved you up in the back of a van.

You tongue felt like it was paralyzed; your heavy breathing was making you lightheaded. Your head was covered with a thick black bag which was making your air supply very limited.

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You woke up in a comfortable bed with green covers. You looked on your side and saw Jerome smiling; he was lying on the bed next to you. “Hey.” He said. You shoved yourself to the edge of the bed. “Where am I?” You asked in a hoarse voice. “You’re in a much safer place.” He placed his soft warm hand on yours.  He gently pulled you towards him and wrapped his arm around you. With the other hand he cupped your head and gently put it down on his bare chest. You closed your eyes, trying to hold in the tears. Is Jim coming for me? A million thought began crossing your mind about what would have happened to Jim and what would the kidnappers do to you.

“Y/N, there’s no need to be afraid of me. I’m not the bad guy.” He began caressing your soft hair. You slid your hand over his stomach and relaxed. “Theo gives the orders and we oblige them.”

“But you obey anyways so that makes you the bad guy. You killed your mother.” His heart skipped a beat. “My mother was a bitch. She deserved to die.” He propped himself up on his elbow. “But I would never hurt you. I swear.” He leaned in and gently pressed a kiss on you lips.

“How can I believe you?” You asked. He pressed his lips to yours again. One of his arms snaked around your waist and pulled you towards you while the other arm supported his body. His kissed trailed down from your neck to the valley of your breasts as he ripped off the buttons that were sown on your shirt. You cupped his face and began kissing him back.

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Your skin had goose bumps all over it. You had never experienced this feeling. He pulled back and admired your beauty. “You’re beautiful Y/N.” He caressed your cheek with his index finger.

“What about Jim?” Jerome let out a sigh and rolled his eyes. “Don’t worry about Jim Gordon. He’ll accept me as your boyfriend.

“I’m not talking about-” Jerome hushed you up by putting his index finger on your luscious lips. “I’ll keep you safe until Jim Gordon finds you.” He placed a kiss on your forehead and smiled. “So do you want something?” All your shyness flew away. “You.”

11 Glorious Moments From 'The Walking Dead' Mid-Season Finale

For me the best scene of the mid- season finale was definitely the Richonne heart to heart. The feels were exquisite during this scene. I love how the article describes Rick as having “human heart eyes emjoiis” during Michonne’s speech.

Because let’s face it if anyone looked at any of us with that much blatant love and desire, well, we would simply go up in 🔥 I nearly became the victim of spontaneous combustion sitting on my couch watching that scene.

Having that much love and devotion directed at you must be the best kind of high. Rick is the best significant other to ever grace this earth. Now I’m all ❤👀 too. It is my mission in life to have someone look at me the way Rick looks at Michonne. Nothing else existed but the two of them. Negan could have burned that cell down around them and I don’t believe they would have noticed.

That kiss the two shared literally curled my toes. It was their best kiss yet. Yes, I’m keeping count. Don’t act like you’re not. I could care less that it happened in a dark, dank cell. It happened. It was terrific.

My next favorite scene was, of course, the reunion. If I was the crying type of female the bro hug would have been my breaking point. I loved that TF is back together and that Rosita has stopped blaming Sasha for Abraham falling in love with Sasha. Now, Rosita can stop giving Sasha the stink eye and sporting her version of the green-eyed monster. She couldn’t even bring herself to give Sasha her props when she was talking to Father Gabriel. Smdh.

But what was even better than the hug was the obvious PDA between Richonne. My eyes fell out of my head and rolled across the floor when I saw Richonne holding hands. It was simple and brillant. They are putting their relationship out front for everyone to see and respect with no reservations. A love like this should'nt be hidden from family and friends. It should be celebrated. All the Richonne haters can stick that in their pipes and smoke it.

Richonne is healthy and thriving! We shippers are on cloud nine and living off these scenes until February and that’s okay. There has never been a couple or relationship this perfectly balanced on television before. TWD and Scott Gimple should be commended. We get to experience this perfection and fall more irreversibly in love with this couple whenever they grace our screens. What could be better? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. #Richonneforever.

why you should appreciate soonchan

first of all, i see a lot of chansol, soonseok etc. shippers but!!!! let me tell you why soonchan should be noticed:

  • they’re extremely cute together
  • chan hugs soonyoung like… all the time when he’s next to him
  • chan always talks about soonyoung that he’s the best hyung etc.
  • they’re both great and creative dancers
  • they can’t stop smiling when they look at each other!!!!
  • they were on a date in a cafe bYE
  • they do heart together on fansigns,,a lot
  • soonyoung helps chan with things (for example mic during their reality show)
  • “you know i love you” that’s what chan said on one fine day while talking about soonyoung!!!
  • they sent hearts to each other
  • they hugged on scene and chan was smiling so bright helP me
  • during andromeda chan’s face was so close to soonyoung’s 
  • chan hugged soonyoung during andromeda, because he said soon is his favourite hyung
  •  soonyoung was lying on chan 
  •  chan did the “10:10″ thing and soonyoung did dinosaur thing 
  •  they shared food 
  •  that predebut video where soonyoung is playing with chan 
  • soonyoung feeds chan like,, a lot (v app etc) 

stan soonchan my friends, stan talent