i love their dark costumes so much

It overwhelms me how much I love autumn. The dark and foggy mornings where everything’s in a haze and you only see the street lights in the distance. The grey sky, cold wind and rainy days. When you drink a hot chocolate, snuggled into a cozy blanket while watching TV. The leaves changing color into red, orange and yellow and finally falling to the ground. The Halloween decorations in the supermarket, the pumpkins, the costumes. I just can’t wait for autumn I love it so much



To make it easier to start off, I’ve made some tweet prompts for everyone to use!!! Just copy the prompt into the tweet box, add an ending AND TWEET! :)

#ILoveHannibalBecause The Production Team is

#ILoveHannibalBecause Hugh is

#ILoveHannibalBecause Mads is

#ILoveHannibalBecause Caroline is

#ILoveHannibalBecause Laurence is

#ILoveHannibalBecause The guest stars are

#ILoveHannibalBecause The story is

#ILoveHannibalBecause My favorite episode makes me

#ILoveHannibalBecause It makes me feel

#ILoveHannibalBecause it is boundary breaking and

#ILoveHannibalBecause it cannot be matched in

#ILoveHannibalBecause the gore is

#ILoveHannibalBecause it breaks rules and

#ILoveHannibalBecause the fannibals are

#ILoveHannibalBecause the community is

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hey do you know tv series/movies similar to penny dreadful?,?? idk man i just miss this show so badly.... i need more dark poetic gothic tv in my life

i’m so sorry i didn’t respond to this sooner!! um, ok. i haven’t watched too many other’s like penny dreadful (a gigantic shame) and i know there are more out there. let’s see.


  • taboo (i love this series so much!! it’s so dark and full of magic and tom hardy and i really, really think you’d love it too!)
  • ripper street (it’s not as gothic but it’s darker and i really love the costumes and sets of old london)
  • hemlock grove (it’s been recommended to me before but i’ve yet to watch it. maybe now is the time)
  • black sails (another good one i’ve heard of, though not very gothic)
  • camelot (it was super amazing and eva green is in it but i believe it was canceled. super dark, full of magic, loved it)
  • salem (another great dark series! i need to get back to it)
  • sleepy hollow (a much cheesier kind of dark and i basically stopped half way through. wait, scratch it, i don’t recommend the later seasons)
  • strange empire (another great one canceled ahead of its time. i shouldn’t be posting the canceled ones. but i loved this series so much. dark, strong women, canadian prairies. all good things)
  • jonathan strange and mr norrell (another one i need to watch)
  • american gods (i’ve only heard good things about this series due to air later this year)
  • peaky blinders
  • the killing
  • american horror story (but only a few seasons, i recommend coven, asylum, and roanoke. the others got a bit weird)


  • crimson peak (so so so good. basically everything you’d ever want in gothic horror)
  • brother’s grimm
  • pan’s labyrinth 
  • bram stoker’s dracula
  • interview with a vampire
  • 1999 sleepy hollow
  • fall of the house of usher

ok, that’s all i’ve got right now. iif any of my lovely followers could pipe up, give a shout, it would be super appreciated!! thank you lovelies!


I always wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely reblogs and descriptions on what you love in my pictures. I always look forward to seeing what you say. It brightens my day and makes me all giddy <3

I never say much, I know. but I follow your posts and gosh, you’re just such a lovely person. I love what you do here on tumblr and in the Princess Tutu fandom. 

Thank you for making me feel so welcome here ;v;


Princess Tutu can’t ever speak her words of love, so instead she dances.

And to show you my words of thanks, I decided to draw.


the future is fuckin bulletproof

scarletsundae  asked:

whats your favorite movie? :)

ooo okay, okay. it’s probs ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’. I love/have loved that movie for so many years omg,, i remember watching it and loving the dark and broody vibe and Clause was cute aF and the costuming and the music!!!!! My mum gated it because it was so ‘scary’ but thats what I loved about it so much. And when the Netflix series came out ngl i wept a small tear i was so excited and ngl watched it all in like a day

Nohrian Festival: Camilla’s Costume and Related Dialogue

I like how Anna yet again breaks the fourth wall by mentioning how there are different Kamui’s, and then Camilla just brushes it off by saying that she loves all Kamui’s regardless. And yet again Anna shows just how much she knows.

Now I know that Anna and Jake are apparently the ancestor of all Anna’s, but there’s no telling if that particular Anna was the first Anna. But of course that means that Anna would have been around way longer than Marth; ergo, longer than the Fire Emblem series itself.

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Meet Kylo Ren & Tsuruga Ren

I’ve been reading manga series for many years and recently discovered some similarities between Kylo Ren and another character named Tsuruga Ren (from Skip Beat!).

Coincidence? I think yes, in this case. But since I love to find parallels and similarities in everything I see, I thought I would do an analysis and comparison between Kylo Ren and Tsuruga Ren, and their relationship with a certain young woman in their lives.

Ever since I heard the name ”Kylo Ren” I always thought it sounded familiar to me. Besides the fact that the whole name itself sounds very Japanese, I didn’t connect the dots until I recently read Skip Beat! again - a Japanese manga by author Yoshiki Nakamura (which I highly recommend by the way).

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❝ Want a balloon, Josh? ❞ Its voice is a garbled croon, risen from the abyssal recess of the room. Moonlight, scarce in its waxen light, unveils the contours of silver silk, of a face encrusted with white greasepaint and a carmine smile. The costume flaps and writhes in a non-existent wind. It draws nearer, baring a single orange balloon. ❝ Float, ❞ It whispers, eyes alight with a murky yellow glow, ❝ they float... ❞

(  harass josh  )

Faces  in  the  dark  are the fucking worst.
Josh isn’t scared of clowns, never has been, but the sight of that mangled appearance peering out, no,  GRINNING  at him from the shadows, balloon held aloft, has somehow struck a chord deep within him.  There’s something distinctly  wrong  with this figure.  He can’t help but wonder how he’s dreamt it up, from what  CREVICES  in his horror - filled mind he’s managed to drag up this disturbing sight.  But it’s there.  And it’s evidently not about to go away.  Without uttering a word, Josh attempts to untangle his legs from the hot, murky mess of his sheets, movements  agonizingly  slow.  Part of him urges himself to look the other way, as though by  crawling  to the other end of the room he could  BANISH  the monster.  But when he looks back by a mere  centimeter,  he can still see that morbid face and that painfully bright balloon out of the corner of his eye.  Illogically, his heart  HAMMERS  against his chest  —  not for what is happening, but for what he’s  seen,  what  could,  WILL  transpire.  He’s gone through this before.  Just with different cast members.  
It’s with a slow, measured breath that Josh realizes his hands are trembling.
          ❛ Get the  fuck  outta my room. ❜

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DC Questions: What are your thoughts on the Bombshells Universe? Do you see the universe being a better on than any mainstream DC universes?

Thanks for the question!

I’m still fairly new to the DC Universe (I’ve watched almost all of the animated TV shows and movies) with my reading list consisting mostly of New 52 comics. 

What I’ve read so far in the Bombshells Universe is AMAZING. I love the character re-designs (and not just for the costumes) and nods to other characters such as Roy Harper being in Huntress’s resistance or the Batgirls saving Felicity Smoak’s (I think I’m spelling her name right) family. The art style is gorgeous and deals with heavy topics like eugenics without being as dark or edgy as Batman Eternal/Batman & Robin Eternal. I certainly enjoy is more along with its sense of humor more than the other comics I’ve read (did I mention how much I love the art?) 

What I also appreciate about Bombshells would be that its a great gate way comic. You don’t really need to know all of the characters beforehand to understand them or their characters, its a new universe and easily to tag along for the ride (plus all that queer girl representation just sucks you in). 

Personally, I would say its better than some of the story lines because of the focus not only being on female heroes during WWII but the queer anti-heroes/villains as well. I’ve never been interested in Superman because he’s overpowered as hell and honestly a really boring character (except in Justice League Ultimate when he, as a thirty-year-old man still tried to peak at his presents under the tree, that shit was hilarious). 

I’m going to read more comics (hopefully soon) so my opinion may change, but for now, I remain by my opinion that Bombshells is amazing (a true five stars) and I haven’t been dissapointed with anything I’ve read (although I would like to know more about what’s going on with Barbara…).

Thanks for asking!

Princess Luke. [FLUFF]

Word Count:1093

Summary: Luke and you being cute at party city.

You stayed a few meters away from your gorgeous boyfriend looking aimlessly at ‘Dora the explorer birthday kit!’ while two fans took a picture with him, they looked so pretty for two joggers who just stopped in here to pick up their costumes.

They smiled so bright, relieved to meet their idol, as they thanked him, Luke just gave his causal sexy smirk, as if he didn’t care about the world, the camera flashing.

you heard the girls laugh happily, and promise him that they wouldn’t bother him any longer, and wouldn’t post on any social media account that he was here at 'Party City’ so he wouldn’t get potentially mobbed.

You watched from the corner of the shop as the girls left, Luke pretending not to notice you, after you made sure no one was watching him, you turned towards Luke Hemmings, it was a day before you left back to America, back to your dreadful job and college, and so you and Luke decided to go shopping around the local area, luckily only running into a total of 5 fans.

None of them noticing you, lingering behind and being careful not get caught in the background of the photo’s, you were Luke’s little secret, sure you wished to tell everyone about your 'Foreign boyfriend’ everyone questioned you about, but all you could answer with was, “He travels a lot.” not a lot of explanation obviously, the only people that seemed to know about the small relationship was his bandmates. and a few of his trusted friends.

“Why don’t you ever smile in any of the pictures you take with fans?” You teased, wrapping your rather small arms around his giant waist, still glancing around to see if even the store clerk noticed, but he was too busy with what seemed to be porn on his computer screen.

“I smile.” He whined looking at Halloween costumes, it was a few weeks away from Halloween, and you knew you’d spend it with Luke.. only skyping with him watching Halloween movies on an illegal site.

You sighed burying your face in the back of his soft black shirt, your face only going to his broad back barely reaching his shoulder.

“Don’t think about it Princess.”  Luke faces you, his eyes soft and dark, bringing his rough hands to your cheeks, you smiled unconsciously leaning to his hands, you loved him so much.

A grin lit up your face as you noticed a very hot pink beau, “I know someone who’d make a better Princess.” Biting your lip ready to reach behind him to grab the costume, but you stayed still, waiting for his response.

“Oh really?” He asked doubtfully raising his eyebrows in amusement, his eyes were tired, and his hair tousled and you knew he was just trying to spend as much time with you as possible before you left for the gloomy airport, it was reaching the night as you could see the shop was about to close in 15 minutes, and Luke’s clear jet lag was slowing him down, and as much as you begged to just let him sleep, Luke refused to miss any hours he had left with you.

“Yep!” You chirped finally reaching behind and taking the long pink beau and gently laying it on his long neck, having to tip toe to get it around him.

He laughed in amusement, your eyes lit up at his beautiful laugh, you’d listen to it a million times if you could.

“How do I look?” He said in his best valley girl voice, as you attempted to hold back giggles, you pulled out your phone and start to record as Luke did a pose and a little twirl, that made you die laughing halting the video recording,

he then turned towards you handing you his phone, “Put it on my Instagram story.” You grinned as he suggested an idea on how I should start from the foot down recording him sideways.

You finished recording showing him, as large grin lighting his lips.

“Thanks babe.” Luke smiled meeting his lips with a quick but touchy kiss, but every one of his kisses made you want to stay longer in his arms, so that’s what you did.

after he broke away from the kiss you embraced him in a hug catching him off guard, and burying your head again in his abdomen, as tears stung your eyes, you hated the idea of leaving him or him seeing you cry, concealing your tears with the idea of this just being a normal hug, trying to blink back as many tears as you could.

“Want to go to the next shop?” He asked, You nodded but didn’t move.

“Princesssss.” He dragged out your nickname when he noticed you weren’t budging, so he slugged forward making you awkwardly stand on his shoes, arms still embracing him, not caring that a hundred and something pounds were on his feet.

You giggled when he embraced you back but moved on foot at a time, making him waddle like a penguin as you left the store the store clerk not even looking up,

Finally Luke seemed exhausted from basically just carrying you out of the store, so he jabbed both his hands into your sides making you giggle uncontrollably, he knew you were extremely ticklish (which happened to make things embarrassing in the worst of moments when you were intimate with Luke), you stumbled back from his hold nearly landing on your butt from how hard you were laughing but Luke grasped your elbow preventing you from falling meeting his tired but warm eyes.

You both seemed to forget that you were acting like a couple in the middle of sidewalk for a second, but as you looked around it was empty seeing as the sun had set and all of the shops have closed now, only an occasional car zooming by.

you pulled out your phone to see you had maybe only an hour left with Luke, your eyes saddened, and he seemed to notice the time to, “I’m gonna miss you.” You mumbled, looking away from him, to conceal your emotions, you spend maybe a two months without him, texting every morning and night (Or timezone available) just to talk to him, spending hours skyping, just when he woke up, usually face timing him as he walked to get breakfast, or just did stuff through his morning before soundcheck or scheduled interview.

And you didn’t care how long you stayed his little secret, all you knew was you loved him, and he loved you.

“People in Alola are scared of Kiteruguma to the point of having warning signs about it. It is really strong and can break anytthing in two. It likes to hug its trainers but is strong. Raising one puts your life in danger.

Mimikkyu hates sunlight, preferring dark places. It is rumoured that the cloth covering its body is a strategy to avoid the sun. Don’t try to remove the cloth it is said that those that do become afflicted with an illness. Mimikkyu’s costume is based on Pikachu merch that was popular 20 years ago. It wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is.

there’s a reason these two were revealed together and this is that reason i love gen 7 so much

I liked him because he allowed me to explore the notion of authority — he’s someone who enjoys authority and holds onto it at all costs. The costume was brilliant and added a whole other layer for me. We talked about the idea that he’s an obsessive and probably doesn’t sleep much. So he was pale with dark eyes. We wanted him to look like somebody who was dead set on one thing.
—  Domhnall Gleeson on getting into General Hux’s head space
Lets go over the Kyuranger designs and why I like them so much

Lets start at the top

Leaderman McLionpants over here is a good ass Red. Between his striking visor, black red and silver color combo, and nice matching transformation device, he’s all kinds of cool. Really strong way to start

I don’t know what it is, but something about Blue’s costume makes him look kind of thick. Like he has a really nice visor as well, but it kinda seems like his costume is made of thicker material. It might just be my mind playing tricks on me but he legit kinda looks like he’s covered in some kind of fur? He doesn’t look as shiny in the same way as everyone else, and kinda has more dark hues to his costume which makes him look like he’s covered in like… suede or something.

A BIG BOY THAT I LOVE VERY MUCH. I love bull themed super heroes and it isn’t very often we get a sentai member that is like… really clad in armor to make them look bigger. I love this beefy boy and his thick ass legs also his visor is the fucking best. So fucking cool!

A very sweet girl and I love that her visor is the head of the chameleon and the tongue envokes a cute little hair curl. ALSO HEY WE HAVE A FEMALE GREEN! That hasn’t happened before and it’s fucking radical! REAL GOOD!

Yellow boy here, between his pose and the look of his visor, looks like a really serious and noble type character, which makes me hope the Blue this time around is a goofball? We just don’t know, but I like the cut of this guy’s jib.

ORANGE! Yet again we have an orange ranger and I’m so glad it’s basically turned into a standard color that you HAVE to have now. Fucking orange is the best. His visor is really neat but kinda menacing so I’m a little worried.

Something I just noticed is that I’m pretty sure all the visors have a star pattern to them, so that’s really fucking nice.

Gold’s costume and visor are really nice, but he looks sort of robotic given the nature of his costume. Will we get a good ol robot Gold this season? Maybe! I can see how that would be used as “Balance” I guess.

Silver, looks a little plain, and a little brooding, but I like what little we can see of his visor and it’s good to have a gold and a silver again.

PINK LEGIT HAS WINGS! She’s amazing and I trust her because she has fucking WINGS!


The costume version for Dangan Ronpa the stage.


Thanks to warbee12 for notifying me!!


When I first saw the casting for Maizono,

I was like ‘Mmkay, I think they could’ve done better casting’. And she was the only character that was auditioned publicly(I guess they couldn’t use anyone too expensive since she’s the first to die). And when I saw the costume version


I dunno about how she’ll look on the actual stage, but

Personally they coudn’t have done the photo better!! Really!!

She looks plain yet pretty at the same time, and has somewhat unknown sad darkness in her eyes!! I like this so much!!

I wanna fly over to Japan and see the play already!!

I’m so happy that I’m sobbing right now T^T

anonymous asked:

I love your fics and I don't know if you're accepting prompts *twists toe on the ground bashfully* but if you are: during Molly and Will's time together, she tried her hardest to give a little into his dark side but could never quite get it right. Will tells stories of this to Hannibal who is both jealous and smug

I love Molly, so I tried to be very kind to her when I wrote this. I hope I succeeded. I based her get-up off of Nina Arianda’s costume in Venus in Fur. Keep scrolling, the Hannigram fluff is still there (isn’t it always). Bonus points to those who get the silly title reference.


I Can Have a Dark Side (Yippee)

“Molly,” Will says quietly, “what are you wearing?”

His fiancee stands in the doorway with a minxish expression on her face. She isn’t wearing much, but the fabric that does cover her skin is jet black from head to toe. A lacy black bra, short leather miniskirt and shiny black patent leather heeled boots that brush the top of her thighs.

Everything clings appealingly to her curves and leaves very little to the imagination.

She looks… uncomfortable.

Will is confused. “What - why are you…” He trails off, not wishing to hurt her feelings but honestly at a loss as to why she’s currently dressed like this.

His reaction is clearly not the one she had expected, and her cheeks flush beet red as she crosses her arms to cover herself. It only serves to push up her already amplified cleavage, but Will is hardly in a state to notice that at the moment.

He has no idea what in holy hell is going on.

“You said,” she sounds painfully embarrassed, “you said I couldn’t bring out your dark side. I was trying to-”

She laughs drily and throws her hands in the air in frustration. “I was trying to give you that.”

Will laughs, gently though, not to offend, never to offend when all she wants to do is try.

“Molly,” he says kindly, “babe, I -” He gestures for her to come to him, pulls her into his arms, tucking her head under his chin.

“It was a compliment,” he explains as he strokes her hair, “not a… flirtation.”

“I don’t understand,” Molly snuffles into his chest. Her back is sprinkled with goosebumps and he pulls them both down to sit on the bed, throwing a blanket around her shoulders.

“You look really nice,” he assures her, and her nose wrinkles at the neutered compliment, “I mean, sexy, it’s just-”

Will sighs and rubs the back of his neck.

“My… dark side, it’s not - it’s not something I ever want you to see. It’s not,” he waves a hand in the direction of her get-up, “it’s not that.”

Molly takes Will’s hand in hers, presses a kiss to his palm. “I don’t want you to have to hide anything from me,” she says tenderly, “I love you.”

Gingerly, she takes his hand, places it over the sliver of thigh that peeks from the top of her boots, just below the hem of her very short skirt. “I trust you.”

Will draws his hand back, wincing as though she’d delivered a mild electric shock. Molly’s eyes fill with tears.

“Oh God, you really don’t want this.” She pulls the blanket tight around her, cocooning herself from shame.

Will, helpless than he’s felt in years, drags her back into his arms, humming soothing noises as he tries to reassure her.

“No, sweetheart, I want you. I just want you. You’re all I need.”

It’s a lie, a complete and total lie, but if he tells it enough he might start believing it.

Molly sniffs quietly and looks up at him. “I’m sorry.”

“No,” Will hushes her, “don’t be sorry. I’m flattered that you’d do this for me. I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. And really,” he smiles, “you look great.”


He kisses her cheek, wipes at an unshed tear that threatens to bloom. “Yeah.”

“So,” she ducks her head and looks up at him from beneath her lashes, “can I take this off now?”

Will laughs, bright and loud. “Of course.”

She stands up, confidence restored as she smacks a kiss to Will’s temple.

“Good,” she declares, “these boots fucking chafe.”

She doesn’t voice her concern that her fiance’s dark side is something so gnarled and terrible that he has to lock it away. She doesn’t think about that because she loves him, loves him enough to wear the chafing boots, loves him enough to trust that he is more than the ghosts he keeps chained in the shadows.

She loves him enough to believe that he keeps that side locked away for a reason, and that reason is her.

She is, at least, half right.


“So to answer your question, no, she never saw my dark side.”

Hannibal looks unimpressed.

“You didn’t have to go into quite so much detail.”

“Hey,” Will says defensively, “you asked.”

Hannibal smirks. “She must have looked quite ridiculous.”

Will frowns. “Don’t talk about my wife like that.”

He registers his error immediately as Hannibal’s face crumples with wounded hurt, far more dangerous than his anger. Will rolls to his side and pulls the damnably insecure man back against his chest.

“Don’t be like that,” he says gently, “I didn’t mean - look, Hannibal, it has to be pretty fucking clear which life I chose since I’m lying next to you telling you this. And only because you asked. We don’t have to talk about her at all, but if I do, it’s only going to be with kindness.”

Hannibal grumbles. Will sighs against his cheek.

“If you don’t like it, don’t bring her up.”

He knows Hannibal doesn’t like it, of course he doesn’t, but Will enjoys wielding this new authority that his lover consistently bends to. It has the potential to grow quite addicting.

In fact, if Will’s being completely honest, it already has.

“Legally, until she signs the papers declaring me dead, she is still my wife.” He noses the side of Hannibal’s neck. Hannibal stiffens but Will holds him fast.

“But,” he continues, “illegally, very much illegally considering the false names we’re currently adopting, you are my husband.”

Hannibal makes a little growl, turns under Will’s touch to nip at his jaw.

“Once you are dead,” he purrs, “you will be only mine.”

Will laughs, lets Hannibal overpower him as he grabs his wrists and stretches him back out over the bed beneath them.

“I never took you as one for necrophilia,” he teases.

Hannibal’s lips pause in their descent from throat to collarbone.

“If it involves you, dear husband, I am hopelessly intoxicated.”

Will grins ear to ear, unable to help himself. He runs his fingers through Hannibal’s hair and hums, giving him a little tug that Hannibal knows means stop, just for now, just lay here, be with me, breathe with me, be this.

Be still. Love me.

Hannibal obeys. Since the moment Will wrapped bloodied arms around his neck, he’s been unable to do anything else.

If he’s honest, it’s been a fair bit longer than that.

Perhaps he’s alway been obeying Will Graham, even when Will himself wasn’t aware of the instructions he gave.

“My Will,” he whispers against his skin. He tries not to make it sound like a question, but Will knows. Will always knows.

Will sighs, cradles Hannibal’s head to his chest and projects his heartbeat into Hannibal’s mind. There is your answer, he says wordlessly. He feels, rather than sees, the contented smile that follows.

It will never get easier to accept how very easy this is. This silly, bruising intimacy that pulses between them like their very own circulatory system. Two hearts, each feeding with other with equal parts devastation and affection.

These days, affection wins out more often than not.

“So truly, I am the only one?”

Will’s fingers toy with the ends of Hannibal’s hair as his mouth curves up.

“You’ll have to be more specific than that.”

“I am the only one who has seen this. Who knows this.”

Hannibal’s hand splays across the space over Will’s heart. Will’s fingers lace with his own.

“The only one.”

Hannibal exhales with pleasure and relief both.

“Tell me again how much you love me,” Will says quietly.

Hannibal pulls himself up the bed, adjusts their positions so that Will’s head now rests on his chest. He cards gentle fingers through Will’s hair and lets his heart beat slow and steady, each thrum within his ribs another vow that echoes in the silence.

Will smiles.

“I love you, too.”


The Marauders (and Snape and Lily) as Star Wars characters AU…..

I’ve been on a random HP nostalgia kick recently so this was probably inevitable XD But hey, they grew up in the 70s so the first Star Wars would have actually been in theatres then?? (ignoring the time-travelling EU and prequel costumes, and any implied family relations!)

Some of these are a bit random – I was tossing up between making Peter be Anakin since he also literally loses an arm, but Snape and Anakin just have a lot of narrative parallels (a.k.a. Mr “tragic anti-hero/villain guy with a somewhat… intense… love for a childhood friend who makes the worst life decisions and destroys everyone they love but turns back from the Dark Side with much controversy”) … aaand my hand slipped. ¯\_(シ)_/¯

Some things I hope will be in the OVA

While watching the 2012 PV version of Miraculous Ladybug I noticed that there are definitely some things they should keep and some they should discard for the OVA. This is a list I put together while watching the PV (I’ve already seen all current ML episodes btw)

1.The Animation style

It’s an anime. A good style of anime, in that matter. It does remind me a bit of the anime series Pretty Cure which another person had pointed out the other day when the info about the OVA was released.

The style, in my opinion, is dark, beautiful and very smooth. It flows nicely from one scene to another and really gives Paris a coppery look. The buildings are detailed, the characters are well designed and its overall amazing. Its something I reeeeeally hope they keep this style in the OVA and not make it as light and colorful as the show currently is (which I like, but you can definitely tell it’s aimed towards children) so a darker OVA would be nice.

2. The Characters

The Marinette in the PV, nick named PV!Nette in the fandom, is very different than the Marinette we know now. Which explains why she would like a guy like Felix. PV!Nette is a little bit of an airhead, happy go lucky and easily swooned. Marinette is no where near those traits, which is why I hope they keep 3D Marinette. It’s not like I don’t like PV!Nette, it’s just that she seems like every typical anime heroine in love. That is except for her hand to hand combat. That’s a trait I hope shows up more in the OVA. Less Yo-yo, more hand to hand!

An then there’s Felix. Ah, yes.The boy who’s either adored or despised in the fandom. While I do like the design of Felix and the PV Chat Noir, he’s just plain ol’ mean and rude ( especially to PV!Nette). I think it’s good that they are using Adrien in the OVA but,they should use some of the PV designs and style. And while I really do love Adrien he’s a bit too soft. Even his animation style is soft and not quite defined enough. I guess it does help when he transforms, because Chat’s features and costume are very sharp and create a good comparison to Adrien. But adding a bit of crease and sharpness to Adrien might make him a bit more interesting. Also I do like the kindness of Adrien but, c’mon he can have some flaws!

3. Transformations

I love the transformations in the PV so much. They’re really detailed, magical, dark and awesome. They flow really well. I think the transformations in the current ML are great and fit the shows tone perfectly, but with the hopes that the OVA will be a bit darker, I think they should go with the PV transformations, which are more anime-esqe. They also make the superheroes visually look more different than their civilian self (which isn’t really part of this part but, its a point).

4. The Villain

I hope they do use Hawkmoth as the main villain in the OVA and I hope they use PV Hawkmoth. The PV Hawkmoth doesn’t wear the silly purple costume, has more depth and character, way cooler settings and an overall better look to him. But, do to the fact he doesnt wear a mask, tha could create problems. It would reveal who Hawkmoth actually is, and the OVA would have to happen post reveal of Hawkmoth (who I really hope is Gabriel Agreste). Also I noticed that I don’t think PV Hawkmoth uses a kwami like we think 3D Hawkmoth does, so maybe a mix of PV Hawkmoth and 3D? That might be good.

Also the attacks and destruction that happens in the PV is wayyyy cooler and grander than the 3D (most because it’s usually common for 3D animated shows to be more on the realistic side) so everything should be a little more exaggerated!

Okay so in summary, I think the OVA should take a darker path and be aimed towards the large teen and young adult fanbase. Some of the concepts from the PV should be continued, but elements from the current ML are great and should be included. Thank you so much for supporting the show! The OVA wouldn’t even be happening without the current fanbase! ;)