i love their art style so much

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I'm in love with your illustrations and would like to know if you have any words for an artist who's trying to embrace their style? I've spent so much time trying to draw and create art that I think people want to see and not what comes naturally. It's sad to look through sketchbooks of art that I feel like isn't even mine; not in the sense of art theft, just forced and lacking life.

Hey! I’m so sorry it took me ages to answer this; my inbox is a jungle. I’ve struggled with this same thing in the past. I think that, while it’s important to have stylistic flexibility and to be able to adapt to what people want from you (if you’re looking to become a professional artist), it’s even more important that you’re also creating the kind of artwork you want to see.

 At least in my experience, if you’re just going through the motions and creating art that you think other people want, in a style that’s forced and unnatural for you, you’ll never really feel fulfilled by it and that will hold you back as an artist (and stress you out!) There’s something that matters to you and comes naturally, artistically–something that you love, and because you love it, you’re somebody who can end up doing it justice. 

Definitely experiment with unfamiliar styles and subject matter–it’s important to push yourself to grow as an artist–but also remember what made you love art in the first place and focus on exploring the ideas and styles that mean something to you and feel natural. There are going to be people who will see that passion and love your unique approach, even if they don’t find you right away. There have been times (so many, haha) when people were turned off by my art because they didn’t like the subject matter or style, and often I’ve heard that I’d be so much better if I just drew <insert thing they like> instead. If I’d let that change me and started just doing what other people expected, I’d be making some boring-ass art right now.

 Sorry–that’s a bunch of rambling that may not even answer your initial question, but I hope it’s helpful somehow. Good luck to you!  ♡

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pssssssttt i am HEAD over heels in love with your art style!! totally optional request, but if you drew Cosima in a suit i'm not even joking when i say i'll reblog it a dozen times

thank u so much!!! plus how could i resist cosima in a suit tho amiright

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(I love your art style so much! Oh my goodness, it's so amazing!!) Do you guys have "a song"? Like a song that makes you think of each other?

Song reminds me of Connor..feel like he doesn’t think he’s good enough… On a more positive note, I just really love Steven universe. ~Evan

(Thank you so much @lilrayofsunshineeee, means a great deal. I do have a personal blog as well which is all my art @jekkbenavu)

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I've only just discovered your art but I love your style so much????? Especially the way you drew the characters and everything in the Mario kart picture! would you be willing to make drawing tutorials at some point?

Ouh thank you!!! ♥

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I love your art so much, your style is amazing! I'm not sure if you take requests (so just ignore this if you dont) but would you consider drawing Kageyama Tobio?

Thanks so much Anon! And actually no, I don’t take requests, but you’re lucky because I wanted to draw Kageyama for a while. So accept this as thanks for the reminder XD 

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I want my art style to look like yours. And also, I just wanted to say that I also speak Spanish, 'cause I lived on Argentina for two years, but my native language is Portuguese and... I'm talking too much, but I love you ❤

holy shit that’s so cool! you speak 3 languages! (or more, who knows!)

tbh my art style is pretty inconsistent lmao i don’t think there’s anything special about it

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hello!! im not sure what ur stance is on reposting but someome reposted your miraculous ladybug comic on instagram and didnt credit you at all!! im not sure if i should ask them to take it down for you or like tell you which account reposted it, but just in case you wanna ask them to take it down theyre @ugurblogu on insta!! ur art style is super colorful i love it and i hope u have a rly nice day!!

Thank you so much for letting me know . I will message them immediately to take it down

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Literally i just found you and i just wanted to say that Your art is AMAZING keep it going and your style is truly beautiful ;; ;; even tho i'm new to your blog i czn say that you are my fave yoi artist like EMAGERD THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL ; W ; ) Sorry for my english and i love uuuuuu♡

omg THANK YOU so much!!! ;;;
aaah that means a lot to me i love you too!!

honestly i was feeling kinda down today but your message put a big smile on my face so bless you ♡

“Victor searches his face—unsubtle—but whatever he finds there sends his mouth quirking up into a genuine smile. He offers Yuuri an arm. “Shall we, then, Mr. Professional Pianist?”

Inspired by the Wedding Scene from Dear True Love , an amazing Yoi Fic! 

You Know What I Love About Boku No Hero Academia?
  • this show fills me with so much goddamn motivation it’s insane
  • i’ve never been so emotionally invested so fast – i was crying in the first damned episode, and then right afterwards when all might told deku that he, too, can be a hero. i barely knew deku, but it got me so much.
  • the simplistic art style makes me want to squish deku’s cheeks also it’s just such a cute soft style which allows for dynamic and explosive action
  • these characters have their own goddamned goals, and you can bet they’re gonna damned do whatever it takes to reach them
  • amazing kickass poignant soundtrack by Yuki Hayashi, who’s also done the Haikyuu!! soundtrack
  • all the girls are Best Girls 
  • what a faithful adaptation ohmygoodness – especially the action scenes, Umakoshi (the character designer) keeps it pretty much the damned same as it is in the manga 
  • kudos to Nobuhiko Okamoto for destroying his vocal cords voicing Blasty McSplode he’s so invested in his character i’m just blown away
  • every single character (except Mineta ohgod but i’m holding out for him he does have the potential) is so lovable you’re gonna bet you’ve adopted all these kids sooner or later 
  • and they’re all so unique?? not just their Quirks, but their personalities, their designs … no one feels like a knockoff copy of another, the whole thing feels very dynamic and real
  • hello yes we have anime parents here who are involved in their kids’ lives
  • minimal fanservice that’s honestly mostly just a gag??? bless
  • does not focus exclusively on deku; while it is his story, other characters are given a fair amount of screentime as well, which adds to the dynamics as well as room for loads of character interactions and hence development 
  • Bakugou Katsuki
  • i’m so happy for Horikoshi he must be living his dream with such amazing people bringing his work to life (like Umakoshi and Yutapon to name a few)
  • villains who aren’t about petty stuff like revenge and world domination but who think society itself, and hence the system, needs to be changed in order to expose how fragile the justice system really is 
  • no deus ex machinas here folks it’s all about what you can do and if you can’t do it you’re gonna pay the price (well i mean you could argue about deku vs shinsou but shhh)
  • all these characters are so vibrant and exploding with personality it’s like locking yourself in an ice cream parlor and going insane 
  • females don’t take the back seat 
  • you can do anything if you let yourself, if you believe in yourself, if it’s what you want with all your heart and soul, you can do it and you will do it
  • older characters like coaches and teachers and even the pro heroes aren’t just figures of respect, the show actually makes fun of them and lowers them down to the same level as the kids so we can actually connect with them instead of them being these daunting, stiff-upper lip characters 
  • work hard, shed tears and sweat and blood and you can literally be anything you want to be, there is no limit to what you can achieve
  • class 1-A is a goddamned family you better bet they’re gonna show up at each other’s weddings 
  • bless this series what a gem 
  • bless Horikoshi what a gem thank you so much for creating this series
  • for telling me that I can do anything
  • and for filling me with such raw hope and inspiration that my chest literally aches with it
  • thank you