i love the wolfman


I really don’t get why no one ever talks about the classic monster cafe at universal studios??? I unironically loved this place and it was one of my favorite things in the whole park???? 


Nova #5 (January 1977). Marv Wolfman (W), Sal Buscema (A), Tom Palmer (I), J. Costanza (L), Michelle Wolfman (Colors)

Nova heads to the offices of Marvel Comics in Manhattan (575 Madison Avenue) to see if he has what it takes to star in his own comic book. This sequence is self-deprecating, self-mythologizing, and self-promoting at the same time. Featuring appearances by writer Marv Wolfman, artist Sal Buscema, Stan Lee, Editorial Assistant Beth Bleckley, “Production Chief” John Verpoorten and other Marvel employees. Stan Lee’s chest hair is a nice touch.

I’ve always been a fan of scenes where superheroes interact with, read, or comment on their imagined exploits in comic books, movies, and other media, and this sequence is fun. I particularly love the idea that Wolfman has someone keeping tabs on Dracula in Boston for his Tomb of Dracula work. Also, Dracula lives in Boston in the Marvel Universe in the 1970s!

Say what you have to say
Try not to cry
This is just not what you wanted
At this point in your life
It’s so hard to stay
When all you want to do is ride
I totally get you, I was a birdcage
And you were meant to fly

You are a broken heart tattoo
I’ll have forever on my chest
For a love that I have lost
But never could forget

—  Wolfman by The Front Bottoms

now i have drawn every single pc mc series in the five years of being in this fandom🎢🎡 

i was going for canon outfits at first before i decided themeparks were eccentric and summer -y and i wanted to include warm colours🔥

[image: (left to right) trottimus holding a blueprint for a ‘COOL FUCKIN’ ROLLERCOASTER’, alsmiffy with a bucket of sludge, and djh3 wearing a blue binder and pink tanktop, and carrying a messenger bag filled with blueprints and manga]

anonymous asked:

know any good werewolf movies? because werewolves are my fav but they're always overshadowed by vampires :(

I do! I made a list here a while ago that I’ll repost.

  • Dog Soldiers
  • Ginger Snaps
  • An America Werewolf in London
  • Trick r Treat (one of the stories, anyway)
  • The Underworld movies are okaaaaaaay for your typical supernatural big budget action movie
  • Game of Werewolves
  • The Howling (It feels dated but I still love it)
  • Wolf (same thing)
  • Wolfen (this too)
  • The Wolfman (2010 or 1941)
  • Silver Bullet
  • The Company of Wolves (has some great transformation scenes)
  • Dense Fear Bloodline
  • The Monster Squad
  • The Wolf Man (1941)
  • Brotherhood of the Wolf
  • Teen Wolf (it’s a classic)
  • Wer
  • Skinwalkers (I hated it but some people liked it)
  • Necroville
  • Romasanta
The Paradox of Jupiter Ascending: The Sublime & The Absurd

Jupiter Ascending is a supremely odd film in that it creates scenes and characters that are simultaneously laughable and deeply felt. The bee scene is a great example of this - as a concept, it’s completely absurd and silly; yet it’s beautifully executed and played out with such absolute sincerity that I can’t help but love and even admire it. Characters like Caine (angel wolfman boyfriend!) and Balem (whisper shouty Oedipus!) are also absurd, yet they’re played with conviction - even more than that, the characters are given histories and reasons for their respective absurdities. As a film, Jupiter Ascending is the opposite of self-conscious; it is what it is, and it’s entirely unashamed of the fact.

It also switches between base elements (wacky Russian family! Awkward flirting!) and abstract philosophical concepts (genetic recurrence, capitalism, the class system). Again, it does this quite happily, almost absent-mindedly wandering between tones.

This is probably the first time I’ve come across a film where responses to it include outright mockery and disdain and extended analyses of its commentary on class and genetics. Essentially, you can enjoy Jupiter Ascending on many, many levels. I find myself switching between revelling in its silliness and pondering its ideas, and I find that wonderful and exciting.

While I can’t say I feel mocking and ridiculing the film is justified (it’s tantamount to mocking a pink glitter unicorn for being too sparkly), I have absolutely no problem with people revelling in how silly and over the top Jupiter Ascending is - it’s both, and it wants you to enjoy it. However, the film’s silliness doesn’t preclude it from having depth - people find layers in it with good reason, for there are real ideas there alongside all of the silliness. And that’s why I love it so much; Jupiter Ascending is a paradox - a marriage of the sublime and the absurd - that I can get behind.


OC October Day 18

The Quartet, four leaders of Her Majesty’s choir, who know the notes that call to materials, objects, and animals, from left to right:

War-God | 24 | m | bass

Hugely embarrassed about his title, which he believes to be seriously overstated.  Blushes a LOT but can cause small, localized earthquakes with his voice when called upon and encouraged.

Kindler | 21 | m | tenor

Impressive falsetto, very skilled at singing up a fire, cheerful and upbeat but strictly devoted to the empress’s cause and will burn down a village if he’s told to.

Wolfman | 30 | m | conductor/tenor/everything

Officially listed as a tenor in the Quartet, but can sing any note and imitate any voice.  Brutal, zero tolerance for the underdog, might have something supernatural in his genes somewhere.

Sharpshot | 25 | m | baritone

Blind, but with excellent ears and perfect pitch.  Wolfman can’t be bothered to call out missed notes, so it usually falls to Sharpshot to make sure everyone’s in tune.  Very dry-humored.

They’re the bad guys (the mortal nemeses of these young nerds), but I love them. <3

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You are a broken heart tattoo, 

I’ll have forever on my chest,

For a love that I have lost,

But never could forget.