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Filming  Productions...

A/N: I haven’t posted in a while, lol. I’m sorry about that. What a surprise, another Dylan O'Brien imagine since there will never be enough in the world. Remember requests are always open and so are ship requests! xxx Love you all! x

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Relationship?: Dylan x reader

Imagine Type?: Fluff, so much fluff!

It is my first day. Oh My God! First day. I am finally pursuing my dreams of filming a movie! The best part is that Dylan O'Brien is the lead in the film. Me. Y/F/N. Is filming a movie with Dylan O'Brien. American Assassin. Before I was told I was hired for the job of the female lead, I read and reread the book and studied the script so carefully that I always accidently said lines from the movie in public making me look like a complete idiot. But who cares, I’m gonna be in a movie with my all time crush. I’ve had a crush on him since his first movie, High Road. His acting was so good for his age and plus he was just really damn adorable.

I made my way to the first filming location to properly introduce myself to the rest of the amazing cast, including the one and only Dylan O’Brien. I parked my car close by the entrance and walked towards security to assure that I was had to go through to the set. “Hi, my name is Y/F/N. I’m g-” you started. “Don’t worry, I know who you are, you can go through, Y/N.” he politely interrupted. I sweetly smiled at him and the security guard wished me good luck for the following months to come. My heart started to beat faster and faster within each step I took. What if the cast didn’t like me? What if Dylan didn’t like me? What if they all hate me? Suddenly, all the happy thoughts were bombarded by a hurricane of negativity. You weren’t going to let that happen, this was your first day of shooting, the first day of many and you were going to enjoy it whether anyone liked it or not.

The directors of the movie were waiting outside of set, backs leaning against the walls until everyone arrived. “Hi, Y/N. How are you?” I shook their hands and replied. “I’m doing great, thanks. Am I late?” Michael shook his head and laughed. “No, not at all. In fact, you’re the second person to arrive. Sanaa is inside, you can go introduce yourselves. I’m sure Dylan, Taylor and Michael should be coming soon.” He opened the door for me and smiled at me. I smiled at him and saw Shiva sitting on the sofa on her phone.

“H-hi, Sanaa. I’m Y/N. How’re you doing?” you asked, happily. “Hi, it’s so good to finally see you. I’m doing really well, thank you. How are you?” she responded. “I’m great, just really excited.” you said, warmly. “Excited for late night shooting or excited for the dangerous amount of coffee we may need to drink to stay up?” she chuckled and sat down while patting down the space next to her, signalling you to also sit down on the sofa. “This is my first proper movie and the best part is always meeting the cast for the first time. To me, probably one of the most exciting parts of filming.” Sanaa’s eyes widened. “First proper movie? Jeez, woman. This is a pretty big break then, if it’s your first.” I bobbed your head and grinned. We both jerked our heads towards the door when we heard it being opened once again.

“Hi, guys. Who’s ready for some hard core filming?” you smiled as Dylan walked through the door. His hair was sticking all over the place but still managed to look gorgeous. His golden honey eyes glistened in the light and his cute little upturned nose just looked so damn adorable. The same guy I liked years ago was standing right in front of me, Dylan O’Brien. “H-hi, Dylan. I’m Y/N.” I smiled graciously. “Yeah, I know who you are, I did a lot of research on you… And now that sounds like I’m a crazy stalker. Great first impressions, Dyl.” I giggled. “Hi, Dylan. I’m Sanaa.” she shook his hand and he replied. “Hi Sanaa, it’s nice to meet you.” She stood back up from the sofa, “I’m going to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute. “Okay, bye. Sanaa.” I kindly said.

“Do you think Sanaa will mind if I steal her seat for a bit?” I smiled at Dylan and shook my head. “Nope, I don’t think so.” Dylan groaned as he sat down and I twisted my body around so I were facing him and he did the same. He leaned his head against his hand on the back of the sofa and just stared at me. “What is it?” I asked curiously. “You’re just a lot prettier in real life. Not that you weren’t pretty in your short movies and stuff. You’re just even more beautiful now.” I felt a hot blush rise to your cheeks. “I’m really not that pretty, Dylan.” I responded. “Trust me, you’re probably the most attractive woman I have ever met.” Dylan scooted closer to me. “Then, in that case. You are the most handsome guy I have ever met.” I moved closer to Dylan.

Oh my god, he just called me pretty. No, he called me the most attractive woman he had ever met. Jesus Christ, this is actually happening. He could most likely hear my heartbeat from where he is sitting, it’s literally like a hammer smashing against a wooden table. Okay, this is happening. Get a grip, Y/N, you can do this! Let’s not die today, Y/N. We’ve 100% got this, don’t mess it up. Stop thinking and actually do something, Y/N!

Dylan moved his hand on top of mine and gently squeezed it. “Do you believe in ‘love at first sight’?” I hesitantly nodded my head. “Yeah, I do.” Our faces were right in front of each other and I could feel his hot breath fanning my face. His free hand cupped my hair and his thumb slowly stroked my cheek. “You’re so damn stunning.” he leaned forward and his lips crashed into mine. Like he was running out of oxygen and I was the only thing that could keep him alive. I snaked my arm around his neck and played with the little hairs on the back of his head which caused him to moan into your mouth. Our lips were moving so perfectly against each other, like this was the 1000th time we’ve kissed.

We quickly separated when the door freed open and Sanaa was standing by the entrance, mouth wide open. “I leave you guys for 5 minutes and you already suck each other’s faces off. Kids, huh? I will never be able to get that imagine out of my head.” she laughed and sat down on the chair opposite the sofa. I glanced back at Dylan and chuckled when I saw lipstick smudged above his lip. I lifted my hand and swiped it off with the tip of my thumb. “You might wanna re-apply your lipstick, it’s kind of just completely gone, basically just ended up on me.” Dylan smirked as I brought my phone up to my face to use the camera and he was right, literally nothing left. “Oops, what happened here? You know what? I’m not going to re-apply more, it would be a waste later.” I winked at Dylan and lightly kissed his cheek. “I think I’m falling in love, Sanaa.” he stated.

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brothers ; bangtan boys (part 5)

genre: fluff, maybe some angst

summary: you live with seven boys who turn out to be your brothers, but what could go wrong? THIS WILL BE SO FUCKING LONG BE PREPARED

y/b/f/n = your best friend’s name

part 1 / part 2 / part 3 / part 4 / part 5

p.s if you spot the reference i LOVE YOU (tELL ME WHAT IT IS) and i wrote over 2k for the first time in never iTS SO LONG SORRY but longer the better altho this was repetitive lOL ??

driving anxiously, you were praying that jungkook didn’t do anything stupid. he was pretty calm, yet clumsy, when drunk; he was also the second worst dealing with hangovers, namjoon being the first. 

once you reached the address yugyeom texted you, you opened the door and locked the car, running in. you coughed lightly when you saw teenagers kissing each other drunkly, food, confetti being thrown everywhere, and alcohol was filling your noise.

“y/n, over here!” the voice of yugyeom was heard and you looked at your left to see him giving you a small smile as your eyes quickly glanced at jungkook, who looked really stupid. he was dancing like an idiot as if he danced like namjoon, which you had to admit was funny, but humiliating. girls around him were laughing.

“oh my,” you facepalmed and stared at yugyeom. “you can go, i’ll take him home.”

“i insist.” yugyeom smiled at you, “today, it looks like jungkook’ll be a pain. i’ll help.”

“a-ah, thanks..” you smile, “i owe you one.”

“it’s nothing.”

you tapped jungkook’s shoulder, “kook, we’re leaving.”

“uh, excuse me.” a girl grabbed jungkook’s arm, “we were having fun with him, do you mind? you don’t even look like you belong to a party.”

you scoffed, “excuse me, he’s my brother and i have to bring him home.”

another girl laughed, “uh, really? i’d suppose you’d be good-looking.”

“leave her alone.” yugyeom said. you let go of jungkook’s arm, who was just staring at the ground.

the music was still blasting in your ears and you sighed and turned to yugyeom, “i don’t want to deal with them right now.. i’m heading home, i’ll just leave jungkook here.”

“y/n,” yugyeom grabbed your wrist, “are you sure?”

“i’m sure.” you looked at jungkook who now was smiling as he continued to dance with the girls, “i’m sure. you can head home as well.”

“i’ll keep an eye on him-”

“don’t,” you say, “jungkook will realise. he’s smart when he’s drunk.”

“are you sure?” yugyeom repeated.

“yes,” you say, “jungkook will find his way home. thanks for letting me know though..”

“it’s okay,” yugyeom smiled, “night, y/n.”

“night, yugyeom.” you smile before heading back to your car.

“wait- you left jungkook?” namjoon raised his eyebrow.

“yeah. bitches didn’t want me to take him home.”

“sucks,” namjoon said, “i could’ve flew over there and punch-”

“oppa,” you giggle, “i don’t think.. you’re supposed to do that..”

“never mind,” namjoon laughed, “but if i get back, he’s gonna be dead.”

“suddenly you all just want jungkook dead.” you say.

“it’s a joke; but it’s crucial that he has to take after you.”

you couldn’t help but feel salty about the situation, you’d expect jungkook to do something, but he seemed like he took more than ten shots.

“so where is kook?” namjoon asked.

“uhm, maybe he’s still there. it’s only nine in the morning.”

“it is?” namjoon chuckled, “you’re awake at like.. eleven mainly. last one out of bed.”

“maybe it was last night..” you said, “anyways- maybe i should go fetch him.”

namjoon nodded, “sounds like a good idea. call yugyeom for help if needed, okay?”

“will do, thanks oppa, miss you,”

“i miss you too. take care, y/n, bye!”


you hung up before heading to the shower.


“ouch- shit..” jungkook cursed and opens his eyes. he looked at where he currently was, plastic, red party cups surrounded him along with girls from his left and right, confetti and other things, including people, were on the floor and he saw yugyeom lying on the other couch.

he tried moving from the girls who were lying on his shoulders and he gulped, slowly moving. mission complete.

he tapped yugyeom’s shoulder and he woke up immediately.

yugyeom yawned, “yeah- oh, jungkook, man, you okay?”

“i’m fucking scared,” he said, “shit, did i do anything-”

“no no, man.” yugyeom laughed. “i kept an eye on you even though y/n insisted when she came,”

“y/n came?” 

“let’s go to the car first.” yugyeom sat up and rubbed his eyes and looking for his car key in his pocket. he noticed jungkook looked like as if he was dizzy, so yugyeom placed jungkook’s arms around his shoulders as jungkook muttered a ‘thanks, man’.

once they were in the car, jungkook’s head was going crazy as if someone kept on knocking a door in his mind, never stopping.

“so, like i said, y/n came?”

“yeah,” yugyeom said, “she came, she was going to get you when you were dancing with the girls, but she left because she seemed quite sad about the girls who were literally bashing her.”

“oh..” jungkook said, “did i say anything back?”

“uhm,” yugyeom sighed, “unfortunately no, man.. she looked at you and she seemed… upset in a way.”

“fuck,” jungkook cursed, “she’ll hate me.. uh, do you have pills by any chance and water?”

“no,” yugyeom said, “i don’t drink unless it’s some formal party or awards. sorry, kook.”

“it’s alright.” jungkook said. if only y/n was with me. he thought.

the doorbell rings and you shout a coming! while running downstairs. you open the door and see jungkook’s arms around yugyeom.

“hey- i told you not to keep an eye on him.” you said to yugyeom and stared at jungkook’s state. 

“i had to..” yugyeom said.

“thanks, gyeom..” you say, “i’ll owe you someday, i promise.”

“you don’t need to,” yugyeom laughed, “here, he’s dizzy, so just let him rest and get the medicine.”

“thanks.” you nod as yugyeom helps you to the couch, and you set jungkook down. “bye y/n!” “bye yugyeom!”

you quickly walk to the kitchen and get a glass of water along with some pills and you hand them to jungkook on the couch.


“thanks,” jungkook gave you a slight smile as you form you lips into a straight line, nodding, “no problem.”

“why didn’t you take me home?” jungkook blurted out.

“oh, yugyeom told you.” you say, “well, the bitches who were clinging on you wouldn’t let me off. they thought i wasn’t your sibling because i wasn’t good-looking..”


“i mean, i literally was wearing sweatpants and a shirt, so, i looked ratchet.”


“but they looked really ugly,” you say, cutting off jungkook again.

“uh, y/n..” jungkook said, “could.. i, talk?”

“sorry,” you blush, “got distracted..”

“i’m sorry,” jungkook said, “i didn’t defend you..”

“don’t worry,” you said, “i’m fine.”

“no but,”

“i said it’s okay, i’m fine, okay kook?”


jungkook’s eyebrows furrowed. he knew something was wrong when you didn’t say oppa.

kook?” jungkook looks at you confused.

“sounds like.. a cute nickname.” you say quickly, “everyone calls you that. figured why not.”

“uhm, okay..” jungkook said, “but if something’s wrong, just tell me.”

“will do.”

“hey y/n, i got us lamb skewers!” jungkook’s voice echoes from the hallway into the living room. jungkook unties his shoes and heads to the living room.

“hey, cutie, take your eyes off the laptop.” jungkook pinches your arm as you swat his hand away, taking off your headphones.

“yeah?” you ask.

“i got us lamb skewers.” jungkook holds up the bag of the food. you lick your lips, as you haven’t eaten in a while.

“i-i’m not.. hungry..” you deny.

“yes you are, pabo.” jungkook laughed, “you always lick your lips when you’re hungry, plus you looked at the back pretty lovingly, so.”

“okay, fine..” you say, defeated. you close your laptop and place it next to you on the couch as jungkook places the bag on the coffee table, taking the lamb skewers out. you take some before heading upstairs with your laptop.

“you not gonna eat with me?” jungkook frowned as your back was faced to him. 

“not today.. uh, sorry, i have to make a call.” you say as if you were speaking to an invisible wall. jungkook frowned, placing the lamb skewer down, losing his appetite. he knew he had disappointed you; you knew you were being quite cold, but you still love him.

when jungkook said that you weren’t gonna eat with him, it made you feel that you were really cold.

it was breakfast the next morning, and you and jungkook sat down on the kitchen table with each other, eating the leftover lamb skewers and waffles as you text hoseok.

08:32: hobi-oppa:

how are you and jungkook?

08:32: you:

we’re okay, why?

08:33: hobi-oppa:


08:34: you:

no no.. its nothing..

08:34: hobi-oppa:


08:34: you:

okay >__<

08:35: hobi-oppa:

you seem really upset.. are you ok?

08:35: you:

im alright, im gonna shower now. i love u oppa.. please be safe for me !! I MISS YOU TT

08:35: hobi-oppa:

i love u too dongsaeng!! <3333 be safer for me bc i love you AND I MISS YOU TOO TT I’LL COME BACK ASAP

08:36: you:

:DDDD bye bye hobi-oppa :)))

08:36: hobi-oppa:


“so, did you eat last night?” you ask, breaking the tension of silence between you and jungkook. you placed your phone on the table, cutting up some waffles.

“yeah.” jungkook lied.

“i’m sorry that i couldn’t.. the call was important.” you lied.

“it’s alright, don’t worry..” jungkook gave you a small smile. he stood up and took his plate to the sink, “eat up, alright?” he ruffled your hair.


“yeah?” jungkook asked, turning around to you as you looked at him.

“never mind..” you say. “it’s nothing.”

“oh.” jungkook replied shortly, “i’ll be in the room, call me if you need anything.”

“yep,” you nod, “i love you.”

jungkook’s heart fluttered, even if you had a fall out with your brothers and trying to avoid each other, you always said i love you.

“i love you too.” jungkook smiled.

“you can have the rest of the waffles.” you say, “please eat, okay?”

“okay.” jungkook nodded.


y/b/f/n sighed, “so you’re salty that jungkook didn’t defend you?”

“i mean- he was drunk.” you start, “it looked he did have a lot of shots, but he’s the smart one when drunk.”

“maybe he did have a lot of shots,” y/b/f/n said, “but i’m sure he’ll apologise, you know your brothers are really caring and apologetic.”

“but sometimes i’m being a stubborn bitch and wonder why i’m so salty at small things.” you say, “what about school? i have to face those bitches who were clinging on to him at the party.”

“then i’ll karate-chop their asses for you.” y/b/f/n said, you can sense her smile. 

“okay, okay, fine.” you say, “also.. uh, i haven’t worked with yugyeom for our project..”

“just tell yugyeom!” y/b/f/n exclaimed, “y/n, we start school in two weeks and i suggest you and yugyeom do it before mr shin makes you clean the toilets. like, you told yugyeom that you’ll be around his house, but i guess not.”

“i forgot!” you blush, “he didn’t mind..”

y/b/f/n laughed, “parents are calling for lunch, see you!”

“see you!”

you ended up calling yugyeom a couple of minutes later, and he said he didn’t mind since he wasn’t doing anything. you grabbed your backpack and your laptop, and you head downstairs and grab the keys.

“where you going?” jungkook asked as he looked at you as if you were running away.

“first, i’m not running away,” you laughed.

“phew, i thought you were.. jin-hyung will kill me.” jungkook sighed.

“i’m heading to yugyeom’s, we’re gonna do the project mr shin told us to.” you say, as your phone begins to vibrate. “i’ll see you later, maybe around three. do you mind getting chinese food for later?” you cheekily smile.

“fine,” jungkook giggles, “only for you okay?”

“i have money upstairs,” you say, “it’s on my desk.”

jungkook nodded, “are you sure?”

“yeah,” you smile, “i haven’t payed for things in a long time. i gotta go now, see you!”

“see you, love you!” jungkook shouts, “and y/n?”


“no flirting!” jungkook says as you blush. “g-got it!”

you answer your phone.

“hey, jin-oppa!” you say as you unlock your car.

“hey, dongsaeng!” seokjin says cheerfully, “how are you?”

“i’m good,” you smile, “how’s cooking classes?”

“great, actually,” seokjin said, “i’ve already made some new friends.”

“i should be surprised,” you laugh, “you’re a dork trying to communicate.”

seokjin blushed, “y/n!”

“i’m kidding, oppa.” you laugh, putting seokjin on speaker.

“are you and jungkook alright?” he asked, “namjoon told me what you said.”

“oh.” you say, not really surprised, “we’re okay now.”

“that’s good.” seokjin said, “where are you heading now? i can hear your car.”

“i’m heading to yugyeom’s,” you say, “going to start off our project.”

“rules; no flirting young lady.” seokjin said firmly.

“i’ve been reminded.” you turn red this time, “jungkook-oppa told me, and so did you.”

“you’re still young.”

“i’m twenty (korean age).” you roll your eyes, “you’re probably going to tell me to get my significant other by forty.”

“i’m scared for you!” seokjin puts on his mother tone, “you’re too precious for us.. and we know you’ll leave us for whoever.”

“hehe,” you say, “i won’t, i promise!”

“okay, okay.” seokjin laughed, “when we all come back home, you better not have a boyfriend already.”

you laugh, “studies first, oppa.”

“that’s my dongsaeng!” he praised as you blush. 

“i miss you a lot.” you say.

“i miss you more,” seokjin said, “please don’t be sad, i’ll be home soon.”

“holy shi-”

“did we really just.. finish this project?” yugyeom looked at you, stunned.

“a whole powerpoint on world war two.. in one day.. oh my god i should pair with you often.” you sigh as you fall back into the leather seat.

yugyeom laughs, “honestly, that’s true.”

“yugyeom, y/n, food?” his mum asks, handing you both some kimchi ramen.

“thanks, eomma,” yugyeom smiles, handing you the bowl.

“thank you,” you bow as his mum smiles, “no problem.”

your phone goes off, and you answer it.


“you still at yugyeom’s?” jungkook asked.

“oh yeah- let me just finish this kimchi ramen and i’ll be home, okay?”

“take care, say hi to him for me, love you.”

“love you too.” you say.

“jungkook really cares for you, huh?” yugyeom looks at you and you smile and nod, “yeah.”

“he’s really happy to have you, you know.” yugyeom said, “he’s always talking about you, saying how a perfect sister you are to him. basically everyone loves you.”


“yeah.” yugyeom nods, “really- even though i know you’re upset with him, he still loves you.”

you smile, “i’m just being stubborn with him.”

“he really appreciates you.” yugyeom continued, “he really does.”

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i saw someone asked you about eurovision!! there are two songs this year that made me think of enjoltaire: Switzerland: Apollo (OBVIOUS LOL) and Portugal: Amar pelos dois (when i searched the translation i was like: wow portuguese grantaire would totally sing this to enjolras: theres a part where he sing: my heart can love for both of us... its beautiful)

I finally got around to listening to both these songs, and…omg. I realize now why Eurovision is such a big deal. 

Also what the fuck

I will never let you go
Give it time and we will grow
It is not supposed to be easy

what th e f uck

No, I will never let you go
All the words won’t make me fold
It is never easy
I follow you, Apollo 


If your heart doesn’t wish to give in
Not to feel passion, not to suffer
Without making plans of what will come after
My heart can love for the both of us

Beauty (2) - Loki Laufeyson x (f)Reader x Tony Stark

Words: 2178
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x (f)Reader x Tony Stark
Featuring: Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Odin
Warnings: children, loki being a lil bitch again
Requested: lol kinda??
Authors Note: i love lil baby liam.

Part One

Masterlist. Request List.

“Do not spoil him,” You told Tony a week before Liam’s fifth birthday.

“And what did you do? SPOIL HIM!” You shouted, and hit Tony with a rolled up magazine, causing him to snicker.

“Five is a big year!” Tony argued, “I felt it was a good idea, he’s practically my family too!”

“He did not need a cape.”

You watched your son play in his new cape and with his Avengers action figures. His favorite, of course, was Iron Man. “Yes he did,” Tony told you, crossing his arms.

All of the sudden, there was a bright light filling the room. Liam screamed when the light hurt his eyes, and you and Tony were just confused. “I heard it was a little boy’s birthday!”

“Thoo!” Liam squealed and ran to his uncle, Thor swooping him up into his arms.

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I love you, you are so excited and engaged in everything Taylor does. I don't see your age or gender at all, you fangirling Taylor like every 20 years old girl in this fandom and this is amazing

Thank you (I think lol) should I be happy or insulted to be called a fangirl, F*ck let’s go with happy. I love this fandom and the way they welcome even an old fart like me into the fold.

I have in the past had issues with age and gender, but tbh that’s for the most part ancient (like me) history. So thank you for what you said I really appreciate it more than you will ever know.

Black Sea

A/N: The first half was written by @ghikij This is our attempt to sorta rationalize how a DiaKanan scene would go based on their characters, since we don’t have any canon scenario to base their interaction off of lmao.
Note: This blip took place in ep7, like a behind-the-scenes sort of story
Words: 3,532
Characters: Kurosawa Dia, Matsuura Kanan

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open to: m/f/nb

‘listen, it is none of your concern what i do with my life, i’m certainly not a child anymore.’ lily crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at them. sure, she didn’t expect them to agree with what she was doing, but she wasn’t about to just leave the world she was a part of…she couldn’t. ‘you don’t think i haven’t tried to get out? i can’t.”


Red Rain- Richard John “Dick” Grayson-Wayne

     His backstory is based on the Red Rain Elseworlds storyline and Countdown Presents: The Search for Ray Palmer: Red Rain. If you’ve read that, you would know how it ended. Also, I wrote a little something about the AU HERE. (Just go ctrl+F to Red Rain and skip over the others unless you want to read them all LOL.)

     I took a little spin to that story and like what I said, he became Bruce’s lover, they were married for centuries, and he still takes missions from Bruce which is slaying supernatural creatures that threatens their beloved Gotham city. He’s actually part of Bruce’s crusade to protect the city though he is a creature of the night himself.

     His fighting style isn’t so different from canon!Dick. He’s extremely flexible, loves to move about, and very agile. Though he is trained in numerous weapons, his weapons of choice are eskrima sticks which is kept on holsters on his thighs so he can easily grab them. They can form into a pole and it charges electricity that is enough to take down 5 men at once. He carries around throwing daggers made out of purely silver and he has a specially made wire that’s difficult to snap in his pouch that can slice through flesh and is best used in close combat. Also, never forget the wooden stakes.
     Along with his weapon mastery is his mastery of numerous martial arts. When you have centuries on you, it’s best to learn every single fighting style you can get your hands on. His most preferred martial arts would be Kali/ Arnis/ Eskrima, Aikido, and Kalaripayattu.

     His outfit’s material is made with a special material that wouldn’t constrict his movement. From afar it looks like leather but it’s actually a special kind of (magical) fabric which is a hybird of matte milliskin, leather and kevlar, because protection is highly valued. Though Dick may be close to invulnerable and though he heals very fast, you can never be too careful. Alfred also said that if they always rely on their ability to heal quickly, they’ll be really reckless and Bruce dislikes that.

     Moving on to other parts of his outfit… His choker is actually a communicator and a tracking device, too. Well, it’s used a lot back when Jason and Tim weren’t vampires yet and it’s for Bruce to see wherever Dick is.
Anyway… His boots are the most amusing part of the costume for me. That silvery string wrapped around his ankles and near his calves aren’t just “shoelaces.” It’s the special kind of wire that can cut through flesh easily. Also, he has hidden daggers on his boots which are able to pop out from the heel or from the front part. If his arms are constrained, the attacker better watch out for a kick because Dick can pretty much slice through anything with his “boot-daggers.” (I didn’t draw it here oh noes. But I hope you guys can picture it. XD)

     All in all, Dick’s overall gear is meant for him to effortlessly move around, give him enough protection, and it’s also meant to catch a lot of enemies offguard due to its deceivingly simple design. Out of all the batboys, his is the “simplest” actually. XD

Random facts:

     Dick is awfully “charming” and he seems to have a way with getting everyone to follow what he wants and he’s also very manipulative if he wants to. He’s also EXTREMELY scary when he’s mad. Extremely scary AND UGLY, actually. XD He always wants missions to be done well and perfectly and he can be quite strict especially when thorough planning was done. Lastly, he’s the only one who can make Bruce change his mind. It’s also a mystery as how he can do that.

ANYWAY. WOOH. YAY! I’m sorry for the wall of text but I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED THIS!  I did say I’ll “ramble.” XD Heehee~ Please tell me what you think~ I would LOOOOVE to hear it!

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"Do you fancy me?" 1/?

Word count: 1740

You were in the train on your way to London.

Finally, It has been almost 3 years since the last time you saw your best friend Dan. He and his mate Phil moved to London while you stayed at Uni in your home town. You’ve missed him so much, skype can’t replace human interaction.

After a couple hours of Artic Monkeys blasting in your ears and a small nap, you arrived to the train station.

“Hey, (Y/N)” someone shouted from behind, right away you turn around to see a grinning Dan about 10 feet away. Smiling back, you walked towards him.

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anonymous asked:

I miss your pillow watch posts! those were amazing. i wanted to ask you what your thoughts on the status of zankie are. part of me thinks theyre actually in love/dating/starting something, but part of me thinks that z and f are just best friends and dont mind joking around about being together. thoughts?

Lol.  Thank you, sweet anon.  They were fun, while they lasted.  RIP, #PillowWatch2k14.  I’m glad you enjoyed them, though.

I definitely think that Frankie and Zach are much more than friends; I think they always have been, whether they were conscious of it, or not.  Over the past week, I think there has probably been definite development in their relationship.  I can get why some would think that they are just playing it up for fun, or as some sort of strange joke, but I just can’t see that being the case, especially from Frankie’s side.  Frankie, against his own better judgment, met and fell in love with a self-proclaimed and identifying straight man, under extreme and caustic circumstances, in front of God and everyone.  Since being out of the house, he has made no secret of the sincerity and depth of his feelings for Zach, and has demonstrated genuine vulnerability when discussing Zach and their relationship — remember the raw emotion when Frankie was on Love Line, talking about Zach and how much he missed him and their bond?  Then we have the infamous ear biting selfie from Zankieween.  Look at that picture, at the look on Frankie’s face… this is not a game.  He even printed out and framed their first selfie together from finale night.  They are definitely playful, that’s for sure, but I don’t think they are playing up Zankie as a joke or for fun.  Frankie’s heart is far too much in it to ever lower it to some sort of game.

And then look at Zach’s last interview with Murtz.  Look at his little face when he talks about Frankie, saying that “he’s great.”  Bless his heart.  Zach adores Frankie.  Do you understand how rare that is?  To genuinely and truly ADORE something.  Adoration is not the same as liking someone, or even loving them.  There is an element of awe to it; of reverence that far surpasses common affection.  No, Zachary Rose Elizabeth Attack Rance absolutely loves, adores, admires, and LIVES FOR Frankie.  He blushes when talking about the kid, for crying out loud.  Who even does that?  Seriously.  In todays society, who even blushes anymore?  Zach does.  Frankie gets Zach so turned around that the kid blushes, and giggles, and turns into a damn heart-eyes emoji.  Zach jokes about a lot of things, that’s a truth, but I don’t believe that he would ever make a joke at the expense of Frankie’s feelings; at the risk of hurting the heart of the person he adores so much.

Now, the time table for these two crazy kids is the tricky part.  They live states away, with separate but pressing obligations.  We aren’t going to see or hear about them going out on regular dates, or anything.  Sometimes, we might go days without any Zankie interaction, and THAT’S OKAY.  There’s no need to panic.  They talk, they text, they FaceTime, they are a part of each others lives, regardless of how many miles are between them.  I have never cared about their social media interaction.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute when they tweet and favorite each others stuff on twitter and instagram, but social media is a staged and posed platform for communication.  Social media is not quiet conversations in the dark after a long day; it’s not random, stolen moments on FaceTime, just so they could see each other for a minute; it’s not companionable silence or secret jokes or private moments.  The times we get to see them physically and actually together are so much more important than what they are or are not doing on twitter or instagram.  Remember that.  I can’t say what the perimeters of their relationship are — if there are labels — but I believe that there is definitely something romantic and intimate at work.