i love the way your smile


Don’t let people tell you that you aren’t beautiful. You are beautiful. You’re beautiful in the way your mind works, how you smile, and how you appear. Please do not believe in the pseudo-theory that “I’ll be beautiful when I lose XX amount of weight.” You’re gorgeous now, regardless of your size. Stay positive, babe. You got this 😁

Nct Dream's reaction to their s/o cuddling up to them

Request: Nct Dream cuddling? Thank you if you can, and it’s okay if you can’t! 😊

A/N: i did this same one with Nct 127 here so i just copied and pasted markhyuck’s, hope you dont mind! im finally posting another reaction yay



Blushes like mad!!! And becomes so flustered and shy, he doesn’t say anything and lets you hug him. His arms would awkwardly find their way around your waist, and you’d see him giggle slightly to himself too. Would probably hum a song to you and play with your hair, his cheeks still flushed red. Only sometimes though, he’d kiss your forehead and whisper a small “i love you” to you.

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He’d probably have a slightly amused expression on his face first, then followed by a shy and bright smile. His arms would circle your waist immediately as you see his cheeks turn into a slight pink shade. Probably giggles and laughs a lot, saying things like, “Why are you so clingy today” or “I don’t normally like cuddles but today, i love it” when in fact he’s trying not to die from your cuteness on the inside.

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As soon as your wrapped your arms around his body, he’d giggle immediately, but wouldn’t do anything to stop you. In fact, he’d not move and let you cuddle him all you want. Probably rests his head above yours and plays with your hair, laughing a lot to himself because he finds it super adorable when you cuddle up to him.

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Becomes a koala bear and doesn’t let go of you at all. Probably smiles to himself throughout the whole time and whines even when you move away a little. Loves pinching your cheek and smiling to himself after, his own cheeks turning into a bright shade of pink. The only time where he doesn’t tease you and becomes a sweet and soft bun, saying sweet words to you, “you’re so beautiful today, i love you”

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Like Renjun, he’d have a slight amused expression on his face at first, but as soon as you start pulling him closer to you even more it’d change to a suspicious but cute smirk. Next thing you know he’s tickling you and he’s laughing his ass off seeing you struggle, as you try to push him away from you. But before you can do that, he has you in his arms again, and giving you small pecks on the cheek.

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Becomes an excited small little kid!!! Giggles much more than he already does normally and laughs even at the slightest touch from you. But he uses your head as a rest and says things to tease you, “You’re normally not like this, did you do something wrong” or “do you love me that much, you don’t have to hug me this tightly” but he’s always the one not willing to let go first so

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Probably freezes a little as soon as you hug him but softens up really quickly. He doesnt say much because he’s busy blushing like mad but you’d see him smile to himself a lot and staring at you lovingly, as his fingers play with strands of your hair. Falls asleep really quickly in your arms and probably pulls you closer towards him while he’s asleep.

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Also this was written on my phone in like 20 mins so I apologize for any errors!

You and Jensen had met through the set of Supernatural, you’d been their hair specialist since the show began. The two of you instantly connected from the first time you’d met.

Now, twelve seasons later, the man leaning back in your chair had not only become your best friend but your husband and soon to be father of your first born. An immense wave of love washed over you as you ran your fingers through his hair, wondering how you could have gotten this lucky.

“Ready to say goodbye to Dean for a while, babe?” He hummed his approval as he closed his eyes and smiled, enjoying the way your fingers felt against his scalp.

“Go ahead, sweetheart. You know how I like it.” You couldn’t hold back the snort and the words were out before you could stop them, “That’s what she said.” He opened one eye, smiling at your reflection in the mirror and shook his head before closing them again.

You parted his hair, clipping the part he always wanted to keep long to the side and flipped the switch on your clippers, effectively cutting down to his scalp and buzzing away the hair around his ears and temples. Repeating the same action on the other side, you watched his content smile through the mirror.

Taking advantage of his relaxed state, you quietly popped open the lid of your strongest hair gel and squirted a generous amount into your palm. Quickly, you ran the gel throughout the length of his hair, making sure every strand was sticking straight up, when you were finished you couldn’t stop the fit of laughter.

Jensen’s eyes slowly opened and you watched the horror spread over his face, quickly replaced with a mischevious grin. His sudden change in demeanor sent an unexpected thrill down your spine.

“Is someone trying to tell me she has a Priestly kink? Need a little rockstar lovin’ baby?” He wiggled his eyebrows and ripped the cape from his neck before spinning the chair around and pulling you into his lap.

His lips crashed into yours, his kiss turned from playful to heated in seconds. When the need for air forced you apart he held your face between his hands, his thumb stroking across your bottom lip.

“Sometimes I wonder how I ended up so lucky.” He whispered.

“Reading my mind again, Ackles?”

His lips enveloped yours once more, your hands quickly finding their way back to his spiked up locks.

“Never.” He breathed, his lips wandering down your neck.

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Omg can u give us more on Clexa first deciding to have babies

Clarke and Lexa adore the way the other interacts with kids and babies. It’s a no brainer. Clarke just blurts it out one day, probs when they’re cuddling. Just

“Lets have a baby,”
And Lexa can’t breathe so
“I want a baby, your baby. Lets have a baby.”
And Lexa can’t stop smiling and she’s laughing and the tears are already flowing bc YES

You are making a difference, whether you know it or not. So have no doubt about that. You did it again yesterday. The way you touched someone’s life just yesterday made a difference. And you are always doing that, do you know that? Yes, yes…your smile, your encouraging word, your willingness to just be ‘present” with another, has touched people in more ways than you realize. I only tell you this today so that you never lose faith. Faith in how life is moving through you — and how you are moving through life.
—  via @wizdomly

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Hello! I really enjoy your art style and you even inspired me enough to make a page in my sketchbook just for hands! I love your interactions with Morty and just the way you type for rick! Keep up the good work! -Good Work Anon

[ aahH! (´∀`) thank u so much that is so wonderful to hear! ive got a big stupid smile on my face!!!

I told you that I was coming to your work. “Oh awesome.” You wrote. I smiled. I’m guessing you were happy that I was going. “Will you be working that day?” I asked. “No, sadly.” You quickly replied. I wonder what this meant. Are you sad that you won’t be seeing me? Did you want to see me? This will forever have me wondering if you feel the same way or not.
—  visiting you // 9:39pm

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I've been scrolling down ypur blog, and oh my gosh, you're amazing! Plus I kind of feel like LucasNana is one of the most underrated ships, and you draw it a lot! That's so nice! I love every single MOTHER 3 child NPC, and you draw them all so well~ Plus you like Lloyd and somebody who likes it has to be pretty good at least XD I think I love tumblr a bit more for recomending me your blog :D (also sorry for the long message)

I hope I didn’t make you wait too long!  This has got to be the nicest thing for me to return to after my trip and I couldn’t stop smiling,, you’re too kind! <333 What I love most is to be able to make people happy in ways like through my art, so hearing that you love my drawings of these characters makes me very happy! especially of the ones that don’t get as much love, I have a really big passion for them x) and I’m glad your tumblr experience has gotten better for it recommending my blog to you!! please have this doodle of the kiddos as an extra thanks! <3

You’re utterly perfect. In every way. From your lopsided smile to the crinkles you get by your eyes when you laugh.
You’re stunning. Everything you do captivates me, even if it’s simply typing on your computer. There’s just something about you and I can’t get it out of my head.
—  Things I wish I could say but can’t

Remember how I marathoned The Legendary Witch this weekend. It was great and all, but the female leads kept hearing the same phrase from their men again and again. It made me shiver every time I saw it on my screen. And now that the phrase got stuck in my head, I figured that I despise male leads who say that and thankfully it’s been a while since I heard it in kdramas. Here goes the phrase. “I didn’t know you were such an easy woman”. Like damn, bruh, what a way to slut shame your love interest for hanging out with other men or even for smiling at them. This also reminds me about the Doc from Tunnel who went as far as to start murdering women who seemed “easy” to him.


A shipwreck
A far off one
One that you can’t quite remember
But you’re sure happened
We were two pieces of driftwood
Clinging together
A rusty nail
But surely
Coming undone
We smile
As we wave
At the fish and the seagulls
Look at us we shout
We survive when you get barnacles
Hanging to your back
When the string of seaweed
Starts to drag you down
We survive when I look one way
To the East and the sand
To the sunrises and shallow waves
To the songbirds and their sounds
We survive when you look longingly
At the West and the waves
At the sunsets and paradise islands
At the places with the deep and dark caves
We say we survive
But we’re too busy
Looking our separate ways
To realise the rusty nail is falling apart
I know you
But do I know you anymore
When I see those chips on your shoulder
Do I wonder how you are?
You care about me
But how long will you care
Will it get easier to let the soft waters bring back my self aware?
Whose fault was it then
That we drifted off to sea
One going west
And the other
Drifting east
Whose fault was it then
That we stopped caring and knowing
Did I stop asking,
Or did you
Stop replying?

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Your face is just so adorably cute and I love the way you smile!!! 💗💓💕💖💞💛💙💜💚❤-A

((OOC: Oh shanks! ))

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Gary sweetie I'm sorry life has gone to shit for you!!! I wish i could donate money but you're in my thoughts! I hope you get your soymilk and anything else you need!! ~Anaïs

I made a big post saying thank you and for everyone to stop donating because y'all are doing way too much for soy milk funds like enejdnekcmsld I literally just needed like $3 + tax?!?!?!? I love you so much. You always seem to pop up when I start to open up about my struggles so I appreciate it a lot. I just thought I’d let you know I always recognize your url and it makes me smile knowing you’ve cared for so long ♡ thank you pal

Send Me stories about the first spell you performed and how it went!

I love hearing people talk about their first spells and spell experiences. I will be having a rather stressful next few days and I thought this could be a fun way to take a little smile break when I need it.

Long time witches and spoonie witches, I would love to hear your first time stories~~~ Drop them in my ask box so I can check them out

7 women i could never forget.

1. it was all about experiences. it was a necessity for you to feel. diamonds and gold didn’t move you as much as books and flowers. you liked wine in the morning, and coffee in the evening. you liked beethoven when you were happy, and trap music when you were sad. your laugh was light, but your mind was heavy. you spent so much time dreaming, and not enough time living in the moment.

2. your eyes were enchanting, but the words that came from your lips were even more captivating. gospel to the soul. water to the mind. i remembered every small detail about you, even though you thought it wasn’t important. funny thing is, you didn’t feel important, you didn’t know your purpose. if only you knew the power that existed in the little things you said and did. you’re a goddess. you’ll make a fine mother some day.

3. you were always a volcano waiting to happen, but somehow i was drawn to that. i was drawn to your passion, your spirit, your exuberance. i thought it was beautiful, they felt indifferent. they kept their distance because they thought you were destructive. they didn’t understand you, but i did. amidst all the confusion, i still chose you, but you chose to push me away. you left burns on my soul and left me picking pieces of myself off the ground. my mother always taught me not to play with fire. i wish i listened.

4. miss crystals and sage. miss zodiac. miss what is your moon, sun and rising in? miss let me see your chart, so i know it’s real. you’re appreciated. you taught me so much. your spirituality fueled me. your oneness with yourself inspired me. your awareness opened me, but your over analyzing closed me. you inadvertently disposed of me. ego killed our connection. can you imagine how far we would’ve gone if we both just swallowed our pride?

5. my first love. my soul mate. you opened my eyes to things that i didn’t even know existed. you opened my senses to feelings that i never even knew could be felt. our connection was intense, even though we weren’t together for long. but it’s hard to write about you. it’s hard to string together sentences and talk about you. a part of me feels like you don’t deserve my words, because you left without saying a word.

6. there is so much to you. i have seen the light and dark sides, the sun and the moon, but everything is undeniably beautiful. there was a gentleness about you, even in your rough moments, a softness about you, even after the way the past treated you. but i was young, naive, immature. i didn’t quite understand what love or friendship was. i didn’t quite understand myself. but you’re a good person, an angel. i hope you found someone who compliments your spirit.

7. strange. it never moved past friendship, but i’m glad that it never did. we were always better off as platonic companions. we mixed together well, without adding romance to the pot. it’s ironic that the reason we don’t talk as much anymore is because we decided not to take that plunge into the unknown. i miss your smile, your humor, your friendship. but i also understand that it’s okay to love someone from a distance.

—  iambrillyant


Adrien Agreste is desperate. He’s tried asking Nino, but his friend sort of tripped his way into his relationship with Alya by mistake, and he’s not too proud to admit it. Plagg is no help. He’s asked Natalie, only to get a blank look. Plagg is NO help. Adrien’s even asked Gorilla. The man stared at him through the rearview mirror for a full minute before he burst out laughing and didn’t stop even after he dropped Adrien off at school. It was hard not to pout all day.

So now, Adrien is doing what he should have done in the first place - it’s SO obvious, after all. I mean, obviously HE’D be an expert.

‘Come in.’

Adrien walks into his father’s study with shoulders pushed back in his dad’s preferred posture.

‘What did you need?’ his father asked without looking up from his designs, seven different sketched clothes articles being shuffled around to create various combinations.

‘Yeah,’ Adrien said, trying to channel as much of Chat Noir as he could, ‘so dad, you and mum, huh?’

Gabriel’s hand paused delicately where it was poised over a pair of tan women’s trousers.

'I mean, you two…. Got together and everything, you know?’

Adrien watched in fascination as his father’s eyebrows rose very slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was a good sign so he went on.

'And mum was pretty. I mean, REAL pretty. Well of course she was pretty she was a model. But she was. Nice, I mean. And you TALKED to her. And it WORKED. Of course it worked, she married you and you had ME.’

Gabriel Agreste looked like he was almost afraid to talk, but he put the sketches down, steepled his fingers and finally looked up at his son.

'What are you asking exactly, Adrien? I thought Natalie had adequately covered the topic of human sexual reproduction even before you joined College?’

'Not that, dad!’ Adrien replied, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. 'I know all about that. Natalie tested me and everything and I got top marks. I’m asking about all the rest! That’s more important!’

Gabriel Agreste’s eyebrows joined his hairline. He managed to look vaguely nauseous, which was the face he made when he was in any way flustered or uncomfortable.

'All… The rest.’

'Yes!’ Adrien replied, the word exploding out of him when he couldn’t contain it anymore. A river of more words followed it once it had split the dam. 'The flowers and the complements, and the manners and kissing her hand, and being a gentleman! All of that! But I’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked, so I MUST be doing something wrong! But you landed MUM, so you must have done something really right, so please dad, please teach me?’

Gabriel Agreste may as well be speechless for the first time in his life. He managed, 'What?’

'How to ask out a pretty girl!’ Adrien said in moan. 'The right way! So she says yes!’

Gabriel took off his spectacles to give himself time to think, polishing them off a silk hanky he always carried in his pocket, to give himself time to think. He didn’t think he’d be thinking about this already. But that was the problem with thinking. Once he put them back on, he’d formulated a reasonable response.

'I would like to know who the young lady in question is, before we go any further.’

Adrien’s brain went into panic mode. Darn, darn darn darn, he hadn’t thought of this! What was he going to say? He couldn’t say Ladybug obviously, his dad would never buy it. Quick, think of girls he knew! Girls he knew, girls he knew- ah! Girls from his class! Let’s see; Chloe- ah ah, hard nope, no way. Alya- nope, no way again, bro code. Mylene, yeah, super taken. Alix….. Just no. Darn it all, all he could think of were black hair and blue eyes and - hang on!

'Marinette Dupain-Cheng,’ Adrien squeaked. He hoped his cheeks feeling hot meant he would convince his father. Gabriel stared at him for a moment before he buzzed Natalie from the intercom on his desk.

'Natalie, send me the file of Dupain-Cheng Marinette from the College research folder.’

'Yes sir,’ Natalie chirped back. A few moments of heavy sweating later - for Adrien - his father’s phone pinged, and Gabriel picked it up, thumbing through whatever Natalie had sent. One eyebrow rose higher than the other in the expression his father often made when he was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, Adrien was irrationally pleased his father approved of Marinette, even though he realised he was now totally screwed.

'Designed an album for Jagged Stone,’ his father said, sounding reluctantly impressed. 'You will invite her to dinner next week.’

Gabriel put his phone down, seemingly done with the decision. Adrien tried desperately one more time.

'But, the advice!’

Gabriel looked him straight in the eyes.

'What I’m about to tell you does not leave this room,’ he said solemnly.

'Yes father!’ Adrien replied eagerly.

'The secret,’ Gabriel went on solemnly, 'is puns.’

'I knew it!’ Adrien hissed under his breath.

'Ah, but not just any puns,’ Gabriel admonished. 'That is why you have been unsuccessful. You need to find her interests, formulate humourous sentence arrangements. Drop them with the correct TIMING. Timing is crucial, especially in one particular way.’

Adrien fairly vibrated in his seat as he leaned forward, waiting for his dad to finally tell him the secret.

'You must take her hand, gently. Look her in the eyes, and tell her, without fanfare, how you feel about her. And how that makes you feel: in that order, son. Then, and only then, must you drop a very smart pun, about something she loves, and beg her to consider giving you a chance. Then walk away, let her think about it, and maybe drop another pun on your way out. Make her laugh, so that when she remembers you, she will smile. She’ll call you back within the week.’

Gabriel was smiling for the first time in a whole year, that Adrien remembered. He looked misty eyed and far away before he snapped out of it.

'Natalie,’ he said into the buzzer again, 'contact mlle Dupain-Cheng, invite her to dinner Friday week.’

'Yes sir. I will inform cook and the household.’

'Good.’ Gabriel looked at his son with a determined look on his face. 'I will allow you to see how it is done during this first dinner. I will then expect you to try and learn, with practice, during following invitations. Do not let me down.’

'No sir!’ Adrien replied excitedly. He raced to his room, almost bouncing giddily with joy at how helpful his dad had been. Real advice! With practice!

Then he froze when he realised he was going to be practicing on his sweet, shy classmate, who was likely going to get the entirely wrong idea, and who he had absolutely not the courage to come clean with; not on this.

'Darn’, he hissed into his room. Plagg ignored him and continued to eat his cheese noisily.