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*gasp* provide the face mask recs

*gasp* anything for you, love

First up: Gold Black Sugar Mask by TonyMoly! I have only recently discovered this exfoliating gem, but oh man do I love it. It comes in a pretty small pot for about $7 on Amazon, which can initially be disheartening, but the brown sugar goodness in here goes a long way. Also, there are very tiny gold flakes mixed in with the brown sugar! I usually apply this mask each night after washing my face, leave it on for 15 min, then wash it off before applying toner & moisturizer.

Second on the list is Brazened Honey by Lush! It’s an exfoliating and soothing (2 for 1) kaolin clay based mask, with exfoliating ground almonds mixed in. It smells truly lovely and, when refrigerated before use, it makes for a nice, cool treatment after a busy day. I like to apply it about once a week! Two sidenotes: it’s Lush, which means it’s a little pricey, and it’s got fresh, free-range egg yolk in it (not as gross as it sounds, and proven to provide dermatological help!) which means you have to keep it refrigerated and cannot buy it online. 

Finally, I’ve gotta go old school. The first mask I ever used (and a consistently trustworthy one!) is the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. My mother, sister, and aunt have all used this darling thing for years, and it’s essentially the predecessor to Lush’s fan-favorite Mask of Magnaminty. You can get a massive green tube of this minty, dry-your-skin-out-in-a-good-way masque at pretty much any drug store. Failing that, most places have a store-brand “mint mask,” but I do recommend the original Queen Helene. It’s wonderful if you have oily skin, or just a small-scale breakout, though I must recommend moisturizing afterwards.

(side note: always moisturize after masks! even if you have an oily skin type, you should at least use a light, moisturizing toner or micellar water afterwards) I hope this helped, and that you find a mask that’s right for you! It’s always important to test different products and find the one that’s right for you. Always remember to treat yo self 💋

I’m both loving and am terrified of Hallucination!Jack. 

He starts looking exactly like our favorite samurai, but with a bit more of a temper.

In the very next episode, he’s exaggerated. Longer limbs, crazy face, a much more erratic way of speaking, and acting menacingly. I hope that he gets crazier with each subsequent appearance.

But do you want to know who he’s starting to remind me of?

Long limbs, crazy expressions, speaking erratically…

“Finn.” You asked stressed out.”What is it babe.” He replies, his finger fumbling with his phone; his eyes fixed to the phone screen.”Does the fact that I’m still a virgin disturb you?” He immediately stops, his attention now focused on you.”God no y/n. No, no babe. I mean I admit that I desire you so badly and I find it sometimes hard to contain myself. But my love for ya is way beyond sex.” Finn caresses your face, your mind at ease at last.”I will wait on you he time you need because you are worth the wait y/n.”

kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: another request this is so amazing i’m so unbelievably grateful!! i could seriously cry right now, i love every one of you so much. this one is for @lexiiferr from this list and requested number 14

A life like his is nothing but mundane.

Of course, people are unpredictable, but his own life will pass like the seasons. The ninja of Iga live and die for the same reasons, and he has known his end since his very beginning.

And, yet, somewhere along the way, he found hitches in his life’s plans.

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Sirius x Reader "Why do you have to do this to me?... to us?"

I know you were expecting angst, so SURPRISE! xoxo

Sirius Black and Y/N allowed their fingers to intertwine as they made their way through the castle. Raindrops created gentle paths on the stained glass windows of the castle, and, despite the foggy storm outside, made everything seem surprisingly calm for a day at Hogwarts.

“It’s lovely today,” Y/N said happily, breaking the storm stained silence between them as she inhaled the smell of rain with a grin on her face.

“It’s raining cats and dogs out there, are you insane?” her statement is met with a chuckle and a bewildered response from her boyfriend.

“It’s nice though. Quiet. And I love the smell of rain,” she rambled. Sirius simply shook his head, not even attempting to hide the love-filled smile on his face that appeared every time he looked at her.

“You’re odd, you know that?” he muttered, prompting her to stick out her tongue at him and receive a small kiss on the tip of her scrunched up nose.

Filling the marbled halls with giggles and soft conversation, they arrived at the entrance to the Gryffindor common room, and, an uttered password later, found themselves in the cozy shared space. Still in the process of exchanging playful punches and loud laughs, they found themselves in front of the door of the dormitory Sirius shared with his 3 best friends. Still completely distracted, he swung the door open and pulled her towards him…

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OMG! Iain looks so different without a beard and quite intimidating to be honest. ;)

Are you thinking of this image

Originally posted by favor757

He does look a wee bit intimidating doesn’t he - I LIKE  ☻/  I always find he looks a little more intimidating ( read evil haha )  Clean shaven and a  little softer and more Vulnerable with some scruff or a beard.

Originally posted by unterwasserfisch

But really it’s more a tribute to his prowess ( growl : ) as an actor /  He’s very expressive and really uses the set of his face and his eyes and body as a performer.  BRILLIANT

I of course LOVE him both ways but am a little more partial to scruffy Iain -

Originally posted by aylahurst

Thanks for the comment Anon. I really enjoy receiving them ☺

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hello! can I have some hcs of Link, Revali and Sidon reaction if their s/o give them surprise kiss? sorry if you already done that!

I haven’t actually! Thanks for the new ask!

-Mod Pinks

Surprise kiss 


  • ….!!!!!”
  • Precious bb is a blushing mess, looks at them all scandalized at first
  • Can’t look them in the eye as he grabs their hand
    • His silent way of saying he approves.


  • Haha! What brings this lovely surprise?”
  • If they pull away, he pulls them back in and peppers their face with kisses
  • Is a laughing mess, he’s so happy


  • Wha-?! Oh-! Hey no fair, I can’t do that back you know!”
  • A secret flustered mess.
  • Pulls them close and nuzzles them, ticking their neck and enjoying their laugh.

Seriously the only way this shindig with Linstead/Jay becomes ooc is if after a breakup one of them starts dating someone else. You don’t fall out of love that easily. That’s it. But I don’t see that happening. If there’s a break, it’s because Jay’s finally taking the time to deal with his demons and if he’s unsure of how to, he’s the kind of man who’d feel guilty stringing someone along. 

He’s one of the most selfless people on the face of the planet and he’d much rather be there for people then have them take care of him. It’s not easy for him given how much he’s been through. He doesn’t know how to let people in. He’s only ever grieved in private. It has nothing to do with trust, but rather in his head, he believes it’s best that she doesn’t see all the ugliness, the pain, the heartache. And perhaps some of that is stemmed from the fact that no one’s really stuck around in his life. Perhaps it’s parts of his survivor’s guilt. Perhaps it’s from the fact that he’s dealt with it all alone. There’s so much that goes into Jay’s character and the way he looks at life. (Let’s take 3x01 for example, Jay wasn’t at all messed up about what had happened to him because he was tortured alone. If there had been someone else in that room, if it had happened to someone he knows, he would’ve taken it worse. Plus, it brought his girl back.)

He’s often the one taking care of people, and people like that have no clue how to let others take care of them. Why did it take Erin 4 seasons to tell him she loves him? She ran at first. She distanced herself from him. And now it’s Jay’s turn to face all that, but this break, this is 653% in character. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about the guy who planned their retirement in Wisconsin long before the two had even moved in together. He sees his life with her 20 years from now. Jay Halstead is in love with Erin Lindsay and in his head, walking away for this time being is protecting her. It’s protecting himself. It’s protecting and securing their future with honor.

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i read the first sentence and i decided to hear september on youtube. i clicked at minute 1 to try to recognise the song and i didn't. so i closed it. but then i read the whole thing you wrote and i said 'i have to listen to it again'. so i played it again and i was mind blown because 'you silly! you do know this song!!!'. long story short, now i'm dancing/head bopping isak style in my living room :) thank you for the uplifting moment <3

hahaha aww, of course you knew the song! :) and you’re welcome, ty for this lovely and positive message, here’s a happy screencap for you 💝

this is 100% them when even starts to dance and isak wishes!! he could keep a straight face but who is he kidding!! there’s no way he can stop himself from smiling at the sight of even dancing, of even simply being there with him. and even thinks he can’t enjoy this moment more than he is, but when isak breaks into a bigger smile, he thinks “well maybe i can” 

Happy (m.c. imagine)

Summary: (Y/N) is worried that Michael is going to dump her because of a text she saw, but what she doesn’t know is that Michael is planning to propose.

A/N: this is short but I really like this and I hope you do too.

Michael glances over at you sleeping peacefully. His lips are puffy from running them over every inch of your body and his chest has a shear line of sweat on it, proof of earlier events that occurred. The sex is usually rough and kinky, but tonight, Michael made love to you. He fell more in love with you tonight. He knows that you’re way too good for him. He watches you sleep and he’s never felt more at peace in his entire life. He reaches over and brushes some hair away from your face. Your eyes flutter open, a small yawn leaving your mouth.

“Why aren’t you sleeping?” You ask. “Not tired.” He murmurs. “Stop staring.” Michael chuckles. “Can’t help it.” You sit up and smile softly at him, resting your head against his shoulder. “Is your insomnia coming back?” You ask, slightly concerned. “Because if it is, then maybe you need to take a small break from writing music again. I don’t want it to get as bad as it did last time.” Michael turns and kisses the top of your head. “No, it’s not insomnia. I’m just not tired. Nothing’s wrong, so there’s no need to worry.” He whispers. You bite your lip and lift your head.

“But you would tell me, right? You would tell me if there was something wrong?” You ask, biting your lip. He reaches over and runs his thumb over your teeth until you release your bottom lip. “‘Course I would.” You pull the bed sheet up over your naked body as you sit Indian style beside him, but face him. “I saw a text earlier from Ashton that said my name, so I looked at the messages. You told him that you’re worried I won’t be happy.” You state, looking down at your fingers. Michael sighs, reaching over to take your hand. “I just want to clarify that I am happy with you. If you’re breaking up with me, then just do it now, please. Obviously I won’t be happy about that, but I won’t put up a fight. If you don’t love me anymore, then I can’t force you to stay with me.”

Michael shakes his head and chuckles. You look at him, your eyes wide. “Why are you laughing? There’s nothing funny about us breaking up!” You say. “Baby, stop.” He says, leaning forwards to press a kiss onto your forehead. “I’m not breaking up with you.” He chuckles again at the thought. “That’s not what Ashton and I were talking about.” Your brows furrow, which makes him smile.

“Then what-”

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

“But you’re not dumping me?”

“No, baby, I’m not dumping you.”

You seem to breathe a sigh of relief as he pulls you closer to him. “I love you so much. The thought of not having you in my life physically hurts.” You whisper, tears blurring your vision. “Oh, don’t cry. Everything’s alright. I’m not going anywhere, I promise.” He kisses you lightly, making you sigh against his mouth. You bite your lip as he pulls away.

“I’m gonna go get some water. Do you want anything?” He asks. You shake your head. He kisses you once again before getting out of bed. He grabs a clean pair of boxers and walks downstairs. A few minutes later, he’s back and he’s tucked in bed beside you.

“We should get some sleep. It’s late.” He whispers, running his fingers down your back lightly as you lie on your stomach. You nod, closing your eyes as sleep is already pulling you in. He sighs, biting his lip as he glances over at the closet, where, buried under a pile of band tees, is a diamond ring in a cute little black box.

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WHY CAN'T SHE BE A NATURAL SEXY CUTIE LIKE HER BROTHER ?? (Ps: I love the way you make faces more realistic with those custom makeup)

this question is so weird. like are you implying that she’s not “sexy/cute” because she’s androgynous looking because she’s not wearing much makeup at all. it’s also weird because she’s only 17 in those pictures so how much sexier did you want her to look?? 

also i’m just going to throw out there that Nat is genderfluid as in she doesn’t identify as one of the boys nor one of the girls. she’s just somewhere in the middle of that and as she get’s older in my game she’ll express that even more so in the clothing she wears. as far as pronouns go.. she’s comfortable with people referring to her as “she/her” rather than “they/them”. 

anyways i’m still confused by your question.. and also anon you should be a little careful with things like that cause people can take them the wrong way and be mistaken as being rude/offensive.

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What do you think about this boycott thing? Are you going to take part in it? I was thinking it wasn't a bad idea because that hug /was/ a huge slap to our faces but now so many people are saying that we shouldn't do it on a Regina-centric episode and that we're not real ERs if we do it. I'm conflicted tbh? I love Lana and would always support her but the way the show runners are treating their LGBT audience is more important than a fictional character imo? (1)

And the point of the boycott is not to affect the ratings because everyone is aware it doesn’t work like that, but to give the media a hint that the show is fucking up, since that’s what the fandom is for – to create media buzz. This whole saying we’re not real ERs and calling us ‘angry shippers’ sounds a lot like guilt-tripping to me? I mean, if we were to follow that logic, we could never really raise our voices anyway, since the show is Regina heavy and Lana is a big part of it, (2)

so we would be accused of wanting to destroy her career anyway. But it just makes me so angry because it’s basically silencing us. If we want to fight, we will have to start somewhere, right? I’m sorry for the rant but I feel like your inbox is the only safe space to do that atm. What are your thoughts about this? (3)             

To be completely candid, I’ll start by saying that unfortunately we have no way of taking part in this boycott, simply because we have been watching in ways that don’t count for a while now–and because we’re not Twitter active. But if we were, we would definitely go silent. Because that would deliver the message, given that it’s ‘loud’ enough. But while I absolutely appreciate your concerns, I must add that this is not about Lana Parrilla, the actress who has been (well, mostly anyway–a few painful blunders that some people chose to conveniently forget, aside) supportive. Because at the end of the day, she’s been doing what she did to build her fanbase, and she did it quite well–so a SINGLE episode of silence can’t hurt her. Not at this point, when the show is tethering dangerously on the precipice of… a very deep abyss. And not when that single hour of boycott can’t hurt the show either, but what it CAN do–is communicate the message, you know?

So anyone calling you a bad ‘ER’ (which by the by, we haven’t been considering ourselves as ERs here for quite a while, because that term has been appropriated by multishippers and other dimwits who “ship Regina with happiness”, the same people who seem to be biggest ‘authorities’ on all things Regina Mills these days, anyway?) is totally guilt-tripping you. All based on their own creepy projections–towards actress? So, no. When the main premise becomes about promotion of bad media then the task of deconstruction and, more importantly, renewal (through creating more diverse and critical media) falls to the rest of us. So, whoever is trying to silence you? Tell them to fuck right off. You have every right to your own opinion, and to express it however you feel like to.


Because ultimately, representation is inherently political. It is not just about personal taste, or projected desire. Many straight people are actually happy with the idea of a fairytale happy ending for two women and their son because the story is a good one, but many realize that it’s not currently (currently) ‘happening’ (subtextually it might be, we won’t write that off completely) because of the politics of heteronormativity. And depoliticizing the inherently politicized nature of media is a big, big mistake. Depoliticization can happen either when ‘fans’ become overly fixated on one thing (or person) or when outcome is mistaken for process. And then if the ONLY way for you to express your politicized view, your stance, or hell-retaliate for the slap in the face that that hug IS at this point–is that… then boycott away. Because no one, NO ONE has the right to guilt-trip or silence you. Okay?

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This au is so fucking cursed and I love it but picture this: all the consorts in griffin's land (land of mods and monsters) have the faces of various monster factory creations. Griffin and Justin fly around and adopt all of them

i like the way you think

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I'm still shocked by that video. The way Matt was looking and smiling at Isaiah... he usually always looks at Isaiah, and Harry, with something like admiration which is adorable, but on that video the look on his face while Isaiah is singing it's something else.

He just loves his friends so much ?????? You can tell he idolizes them and thinks hes the luckiest person to have them (which he is cus harry and isaiah are possibly the best people on this earth)

Originally posted by asabutterfielded

If I live in the present and you live in the past, I will be your own Jacob Portman,  l’ll try my best to find ways to be with you even if it takes me a lifetime to search and catch a ymbryne who has the ability to  make a loop that can take me back to you, so I could kiss your lips, feel your embrace and be together, forever. I wanna love you till the day i die, and also in the after life, your face is the only thing i wanna see.

-I will always find my way back to you, 12AM

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Once you get this, state five things you like about yourself, publicly, and send this to 10 of your favourite followers (non-negotiable) SPREAD POSITIVITY! 💖

Oh wow, okay um…

  1. I love my laugh, even when it’s loud and annoying people. I love the way it makes my face hurt, how I tear up and start snorting sometimes, how I infect other people with my laughter.
  2. I love my voice. It’s high like a child, but animated. It makes people feel good in the morning, like they’re being greeted by an old friend. I’ve had parents compliment me on how cheerful I sound when opening the door for them. It may annoy night owls, but it makes more people feel good than not.
  3. I love my determination to help people. I get such a buzz off of making someone’s day brighter, or giving someone a reason to smile. I love the kind “thank you’s” I get when I hold the door open for people, or when I donate a dollar to a charity who needs it. 
  4. I love the fat around my arms. I love when kids come up and poke it, squish it, ask me what it is. I love when kids tell me how soft I am when they give me a hug. I love that I have curves. I may not be on the next Covergirl magazine, but to me and my students, I’m already a good roll model, and that’s the only model I ever want to be.
  5. I love being me. I love waking up and looking in the mirror, knowing I’m the best human being that I can be. I may not be perfect, and my reflection may not be perfect, but I’m doing the best I can, and that’s good enough.

Picking my favorite 10 followers is going to be hard though. I may send more than 10 haha~


happy birthday to this lil munchkin! minseok ah, i hope you’ll be showered with blessings and love because you deserve it ♡ it’s absolutely amazing how you still look like you’re 20 years old when you’re actually 27 lmao i love your baby face ;u; honestly, i love everything about you. you’re so stunning yet humble and so freaking talented in so many ways ♡ thank you for being a part of your fans’ lives minseok, we love you :)