i love the way this show treats its characters

Why I think Taekook/Vkook is somewhat real

I hope not too many roll their eyes at another ‘delusional shipping fangirl’ right now, because I don’t want to proof things. Just hear me out a bit? (And wow this is long im sorry!! ) These are just my thoughts and excuse me for rambling.
First off: I’m not really into shipping real people because I always feel like I’m… idk disrespecting their privacy? Im not sure how to describe it. I watched about every video there is about bts because they amazed me with their honest chemistry. I like their interaction and how they treat each other.

The vlogs are not part of some kpop show, and its not entirely private either but its something in between and we get to see more of them as persons as we normally would. I think thats why many people love them (myself included) We can have a bit more insight on their character even though we have to keep in mind that they are still aware of the cameras.

I came across ships like vhope/vmin/jikook of course.
I liked all of them in some way because the guys obviously like each other. Still, even though they seem honest in their display of affection I just thought. “Daaamn friendship/bromance goals”. I thought vhope was something at first but when the kissing scene came on I felt like tae was really uncomfortable and that made me uncomfortable too. (Just How I felt, of course, I may be wrong or you can feel differently). So I liked them but felt there was a line they wouldn’t cross.

taekook kind of jumped into my face as they are quite popular. But a few years back I just felt like tae was overly affectionate because kookie is shy and the maknae and the latter is fascinated with tae because of him being extroverted and easy. I didn’t see anything similar to a crush to be honest and they were getting to know each other at that time. So I thought “nah I can’t ship this they’re like…adoring each other on a friend lvl I don’t see romance”. I just thought it was cute but nothing more.

As they got older though Jungkook changed and became more comfortable (I think everyone agrees) around other people.
Tae was getting a bit calmer but then again, he had some serious issues to overcome. And then I started to notice (Kinda). Their relationship changed.
these little things when they think no one pays attention to them (or that’s what I felt like while watching). And maybe they’re just really close friends (they are for sure one way or another) but while watching some videos I was really tense at some points. Not every time they are standing next to each other or something like this but there were certainly a lot of moments where I wasn’t sure where to look because it felt just…private. Like they forgot for a moment that they’re still being watched. And those are moments which are important because they show the true nature of relationships.

In comparison: I just came across the new run episode where kookie slaps jimin on the butt (I laughed for about an hour) and this got me thinking. I wasn’t even shocked. Why am I not having feels over this kind of bold interaction? Isn’t that like shipping material for 300 fanfiction and 2 years of happy squeals? Because I’m totally down for these things lol

But that’s the point. It’s on cam and bold. Jungkook is more bold and playful than before. But sit him next to tae and they’re gonna play the subtle touch game…Or the “I-wanted-to-hug/touch-you-but-is-this-still-okay-bc-were-on-cam”. In other moments though they seem just natural and playful and I don’t see any romantic undertones. It depends on the situations somehow and I think that’s normal.

Butt slapping is bold and can be flirty, but holding someone’s gaze or touching hands is intimate.
And that’s where I see the difference in the ships.
(Also I know that tae is like the touchiest person ever but he always has a line where He is comfortable and where he is not and he made that clear on some occasions. He crossed that line with Jungkook though…intertwining hands etc)

I don’t think they are dating btw as both are a bit against being with another guy (there were a few statements) but you can’t help being at least a little bit attracted even if you don’t want to be… and i think many can relate when I say that nothing is more addicting than a person you can laugh your ass off with, who knows what you’re thinking at some point …because that’s when you feel happy and understood the most and just really really close.
And that’s what we see quite often with them. On another note though: we don’t see them fighting so we have to keep in mind that things will always seem more harmonized because we always get to see the best and loveliest moments and we don’t see the serious shit.

Im not attracted to anything really but I had this kind of relationship with another girl not long ago.
So maybe that’s why I see some similarities and believe that there are some unspoken feelings between them. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Maybe they’re not in love and just really close after being together for so long. Sometimes it’s not easy to distinguish these sort of things. And maybe they are a bit in love and they don’t want to acknowledge it just like me and my friend back then.

I just came to really love their interaction may it be platonic adoration or hidden romantic feelings. And i Love the fandom (well… most of them) for focusing on their behavior, their laughs and the way they look at each other. I think I can see what you see.

I just had to get this off my chest, I hope some of you can relate to my thoughts? And i repeat this is not meant to “proof” realness or bash other ships. I don’t mind other ships whatever they are as long as they don’t hurt anyone. I appreciate other ships too because I love when people show each other affection in whatever way.
I just wanted to share what I feel like and you can agree or disagree :)
(And im not native so im sorry if things sound weird ///)

Jonah Beck a lackluster character?

I was trying to think why jonah beck was such a big deal to the characters, with quotes like “youre jonah beck” “jonahs human?” and other lines that idolize him. obviously hes the popular kid whos friendly etc., but just the fact that hes still with amber gave me the impression that he was an idiot. what did he contribute to this show other than being andis crush and cyrus’ idol? in a show with teen pregnancy, sexual identity, and poc issues, jonah beck was sort of, well, a overhyped and underdeveloped character.
then i realized that this idolizing of him and apparent idiocy for being with amber could possibly be built up to a storyline based on manipulative/abusive relationships. showing that jonah, a good guy liked by everyone, can still be trapped in an unhealthy relationship where the abuser is the female. saying abuse might be preemptive and a scary word to use, but thats what i get when i see how amber treats jonah. and its shown in a way that kids watching can say “hey thats not right”, recognizing an unhealthy relationship, even realizing that someone idolized is just as human as anyone else.
this is just my personal conclusion as to why they would write a seemingly cookie cutter character like jonah beck into this show, and hopes that hes being built up for a more impacting storyline. (also i love all of the characters, yes cyrus and jonah are the cutest, this isnt hate just my over analysis of a show meant for 12 year olds)

It’s so heartbreaking to see Jasper being the or ready to end his life. He was the character with the most life and love in the beginning and the ground just broke him.
He went from such a joyful person to being completely broken and depressed and it honestly makes me cry.

TVD finale was BS!!!
  • Oh sure bonnie has been Damon's backbone for the past 3 years while Elena has been being useless in a coffin for that remaining time(and let's be honest even before that because she was always useless, even as a vampire) yet bonnie is left with her story untold and a shitty ending while Elena just wakes up, cuts her hair and runs off into the sunset living happily ever after with Damon...bonnie fought the devil & literally put fire from hell back in hell! She almost died for damon multiple times and those are just 2 examples because there's so much more through the previous seasons as well. Its just sad how they treated bonnie in the show because honestly she's the best character, I mean she MAKES TVD she is TVD, she's amazing!! Elena doesn't deserve Damon because bonnie has been there for him way more. Elena didn't do half the things bonnie did for damon, even before going into a coma or whatever that was...either way I'm pissed about bamon not happening because it would've been an interesting love story and they are meant for each other!! At least Julie plague can't hurt my poor bonnie anymore now that the show is over so I guess that's good...

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as someone who has been in an abusive relationship i find it incredibly offensive that people continually call noorhelm abusive. you may not like william, and he may not be a good guy, but he isn't abusive and even sana points this out. i think fans that call william abusive need to take a look at what emotional abuse is because just throwing that word in there because you dont like a ship is the opposite of what julie is trying to do with this show. CONT

CONT 2 2 people fetishize evak and overlook all the potentially unhealthy part of that relationship but demonize noorhelm, lets stop fetishizing gay couples and romanizing mental health, this show is beautifully done and the woman who you love for making evak also made the show for noorhelm so lets chill out for a second and be kind to each other. sorry rant over, thank you for listening.

ALSO i just want to say i dont think evak is abusive either! i just think we need to remember that these are teenagers so of course they are going to make mistakes in relationships as all humans do. but we cant just throw around the word abusive because its incredibly hurtful and maybe we should start treating gay (or mentally ill) couples the same way we do straight couples BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME AND ARE EQUAL. alt er love. (rant really over this time)

i’ve always been a defender of william as a character and as a portrayal of teenage boys in general, he parties, he messes around, but he’s not a bad person. he’s made mistakes, but like you said, so has everyone else on the show and i really hate that people keep crucifying him for those mistakes when they gloss over everyone else’s, it’s just not fair.

thank you for these messages :)


Something I’m seeing far too often as a criticism towards The Flash is that it needs to “shake things up” in regards to its cast, in the same way that Arrow does each season. It’s been criticised as maintaining the same cast from the beginning, and lacking the “shock factor” that comes with killing off a main character that Arrow does every year. And I hate this criticism. 

The Flash is actually invested in all of its characters and the cast that portray them. It’s invested in development, both for the characters and their personal relationships with each and every other character on the show. And that’s fucking beautiful, especially when you look at how Arrow has treated it’s characters and cast (they’re about to kill another character off that’s been with the show for five years). Is there something exciting about a show killing off major players and throwing things into a flux? Yes, there is. It’s why so many shows do it. But The Flash has managed to maintain that same feeling without having to sever any of its limbs permanently and turn away its audiences by killing off any of their favourite characters. Specifically, we’re seeing that with Caitlin, and how they’re able to do essentially “kill her off” to trigger her arc as Killer Frost, keeping Danielle on the show and continuing to develop a character we’ve had since day one. When they killed Henry, we still had John on the show as Jay Garrick (from Earth-2). They’ve kept Tom on the show as Harrison Wells, and then Harry and then H.R, and… it just makes me happy to see that the writers/creators respect their cast enough to give them strong, season-long arcs that develop the characters/relationships, and seem invested in the entire cast as a whole instead of acting as though only two or three are important for the overall series and everyone else outside of those are completely expendable. That’s one of the main reasons this show will always be better than Arrow, and why I can put so much faith in the writers to tell a good story. 

i go outside for 2 seconds and now all the leaks are telling me they didnt even rescue the rubies and the one who’s getting the spotlight is the the most femme one as if SU doesnt already treat its butch coded characters like shit (i love navy but god this is so transparent)

i made sure to have 0 expectations and im still like.. mad? or disappointed? idk its like a lowkey level of upset that shows me i still care way too much about this show if im able to care about in what way theyre fucking up this week

Goku and Chichi’s Relationship

”Chichi does nothing but yell and nag.”
“Goku married Chichi without fully knowing what he was getting into.”
“Goku is henpecked.”
“Goku does not have romantic feelings for Chichi.”
“Goku sees Chichi as just another companion.” 

And so on and so forth. These are things I usually hear people say about GoChi. And you know what, I don’t understand.

The reason I fell in love with the GoChi ship was because Dragon Ball ends with Goku knowing nothing about marriage, but when Dragon Ball Z comes along we see that despite his initial ignorance he manages to maintain a happy marriage. He had no idea what love was in DB, but in DBZ we see that he has grown to love Chichi. 

When people bash GoChi, I always think about the part in the Cell Saga where Goku has just recovered from the heart virus. I’m not even talking about just the kiss; it’s everything. That’s the longest the series allows us to see Goku and Chichi together, so it’s the best window we have into their relationship. Plus, Goku has just escaped death at this point, and usually it is during moments like this that people are most honest about their feelings. 

And what feelings do they show us? Let’s take a look at the following screenshots:

Goku smiles as Chichi hugs him. He apologizes for worrying her, then proceeds to swing her around. My favorite part is when Chichi tells him to cut it out but ends up enjoying it anyway. They laugh together like teenagers in love, then he accidentally throws her too high into the sky, but when he catches her, they just laugh it off. 

I think this is basically a summary of how Goku and Chichi are as a couple. Goku does something silly or stupid, Chichi tries to tell him off, but then she gives in and ends up loving him all the more for his antics. 

I think this is how they show affection to each other too. They’re not passionate or intense. They don’t go on candlelit dinners or profess undying love for each other through poetry. Instead, they play in the snow, run around in the rain, and laugh together doing simple sweet things in their simple sweet home in the mountain. 

I think this scene also shows how Goku loves and treats Chichi differently from Krillin or Bulma or even his own sons. Have you ever seen Goku act this way around any other character? Case in point, when Goku ITs into the aircraft carrying his friends shortly after this scene, Krillin cries with joy and throws himself into Goku’s arms so fervently that they smash through the side of the aircraft. His reaction is just as powerful as Chichi’s, and yet Goku does not feel the urge to swing him around or do with him the same things he did with Chichi. 

Next, is Goku actually a henpecked husband? Is Chichi actually an irrational nagger who cannot accept the kind of person her husband is? Let’s look at these screenshots:


I have this belief that Goku isn’t as henpecked as he seems to be. I believe that he lets Chichi yell and nag because he’s a patient and generally peace-loving person. But here, when people’s lives are at stake and time is of the essence, Goku looks disapproving of Chichi’s stubbornness and looks about ready to argue. 

I love this because it shows that Goku loves his strong-willed wife and so he lets her assume dominance in the relationship for the most part, but he also won’t just quietly submit to her when she’s being irrational. 

But here’s what makes this even more wonderful:

Chichi reveals that she’s not irrational at all. And Chichi knows her husband well enough to know that she won’t win an argument about this anyway. Which makes me think that she and Goku do argue from time to time; they just don’t do it so publicly like Bulma and Vegeta.

Chichi also shows here that she, despite everything she usually yells about, believes in her husband and in the potential of their son. Goku appreciates this, and thanks her. He understands just how much courage it takes to accept this kind of fate for her family. Master Roshi realizes this too and thinks to himself that Chichi has “nerves of steel”, as befitting the wife of the strongest man on Earth.

Then they just gaze at each other lovingly for a while:

And when it’s time to go, they share a kiss. They kiss for like seven seconds in front of Master Roshi.

If you think about it, contrary to popular portrayal in fanfiction, Goku and Chichi are usually not embarrassed to show their love in front of others.

We see more examples in the Buu Saga, when in front of their friends, Goku tells Chichi that he missed her, when Chichi throws herself into his arms as he is about to go back to the afterlife and he hugs her and holds her hand, and finally when Chichi cries against his chest as they are finally reunited at Kami’s Lookout and he tells her he loves her.

All this done in public, and neither of them act like it’s embarrassing. They treat it as if it were something natural.

Anyway, going back to this scene, the kiss they share here isn’t just a ‘routine’ kiss but something they both genuinely feel like sharing at that moment. How do I know? 

Look at Goku’s face right after they kiss. His gaze lingers on her longer and he has this satisfied smile on his face.

And this next part just kills me. Goku goes all serious as he is about to IT away, but just before he disappears, he takes one last look at Chichi. And I’m like, WHOA GUYS, TOO MUCH LOVE, GIVE IT A REST.

But seriously, how can anyone say that he doesn’t love her the way a husband loves a wife?

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I'm just so curious; why do you spend all this extra time hating Shelley everytime she breathes, while at the same time loving Holland? It's a serious genuine question. Because if you don't know this already, she's actually the problematic ignorant person you make Shelley out to be. This isn't a butthurt ask or anything. I'm just interested in your response. No one has to like the same people, idc if you dislike her. But it's kind of hypocritical to bash her all the time, but love holland.

Holland and Shelley aren’t the same person, and Holland hasn’t treated the show and fandom with the same disregard Shelley has. It’s easy to find the many, many ways Shelley has been disrespectful to the show, its fanbase and the characters that Holland has never done. I’m not sure who her equivalent would be, but it’s certainly not Holland. That said, Holland also has the distinction of keeping quiet and out of my line of site. When Shelley does that it’s all good. When she doesn’t I comment on it.

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as someone who was a BMW fan before GMW started, i totally agree with the points you make on this blog. i don't like the way relationships from the previous show are treated (ie: angela and shawn, the complete erasure of angela & topanga's friendship) but i'm also really bothered by the show's treatment of it's own main character. it's like riley is an afterthought (or punching bag) for these writers, constantly put down by her own loved ones or ignored altogether by the show itself.

I could not agree more. Riley is treated as the lesson of the show. it’s as if they want Maya to be the actual main character and simply use Riley to keep up appearances with disney.

They give Maya a good relationship with every character, they change plots to cater to her and they make I seem as if she is so broken when she could not be better off. Riley is the one who gets the brunt of everything and unlike Maya they dont cater to her like you said she is the punching bag, she is supposed to take on the negativity of the show and she does, as does Rowan.

The writers are terrible at developing their main character and they would much rather pile on the hate rather than give other characters actual dimension. They are willing to pin everything ok Riley and pass it off as a lesson. Overall the writers have been a pain in the ass with the past two seasons in particular. Every character kisses Mayas ass acting like she is the best bff in the world forgetting past things she’s done meanwhile. I am in no way saying she is a terrible friend. What I’m saying is that they make it seem like she is the only one who is. Riley who has been nothing but supportive of all of those around her can barely manage to get a thank you, an apology, or a compliment because apparently her personality, her being herself is enough of an excuse for the writers to ignore it all.

After Mr squirrels they had Riley apologize. After the real world no one said a damn thing oh except Riley but apparently agreeing that someone is short is bad but the committee was in the right and doing that to a friend is aokay

I truly feel they don’t care anymore. After what they did with shawngela I trust them to do nothing. I can’t believe they damaged such a strong black female character and her friendships for the sake of a basic white ship to please their white fave who is apparently oh so broken.

Basically gmw is quickly becoming the worst. I cant even really defend it anymore

team i love bobs burgers but the way the show handles its mentally ill characters (ie felix, gayle, teddy, frond to an extent, and even mickey lets not forget him) is kinda sorta really gross and needs to stop

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One more thing on 2x12 before the winter finale airs: I feel like the "BUT WHAT DO YOU MEAN OUR LOVE ISN'T REALLLLLLLLL" thing is usually given to women, so I love that Lucifer has subverted another trope. Thanks writers!

I absolutely adore how they set us up to think one thing, or that it’s going to be a shallow cliche or trope or whatever, and then subvert and deconstruct and grow the hell out of it, literally.

They started Dr. Linda off as the comic relief and her being hot for Lucifer, and then turned her into the wisest and strongest and most steadfast character on the show.

They made Dan and Lucifer into friends. I MEAN.

They made Maze and Chloe roomies. They made Maze and Linda friends. No character is left one dimensional or to be an antagonist long past when it makes sense. As I have said before, this show is genuinely KIND. It wants its characters to be happy and it displays their flaws with sympathy, not with cynicism. It wants them to get along with each other and to struggle and to learn and to grow, and it does that while being razor sharply aware of all the tropes it is playing on and twisting and pushing back on.

So yes. I love the focus on Lucifer’s emotional cluelessness and how they allow that to fully play out, and for us to laugh at him being an idiot, while at the same time understanding his sweetness and his dorkiness and how desperately he wants to be loved but doesn’t believe in it or know anything about it at all. That’s what I said about the show treating its characters’ flaws with sympathy. They never miss a chance to point out that Lucifer is, well, an idiot, but they do it in a way that allows to understand why he is that way (and why Chloe is the way she is). It’s not intended to make us hate either of them, but rather to be even more patient and empathetic with them, and that is very special.

OK, so, real talk. I think I’ve finally calmed down enough to talk without bias (well, much) about what my real problem with Stiles boils down to. And it’s not any single scene, it’s not any single trait, it’s not the character at all. 

It’s the fact that Stiles consistently breaks the biggest theme of the show.

When 5x11 happened, so many of us vented about how there is just no acceptable reason for hurting someone to make yourself feel better, for your coping mechanism being inflicting physical (or emotional) violence. Here’s the simple, fundamental problem with the fact we had to even make that case ourselves, rather than the show.

Because with EVERY other character, the show agrees with us. The show makes the same argument. With. Every. Character. Except. Stiles. From day one, the single most prominent theme on the show is the worst monsters are human, and falling prey to your own anger and hurt is what leads you down the road to becoming one.

Time and time again, Scott is tempted by the villains, even by his friends - give in to the anger, frustration. It’s allowed, you’re only human, kill the villains like you secretly want to deep down and you can be free of them, it’ll be better for everyone. When Peter taunts him with how ‘incorruptible’ he is in the S4 finale, when he rants about how Scott’s too pure to draw the blood of even his enemies, he’s not talking some abstract purity of spirit. This is Peter, who’s preached all season about the power he derives from anger, who revels in his own ferocity. In his final showdown with Scott, he WANTS Scott to get angry. He wants Scott to lash back at him. He wants Scott to show himself as just as much the monster as he is. Peter, with his smug superiority and his confidence that he has always been the alpha, he has always been the strongest, the smartest, the one who others should follow….this is his big grievance with Scott, the thing he hates him for, more than ‘stealing’ the Hale power, because Peter knows damn well that Scott DIDN’T do that, that his power didn’t come from the Hales but from within Scott himself. The S4 finale is Peter trying to kill Scott, sure, but just as much it’s him wanting to prove - you’re not better than me. And the show, Scott, they both say - YES I AM.

Derek’s entire evolution as a character is from a young man burdened by tragedy, one who had grown accustomed to turning that anger and that pain into his strength. Who’s retreated so deep into himself and his primal ‘fight and survive at any cost’ instincts that the pain of others isn’t quite real to him. He doesn’t particularly want to hurt people, he just doesn’t care. He can’t afford to care, because that might make him doubt the power of his own anger and pain and he NEEDS that. It’s all he has. But that changes. He forms connections over the first two seasons. He sees Scott (who even Peter says is like Derek used to be) proving there’s alternatives to his methods. He’s unable to avoid facing what happened to kids who were his responsibility, because of his own choices. He chooses faith and forgiveness for the villains in 3A rather than vengeance. He tries to support instead of lead in 3B. And by the time he and Liam are in a van together driving down to Mexico to rescue Scott and Kira, and Liam’s struggling to learn control in the short time they have, when they need any angle that might work - Derek doesn’t even TRY to teach Liam as he once taught Scott, and Isaac and Erica and Boyd. He doesn’t say anything about Liam tapping into his bottomless well of anger to harness control. Because that’s the entire point. He’s learned (or remembered) a better way. That was NEVER the most effective method. By this time, the show, Scott, and Derek - once the biggest proponent of this method - all agree, teaching a teenage werewolf to burrow deeper into his pain, to hold on to his anger and bring it raging to the forefront…it’s not a good thing. It’s not a thing to be advocated. And the only people on the show who still endorse this are the villains, Peter and Kate.

When Scott rescues Liam from the well in S4, they talk about the younger boy’s anger. Liam flat out says ‘My dad told me when kids get angry, they do one of two things. They hurt other people, or they hurt themselves’. The show full on calls that out as wrong, even if it is human and understandable. The narrative is explicitly clear in that conversation, and the entire trajectory of Liam’s character arc after that….the entire point of Liam’s character is not accepting that he only has two options. This is his struggle. This is what fighting against his anger is about for him. This is how he chooses not to be a monster, how he finds a better way. By not letting his anger be the reason he hurts other people or himself.

We can see this in every character on the show. From Isaac, growing from a jaded abused boy who just wanted everyone around him to be as miserable as he was, to the kid who’s practically in tears when he’s taught how to use his powers to take pain from a dog. From Allison, who succumbs to anger and pain in her grief for her mother, only to vehemently acknowledge in the aftermath of her actions that they were not okay, that her grief did not justify the hurt she did to others as she rededicates herself to ‘protecting those who can not protect themselves’. Malia, living for months with the pain and memories of her family’s deaths and driven to see them avenged by killing the Desert Wolf, only to choose to save Deaton even if it means her vengeance goes unsated. 

Time and time again this theme is consistently repeated all across the board, with virtually every main character.

Except Stiles.

Stiles is the only character who from S1 til now, can consistently be shown retreating into his own anger and hurt and using that as his justification for lashing out at others (most often his best friend). And the show doesn’t use these instances to have Stiles come to see this as a problem, as every other character has. It doesn’t use them to force him to grow, and evolve, and become better than he started as. It doesn’t try to defend these behaviors either - because it knows it can’t, not when it’s put so much effort into showing it as wrong with every other character.

So it just ignores it entirely. Every time Stiles breaks the theme of the show, every time he becomes the teenager Liam’s dad talked about, the one who hurts others because he’s angry, because it’s either that or hurt himself…the show just moves past it as soon as it’s done, without ever acknowledging that he was in any way wrong to do so, because that would require it be addressed and dealt with, in the same way that theme’s been addressed and dealt with whenever it’s become apparent in the other characters’ behavior.

And that’s just….so frustrating. And bewildering, and mind boggling.

You have the second most pivotal character on the show, behind only the lead character in significance, and you CHOOSE to actively have him work against the single most visibly expressed theme of all five seasons of your narrative.

And that will always be why I just…I don’t understand Stiles. I don’t get the point of him, if they’re going to make him that removed from what everything else on the show is geared towards.

Is it because of fandom? Is it because the show is actually afraid to change Stiles in any significant way because they know they hit a winning recipe with him way back in S1 and fandom loves him just the way he is? Are they afraid of accidentally moving him in a direction that might make fandom like him less? So they keep him engaged in the same patterns of behaviors he’s engaged in since the pilot, even though the rest of the characters and show have long since moved past treating that as justifiable?

Because that’s genuinely the only reason I can think of for something so…glaring. I honestly don’t get it, and its why he frustrates me so much. Because inexplicably, he’s this lone holdout arguing against the themes and messages all the other characters have endorsed with their arcs, and because he’s the fandom fave, the vast majority of fandom chooses to stand behind him, even though he’s the one breaking the entire theme of the show, and I just can’t wrap my head around WHY a room full of writers and producers all think he’s worth sabotaging their own intentions with their show and it’s themes, when its not remotely necessary. They’re fully capable of having him evolve past this behavior, of calling it out and addressing it and having him learn from it and grow. They’ve done it with EVERY OTHER DAMN CHARACTER.


Can we talk about how Yuri was completely fine with the kiss afterwards???

Like he wasn’t weirded out or anything, he wasn’t like “Omfg Victor lOOK AROUND” But just??? Really surprised like “Oh that wasn’t expected but I certainly didn’t mind it.”

And that’s huge, really it is. Usually it would be like “Oh noes but you’re a guy this is on tv!” But nah. Instead it was treated as a normal thing between the two of them, and everyone in the crowd was shocked but cheered after that display.

Yuri is an extremely anxious person, and Victor basically serves as his breather. They’ve gotten so close in these months and tbh? This kiss just kind of summed up why their relationship is so great.

ALSO, the kiss correlates to some earlier dialogue where Yuri breaks down.

Victor was frantic and said “Ah, maybe I should kiss you too cheer you up” in which Yuri promptly replies “NO” but not because he doesn’t want to kiss Victor. But because that’s not what he needed in the moment. He wanted a pillar of support that could build him up when he himself was unable.

Honestly, the way this show treats its characters is so genuine and wonderful, I love it.




maybe ive been spoiled by shows like steven universe that have never made fun of their chubby main character for looking the way he looks, but voltron was a punch to the gut that i was not expecting.

voltron is a great show. the animating is beautiful, the plot is great, and i love the characters. no one is just there for jokes, and i can appreciate that, but some characters are put in situations that are meant to make the audience laugh, and the content of these situations are different depending on the character.

Coran and Lance are funny characters, you definitely can’t deny it, they both have a fun energy about them that doesn’t take away the fact that they are complex people. 

Im not saying that the show doesn’t let Hunk be complex, he has a whole character arc!

but theres a difference between having Coran be a comically bad cook or Lance fail at flirting and Hunk making a squeaking sound effect every time something falls on him, and having things fall on him a lot because fat people are *soft* or some bullshit like that

im fat, and i know im not the only overweight person in the fandom, so my thoughts and feelings may not be what other people think or feel, but this honestly makes me feel uncomfortable and kinda hurt

that moment when hunk wasn’t sure if he’d fit into his paladin’s uniform was supposed to be something that the audience would laugh at. when i watched that part, my stomach dropped a little for two reasons:

  1. i think i would feel like crying if i was in his situation. not fitting into things that you’re skinny friends can fit in is the worst feeling in the world. the second time i watched it with my mom (who is also overweight) and i could actually see the moment on her face when she got sad. she turned to me and said, “i worry about that sometimes.”
  2. WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LAUGH AT THAT???!? IM GETTING SAD THINKING ABOUT IT NOW!! WHAT IF HE COULDN’T FIT IN IT? WOULD HE HAVE TO ASK ALLURA, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, IF HE COULD GET A BIGGER PAIR OR SOMETHING?? (i imagine that the suit was super stretchy or something, but he didn’t know that until he actually tried it on!)

moments like when Hunk sqeaks are more common, and those moments are also very uncomfortable for me, because sometimes problematic media tries to show that they dont hate fat people or whatever, so they kinda link fat people with soft, squishy teddy bears or squeaky toys that deflate when you poke them or whatever, and im like no, my fat is not fluff, im not here to be comforting, im just a person like everyone else.

hunk is a good guy and i love him, so so much,  so it kinda hurts when the show picks on him. i don’t have any say when it comes to the writers of the show, but i hope that my fellow fan-creators read this

i might be mad at the writers and producers, but im not mad at you guys

i cant control what you guys make, and i don’t want you to feel guilty that Hunk isn’t your fave. its honestly alright if he’s not.

its just that i feel like he’s excluded sometimes, from art or stories or whatever, and no one can deny that a part of it is a racist thing and another part is the fat thing

i know that a lot of you guys don’t think of him as desirable because of the race thing, and unfortunately, writing a post isn’t gonna change that, i know its unconscious, and i hope you guys question yourselves on why you feel the way you feel about people and whether the darkness of their skin has anything to do with it (it does)

i also know that a lot of you guys don’t think of him as desirable because of his weight, and guys, that is incredibly toxic for the overweight people in the fandom. it hurt me enough that i made this post (i don’t post a lot), because i identify with hunk, and not everyone likes him as much as i do.

we are fucking over a large chunk of the fandom if we don’t get our acts straight and realize that hunk is a fantastic guy who is actually cute and deserves better from all the people that make content about him (including me, probably) 

please, lets all try to be better

The 100 is a Sci-Fi show.

Yes, it is progressive (of course it has its problems and I’m not going to get into them here because that is not the point of my post BUT I KNOW THE PROBLEMS AND I ACKNOWLEDGE THEM OFTEN).  Yes, it has badass women.  Yes, it has so many things that draw viewers but that doesn’t take away from the fact it is, at its core, a sci-fi show.

As a sci-fi fan, we get so little.  Sure, we have Star Wars and Star Trek.  But they are series, a franchise.  No new worlds or concepts, just new stories within an old world.  Just the continuation of an already beloved franchise.  But can you think of another really huge, really intense SCI-FI AT ITS ROOTS show/movie that has broken through recently?  Not things with sci-fi elements.  Pure, sci-fi.

No.  Not really.  The last thing I can think of, TRULY, was Battlestar Galactica.  I lived for that show.  I love sci-fi.  Half of my bookshelf is sci-fi (the other half is fantasy but we won’t get into my escapism here).  

The 100 did a disservice to many LGBTQ+ people the other night.  The same way they have done a disservice to many POC over the three seasons it has been on television.  I know its problematic.  I know they should treat their characters better.

But it’s sci-fi.  Which is why I watch the show.  And its good sci-fi.  

Please don’t try and create noise to get the show cancelled.  Because people like me want sci-fi.  We need it.  It’s so important to us.  It’s the highlight of my week not because of ships or social issues or anything like that….but because I get to watch my favorite genre on television in a compelling way.  REAL SCI-FI. 

If you can no longer watch the show anymore because of Lexa’s death, I understand.  But do not sign petitions to get the show cancelled or send messages that promote anything that would cause cancellation.  Be angry, you do deserve to be, stop watching.  BUT PLEASE don’t do anything else to influence this show ending.  

From one sci-fi fan to everyone else: don’t take this away from me.  I finally feel like sci-fi is for women.  I’m not an other in a boy’s genre.  I feel included.  I don’t have to fight my way in.  I don’t have to cling to one specific female sci-fi heroine in a series at a time.  I get so many.  And they are our protagonists.

Rey (Star Wars) is not enough.  I need Clarke Griffin, Raven Reyes, Octavia Blake, Abby Griffin.  I need them all.  They are so important to me.

I find it very interesting that Peggy herself listed off why both Thompson and Sousa would not be right for her: Sousa put her on a pedestal, and Thompson looked down upon her. 

But wait, they’re supposed to be the two love interests, right?


I have to say it barely looks like that anymore. 

The show itself explained why the two “love interests” are not suitable. Went out of its way to show how neither would work. Went out of its way to show how, in character, Peggy would never look at either men as options for her.

But here’s the thing. That only makes sense if, indeed, there was another love interest all along. 

Someone who was the only person who ever looked at Peggy and treated Peggy like herself. The only one Peggy could ever relax around.


For as much as I’m in love with Stranger Things and want season 2, like, right now please, there is one this about the show that bothered me: that Lonnie didn’t get eaten by the monsters but Barb did.

From the moment Lonnie appeared on the screen, I wanted him to die, and by all the rules of the horror genre he absolutely should have. Let’s take a look at his introduction alone:

  • Before you ever see him, you learn he called his youngest son homophobic slurs, likely to his face.
  • Your first look at him is literally him lunging at his own son, even though Jonathan announced himself.
  • He backs off, but only after Jonathan successfully pushes him away.
  • He tries to cover being bested with a laugh and a, “You’ve gotten stronger.” And he tries to force a hug.

Originally posted by youremrlebowski-imthedude

Now, add to that he’s not even slightly concerned that his son has been missing and didn’t even bother to return the call informing him of the fact. THEN he uses his inaction to gaslight Joyce. AND THEN he tries to convince Jonathan to move to the city so he can “see him more,” like. This guy is unequivocally an abuser—physically, emotionally, mentally, you name it—and I’m so proud of Joyce for divorcing his sorry ass and of Jonathan for having exactly zero tolerance for his shit and giving Will the tools to protect himself the best he knows how.


Lonnie shows up for Will’s “funeral,” right? He tries to be the consoling and remorseful ex, and Joyce eats it up. Who wouldn’t? Who would be suspicious of someone who just lost his child. Answer: Jonathan. The instant he sees Lonnie sitting next to Joyce, he immediately launches at him. He goes from 0 to 100, ready to fight his dad to keep him away from his mom. It’s Joyce who has to get between them to calm him down—a scene I imagine has played out more times than any of them would care to count. It’s not until Joyce finds the flier for an ambulance-chasing attorney that she realizes the same thing Jonathan did immediately. Lonnie’s there for Lonnie, not Will.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

And bonus: he plans to manipulate a grieving mother into giving him free room and board while he does it.

This guy is an utter piece of shit, but worse, he’s a believable piece of shit. And the writers do nothing to redeem him, bless them.

Lonnie is exactly the sort of character a horror story eats whole and spits out the bones.


Who does it eat instead?

Oh, that’s right, Barb.

Barbara, who tries to tell her friend she’s acting out of character and to stop and think for a second. Barbara, who tries to get Nancy to be honest with herself about her relationship with Steve. Barbara, who is more socially aware than Nancy, or anyone, gives her credit for—who is also aware of tropes and how she fits into them. Barbara, who agrees to be Nancy’s guardian. Barbara, who clearly doesn’t enjoy being in the presence of unrepentant assholes but endures it for Nancy. Barbara, who has heart eyes for Nancy so big, you wonder how she sees anything else. Barbara, who notices when Nancy gets a new bra.

But let’s break down Nancy and Barb’s relationship just a little more.

One thing I think is masterfully done in Stranger Things is the actual structure of the story. The first D&D game that foreshadows Will’s disappearance and the final D&D game that acknowledges the questions the season left open and again foreshadows what the next season might hold (both of which campaigns run about 10 hours when the season itself was close to the same length) are such a fun and clever nod in an otherwise grim story that is, by turns, both terrifying and horrifying. One other structure I really love is how well Nancy’s relationships to Barb and to Steve are juxtaposed.

Every scene with Barb is immediately followed by or included in one with Steve, Nancy’s apparent love interest. Barb comes to Nancy at her locker and enthuses about her new beau; Steve summons Nancy to the bathroom to makeout as long as possible, even through class if she doesn’t resist him enough lets him, regardless of how important her academic life is to her. Barb eagerly and attentively helps Nancy study for her upcoming test; Steve shows up and snatches away her flash cards (he does this so many times oh my god), saying she’s “studied enough.” Barb tries to remind Nancy of what she said she didn’t want to do; Steve pressures Nancy (again) into a thing she told him directly she didn’t want to do (repeatedly).

(Quick interlude: I think there’s a lot going on in Nancy’s relationship with Steve that acknowledges how difficult it is for women, especially young women, to be frank about wanting a sexual relationship [and with whom]. Nancy’s reluctance to be seen as a slut and her dismay when Steve’s friend [and lbr, Steve] apply that name to her later on and so publicly are pretty strong evidence for why Nancy isn’t able to speak honestly about wanting to have sex with Steve. However, I also think she feels quite a bit of pressure to want to want those things—a theme that’s consistent with Jonathan’s advice to Will that he doesn’t have to like things just because other people want him to. But this is a whole different discussion and I digress.)

The final juxtaposition between Barb and Steve is her abduction and murder. She screams for Nancy at the same time Steve and Nancy have sex for the first time. (If you want to take the metaphor a little further, one might see the usual connotation behind screaming someone’s name … turned upside down.) The camera cuts back and forth between Barb’s horror and Nancy’s love-making. It’s as if the story is blaming Nancy for how disastrously her choice of an SO turns out. It seems to say “way to go, choosing Steve. if you weren’t busy with that asshole, this might not have happened.” Given how much the show appears to resist slut-shaming otherwise, I’m disappointed in this message that indicts Nancy for her sexuality—and kills Barb for hers.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be. This story also has a chief of police who suggests that Will’s sexual orientation (A FUCKING CHILD FFS) might be a mitigating factor in his disappearance and a father who only appears to care about his children if they can be “manly” enough or, failing that, if they can make him money. Certainly, some of the homophobic undercurrents of the show can be assigned to historical climate and individual character traits, and Joyce is usually the one to call it out.

Not when it comes to Barbara Holland. Her safety and disappearance are routinely downplayed by everyone except Nancy. Even Barb’s own mother seems only casually concerned, which I find extraordinary, given that people in her town are currently going missing. She doesn’t get a vigil. She’s a distant afterthought, a low priority. Hell, her disappearance rates a lower concern even than Steve getting in trouble for drinking a few beers or Nancy lying to the police about what she and Steve were doing in his room. And after Will comes home and the monsters are assumed to be defeated, Nancy is the only one who mourns her.

Furthermore, the only people killed by the monsters appear to be people who either deserved it or were at least nominally capable of protecting themselves. Will and Holly (both children) are both rescued before it’s too late (or so it seems so far); the two hunters and everyone involved with the CIA team all die. Barb is the only defenseless and blameless person killed by the monsters, and I think it’s important to ask why.

Horror is a genre long-known to work on the principle of punishment, and Barb is the only innocent person to die. She’s also the only one to get a graphic death scene. She’s the only one whose fucking pieces are put on display for the viewer—more than once, even. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day. She’s clearly being punished for something, and the most likely something we can infer from subtext is who she loves.

I really want to know. Why is Lonnie, a character who screams to be punished, spared? For that matter, why is Steve or any of his asshole friends? Any other horror story would’ve disposed of them. Why Barb? I think we all know why.

Stranger Things is a fantastically written show that’s masterfully performed and produced. It gives us so many wonderful, important characters. It aims to and succeeds in undermining an impressive number of tropes. Just not when it comes to burying its gays.

Barbara Holland deserved so much better.

cloudthreeandahalf  asked:

Call it right now. How will Steven Universe end? I want to know! By the way, I love your blog.

ALRIGHT KIDS BUCKLE UP IT’S STORY TIME (also yay, I’m glad you do! Thank! :D)

I should mention that I like to think of this as a legit guess - not based on explicit events in the show, but based on the show’s themes, its message and storytelling, and the way Steven’s character is treated by these. I doubt things will go down this way exactly, there’s still so much we don’t know about the setting and the characters, but this is an example of how it could go down based on the message I think the show is trying to send. It’s one way to tie up all the show’s loose ends while also telling a meaningful story.

Here’s what I think could happen:

The characters’ development:

  • Steven becomes more confident, as his insecurities are dealt with one by one
  • Pearl and Amethyst both find new motivations to better themselves and slowly come to terms with who they are, eventually learning to love themselves and be proud of themselves. They also continue to support each other and find comfort in the problems they share, while learning from their differences.
  • Garnet eventually becomes more comfortable un-fusing, and Ruby and Sapphire’s experiences apart make Garnet even more mellow, happy and strong. By the end of the series, Garnet is back to being completely permanent and Ruby and Sapphire are completely assimilated into her once again.
  • Steven ends up saving Lapis from Malachite and she has to admit that she did need help. Steven helps her realize that living for him isn’t enough and that she needs to find her own purpose. Lapis leaves Earth to explore the cosmos, hoping she’ll find her purpose out there somewhere. She returns in the finale, where she fights on the Crystal Gems’ side.
  • Jasper and Peridot are exiled on Earth for their repeated mistakes and each get a redemption arc, as Steven teaches them how to be Not As Evil As They Used To Be. Peridot ends up being a friendly rival who begrudgingly helps out once in a while. She becomes friendly out of pragmatism, her life on Earth is far more dignified and free than her life on Homeworld was and the Crystal Gems can help her keep this lifestyle. Jasper has a massive moral crisis over whether to trust what Homeworld has taught her about life, or if Steven’s way of doing things really is the way to go. She wants to find the truth. In the end, Peridot helps her new friends fight off Homeworld, while Jasper briefly switches back to Homeworld’s side when offered the chance.

The plot of the final episodes:

  • The Diamonds bring an armada to Earth, intending to crush the Crystal Gems once and for all, and take back the old outpost by force.
  • Just before the Homeworld armada arrives, Steven figures out the final step needed to heal the corrupted gems held in the Burning Room.
  • Healed!Centipeetle helps Steven convince the other newly healed gems to help the Crystal Gems fight off Homeworld - including the ones who used to be loyal to Homeworld. She tells them that while Homeworld left them to suffer in their corruption, Steven never stopped caring about them, and healed!Centipeetle is living proof of this. In front of everyone, she changes the diamond emblem on her uniform into a star. The other healed gems all do the same, swearing their allegiance to the Crystal Gems in the upcoming fight.
  • Steven fuses with Connie and Stevonnie leads their new army to war.
  • The Homeworld invasion begins. But the fight is still not even. All the new members of the Crystal Gems still use old medieval-like weapons, while the invaders all use far more advanced gem tech. Slowly, Stevonnie realizes they’re fighting a losing battle.
  • Stevonnie is knocked out and falls apart. Opal saves the kids, bringing them to a safe place where they can recover. Rose visits Steven in his dreams for the first time. They talk about everything that’s happened and Rose tells Steven how proud of him she is. Steven asks her if it’s time for them to go (to die). She tells him ‘no’, as they’ve still got one more ace up their sleeve - then she shows him a vision of the Bismuth gem still bubbled in Lion’s mane.
  • Bismuth turns out to be the living key to some kind of hidden weapon. Steven brings the weapon to the battlefield, where it starts powering up.
  • Yellow, Blue and White Diamond fuse into Green Diamond, an enormous leviathan-like beast.
  • Steven fuses with Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl, and their fusion tries to keep Green Diamond away from the fight while Bismuth powers up the weapon.
  • Finally, as the Crystal fusion is starting to come undone, the weapon goes off and blasts through the leviathan. At first, Green Diamond merely seems to crumble - but then each shard takes a humanoid form. Fifteen gems in yellow, blue and white colors fall to the ground.
  • Bismuth’ weapon was an old type of gem destabilizer - and it reveals that each Diamond was actually five gems fused into one large, powerful fusion.
  • The fight around them immediately stops. Soldiers from both sides look on in shock. The first to react is Jasper, who emerges from the crowd lamenting the fact that the Crystal Gems were right about them all along! and immediately goes to beat the teeth out of the nearest yellow gem.
  • The Crystal fusion falls apart and Steven stops Jasper.
  • Still out of it, the yellow gem begs for Steven not to hurt her, they just “missed her so much, won’t she just please come back to them? They’ll leave the Earth alone, they promise!” She’s talking about Rose. In that moment, four pink gems peek out from one of the battleships, where they’d been kept safe. They’re Rose’s old fusion partners - Rose used to be a component of the long lost Pink Diamond.
  • It becomes obvious that the Diamonds lied to their underlings in order to stay in power. It turns out that once, a long time ago, a small tribe on Homeworld were the first to figure out how to use fusion. Twenty of these gems found out that a particular combination of them would create four extremely powerful beings - the four Diamonds. They slaughtered the rest of their colony and threatened other gems around the planet into forming the Diamond empire, which eventually became a worldwide regime. The hierarchy of this regime was determined by strength, which made the Diamonds the unquestioned leaders of the entire planet. However, the leaders were afraid that other gems would eventually learn how to fuse and that some would eventually create a fifth Diamond, which would threaten their authority, so they used propaganda to demonize fusion, making it look cheap, sick and disturbing in the eyes of their people, while also taking all legal power away from fusions.
  • The Homeworld soldiers become livid upon hearing this. They realize that the real enemy is their own leaders and many of them are thankful towards the Crystal Gems for showing them the truth, while others just stop caring about the cause after realizing that everything they thought they knew was a lie. The war on Earth is over for good.
  • The invaders go home. They all need to figure out how their society is going to work, now that the “power = status” thing is in shambles. Knowing that the Diamonds were wrong about fusion, a bunch of secret gem couples finally get gem married and fuse permanently, so they’ll all need to rework the entire social structure of their home. Most of the newly healed gems go with them to help rebuild their home and prevent a repeat of past mistakes.
  • In the end, only a small colony of gems remain on Earth. Steven, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl all stay. Peridot fixes the Galaxy Warp, so they can all visit Homeworld whenever they want. Homeworld becomes a dangerous place, riddled with civil wars and ruthless revolutions, but they still hope that one day, a new and better society will emerge from the ashes. For the time being, Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl are all happy to stay on Earth with Steven.

After the end:

There’s going to be a bunch of little windows into the characters’ lives after the battle shown during an extended version of the credits, including:

  • The residents of Beach City helping to clean up after the battle.
  • Connie coming back from the hospital and happily reuniting with Steven.
  • Pearl and Amethyst accidentally fusing into Opal. Opal just shrugs and smiles, before continuing whatever her components were doing, implying that this has been happening a lot lately.
  • Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, Greg and Connie having a barbecue on the beach. Lapis, Peridot, healed!Centipeetle and a few other gems who stayed behind on Earth show up one by one to join them. Then the town’s population show up as well, plus Connie’s parents, who just stand around looking uncomfortable among all the aliens.
  • The last scene is Steven saying goodbye to Lapis again, as she returns to her soul searching journey. The lyrics “I could even learn how to love like you” play over Lapis smiling at Steven, before leaving for the stars.

Why is this a possible outcome?:

First of all, it’s one way to tie up all the loose ends - the war, the corrupted gems, Bismuth, etc.

Second: this show is, in part, about the power of patience, forgiveness, kindness and hope. Steven sees good in everyone, even in people and gems who seem to have none. It’s his unwillingness to give up on others who need him that makes him so powerful and important, because, as I’ve said before, it makes others want to be loyal to him and return this unending kindness.

By showing the Homeworld gems that they were wrong, he gives them another chance to better themselves. He shows them that real strength is in cooperation - even the Diamonds were only as strong as they were because they were secretly several gems working together, even if they were using this strength for their own gain. “Survival of the fittest” is out-dated. There are far more “survivors” if people forget that illusion of power and instead protect and care about each other.

“If I could begin to be half of what you think of me, I could do about anything, I could even learn how to love (like you)” doesn’t refer to any single character - it refers to everyone Steven has changed for the better simply by believing in them.

“I think you’re worth the wait”: On How the New Directions View Brittana, Seasons One to Six

So flyingfishyorphan​ asked

You’ve covered how like Mike and Matt and Quinn feel about Brittana, but like how do you think the other members and character on glee perceive and feel about them?

—and I pretty much wrote a novel in response.

(For the aforementioned posts on the Unholy Trinity and Bikematana, see here and here.)

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