i love the way that they look at each other

have you named the moonless world/the winter ache/the sunless tremble inside of you?

yes. i took the words from the poems i’m not honest enough to write yet. i took the words and i let the lies stain my hands like cherry blood. like wine breath.

so when the tourists came, they knew what you did?

each one: catching the feathers as a flock of confessions left the sky in me.

and when the storms listened, did they hear the shake in your body?

they were silent as snow when my lion fight roared. they ran the other way. they never looked back.

what men turned wolf at the sight of your love?

all that looked expecting light, only to find the sun’s broken promise.

they hated my full moon heart.

and afterwards, what was it like?

i was shadow dark. i was cloud break. i was thunder threat.

did you hear the stories of the ones who’d come to save you? their golden honest, their steady hands?

yes, and they came, and they were beautiful until they weren’t. they laid their decay at my feet and couldn’t look me in the eye. to anyone else, all that rot would have looked like a soft landing. a gift.

but to you?

it was just a trick of the light. another fallen angel who never made it back home.

the voices, did they whisper you gentle?

they showed up in a dream once and told me their own hearts were failing them. when i woke up, i spoke in flatline. i searched my tongue for death.

and the ones who only loved you when your voice was lullaby quiet?

i showed them my loud. i woke them from their sleep.

—  Y.Z, Questions Asked in a Dream Part III

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Everybody loves Disney! Which one of the Disney couples do you think Jen and Josh would play in the big screen? :D - FellowJoshiferObsessedAnon

I love this question. The first couple that pops in mind immediately for them is Rapunzel and Flynn. 

She has the same dorky exuberance as Rapunzel:

And Josh has that charismatic smolder as Flynn:

And the way they look at each other:

my journey discovering phan
  • me:hey who's this dan guy
  • me:he looks pretty cool okay wow i like his videos i should subscribe
  • me:his friend phil is pretty cute too, i'll subscribe to him too
  • me:wow they're so cute together haha wow bff goals
  • me:they seem kinda gay wow i guess i sorta ship them with each other
  • me:what?? their ship name is phan?? lol k i definitely ship it
  • me:aww look at the way they look at each other
  • me:they're so cUTE wow im angry relationship goals
  • me:i love phan haha i have a whole blog dedicated to them and i have accounts dedicated to them on every social media site hahaHA wow i have seen every younow and video and collab wow i can tell the whole layout of their apartment lol i love phan
Luke Hemmings Imagine // Eavesdropping

Pairing:  Luke x Reader
Request: I LOVE YOUR BLOG !!! , Anyways can you write one where y/n was at school & your boyfriend luke got into a fight cause a guy who was talking behind Luke not knowing you had a boyfriend saying he took you out to dinner & he fell in love with you & was going to kiss you. Y/N did go to dinner with him but you met each other by your parents & the guys parents! Thank you so much for at least reading it!
Word Count: 844

Luke’s P.O.V.

Jealousy was always a big problem of mine. Especially when it came to my girlfriend (Y/N). I hate seeing her with other guys and I don’t like it when other guys are looking at her a certain way. I know it’s not always healthy but I can’t help myself. Ever since my last girlfriend cheated on me I have this strong urge to show everyone what and who belongs to me.

(Y/N) is quite popular and sometimes I really have to control myself not to always have my arm around her or kiss her or tag along to wherever she’s going. We had a lot of fights about this already. I lover her and I don’t want to lose her because of my stupid jealousy. I’m trying my best not to freak out each time she’s with another guy and I’m already starting to get myself under control.

“Hey mate, can you give me a ride later?” My friend Calum asked after we finished our first class. “Uh yeah sure.” I shrugged and put some of my books in my small locker. “Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.” He chirped and put his hand on my shoulder. “What even happened to your car?” I laughed. “My sister stole my keys this morning.” Calum groaned and rolled his eyes. “Oh well siblings are annoying like that.” Calum nodded in agreement. “Tell me about it.”

“Anyways, let’s go to the cafeteria I’m starving.” I said and patted my belly. “That was the most useful thing you said today.” Calum chuckled and put his bag over his shoulder. I copied Calum’s actions and we were just about to leave when I heard two boys talking behind my back. I wouldn’t have cared if I wouldn’t have heard my girlfriends name in their conversation. “Dude what is it?” Calum asked and turned around to look why I stopped. “Shut up.” I hissed and took a few steps back to eavesdrop.

“So you really had dinner with (Y/N) (Y/L/N) last night?” One of the boys asked. Immediately I stopped my tracks and listened to their conversation. “Yes I did. She is amazing. We had a lot of fun and I really really like her.” The other boy said. “Did something happen?” The first boy asked with an amusing tone in his voice. Rage rushed through my veins and it got harder and harder to contain myself. “Well I tried to kiss her.”

Calum’s head shot up, his eyes telling me to keep calm, but I couldn’t. I angrily turned around and shoved the guy against the hard lockers. “You know you’re taking about my girlfriend right?” I snapped. “What the fuck mate let go of me!” The guy shouted. “(Y/N)! She is my girlfriend and you tried to fucking kiss her! Who do you even think you are huh?”

“I didn’t know she has a boyfriend!” He defended himself. “Luke! Luke let go of him!” I heard a familiar female voice behind me. With my fist still around the guys collar, I turned my head around and noticed (Y/N) storming towards us. “Luke! Damn it! Let go of him!” She begged and softly pushed me away from the boy.

“What is going on here?” She asked with furrowed eyebrows. “He said he had a date with you!” I yelled. “What? We didn’t!” (Y/N) stated rather confused. “This is Josh. His parents and mine are good friends and we had dinner together yesterday. I told you about that Luke! We haven’t had dinner alone. Why would I go on a date with someone other than you?” My face expression dropped and my mouth fell open. “Really?” Was the only thing that came out of my mouth. I was way too embarrassed. Out of the corner of my eyes I noticed how Josh and his friend quickly taking off.

“Yes really! I love you Luke only you. Stop being so paranoid.” (Y/N) said and put her hands on my chest. My entire body relaxed and as soon as I looked into her eyes all my rage disappeared. “I’m sorry honey. I just lost it when I heard him say that he tried to kiss you.” I mumbled and looked down to my feet. “Well he did try but I immediately pushed him away. I would never do that to you Luke.” I nodded and pressed my lips against her forehead. “I know you wouldn’t.” I mumbled.

“Let’s talk about this later at home. Break is almost over and I wanna grab something to eat before the next period begins.” She smiled and shortly connected our lips. “Yes thank you! Finally.” Calum butted in and put his arm around (Y/N). “No one asked you Hood.” She laughed and intertwined our hands. “Don’t be mean.” He pouted. (Y/N) stuck her tongue out at Calum and lead the way towards the cafeteria.

“Hey, how about I take you out to dinner tonight? You up for it?” I asked. “Definitely.” She said and smiled up to me.

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childhood au where ian and mickey are visiting a museum with their school and they don't follow the group at all, but they wander around on their own, and mickey reads ian the description on each exhibit, and they chase each other around and the gurad catches them and gets them back to the group where everyone's laughing!

:) they’re like ten and twelve and mickey drags him away to go look at dinosaurs because they’ve been spending way too long wandering around this stupid space exhibit (does that exist? idk i don’t go to museums) and mickey wants to see dinos. anyways, they also go to the gift shop and buy temp tats of that they stick all over each other (ian pastes like five all over mickey’s face) 

and they end up having a contest to see who can touch the most stuff in the museum without getting into trouble! mickey loses when he pretends to hump this ancient bone :/ the guard drags them back to their group with a stern lecture, while mickey rolls his eyes repeatedly and ian snorts laughter into his hand the entire time :) the class high-fives them…anyway they end up getting bored and start wrestling around, and almost knock over this priceless ancient artifact. so they have to wait outside the museum while their class finishes up the field trip without them :/ (they sneak off to go steal ice cream off this street vendor tho) :))

It was really nice to see you again. I missed it. I missed the conversations we had. I missed the way you looked at me. I missed how I stroked your hair with my fingers. I missed your hugs. I love it when you kiss me on top of my head and how you do it every time we see each other. I wish we could do all those things again some time but I think that day would be the last of it.

Dear you,
I don’t know anything about you, only that your heart and mine are destined to love each other. I pray for your heart, the same way I hope you’re praying for mine, because believe me I need it. I long for the day where I look you in the eye and remember these moments where my heart felt weary and tired, that you were worth every tear of frustration, every sigh of sorrow that has escaped me. I know that you’ll forgive me, and love me with the same kind of love that we have seen the Father ravish our hearts with.
—  To the man I will love

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why do you think sex ruins everything?

It changes how two people are towards each other. In usually very intense and damaging ways. Because it is such a personal thing to share with another person you care about (or just think is cool). It’s also invasive to them at the same time. In experience, and in numerous gazes of looking in at others experience, sex usually triggers needs of commitment or some sort complicated and unnecessary drama. I’m a pretty big fan and believer in free love and just loving and caring for people for who they are, without it getting possessive. But I’m aware, and I know what a lot of people sort of expect with the whole sex thing. So it’s complicated. 

Fifty Life learning lessons from my Dad.

I asked my Dad what were some life lessons o should know as I left for college, and he emailed me a list of 50 he said he wish he knew and I should never forget.

1.) Remember the golden rule to love and treat others as you with to be loved and treated
2.) Brush your teeth regularly they are the only ones you get
3.) Say your prayers each day
4.) Accept your bad days graciously for without them you won’t know what a good day is
5.) Most all People get up with the intentions to do good all day
6.) Look both ways then look again before you cross the street or start off in a new direction
7.) Cover your mouth if you are going to cough
8.) Share and offer your friend first choice
9.) Never point a gun, tool or weapon at anyone because bad things can happen
10.) Try to avoid talking about people who are not present to defend themselves
11.) Don’t gamble with someone else’s money
12.) Listening is just as important as speaking
13.) Try and praise what is good and save your criticism for when it is asked from you
14.) Words hurt just as bad as fists, so think before you speak or swing
15.) Plan Do Check Act is a very simple problem solving technique
16.) The time you spend fretting, worrying or second guessing things that are out of your control is your time wasted. Besides life is too short to waste any time on worrying, spend it on something else you enjoy.
17.) If you are worried about how you are acting think about what your grandma would say if see saw what you were doing.
18.) If you want something to go as planned spend the time to plan up front
19.) Even the best thought out plans can go wrong
20.) If you don’t want to forget something then write it down some where
21.) Friends can come and go but family is forever
22.) Trust and use all your senses
23.) When in doubt moderation in all things is a good start
24.) You cannot please everyone all the time
25.) Ignorance is bliss, there is no shame in not knowing
26.) Don’t take anything for granted
27.) Your thoughts create reality, so think big and often
28.) Pay off your credit cards every month
29.) You don’t have to win every argument, agree to disagree
30.) Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about
31.) Overprepare, then go with the flow
32.) If you don’t ask you don’t get
33.) The most important sex organ is the brain
34.) However good or bad a situation is, it will change
35.) Frame every so-called disaster with these words: “In five years, will this matter?”
36.) Burn the candles; use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special
37.) What other people think of you is none of your business
38.) Inhale, breathe and be calm, accept what you cannot change
39.) When you have learned a life lesson celebrate what you have learned
40.) Please yourself first
41.) Learn forever
42.) Taking calculated risks will help your life expand and grow
43.) Exercise is power: physically, mentally and emotionally
44.) Kindness matters. Small expressions of kindness have an enormous positive impact on other people
45.) Embrace and accept change as it is a daily occurrence
46.) Failure is a process where you find out what is right for you
47.) We are all prone to make the same mistakes if we do not share and learn from them together
48.) It is ok to cry but smile more
49.) Don’t let the sadness of the past or the fear of the future interfere with the happiness of the present here and now
50.) All you need is love from your friends and family

I shouldn’t have been there
at 13 or 17

I never should’ve sat on that bed
whispering sweet things
in your ear

I shouldn’t have gone back
to find out what a long dead love feels like

Your hand should not
have found my arm
my leg
my foot
my hand

My fingers should not have been laced
through your hair
yet again

We should not have looked at each other 
the way we did four years ago
when we were drunk in love
and drowned in depression

I am not 13
I am not 13
I am not 13

I am 17

I am still making the same mistakes
I did at 13

I’m proud of Caitlyn Jenner. It took a lot of courage to do what she has done. I know if I were in her situation I wouldn’t have the courage to do that…and I can’t imagine how painful it was the past 65 years to feel like you have to live your life as a lie. People may say what they like about her, and the Kardashians, but as a family- I respect them. They love each other no matter what, they support each other no matter what, and not to mention all the women are downright beautiful- even Caitlyn, who some will say looks uglier than Bruce. But I think she’s beautiful, in more ways than just her outer appearance. 

I’m proud of every transgender person brave enough to face the world and tell their story. And I’m proud of every gay/lesbian who’s brave enough to come out and openly love whomever they choose to love. I’m proud of everybody who has the courage to do anything that the world opposes for bigoted, archaic reasons. Do you boo, and be proud of how God made you! Remember, God made everybody perfect, and he doesn’t make mistakes. You’re not a mistake in his eyes, my eyes or millions of other people’s eyes. And if you don’t believe in God, still remember that there are people in this world who will love and respect you no matter what your sexuality or gender is.

If anybody ever needs an ear to listen, just remember that my ask box is always open! ♥

It just scares me how people can be in a relationship for 15 years and then decide they no longer love each other enough to keep going. I feel like I look at all potential relationships that way because I don’t want to be hurt like that


“is it shining on me?”

hey merrygoroundy these are my feelings about these brothers! I’m better with drawings than with words - now I’m feeling like those guys in musicals that can’t talk about a feeling and they have to sing it lol

but yea I really REALLY like how siblings relationship is portrayed in Gravity Falls, like dipper and mabel’s conflicts but love for each other (one thing that really got me into this show was that scene in which dipper has to pick up the telephone because he was too slow? IT’S REAL). Maybe it has something to do with me having a sister and we loving each other so much (if you’re reading this YES WE DO. now shut up). Because of that I’m looking forward to seeing Stanford and Stanley’s story on the show. I guess it can be more complicated in a way when it’s two brothers and it doesn’t really take a dream illuminati demon to mess stuff up, but I’m sure in the end it’s all about love C:

Mad Max stunt performers Jacob Tomuri and Dayna Grant! (x)

Reblogging bc I misspelled Dayna’s name the first time around (sorry!), and to add in this amazing story of Dane and Dayna Grant falling in love on the set of Mad Max:

They met in the Namibian desert, their love blossoming in the usual ways.A shared look, a touch, spending hours blindfolded while taking apart firearms, hanging off speeding vehicles, punching each other in the face.

I will not write an Arthur/Eames AU in which they are stuntmen on the Mad Max set. I will not write an Arthur/Eames AU in which they are stuntmen on the Mad Max set. I will not write an Arthur/Eames AU in which they are stuntmen on the Mad Max set.  

サスサク -- Naruto Gaiden CH5
I love the way that the two of them are standing next to each other.
I love the way how they look at each other as they are asking or 
answering each other. I love the way how Sasuke changed the way he 
answers Sakura, from a cold a distant way like he normally does before,
into something more gentle and respectful -- as how a husband
would do to his wife. How Sasuke shows how much he values Sakura's 
thoughts and how he wanted her to hear out his thoughts too.
I love the way how these two simply gives off the 
aura of being a couple just by being like that in those panels. I love the 
fact that they are married and is already a family by that time. 

I love seeing them in that particular era of their story, 
And I do hope to see more of it.

No, but I’m honestly so in love with the idea of Scarlet Vision.

Because big semi-scary-looking British robot who looks like he could destroy anyone who got in his way but is actually a super adorkable cutie who just wants to save humanity and protect the world. 

And teeny tiny enhanced human with pretty magic powers who actually could and would, physically and mentally destroy anyone who wronged her, but instead chooses to save the world that was unkind to her.

And then they fall in love.

Fait Story❤️

When Caitlin was here with me in California I would always be wearing makeup. I’ve always been self conscious of the way I look, and I wanted to always look good for her..I would even wear makeup to bed.
There was this one night that we shared that changed that. Both her and I had makeup on, we had gotten into the shower and I totally forgot about it. Once the water hit my eyes I looked like a raccoon, but it was okay because so did she. We laughed and cleaned off each other’s faces. She then started singing to me, and she just held me and looked into my eyes. I started crying, like hysterically crying and I knew I couldn’t have looked anymore less attractive than I did right then, but she looked at me with such awe and love in her eyes; She made me feel comfortable and safe by just the way she was looking at me. She hugged me and we let the warm water just run over us, she wiped away my tears and kissed me then my shoulder before holding me again.
I will never forget that night because that is the night that I knew that I was staring into the eyes of my soulmate.