i love the way she thinks

Twitter doodle of Pi (Esther) because I started thinking about mad scientists and missed this girl

Pi was always a tragic character. She was created to be a villainous alt-dimension version of Frances, do some terrible things, and then be killed off, but naturally I fell in love with her along the way and never quite got over her. She’s sort of turned into Esther, but Esther isn’t quite the same.

Oh Pi, my most tragic daughter.

50 inaccurate things the Naruto fandom says that I hate

just me venting and ranting.

  1. They’re just housewives now
  2. Sakura is weak/useless lol
  3. Even Hinata can beat Sakura
  4. Sakura did NOT surpass Tsunade at all
  5. Sarada would be way cooler if she was Karin’s
  6. Sasuke is emotionally stunted
  7. Sasuke is not capable of loving
  8. In what world is Sasuke straight?
  9. Hinata is the strongest female
  10. Himawari would make a better hokage
  12. it triggers me, you shipping that makes you an abuse apologist
  13. SS is abusive
  14. Sakura is abusive
  15. Sasuke is abusive
  16. Sarada is Karin’s
  17. Kishi is homophobic
  18. You don’t ship SNS? You must be homophobic
  19. Sarada has no boobs, I think she might be trans
  20. The Last is canon and if you disagree, get out of the fandom
  21. Sakura’s feats make Sarada useless
  22. Sakura abused Naruto
  23. Hinata surpassed Neji in the war
  24. Sakura is to blame for Neji’s death
  25. Sakura ended her friendship with Ino because of a guy
  26. Sasuke left for 12 years
  27. Sakura is as flat as a board
  28. Sasuke doesn’t love his family
  29. Sakura would abuse Boruto if she was his mother
  30. Sakura liked Sasuke because he was cool
  31. Hinata can beat Tsunade
  32. Konan was in love with Nagato
  33. Madara and Hashirama were in love
  34. Hinata has been there for Naruto before anyone else
  35. Sakura is a stupid bitch for rejecting Naruto
  36. Sasuke never cared for team 7, only Naruto
  37. Every SS moment is team 7 moment
  38. SS has no development
  39. Sasuke is OOC now
  40. Sasuke’s character was destroyed
  41. Sasuke should have gotten his revolution
  42. Taka was always more important than team 7
  43. Itachi did nothing wrong
  44. Sakura is stupid for forgiving Sasuke
  45. Gaara did nothing wrong
  46. Obito and Rin are canon
  47. Kakashi is useless without his sharingan
  48. You ship xyz, your opinion is invalid
  49. Kishi sold out
  50. Tsunade was in love with Jiraiya
sanoiro replied to your post “wait. i just had a thought. i have been struggling with whether i want…”

I had a theory ages ago. Lucifer’s vulnerability is controlled by Chloe’s emotions. In 1x01 he is shot and he just experiences the pain but the bullets never hurt him. The further Chloe cares and eventually loves him the more Lucifer has to stay away from her or way too far distance wise to be invulnerable. Let’s not forget that in 2x12 Chloe had to go across the campus and only when she was pondering on whether to shot the Prof. aka she wasn’t thinking of Lucifer he stops bleeding when he tries to cut himself to check whether he is invulnerable or not. So it’s not really the distance either. Chloe controls Lucifer according to her choices, according to her feelings. She is the own to control there future not God nor Lucifer.

oh my g- 

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I think that RDMA means a lot. Not bc of the award itself but bc when she left 5H she thought she would lose many of us but this award showed her that we will always have her back to support and defend her every step of the way. It showed we truly love and admire the person and the artist. I'm so happy for her, she was looking healthier, relaxed, beautiful and most importantly, happy being all dorky again. Can't wait for CC1!

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hii i love ur blog sm,, could u write something with yoosung or saeyoung (i would love u if u did both) dating a talkative mc who is kinda insecure bc she thinks she talks too much?

I feel this…. I feel this way too much. I’m constantly chatting my friends ear off.,, -Green


-he loves hearing you talk! he’ll fight you romantically with kisses if you say you’re being annoying

-since you actually talk so much, you’re voice has become so familiar and therapeutic for him. he really doesn’t want you to stop

-he loves how excited you’ll get when telling him stories about your past or even about your trip to the grocery store, it’s really cute! 

-if you suddenly stop talking, he’ll get kind of sad. :( 

-he really doesn’t want you to feel insecure around him, so he tries to talk more too!! 


-you know this boi is willing to do anything for you

-so to listen to your lovely voice all day ?? yes please??

-no but you talking to him so much really makes him feel special u guys

-it reassures him that you care about him and trust him to tell him so much about you and your life. 

-sure, he could hack to get to know you, but how on earth would hacking let him know that when you looked at a watermelon at the supermarket today, you thought what it would taste like with ranch?????? no hacking could get him that story 

-so when you get insecure and shut yourself up, he’ll just start cuddling you and tell you about his day!!! there isn’t a lot to say, but “mc what’s your input??? what do u think about me hacking into KFC today??” 

-he will literally trick you into talking bc he likes it so much ok 

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i got a girlfriend yesterday!!! she told me she had a crush on me a week earlier, and i kept thinking "how am i gonna ask her out??" so i signed her yearbook and said we should date. i left the building while she was still reading it, and a few minutes later i hear the doors burst open and she's running towards me shouting "YES!!!" so we're happy and i love her so much ahhh. (i'm a wlw by the way)

babe!!!!!! fuck omg im so happy for you!!!! this is so pure wtf i love this so much

i hope you two will continue to be happy together u guys deserve this so much tf :’)

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WHO do you think Amelia has the deepest Connection with; Addie, Meredith, Charlotte or Maggie?

That’s an easy one, Addison of course :)

Amelia and Addison go way back and Addison knows about everything she’s been through: Her rough childhood and adolescence, family problems, drug addiction, relapses, pregnancy, deaths, etc. Addison has always loved, supported and admired Amelia, even with all her baggage. 

I very much doubt that if newlywed Amelia left her husband and moved in with Addison after obviously having a suspicious overnight change of heart about having kids (not exactly the same as changing your mind about what kind of pizza you’ll order), Addison wouldnt have simply shrugged it off and accepted whatever lame excuses she gave and then taken her in for weeks without asking any questions, especially when seeing she is clearly not okay.

My point is that Addison and even Charlotte have several times gotten out of their comfort zones and confronted Amelia because that might not have been what she wanted, but instead what she needed. They gave and didn’t just take. 

Meanwhile, Maggie and Meredith enable her harmful behavior by simply taking her in without even bothering to get to the bottom of what truly has happened. It is very nice that they support Amelia unconditionally and of course there is no way they can even begin to imagine what has happened to Amelia. But would it hurt to ask? The signs that something is wrong are clearly there and yet no one bothers to dig a little deeper so they can understand the situation and potentially help Amelia. That makes me sad and angry because Amelia deserves better. She has downgraded in terms of friendship, really.

 I am not saying Maggie and Meredith don’t care, I think they do, but they have this very typical Meredith approach over things. Something is clearly wrong, but I won’t ask, you won’t tell and we will just live life like nothing has happened and yay tequila and yay dancing it out, which is just stupid IMO because at this point in life Meredith should know better. 

Meredith and Maggie really like Amelia and I have no doubt they care about her, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say their connection is that deep, really. 

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why does everyone hate Pearl? I think her arc (getting over Rose) is awesome and sends a good message. It is also very sad and complex, I think it is very impressive and she has one of the best arcs out of all the 3 Gem Moms

her arc is interesting and does shed some light on rose’s relationships, but her arc has been going on through seasons gives us the same storry over and over, that pearl loved rose, something was there, greg messed it up, she’s sad, etc. we still haven’t even seen garnet’s or amethyst’s ways of dealing with losing rose yet!! it’s been 4 seasons!! but the crew’s always down for a good ol’ pearl ep

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hey love! you have a really good taste in music, could you recommend anything in particular? also i want to start listening to st vincent but idk where to start

omg thank you so much! My favorite album by St Vincent is her self titled one since that’s the first one I heard and Birth In Reverse is one of my favorite songs by her and one that I think sums up her overall sound/style pretty well.

Idk what artists you have/haven’t heard of so I’m just gonna make a list of some people I’ve been listening to recently/links to songs I like, sorry if I’m over-explaining ones you’re already familiar with lol

Mitski: Her song First Love / Late Spring is one of my favorites and is what the quote in my blog title is from. I saw her last November and she is phenomenal live. I think someone described her music as “music to cry to in the car” and I feel like that’s pretty accurate but in the best way. I also really love her music videos.

PWR BTTM: Honestly just such a fun band. My favorite song by them is probably Big Beautiful Day

Against Me!: The perfect band to listen to if you’re pissed the fuck off and upset. Really helped my get through November. Here’s their song Black Me Out.

Frank Ocean: Please listen to his album Blonde holy shit. Here’s a song from it, Ivy.

The Velvet Underground: Their self titled album has been one of my favorites since middle school.

Hayley Kiyoko: Saw her twice this year cause I’m a huge lesbian.

Kimya Dawson: Listening to her music when I’m feeling sad is really comforting.

San Cisco: A fun band that I have a lot of great memories associated with.

Courtney Barnett: Chill, Australian artist

Sleater-Kinney: riot grrl band that got back together recently

Alabama Shakes: Super talented band with a really rich sound

Grimes: She’s a weirdo and I love her so fucking much. One of my all time faves.

I can recommend more but I feel like this list is already too long even though I left out a lot of people lmao. Let me know if you like any of these or if you want me to recommend you more artists/songs based on a specific artist/genre/mood/etc !

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Ah i love the unhealthy fixation story too! Any other good fics about james and lily after breaking up?

Check out this post, plus these:

Title: James’ Promise
Author: MaraudersAtHeart
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 8,030
Summary: Lately James Potter has been all secretive with his three best mates and hasn’t spent much time with Lily. She thinks it’s because he’s trying to break up with her in the nicest way possible. She thinks he might’ve gotten sick of her and doesn’t want her anymore. James has been planning this day for as long as he’s known her, so why is Lily frightened?

Title: Every Stumble and Each Misfire
Author: protectthesandwich
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 13,391
Summary: ‘I always did think you were a bit like Wendy. Mothering your lost boys.’‘Nah, I’m Peter Pan.’ He hesitated. ‘You were Wendy.’It took a moment to feel steady again.  ‘Well, then. How does it feel to be all grown up?’‘Awful.’ James looked at her; their faces were suddenly quite close together. Lily’s heart began to pound. ‘But there are some perks.’‘Like what?’‘Like being able to get to the damn point once in a while.’ - James and Lily aren’t together. Not anymore.

Title: One Night Only
Author: jprongs
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship, Muggle AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6,296
Summary: Years after a terrible break up with the lead singer of the popular rock band, The Marauders, Lily Evans finds herself facing everything she ran away from.

Title: Bullets, Bombs, and Babysitting
Author: BucksFizz
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 8,030
Summary: One year on from an ugly break-up, secret agents Lily Evans and James Potter are thrust reluctantly together again on a dangerous mission to protect ‘The Asset’, code-named 'Harry’. With agents Lupin and Pettigrew as back-up and disgraced former agent Sirius Black desperately trying to bring down a killer cult to prove his worthiness, it’s sure to be a fun ride. Muggle!AU.

Title: Sleepless
Author: mylifeissocoollike
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, AU
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 1,027
Summary: After they breakup, Lily realizes that she can’t sleep without James.

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She killed his previous wife, which by the way I'm still waiting for something like that to be brought up. Also, the whole 'Regina saved Robin from being a thief' is ridiculous. It'd make more sense if Robin saved Regina from being a villain by encouraging her to be a better person. You know like how it is with Emma and Hook. But it's not. Regina is always right, and Robin says okay. You could literally replace robin with a pet dog that Regina loves and I don't think anything would change.

The whole dynamic between Regina and Robin was basically ruined for me post season 4.  The whole thing with Robin either not knowing or being 100% okay with Regina killing Marian in the past rubbed me the wrong way.  And Robin having virtually no word in their relationship (especially when it came to Regina making the decision that it was okay for Zelena to spend time with Robin’s daughter) was totally messed up.  I just really don’t care to see anymore of their relationship.

torra-kitty submitted: I saw people telling you about their cats so uh.. this is mine! Her Name is Kitty and she’s an old lady. She cant see v well and accidentally scratches her nose alot but she’s really sweet and fluffy

OH GOODNESS SHE’S PRETTY what a regal old lady. I love the pink splotch on her nose! She seems like a very sweet lady thank you for sharing! Please tell Kitty I think she’s wonderful and give her lots of pets for me

When I first started reading SNK, my thoughts always were “Everyone can be killed so I must prepare myself” but now that Ymir is officially dead I don’t know what to do anymore. Since the letter she wrote to Historia, she could be dead. But I always hoped that she’d be alive. Breathing. Thinking on Historia. Trying to get a way to work things out. But she was coldly killed off. We weren’t even able to see her last words, only her sad and tired face in one single panel. Her development and principles were thrown in the trash. It was a lazy and bad writting. I will never accept that.

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Ahhhhh!! I have a crush on this girl who is kinda emo but just looks like she's super tired and she pretty much knows no ones name and she is super pretty and reads different books pretty much every other day and she is so soft!!! But everyone knows if you mess with her you will get your butt kicked to the moon and back and I think I'm in love please help

Sounds like you’re smitten my dude haha have you tried introducing yourself to her and talking to her? She sounds really great by the way!!!

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Heathers anon; Opinions on anything Heather's related.

Heathers Overall: This show has really grown on my tbh I love the eighties feel of the music and the !!harmonies!! are off the charts!!! I am also OBSESSED w Veronica’s voice like?? SO beautiful?!
Characters: I pretty much like everyone in Heathers. Like The Heathers are obvs terrible but in a fun way. I DO NOT ENJOY JDs shenanigans tbh. He’s just kind of a jerk. Like he actively lies to veronica to pursue his love of murder, and makes her an accessory to the crime. I feel sorry for him obvs cause he’s just a kid.
I LOVE the ensemble cast in Heathers like the backup singing on nearly every song is just!! So good!! And I think the writing on songs like Me Inside of Me is v funny ( “ She’s the horse I never got for Christmas ”)
Favourite Songs: Honestly they’re nearly all gems?? I would have to say Me Inside of Me and Meant to be Yours are my favourite bc they’re the most fun to sing while hoovering
I love Meant to be Yours is SO GOOD I love how his voice goes from hard to soft and back and it’s so theatrical like “STILL I WILL IF I MUUUST” like chill
Ok honestly I could go on but I won’t
I think this is a really fun show but being the odd bitch I am I tend to use musicals to unblock my tear ducts so Dear Evan Hansen is always gon be number one for me

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About the twin theory, what do you think Bethany's motive for pursuing Emily romantically would be beginning in season 5? I don't think it would be for loyalty because as you've stated before all of the girls feel obligated to protect her, especially Emily.

I’m assuming that you’re referring to the theory about Bethany and Alison being twins, Bethany being the twin that came back in season 4. Bethany may have had genuine feelings for Emily, or thought she did. Maybe she was just exploring her sexuality. It could also be because she knew Emily loved Alison and got close to her that way to keep her on her side. I think if the Alison we see is indeed the twin (being Bethany, or someone else), things like that will make sense by the end of the show. Marlene did say “Alison” will verbalize her sexuality in 7B.

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Candace Flynn. ABCD

what I think realistically: really loves when phineas and/or ferb console her and invite her to join in their big ideas but she feels too proud to act like its as important to her as it is

what I think is fucking hilarious: tumblr addict where she constantly gets into discourse over minor things

what is heart-crushing and awful but fun to inflict on friends: loves her mom but she rlly hates the way her mom calls her crazy and all, and worries she loves her brothers more than her and that shes just a burden on the family, which is partially why she tries so hard to be responsible

what would never work with canon but the canon is shit so I believe it anyway: in poly w stacy and jeremy and has a crush on vanessa

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What is, in your opinion, the meaning of Quit? I'm not English so I really don't understand the meaning of it. Thank you and love your blog 😁

Thanks! I just posted someone who had an interesting idea which might be cool to read.

I think the song is just about the relationship being toxic in some way and they shouldn’t be together but she can’t leave him. He has raw magnetism and as much as she should leave him, she can’t quit him. Sound a bit unhealthy but she knows she’s gonna regret it. 

Or that’s just what I see. Hope that helped a bit?

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FIREDICK HAS SAVED ME HELENA!!! I HAVE RISEN! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥 Also I know you wrote how you want to see more lucien redemption because your iffy on him, i was too but now I'm starting to like him also JURIAN???? HELL YEAHHHH

“Autumn court males have fire in their blood-and they fuck like it too.”
I legit can’t stop thinking about all the times we’ve written lucien as a super kinky and filthy(in a good way 😏) person. This is sarah making it canon for us and I’m dying because hOW DOES SHE KNOW?? 😂 anyways I love fire dick and IM HERE FOR IT

“I tried not to imagine Elain, subject to that….fire.”



Jurian.. IM SO READY. ❤️❤️ SO READY FOR HIM TO BE A GOOD DUDE. I have a feeling he is only using the king to get myriam, but like he has feelings about bacon, I have feelings about bacon. I have a feeling Jurian isn’t bad and that I’ll love him. I trust my instinct. It saved me from the dark path that was feylin and instead pointed me towards feysand even though I was LIKE THE ONLY FEYSAND SHIPPER DURING ALL OF ACOTAR!! Hahah anyways yeah I’ll never live it down that I knew Rhys was the good dude 😜😜😜