i love the way it came out

Yesterday and today have been fucking bananas y'all. My car broke down on the way to the Ghost show (it managed to putter into (and luckily out of) the parking lot of the venue) but we made it, finally had the elusive Billy Vanilla Experience (he gave us some stickers, guitar picks, and some empty banana boxes from the tour bus, which were honestly my favourite thing we got) and we got to chat with New Aether for like fourty-five minutes (he is the sweetest angel and I love him so much) and then we got rained on (those banana boxes came in handy) as we ran to my broke ass car (Aether seemed kinda genuinely worried we were going to be stranded in the rain, and honestly I was too) and managed to drive it the ten miles to a friend’s house where we spent the night (no change of clothes, no toothbrush/paste, no phone chargers, because we’re complete failures) and then I had to dump my car off at a mechanic and drive poor @keelee-von-cupcake’s car back to Houston (I’m sorry you’re stuck being my friend, I really don’t deserve you) so I can continue packing for my move next week. There are a lot more details, but I’ll have to fill y'all in later!

the only thing my little brother said to me after I came out to him was “it doesn’t matter because no one wants to date you anyway” and it was honestly the best possible way to handle that situation and it showed how nothing had changed between us and I think about that a lot

TF5...it's a movie...

I’m won’t go into details but…
Vague TF5 spoilers….?

But I got to see The Last Knight with ma boo @floralgardenswitches tonight…and hoooo boy

- I liked it as a whole, I suppose. It’s Bay, so?
- my expectations were way too high, but it was still awesome.
- DiMaggio-Con was fab
- *cinema sins voice* aw man, they roped Onslaught into this didn’t they?
- I GOT TO HEAR CARSON FROM DOWNTON ABBEY SAY “Move bitch, get out the way” my life is now complete.
- side note, Coggman is a blessing and I love him
- SIMMONSSSSSS!! Hiiiiiiii!!!
- I audibly groaned when Wheelie came on screen. (I’ll take him over Doc any day tho…)
- My main thought throughout the movie was “WHERE ARE THE ROBOTS??!!! Give me the ROBOTSSSS!!”
- Also holy crap that was the most forced romantic subplot I have ever seen in my entire goddamn life. It added literally nothing. =__=|||
- this movie survived on references and cameos. I won’t complain cuz I liked those moments…but Bay…come on.

It’s not great…it’s a thing. That happened….it certainly was a thing…yep.

I might see it again just so I can sit back and watch it a bit more closely as opposed to taking it all in for the first time…but I’m not rushing back like I did with 4…it lacked…substance.

The end bye it’s midnight.

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Well I kinda wrote out a big long text to her explaining I was trans and that I couldn't tell her face to face, and signed the text off with "With love from your oldest son, Carter" and she just understood really well. If anyone wants to send me any other asks go ahead!! My inbox and pm's are always open!

Thanks for the info! I came out a similar way!!




i literally hate getting my photo taken bc idk i’m just self conscious about it and try to avoid it but Glasses always randomly sneaks pics of me and they come out rly well and the dude has a good eye not to show my true humpty dumpty self lol. we went to our favorite thai spot and we were blown away as usual. seriously tastes so damn authentic.

today was great with him.. he came back from seoul kinda early and headed over here and brought me my fav ice cream :’( he massaged my legs while we relaxed and told each other about our weekends and then we had some amazing sexy time (😵) and took a taxi downtown and parted ways as it started to drizzle. now the rain is a full-on downpour but i love it, it hasn’t rained like this in so long and i hope it helps me have a good sleep tonight bc i really need it.

went out with my coworkers on friday (aka the only time you can catch me with white ppl) and then last night i weirdly for no reason got dressed and left my house at like, 10:45pm to go downtown with no plans at all. went to a club by myself (no idea why) it was so weird like i felt as if my body just did NOT wanna stay home even tho i definitely should’ve rested to recover from the night before.. but yeah I went to a club alone and that was my first-ever time to do so. it felt pretty awkward but like i think i was challenging myself to just let loose and be free. then one friend messaged to ask me where i was, and i said downtown and i guess he was too. so i went to meet him at a bar but he had to leave in like 5 mins lol so i was like, ooookay alone again! but then i saw a girl named Maya that i met through one of my exes friends. we all hung out together once. she’s from America and tbh that time she was kinda annoying ngl but i was like, “should i say hi?” and my friend said yes so i went over and tapped her on the shoulder and she screamed and hugged me lol and was rly happy to see me? or maybe she was drunk, idk but anyways my friend left so i stayed with Maya and her girls. they were all soooo sweet and cool and friendly. we danced and talked etc and then i left around 3(?)am and came home and should’ve slept a lot more but woke up early to order mcdonald’s breakfast in time! but they forgot the syrup for my pancakes :-( i was so annoyed lol.

so yeah! that was my weekend. lots more happened but this post is already kinda long. but also i went to the queer pride festival downtown on saturday!!!!!! that was amazing to be apart of and i watched 은별’s band play and she looked so happy that i came to support her and i went shopping alone for lots of cute stuff. i did a lot this weekend. i didn’t even write about last weekend which was …. a lot lol. been going out so much, i need to rest!!!!


Came out to my mum last November after so many years of being worried how she would take it - after growing up in a rural Irish village I knew the way rumours got around about so-and-so’s gay child and how it affected them and I did not want that for her. Fast forward almost 7 months and she and my 2 sisters surprised me (one of them even flew over from London that morning) to go to Pride with me yesterday. Honestly so grateful for my beautiful loving family right now. 


i was thinking about ageswap/roleswap aus and while i love seeing mob as a well put-together adult, i dont think its realistic to have him that way before having a proper good influence guide him and help him with his powers. so here we have a hikikomori mob thats locked himself up when he was 15 and never really came out until he had to deal with this weird judgemental teen’s bullshit.
crazy and dumb shenanigans ensue. maybe character development, and friendship too.


i have many witty captions for this:

“noses are important”

“family portrait”

“not fit to scale”

and of course “how many people combined do you think they’ve seen die?”

prom night!!!!! :’) inspired by this post by @vodka-aunt-coran


This took a while, but it was worth it! Here we have Soar in his new and incredible black hole form, holding a fragment of a ~certain constellation~ from whom he stole a star. If you look close at the blue shard, you may be able to figure it out! ;0

Hope you like it, @myebi bab!

transcript of the speech i gave at Vassar’s black baccalaureate service

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, and the Vassar class of 2017.
Just saying that aloud made me feel old. Class of 2017? Most of y'all were born after dark-skinned Aunt Viv left the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. That’s wild.

I want to first thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a special moment in your lives. I am honored, privileged, and a bit in disbelief that you asked me of all people to give this address. I try not to have feelings, and I’m going to do my best not to cry today, but no promises.

I’m here to stand in the gap between you and your parents and guardians and any other elders in your lives that you stopped listening to because you thought they were wack and out of touch. I remember being in your shoes not TOO long ago, and it is my fervent prayer that something that I say here today will help you avoid some of the mess I went through.
To be honest I’m a little nervous, but I figured there was no way could this be worse than when Betsy DeVos went down to Bethune-Cookman, so let’s get started.

As you transition to life after Vassar the changes will be both inevitable and swift, so I’d like to begin by giving you some well-intentioned advice and warning you about the continued process of becoming an adult.

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The way Bangtan would have sex (M)

d i s c l a i m e r || this is just my opinion based on the general idea of their character I have formed through out the years. Of course you could have a totally different opinion than mine (since we’re all different people, we also perceive things differently) and of course I have no way of knowing if I even came close to the reality so take it as it is: an opinion of a fellow ARMY. Thank you :)

w a r n i n g || the contents of this post are only for a mature audience to see - that’s why it’s under the cut - and it’s heavily N S F W because it doesn’t contain only words but also gif depictions of love making.


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Sam doesn't eat unless he has to while Dean's a demon. When he gets Dean back, the first thing his big brother notices is how skinny and weak he is. Dean goes into ultra protective mode and is so gentle and loving to Sam. He makes him food and when they have sex, Dean is gentle and he makes Sam feel so safe and secure again. Dean goes on and on about how his Sammy needs to be good and healthy, and how well he's doing as he keeps gaining weight. Dean supports him through all of jt.

he’s not purposely starving himself, you know? it’s just… he’s worried about other things, about more important matters, about his brother. trying to find dean, trying to find a cure, trying to figure out a way to make sure that he can actually get his brother back, it all seems more important than eating. now he isn’t stupid. he knows that he can’t continue living without eating something it’s just when he does eat, it’s just enough to take the edge off his hunger that isn’t really there.

he just knows that he’s this far from finding a cure and if he pushes through this then dean will be alright and he’ll be back to his old self and sam can stop worrying about that. he just has to push a little harder for just a little longer.

demon!dean makes a comment about it, how sam looks as skinny as he did when he was a gangly teen and they were doing things that no brother should do in the backseat of the impala. demon!dean would smile as he said “don’t you remember how i would just split you open on my cock, sammy? how you would beg for it. how much of a slut you were for it. begging me to stuff you full and tear you in half. i’m sure that if you released me now, i could still split you open, still make you beg for it. hell, i probably wouldn’t even fit. your body is too tiny now to take me all the way.”

it wasn’t like the other jabs that demon!dean sent his way, saying that dean had cared his ass for all his life, always looking after him and how he never wanted that. and it wasn’t like the jab that he sent towards sam saying that dean never really wanted sam in that way, he just couldn’t stand making the kid sad. but regardless it hurt to hear because sam was certain that dean was right. he probably wouldn’t be able to fit dean inside of him anymore. it’s been too long and he’s lost so much weight and yet sam would still probably beg for it. he would beg and cry until dean broke him in half and still want more.

but then sam cured dean, purified that demon blood or whatever and then sam had his brother back and he felt weak and small. his body sagged on his bed (dean didn’t want to be around him anymore. he ran off to his room the moment that sam released him and he took the hint. dean didn’t want to have anything else with him.) and he felt like he would just sink through. he was hungry, more than hungry. he was starving and yet he couldn’t bring himself to walk into the kitchen and get something to eat. it seemed like it was too much effort.

curing dean, it was supposed to fix everything. everything was supposed to go back to how it was before he was a demon and everything was supposed to be alright.

there’s a tentative knock at his door and he’s expecting cas, telling him that dean has finally gotten to sleep and that he should eat something or something like that but he’s surprised when the door pushes open and it’s dean standing there, holding a tray of food in his hand, standing in the door like he’s not welcome which was weird to see because dean was always welcomed in his room.

yet there dean was, standing in the doorway like he was a stranger, waiting for sam’s permission to come in.

you don’t have to ask, dean.” sam finally said when it was clear that dean wasn’t going to walk in on his own. “you’re always welcomed in my room. always.” he’s not sure why he’s trying to make that point but he is. he wants dean to know that anything of sam’s is something of his.

oh… uhh… okay.” dean said, pushing the door open wider and he’s almost blushing, like he was embarrassed to think that he wasn’t welcomed or maybe he was embarrassed to think that sam still wanted him. after everything he did. everything he said. “i… uhh… i made you some food. you just… you look…

dean trailed off. how were you supposed to nicely say that you’ve lost so much weight that you look unhealthy.

but sam sat up straighter on his bed, leaning against the head board and his heart hurts in his chest because it looks like dean actually tried to make him something that he would like. the salad looked fresh. the chicken still looked hot. the apple that dean had sliced open looked good and it was nothing like what dean normally ate and yet he still tried. he was trying to make it up to sam.

sam barely ate three of the apples slices and picked at the salad before he pushed the tray away, claiming that he was full and dean didn’t doubt it for a second but he still urged sam to eat just another apple slice.

sam looked at the apple and then looked up at dean, his jaw locked in that childlike defiance and dean ran a hand through his hair.

listen, sammy, i know that i’m in no position to ask you to do anything. in fact, i’m the last person that should ask you to do anything but you’ve gotta eat a little more, man. please. just a couple bites of chicken. we’ve gotta… you’ve gotta get healthy. you’re skin and bones and it’s all because…because of me. even though dean didn’t say that, sam knew what he meant to say. and he wanted to deny it. it wasn’t because of dean, sam had every opportunity to eat, he just didn’t.

instead it ate a full slice of chicken and a couple more pieces of apple and he looked up at dean, his stomach stuffed and he didn’t miss the fond little smile that was on dean’s face. except dean was sitting at the edge of the bed, so far away and sam wanted him so much closer. needed him closer.

good job, sammy.” dean praised, picking up the tray and backing out of the room. “you did such a good job.” he paused at the door, looking as if he wanted to say more before he walked out. “i’ll see you in the morning.”

for breakfast dean makes oatmeal and the hot meal feels good going down his stomach and it tastes so good that he can’t help but eat it all. it was so much food and a few minutes later, it comes back up and sam knew he shouldn’t have eaten it all. his stomach couldn’t handle that much food after not eating for so long. he needed to take it slower but dean was there, rubbing light fingers up and down his back, saying that it was okay. they’ll try something else and he pressed a cool washcloth to the back of his face and when sam gained the color back to his skin, dean backed away from sam, ceasing all contact and sam missed that the most.

dean helped sam gain weight back. every meal that sam had was a home cooked meal and it was something different and dean would ask how sam liked it and sam would reply truthfully. there was one night that sam stumbled upon dean fast asleep with his head resting in some book in the library. and upon further inspection, sam saw that it was a cookbook with post-it notes sticking out all over the place. sam gently pulled the book from out underneath dean’s head and on it post-it note was dean’s handwriting, writing down notes, whether or not sam liked whatever was on that page and sam’s heart swelled at the sight.

it took a while. that’s a lie actually. it took forever for dean to actually touch sam like they used to. dean had folded back into himself, refused himself to touch sam longer than he absolutely had to and whenever sam would try to initiate any kind of contact, dean would cut it off, make up some excuse why he had to leave and do something else.

however, slowly sam started touching dean longer and dean allowed himself to stay there while sam touched. a couple of fingers to the back of the hand. elbows and knees pressed together while they’re sitting next to each other at the table. it’s small but it feels like some much to sam.

there’s one night where dean doesn’t seem as shielded as he normally is and they’re in sam’s room watching some movie and sam managed to crawl up under dean’s arm and dean wrapped it around sam’s shoulder for the whole movie. now in the morning, dean seemed even more distant that he had before and anytime there was even the smallest point of contact, dean flinched like he was burned.

sam had long gained back the weight that he had lost when they first had sex. dean was in his room, leaning up against the headboard, staring off into nothing when sam let himself in and crawled onto dean’s bed and all but begged dean to touch him. that he needed it and it was low because sam knew that dean would do anything that sam asked but it wasn’t a lie. he missed dean. he missed him tremendously and having dean just within reach and yet having dean seem like he was miles away hurt more than any kind of pain could feel.

it started out with sam touching dean. slowly undressing him, kissing him, whispering praise and forgiveness for everything that dean ever said to him in his skin and soon dean was trembling underneath sam’s touch and it was everything that sam wanted.

he was fully content with riding dean, taking whatever he was willing to get but sam sunk his teeth into the flesh the spot where dean’s heart was, sucked a deep, purple spot there and it seemed to flip some kind of switch inside of dean.

dean flipped them and then it was sam’s turn to be worshipped with fingers and lips and the entire time dean couldn’t stop himself for apologizing, saying that he wanted sam, that he needed him, that he didn’t mean any of what he said when he was a demon. it was all a ploy to try to get sam to let him go and sam ran a hand through dean’s hair and told him that it’s okay. that he knows.

as much as dean hates to admit it and he probably won’t ever admit it, he buried his head in the crook of sam’s shoulder as he pushed inside of him and cried.

sam felt like crying too because it was all too much. the way that dean was treating him, like he was this fragile thing that dean didn’t even deserve touching, treating him with so much care, being so gentle that sam wasn’t sure that this was still his dean because dean hadn’t been this gentle with him since the first time they did this. or when dean sold his soul for him to bring him back from the dead.

so it’s kind of a give and take, ya know. dean nurses sam back to health. holds his hair back when sam throws back up his meal because he just can’t keep it down and sam shows dean that he is worthy of forgiveness.

Yall remember *NSYNC?

Remember how they (along with the backstreet boys) were the most popular boybands worldwide during the late 90s and into the millennium?

Remember the member Lance Bass?

Remember how he dated Danielle Fishel and they were “so in love”?

Remember how after they broke up, he exclusively dated women?

Remember all the rumors he had about him not being straight?

Remember when TMZ and Perez Hilton started following him around?

Remember when shortly after all this he came out as gay 4 years after *NSYNC disbanded?

Remember the reasons he gave as to why he didn’t come out a lot sooner than he did?

Do you think people told his speculators back then that they were delusional just like they tell Kaisoo shippers that now?

I bet they did, but in the end:

I rest my case.