i love the way israel is looking at her


Vance: You never saw the shooter?
Tony: Well, I was pretty busy trying to keep my brain matter intact.
Vance: And you were on your way to the airport.
Tony: Personal trip.
Vance: To Israel?
Tony: I’ll travel for good hummus.
Vance: Does Agent David know you’ve been delayed?
Tony: She does.

First of all: When Tony said he was trying to keep his brain matter intact, I um, thought he meant because he was a little… excited about the nature of the trip. I forgot about the actual shooting, because I am trash.

Second: LOL VANCE he knows what’s up. I LOVE IT. YES CALL THEM OUT ON IT LEON.

Third: Look at Tony answering like a good husband about calling her because #MARRIED. SO VERY #MARRIED.

Fourth: I too will travel for good hummus, Tony.

“I thought you weren’t coming back” he whispers. Having her in front of him like this after he left her in Israel forever, was hard for his heart to understand. 

“I…It was harder than I thought letting go of you” she replies. He knows it’s paining her heart that he will not look her way, but he cannot face her yet. He needs to let his upset out before he turns to her because as soon as he does his heart will tell his head to shut up because he loves this woman and she’s here for him. 

When he doesn’t say anything to her after that she lets out a disappointed sigh. 

“It’s not meant to be like this” she says and he hears the waver in her voice. She’s slowly breaking down and he isn’t any better right now. 

“How is it meant to be?” he asks, his heart tightening in his chest. 

She’s silent a long time before she eventually speaks. 

“I should not have come back, this was a mistake” she says before turning and heading for the door. His heart drops and he turns to her, grasping her arm and pulling her to face him. He couldn’t help it, he had to face her. 

“Don’t go, not again” he whispers and he hopes she doesn’t hear the way his voice cracks. 

She looks down at his hand before meeting his gaze fully for the first time since she walked in the building. 

“It was a mistake running away but I was scared, you scared me” she said honestly. He doesn’t think she’s ever been that honest to him before and that scares him

“I was scared of the way I loved you but I was willing to hold on, not run away” he gets it out, what he’s needed to say to her since she left. She looks away from his gaze and drops her head. 

“I have never handled emotion the best, it’s just who I am” she admits. She wished she excepted love easier, it’s just how she works. 

When he sees her like this, upset with herself for what she has done, it breaks his heart. And now she is here trying to give him that love he has always wanted. The next step was all up to him. He brings his hand up to her cheek and lifts her gaze back to his. 

“I guess we will have to work on that then” he smiles at her and when her eyes shine and there’s a sudden light within her he knows she understands that all is forgiven. “I’m ready to stop pretending if you are?” he asks her. 

She is smiling at him softly when she leans in to place a soft kiss to his lips and as she draws back she whispers to him. 

“I am"