i love the way he talks about his wife

Give Her Back

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Words: 1205

Triggers: Sexism, Kidnapping, Screaming


“Mr. Jefferson, I hate to inform you this but your wife has gone missing. Her carriage was attacked and she was taken.”

Thomas couldn’t breath. His love. His wife. His whole world. Gone. How? He had just seen her this morning.

He couldn’t think. Did he even kiss her goodbye?

He stood up. Grabbing the messenger, he started talking quickly.

“Where? When? Did anyone see this happen?” Thomas asked, trying to get as much information as he could.

“It was near the bookstore I believe. It was only about a half an hour ago. I came right away. I think that someone named John Laurens was on his way to talk to General Washington. That’s all I know sir,” Thomas immediately took off, rushing to where he knew he could find Washington.

He burst into the room, the door slamming open with a loud bang. Washington, Hamilton, Mulligan, Laurens, and Lafayette were all there.

“Ah Mister Jefferson thank goodness you are here. I assume that you know about your wife?” Washington asked.

“Yes. Do you have any information on what happened to her?” He asked rushing to the other side of the room.

“I saw her being taken from in front of the bookstore. Apparently these men didn’t like that she was reading so they took her somewhere. I was able to follow them to broadway before I lost them. I’m really sorry. She put up a good fight, however. Oh and I found this on the ground,” John told him.

He held out his hand, Y/N’s wedding ring sitting on his palm. Thomas took it and gripped it in his hand, worry coursing through his veins.

He turned to Washington.

“Will you help me find her? Please?” Thomas asked, his composer dropping and worry showing on his face.

Washington nodded.

“Mulligan and Laurens. Go to the area where you lost her and scout around. Hamilton and Lafayette get a small group of soldiers to come and help us get her. Jefferson come with me. We’re going to get your wife back.”


You were scared and tired. You just wanted to get some new books for you and Thomas to read together before bed. The men had basically come out of nowhere!

You were just about to get in your carriage when you were suddenly yanked back. They were dragging you around, and you were screaming and thrashing. During the whole fiasco, you lost your wedding ring.

So right now you were sitting in a dark room, tired, scared, and your wedding ring was gone. All you wanted was to go home and rest in bed with Thomas, while he read to you out of a book that you both would choose.

You didn’t know if that would happen tonight or even anytime soon. Would they let you go? Would somebody find you?


Where are you?


Thomas Jefferson could not sleep at all that night. If he was able to get to sleep all he saw was his wife, scared and alone. He clutched your wedding ring close to him, as if it was the last thing that he had of you.

At four in the morning there was a knocking on his door. It was Hamilton.

“We think we’ve found her.”


Washington briefed him on the way there.

“Apparently this group of men are against women reading, learning, or doing much of anything. They’ve pulled stunts like this before, and the women are usually let go during the next few days. They were sloppy this time, so it was easier to find them. We currently have the place surrounded, but nobody has gone in quite yet.” Washington told him. Some of the worry dropped off of his shoulders.

“What are we going to do?” Thomas asked.

“You’ll go in with Lafayette on one side and Hamilton and Laurens will go in on the other. Mulligan and I will wait out here with some soldiers and nurses, just in case these men try and pull something. We’re putting all of our caution into this. I know I don’t have to tell you to be careful.”

“I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Washington. You and everyone else here.”

“Of course Mr. Jefferson. They would all do the same even if it was somebody else’s bride.”

“Thank you sir.”


You hadn’t slept much and when you did it was with one eye open. It was cold and dark.

They hadn’t touched you. Just yelled and screamed about how a women shouldn’t be reading. You just sat there with your head down, shaking slightly.

You hadn’t seen them in a few hours, they were probably sleeping. There was some sort of tension in the air, but you couldn’t tell what was going on.

You were trying to rest again when you heard the noises. Footsteps is what it sounded like. You hoped it would be help and dreaded if it was anything.

There were whispering sounds, names being called softly, and more footsteps, but you couldn’t make anything else out.

“Y/N! Are you down here darling? Sweetheart? Y/N?” You knew that voice.

It was Thomas! He came for you!

“Thomas? Thomas is that you? I’m in here!” You whisper shouted. The door slowly opened and a couple of people walked through. One of them being Thomas.

Relief was clear on his face, and he ran to you, gathering you up in his strong arms. He started peppering your face with kisses, hugging you tightly.

“Oh Y/N. Oh thank God. Oh Y/N.” He muttered. He picked you up and started walking out with you. You were shaking pretty badly so he just held you closer, muttering sweet nothings into your hair.

He took you out of the building where you were flocked by nurses trying to take care of you.

General Washington approached you.

“Mrs. Jefferson. How are you feeling?” He asked you as the nurses checked you over, Thomas never letting go of your hand.

“I am quite tired and hungry Mr. Washington. They have not harmed or touched me in any way.”

“Very good. Thomas can take you home as soon as the nurses are done giving you a once over. I have arranged for the two of you to take my carriage home.” He gave you a small smile and walked away.

All of the sudden your kidnappers were lead out of the building by the soldiers, cursing and screaming. You started shaking again, and Thomas took you over to the carriage.

The sun was rising as the two of you rode home, Thomas never letting go of you.

The servants got you food quickly and you ate as fast as you could without throwing up.

Thomas took you to bed, helping you change and tucked you carefully under the covers. He went around to the other side and got in next to, holding you close like you were going to disappear at any moment.

“Will you read to me Thomas?”

He gave you a small smile and picked up the book laying on the bedside table.

You started to fall asleep listening to his deep voice.

“Never let me go Thomas.”

“I would never dream of it my love.”


I love this.

ALTERNATIVELY julian comes over for dinner one day while kira is pregnant with yoshi and afterwards he takes miles aside and is like, ‘bro idk how to tell u this but your wife is high key in love with kira, yknow, fyi” and miles is just like “????????????” and julian shakes his head seriously and says “I know bro but I recognize the heart eyes since I see them in the mirror every time I think about garak”

so miles, having had A Revelation, stealthily watches keiko and kira snuggling on the couch and is like “oh shit??? my wife is in love with the same woman I have an awkward crush on who is also carrying our baby??? there is no way this isn’t going to be awful. I’m going to have to Talk About My Feelings. fuck.”

he puts it off for like a solid week because this is miles ‘healthy coping mechanisms are for losers’ o’brien we’re talking about until he walks in on keiko and kira like, gazing fondly into each other’s eyes and he’s like “honey I love you, but I want you to be happy, so if this is what you want, I’ll draw up a custody schedule for the kids”

keiko rolls her eyes so hard she about sprains one and is like “ why do you have to be such a White Man™ sometimes honey” and then they have a honest and frank conversation about healthy polyamory.


Today, I fucked up... by telling my wife about parallel universes and infinite possibilities

My wife and I have a 3 year old son who we love dearly. We often talk about how cool it would be if he were a twin. Then we could have two of them! So I offhandedly told her that in a parallel universe, it’s likely we have died and our son is alive. If we could just figure out a way to get him from his universe to ours, everyone wins. She’s been crying for two hours now over our parent-less son in another universe. And I haven’t even told her yet that swans can be gay.

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Following the Dakota and Jamie topic, I've been studying their interactions on their recent 4 premiere red carpet, tonight it was the last in London, just look at how way too much different looked Jamie Dornan posing with his real life wife Amelia Warner, in fact they resembles Sam and Cait a lot. Take a look at Jamie and wife tonight and form your own opinion.

Uh huh, and even the way he and Dakota are talked about separately by the press.  Dornan and his wife ‘gazing lovingly into each others’ eyes and sharing a joke as they walked the red carpet together.’  Love is love and you can’t pretend it’s not no matter how good an actor you are

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Don't really know if this counts as a headcanon, but I personally get mushy at the thought of Wyatt talking about "his wife"—the way he says it with all his gruffness and seriousness—in the future but referring to Lucy.

UGH. UGHHhhhhhhHHhhh.

(Because Wyatt know what it means to call someone that. When he says wife it is love and hope, but it is also a temporary title, in a wat. It is a person who can be lost and create loss. Someone is his world and that is a fragile, wonderful thing.)

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Seriously??? It's mental abuse to post about a pairing in a fictional series just because it is not YOUR ship? SMH.

Unless you like to see incestuous sex and a man opening cheating on his wife with his niece (daughter of his full-blooded brother). And, by the way, I’m talking about 100% BS imaginary sick incestuous relationship on historical figures.

What if I were to write a scene with American’s First President George Washington screwing with his sister while humiliating his wife Martha, whom he loved dearly in real life? It’s still about a pairing in a fiction but not a ship for most Americans right? It’s disgusting.

Before you make a judgment, please make sure that you know what you are talking about. I’m was talking about how disturbing it is with fictional incestuous sex with historical figures and how morally wrong the plot line is. It’s not just about pairing. Right now, I’m shaking my head (SMH).

If you want to respond to this: don’t go anon on me. Show yourself - I have nothing to hide, neither should you. 

“It’s the strangest thing in the world to be lying naked in a bathtub with an iPad that’s showing you the shot outside, while your husband is at the door and you’re directing him to come in and make love to you. In front of a bunch of other men with cameras. I couldn’t get out of the bathtub to get to the monitor because the director is naked. We’re artists and want to be free, but Brad – it’s his wife. He was on towel duty. He’d hold the towel over me. Love scenes are strange anyway, but when you’re doing a love scene with a person that you really have sex with? The only way to get through it was for us to all talk about the absurdity of it and make sure no one was feeling awkward… I’ve done sex scenes. But this is obviously different. I almost wish every woman could have this experience.” —Angelina Jolie on filming a love scene with husband Brad Pitt in “By The Sea”

I’ve been a Jenna Coleman fan for a few years now and I’ve noticed something disturbing that keeps happening within the fandom. Real life shipping. (I know, it happens with lots of actors too but that’s not okay either) Why? Please stop, it’s gross and disrespectful.

I’m not talking about things like enjoying the way two actors work together or appreciating their friendship, I’m talking about constant comments, insinuations, and gossip or even worse, going so far as actively wanting two real people with their own private personal lives to break up with their significant others in order to satisfy your shipping desires. That’s so messed up.

First noticed it with Matt Smith, even though it was well known Jenna was dating someone at the time.

Happened again with Peter Capaldi despite the fact that he loves his wife so much and yeah, Jenna was still known to be in a relationship at the time as well.

Now it’s happening with her Victoria costar Rufus Sewell, who I have been a fan of since Dark City (go watch it if you haven’t), and as far as I’m aware he is in a long term relationship.

Even if none of these people were in other relationships it would STILL be gross and disrespectful to invade their personal privacy this way.

Shipping their characters is obviously not a problem. Shipping real people is so disrespectful and invasive. To me it’s as gross as all those recent tabloid reports about Jenna’s love life. If you really admire these actors as some of you claim why not treat them with some dignity and consideration? Stop devaluing friendship and turning everything into actions with imagined sexual/romantic undertones. Please.

What could have been

@drifting-sunstone requested a fic about the above image. Hope you enjoy my darling and thank you for being so patient. If anyone wants a fic based on an imagine or image let me know. Crimson kisses <3

AU. Spoilers. WARNING: Its not all rainbows and kittens, blood and death are talked about, please don’t read if these affect you.

“Thomas, Thomas are you in here?”
He loved hearing her voice, the way it sang whenever she called his name. It didn’t matter what hour of the day or night, it always reached his ears and brought a smile. Looking round from his work desk he saw the flash of yellow as she rounded the corner of the elevator as she head for his work shop.
“I’m in here” he called back, standing and unwrapping himself from the large check blanket, lying it over the back of the chair as his wife came into view.
“What is it darling?”

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Medicine-related book recommendations

I’ve compiled a list of my favourites medical books. Some are very factual but others are semi-autobiographical and tell real life stories of patients.

Thinking fast and slow
By Daniel Kahneman
Have only just begun reading this book but have already been highlighting like mad. Unbelievably interesting. Also this guy won a Nobel prize so you know he knows what he’s talking about…

On The Move
By Oliver Sacks
His autobiography. So interesting to read, but I probably enjoyed it so much as I have read a lot of his other books, which I also definitely recommend reading. Favourites are: Awakenings, Musicophilia, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, Hallucinations. These books mainly focus on stories of particular patients he encountered and their conditions are explained in detail. On The Move includes tonnes of stories about how he wrote these books which I loved.

By David Eagleman
Written in a really accessible way (I read it with no problems understanding when I was about 15). Tells us a lot about the unconscious mind and some cool related stories.
(He has another book called Sum which is hypothetical short stories about the afterlife… Quite odd but very cleverly written)

Do No Harm
By Henry Marsh
Very popular in the UK at the moment. Pretty much an autobiography of his life as a brain surgeon. Quite harrowing to read at times, especially if you’re considering surgery as a career.

Phantoms in the brain
By V.S. Ramachandran
Amazing neuroscientist explains all sorts of things related to the brain, including his work on phantom limbs and synaesthesia. I also highly recommend his other book, The Tell Tale Brain. There’s some overlap but definitely worth reading, and rereading, both!

By Atul Gawande
I didn’t think this was as great as everyone said it was (probably because I read it directly after I had read Oliver Sacks who is a better writer, in my opinion), but nevertheless an excellent read. Tells us the complications (no shit) in medicine, including stories of chronic pain and persistent nausea.

Taking The Medicine
Druin Burch
A pretty factual book about the history of medicine and basically showing how crap doctors and medicine can be (compared with doing nothing at all). A nice overview of how far we’ve come, but also how similar mistakes could be repeated.

Doctors/Doctor Crush EP3

I have been looking forward to this episode all weekend long.

I still can’t believe that he had to quit all because of a little girl’s tantrum 

Why did they give her another character where she acts like a spoiled child that has to get her way.

Is this really the last time they are going to see each other????

they be making me emotional

I like about to start crying 

I have a bad feeling about her surgery but we must wait and see what happens.

AWWWWW Now what going to happen to Soon Hee 

Well I was thinking she was going to come to her senses and realize she was wrong in this scene but it just didn’t happen.

I love how the little puppy just joins in on the love 

I want a puppy like this


She can not die NO NO I will not accept this

Does everyone agree about what a bitch this dude was? The way he was talking to her and giving her the bad news was just proof that he and his wife have raised their daughter wrongly

I can’t believe her father would allow his wife to talk to his daughter like that. Like what right does she have to be speaking to her like that about her grandma. 

another scene that has me almost crying.

Is their goodbye????

Ji Soo is back, I didn’t think I would see him in anymore episodes. 

I thought this was where the episode was going t end.

I really want a motorcycle (so random)

Well here we go with the present I am assuming. 

Will I continue to like the story?

I really like this dude but it seems like he is just an extra

Is he going to play a recurring character?

Yeah this dude doesn’t seem interested in her either. 

I was laughing when the sink broke.

Yay for her being a doctor 

I have a feeling that the other doctor is going to like her and more drama is going to happen between both female characters.

Why must I wait until tomorrow to watch what happens next?????

Grandpa talks about the devil
like he was a rude next-door neighbor,
like he had a personal role
in his lifelong misery.
He talked about the devil
and how he always wore the wrong shoes on Sundays;
how he’d only call during dinner,
and broke the wire fence
so the rabbits could get into the garden.
“What a waste of summer squash,” Grandpa mumbles,
knocks his fist against the teak table.
The devil took all his women away,
arrived to every Christmas party
after a little too much eggnog,
and then would thank him for such 
a swell evening,
how they really need to do this more often.
The devil snored in his sleep
and always left the heel of the bread for last.
My mother laughs when she walks in, pats
her dad on the shoulder, says sweetly,
“Pop, now that’s no way to talk 
about your wife.”
He smiles, “I know, I know,
but I sure loved her.”
—  Schuyler Peck, Family Stories

Underrated moment. 

At this point, Castle realizes that one of his worst nightmares is actually happening. 

Jerry Tyson, 3XK, his serial killer, sociopathic, vindictive nemesis has his wife, and God knows what he’s going to do to her. 

Worst part? He should’ve known. Of course Tyson was going to go after her, hurting her is the best way to hurt him. He should’ve gone with her. He should’ve insisted. He should have known better.

God I love this show. 

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Hi! May I request a fanfic where Naruto & Kakashi tease Sasuke how Sakura is is getting really attractive lately and that most shinobi have been taking a liking to her and he gets really jealous about it? Thanks so much! I absolutely LOVE your blog btw! Keep up the good work!

“Sasuke, I’m concerned.”

Those were the first words that popped out of Kakashi’s mouth when he entered the small restaurant and sat down at the table in the back besides Naruto.

Sasuke grunted as he took a sip of his water. “Me too. Your habitual tardiness is not getting any better.”

“Your wife is too hot.”

Sasuke almost choked on his water. “What?” he sputtered out. This was hardly the appropriate place or time to talk about such matters. In fact, it was not at all appropriate in any way no matter the place or time.

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Can we please talk about Barry’s face after this 

His eyes were still slightly closed after their kiss and it looks like he’s trying to hold on to it. And the way he stumbles whenever he says “I love you too”  makes me think he realized he still loves her but also realizes that the Iris on his Earth isn’t with him or his wife yet so he wants to hold on to this one for a bit longer. 

I won’t spoil the story and I won’t complain about the plot. Instead I’ll talk more about things I like

 • ORCS. They look more real than hoomans. Orcs are brutal, strightforward and honest.
 • MAGIC. This is how I imagined spellcasting looks like. JUST LIKE THIS. EXACTLY.
 • ARMORS and WEAPONS. Awesome.
 • DUROTAN and his PERFECT WIFE. Perfect. I love the way they interact.
 • MUSIC. Epic again. That melody that opens the movie? Savage and sounds like war, fire and ashes.
 • KHADGAR. No wonder he makes us suffer and trolls us in WoD.
 • DWARVES. They look perfect, too. Too bad they had so little time in the movie ;__;

What did not impress me:
 • High elves. uhhh…
 • Garona. UHHHHHH
and other tiny things

But the film made me feel happy and EPIC. I can’t express with caps lock how EPIC I feel now.

STFU and get over yourselves.
  • <p> <b></b> I just want to say I am tired of all of the skepticism going on in the Cumberbatch fandom. All of you haters seriously need to shut the fuck up. Yeah I said it! Benedict owes you nothing but a great performance and go about his merry way. He doesn't need to scribble his name on whatever it is you throw at him. He doesn't need to take pictures with you. He doesn't deserve a fandom who talks shit about his wife and talks about her pregnancy was a fake. HE GOT MARRIED!!! Jesus let it the fuck go and be happy for the man. He found love and he was finally able to start a family.<p/><b></b> For all you Sophie Hunter haters yeah get all life. She is a director at heart not an actor. Did you ever come to think that maybe, JUST MAYBE, crowds freak her out a bit?? Benedict got used to this life she was just kind of thrusted into because she was in a relationship with Benedict. Unlike him she didn't choose this life it was given to her because she actually loves Benedict more and was willing to sacrifice her private life to be with him. Now she is the main target of mockery, gossip.c and disrespect. You guys say poor Ben he has such a horrible wife. No, the only "poor Ben" statement that needs to be said is about some of his fucking fandom who are being total shit heads and make fun of his wife. If you hate Sophie Hunter you seriously need to shut the fuck up and get the fuck over yourself. She is a goddess and deserves to be treated with respect.<p/></p>

When we pick up in the new season, where is Regina’s relationship with Robin Hood going to be?

LP: It’s a complicated one! It hasn’t really been scripted, but I have been toying with the idea of how can he have sex so quickly after she left? I don’t care if she is his wife, I thought his heart belonged to Regina. I think that one thing I love about these characters, is they are mature. I think the way Regina is handling this is in a very mature way. It is an unfortunate circumstance and you [Robin Hood] manipulated into this, you didn’t know who she really was, you thought you were with your wife, you thought it was the end between us, and there was no return. I get that you were making efforts and trying to move forward, however you moved forward with the wicked witch — unbeknownst to you — and now we are in this situation. I think what we saw in those last episodes is Regina saying, “We are going to have this baby but you are going to be under watch.” Robin is going to have the relationship with the baby, but you are on parole for the rest of your life. (x)

@toadparachutes asked for a story in chat and this flew out of me, so I’m sharing it:

David Duchovny is over the moon
When he speaks of his costar, he can’t help but swoon
It started in May in the Cutting Room
Two kisses and his love- it started to bloom

Now “Gillian and I” he says to the press
When nothing about her do they address
He says they’re a successful old married couple
And when corrected, he lets out a chuckle

What’s next David? Will you call her your wife?
Is worshiping Gillian your new way of life?
You’re no better than us, your obsession runs deep
And your sweetness is causing all of us to weep

So tone it down unless you admit it
(I’m talking about more than saying it’s kismet)
Admit you love Gillian, tried and true
Because she said “Especially one of you”