i love the way he talks about his wife

Husband Namjoon Would Be Like

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  • Wouldn’t believe you married him
  • Would be very enthusiastic about going to buy things for your home
  • “Okay, but be careful not to break anything.”
  • Five minutes later you hear something breaking.
  • Turns one of the rooms into a studio
  • Would treat you like a Queen
  • Raps little poems for you
  • Always buys you lingerie
  • Takes you to France 
  • Arm around your waist
  • Or shoulder if you’re walking down the street
  • Small pecks in public
  • Loves when you show off your ring
  • Will talk about his wife all the time
  • Loves when you’re talking about him and calls him husband
  • Him being in the studio till late 
  • Putting on lingerie to distract him
  • Success
  • Him undressing you on the way to the bedroom
  • Very kinky
  • Ties you to the bed 
  • Body worship
  • Afterwards cuddles you
  • Midnight love confessions
  • Always reading a book
  • Wants to talk yo you about the book in the most unfortunate moments
  • While you’re doing your make up
  • He’d be like
  • “So in chapter 9 he really discovers how everything he thought about life is wrong and…”
  • “Shit I just messed up the eyeliner. What were you saying babe?”
  • -_-
  • Asking for your opinion about his music
  • Lyrics about you
  • Your body mostly
  • And your sex life
  • “Namjoon, you’re not seriously thinking about releasing this mix tape are you?”
  • “I kinda already did.”
  • Wanting to punish him for that
  • No sex for one month 
  • But he would tease the hell out of you
  • And you wouldn’t resist it
  • After all your husband knows exactly how and where to touch you
  • And you would go on three rounds in one night
  • Lots of dirty talking 
  • Doggy style
  • A very sexual couple
  • Would take you to the nicest hotel in your anniversary
  • Adopting two cats
  • Rapper line coming over to his studio
  • Taehyung coming without notice asking you to help him convince the other to participate in cypher
  • They say no
  • Having to take care of the maknae line like your children
  • Your cats are more independent than them
  • Always letting him know how proud you are to be his wife
  • Him feeling way more confident because of you

  1. Husband Jin
  2. Husband Jimin
Robb x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being betrothed to your life-long friend, Robb Stark, and having an awkward conversation about your future wedding night.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

Hey, loveeee! Are your requests open? May I have a one shot/imagine with Robb? Maybe he and S/o being friends, like really good friends, but get awkward around each other after some alliance or being betrothed? And please, with happy alive Stark family?? Love your writhing! S2s2

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Nashcon 2017 things

because I haven’t seen a post like this yet (it’s probably been done anyway tho)
- gold row a seats 37 to 42 never showing up and greatly irritating r2 because those are the best seats and they were sold but the people who bought them just didn’t show??
- “go jacket off”
- organ vs piano, “pianist”, “fiddling with my organ”
- r2m were asked if they could switch parts (meaning roles) what would they do with each other’s parts, and r2 immediately started talking about how they’d fondle Matt’s…parts.
- a certain someone with a suspiciously high voice with a weird attempt at some accent started going on about how much r2m love Misha and how one of them, but they wouldn’t say who, even calls his wife Misha (it was Misha, of course.)
- Misha saying he stopped doing Cooking Fast and Fresh with West because his kids got camera shy and “it’s espionage”
- “where’s Samantha?”
- a little girl dressed as Iron Man going on stage with Sam
- j2 in hysterics over “bumhole” (edit: I have been informed that it was actually “bunghole”. Pretty funny either way though.)
- Jensen responding to a question with “I got it! I don’t know.”
- Jared talking in an exaggerated southern accent and Jensen saying that was his new fear
- Jared being scared of bears because “they’re big”
- Jared’s version of talking with an accent is saying where he’s from
- Jensen thought the ending of Supernatural should be left open for the movie a couple years later, but Jared said they need to die because as long as they live they’ll be hunting and having a movie afterwards “isn’t ending it Jensen”
- Mark Sheppard saying if he was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing, it’d be Donald Trump: “it’s called taking one for the team”
- Mark S replying to a fan introducing herself by name by saying “no you’re not, you’re perfect”

feel free to add on!! I know I missed a heck of a lot

I’m sitting here just thinking about how much Silver loves Madi and as per usual, it’s fucking me up fam.

Let’s make a list shall we:

I mean he openly admits to Flint that Madi is his weakness and is visibly affected by the thought of losing her.

“Would I be enough for you?” !!!!!!!!

Literally crumbles when he thinks Madi is dead and that scene with him in the cabin and he’s looking like his world has ended.

That scene with the Maroon Queen and the beautiful way he talked about her and HE ACTUALLY SAID THAT HE LOVED HER IN THAT SOFT KINDA BREATHLESS VOICE.

How he was so ready to trade the cache for Madi’s life when he learned that she was alive.


How he fought to get to Madi on Rodgers’ ship and how relieved and overjoyed he was when they reunited.

Telling Flint he wants a life with Madi.

Removing Flint and bringing the treaty to the Maroons, helping to bring a end to the war mostly because he did not want to lose Madi to it.

Staying on the island for an indefinite amount of time in the hopes that Madi would forgive him for deceiving her.

Just in general, looking at her like she’s his sun, moon, and stars. Acting like she’s the air that he breathes and the reason he gets up everyday.


Day 10-Banging On The Wall-Scott McCall

Teen Wolf Imagine:#72 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 1,651

Warnings: NSFW, this is Smut! Sex, oral sex (male receiving) that’s all I can think of.

A/n: This is my first Scott smut! I hope it’s okay I’m so worried about it I suck at smut.


Coming Soon

Last Imagine

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Don't kill my wife



Prompt: the reader is Hotch’s daughter and Spencer’s girlfriend. She has to go under protection with her family because of George Foyet.

A/N: happy to write it because Foyet is my favorite UnSub ever.

You were sitting in your living room alone. It was about six months that you had to move to another state because a serial killer was threatening your dad, the chief Aaron Hotchner.
You missed him as much as Spencer. You met him 3 years ago and it was ‘love at first sight’: when he saw you at Rossi’s, in your red dress and black heels, he had to find the courage to talk to you.
He did, and now you were the happiest woman in the world.

Six months were long without the people you love, but you had to be safe, these were the words Spencer told you before you left.
Not a call. Not a message. Not a letter. It was like they didn’t exist. It was hard.

You were thinking about them when someone arrived home.

“Are you mom?” you asked.

No reply.

“Mom, c'mon!”

You stood up, but your legs lost any energy when you saw who was.
Yes, there was your mom with your brother Jack, but behind them there was a man with a gun.

“Hi (y/n), you don’t know who I am, do you?”

“N-no, sir… sorry about that.”

“Not a problem doll, I am George. I am the one who will kill you all.”

An hour had passed since the moment he told you that sentence. You were scared, angry, terrified.
You wanted your dad, your boyfriend, you wanted to be good, but you couldn’t because a serial killer was pointing a gun to your head.

“Listen, George, I know you are mad at my dad, but we didn’t do anything.”

You wanted to speak. You loved to talk to the people and you thought that maybe it could be a great thing to do in a moment like that.

“But the best way to make him suffer is to kill his family.”

You were thinking about what to do when a phone rang.

“Aaron, it is good to hear your voice.” he said putting on speakerphone.

“How are they?”

“You know, your ex-wife is beautiful, but your daughter… She looks like a goddess.”

You felt his hand touching your hair.

“I think that we will have some fun before to kill her…”

“Please, don’t touch her!”

“Spencer!” you screamed.

It was his voice. It sounded so sweet, his beautiful voice.

“Oh, doctor Reid. Nice to hear you too.”

Foyet were saying horrible things when Hotch told something to Jack.

“Jack, love, do you remember when you helped me to solve cases?”

“Yes daddy!”

“Then go, go to solve them.”

And so he did, he ran upstairs, leaving you and Haley alone.

“So, doctor Reid, how long you and (y/n) have been dating?”

“3 years. She is the love of my life.”

A tear fell down on your cheek.
“Do you want to hear the story?”

“Go on.”

“I was at my colleague’s home for a party when she arrived with Hotch. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my entire life. I went in her direction to tell her ‘hi’, but when I saw her eyes on me, I turned red and went away. A friend of mine said ‘just go, she will love you.’ He was right. We love each other, you know? I love her so much that…”

He didn’t know if it was the case to say it or not, but Foyet forced him to finish the phrase.

“The week before she left, I asked her to marry me.”

Your mom smiled. It was a good news to hear in a terrible moment like that.

“And? What did she said?”

“Yes, she said yes. So please, don’t kill my wife.”
“And don’t kill mine too.” Hotch added.

George listened all of the story, but he came for just one thing: to kill.
The FBI arrived just a second before that he could kill you, but your mom were gone. You couldn’t save her. You saw her falling on the ground. You saw her dying.
You were crying on the living room when Spencer wrapped his arms around you.

“(y/n), shh… shh… everything is finished. I am here, don’t cry.”

“Spencer, my mom…”

“I know, I know…”

“I wanna go away Spencer.”
“Ok, go home hun, we can go home.“

Some days later you were sitting on Spencer’s legs at his desk in the Bureau when your dad arrived.

“Why didn’t you tell me about that proposal?”

“Dad, we wanted to tell you, but then we had to leave.”

“Where is your ring tho?”

“Spencer didn’t buy it. I am not that type of girl.”

Hotch watched Spencer deeply. It scared you a bit, but then sweet words came out from Aaron’s mouth.
“Thank you to saved her that day. Thank you, Spencer. Welcome into our family.”

Mystery Woman [Part 5]

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Summary: Yours and Alex’s last day together.

Trigger Warnings: Some talk of domestic abuse, historical inaccuracies

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Morning came too fast.

You were both still wrapped in the sheets and void of clothing. You couldn’t sleep that night, knowing what was coming. You assumed Alex didn’t sleep either; you felt him constantly playing with your hair as he left an occasional kiss at the top of your head. You saw the sun rise from the corner of your eye hours ago, but you didn’t dare to sit up.

If you sat up, it meant that you were one step closer to ending whatever it was that you and Alexander had.

“It’s almost noon.” Alex said, his fingertips now lightly massaging your scalp.


“We should get up.”

“We should.”

“On three?”

“Guess so.”

“One, two, three!”

You both reluctantly sat up at the same time, begging for time to stand still. You felt him staring at you, so you rolled your eyes and chuckled, “What?”

“I want to make sure I remember this.”

That comment gave you the small push you needed to stand up, clutching the sheets to your body. Before you could get far, Alex grabbed a tight hold on the end of the sheet. He started to pull you back as you sighed, “Alex-”

“What?” He smiled playfully. “I can’t help it. You’re beautiful.”

“So is your wife, Alexander.”

The smile dropped at the mention of his wife. “That’s what this is about?” He asked. He had long let go of the sheet which had allowed you to grab a fresh pair of panties and a bra. He watched as you did so, trying to memorize everything about you. The way you move, talk, smile, laugh. He wanted it all ingrained in his memory in case whatever they did that day worked, and he was sent home. Away from you. “Y/N, I love you. You know that. But I can’t just leave Eliza; she’s pregnant!”

“I’m not upset about you going home to your pregnant wife. I’m upset because you’re acting like what we did last night wasn’t wrong!” You told him. “Did it feel wrong to you?” He asked.

You ran a hand through your hair as he threw the blankets off. You blushed at his bare manhood as he searched for his boxers, images from the night before flooding your mind. “Not at the time. But you’re married!” You picked them up from your feet and whistled for his attention.

He walked over to you and took the boxers from your hand, quickly sliding them on. He placed his hands on your waist and pulled you close. “I’m not saying it wasn’t immoral. But wrong? Since when is two people loving each other wrong?”

You couldn’t stand it. Being this close was exactly the problem. You couldn’t love him. He was a man from the past with a pregnant wife. You didn’t know how to be the other woman. You didn’t want to be the other woman. You turned your head as Alex leaned down to kiss you, “Please don’t make this harder than it needs to be.”

“That was so cliche.”


“Fine.” He dropped his hands from your waist. “I was just trying to make the most of whatever this is, but,” You saw him thinking intently on his next words, the pain in his heart showing evidence in the frown on his lips, “I guess we were never supposed to happen.”

You watched him silently as he gathered his clothing from every which way. Regret softened your voice as you tried to reason with him. “I’m sorry. I’m just,” You handed him his shirt, “I’m not exactly looking forward to you leaving.”

“I know.”

“But I know that you have to.”

“Look, Y/N, if I could stay, I would. God knows I would.”

“Please don’t say that.” You muttered. “It makes me feel guilty.”

Alex sighed and backed away. He didn’t know how to make you feel better. He didn’t know how to fix the broken love between the both of you. You both felt guilty for completely different reasons, but he followed through with his usual routine of bottling up his feelings. He knew that he was at the start of a self destructive path, but couldn’t find it in himself to care at the moment. “You take a shower. Clear your mind.” Alexander offered. “I’ll make some breakfast.”

The rest of your time in your apartment went by in a daze. One minute you were in the shower, thinking about last night. The next, you were in the kitchen, watching Alex zip around in a little blue apron. You knew how far gone you were when he slid a plate in front of you and kissed your temple.

Soon, you were both out and about, struggling to find your way to Alex’s house. “Just let me use Google Maps, Alexander!” You groaned. “I don’t need an app to tell me how to get to my house.” He defended. He turned around in his seat as you passed a light. “I think you were supposed to turn left there.” He mumbled.


Half an hour later, you pulled the car over in front of Alex’s home. The National Park Service had taken on keeping the home in shape, and they did an amazing job. You heard Alex’s breath hitch as he looked out the window. “She hasn’t aged a day.” He muttered.

You turned to him glumly, “You ready?”

“No,” He answered, “But we don’t really have a choice, do we?”

You could do this. You could let him go and live your life without him. You did it for years before, so why was it suddenly so hard?

You both exited the car and walked up to the house. Grabbing your purse that held Alex’s tattered uniform, you followed him to the entrance. You noticed Alex’s pace slowing as he walked up the porch steps, his hand trailing over the rail. You figured it must’ve held some memories for him. When he got to the top step, he looked behind him and let out a deep breath.

This was it. The last time he’d ever see the year 2017.

This is for the best, he thought, For your country.

You both were greeted by an employee who was too cheery for your liking. “Hello, welcome to the Hamilton Grange! How can I help you?”

“Um,” Alexander put on an uncomfortably fake smile, “We’d like to tour the grounds.”

“Of course! And would you like a tour guide?” She began writing on a sheet of paper. Alex looked a bit offended as she looked up at him. This was his home; he didn’t need some middle aged woman with twenty minutes of orientation to lead him around his own house. “No thanks, we’re fine.” He snorted.

The young lady furrowed his brow at Alex and you were quick to step in, “This guy is an expert on the Hamiltons. Real virtuoso.” You laughed nervously. A timid smile appeared on the young lady’s face as she chuckled, “Ah, I see. Well, may I have your names for your passes?”

“Um, Y/N and Alex.”

“What a coinkydink!” She giggled.

Alex gave you a look that said he was absolutely done with the woman in front of him. You placed a hand on his shoulder, whispering for him to wait two seconds. “You’ll be fine.”

“Here you go, and enjoy your visit!”

After walking away hand-in-hand, Alex turned to you. “She was unbearable.”

“I know.” You grinned. “Way too perky.”

“Annoyingly so.”

You both laughed, temporarily forgetting the task at hand. You just wanted to relish in what time you had left. So you watched as he laughed, memorizing the wrinkles at the corner of his eyes. He seemed happy, and that’s how you wanted to remember him.

Alex stopped in front of a doorway that said DO NOT ENTER. “Of course it’s the one room we can’t go in.” You scoffed. Alex looked back at you and chuckled, “Since when do you care about rules?”

You squeaked Alex’s name as he pulled you inside, closing the door behind him. “Alright,” You said. “Change your clothes.” You turned to face the wall when he smirked at you. “You know, this is what happened when we first met.” He said.

A small smile formed on your lips, “I remember. Best day of my life.”

“Okay. You can turn around now.”

And just like that, you felt like you had gone back in time four months. Alex’s hair was pulled back at the nape of his neck as he stood proud in his uniform. You stepped forward and straightened his jacket, “Just remember a few things for me, okay?”


“Spend time with your kids.”

“Of course.”

“Make sure you sleep every once in awhile.”


“And- hey!” You patted his cheek lightly as he started to lose focus. He looked back at you with a sheepish tint in his eye, “I’m sorry. Just trying to remember. What was the last thing?”

“Treat Eliza right.”

“I know, Y/N.”

“I mean it, Alex. She loves you. Treat her like a queen.”

He noticed the serious look on your face and nodded. “Okay. I will, I promise.”

You took a step back and sighed. You couldn’t believe it was finally coming to an end. “So, what is this heirloom you think will get you back home?” You asked him. You started to look around for something that looked seemed special.

“It’s an old wooden wardrobe.” Alex said. “Eliza’s mother gave it to her when we got married. She always kept it-” He opened up a big closet that, low and behold, held the Hamilton’s wardrobe. “Found it.”

You walked over to him, looking over the beautiful wardrobe that had belonged to Eliza. “It’s gorgeous.”

You didn’t know he was looking at you when he replied, “Perfect.”

“Open it on three?”

“I guess so.”

“One, two, three!”

Alex yanked open the doors and couldn’t believe his eyes. There was his dimly lit guest room on the inside, waiting for him to come home. All he had to do is step through. You peered through at his late 1700s home, noticing that it looked almost identical to the room you were in then. Whatever the universe was doing was really messing with your head.

“I guess this is it.” You told him.

“I guess.”

“You know, even though I feel bad for what we did, I never once regretted it. Regretted loving you.”

“I know.” He assured you. He cupped your cheeks in his hands and leaned down, “Can I kiss you one more time?”

“You don’t have to ask.”

He pressed his lips to yours gently, much different from your first kiss. The first kiss was filled with untold feelings and bottled up lust. This kiss was the embodiment of love. If you never loved anyone else, you would be okay. This love, this kiss has enough passion and care to last you an infinite series of lifetimes.

You pulled away from him breathless, leaning your forehead against his. He pecked your lips one last time before whispering a goodbye. He stepped inside the wardrobe and turned around slowly. You faintly smiled at him as he reached for the doors of the wardrobe. “I love you.” He said.

“I love you.” You promised.

A breath and a sad glance later, the door was closed and he was gone. You hadn’t noticed you were crying until you reached up and felt tears on your cheeks. Suddenly, your chest tightened, and you couldn’t stand being in that house anymore.

You quickly found your way out of the house, ignoring the perky employee’s prying questions and entering your car. You drove all the way home, your vision blurred by more tears.

Once you arrived, you turned your car off and cried. For hours.

Alex, on the other hand, looked around his home and felt like he no longer belonged. He wanted to be with you, no matter what year you were in, but he had priorities.

Alex heard the front door open and his instinct was to call your name. He remembered where he was and switched gears quickly, “Eliza? Is that you?”

He walked into the hallway and down the stairs to see his wife, four months pregnant and trying to carry in groceries. “Eliza.”

She froze and dropped the groceries on the floor. She thought she was going crazy. Her husband’s voice calling her at all times of the day. Clearly, she was insane, right? She turned slowly and saw Alex standing in their house for the first time in four long months.

“Alexander?” She whispered. He nodded slowly as she inched toward him. “Please tell me I’m not crazy and that you’re actually here.” She pleaded.

“Eliza, I’m here, I promise. See?” He stepped forward and touched her hand. That’s all it took to have her lunge forward in an extremely tight hug. “Alexander, I thought the British had taken you, or that you didn’t want the baby-”

“Eliza, I’m here now. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“What happened?”

“I was um,” He came up with a swift lie to tell her, “I was taken by some rogue British soldiers. I gave them a false name and they eventually let me go.”

“Thank God you’re okay.” She buried her face in his neck as he rubbed her back soothingly.

Without any sign of warning, his feelings for you came pouring out of his heart as he longed for you to be in his arms. He wanted nothing but you, and you were the one thing he couldn’t have.

So he immersed himself in work.

He want back to war, fought in the winning battle, defended the Constitution, became Treasury Secretary, and worked by Washington’s side with no breaks in between.

That is, until a woman arrived on his doorstep.

She was beautiful, that Maria Reynolds. She reminded Alex of you, of that night. A full figure, kissable lips, a dangerously seductive stare. Just when he thought you were out of his mind, a reminder came knocking on his doorstep with a claim of domestic abuse.

It wasn’t that Alex didn’t believe Maria, he did. He could see the poorly hidden scars and bruises to prove it. But when he heard the voluptuous woman whisper for him to stay, he couldn’t help himself.

The one thing he couldn’t do for you, he couldn’t help doing for Maria.

Nine years had passed, and you still couldn’t shake him from your thoughts. Alex was always at the back of your mind. The first performance you did after Alex went home had left people in tears. You had a whole new take Angelica then.

But you were long past Hamilton. You were taking a break from Broadway as you were very pregnant. You’d married a great guy, Garrett, about three years prior. You both decided to try for a child, and, after a bit of struggling, you finally got pregnant.

Fourteen hours of labor and a million profanities later, you sat in a hospital bed with your beautiful baby boy. “What do you want to name him?” You asked your husband.

“You can name him.” Garrett smiled as the baby wrapped his tiny fingers around his thumb. “I’ll name the next one.”

“The next one?” You chuckled. “I’m game if you are.” Garrett laughed. You nodded, knowing that you did eventually want another little bundle of joy.

Upon thinking of names, only one name was floating in your head. “Alexander.” You whispered. “I want to name him Alexander.”

Garrett pecked your cheek, “Alexander it is. Still not over Hamilton, huh?” He joked. You let the hole in your heart be filled with your baby boy’s love as he let out a happy noise, showing his little toothless gums.

“Nope.” You said. “Still not over it.”

TalesFromYourServer: Moment of silence for the birthday girl

Hello my fellow restaurant employees. I’ve been lurking this page for a while but this is the first time I’m posting a story. So here it is – the story of one of the most ruthless things I’ve overheard during my career as a waitress.

So, a little background. I work at a half fancy seafood restaurant in the downtown area of my city. I’ve been working there since we opened a year and a half ago, and as far as restaurants jobs go, I love mine. Great management, great staff, great food, and an amazing discount. Entrees range from $15 to $46 so we usually get a wide variety of clientele.

We have a private dining room for parties of 8-14 people, which is where this story takes place. If it’s in your section you usually get that room (separate from the dining room), and the first 6 top and 4 top outside the PDR. So, this happened on a Thursday night, and everything was pretty normal. I get sat a party of 12 in the private dining room; 6 married couples celebrating one of the wives’ birthdays.

Right off the bat I can tell that they’re all upper-middle-class and won’t really be interested in joking around with me (shitty but whatever). The wives are all fairly nice and polite to me, and the husbands are all chill – except for this one entitled asshole, who is the birthday girl’s husband.

Everything went well throughout the meal, and at the end 3 of the couples left to get their kids or something, and the other 3 couples (including Birthday Girl and Fuckwad) stayed to have some drinks and chat some more. Cool.

So I’m kind of finishing up my other tables, and I go into the PDR to clear some glasses and organize everything, and when I go in the 3 husbands that are left are discussing their “annual boys golf trip” to a golf club across the province from where we live (coincidentally, in the town that I grew up in), and while on that subject, Fuckwad starts talking about this greasy strip club that they loved going to the last couple years, but had since been shut down (due to hiring underage strippers, by the way).

After that comment, one of the wives butts in and makes a comment about how he shouldn’t be going to strip clubs, and at the very least, shouldn’t be discussing it in front of his wife/mother of his children and her friends. What follows is his response:

“Listen, don’t say that to me. It’s nice to feel fucking wanted every now and again. I’m going to go to strip clubs, see some tits and ass, get a hot young piece of ass to rub up on my lap, THEN I’ll go home and hug my kids and love my family. It feels nice to be fucking appreciated for what I am.”

After saying that he took a huge swig of his scotch and the room was just completely silent. I have never felt so fucking awkward in my life. Then his wife breaks the silence by saying, “Well, happy fucking birthday to me.” And that’s when I gave up cleaning and got the hell out of dodge.

Nobody stayed much longer after that, and the tension in the room was ridiculous. I have nothing wrong with people going to strip clubs or any of that, but the comment was completely unwarranted. If the guy hadn’t been a condescending Fuckwad the whole time I might have felt sorry for his shitty relationship situation, but I guess he’s just one of those assholes.

TLDR: Guy was an asshole, basically ruined his wife’s birthday and is probably still sleeping on the couch.

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Dan Stevens Appreciation Week

Day 7: Free Choice

I chose this vid because it is just pure genius! The way that there is two of them and that his rational mind is brit, while david is american. How he imitates Patrick Stewart. A brit, doing an american accent while imitating a brit. Brilliant!!! plus, it helps me understand his origin a little bit better. 

The pix is because his eyes!! His eyes pop out and I love it!!! You can swim in his eyes! They are beyond beautiful!  Bonus- Whenever he talks about the love he has for his wife and kids. 😍 Sidenote: I am going to miss posting these and seeing everyone else’s answers.

anonymous asked:

My grandmother told me today that Hershel's death was way worse than Glenn's what do you think .

Hershel’s death was sad and I’m sure if you loved Hershel more than anyone else then yeah it’d be worse but if we’re talking about brutality?? Nah

I think the most brutal deaths so far, graphic wise, are Noah’s, Glenn’s and Abraham’s.

Actually I can’t remember how graphic Abe’s head smashing was??? But deffo Noah and Glenn.

Hershel died an unfair death for sure but Glenn has been around since day one. He’s the reason the show exists due to saving Rick and after all the love, respect and good morals he’s shown throughout the entirety of the show, to go out the way he did, to be murdered like that in front of his pregnant wife and family… nah. It just doesn’t compare. I mean I know Hershel stood for those things too and was murdered in front of his girls but…. it’s just a totally different thing.

They’re both harsh, unfair and neither deserved it but I just can’t see how Hershel’s was worse overall.

Imagine having a small get-together with Chris.

A/N: Hey guys, I haven’t given up writing the mini-series. This is Part 4 and I’m pushing through and writing Part 5 and Part 6 today. (I am unsure as to how many parts there will be.) Hopefully I’ll get them done and schedule them to be posted tomorrow and the day after. I’ve been really busy with Christmas coming up, and work’s been hectic. So have some patience and we’ll get to the end. Okay, that’s all- enjoy. Oh yes, here are the links to the previous parts. (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts - Masterlist and Baby Fever Part 1/Part 2/Part 3) I’ll add them once I get home.

“It’s ironic, really.” Your best friend, Luca said as she watched you entertain Phoebe with the snowman plush from your mantel decor. You turned to her with a raised brow and she chuckled before she explained. “How you say you don’t like kids but are so good with them.”

“I am not good with kids,” you laughed. “You’re talking about my better half over on the couch, he’s the child whisperer.” You beckoned your head at your husband; Chris was busy watching the game with Luca’s husband and a few other friends.

“You are so good with kids,” Carly said and narrowed her eyes at your eye roll. “At my wedding, you were the only one who could get Ben’s niece to stop eating the flowers from my bouquet.” She reminded you, and you and Luca laughed. “God, help that one.”

“All I did was give her something better to eat, it was no big deal.” You waved it off and your friends rolled their eyes. “I am not good with kids,” you shook your head. “I don’t even like kids that much. Honestly- if Phoebe wasn’t my niece, I don’t think I would give her the time of day. I guess I’m just one of those horrible kid haters,” you shrugged.

“Stop it,” Luca chuckled. “You are not a kid hater, you just think you are because when you were younger you worked in a restaurant where you met your fair share of little brats that ruined you for other children.” You felt your jaw tightened at the memory of that little boy who dirtied half the restaurant in attempt to get his useless parents to pay him attention. “But you are not a waitress anymore, you’re a writer who should definitely consider having children.”

“I agree,” Carly nodded with a smile. “It is a huge change and it is going to be hard and you are going to be tired, I won’t sugarcoat it. But- it is so worth it, Y/N. Ben and I- we love Jackson. He makes us more than just a married couple, he makes us a family.” You let out a soft sigh because it wasn’t the first time you’d heard that before. “I don’t know, babe. I just feel like you are going to make an amazing mom and your kids are going to be perfect.”

“And I just feel like Chris put you guys up to this,” you joked and laughed when they did. “I am thinking about it, I just- I am not at the point of making a decision yet. I told him I would give him an answer at the end of the week and it’s only the second day,” you chuckled wearily.

“He’s eager to be a dad,” Luca smiled. “You knew Chris wanted kids even before you married him, surely you didn’t expect anything less.” You sighed with a small smile because you didn’t. “You’re not good with change, we get it but- this is going to be a good change.”

“Hold up, did Chris put you guys up to this?” You asked in a more serious tone. “Is changing my mind the reason for this get together? Because we haven’t talked about anything else, just babies.”
Chris overheard you piecing things together from the couch and pressed his lips together. He told you about the get together while you were putting up the tree, you had no memory of it but he assured you that it was planned. And it was, but it wasn’t something you knew about. You assumed it was because you were so busy that you’d forgotten about it but now that you actually thought back, that didn’t sound like you at all; you were always prepared for drop-ins because you were an ambivert that needed to mentally prepare yourself for company. He heard you scoff with realization and quickly excused himself.

“My love,” Chris hugged you from behind and you rolled your eyes, biting back your smile. “Have I told you how beautiful you look tonight?” He asked then pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Because you look ten out of ten, eleven even.”

“Told you she’d figure it out.” One of your husband’s best friends, Dean called from the couch. “Your wife is more than just banging, she’s got the brains too.” He glanced over at you and winked, making you laugh as you nodded his way.

“Watch your fucking mouth, bro.” Chris jokingly warned, purposely hugging you tighter; your man was being low key protective and you loved it. “That’s my wife you’re talking about. Don’t make me suit up and fight you.” Dean rolled his eyes then turned his attention back to the TV.

“Did you seriously bring our friends over here to sway me?” You looked up at Chris and chuckled when he pressed his lips together. “Why didn’t you tell them to bring their children too?” You quipped sarcastically but he answered.

“‘Cause then it would’ve been really obvious,” he muttered sheepishly and you laughed. “I’m sorry, okay?” He managed a small smile. “I didn’t mean to be manipulative, I just wanted you to hear someone else tell you how great it is to be a parent and how great you’ll do as a parent.”

“I know, baby.” You chuckled and kissed his jaw. “You’re trying to ease my doubt and I appreciate that, I just need you to tone it down a little so I can think.” You told him and he nodded understandingly. “No more, please? At least until the end of the week.”

“Okay,” he nodded.

Everyone chuckled under their breath, or smiled at your naivety. You had no idea and you didn’t suspect a thing; Phoebe was Chris’ master plan, everything else was just a little extra nudge. You were going to change your mind by the end of the week, Chris was sure of it. Even your friends could feel it, just spending a few hours at your house. They saw the way you looked at Phoebe; the way you were enjoying having a little person around; the way you smiled when you watched Chris play with your niece. You didn’t know it yet but- you were ready and you were going to agree to becoming the mother of Chris’ child soon.

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Dead Phone / Nate Maloley Imagine

request: rly cute fluffy imagine with nate.. like he’s finally gotten over his “no-cuff” phase and found someone to settle down with and theyre talking about starting a family (or something like that)

this was such an awesome one to write! Thanks for the request!

Dating someone that has been in the media for long wasn’t always easy. Friends and family always warned me about giving Nate a change. He would cheat on me, and he would only break my heart.
I never really believed any of that. I always knew Nate had that type of past. But everyone makes mistakes, and I loved him so much that it almost was impossible to let him go just because of his past.
Since the start we always were very quiet about our relationship to keep the haters far away, of course we posed pictures of us and once in a while snapchatted one of our dates but that was it, and we were fine until people started to wonder if we were going to get married one day, or if we were ever thinking about getting kids. Or even wondering if we were still together.

“Another comment” I sigh, looking in my Instagram notifications. “What does it say now?” he asked from the kitchen and came up to me.

"Are they still together? Like we never see them together anymore. LMAO nate might found someone better, like some wifey material”

Nate laughed, “dude what’s so funny about that?” I say looking at him. “It’s funny because they actually think I will ever find someone better than you” he says with such an silly voice, so I start to laugh. He comes closer and kisses me, “for real, turn the comment section off and BOOM no more annoying questions!” he says grabbing my phone, “Okay then” I said annoyed. Nate didn’t said anything anymore and finished whatever he was cooking in the kitchen earlier.
I started to get bored, so I just checked my phone but he died. “ugh baby?” I asked, and Nate showed up. “Can I just use your phone for a second?” I asked him and he nodded. “Sure babe, here” he handed me his phone and I logged in with my Instagram account and scrolled on my timeline. All of a sudden a message pops up, it’s from Swazz.
Swazz: so, when are you going to tell her? Like do you think she wants kids?
My heart dropped. I wasn’t the type of girlfriend that would check my guy his phone, but this time it was stronger than myself so I just had to check it.
I started to read everything they’ve been talking about the last few days. Everything was about how much Nate wanted children with me. A small smile appeared on my face. “Why u smiling?” Nate said as he stood behind me. I freaked out and he grabbed his phone out of my hands. “Oh” he said kinda getting shy. “Are you serious?” I asked him, and he nodded. “I can really see myself with you as my wife, the mother of my kids. I don’t know I just feel this way.” I smiled at him, “Nate I would love to have a family with you.” I said looking into his eyes.
he started “Really? Like you don’t hav-“ I cut him off “Nate yes, I’m serious.” He just smiled and pulled me in a tight hug. “Just imagine a little me running around with your amazing personality” he says looking around with the biggest smile on his face. I could not help but smile along with him.

/it was kinda short, I’m sorry. I just really missed writing imagines so I’m so happy to be back! Keep requesting me ideas so I never fall out of ideas again!
Much love

Secret Love part 2

Harry Styles - 1772 words (Requested)


“I’m actually really glad the night has come to an end. Ow my feet.” Sally groans as she kicks of her high heels as soon as we’re seated in the limousine. A chuckle leaves my lips, my fingers kneading through my loose hair as I sway it from side to side to get the knots that have appeared at my neck out. “How about we go out later? It’s only nine right now.. We could get dressed real quick and head out? Make-up’s already fixed anyway.” Lena proposes, Anne immediately nodding her head.

“Oh, guys, I kind of promised Harry I would meet him after this ended.” I cast my guilty glance downwards, somehow feeling remorseful about constantly ditching my bandmates whenever they go out for a secret rendez-vous with Harry. I see sympathetic looks cross over all their features before they grant me with tiny smiles. “It doesn’t matter, we see each other every day. Sometimes you have to miss Harry for weeks. Coffee tomorrow?” I nod my head frantically at Lena’s words and cross the limo to wrap my arms around her neck and haul her into my chest, Anne and Sally soon following as I feel arms embrace me and Lena in a group hug.

“What are you doing tonight?” Sally asks as she smirks my way, crossing her arms over her chest, all the girls eyes now on me as they await my answer. “Uhm, he said he was going to pick me up right after and that I should keep the dress on..” I trail off, tapping my chin as I try to come up with something Harry would want to do tonight. Of course I was spending the night and we all know what that meant, and it had been a while so I was eager to get him alone. Although I wonder what he wanted to do that meant I had to keep on the dress.

“He wants to peel it off of you himself!” Sally bursts into hysterics, drawing giggles and chuckles from all of our lips. “Miss, your stop.” The driver sweetly states as he comes to a halt and I kiss all of the girls goodnight and tell them to have fun, stepping out into the harsh wind as I try to keep my hair out of my eyes, walking as fast as my heels will let me to get out of the cold.

I take five minutes to sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet before I try and gather everything I think I need while staying a night. Usually that means I take a tube of lipstick and some mascara, tossing them into my purse before I give myself a once over in the mirror to see if I still look okay. I grin when I see Harry’s name flash on the screen, fingers swiftly tapping away to open the message.

I’m outside. xx H.

I feel the butterflies erupt in my belly as I grab one of my more dressy coats, hugging it close to my body as I leave my flat almost ten minutes after I answered. Ever since Harry had some more time for me, I never spend a lot of time here. It’s cold and lonely anyway and I’d rather hang out with either my girls or Harry and his mates. I was never someone who could be alone for a long time, only when that meant I could sleep for as long as I was alone.

My eyes widen when I see a limousine outside, not Harry’s typical Range Rover waiting for me to enter. The window rolls down and a friendly, elderly man smiles at he as he raises his hat.
“Hi miss. Harry told me to pick you up.” I grin at the man and instead of stepping in in the back, I pull the passenger door open and slide in next to the old man, smiling brightly at him as he raises his eyebrows at my movements. “Do you mind?” I chuckle as I point to my lap, indirectly asking him if it was okay to sit here.

“Well, that’s something new.” He chuckles as he puts the car into gear and takes off, a giggle leaving my lips as well as I kick my high heels off. “It’s lonely in the back. I like it out here, I can see where we’re going.” I wink, the man laughing again as he takes the familiar route to Harry’s house. We make small talk throughout the short drive, asking him about how he came to be a chauffeur and if he likes working for one direction.

“Well, Y/n, I hope you have a lovely evening.” Albert, which is the elderly man’s name I have learnt during the ten minute driving, smiles my way as he squeezes my hand.
“Thank you Albert, enjoy the night out with the wife.” I grin, winking at him as I turn my head to see my boyfriend waiting outside for me in a long trench coat, a scarf around his neck while he grins at me. “Guess this is my stop.” I say as I open the door and Harry seems perplexed when I step out from the front, waving at Albert before treading in a light jog to the steps where my boyfriend is waiting me.

“Why were you in front?” Harry kisses my cheek briefly as I push him to turn and head inside, the temperature outside dropping drastically now that it nears the night. “Albert is a nice man, I wanted a chat. I’ve missed you.” The latter leaves my lips as I wind my arms around one of his, pulling myself closer to him as he guides me into his flat. “I missed you too love.” Harry sighs as his lips press briefly to my temple before he stops, his hands gliding over my shoulders to retrieve my coat.

“Why did you want me to keep this on?” I grab two handfuls of dress and lift them, eyes glued to the dress before I gaze up to see Harry grin at me as he steps closer.
“All I wanted to do tonight was dance with you, and I couldn’t so.” Harry puts on a song on his iPhone and I shake my head with an eye roll when I hear the song I had been singing earlier slowly start as he holds out his hand. “You are unbelievable, dork.” I let my hand slide into his and he pulls me close, his other hand resting on the small of my back.

“It hurts me that that is your work.” Harry frowns, one of his hands brushing some hair behind me ear before his large hand cups my neck, thumb slowly brushing over my cheek in the process. “You don’t like it?” I frown, fingers brushing under his suit jacket to rub over his dress shirt, feeling his heat scorch through the flimsy fabric.

“I love it. But the message is quite glum, isn’t it?” Harry twirls me and I sigh out, resting my flat hands against his chest while his hands roam gently over my back. “Harry –“
“I know this sucks and I’m sorry I make you go through this.” Harry interrupts me and I dig my nails into his chest to shut him up, with helps after I have received a scowl that leaves his lips, brows furrowed. “I don’t love you any less for it. Sometimes I just – Wish I wouldn’t have to hide you.” I smile pressing my lips to his chin, Harry tilting his head so our lips can catch one another in a swift, loving kiss.

“I do this for you, you know.” Harry breathes and I know he does, he is just looking out for me, but somehow I’m willing to receive hate, be followed around and lose a bit of my privacy if that means my boyfriend can smile at me from across the room. “I know H.” It’s not the song that makes me glum, it is the conversation. I know it will never be like what I want, because Harry cares for my wellbeing. “As it says, I’m in love, and sometimes I want to shout it from the rooftops.” I chuckle drily, hoping I can put a light tone in the conversation and Harry smiles, his dimples on show and I poke one of them with my finger while winking at him.

“I have waited all night for that smile to be directed at me.” I breathe and grasp his hands pulling him towards the bedroom. “I have waited all night for something else as well.” I grin, winking again as I nod my head in the meantime, a smirk raising on Harry’s lips before he sneaks closer, his arms underneath my bum and he hauls me over his shoulder, my feet and arms dangling into the air.

“Harry put me down!” I giggle, slapping his bum repeatedly as he slowly stalks towards his bedroom, loud, rumbling laughter emerging from his stomach as I feel his whole body vibrate. When Harry lets go of me, a shriek leaves my lips and I feel my back collide with the mattress of Harry’s bed, my fingers clutching the sheets as I stare wide-eyed at Harry. “Be glad I love you.”
“I am, love you too.” Harry waves his hand at me while grinning before he slowly unbuttons his shirt and I just watch. “You know the gala next week?” Harry hums as he crawls on top of me, kissing the tops of my breasts before he inches his way to my jaw. I simply hum in response, letting my eyes drift closed at his gentle touches. “Come.”
“I’m invited Harry, I’ll be there none the less.” I breathe, his lips pressing to mine, tongue swiping over my bottom lip before he retreats. “No, is not what I mean.” He pants against my lips, pushing himself up on his arms before he smiles warmly at me, slowly blinking as if he was taking in my appearance for the first time.

“Hm?” I hum, hands rubbing over his shoulders to ease the tension that has settled there over the course of the evening, Harry humming in appreciation before he replies.
“I mean as my date. Come with me, as my date.” My eyes widen and my hands freeze on his shoulders, eyebrows furrowed as I stare stupidly at him. “What? Why?”

“I’m wondering to why I can’t hold you in the streets.” He smiles, pressing our lips together and making this a night I’ll never forget.

Lots of love,
L. xox

Give Her Back

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Words: 1205

Triggers: Sexism, Kidnapping, Screaming


“Mr. Jefferson, I hate to inform you this but your wife has gone missing. Her carriage was attacked and she was taken.”

Thomas couldn’t breath. His love. His wife. His whole world. Gone. How? He had just seen her this morning.

He couldn’t think. Did he even kiss her goodbye?

He stood up. Grabbing the messenger, he started talking quickly.

“Where? When? Did anyone see this happen?” Thomas asked, trying to get as much information as he could.

“It was near the bookstore I believe. It was only about a half an hour ago. I came right away. I think that someone named John Laurens was on his way to talk to General Washington. That’s all I know sir,” Thomas immediately took off, rushing to where he knew he could find Washington.

He burst into the room, the door slamming open with a loud bang. Washington, Hamilton, Mulligan, Laurens, and Lafayette were all there.

“Ah Mister Jefferson thank goodness you are here. I assume that you know about your wife?” Washington asked.

“Yes. Do you have any information on what happened to her?” He asked rushing to the other side of the room.

“I saw her being taken from in front of the bookstore. Apparently these men didn’t like that she was reading so they took her somewhere. I was able to follow them to broadway before I lost them. I’m really sorry. She put up a good fight, however. Oh and I found this on the ground,” John told him.

He held out his hand, Y/N’s wedding ring sitting on his palm. Thomas took it and gripped it in his hand, worry coursing through his veins.

He turned to Washington.

“Will you help me find her? Please?” Thomas asked, his composer dropping and worry showing on his face.

Washington nodded.

“Mulligan and Laurens. Go to the area where you lost her and scout around. Hamilton and Lafayette get a small group of soldiers to come and help us get her. Jefferson come with me. We’re going to get your wife back.”


You were scared and tired. You just wanted to get some new books for you and Thomas to read together before bed. The men had basically come out of nowhere!

You were just about to get in your carriage when you were suddenly yanked back. They were dragging you around, and you were screaming and thrashing. During the whole fiasco, you lost your wedding ring.

So right now you were sitting in a dark room, tired, scared, and your wedding ring was gone. All you wanted was to go home and rest in bed with Thomas, while he read to you out of a book that you both would choose.

You didn’t know if that would happen tonight or even anytime soon. Would they let you go? Would somebody find you?


Where are you?


Thomas Jefferson could not sleep at all that night. If he was able to get to sleep all he saw was his wife, scared and alone. He clutched your wedding ring close to him, as if it was the last thing that he had of you.

At four in the morning there was a knocking on his door. It was Hamilton.

“We think we’ve found her.”


Washington briefed him on the way there.

“Apparently this group of men are against women reading, learning, or doing much of anything. They’ve pulled stunts like this before, and the women are usually let go during the next few days. They were sloppy this time, so it was easier to find them. We currently have the place surrounded, but nobody has gone in quite yet.” Washington told him. Some of the worry dropped off of his shoulders.

“What are we going to do?” Thomas asked.

“You’ll go in with Lafayette on one side and Hamilton and Laurens will go in on the other. Mulligan and I will wait out here with some soldiers and nurses, just in case these men try and pull something. We’re putting all of our caution into this. I know I don’t have to tell you to be careful.”

“I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Washington. You and everyone else here.”

“Of course Mr. Jefferson. They would all do the same even if it was somebody else’s bride.”

“Thank you sir.”


You hadn’t slept much and when you did it was with one eye open. It was cold and dark.

They hadn’t touched you. Just yelled and screamed about how a women shouldn’t be reading. You just sat there with your head down, shaking slightly.

You hadn’t seen them in a few hours, they were probably sleeping. There was some sort of tension in the air, but you couldn’t tell what was going on.

You were trying to rest again when you heard the noises. Footsteps is what it sounded like. You hoped it would be help and dreaded if it was anything.

There were whispering sounds, names being called softly, and more footsteps, but you couldn’t make anything else out.

“Y/N! Are you down here darling? Sweetheart? Y/N?” You knew that voice.

It was Thomas! He came for you!

“Thomas? Thomas is that you? I’m in here!” You whisper shouted. The door slowly opened and a couple of people walked through. One of them being Thomas.

Relief was clear on his face, and he ran to you, gathering you up in his strong arms. He started peppering your face with kisses, hugging you tightly.

“Oh Y/N. Oh thank God. Oh Y/N.” He muttered. He picked you up and started walking out with you. You were shaking pretty badly so he just held you closer, muttering sweet nothings into your hair.

He took you out of the building where you were flocked by nurses trying to take care of you.

General Washington approached you.

“Mrs. Jefferson. How are you feeling?” He asked you as the nurses checked you over, Thomas never letting go of your hand.

“I am quite tired and hungry Mr. Washington. They have not harmed or touched me in any way.”

“Very good. Thomas can take you home as soon as the nurses are done giving you a once over. I have arranged for the two of you to take my carriage home.” He gave you a small smile and walked away.

All of the sudden your kidnappers were lead out of the building by the soldiers, cursing and screaming. You started shaking again, and Thomas took you over to the carriage.

The sun was rising as the two of you rode home, Thomas never letting go of you.

The servants got you food quickly and you ate as fast as you could without throwing up.

Thomas took you to bed, helping you change and tucked you carefully under the covers. He went around to the other side and got in next to, holding you close like you were going to disappear at any moment.

“Will you read to me Thomas?”

He gave you a small smile and picked up the book laying on the bedside table.

You started to fall asleep listening to his deep voice.

“Never let me go Thomas.”

“I would never dream of it my love.”


I love this.


Summary: You and Chris haven’t seen each other in years. On a random occasion he happens to run into you, but when he saw the engagement ring on your finger, he wasn’t so happy about it.

Words: 1806

Pairing: Chris Evans (x) Reader

Warnings: I don’t think there’s any. Maybe it’s a little angsty at a few points, but nah

It has been years since Chris has been in Boston for longer than a couple of days or maybe a week. He became too busy as an actor and only visited his family on holidays or whenever he was taking a few days or a week off.

It hasn’t been the same though. Before he was acting so much, he used to spend a lot of time here. Spend a lot of time with his friends. Of course he still had them and did spend time with some of them when he could, but still it wasn’t everyone.

Y/N used to be his best friend since high school, but when L.A. became a second home for Chris, they’ve lost each other for some reason and now it has been years since he has seen her. He didn’t even know if she was still living in Boston or moved away. Or if she even wanted to be his friend anymore, now that he was known worldwide.

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Draco Malfoy Imagine

Rating: pg
Requested: sort of
Warnings: light swearing
Summary: you and Draco become more distant and you go to his mom because something seems fishy.

Y/n pov

He was being more distant then ever and I was getting quit worried. I don’t know why but I always kind of knew this would happen. That he was to good for me and I knew my time was up to call Draco Malfoy my boyfriend and partner in crime.

But I wasn’t entirely sure because I was just at Malfoy manor this past weekend and his mom was just telling me how in love he was with me. So maybe I was just being paranoid. But I couldn’t have been. Right?

I started getting worried last week. He would never carry on conversations, he left the common room before I woke up and he never sat beside me during meals. To think about it I never saw him during meals.

Even my friends were starting to notice and they were even getting worried for me. I really had no idea what to do except go to Narcissa and ask for her advice.

*that night*

Being a pure blood Slytherin I could get away with quit a lot. Like leaving school grounds during the week (Idk if this was an actual rule but for the sack of the imagine just leave it be) so I used that to my advantage and flashed myself to Malfoy manor.

I knew I wouldn’t see Draco and the manor because he was in his room all day today.

I knocked on the door and a very worried looking Lucius opened the door.

“What a.. surprise y/n. What do I owe this visit for?” He said to me

“I was coming to talk to your wife about Draco. He seems quit distant lately and I was getting worried.” I said looking up at him

“Oh yes, she had mentioned you coming over. Come in. I believe she’s in the kitchen.” He said moving out of the way

I walked in and remembered all the lovely memories of Draco and I as kids and as we grew up. All the memories came flooding back and it was almost to much for me to handle but I had to be strong.

I walked into the kitchen and saw my second mom. She turned around as she heard my boots tap on the kitchen tile floor.

“Y/n! I’ve missed you dearly.” She said as she came over to me and hugging me

“I’ve missed you to.”

“Now about Draco.” She said getting straight to the point

We talked for about two hours of all of my concerns and some of hers. She seemed a little more relaxed but she knows Draco better then I do, obviously.

I left the Malfoy manor feeling like I had more questions then answers. I know what I have to do.

*the next morning*

I woke up a little early to catch Draco before he left. Right as I got down to the common room I saw Draco sitting on the long green coach starring into the fireplace.

I sat at the other end of the coach and sat in silence for a few seconds until I spoke.

“It’s weird to think you can feel so close to someone one day and the next feel like you don’t even know them.”

I looked over at Draco but to my surprise he was already looking at me.

“I know the feeling.” He said back and looking back at the fireplace

“That’s hard to believe.” I said almost immediately after

“Excuse me?” He said looking at me

“You heard me. We’ve been dating for two years and one day you start shutting me out? I knew I wouldn’t always be good enough for you but I thought we would last longer then two damn years Draco! I gave you everything I had and you did to until last week. And I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m sick of wondering where you are at seven a.m and when we’re suppose to be eating.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I’m done. I’m done with trying to figure you out when I think you don’t even know who you are. I can’t do this anymore.” I said starting to sob

He stood up and knelt down in front of me. I couldn’t even look at him.

“Come on y/n, we’ll work this out. We always do.”

“No Draco, I’m… I’m do-done.” I was crying now

“Do you want to why I’ve been so distant?” He said

I just sat in silence kind of expecting that he would I would want to know.

“It’s because I need to keep you safe.”

“Safe from what?” I said really confused

I was really confused because I always felt safe with Draco. He was the reason why I wasn’t bullied.

“Safe from this.” He said as he pulled his sleeve up.

I looked on his arm and saw it. I looked into those grey eyes of his and couldn’t believe it.

I stood up instantly and gave him the biggest hug ever.

His arms instantly wrapped around my waist and my arms wrapped around his neck. My head fit almost perfectly into his neck. I could feel his strong arms tense around me as if he was truly trying to protect from something.

“I had to do. I had to distant myself from you or he would kill you. I’m sorry.” He said sobbing

“Don’t be. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have been to judge to quickly.”


The rest of the day, let’s just we spent the rest of the day cuddling in the common room while watching the first crackle and ignite in patterns that were to never repeat again.

Today, I fucked up... by telling my wife about parallel universes and infinite possibilities

My wife and I have a 3 year old son who we love dearly. We often talk about how cool it would be if he were a twin. Then we could have two of them! So I offhandedly told her that in a parallel universe, it’s likely we have died and our son is alive. If we could just figure out a way to get him from his universe to ours, everyone wins. She’s been crying for two hours now over our parent-less son in another universe. And I haven’t even told her yet that swans can be gay.

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Bitter Sweet [Jaehee Kang/Reader]

Title: Bitter Sweet
Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Jaehee Kang/Reader [you]
Summary: It’s been two years since you adjusted to living with and working with Jaehee. One day, she sits you down and makes a confession.

A/n: Long time no see. Should be working on school but aaaaaaaay. This is for Jaehee because idk how many fics with her there are. Be supportive. Show Jaehee fics love. Show Jaehee love. She’s as integral a part of the game as any of the male bachelors. SUPPOOOOORT.

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Request: Can you do a super smutty Jensen X reader with a lot of dirty talk by Anonymous

Words: 894

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Originally posted by ohmysupernatural

Warning: Smut

A/N: Not dirty talk in it, sorry!

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anonymous asked:

Kirk and his S/O visiting family on earth head cannons?

Y U DO DIS. Reblogs and likes are appreciated! Have a good day.

Originally posted by sherryzizi

  • Imagine visiting your parents.
    • Of course, they’d heard things about Captain Kirk, but were eager to finally meet him.
    • Your mom(lowkey) thinks he’s really attractive,  probably pinches his cheeks when you introduce him. Tells him things like, “You’re better looking than (Name) told us! Isn’t he?” She looks at your dad, who is just glowering at Kirk. Kirk grins at your mom, and ignores your father’s glare, and says, “I can see where (Name) gets her good looks from.”
    • Classic.
    • Your dad is(lowkey) skeptical about him, because of things he heard about Kirk over the years. (That mainly being that he didn’t think before acting, and that ended up in some messy situations.) Your dad just wants the best for you.
    • Kirk is a mess, but he makes it look good. Any sort of nervousness wasn’t showing, considering he had panicked almost the entire way here because he really wants to impress your parents.
  • “You’re sleeping in separate rooms,”
    • Is what your mom and dad decided. 
    • Kirk smiles politely, though he really wanted to sleep in the same bed as you. He understood why not though.
    • You try to argue though, and it’s interesting to watch because Kirk’s never seen you interact in such a way. Which was that of: Cutesy, puppy dog-ish and pleading. 
    • Needless to say, it worked on your mother, but your father still insisted on separate rooms.
    • “If you want to sleep together, you can go to a hotel.”
  • Minimal PDA.
    • Kirk pressing his hand to the small of your back. Your dad glares, and he brings his hand up.
    • Kirk smiling and kissing your forehead slowly. Your dad glares, he backs off.
    • Honestly, Kirk is a little intimidated by your dad.
  • You showing Kirk your old bedroom, which actually, stayed the same all these years.
    • He makes a few playful jabs at all the stuffed animals and some vintage rock n’ roll posters on the walls.
    • “Don’t tell me this is where you had your first kiss,” Kirk laughed, gazing at you through his beautiful, blue eyes. You nodded shamefully, heat attacking your face.
    • “Some guy, Joe, in the 11th grade. It was a really awful kiss.”
    • “I bet mine are better.” He pulls you closer by your waist, causing you to chuckle. But, right before your lips touch, your mom walks in to announce that dinner is ready.
    • Awkward.
  • Kirk feeling a bit out of place at dinner, because he honestly can’t remember the last time he sat down at a dinner table, with a homecooked meal in front of him.
    • He stares at his plate for a few minutes, being tugged back into reality as you lean over and ask him if he wants any mash potatoes, which he gladly serves himself.
    • This sort of thing always reminded him of his home in Iowa, and his mom.
    • He makes a mental note to take you to meet her the next time he gets shore leave.
    • Gives your mom a really warm, and sweet smile as he thanks her for cooking.

Your dad is just staring at him, eating his food. It’s then, that the conversation starts. “(Name) tells us you’re a Starfleet Captain.”

This doesn’t surprise Kirk, but he still swallows thickly and nods, taking a drink of water before replying, “Yes sir, I am.” You’re sitting there awkwardly between the two of them, looking at your mom for assurance. She nods at you, but it doesn’t calm your nerves.

“How did you two meet?”

“I told you how, Dad.”

“I want to hear it from him.”

Kirk stays quiet for a few seconds and looks over at you before speaking, “I was on a short stay at Starfleet Academy a year ago, when she was still a cadet. But, now she’s an officer-”

“Is that a conflict of interest, you, a Starfleet Captain dating a Starfleet officer?”
You glared at your father.

“It would be if she was under my command, but she isn’t.”

“I told you dad, I wasn’t assign-”

“She wasn’t assigned to my ship, sir.” Kirk said rather sternly. “And even if she had been, I wouldn’t love her any less than I do right now. Starfleet regulations or not, I would have kept loving her.”

“Would you give up your position as Captain for her?”

“You’re damn right I would.”

Things got quiet after that, and after the epic stare down your father gave Kirk. You picked at your food for a few minutes, before ultimately deciding that you weren’t hungry anymore, “Are you done?” You asked Kirk, watching as he nodded silently. Picking up both your plate, you sat them in the sink and returned to the table.

“I don’t get why you have to pick fights with every guy I bring home,” You said to your dad, holding out your hand for Kirk to take. He did so, very gently, standing up and pushing his chair in, “I don’t get why you can’t just be happy for me like mom is.”

Kirk thanks your mom once again before walking out with you.

  • Sitting on the swing that was on your parent’s front porch, in silence for a few minutes as his fingers rubbed yours very gently. You having to explain to Kirk that it was nothing personal and that your father has always been like that.
    • By the end of the explanation, Kirk thinks he finally understands.
      • “He’s just afraid of losing you. And I can’t blame him.”
  • And he had some explaining to do, revolving the fact that he had just admitted that he’d give up his position to be with you if that situation ever occurred.
    • “I love you,” He whispered to you, “and I can’t lose whatever it is we have… Someday… Someday, i’m going to want to get married, and have kids… And I want to be there for them, like my dad never was… He was a good man, don’t get me wrong. But,” Kirk stopped for a moment and sighed, “i want to be a better one.”
    • Things get all sappy after this, and you say something along the lines of, “you’re already a good man, your father would be so proud of you.”
    • And Kirk just looks at you through really sad eyes, because while he never knew his own father, it’s a bit heart wrenching to see how much your father cares for you, to the point where he’s defensive, and Kirk almost breaks out in tears but controls himself when you lean over to kiss him.
  • He’s always wanted something like that. In a lot of ways now, he admires your father.

Walking inside after an hour of talking to one another, and you go off to help your mom with the dishes, and Kirk goes off to talk to your dad. Who is obviously hesitant about starting another conversation, because unbeknownst to the two of you, his wife gave him an earful about being rude this evening.

Kirk just stuffs his hands into his tight jeans and sits down across from your dad, who’s still at the table.

“Listen,” He starts slowly, “I love your daughter. So much.” Kirk swallowed back his emotions and let him speak for him, “I would… Give up my position as Captain of the Enterprise for her, for a chance at a semi-normal life with her, to get married, to have kids, and all that good stuff…”

“And I know, you probably have an idea at what sort of guy I am. James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise with a reputation for sleeping around with women he has no emotional bond with.”

“Something changed when I met (Name), though… Something I… I was hoping maybe you could tell me… It’s really apparent that you’re close with her, so maybe you could shed some light.”

Your father stayed quiet, but nodded a response to tell him to continue. Which, he did. “She had really strange aura, when… when we first met. I couldn’t read her off the bat, and if we’re being honest, she played hard to get,” Kirk shuffled, “She intrigued me and I guess I fell for it, because here we are…”

“What are you trying to say, Jim?” Your father mumbled.

“No matter what you say, or think about me, won’t change anything I feel for your daughter. A year ago, I was out of control, using women to fill a void in my chest because… Because the sort of warmth that (Name) gives me is something that was rare in my life before.”

“I can see where she gets it from, you know.” Kirk smiled slightly, “The defensiveness, homeliness and the happiness. She grew up in a good home, unlike me. She grew up with both parents, always there for her when she needed them, unlike me…

“It’s something I admire about her, something that I…have wanted. And it’s something I plan to give my children, someday.”

“I just want you to know that… I have absolutely no intentions of ever hurting her. And if I can see something in my future that may be harmful to her, you can bet I’m going to do all I can to keep her safe, and if that includes telling her we can’t be together anymore, despite my heartbreak, I’d do it to keep her safe. Because to me, that’s what matters.”

“I’m a reckless Captain, so I’ve been told. But, I’m not a reckless boyfriend. Not anymore. I grew up, finally. Thanks to your daughter. And for that, I’m forever thankful for her, and for you and your wife raising her the way you did.”

“I hope someday, you can see that. And you can see past all the things you’ve heard about me, about what I do…”

“She’s a lot like her mom,” Your father finally spoke, “she’s got this sort of spirit that I can’t explain, but it’s what drew me to her in the first place. And watching (Name) grow up, I always tried to keep her safe because I thought that spirit would get her into trouble one day,” He cleared his throat and looked at Kirk, “trouble like you.”

It got quiet for a minute, “Just don’t break her heart, or I’ll break your pretty face.”

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