i love the way he speaks

It's so fitting that Andy explained Rick telling Michonne that he loves her in this way:“I like to think it’s said in my eyes every time that we speak.”

Andy has been playing Rick with heart eyes for Michonne since before they were canon. The way Rick looked at Michonne all those seasons ago is one of the reasons I started shipping them. It’s actually pretty great to hear this from the man who brings Rick Grimes to life. It validates what many of us have known for a long time: Rick looks at Michonne with absolute love and adoration.

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“I love you. I’m in love with you.”

He isn’t sure he hears you right at first. In fact, he’s certain he’s heard you wrong. If he’d heard you right…

He feels his hands begin to shake, violet eyes staring at you with such intensity that you couldn’t look away if you wanted to. He’s searching for any sign, any way that this could hurt you. Looking for the way your face contorts when the headaches come back, looking for even the slightest bit of hesitation. A bright, warm feeling explodes through his chest as he finds none.

“I love you, too,” Asra says, hands still shaking as he runs them through your hair, down your back, over your shoulders, then back to your hair. He can’t seem to stop touching you as he speaks, desperate to be certain this isn’t all a dream.

“You have no idea how much, I…” He pauses, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips, hands steadying themselves on your shoulders. “I would do anything for you, everything- I’d - Seeing you hurt, seeing you in pain, I can’t tell you how much that hurt me, how badly I want to keep you safe, I promise I’ll always keep you safe, for as long as you’ll have me-”

Words seem to fail him as he kisses you again. This time, he holds nothing back.

RWBY Volume 5 Episode 2 Recap (spoilers)

Wiggety what, what’s that-ITS THE MICKSTERECAP!

1:31 This action packed science fantasy starts out swinging with-A SAD OLD MAN SITTING AT HIS DESK! Edge of my computer table I am.

1:34 ZOOP-its Piccol-I MEAN-Watts, VILLAINY TIME!

1:54 …okay I know that all schools have secret rooms of secrecy, but that looks WAY too villainous. Watts redecorated didn’t he? You gotta learn when to say NO Leo.

2:08 We are then treated to-THE ORB GRIMM OF MYSTERY! What could it possible do? TURNS OUT…its basically a video phone…huh…makes sense but admittedly disappointing. 

2:30 Watts acts like a sassy bitch and-CINDER SPEAKS! HOORAY-now she can insult people again!

3:00 Leo than says that HE found the Spring Maiden but ol’ ARTHUR WATTS( I LOVE that his name is Arthur that rules) gets the credit. Never working for that eldritch witch if I get the option…okay yeah I would, I’m broke as FUCK!

3:34 Oh MAN Cinder’s hate boner for Ruby Rose is STILL GOING STRONG!

3:50  HYOO BOY-the orb latched a tentacle to Leo! We’ve all seen enought hentai to know where THIS is going!

4:48 “Tyrian’s in need of a new tail”…she says that…like he can get ANOTHER ONE?! Hyoo boy, some unlucky scorpion faunus is GIVING A TRANSPLANT!

5:10 We then close out that convo with Watts saying the students AREN’T pushovers. Well ain’t that nice!

5:38 Cinder then argues with her Mom that things are going to slowly-RIGHT-before she says she wants a word with Tyrian. Ooooooooooooooooh, someone’s getting grooooooooooooooooooounded!

6:45 Cut to Weiss still on cargo ship 3-THE FIGHTIN’ TRES-looking over and seeing everyone’s favorite fantasy cliche-FLOATING ROCKS IN THE SKY! Like the Strawberry battlefield up in this bitch.

6:58 ZOOP-scratch that,  pilot says their “No-where good”…which means BATTLE TIME BABY!

7:10 CRASHING SKY SHIP-this is my FAVORITE place in Remnant now!


7:50 ….well shit, those people are dead. Work faster next time Weiss-GOD!

8:09 Weiss finally states she’s done with this do nothing bull shit, AS IT TURNS OUT-Cargo ship 3 has…a FUCK ton of Dust in it! Atlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas is smuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggling!

8:22 There’s just something satisfying about loading a sword with bullets, just magical.

8:50 The cargo door is open, BLASTING wind, but thankfully Weiss’s skirt never flips up! Some damn sturdy combat skirts.

9:13 Its at THIS point I just realized something…why doesn’t that ship have built in defenses? You live in a world where MONSTERS not only exists but will also kill you without a moment’s notice.

9:44 AND THEIR HOOKED-holy crap it can’t even take a simple Grimm hook-WHO DESIGNED THIS CARGO SHIP?!

Basically this was the scene in general:

Weiss: I GOT ONE!

Pilot: Great kid, don’t get cocky!

10:51 Geeze Weiss, are you tired? Only been out of the game for a season, DAMN your out of shape.

But enough about that- QUEEN LANCER BOSS BATTLE!

11:20 Oh man its immune to magic-TRY THROWING FURNITURE AT IT!

11:52 Weiss I JUST said it was immune to magic, you wasted all those dust crates for NOTHING! Bad ass explosion, but still.


12:20 Ladies and gentlemen, the return of-WEISS’S BAD-ASS WOW LOOKING KNIGHT! Which…she probably should’ve used earlier but FUCK IT-it looks cool!

13:00 Sweet Jesus that was the most insane mid-air battle I’ve ever SEEN and it was awesome! Well time to crash Launchpad McDuck style!

13:30 But enough about whether Weiss and Unnamed Pilot are alive-LET’S SEE WHAT ADAM IS DOING!

13:48 We see Highleader Kahn REALLY chew out Adam for his acts of mass terrorism…but…doesn’t seem like he’s getting fired…what kind of rinky dink terrorist organization are they RUNNING-punish stricter!

15:26 HEY-its Ozpin’s exboyfriend Hazel! How you doing, death voice?


16:23 Lady wants humanity to fear the Faunus, but doesn’t want to start a war…you….you really don’t think realistically do you?

17:00 We WILL win against the humans, because mutan-I MEAN Faunus are the dominant species!

18:00 All and all this seems like a pretty standard meeting-OH SHIT-all the White fang in the room are loyal to Adam! Well I’m sure things are gonna turn out fine, every organization benefits from a strong female leade-OH SHIT-Adam just killed her!

18:50 Adam acting like the psycho he is uses the corpse he just made to further his own agenda…this got dark. Like,  RIDICULOUSLY darker than we thought this series could dark.

Also NOT to speak ill of the dead but…MAYBE she should’ve just fired him? She and Ozpin share that classic “Let a threat sit in the background and wait until it kills you” style of leadership.

19:10 Hazel: When were you planning on telling me about that?

Yeah Adam, you gotta SHARE your murderous plans, you can’t just SPRING a murder when you invite someone to the vaguely Asian inspired faunus castle! Unit cohesion is key.

19:32 Hazel: Nobody needed to die today.

Okay dude,dude, DUDE…you WORK for MALEFICENT! Don’t get bent out over a little murder!

19:48 We then see Weiss wake up from the crash and see everything’s fin-OH SHIT RAVEN…wait, your telling me WEISS found Yang’s mom before Yang?!

All in all good action based ep, and I can’t wait to see Adam lead the Brotherhood of Evil Fanus against the forces of the…X…faunus? Shoulda stopped at the Magneto joke-GRAH-what is wrong with me?! See ya next week folks!

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your daily reminder that ryan is ,,, so pure ,,,, just his unadulterated excitement at doing some Real-Ass Ghosthunting™ for a living ,,,, and Shane?? the way Shane admits to wanting to be as swept up in this as ryan is and probably is excited about this stuff too because who knows?? maybe one day something will change his mind, but for now, he can't complain about getting to do dumb shit with his Ghoulfriend™™™ ,,,, man this is incoherent I just love the bois so much

that was 1000% coherent and I 1000% agree with you like damn, why are they such best friends stoked about getting to hunt some spooky things with each other damn like name a better friendship

“… You do care a little for me, I know’ - for Clive had protested - ‘but nothing to speak of, and you don’t love me. I was yours once till death if you cared to keep me, but I’m someone else’s now - I can’t hang about whining for ever - and he’s mine in a way that shocks you, but why don’t you stop being shocked, and attend to your own happiness?’

- Maurice, E.M. Forster

FIND the pumpkin🎃 in this picture if you want 🙂 This time it’s too easy to find it, it’s not even worth to be called a challenge :P ✨Here’s my daily uplifting post for YOU✨

Respect 👵elders. Respect 👶minors. Respect ⭐everyone. There are no boundaries or classes that define a group of people that deserve to be respected. Treat everyone with the same level of respect💎 you would give to your grandfather and the same level of patience you would have with your baby brother, except the #Grinch, he deserves a higher level of respect and love. 💚 🌒🌕🌘
“I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university.” — Albert Einstein

Give me a Dark God Ryan, God of Death and the Underworld. The protector of those who died too soon and kind guardian to the kids whose time was cut short. A shoulder to lean on for those who worry about the ones they left behind. A gentle hand, a soft word for those who found no peace in life, open arms for those who lived a full life and are ready to rest. Who reserves his wrath for the most despicable people to enter his realm.

Give me a Dark God Ryan who knows and hates his reputation as a cruel and uncaring god, but doesn’t really know how to fix it, and sometimes even uses it to keep the other gods from interfering with his realm. He rarely speaks because the words get tangled in his mouth and he can’t make them come out right.

I want a Dark God Ryan who has a massive bull named Edgar who guards the way into the Underworld. Give me a Dark God Ryan who loves to find out how things work and has a workshop cluttered with books and half finished projects. His underlings know he can be bribed with cakes and cookies. I want him to be a sucker for romance, and he’ll let a grief stricken but determined person walk out with their lover with ridiculously easy stipulations. 

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uh I’m in love with the cutest bean boy but I’m taller than him I’m a girl, guys don’t like girls who r tall

That’s not strictly true! Guys aren’t one homogenous group - there are plenty of men who don’t care either way, or actively like tall women. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a tall girl. Tall girls are beautiful! (speaking as someone who likes girls, I love tall girls, I think tall girls are wonderful and gorgeous and a blessing to this world)

If a guy’s masculinity is so fragile that he won’t date someone because she’s taller than he is, then that guy isn’t worth your time. If this guy is a sweet guy, then the odds are that he won’t care. The important thing in a relationship is having personalities that match, not being the right height, so don’t let a little thing like that hold you back from taking a chance, and if it does bother him, then he isn’t the right guy for you. 

I hope things turn out well for you, and remember: no matter what guys who are insecure in their masculinity say, you’re beautiful whatever shape or size your body is 💕

you know what i love so much about niall’s social media. he just uses it like… any of us? like he doesn’t really use it like a celebrity most of the time. esp with his snapchats and insta story like he just posts sleepy selfies or embarrasses his friends or films things he thinks are cool. and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a celebrity and crafting your sm presence to be very tailored like press releases or w/e but i just love that following niall is like following an ordinary person. it’s so casual and everyday and i enjoy that so much

animation/character design talk

First i’ll talk about smaller details cuz why not? 

The animation crew really go above and beyond with detail, like here for example, adding in this small detail of Neil struggling to keep his balance is nice to see because it really adds just that little extra layer of ‘awkward noodle limbed kid’ that is Neil to a T.

The slow movement that builds up in contrast to the quick snap back to their initial position is so fluid and it’s satisfying to watch here. Moments like this really gives so much personality to the characters and adds emphasis to their speech in very much the same way real people speak with their movement and actions.

I know i already talked about this part before (specifically the use of stretch and squash) but i can’t help but bring it up again because It’s SO good. I love how David is animated, he’s constantly being exaggerated and it fits his character perfectly. This jump is so extra….!??

Even when characters are standing still, they all stand different from one another in a way that says something about their characters.


  • Neil’s raptor hands
  • Max’s hands in his hoodie
  • Nikki’s hands on her hips 

If they were silhouettes we would still be able to tell who’s who 

thoughts on the character design:

I really appreciate that everyone has different shapes in their designs, no one shares the same shapes. (except Daniel and David obviously because they’re twins) Almost all the campers even wear their Camp Campbell T-shirts differently! I also like the variety of different skin tones. In many animated series/films there’s a tendency to make everyone look too similar, I’m glad cc avoided doing that. Everyone’s design is very pleasing to look at. 

btw feel free to add onto this post if you want!! 

keith being so scared to break is the most heartbreaking thing to me. notice the way he hides his face with his hand when he’s about to crumble. how after his outburst and apologies he avoids direct eye contact with the camera on and off throughout the rest of the video. he’s trying so hard to stay composed. this is the same boy who fought countless members of the BOM and didn’t cry once, but being alone and talking himself into a corner, unwrapping himself even though it’s just for him… it’s too much for him. and that tbh.. speaks volumes for his character


David Tennant on the Tenth Doctor’s outfit


@sejjoh asked: favorite seijoh boy?

iwaizumi hajime

((Jeremy and Michael are having a duel to see who has the stronger avatar. For the moment it looks like Jeremy has won the upper hand, he has Michael pinned and is about to deal the final blow to win but then Michael’s eyes go half-lidded, a dopey smile comes onto his face and a red flush spreads across his cheeks and he says, dreamily, “I love you”

Jeremy is totally caught off guard, immediately his face goes bright pink and his mouth drops open. Michael takes the opportunity and deftly flips them over before holding his staff to Jeremy’s throat, raising his eyebrows and giving him the smuggest grin.

Ny0, after realizing he’d been tricked, holds his hands up in surrender. Then he glares at Ehm half-heartedly and mumbles, “You cheated”

And then Michael smartly responds with, “All’s fair in love and war, babe”))


I look like a guy from the 1980′s waiting for his girlfriend at the subway station.. did they have green tea latte back then?

Yuuri’s English

So in my mind, Yuuri speaks ridiculously good English. And although his accent would probably never fade entirely, it’s likely very faint and neutral. This comes about from Yuuri just being, well, Yuuri. Yuuri hates standing out too much, right, so I firmly believe that he would practice his pronunciation as much as possible, until people could almost mistake him from actually originating from Detroit. 

That boy has probably swallowed a grammar text book too, embarrassed when people giggled his first week when he made a little mistake here and there. Of course over speaking it solidly for four years, in a less natural way, he knows his grammar rules better than some native speakers. International reporters love him because of this (none of the language barrier awkwardness). 

He’s also 100% better at the language than Viktor is. Although we know he’s fluent, there’s clearly going to be a difference between somebody who has lived in an English speaking country for years, and someone who isn’t using it constantly. I can totally see Viktor forgetting really weird words every now and then like ‘elephant’ or something, and trying to describe it with odd terms such as ‘giant horse with long nose’ until Yuuri supplies what he was trying to say.

Although this doesn’t say that much, I will note that Yuuri is dubbed with an American accent whereas pretty much everyone else who doesn’t live abroad carries their native ones, so it kind of confirms my thinking a little? 

So when isn’t Yuuri so great? 

  • When he’s sleepy 

If Viktor ever tries to ask him something when he’s on the verge of sleep/just waking up, Yuuri will respond with either a mumble, or very fast Japanese because he hasn’t registered where exactly he is. Viktor finds this adorable and just tucks him back in.  

  • When he’s nervous 

AKA why not so many people internationally know that Yuuri is so great with the language. When his anxiety peaks before competitions, Yuuri kind of forgets all the pronunciation notes he’s forced himself to remember and such, and on occasion gets mixed up. Sometimes he has to talk very slowly to remember the next words so everyone kind of assumes he’s very serious. 

  • Essentially when he’s emotionally overwhelmed 

I believe this to essentially be canon. Remember this in episode five?

A lot of the time I noticed that Yuuri pronounces Viktor’s name with a hard ‘r’, but in this scene he says it with more of a ‘ru’ sound which is closer to how you’d write it in Japanese (at least, I’m mostly sure about that. I’m not Japanese.). And whilst I’m pretty sure he also says it like this a few other times, I find happy Yuuri not controlling his pronunciation very sweet. 

Also sad and angry Yuuri. Angry Yuuri can hardly even be understood when he’s ranting (he’s also too angry to care about this anyway).

  • When he’s drunk 

This is actually canon! Reports from the museum all say that Yuuri gets very Kyushu accent when he’s intoxicate. Also, may I remind you of “BE MY COACH, VIKTORRRRRRRRRRRR!” 

  • during sex   

On a totally relevant side note, we know that Yuuri can dance hip hop well, so humour me in my headcanon that this boy can rap. Maybe not freestyle, but he can certainly recite some popular verses. It’s probably Phichit’s fault.