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How painful is it to post submissions with misspelled words? i.e. "shepard"

lol I have a love hate relationship with captions. I think you’ll find that I don’t always read them until they’re posted. They can really ruin a picture - like that weird one recently with the puppies rescued from under the church?? The line about the priest totally ruined the picture and took away from the cute pups. If I had read that when I queued it, I probably would have taken it out. But I get way too many submissions, so I just skim them to make sure they don’t say anything about death or abuse or being a wolf.

When it comes to spelling, I do know that English isn’t everyone’s first language, so sometimes poor grammar or spelling can be the result of a language barrier. I don’t really bat an eye at that stuff, more so the “this is my dog, he loves jumping out of moving cars” stuff.

The Pig Prince {yoonjin fanfic}

With all the recent crap that’s been going on concerning Jin, and then after watching his vlive, I just had to write something. I wanted to do something to show my love and appreciation for this prince, and being a writer, this was the best way I knew how. I realize it’s a little rough, and I’m currently very tired from staring at a screen for so long, but - what can I say? - anything for my darling. 

I should say that Jin has helped mend my relationship with food immensely. I owe him so much, and I just want people to know how amazing he is. I know that I’m completely lacking, and my abilities as a writer do not even begin to do him justice, but I sincerely hope this gives some idea as to what Jin is to me, and to a lot of people. Please show him love and support, let him smile, and let him know how much he means to you 🙏🏻✨

I finally enjoy food now, and I owe it all to Jin. I know that no matter what, I am proud to be a pig 🐷🌹🌸

Seokjin wasn’t eating. Which meant Yoongi wasn’t eating.

It wasn’t like he didn’t try, but every time he sat down at the table, the food looked less and less appealing. He knew it was stupid, that it was a ridiculous thought, but he couldn’t eat without his hyung. After all, it didn’t make any sense. How could he sit down for food without Seokjin?

And why was Seokjin not eating? Yoongi had no idea. Technically, he did, but reasonably, there was no explanation for it. He’d gotten the vlive notification for his hyung’s broadcast when he woke up, and he was surprised by his confession. My confidence has been really low recently. I feel ugly. I don’t look as good anymore.

Yoongi was actually surprised. Him. The roommate, the one that was supposed to know everything there was to know about Kim Seokjin. How many roommate references had the two made so far? He was sure he’d seen it somewhere on social media; roommates was actually copyrighted, for God’s sake! And all the while, it turned out Yoongi had no idea that his hyung, his Seokjin, was feeling so low about himself.

“Uh- n-no, thanks,” he had replied (too often) when Yoongi asked him if he wanted to help him finish his portion of food.

He didn’t know why, but for some reason, he thought it’d be a good idea to go make the same offer. Maybe, this time, Seokjin would finally accept it.

“Hyung,” he said, walking into the room with more than half a container’s worth of Chow Mein. Seokjin had had his headphones on, and he was busy looking over the music sheets when he saw the younger member. His lips formed a tired smile, and pulled the headphones off. He held up the delivery box, “I couldn’t finish this, can you have it?”

Almost immediately, Seokjin’s smile faded. His eyes glanced between the food and Yoongi, and the younger realized he’d done something wrong. “Why don’t you just put it in the fridge?”

The look on his hyung’s face left an uncomfortable feeling in his chest. Why did he look like that? Since when did he look like that?

Yoongi fidgeted where he stood. He didn’t expect Seokjin did get angry at him. “I just thought I should ask you in case you wanted it-”

“Why?” Seokjin snapped. “Do I look like a trash can to you? You think you guys can just dump your crap onto me when you’re done with it? I do more in this group than just eat, Yoongi.”

When he was done, Yoongi was left with his mouth open. He stared at him with disbelief. “H-Hyung, I know that. You- you haven’t eaten in days, and I was worried about you.” He walked towards Seokjin, opening the white container. “Look, see, it’s not because I couldn’t finish it. It’s still completely full, I just wanted you to get some food.”

Seokjin’s face softened as he stared at the delivery, then he swallowed and looked back down at his sheets. “Thanks, but I’m not hungry.”

Yoongi’s shoulders slumped. “Yes, you are.” Seokjin didn’t look up, and Yoongi could feel himself getting angrier. Could his hyung not see how ridiculous he was being? “What are you doing, hyung? I saw your vlive, since when do you talk about yourself like that?” He didn’t reply, and the boy’s fingers clenched. “Tell me.” Still, Seokjin didn’t respond, and Yoongi forcefully turned his head so that their faces were mere inches apart. “Tell me.”

He knew he was being tough, but damn it, Seokjin was supposed to belong to him. They were supposed to belong to each other, and though Yoongi wouldn’t say that out loud, he still had a right to know what was bothering him.

Seokjin stared, then his eyes glistened as he said, in barely over a whisper, “Since always.”

His brows furrowed. “What?”

Seokjin gently pulled away, wiping at his eyes as he sighed, “I’m BTS’s visual, Yoongi. Do you know what that means? It’s a fancy word to describe somebody who has nothing going for them but their looks.”

He shook his head, unable to process what he was telling him. “Hyung, that’s not true.”

He chuckled sadly, dabbing at his eyes that had already gone wet again. “Isn’t it? Think about it; I don’t get any lines in most of our songs, I don’t get much screen time, I don’t get taken seriously in acting, I have to train seven times as hard as Hoseok and Jimin to be a decent dancer- I mean, aside from my looks, what exactly do I contribute to BTS?”

“Everything,” Yoongi automatically replied, like he’d known the answer and was just waiting to use it. “You’re everything, hyung.” And it was true. He couldn’t begin to describe what he meant to him, what he meant to BTS. Only Seokjin, Yoongi thought. Only Seokjin could take away his ability to form words.

He laughed again, shaking his head and wiping at the tears that were escaping. “Yoongi, I’m so glad I have you… but that answer’s just not going to cut it anymore.” Yoongi shook his head, his mouth open with nothing to say. What was wrong with him? Seokjin was upset, he needed him, why couldn’t he talk properly? Why now?!

He waved it off with one hand, wiping at his face again. “It’s okay. It’s not the first time this,” he gestured to his puffy face, “has happened. It comes and goes, I deal with it for a few days, and then it’s gone. I can handle it, Yoongi, I’ve always handled it. Don’t worry.”

But he couldn’t not worry.

I can handle it, Yoongi, I’ve always handled it. The more Yoongi thought about it, the more his memory revealed. He suddenly remembered all the days that Seokjin had been locked in their room, his face buried in his pillow for hours on end. He remembered the days when he would sleep in, even far past Yoongi, and not get out of bed except for an hour or two. He remembered the days Seokjin would stare at his photoshoot images, then silently walk away without a word, and he’d miss meals for the rest of the day. Yoongi almost wanted to hit himself. How could he never have noticed? He claimed to care about his hyung, and yet he’d let him silently suffer on his own.

On his own. Now, that was another scary thought. Yoongi tried thinking about how to fix this, then he realized that it was completely out of his territory. This wasn’t like writing songs, where he could just consult Namjoon or the other BigHit music producers. This was different.

And yet, even as he knew that, Yoongi couldn’t help but think of the rumbling in his stomach.

“Hyung,” he said, suddenly realizing something, “if this was me, if I was the one upset, you’d… you’d hug me, wouldn’t you?”

Seokjin looked up from his music sheets, his eyes narrowed. “Huh?”

“If I was upset,” he continued, ignoring the heat quickly rising to his neck, “y-you’d hug me. You’d be nice to me, and say something sweet, and you’d pet my head, a-and… and maybe kiss me.”

He looked down, his cheeks also reddening. “What does that have to do with anything?”

Yoongi thought about it, and before he could talk himself out of it, he shrugged, “I’m not you. I don’t think like you do, and I think… I think that’s why we work so well together. It’s because we’re complete opposites, hyung.”

He blinked. “Opposites?”

He nodded, then he sat across from Seokjin and took both his hands in his, a gesture Yoongi was not so generous with. “Yes. And that gives me complete access to tell you; you’re a total dumbass.”

He stared, then, “What?”

“Yeah! You’re a stupid, ridiculous, piggish dumbass!” He kissed his hands once, then again. “Don’t you get it yet? You’re not everything to BTS because of your looks. You’re not everything because of your singing or acting, either! Hell, none of us are! Anyone can sing and dance, but you’re different. You really think people love Taehyung so much because he can reach a low note? It’s because he’s a goddamn freak of nature, and fans love that. They love that they have someone they can identify with. They love having someone that tells them it’s okay for them to be themselves and act however they want to.”

“But what does that have to do with me?”

He huffed a chuckle. He couldn’t believe Seokjin didn’t see what he saw. He brought his hands to his lips, and snuggled his face against the older boy’s palms for a moment before he said, “That’s what you do. Do you have any idea how many fans love themselves because of you? You tell them eating a lot’s a good thing, and they listen. You tell them to take big bites, and they do. You make crappy jokes that are not funny – I’m not kidding, they suck – but they’ll laugh anyway because you’re so confident with the way you talk. You’re not just everything to BTS, hyung. You’re everything to the fans.” He put his hands back on Seokjin’s face, holding his gaze steady. “So, for the love of God, come have dinner because I’m starving, and I can’t eat unless you’re eating.”

“Yoongi…” he trailed off, his eyes watering quickly, and the younger began to panic. It looked like his tough love approach hadn’t worked as well as he thought.

“H-Hyung, I wasn’t trying to make you cry, I was only-”

Before he could finish, Seokjin moved forward, his arms around the younger’s shoulders as he pulled him in for a tight hug. He buried his face in the crook of his neck, and he silently cried.

“Hyung…” he let him cry for a few minutes, his hands running softly over the older boy’s back.

“Yoongi,” he said after a while, his voice raw and deep from sobbing.


“I’m hungry.”

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Hcs on dally and Johnny fighting over you

Why is this a thing? Dally would NOT fight with Johnny, but okay

👊 Dallas would be super flirty

👊 Johnny would just do cute, special things for you

👊 They don’t say anything about each of to her

👊 Might argue once or twice

👊 “She likes bad boys. All girls love bad boys.”

👊 “Maybe she wants a nice guy”

👊 They’ll stay away from each other for a bit

👊 Dallas is super touchy

👊 Johnny likes to take things slowly and respect your wishes

👊 By wishes, I mean he just respects you and the things you do¿

👊 Dallas eventually realizes how stupid this disagreement is

👊 And either lets Johnny have you

👊 Or apologizes to Johnny and Dally gets you

👊 Either way you end up happy

👊 And they do too

#this whole scene #was a masterpiece #how they didn’t run to eachother and kiss #cause this was not what this was about #it was not about passion #IT WAS ABOUT ACCEPTANCE #isak is touching him so softly #so genlty #like he’s rediscovering him #like he’s saying i know everything about you now #and it makes me love you even more #he’s touching him so genlty #cause he’s telling him that he’s the same even he fell in love with #that his disorder did not change anything about the way he feels about him #and about who even is #AND THIS HUG #you can see on even’s face that this was exaclty what he needed #cause isak is telling him he will always be here #that he hasn’t scared him away #and you can see even leaning in #accepting that isak loves him #and accepting himself 

The thing I love about Isak is that Isak has game

It is shown time and time again in episodes that he IS a great liar, he has a silver tongue and a way with words and can talk himself out of anything. He thinks fast, reacts and can pretty much con anyone. 

 Then along comes Even and all of a sudden he is this blushing, tongue-tied idoit that can’t think of anything to say. Can’t even string two words together. 


Because it matters. He wants it so bad. Everything else is just a game…fake. 

Even , for him, is real.

And he does not want to fuck it up. so he finds himself overthinking what he’s going to say, ends up sputtering and stammering and blushing cause WHERE DID ALL HIS COOL GO??? LOL 

 I think everyone has been Isak at one point.

Victuuri has to be canon in the YoI universe right? There’s no way Victor skating with Yuuri to “Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare” (a love song), with the choreography of Tessa and Scott’s 2016-17 free dance (that was so overtly romantic), can be interpreted as anything other than an indirect public declaration of their affection for each other. Right??? Look at all those loving gazes and caresses!

You have to wonder whose idea it was for them to do the ice dance together. Word of God says that Yuuri has been skating to Stammi Vicino alone for all the exhibitions this season, and that Victor only joined him at the GPF. So one of them must have suggested it. Victor or Yuuri? 

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Imagine if FAHC Jeremy tried to act as innocent as Jeremy did on Off Topic. 

I’m not rowdy. He says pouring a shot. 

I’m nothing like you guys. He says, after holding up a bank. 

I was a good a kid, didn’t do anything wrong. He says after shooting someone.

I mean, I may be a criminal. But I’m not like the Vagabond. He says after torturing doing an interrogation. 

Michael is always there to give him a look and say Are you fucking kidding me?

Well, I mean. Jeremy tries to defend himself. I only kill someone for self defense. 

You shot someone yesterday because Gavin bet you couldn’t hit a person from across the street with your eyes closed. 

I mean. Yeah. 

“What is it about him?” He asks me. “It doesn’t seem like he’s treating you right.” It’s a good question, and I find myself at a loss for words fit to answer.

“You’re right,” I say. “He doesn’t treat me right. But that’s what draws me to him. It’s the way that he acts like he doesn’t care, like losing me wouldn’t mean anything to him. Like I have to constantly work for his attention. You see, so many guys have tried to chase me, but the only one I want is the one who I have to work to catch.”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1144 // i only love the ones i cant have 

“Because I really couldn’t fucking tell if he loved me,” I say. “Because you know what, maybe he did love me. But he never expressed it - in words, in actions, in anything. He kept it inside and just expected me to believe him.

"I mean, yeah, maybe I could have just trusted him when he said it,” I say. “But how can I trust him? How can I believe him when there’s no proof - but there’s every indication that he loved other people?”

I look at the sky. “And maybe that’s because I’m insecure,” I say. “Either way… that’s when I learned, I guess. Love isn’t enough, sometimes.”

—  love isn’t enough sometimes

Another thing I love about Uncle Monty (as if there’s anything I don’t love about Uncle Monty.  Will I ever make another text post not about Uncle Monty? Only time will tell.), is that he doesn’t act hurt or angry or offended at all when Klaus initially doesn’t trust him.  In fact, he validate’s Klaus’s feelings by pointing out that it’s perfectly reasonable for him to feel that way. He doesn’t try to convince Klaus that he’s a nice guy or that he should trust him just because he says so. He just treats him kindly and and gives him space, and Klaus comes to trust him on his own.  It’s so refreshing to see a kids’ show where the kids are allowed to have negative feelings toward adults without it being shown as a bad thing or setting it up as a lesson about “respecting your elders” or some bullcrap.  

fire (jughead jones x reader)


pairing: jughead jones x reader

word count: 1139

request: Hiya! Love your blog! Maybe a jughead one where he is dating you but is more in love with Betty than he is with you. He tells you this and just a lot of angst. Thanks!!

warning: there’s a curse word in this, if anyone cares. also this is super depressing, yikes, sorry.

On that fateful day, there were three things you knew for certain.

The first, was that you were in love with Jughead Jones.

You really wish you could just say it was a stupid, teenage infatuation— a high school boyfriend that was nothing serious, but every time you looked at him you felt something that you couldn’t even place into words. Every time you saw his face in the hallways, pictures, down the street, in the distance, or up close— your heart would light up in some way. You remembered that looking at him when you first met felt like your heart was full of Christmas lights. You remembered very clearly, the feeling of sitting across from him at Pop’s, each of you doing your own thing, but sometimes you would look up at him and notice how beautiful he looked when he was concentrating: blue eyes reflecting computer screen colors, biting his soft lip harshly. Even worse, when he looked up at you and smiled.

You couldn’t help it: he was your first everything. Your first kiss, your first boyfriend, first everything. Sure, he was not the first person to call you beautiful, but he was the first person who made you believe it. He would often find you sitting on the roof of his tiny room at the drive-in, crying. You would always say it was because of the movie, but he would always know when it wasn’t. He would bring his hand up to your face, the pad of his thumb wiping a stray tear away. He gave you such a fierce look of sincerity in his eyes when he said it, “You’re so beautiful,” it was impossible not to believe him.

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BTS - you have a cute half smile.

Request:  Hi~~ I was wondering if maybe you could do a BTS reaction of their gf having a cute side/half smile? I hope that makes sense lol, so sorry fi requests are closed ::>.<::


“Aw! I love when you do it.” “What I do?” You asked, confused. “When you give that half-smile, it’s so cute.” He kisses your cheek. “Ohh, stop!” You say shy.


Yoongi would love this secretly. When you gave him a half smile, or for anything, he would love it. But he would never tell you.


He loves the way you smile, his heart speeds up whenever he sees your smile. "I’m so in love with it!” “With what?” “Your little smile.”


Even though everyone finds your half-smile cute, he would find it sexy. And of course, he would love it and tease you about it. “Hmm, so sexy!” “NAMJOON! Stop it.” “I can’t, is so sexy baby.”


“How can you be so beautiful?” “I don’t know, my parents made me like this.” You gave him your half smile. “That’s so wrong, you look even more beautiful, stop smiling.”


“You make everyone fall in love with your smile, you know that?” “Oh really?” You asked, smiling. “ARE YOU SEEING ?! I’m very much in love with you and your smile.” “That’s good, huh? You’re my boyfriend, you have to be in love.” “Of course…” He roll his eyes.


You two were in front of the mirror, getting ready to a party. You smiled at him and he smiled back. “Look at you!” He hug you from behind. “Look at this smile! It’s the most beautiful smile in the world, oh my God!” “Jeon, you’re so fucking clingy.” You laughed.

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But with him, it felt like everything will be okay even if it’s not. With his words, it felt like I’m always secure. Whenever I will hear his voice, and everytime I’ll browse through the pictures of him I have on my phone, I see everything I’ve ever hoped for. And it hurts, that he will never feel that way towards me.

I will never be the person he constantly misses.
I will never be the person he can’t go on a day without talking to.
I will never be the one he has to say goodnight before going to sleep.
I will never be the one he’ll be comfortable sharing anything with.
I will never be the risk that he’s willing to take.
I will never be the one he likes or the one he could possibly love.
I will never have his heart.

And I guess it’s really a hopeless case. It’s like I am the sun and he’s the sea. I will always drown with him every sunset. I will always rise with him every sunrise. But that’s all it is. We look good together but the sun can’t really touch the sea. They can never be. And I guess that’s a reminder for me, that that’s how we will always be.

We can’t.
We aren’t.
And we can never be.

i should have written this goddamn show
  • it’d be on hbo so swearing and topless people,,,, the anti game of thrones
  • confirmed gay merlin + morgana
  • bisexual gwaine + arthur
  • at some point gaius has a bong on his table and no one says anything about it
  • uther married morgana off to some nobleman and they’re best friends!! they love each other in a super platonic way and high five a lot and he helps with the nightmares and they just love each other okay
  • he’s also a knight in arthur’s inner circle
  • a little of gwen and merlin talking about boys
  • servants can read/write, but it’s at least explained
  • eric the stable boy™ (merlins ex boyfriend, season 2)
  • also merlin taught morgana magic and she’s not evil; she works closely with her brother as an advisor and a knight
  • there are dogs
  • a lot of platonic hugs and “i love you’s”
  • a different antagonist
  • gwaine kisses merlin at sometime like its normal (they’ve been seeing each other)
  • leon marries some awesome noblewoman sometime during season 3 and arthur is the best man and everyone loves her
  • ancient rome gets at least a mention
  • leon and his wife get pregnant
  • lowkey percival and gwaine are together
  • arthur and gwen talk after lancelot is in camelot for good and decide they don’t work
  • “wine and cheese club” they get drunk and talk about their problems; basically just gwaine and percival giving relationship advice to merlin and whomever
  • gwaine knows™
  • morgana blushes and smiles at cute girls
  • merlin has the mouth of a sailor
  • roman catholic church
  • mithian gets married and he’s a perfect gentleman who loves her and she’s so happy, (they stay in camelot for a few episodes)
  • sometime during season 4 they do monty python and the holy grail
  • sometime also during season 4, they’re in the woods and arthur is split from the group for some reason and bandits attack and he watches the whole thing and sees merlin using magic; he’s not angry, just hurt
  • arthur gives merlin ygraine’s ring + merlin is seen with it around his neck
  • “i bet you’d look cute grasping at the sheets of my bed” “no matter how many times you ask im not making your bed asshole”
  • arthur and gwen still get married and are best friends; although arthur is with merlin and gwen is with lance
  • gwen and lance have triplets!! and the triplets have four parents: the king, the queen, first knight and the king’s servant
  • sometimes merlin falls asleep in front of the fire and arthur has to carry him to bed
  • colin morgan in skinny jeans
  • ban on magic repealed
  • arthur suggests appointing merlin as court sorcerer and royal consort but merlin just smiles and says all he wants to be is his servant
  • epilogue where arthur/merlin and morgana and gwen/lance + all their kids!!! are having a picnic
“Lydia, you’re so smart I could kiss you right now”

Do you know what i love about this scene? 

I love that Stiles is still the only one who knows how smart Lydia is. He keeps saying it to her and making sure she knows. But he’s way more confident with her than he used to. And not only he says she’s smart, but he also proves his enthusiasm with the “i could kiss you right now”. 

You can see it takes Lydia off guard and she doesn’t laugh or say thank you or anything. She still doesn’t want Stiles to know how much she loves him, so she just says “do now kiss me”.

But Stiles do it. He kisses her on her cheek. He doesn’t care she told her not to do it. He’s way too excited. He’s just so proud of Lydia that he has to kiss her. He looks like a 8 years old boy who has been told not to play with that toy because he has to do his homework. But he doesn’t care and he goes for it. “I did it anyways”

But what really killed me was Lydia’s face when he kisses her. It’s the first time he does something like that. Yes, he has told her how smart she is. He has even told her how beutiful she is. But she didn’t expect him to kiss her. And she’s in shock, procesing what has just happened. And then she realises how much she cares about him. How many things she’s been through and the way Stiles was always there. She realises how much she loves him. 

And she smiles. She smiles because he told her she’s smart. She smiles because he kissed her. She smiles because she has no clue how she can be in love with such a dork. But she is. And she doesn’t regret it. 


I want to kiss him in the most innocent way possible.

Not to turn him on, or to make us do something more. I just want to kiss his lips and run my fingers though the hair on the back of his head and then pull away, looking into his eyes. I don’t want to say anything, just stare into them. Stare into what could be my future, my happiness. I want to kiss his lips and feel the words that he says, breathe the air that he’s breathing and just feel him. I want to kiss him and just know that right there and then, I’m the only thing that’s on his mind, and him in mine. I’d hug him, put my head against his chest and hear his heart, the heart that mine is currently in love with, the heart that is the only one that mine is beating for, this living, feeling, human being is mine, and I want to make sure that he knows that for the rest of his life. I want to be there for him for the rest of his life, through sadness and happiness, through bad times and good. I want to make memories with him that we will both remember and laugh about when we are 80 years old. I want to help him achieve everything he wants to do, I want to be there by his side for when he wins and for when he fails, because either way I will be there to hold his hand, and kiss him.

Not even lying one day I’d like to have HALF the grace and class that Mark Hamill has in his public persona.

Snake bites him? Defends the snake. 

People ask him if Luke is LGBT? Tells them he’s fine with it and to live their dreams. 

People send him rude tweets/photos of his personal life/intrusive questions? Answers them but in a way that gently tells them it isn’t OK. 

Someone asks him a rude question at a QnA essentially saying no one knows him for anything but Luke? Deliberately doesn’t answer the question, and jokingly tells the person as such. 

 People ask if he knew his costars were fucking? Says he was so hot at the time that he didn’t have the time to care. 


Edgar Allan Poe  {Sentence Starters}

  • “Lord, help my poor soul.”
  • “If you wish to forget anything on the spot, make a note that this thing is to be remembered.”
  • “All religion, my friend, is simply evolved out of fraud, fear, greed, imagination, and poetry.”
  • “With me, poetry has not been a purpose, but a passion.”
  • “To vilify a great man is the readiest way in which a little man can, himself, attain greatness.”
  • “Very dreadfully nervous I had been and am; but why will you say that I am mad?” 
  • “We loved with a love that was more than love.”
  • “Man is now only more active - not more happy - nor more wise, than he was 6000 years ago.”
  • “I have, indeed, no abhorrence of danger, except in its absolute effect - in terror.”
  • “I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat.”
  • “It will be found, in fact, that the ingenious are always fanciful, and the truly imaginative never otherwise than analytic.”
  • “I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
  • “The boundaries which divide Life from Death are, at best, shadowy and vague.”
  • “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.”
  • “I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.”
  • “Stupidity is a talent for misconception.”