i love the way he like looks down when he laughs

Love Me Back - Peter Parker

Summary: Y/N is Peter’s best friend and she’s in love with him (CLICHE I KNOW), however he’s in love with someone else.

Warnings: Language

Word Count: 2000 exactly!

A/N: This is kinda sucky not gonna lie, but we’ll see. I’m trying to improve on setting scenes and stuff. I think I’m decent at writing emotions, but not on describing them in detail… (also posting from mobile!!) ANYWAY I had fun writing the end and I hope you enjoy!!


The bell had just rung for first period was Peter walked up to you. “Hey Pete.”

“Hey Y/N. Did you hear about Liz?” His face lit up whenever he spoke about Liz, but you always ignored it. You were too focused on him in general; You were in love with the boy.

“No, did something happen?” You frowned.

“Nah, she’s just having a party and she invited me, you, Ned and Michelle.”

“You know she doesn’t like to
be called Michelle, it’s MJ now.”
“She’ll always be Michelle whether she likes it or not.” He said with a smirk on his face. You could feel your heart pounding and the butterflies in your stomach whenever you were with him. Everything Peter did could make you melt…

“I don’t think I’m gonna go to the party… It’s just-”

“Not your thing?” MJ interrupted. “Even I’m going, Y/N. You have to!”

She leaned in to you. “Peter told me he’s gonna confess to Liz tonight, you have to!”

You shook your head. “Sorry Pete, I’ll have to think about it. MJ, we should get to French class.”

“Bye Y/N, Bye Michelle.” He emphasized Michelle, and she narrowed her eyes.

“It’s MJ!”

As you two got farther away from Peter, you began interrogating her. “How did you find this out… And why is he?”

“He told me after Liz invited us, and I’m not sure why exactly… But like I said before, you should go because it might be your last chance.”

“I hate parties.” You let out a sigh. Peter had been head over heels in love with Liz since seventh grade. It was annoying at first, but now it just hurt you, because you were head over heels in love with him. “However, if tonight’s the night then…”

“Yes! You’re finally gonna do it!” MJ almost yelled.

“Shhh, keep your voice down MJ.” You laughed.

You walked into Liz’s party wearing more make-up than normal, a tight black dress, and heels that really made your legs look nice. You obviously looked good on purpose; tonight was going to be your night. The loud atmosphere was suffocating and hot, which was reason number one why you hated parties. Flash Thompson was yelling “Penis Parker”, and you could see Peter with Ned in the corner. He looked annoyed with Flash, but then he locked eyes with you. Your heart fluttered, and you gave Peter a small wave. He was just starting to walk towards you when MJ appeared almost out of no-where.

“You came. I kinda wish I didn’t come now, though.” She looked around.

You leaned in and whispered, “Nice cock-block, Peter was just walking over to me!”

You leaned over her shoulder to look for Peter. You had to tell him how you felt tonight, otherwise you might lose him to Liz.

“Why don’t we do something for awhile… Like, hide from all of these people?”

“Michelle, we’ll be fine!” You laughed. “But if-” You began, only to be interrupted…

“Damn Y/N, you look really good tonight!” Flash said towards you. He scanned your body and gave you a grin. He always hit on you at school, but right now was a new experience. “Do you think you wanna maybe dance with me tonight?”
You rolled your eyes at him.

“I reject you at school, and I’ll reject you here too, Flash. No, please leave us alone…”

Flash left you alone for the rest of the night, but you got some more attention from some asshole seniors. You thought it was funny how once you showed off your curves, they were suddenly interested in you.

You had lost MJ awhile back, so you were alone in a crowd of people. You were squeezing your way in between bodies when your arm was grabbed. It was Liz. She pulled you towards a group, which consisted of MJ, Ned, a guy from your English class, and Peter. When you joined the group, all eyes turned to you.

“Y/N, I was looking for you!” MJ said impatiently.

“Sorry, I got caught up with Flash again. He won’t leave me alone…”

Peter laughed. “Well if you hadn’t dressed like that-”

“Excuse me? God forbid I wanted to look nice, Peter.”

He didn’t say anything to you after that. The conversation was carried on in the group, and you wish you’d paid attention to Liz and Peter… The way they looked at eachother you should’ve known something was up, but you were oblivious and the night continued on.

The group eventually dispersed, and you had gone to the bathroom to take a break. It’d been a long night, so you decided to leave. You were on your way out when someone outside caught your eye. It was Peter.

Cold licked at your face and crept under your clothes as you pushed open the glass door. You saw Peter looking up at the stars, and you contemplated for a moment if this moment could be anymore perfect. When the door behind you shut, Peter’s head snapped to you, and you could see the corners of his mouth slide upwards. The moonlight spilled onto his chest and shoulders.

You stepped towards Peter, and you could feel your heart pounding in your chest. This was going to be your moment, you just felt it. You stood next to him, watching as he stared at the stars.

“The stars really are something, aren’t they?” He said, with his eyes still on the stars.
“Yes, they are. My mom always said stars were like angels, that they watch over you in the darkest of times.”

“That’s weird but cute…” His eyebrows furrowed.

You let out a small laugh. “My mom always was kind of a hippie… Oh, by the way, I didn’t appreciate what you said about my outfit earlier!”

He frowned. “What? It’s true. You can’t come here looking-”

“I can do whatever the hell I want! And I actually wanted to look good for once…” Your voice faltered.

“Okay, fine, I’m sorry. You do look really good if it makes you feel any better.” You could feel your cheeks turn pink, but you were thankful your blush was concealed by the darkness of the night.

“So, what are you doing out here? Isn’t it a little cold?” He spoke as he wrapped the jacket he was wearing a few seconds ago around you.
“As Elsa once said, ‘The cold never bothered me anyway.’” You said, tucking your hair behind your ear. “But I really don’t like parties. It was just too many people… And I was kind of looking for you.”

“Me?” He questioned.

“Yeah, it’s just…” You took in a sharp breath of the icy air. “This is really hard for me to admit, Pete, but I guess… I like you?”

“Y/N…” He began.

“You know, like-like? Okay that sounds really immature I guess the term would be love-” You were rambling before he interrupted you.

“I-I thought MJ or Liz would’ve told you by now…” Peter broke his gaze from you, looking at the ground now. His tone sounded sympathetic, and you felt your heart drop. You bit your lip trying to stop any tears, because now you knew he wasn’t going to tell you he loved you back. “Liz and I, we’ve kinda been a thing… But I guess now we’re official.”

Tears slowly poured out of your eyes as you shut them. “Yeah, of course… Well I’m sorry this is awkward. Now I feel like an idiot.”

You could feel his eyes once again on you. “Y/N, you shouldn’t… You’re an amazing girl and one of my best friends! Any guy would be lucky to have you!”

“Peter, just don’t. Don’t give me that speech. Fuck that.” You exhaled, and wiped your cheeks. You couldn’t look him in the eyes.“Do me a favor and don’t tell anyone about this. It’s extremely embarrassing. Goodbye, Peter.” You turned on your heel and began to walk away when he grabbed your wrist.

“Wait, you don’t have to leave. Liz and I were just gonna start a game of truth or dare!”

“Are you kidding me right now?” You looked
up at him now, aware that your nose was probably red and your cheeks stained. “I just told you I love you and you want me to play games with you and your girlfriend? Don’t you realize how much this hurts me!”

Peter stared back at you, not knowing what to say. “Peter… I don’t think we can really be friends anymore…”

“Come on, don’t say that… It’s been you and me since 6th grade.”

“That’s thing! It’s been you and me since 6th grade, and you’ve still never caught on that I like you, asshole!” You knew it wasn’t his fault he didn’t love you back it was just a fact of life. “I’m sorry… Goodbye, Peter.” You turned on your heel, and started walking away when he grabbed your wrist.

“Y/N, I’m not gonna let you leave” You didn’t turn around, but instead squeezed your eyes shut and jerked your hand away. You peeled his jacket off of your shoulders, allowing it to fall on the ground. You weren’t going to stay here, you weren’t even going to go back into the house. You snuck out the side gate unnoticed, which you were thankful for.

On the dark and lonely walk home, you let the sobs escape and the tears to fall on the ground. You felt like your heart had just been stepped on, and you never would wish this type of heartbreak on your worst enemy.

The worst part of it all was you found away to blame yourself. Maybe if you’d been smarter or prettier like Liz, he would’ve looked at you more than a friend. Maybe if you’d admitted your feelings for him earlier, he would’ve felt the same way. Now it was too late, and felt as if you’d never fall in love again.

Your phone was buzzing and ringing non-stop in your purse, but you just ignored everything. You knew it was gonna be MJ and Peter, maybe even Ned.

You got home an hour later with tear-stained cheeks, numb toes, and an aching heart.
You took out your phone, and the screen was filled up with phone calls and text messages from Ned, MJ, Peter, and even Flash. Flash was just asking you out again, though. You scrolled through some messages.

MJ💖: Hey, Peter told me what happened. Are you okay?

MJ💖: Let me know when you get home. I need to know you’re okay.

Pete😎: Y/N please pick up I need to talk to you

Pete😎: I’m sorry please

You just scrolled past Peter’s messages. You didn’t need him to break your heart anymore.

Ned👽: Y/N I’m really sorry about Peter. I hope we can still be friends!

Ned👽: MJ and I are really worried please text back as soon as you see this.

MJ💖: Y/N please tell me if you’re okay!!
You unlocked your phone and replied to MJ:

I’m not really okay, but I’m home safe.

You went and sat down on your bed, and let the sobs rack your body. You’re parents were out of town for the week, and you were thankful for the solitude. An hour later, you were laying in bed in nothing but a big Star Wars shirt. Your cheeks were as wet as the pavement outside from the rain. You knew you weren’t going to get any sleep tonight.

Your thought were interrupted by a tap on the window. You jumped out of bed in fear, because who’d tap on an apartment window three stories up at this ungodly hour? You quickly turned your light on to see a man in red and blue.

You slowly crept over to the window, and slid it up, allowing the frigid air into your room. You couldn’t believe the person before your eyes…

“Spider-Man?” You said almost in a whisper.

GOT fic:

Title: dawn comes sure as winter
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Jon x Daenerys 
Summary:  here is only her and him, and the endless, dreaming night. [The night after 7x06, Daenerys and Jon find each other].


He awakens in the pale dawn light, feeling Daenerys stir at his side. The ship is quiet but for the soft pitch and rock of the cradling sea, and it seems the crew are mostly slumbering – few footsteps, no voices. Only the breath of the dragon queen, and his own, in his cabin, and the ever present wash of the oceans beyond them.

If he hadn’t felt the heat of her bare skin before he’d opened his eyes – gods but she runs hot as wildfire – he might assume he’d dreamed her visit the night before. The ache in his chest, the rasping cough, the exhaustion set deep in his creaking bones – all slipping away the moment there came a tap on his door, and Daenerys, looking in on him, cautious and shy.

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BTS Reaction to You Not Minding That There Are Girls in The Highlight Reels

note // they’re nervous about how you would feel

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

jungkook ; kookie didn’t tell you that there were girls in the highlight reel because he was afraid of how you would take it so he decided to let you watch it for yourself when it released. so when it was finally out,, he sat you down and went to the youtube app, and to the video. as the video started, kookie leaned back and kept his eyes on you to see how you would react. once you saw jin’s part, your lips stretched into a smile (which relieved him) and it stayed like that throughout the whole video. “they’re pretty. i liked it” ,,as soon as kookie heard your comment, he let out a relieved sigh. “damn i thought you wouldn’t like it.” “why? you thought i’d be jealous that a girl held your hand for like five seconds or something? you holding hands with an actress doesn’t even come close to what we do so i’m chilling.” (c gif) “well shit, you’re right.”

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taehyung ; “is this what you were talking about?” you asked tae once you received a notification from bighit’s channel. tae had told you a couple hours back that something would be released and to not watch it until he was right beside you. he nodded and told you to watch it. you couldn’t tell but he was running his finger across his chin, with that nervous/blank facial expression that he always did. once you got to tae’s part of the video, you turned to him (you knew that he was waiting for you to say something). “she’s pretty.“ tae tried hiding his smile but failed which only made you laugh. “why were you acting all nervous? you didn’t even touch her. plus you’re with me, not her…unless you’re seeing her behind my back?” you raised an eyebrow at him. “of course not!”

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jimin ; you and jimin were in your room laid up when you got a notification. since you were halfway asleep, you didn’t even notice so jimin went to the video himself. “y/n, the video is out.” he softly spoke as he shook you until you opened your eyes. “really? now?’ you asked, yawning. he held up your phone and nodded. *skip ahead, the video is over* "well for one, i have to tell hobi that he did great. two, you did great, and three what’s the girl’s number? she’s fine as hell hot.” (c gif) jimin’s body loosened up (because he was relieved that you weren’t jealous) as he laughed at you. “chill out!”

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namjoon ; the video was finally out. namjoon’s nerves were high. and you were clueless about why he was acting the way that he had been acting all day. every time you asked him if he was okay, he’d just give you a smile and say, “i’m good.” but you still felt like there was something wrong. when namjoon was finally sitting down and on his phone, you took that time to try to dig deeper. you took his phone from him and sat in his lap. before you could ask him any questions, you noticed a video playing on the device. since it was the boys, you started it over and watched. *while wondering why tf nj didn’t do anything when you took his phone and sat in his thick lap* when the video ended, you gave the phone back to him. “i’m a little confused about everything, but the girls were beautiful and everyone’s acting was good. hell, i don’t blame you for stalking the girl, she’s a good look.” you said which made namjoon roll his eyes. “why are you like this?”

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hoseok ; hoseok wasn’t too nervous (BuT hE StiLl WaS) because he trusted that you wouldn’t get jealous of a video. so when it was released, he called you in his studio and let you watch it. “oh there’s girls..” you said, more to yourself than to hoseok (which highkey made him a little more nervous than he already was). when it got to his part, he looked away from the screen and at you. he was eager to hear what you had to say since the only thing that you said (WitH No EmoTioNS) throughout the whole video was “oh there’s girls.." ,,,so when you saw him dancing and the video was over, you clapped your hands and smiled at him. "thank you for making me realize how gay i really am.” “what!?” hoseok asked, looking lost af but happyily laughing since you liked the video.

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yoongi ; you and yoongi were literally knocked out in bed (tired from something that happened earlier) so he had to set an alarm for the release. it had to repeat about three times before you woke up and stopped it. “yoongi..” you repeatedly said, poking him until he woke up. “it’s out.” you told him, while he sat up on his elbows and waited for you to open the video. when it got to yoongi’s part, you smirked. everything in the apartment reminded you of yours. yoongi had basically turned your home into a place that he could go to and play music, drink coffee and write music. “she’s so fucking beautiful. how can i thank her for taking that lighter from you though?” you said/asked, under your breath,, not even realizing that you had paused the video and been staring at her for almost half a minute. “ah see i knew you’d like it”

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jin ; you were sitting across from jin, watching him while he looked for something to wear when you received a noni. jin had been talking about the highlight reels for days now, he had already told you that there would be girls in the video and to not be jealous (in a joking way). as you watched the video, you did feel a little weird about it because it was their first time (having girls in their videos) in a long time,, but you were happy that they had did something fresh. “i liked it a lot. i’m so proud of you. with those acting skills you need to audition for movies and dramas.” you went over to him and kissed him wherever the hell you kissed him “thank you bay…bee (he basically said baby,, slowly)” he was the happiest guy in the world thanks to yee gas.

Millennial Love

Requested by @tomshollandss with this prompt

Summary: Tom stalks your social media and slides into those DMs. 

Your multi fandom Twitter account was your own little fangirl haven. The topics you tweeted about ranged from One Direction, Beyoncé, Marvel, Harry Potter, Law & Order, and more. Your hilarious, relatable tweets helped you rack up over 50k loyal followers. 

Most recently, Tom Holland had branched from your Marvel obsession, having stolen your heart when you first watched Spider-Man: Homecoming. 

“Hey everyone! Just came home from SM:HC, so slowly watch as my Twitter becomes strictly a Tom Holland fan account!” you tweeted. 

Your post went viral as many of your followers and the general public agreed with you. Throughout the next weeks, you tweeted frequently about events such as The Brother’s Trust meet and greet, the Tokyo premiere, and the infamous “Hoodiegate” aka Tom’s incessant teasing about his haircut. 

You had the typical fangirl tweets, including praising Tom for his work and admiring his looks, but you also had no problem roasting him as well. For example, a thread of examples of when he was an asshole became wildly popular and gained a lot of attention; some of it coming from the boys themselves. Harrison followed and quoted it with a “This could not be more accurate, mate @TomHolland1996”, which prompted Tom to like and retweet it, and Harry liked it, as well. 

One day, on a whim, you decided to post your personal Instagram handle. You had no shame about people figuring out who you were; plus, you kept your Instagram clear of locations and clues about where you might live: “Alright here goes nothing! Follow my personal Instagram, @(your-user)! Hopefully none of you are lunatics, and I’ll be following some of you as well!" 

Thousands of new followers appeared on Instagram, all incredibly happy about your newly public profile. You decided to turn off notifications to only show you things from users that you followed. It was beneficial that you did, for you would’ve missed it when your phone lit up with an important Instagram notification. 

(your-user): tomholland2013 started following you.

Quickly followed by, (your user): tomholland2013: I hope you don’t qualify me as a lunatic 😅 

Shocked, you quickly screenshotted this monumental moment. After a few minutes of calming yourself down, you opened Instagram. Hoards of comments and messages of congratulations all came pouring in, but you only were focused on one message. 

"Eh, I don’t REALLY know you. So, I can’t say for sure. But, from your pictures you look pretty normal! And you did some movies? That’s cool! I may have seen them 🤔" 

You tried to keep it light and funny, as your Twitter was basically a huge Tom Holland roast. "By the way, thanks for following!” you quickly sent, showing your authentic gratitude. Putting your phone down, you went to get some water, as you felt very dizzy. 

He probably won’t reply for a while at least, you thought. Or maybe not at all. He’s busy. Except, when you returned to your phone, another message had come onto your screen. 

“haha i mean I dont really know you either. Maybe you’re the actual lunatic in this situation?” Another message came in, “but seriously, no problem at all xx. I’ve stalked your twitter so… I feel like this is only right 😂”

 "Hope you didn’t find anything too embarrassing. So, does this make us internet friends? 😎" 

 "Is that what this is called? Let’s do it 👊🏼" 

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Sad Eyes

Summary: Hope and happiness doesn’t come easy for Bucky, but he will make God himself pay if you lose yours
Warnings: language, very vague depression allusions
A/N: literally this is over 5000 words and I am sorry not sorry
A/N 2.0: shoutout to @buckyywiththegoodhair and @captainpunk for dealing with my half asleep first draft and ensuring it actually made sense
A/N 3.0: this is based on the True Colors scene in Trolls – which I can’t find a video of for the life of me – where Grumpy Gills McGee realizes that while he doesn’t care about his own happiness, he will rip apart hell if Butterfly Princess Sunshine is upset for half a moment

The music was loud, but not obnoxious. Leaning against one of the armchairs on the far side of the room, it was easy to hear your friends as they spoke. “…middle of an op, why did he feel that was an appropriate moment to hit on you?” Wanda was asking Natasha as you pulled your attention away from the brooding soldiers on the other side of the room and back to the girls in the chairs close to you. You took a sip of the drink Bruce had mixed for you. They were discussing the day before, and the unfortunate probationary agent that had decided Natasha was the next love of his life. 

“Being in the middle of an op caused far less of an issue than Sam did,” Natasha admitted, shaking her head.

“Sam?” you asked, reinserting yourself into the conversation. “He’s usually level-headed when it comes to guys hitting on you. It’s not like it’s rare, and you always shut it down hella fast.” 

Natasha chuckled, nodding her agreement before speaking. “I was leading the training team yesterday. Sam stopped by to bring my lunch – I’d left it at home. He didn’t need to be professional about it, and he knew I did.”

“Did Sam actually give the probationary agent a black eye?” Wanda asked, and you let your focus drift away from the girls and back to Bucky. He stood alone at the bar, a glass of whiskey in his hand. Steve had been with him earlier in the night, but had long since disappeared.

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“You’ve moved on, I haven’t...yet.”

Originally posted by tomshollandss

Warnings: Sad Tom idk

Word count: 1649

A/N: Personally I think this one is better than the first one.

“Haz, I don’t think that this is a good idea. You know I’d love to come but-” “Well then, do so.” Harrison told you convincingly.

“But then I’ll have to bring Liam too.” You kept nursing the small vase that was standing in front of you with your fingers.

“Why?” “Because he’s going to want to know where I’ll be and then he will definitely annoy me until I let him come too.“

“Ugh, I still don’t like this guy. What do you want with him anyways.”

Distraction. Nothing more. You were telling yourself you loved Liam, but deep down you knew he was just a support helping you get over Tom.

You two broke up four months ago. And then you met Liam. He was a decent guy, though he had his moments where he would get unbelievably jealous.

Harrison and you still meet up and he had invited you to his birthday party that was coming up.

“Well then, bring the idiot.” Harrison gave in. “I don’t think that’s appropriate with Tom being there and all.” “Come on I really want you to come! Please.”

A questioning look took control over your face. “You would really do that to Tom?” “He will be fine! I promise you.” “Hmm…I’ll think about it, okay?”

Haz nodded satisfied before taking a sip of his coffee.

As you entered Harrison’s flat with your boyfriend there was no sign of Tom at first. And after a while the flat was very crowded and the party really got started.

You danced with Harrison and afterwards with your boyfriend as his jealousy issues came up again.

However you had managed to avoid Tom the whole evening. Or at least you just hadn’t seen him anywhere in the crowd or elsewhere, although you were pretty sure you caught a glimpse of him somewhere once.

“I’ll be in the kitchen!” You yelled to your boyfriend. Haz’ flat was big for a man his age. Poor neighbours,  you thought, though as far as Harrison could, he made the neighbours agree with such a party once a year.

“It’s awesome. I’m glad that you convinced me to come. I mean you’re still one of my best friends.”

“Yeah I know. Well, I’m really glad you’re here.” “You wouldn’t know where Tom is, would you?”

“Right now I don’t have the slightest clue. Maybe dancing or upstairs I don’t know.” He shook his head, a little surprised at your interest in the boy.

You were just about to make your way upstairs where actually no one was supposed to go, when you felt a hand grab your shoulder. “Where are you going?”

Turning around you noticed Liam standing behind you. “Just looking to grab something for Harrison.”

“Okay, make it quick! The girls are literally swarming around me and I need to show them that I’ve got you already.” You just wanted to roll your eyes at his stupid, overconfident comment but you let out a fake chuckle.

Quickly your feet took you upstairs, finding Tom already sitting around the corner in the hallway that leads to Harrison’s bedroom.

You stopped in your footsteps as his head shot up, glancing at you. He had his elbows resting on his knees while he was fidgeting around with his hands. The brunette seemed everything but fine.

Your gaze fell to the floor as you walked around the corner, standing in front of the on the floor sitting Tom.

“Um…uh, do you need to go somewhere? I, uh why are you even upstairs? No one is allowed up here.” The boy stumbled over his words still looking at his hands.

“Well, doesn’t this include you too then?” Your lips curved into a small smile but it had vanished as fast as it had appeared when you saw no change in his facial expression.

Clumsily you let yourself down next to Tom, leaning against the wall. Just like him you kept staring at your hands.

As you glanced at him again for a second you noticed his glassy eyes. “Tom?” “Hmm?” He looked up at you. “What is it? First I haven’t seen you since I arrived here and now you’re sitting here with tears in your eyes.”

“Those aren’t tears, what are you talking about.” Tom sniffed shortly. “Talk to me.” You tried to get out with as much voice as you had left. Seeing him like that always caused your voice to slightly fade out.

“Nothing.” He swallowed heavily, looking at the staircase. “Tommy.” “Don’t call me that.” He responded but you joined him in the sentence. You’ve heard that sentence so often. He would   always say that when you called him that.

His head shot up once again,  his eyes landed on you shortly before he stared at the floor under his legs.

“I mean I can’t blame you for coming here. And also not for coming here with your new boyfriend. I can’t tell you what to do. I can’t ask you to be careful in what you do so I won’t be any more hurt than I already am. But I also can’t do anything about the fact that I just can’t stand seeing you with him. Seeing you alone and not being able to just be with you is awful enough.”

“Tom I, I’m sorry? I, I don’t know what to say I-” Now you swallowed heavily. Everything about what he just said was like someone put a knife right through your heart.

The tears that had formed in his eyes started to silently roll down his cheeks. “It’s okay, Y/N. Don’t be. You’ve moved on, I haven’t…yet.” Sniffing he wiped the salty fluid from his face, though new tears followed already.

This whole time Tom hadn’t looked at your face. Now it was your turn to hold back the tears. You sniffed unintentionally. Without any further thoughts you placed both of your hands on his cheeks before pulling him into a deep kiss, taking Tom by surprise.

You breathed in sharply through your nose. Caressing his cheek with your thumb you relax into the kiss. “I haven’t either.” Your voice was barely above a whisper.

“Are you serious?! Why bring me when this was just an attempt to get back with your Spider-Man dude anyways?!” A well-known voice rang out from the top of the staircase behind you.

“Shit. Baby wait! No, Liam, wait!” You ran after him and out of Haz’ flat. Outside of the building you finally got him to stop. “Liam I’m sorry! This wasn’t planned I-”

“Just shut up okay? You’re just making it worse!” “I’m sorry okay? I can’t turn back time, I-” “Well I know you wouldn’t do anything differently. I know you, Y/N.”

Enraged he stormed off.

The next day someone rang your doorbell at 10 in the morning, dragging you out of the light and little sleep you got that night.

Not quite awake yet you sluggishly made your way to the door of your flat. In front of it, Tom, shifting from one foot to the other.

“Ugh. Boys. I hate boys.” You let out before slamming the door, but before it could close he blocked it with his nervous foot.

Rubbing your eyes you walked back into the open kitchen, hearing him follow you and closing the door behind him.

“Sooo…” Tom seemed to be expecting something. “Don’t ask, I don’t know, I’m confused, I just woke up, you woke me up, I am hungry.” That came out less careful as it was supposed to. “I’m sorry.”

You apologized softly, standing in front of the fridge before getting out some stuff for scrambled eggs.

“One question.” Tom stated. “Hmm?” He walked closer to you. “I’ve got one question.” He explained.

“Do I love him?” You took it away before he could ask it. “How do you know?” “I know you Tom. Also given the situation that was pretty predictable.” “Well, and?”

You looked at him, slightly turning around. Silently you turn to the bowl again, continuing to make your breakfast. You didn’t know what to answer. You probably did know you just wouldn’t admit it. You let out a faint sigh.

All of a sudden you felt two hands wrap around your waist from behind.

Tom used to that every time you made breakfast for you two when you lived with him in his flat. You sharply inhaled while closing your eyes at his touch.

“Tom don’t do that.” “What am I doing?” A quiet moan mixed with a chuckle escaped your mouth. The brunette played innocent, whispering in your ear with his cute British accent. You’re pace of breathing increased slowly as his strong chest pressed against yours.

“Stop it.” You pushed his hands from your waist. His hands quickly found their way back there as he hugged you tightly from behind.

“Tohooom!” You whined playfully. He started placing small kisses onto your neck and your shoulder. “Hmm…I love you, Tom.” It just slipped out of your mouth. Quickly you turned around.

You were afraid your heart would pound out of your chest. “Son of a bitch.”  “Well, played.” You added.

“I know right?” He laughed before getting serious again. Tom took your hands in his. “I still love you. And I don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon, no matter for how long you’ll try to avoid me.”

Suddenly Liam entered your flat with the key you gave him, seeing you two standing there. “Well I would be mad but since I was going to come by to end it anyways I’ll just leave it there. I can’t believe you two.” Shaking his head he left again.

“Is it bad that I have to laugh? It probably is but I mean, it was never that serious anyways.” You rambled on and on but Tom interrupted you with his so kissable, pink lips on yours.

Dares: Part 2 (Tom Holland x Reader)

Tag List:  @dropdeadrxses, @5-seconds-of-sarcasmm, @purplehippo-cheeseandtrees, @mrsbatman-robin

Hey everyone!! I’m so glad I get to finally post this! I’ve had this done for like a week now!! I hope you all enjoy this!! (also, I highkey feel like Sorry by Halsey is Tom’s feelings during this?? So if you want a lil something to listen to while reading this, listen to that :D)

Word Count: 1608

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader, some platonic reader x Zendaya??

Warnings: Cursing (i think?), angst, Harrison (i have to warn about him, he’s too fucking amazing)

Part 1 | Part 2

He couldn’t believe he’d fucked up something so wonderful. It tore his heart into pieces to watch you run away from him, tears threatening to fall out of your eyes. How could he do that to you?

He watched as Zendaya walked up to him, anger evident on her face.

“What is wrong with you?” She shouted, getting close to his face. “What in the world would make you think to do something so cruel and ignorant?”

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Kiss Me

Request: hiya !! i was wondering if you could do an imagine based off of the song “kiss me” by ed sheeran? maybe peter and the reader have been dating a while and are being all cuddly n stuff and he’s suddenly like “wow i’m so in love w u” and blurts it out or something idk?? lots of fluff and cuteness pls. thank you sm !! love your writing :))

A/N: I know I should be writing Dead Serious part 4 but I just got extreme block on that one so I figured i’d try and fill out some of my other requests. AND LMAO I HAVEN’T WRITTEN ANYTHING IN A MILLION YEARS AND HERE I AM. NOT WRITING THE THINGS I SAID I WOULD WRITE. But yikes, sorry it’s short.

This is based off this Ed Sheeran song

Word count: 933

Warnings: N/A


Honestly, Peter Parker was one of your favourite people. He WAS your favourite person.

He was also your boyfriend and the love of your life.

You and Peter were doing what you usually did on Saturday mornings, sit on the couch watching cartoons in your pjs.

Your parents would never let you spend the night so you would wake up early in the morning, usually before 6am, and make your way to Peter’s apartment.

As soon as you got there, you would let yourself in (with the extra key Peter gave you for events just like this) and crawl into bed with Peter.

This morning was no different.

You groaned when your alarm went off, boy did you love Peter but waking pat 5:30am every Saturday morning was a lot.

You rolled out of bed, grabbed your phone, and went to the bathroom.

You stood in front of the mirror, brushing your teeth. Your hair was sticking up every which way, and there were bags under your eyes.

“God, the things I do for you, Parker,” you muttered to yourself.

You grabbed your keys and marched out the door.

You shivered when you got to the streets. There was a light layer of snow coating the ground.

Damn, why do I never think to look out the window?

You wrapped your arms around you and trudged through the streets, your shoes making a crunching sound with each step.

It took you only five minutes (of complete and utter shivering) to reach Peter’s apartment building.

You looked at your watch, 5:50am, way too early, even if you were heading to see your boyfriend.

You slowly made your way up the stairs of Peter’s apartment building, pulling out the keys and made your best attempts to quietly open the front door.

You dropped the keys on the table and slipped your shoes off.

When you got to Peter’s bedroom, you opened the door and made sure the door didn’t make any noise when you closed it behind you.

Peter’s back was to you, he was on his side facing the wall.

You came up behind him, lifting the covers, and sliding in beside him.

You placed a kiss on the back of his neck, and wrapped your arms around him.

Peter stirred and rolled deeper into his pillow.

“Peter, baby,” you whispered.

Peter groaned into his pillow.

“No, Y/N, it’s too early,” he whined


Peter rolled over and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. You moved your arm around Peter so you were tracing lines along his back. You moved your other hand up towards Peter’s head, running your fingers through his curls.

“You’re so cold,” he said, placing a kiss on your neck.

“It snowed,” you said

“And you walked here? Darling, you should have told me, I would have come to yours,”

“You know I love snow, it’s okay,”

Peter was silent, his breathing slowed.

“I need more sleep,” he said quietly.

“Let’s go back to sleep baby, please,” Peter continued.

You pressed a kiss to Peter’s forehead and soon you were both lulled into a light sleep.

A few hours later you woke up in Peter’s arms, your legs tangled together.

“Baby are you awake?” Peter asked.

“Yes, love” you said

Peter leaned over and placed a light kiss on your lips.

“God, Peter, you have the worst morning breath,”

“No, you love me,” he said, kissing you again.

“I do love you, but I don’t love the taste you’re leaving on my lips,”

“But Y/N,” he whined.

“You want to kiss me, you can go brush your teeth,”

“You’re lucky I love you,” he muttered, climbing over you, making his way to the bathroom.

When Peter returned, you had moved to where he had been lying before she could easily climb back into bed with you.

Peter smiled when he saw you.

“Is that my sweater?” He asked.

“It was cold last night and this was the only thing I had lying around close enough so I didn’t have to get out of bed,”

Peter laughed and lied down next to you, bringing you back into his arms.

You were silent for a while, Peter running his hands through our hair.

“I can’t believe you get up at 5:30 in the morning just so you can see me,”

“I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, I really only come for the pancakes May makes for breakfast,”

Peter laughed and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“I’m so in love with you,” he said softly.

You smiled and leaned further into his chest, wrapping your arms tightly around him.

“5am doesn’t matter to me all that much, i’d never sleep if it meant spending time with you,”

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Full Bodied.

Pairing: Park Jinyoung x Reader

Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: Happiest of birthdays @kpopfanfictrash . Love you  to the moon and back <3

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gladioli | yoongi

genre: floof
warnings: language??? thats abt it
word count: 2.8k

a/n: this is sooooo long overdue, but i’d gotten a request from one of my cutest most wonderful friends to write this forever ago, and finally got to do it! u know who u are nd ily

The sound of a bell twinkling drew your attention from the bouquet of flowers to the door, watching as a customer walked in. You smiled bright in greeting, your hello returned only with a small nod and a cast glance. The man, you saw, was clearly deep in thought and unwilling to be drawn out of it, so you decided to give him his space and admire him from afar. Bleach blond hair fell into his eyes as he stood there, staring at the white gladiolus flowers, and you sighed softly to yourself. You had noticed during your time working here that people seemed to be drawn the flowers that described their situation, ones that they could apply to themselves. You’d find a cheerful man picking up gardenias for his lover, a message of secret love communicated by the flowers without the customer even realizing it. A woman would walk in and sorrowfully grab a bouquet of purple hyacinths for her significant other as an apology, unaware that the flower meant just that. It was something interesting you’d noticed time and time again and, while not always accurate, it was certainly something that you were curious about. 

That’s why your interest was peaked when the man, a handsome one at that, gently rubbed the petal of the gladiolus in his hand, clearly taken by their beauty. The flower symbolized strength, but also infatuation — receiving even one meant that you had pierced the heart of whoever had given it. The man gingerly picked up three, eyeing them, before continuing to look around the store. You watched curiously as he softly stepped towards the baby pink balsam flowers, also known as Touch Me Nots, and picked up another three. He had communicated not only infatuation but ardent love as well through six flowers, and you watched. If only someone loved you as much as he loved the recipient of this bouquet. 

The man continued to walk throughout the store, picking up a few more flowers before walking over to you so you could arrange them. Small talk was exchanged as your fingers delicately placed the flowers, smiling faintly. The colours were beautiful, and so was the message. You just had to know who this person was. 

“Is this for a special occasion, or are you in trouble?” You asked lightheartedly, playful eyes peeking up towards the man who appeared sheepish. “Those seem to be the only two reasons men tend to come in here. Of course, you have the few who want to decorate their homes, but more often than not it’s the first two.”
The customer scratched the back of his ear for a moment, eyes turned away while he looked around the shop. It smelled beautiful in here, and you were gorgeous as well. A flower among flowers. 

“Neither, actually. I’m just… buying them. For my girlfriend,” he said softly, low voice sending a momentary chill down your spine. Damn, this guy was attractive. Such a handsome stranger. 

“Oh? So not in hot water then, hm?” You teased, and a small smile played at the corners of his lips. He shook his head. “Well, it’s good to know that there are some people who’d buy flowers for their lover even without a reason. I think it’s really romantic, you know?” You smiled, taking the bouquet and going to walk behind the counter to ring it up on the machine. “It’s nice, receiving flowers out of the blue.” This you said more to yourself than him, but he nodded in response anyway. He followed, pulling his wallet out of his pocket and grabbing his debit card. 

Once everything was paid for, he took the bouquet and smiled at you, giving a small thanks. He’d just turned his back when you paused him, your voice stopping his feet from moving. 

“Can I get a name, maybe?” You asked, elbows resting on the counter, looking expectantly towards the customer. He turned his head, just enough for you to see the side of his face, before responding. 

“Maybe,” he replied, and then he was gone, the little bell above the door signaling his departure. His presence was one that left you thinking, sitting at the counter and lost in your own head. Though not everyone you’d encountered while working in the shop was very talkative — in fact, most tended to be on the quiet side — there were very few that caught your attention for longer than they were in the shop. This man, however, left you wondering for a bit longer. He was obviously love-struck, but instead of blabbing about it like most tended to he kept to himself, the words on the tip of his tongue but never leaving his mouth. He had intrigued you for longer than you’d thought he would, though the chiming of the bell above the door flushed all thoughts of him from your mind, and you were off to help another customer. You didn’t think of the man again. Not until he returned, at least.

It was a week later that the bell over the door rang and you caught his eyes, the two of you staring at each other momentarily. He gave a friendly smile and walked in, and you turned your head to the side. Yeah, he was still as cute as you remembered. Instead of walking over to the flowers first, however, he made his way to you. 

“Got anything for a guy who wants to profess his love to his girlfriend for the millionth time?” He asked, shaking his head a bit to get rid of the fringe in his eyes. You smiled softly, nodding. 

“I think I’ve got just the thing.”

Throughout helping the customer, you learned his name was Yoongi and had been dating this girl for a few months. By the way he talked about her you could tell he was absolutely head over heels, and it warmed your heart to know that people like him were out there. She apparently owned her own apartment but spent a lot of the time at his, not that he was complaining. When he talked about her his eyes lit up and his smile grew a bit bigger, and your heart yearned for a love like that. He was just so genuine.

Other than the white gladioli, this bouquet was completely different from the one previous. Pink arbutus, red camellias, and white daisies complimented each other, all adorned with grasses to bring the flowers together. Yoongi thanked you, holding the flowers in his hand and walking out of the shop with a happy goodbye, the bell twinkling as he left. You’d caught yourself smiling periodically throughout the day after he was gone, just moved by how in love he seemed to be.

The next week he had returned at around lunch, however this time he seemed a little less cheerful. He shot you a small smile, a happy face before turning his back to allow himself a look at the flowers. Bottom lip between his teeth, he’d grabbed a Lily of the Valley, a symbol for a return to happiness. Along with that, he picked out a few roses, before making his way to you. The look on his face suggested he didn’t want to speak, but you were so curious — what could’ve happened in the past week to dull the happiness in his captivating eyes?

“Trouble in paradise?” You asked sympathetically, looking up at him. He just nodded. 

“Yeah. Not every relationship is perfect, we’re just going through a bit of a rocky time. It’ll be over soon,” he said, trying to convince you just as much as he was trying to convince himself.

However, once a week for the next few weeks, he’d returned with the same somber look on his face, picking up another bouquet. He’d always come on a Friday at around lunch, looking down. When he’d meet your eyes he’d smile, brightening up just a bit, but that would quickly fade as he got lost in his own thoughts. One day, nine visits since his first, Yoongi was so ragged and tired looking that you forced him to talk. It was better than keeping it all in, after all.

“I… I don’t know. It’s probably stupid,” he laughed sheepishly as you gathered the asphodels for him, chewing on the inside of your cheek. 

“If it bothers you, it bothers you. How can you help that?” You asked, a rhetorical question but one that certainly stuck with Yoongi as well. 

“It’s just…” Yoongi caught himself, before grinning loudly. Inner conflicts were very difficult to deal with. Finally, he opened his mouth, and couldn’t help it. 

“Our one-year anniversary passed a few weeks ago, so I’d gotten her that bouquet and a few other things, you know? Because I wanted it to be special, wanted to thank her for being in my life. She took me back to her apartment that night, something that had never happened before, so I was excited. She’d always spent time at my place, so it was interesting to finally be where she lived. 

“We… did stuff, but when I went to the bathroom to clean myself up, I’d glanced in the trash can. There was a used condom, definitely not mine, so I got thinking. Maybe she had a roommate, maybe one of her friends stayed over and her friend brought… another friend.

“Turns out no one had come to visit,” he said, voice getting quieter as he spoke. His head turned down. 

“So instead of getting flowers to just tell her I loved her, I figured, maybe I should do it to prove it instead. Maybe if she understood how much she meant to me, she’d rethink it all and just stop.”

You shook your head, looking earnestly into the man’s eyes. He was too ashamed to look into yours. 

All of a sudden it began to make sense. The day when he suddenly came into your shop that one day, spirits down, must’ve been just after their anniversary. At the sound of such injustice, anger bubbled in your stomach and made your ears warm, so much so that you didn’t bother to think before you spoke. What kind of person would take advantage of such a genuine man? Even before shit had happened, he bought his girlfriend flowers just for the fun of it. He was so smitten, so caring and so wonderful, you were saddened to hear that someone could be so selfish as to take advantage of that. Even through your brief meetings, you had known Yoongi only wanted the best for everyone around him, even if he didn’t care to show it. Even you, a woman he barely knew, were treated with the utmost respect and friendliness. He was so, so kind to you, unlike those who tossed their money in your face and waited for service. That’s why you were so upset.  

“Yoongi, you can do so much better than her. She doesn’t deserve someone like you in her life, she’s using your kindness and warm heart as a way to step all over you and get what she wants. She doesn’t care about you as much as you think, and you need to realize that before you get even more hurt. You’re too kind to be in her life, too eager to love her despite the fact that she keeps fucking it up. She’s such a dumbass for letting someone like you feel this way.
You deserve so much better, and the moment you realize that you’ll be better off.”

Your heart was racing, barely understanding the words you were saying. You knew you meant it all though, mind going so fast it was hard to comprehend your thoughts. Everything was going all at once, and when you were done your hands were shaking, face flushed from how upset you were.

Yoongi stared at you before scoffing, leaving a few bills on the counter before taking the stupid flowers and leaving. You were about to call out to him, but by the time you found your voice the bell hard already twinkled, the door had already shut. Though you didn’t regret saying what you did — Yoongi needed to hear it and you needed to say it — it still stung. You had enjoyed the weekly companion you had found in him, and was already missing his company. You hoped maybe he wasn’t too mad at you to come out and visit again.

After a few weeks of not having any visits, however, you gave up hope. Every time that bell over the door rang, you’d look over in hopes of seeing that fluffy blond hair again. Every time that bell rang, you were met with a stranger and disappointment. Truthfully you missed him, more than you thought you would, and were so incredibly upset that he had left being mad at you. You wished you’d have gotten his phone number, called and gave a proper apology for running your mouth on a subject that didn’t even involve you in the slightest, but you hadn’t, and it was too late now. You had given up on checking who it was when the door opened now, knowing you’d only be met with disappointment.

You opened up shop at 8 am on a Tuesday morning, flipping the sign that told potential customers that they could come in and check the place out. Recently business had been booming, your name becoming quite the thing within the confines of the neighbourhood. More people than ever had come into the shop to not only meet the friendly owner but to gaze upon the wide selection that was offered. You were so incredibly happy that people were enjoying your work, especially since just a few weeks ago you were happy to get a handful of customers a day. This was just… amazing.

You were currently helping a short, cute woman pick out flowers for her mother when a small tap on your back averted your attention. You were met with a familiar man, holding a bouquet of white gladioli in your face and looking down. You took the flowers, head tilted, and met eyes with the person who had given it to you. He cleared his throat. 

“I… sorry for walking out like that, but I was upset. It kinda sucks to hear all the things I’d been thinking, you know? I’d known that she was cheating on me but didn’t want to accept it, so I kept buying gifts in hopes that she’d stay with me. I broke up with her two weeks ago. It took much longer than it should have, but I was just weighing everything in my mind.” He cleared his throat, not expecting to have lost his train of thought. He recovered after a few moments. Cheeks pink, he continued.

“I got sick and tired of her cheating on me whenever she got the chance, though, so I left her. Ever since the day you whooped my ass into shape you’ve been on my mind, and I know that we don’t know each other all that well but that doesn’t mean we can’t start. If you’d let me, I’d really, really like to take you out on a date sometime,” Yoongi concluded, bringing his eyes up to yours as he looked at you expectantly. When you failed to answer in the 0.02-second time slot given to you, he huffed and dropped his head, ruffling his hair in frustration. 

“Goddamnit, I’m not good at this shit, usually I just wait for someone to come up to me and ask instead but fuck, man, I really want to take you out,” he cursed under his breath. He was about to walk out when he heard your laughter, and looked up in curiosity. You smiled, taking the flowers from his hand and holding them to your chest. 

“I’d love to,” you smiled, heart filling with joy and a little something else. 

“Oh— thank— okay. Cool. Good to know,” Yoongi nodded, trying to suppress the grin that was threatening to cross his cheeks, though he didn’t do a very good job at it at all. You chuckled, closing your eyes and putting your nose in the flowers, sighing happily. This could be fun. 

“By the way, I didn’t buy those. I kinda just… picked them out of their spot. I figured, as your loyal customer, I shouldn’t buy flowers from anyone else, but I wanted it to be a surprise.”

And, with a smile on your face and laughter on your lips, you shook your head, walking to return the gladioli to their spot as Yoongi watched, glad he didn’t let you slip away.


Originally posted by urmychilicheesecake

A/N: A fluffy Steve one-shot of course! Who doesn’t love the classic Secret Relationship trope?

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Rating: NC-17 maybe? PG-13? see warnings. How does one even rate a fic…? 

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Some suggestive material, Lotsa swears (Reader has a dirty mind!) nosy friends, meddling Clint, dramatic Tony, etc.


My eyes fluttered open, startled awake by the soft light floating in through the windows and a heavy arm pulling me closer to a hard chest. I sighed, nuzzling into the bicep he had propped under my head. My hand slid down his arm, brushing my fingertips softly across the veins of his forearm to link my hand in his. As I started to lull back to sleep for a bit longer, Steve sighed into my hair, sitting up slowly.

“Nooo,” I groaned, not letting go of his hand. “Just a little bit longer,” I begged, pulling him back to my back.

“Babe, we have to go. We have a full schedule today and a mission to plan with the team still.” I groaned. He was always the responsible one.

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Eyes into Crime [Peter Parker]

Originally posted by agent-spidey

Sun, April 23, 7:30 PM

spidey-sense: supposed robber on 68th street

Tue, April 25, 6:55 PM

spidey-sense: hit & run on rockway

Fri, April 28, 8:42 PM

spidey-sense: robbery at the local convenience store

Sun, April 30, 12:26 PM

spidey-sense: ok you know what confuses me?

spidey-sense: why do people continue to commit crimes

spidey-sense: when they KNOW you’re going to bust them

spidey-sense: do they WANT to get arrested????

Peter was interrupted in the middle of his lunch by his “eyes into crime”. He smirked down at his phone before quickly typing a reply.

spider-boi: of course they want to be arrested

spider-boi: they’re being arrested be me;)

Peter wouldn’t normally be this confident when texting someone, but his alter ego, Spider-Man, turns him into a completely different person. Peter wouldn’t even open texts from a stranger, especially if it was from a girl. Now, he didn’t quite know if his texting buddy was a boy or a girl, but nevermind that. Aunt may smiled at the boy, asking, “Who’re you texting?”

“Oh, uh, a friend from work.”

“The Start Internship?”

“Yeah, they’re helping me do things faster and easier.”

“I see…”

spidey-sense: that’s cute, but not probable

spidey-sense: i’m betting on just complete stupidity

spidey-sense: speaking of crime though,,,

spidey-sense: the police radio is talking about a car chase on 101st??

spidey-sense: r u gonna check it out?

spider-boi: yeah, i think i’ll go interfere if the cops don’t mind

spidey-sense: good luck, then

spidey-sense: don’t die

Peter smiled at his phone and stood up abruptly from the table. “I think I’m gonna go study for an upcoming quiz in spanish.” He told Aunt May.

“Alright, kiddo, don’t fry your brain.”

“I won’t!” He yelled behind his back, jogging into his room. He slipped into his suit, pressing the button in the middle of his chest, closing it on his lean frame, and he jumped out the fire escape into the city.

The car chase wasn’t hard to find because of the loud sirens and obnoxious honking, Spider-Man swung over the street to where his anonymous friend told him the car would be, and aimed to land on the the one speeding ahead of the police. The top of the white suburban dented under his weight as he landed, and he layed on his stomach on top of the car, shoving his hand through the window. Spider-Man slammed the drivers head on the steering wheel, successfully knocking him out. He swung to the side of the car and opened the driver’s door, pulling the man out. He held the body above the ground as he slipped inside the car. He pressed the brakes and the car progressively slowed down. The man’s body was set on the road and the hero turned around, facing the rest of the crew holding bags which had large sums of money in their arms. “Hey, guys,” He waved slightly, “Now, I’d say that you were brave to steal from a bank in broad daylight, but that’s just plain stupid.” One of the men pulled out a gun and pointed it at the vigilante, but it was short lived when a policeman pointed a gun at the robber’s head from outside the car.

“Drop your weapon.”

spider-boi: i think you’re right, just plain stupidity

spider-boi: they robbed a bank in broad daylight

Peter set his phone down before it began to vibrate in by his side.

Incoming Call: spidey-sense

He hesitated. Why were they calling him? Was it an emergency? Did they get hurt? Was the phone stolen, or worse, were his eyes found out by the police? I mean, they were hacking into the radio. He decided to let the call pass, maybe it was a mistake. There was a pause, and the vibrating began again.

Incoming Call: spidey-sense

Peter felt his heart leap, it wasn’t an accident. He slid his finger across the screen and hold it up to his ear. Making his accent thicker and his voice deeper he greeted the caller, “Hello?”

“Hi,” A feminine voice replied from the other end, “It’s your eyes into crime.”

“Well, it’s nice to finally talk to you…” Peter noted that the girl’s voice was very soothing and sweet. He also had a faint recognition of the voice, he’s definitely heard it before. “Why’d you call?”

“I was just thinking, and you don’t have to agree, I’ll totally accept your answer, I’m not trying to push you to do anything, you don’t even have to be on the phone right now-”

“It’s fine, just get to the point.” He chuckled at her nervous rambling.

“Right, sorry,” She took a breath, “Well I was thinking, instead of having to text you the address of crimes and such, I could just call you because it would get to you faster and it would be easier if you’re out on patrol and I get news in on the radio.” Peter definitely recognized her voice. How couldn’t he, it was one of the loveliest things he’s ever heard.

He nodded in approval, “I like that idea, quick and simple. So, anything going on now?”

“Nope, I’ll call you when there is. Thanks, Spidey.”

“No problem.”

“Talk to you soon.”

“Bye.” The call ended and Peter smiled like an idiot. He’s been talking to a girl for months over text and from the way she spoke to him, she’s really cute too.

“Why are you all giddy, is it the Thai food? Because I don’t think it’s the Thai food.” Aunt May smiled at her blushing nephew.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I just had a good day.”

“Studying for spanish?”

“Ah, yeah, I’m really confident in my action verbs!”

“Are you now…?”

“I’m gonna hit the hay, see you in the morning!” Peter rushed out of the kitchen.

“Love you!” May yelled after the teenage boy.

You see, Peter started talking to the girl over a Spider-Man website, her username was something along the lines of: h@krsn@kr and Peter always thought it was funny because he read it as “hacker snacker”. They had told him about the police radio and how they could help him get to crime scenes faster, and catch more culprits. At first, Peter didn’t trust them at all, taking some addresses they’d send and after a few weeks, he realized what they were doing was very helpful to his cause. He asked for their number and they began texting, for a more private and quicker way of communication. They talked for months over the phone, becoming really close friends. Now that Peter had a voice, he wanted a face.

spider-boi: so, do i get a name to match the voice?

spidey-sense: do i get a name to match the superhero??

spider-boi: touché.

spider-boi: can you tell me anything about you?

spidey-sense: i’m 15, a sophomore in highschool

spidey-sense: you probably don’t know me

spidey-sense: i don’t talk to a lot of people

So, she was in his year and he recognized her voice. He tried to remember where he heard hit from, but kept blanking.

spider-boi: good to know you’re low profile…

spider-boi: but i want to meet you

Peter’s heart rate picked up. That was a risky text… risky, risky, risky-

spidey-sense: ….ok

spidey-sense: i’ll meet you.

Spider-Man swung through the streets of Queens, feeling the adrenaline and his nervousness for what’s to come. He was meeting the girl on top of an apartment complex, probably the very building she lived in, and it wasn’t far from his. Anxiety bubbled from his stomach, but he had to remind himself, he couldn’t get her involved, he was just seeing what his eyes into crime looked like. As he approached the building, he saw a small figure standing on the top of it, their hair blowing in the cool bridge, a sweatshirt was zipped up and they were tightening it on their arms.

As he approached, he recognized the girl. She was in his spanish class!! (Y/N) (L/N), she was one of the top students at Midtown. As he landed on the building, she turned to face him, eyes lighting up with excitement as she faced the red and blue superhero. “Wow.” She mumbled under her breath. “This is terrifying.”

Peter laughed from under his mask, he noticed her gorgeous (e/c) eyes and how her hair framed her face perfectly, even if it was still a bit wet from a shower. He look a nice long look at her, she was wearing a zip-up sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. He snorted when he saw her green crocodile slippers. “You look cute.” His mouth ran before his mind could catch up to it. She blushed, her cheeks turning soft pink, and she smiled the cutest smile he’s ever seen.

“Thanks. You’re just as cool as I thought you would be, maybe even more.” He grinned at the way she looked him up and down, her wide eyes showing that she couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Well, I just wanted to thank you face to face for doing what you’re doing. We make a pretty good team.”

“Really? Ya think?”

“Yeah. I think we do.”

“Thanks, really, it’s nice to hear that I’m helping keep this city safe.” She smiled and they began to talk about random things, anything to keep the conversation going. Peter didn’t want to leave, but he knew he couldn’t stay any longer when he noticed her yawning from exhaustion. He walked towards her and gave her a hug, her head tucked into his neck, on her tippy toes, and arms resting on her hips. When they pulled away, she yawned again. “Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“What?” Her head snapped towards him, “You know me?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you in school.” He leaned toward her, “You’re in a class of mine.” He whispered as she looked at him in utter disbelief. “Now, go to bed, you have school tomorrow.”

“Same to you, Spidey.” She smiled at him, walking backwards towards the exit from the roof. She waved at him a little before stepping inside the building. Peter yelled for joy the whole way home.

The next couple of weeks were great. Peter would see (Y/N) every day in spanish, he noticed the way she looked around the class, like she was looking for Spider-Man. At night, they would talk to each other constantly, not only because of the crime throughout the city, but because Peter would occasionally drop by her apartment complex and they would sit on the roof, drinking glasses of lemonade. He was so happy for those few weeks, nothing could be better in his mind. He adored (Y/N). He knew that he was slowly falling for the girl.

But one fateful day changed everything. Peter was interrupted by his phone during his patrol around the city.

Incoming Call: spidey-sense

He smiled as he answered the phone, “Hey, (N/N), what’s up?”

“Spider-Man, good to know we’ve got the right girl.” A new, unfamiliar man’s voice cackled through the phone.

“Who are you?” Peter stood up, gripping his mask in his hands.

“No need for introductions, all you need to know is that we’ve got your girl in the warehouse and if you don’t show up alone and ready to die, we’ll kill her.”

“How do I know you have her and she’s alive?” The call ended abruptly and Peter’s heart went into a frenzy. A video then popped up in his text messages.

(Y/N) was tied to a chair, rope around her arms and legs.

Duct tape covered her mouth, tears streaming down her face.

“Here you are, Spider-Man, this is your lovely sidekick.”

She screwed her eyes shut and sobbed through the tape.

“You have 45 minutes to get here before we kill her.”

“If you do show up, we kill you.” The man laughed.

She began to violently shake her head telling Peter “no”.

“Show up with the authorities, we kill her.”

She looked so scared and pained.

“Don’t show up, we kill her.”

“Time starts now.”

Peter was shaking with anger, how dare they lay a finger on you? He was going to show up and kick their asses. He slipped his mask on his head, putting his phone in his back pack and webbing it to the nearest wall. He then took off into the night, in search of the girl he loved.

Peter didn’t really give any thought to how he was going to rescue you, the kidnappers only gave him two choices. He landed on the roof with 25 minutes to spare. He quietly searched for any back entrances or places he could sneak in unannounced. He finally found a window low enough for him to see through and watched as the men circled around (Y/N), guns raised. There were three of them, two armed, one, he assumed, in charge of guarding the girl. She looked so sad and scared that he almost completely blew his cover to run and comfort her.

Peter began for formulate a plan in his head, sneaking in from the roof would be best. He hung from the top of the building, 15 minutes until it was too late and you would be shot. He aimed a web at one of the man’s hands, pulling the gun out of it and throwing it outside the window, making a loud crash as it was thrown outside the building. He jumped down and landed in front of (Y/N), between her and the second gunman, as the gun was pointed at him, Spider-Man shot another web and grabbed the weapon from the attacker’s hands, tossing it out with the other. Now that both guns were disposed of, he had an easier fight. The attackers quickly advanced toward him, and Spider-Man moved out of the way just in time so one of the men punched another, knocking him out with the full force of his body.

“Now that wasn’t very nice, knocking your friend out.” Peter teased the man.

“You’re gonna get it, Spider Brat!” The man growled as he attacked again. Spider-Man dodged and grabbed the fist the man used to attempt to punch him and smashed the man’s elbow into his face, knocking him out too. When the hero turned around, he saw the last attacker with a knife pressed against (Y/N)’s neck, pushing it in hard enough into her skin that a thin line of blood was trickling down her neck. She was breathing irregularly and tears formed in her eyes, she looked at him with a heartbreaking expression. The man ripped the tape off her mouth and she yelled out in pain.

“Any last words before I end your life, princess?”

(Y/N) was crying again, tears flowed down her cheeks and dribbled off her shaking chin, “Y-you ne-eed to leave.” She told Spider-Man best she could. “Save yourself.” She whispered.

“Well, sweetcheeks, that’s something I just can’t do.” The boy replied, swinging toward the attacker his feet heading for his chest. (Y/N) jumped when she realized what Spidey was doing and bit down on the man’s hand. Hard. Blood was coming out of the wound and he yelled, stepping back, clutching his right hand. Spider-Man’s feet hit the man with so much force, he was thrown into the wall and immediately passed out from the impact. There was a dent in the metal and the boy began untying (Y/N). When she was free from the ropes, she wrapped her arms around Peter’s neck and began sobbing in his arms. The boy rubbed her back and began telling her that she was alright.

“Thank you.” She smiled lightly, “For saving my life.”

“Any time, love.” Peter then did something that he was wishing to do all these weeks he had known (Y/N). He gently pulled off his mask, showing his face to her. She smiled brightly at him.

“Peter Parker, from spanish class.” She gripped onto his arms which were still looped around her waist. “I knew it!”

Peter was confused, “What?”

“You have a very recognizable butt.” She winked at him, making his cheeks turn bright red.

“(Y/N)!” He yelled as she started giggling. He chuckled and pulled her closer to him, staring into her eyes, trailing down her face, noting how cute her nose was, and set his gaze on her perfect lips. “I’m going to kiss you.” He said and without hesitation. He lurched forward and their lips molded together and she ran her hands up his arms, across his shoulders, and into his hair. She felt the soft curls and smiled against his lips, she decided the feeling of his hair was her favorite. He tightened his grip around (Y/N)’s middle even more, bending her backwards. When the two broke for air, Peter was a grinning mess. He loved how her cheeks were flushed and her lips were all swollen. “How about I take you home?”

“Do you wanna watch a movie?” (Y/N) asked.


There wasn’t much movie watching that night, but Peter had never been happier.



so this is the first time i’ve written in a while, so i apologize for my staleness in this piece. as time goes on i know i’ll get better, though!!! pls stick around for that and send in requests if you have them! i have plenty of ideas atm, but i also would love to write for you guys!!!!! ((i write for all marvel characters))!!

much love <<33

voicecrackismyaesthetic  asked:

Hello! I live your writing sm <3 Are you still accepting prompts? If so, could you write an a/o/b shance fic with Alpha!Shiro and Omega!Lance? Where Lance is emitting a distressed scent and Shiro helps him calm down. Thank you for taking the time to read this <3

Shiro can still smell the blood on his hands.

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pretty wallflower

virgin!nerd!hoseok, 3.4k words, he’s not good with words especially around pretty girls.

↳ highschool au + jung hoseok

WARNING: This contains smut, nerdy puns and extreme awkwardness. Read at your own risk.

“Fuck what they think”

Originally posted by osyub

Jung Hoseok was a wallflower. 

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Holy Ghost (Chap. 4)

Holy Ghost (NSFW) - Reader is a wallflower working as a waitress in Los Angeles to pay her tuition. One night, after a heavy flirting session, a mysterious man known as Clay Apuzzo, leaves her a gracious tip, along with his phone number and a note offering her to be his sugar baby.

Pairing: Clay Apuzzo x Reader

A/N: I’m so sorry this took so long, my loves. My WiFi is finally on and now I can shit post as much as I want! I hope you guys like this chapter! - D.❤️

Warnings: Graphic details of sex. Sugar daddy/baby relationships. Extremely NSFW. Swearing. Daddy kink. (If you’re uncomfortable with any of these, keep scrolling.)

Series Masterlist

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by Lindsay Smith

They told us things would be tougher after the war, but I didn’t know they mean quite like this.

Cold metal, slipping in my sweaty palms. Ears ringing. My face flecked with powder, but it’s still hot, so hot, it burns like ash.

And then of course the man before me, face forever frozen like I just called him something rude, hand pressed to the hole in his lungs as he goes down.

Let me explain.

I was always like this, see, not the killing part, but the part that led up to it. The part where I found me a bone and gnawed and gnawed at it like a dog possessed. “Annalisa,” Pa would say, that tone both scolding and proud, “maybe it’s time to give it a rest, huh? Worry about something else for a while.” But when I found me a mystery, I clung to it, until one of us was solved.

Usually it was as simple as finding where our downstairs neighbor’s good pearls got off to (her husband’s bookie) or who’d gotten the landlady’s daughter in a family way. In the war, I made a bit of a name for myself, nothing official, of course, but the cops came to me all the same. Their best detectives had been poached by the OSS and so on, and they just needed a hand dealing with the vagrants who’d somehow slipped the draft—purse thieves and smugglers and all the other shits you find down south of Houston or lurking around the docks. Pa’d already gone to Europe then, so there was no one but old Mrs. Dougherty to tell me I couldn’t, and she’d turn her glass eye to anything as long as her cooking sherry stayed stocked.  I solved everything from break-ins to embezzlers, and didn’t feel a bit bad about a single one of the creeps and goons I got locked up, even though I didn’t get much credit (or any at all).

Bianca, though … Bianca I felt bad about. But then I’m jumping ahead.

When the war ended and the men came home—though some of ‘em, like Pa, made the trip in a wooden box—they warned me it was going to be hard. The best thing I could do was find myself a man, young, not too shellshocked, who was so damn happy to be home and alive that he wouldn’t mind what a boatload of trouble I was. Mrs. Daughtery couldn’t watch me forever, and I was old enough I didn’t need her by then. I tried dating, thought admittedly not hard, but I’d have had more fun sitting across the diner booth from a box of soap. Every guy was a crossword and I’d solved ‘em by the time the waitress brought our main course.

What I wanted was work. Real work. Work I could hang a shingle on, and get paid enough to live, not just to buy myself something at the soda fountain. I needed to rent a room of my own before I wore out all my excuses with our landlady, before the government checks ran out.

But the cops suddenly didn’t want me, at least not at any price I could afford to take. So I pawned my grandpa’s old pocket watch and took out a newspaper ad.

Mostly it was other women who came to me. We were all in the same boat; we’d had a purpose for a few years, were building a career, then just as quickly it was gone. I saw housewives who were going stir crazy, imagining murderers next door, their husbands’ affairs, even a neighbor who didn’t smile at them just right. They weren’t always wrong, but it was quick, easy work, and that never paid the bills. Not that they had much to give me on their own, scraping together nickels from their grocery money on the sly, but I took the jobs anyway. We were in this together, after the war.

Then Bianca stormed into my world and there’s no way I was going to end up unscathed.

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Someone Special

(pic cr; respectful owner)

You and Kiseok get set up on a date but you tell him you’re not interested cause of his reputation as a player

(Requested) // Word Count; 2,258

Simon D x Reader - A/F

a/n; This is my longest one yet, I had a surge of inspiration to write thanks to @ffsjjk - an angel <3

August was coming to an end which meant Autumn would be here and summer would be over. You didn’t mind though, Autumn was a season full of artistic colours and perfect weather. A smile spread across your lips as you thought about the leaves gradually changing colours.

“She smiles!” A voice shouted in triumph. A sigh left your lips as you sneered at the male across from you “It was nothing you said.”

He chuckled at your expression and shook his head “Why do you hate me?” He asked with a cocked eyebrow. His blonde hair sat messily over his forehead, his eyes stared deeply into yours and a smirk lazed effortlessly on his lips.

He was good looking, no doubt about it but he was a player. He had a reputation for pulling three one night stands with three different girls on the same night. Like, how is that possible?

You licked your lips and stared into his dull eyes “You’re a player.” You answered. Another chuckle left his mouth at your response. He was starting to irritate you, you were only here because of Jay. When you told him you were ready to date after being alone for two years he said he’d help you; you just didn’t think he’d set you up with someone who didn’t know the meaning of commitment.

“Why did you agree to come on this date then, Y/n?” He challenged with an amused look on his face. You shrugged your shoulders not letting his question affect you in any way “I guess I just wanted to see why girls were so in love with you.” You smiled innocently as you observed your response hit the smirk off his face.

“Wow, you really don’t like me. Do you?” He urged as he finished his glass of wine. Why did he care so much when he had so many other girls willing to throw themselves at him, you thought to yourself.

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