i love the way he laughs when the phone rings

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I saw on Kourtney Kardashian's twitter that her friend tried to FaceTime her but Penelope (her daughter) answered instead and they had a conversation lmfao and I thought it was hilarious and also would be a good concept for a story between harry/his daughter lol

Just imagine Harry trying to call the missus, and he plans to do it when he assumes his little one will already be in bed. It’s ringing and ringing and finally, the screen lights up and Harry comes face-to-face with his four-year-old daughter who is holding the phone upside down with her face way too close to the screen.

“Well, hello there, my love,” he’ll laugh, “What are you doing up so late?”

She’ll recognize his voice and she’s talked to him on Facetime before, so she holds the phone right up to her mouth and giggles.

“Hi daddy.”

He’ll hear you coming eventually, and the mumbled asks of what your daughter is doing before the phone gets taken away and finally Harry can see both you and your daughter clearly on the screen as you hold her on your lap and sit on the bed. You’re smiling, but you look tired.

“Busy day?” Harry asks.

“You have no idea.”

i know many of you guys have watched this interview but i just found this little thing really adorable!!

here’s where that phone rings when they are talking

and frank looks back at that phone

but gerard doesn’t and keeps his eyes locked on frank

and when he sees frank smiles he tries so hard to hold back his

just look at his mouth!!!he’s trying so hard not to smile!

but gerard your eyes tell us everything!