i love the way he dances

i love how the first few pictures are of victor lingering in the back??? like he noticed yuuri having fun being wild at this prissy party and was like ?? shit shit SHIT HA i really wanna dance with this boy! and he got out there and tried to get yuuri to notice him and yuuri was receptive to him and swept him off his feet and they hAD FUN!!

i cant believe viktor fell for yuuri because yuuri was fun and beautiful and brought light and realness into his life? and yuuri fell for viktor because viktor made him comfortable and confident??? #healthiestpurestcouple2k16 #healthiestpurestcoupleofalltime


Park Jimin

This ball of sunshine is much more than abs and sex appeal. I love this person not just because of him being an idol or him showing his skin.

I love him because of his personality that is so lovable, bubbly and beautiful. I love the way he supports his friends throught everything.

I would still love him even if he doesn’t sing or dance. And with or without abs. Because i already love him the way he is. His soft hair. His cute/handsome face. His sweet and caring personality. His magnificent smile.

His crooked tooth. His cute laugh. His small fingers. His height. His teases with his hyungs. His quirks with Taehyung and Kookie. His hardwork for ARMYs. His selflessness. His everything.

I love his seeming attitude and mentality towards work, and he reaches out to people. He works practices everyday just for the ARMYs. You can see his improvement everyday because of it.

I love him so much. It aches that sometimes he looks down on himself even though, we would still love and support him matter what.

He’s just too precious, and i don’t want him to feel unloved or sad even. He’s my world. And a part of someone’s life.

He deserves our love, support and happiness.


One of my favorite things about YOI is that the teenagers are teenagers.
No shota. No “look how cute and sexy and forbidden I am” shit. Yurio dances with technique and wants to be watched by his grandpa, in a very childish and strong feeling of sincere love, his agape. His love is pure as it should be in his age, and I am glad Victor didn’t choose Eros for him even if he asked and felt like he was able and ready to do it. He gave the erotic song to the adult dancer.

Also Minami, which is clearly discovering himself through Victuuri, but in a cute “I want that for my life” way, embarrassed but curious, exactly like a teenager discovering love and a bit of lust. Excitement, joy, happiness, but without forcing unnecessary childish sexiness.

Nothing pedophile. Even the fandom sees Yurio as “the kid”, and this is really healthy and pleasing to see.

This show is perfection.

little things to love about jisoo
  • L.A boi
  • “Joshua hONG KONG” -woozi
  • he’s so handsome omg 
  • peachy boi
  • “XD”
  • “:♧”
  • honestly like what kind of emoticon was that
  • luvs anime 
  • “omg i LOvE sOUL eATer”
  • he’s such a warm n soft person
  • his smiles are so gentle 
  • he loves adventure time aN ACTUAL CHILD I LUV HIM
  • okay but he’s an actual meme
  • probably the one responsible for telling the members what dabbing is 
  • does the pin drop thing like all the time
  • “shin ramyeon is life’s award” same 
  • when he laughs he uses the back of his hand to cover his face omg
  • actual dance god
  • “jisoo_dances_to_everything.mp4”
  • his side profile is just beyond amazing
  • he was fucking wild on ‘one fine day’
  • this dude sucking air out of a bottle from his nostril for comedy ain’t that something
  • the way the corners of his mouth curl up when he slightly smiles
  • when he’s signing albums, he takes extra care of it by blowing off any excess dust after signing it, hOW PRECIOUS IS THAT?!
  • his two lil cheek moles i love
  • *at mingyu’s younghee broadcast* “oH EM GEE”
  • “you like rainy days, i like sunny days!” 
  • speaking english is one of his many talents
  • also reciting the pledge of alligence is one of them 
  • he says good morning to everyone every time he wakes up AWWW SO PRECIOUS
  • “The most handsome in the world”
  • he was very involved in his community back at home. He was part of his church’s praise team!
  • that moment where he got super excited over cheap peppers im !!!!
  • promotes responsible drinking good job jisoo
  • pls love our gentle hearted, meme loving angel

Reblog if you feel personally attacked by an Astro member

Victuuri has to be canon in the YoI universe right? There’s no way Victor skating with Yuuri to “Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare” (a love song), with the choreography of Tessa and Scott’s 2016-17 free dance (that was so overtly romantic), can be interpreted as anything other than an indirect public declaration of their affection for each other. Right??? Look at all those loving gazes and caresses!

You have to wonder whose idea it was for them to do the ice dance together. Word of God says that Yuuri has been skating to Stammi Vicino alone for all the exhibitions this season, and that Victor only joined him at the GPF. So one of them must have suggested it. Victor or Yuuri? 

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ways i am like even beck næsheim

  • wears 300 layers indoors 
  • never texts back 
  • thinks it’s a good idea to put everything in the kitchen on a piece of toast 
  • takes all the paper towels from the dispenser 
  • makes so many dick jokes ??? i don’t even do this but he does and it’s Wild 
  • dances to pop songs people judge me for liking 
  • extra™ af 
  • loves isak so very much 
What I love about each B.A.P member


  • Likes watching skateboarding videos on Instagram 
  • He follows so many skateboarding/architecture/travel accounts on Instagram 
  • He always looks so pure and good 
  • So soft
  • I think he’s just a baby angel sent here to spread happiness 
  • The way he blinks
  • His nose ring
  • Goes from adorable cute to damn boy in .0000001 second 
  • But mostly he’s in his adorable state
  • Constantly dancing 
  • His speaking voice 
  • His incredible rapping 
  • He comes up with a lot of their choreography 
  • Likes to put his hood on and cinch it tight lol 
  • It makes him look like a lil baby 
  • He’s just sooooooo cute
  • I want to squish him 
  • My son 
  • Very interested in fashion
  • His fashion has his own flavor 
  • Sometimes it can be a little questionable but he pulls it off well 
  • His random V lives in the dance studio
  • Apparently is a potato
  • Same
  • Mochiiiiiii
  • Bless him for creating an Instagram for Mochi 
  • Tol yet smol
  • His Pillow Talk solo…
  • We’re not gonna talk about that 
  • Quirky 
  • Dances as if there are no bones in his body 
  • He’s so flexible and wiggly 
  • Beautiful, pretty, handsome
  • His face is so unique and that’s what makes him soooooo pretty to me
  • His hair has been every color 
  • And each color looks great 
  • “Shutdown, sorry”
  • Loves skateboarding
  • Sock fairy 
  • King of Socks 
  • Took all the socks in the dorm when he moved out bc he thought they were his
  • Did he really believe ALL of those socks belonged to him????? 
  • Since the members showered by age, he was always last but would fall asleep before it was his turn
  • Use to slam doors and punch the recording room walls when he was angry 
  • He was so smol and young back then I don’t blame him, puberty is rough
  • But oh boy look at him now 
  • Was basically raised by the members 
  • Hugely influenced by Yongguk
  • Banglo 
  • I love their relationship with all my heart
  • He is the man he is today thanks largely in part to Yongguk 
  • When Bang was talking about him back at that concert in 2014 and precious bby couldn’t hold back his tears
  • This kid is amazing 
  • I still can’t believe he was 15 when he debuted 
  • Look how much he’s grown
  • Not just height wise 
  • He is very aware of the darker side of things 
  • But continues to be a shining beacon of sunlight 
  • No Title gives me chills every time I hear it 
  • He’s unbelievably talented 
  • Leave some talent for the rest of us
  • Jk take it all my amazing child 
  • He improves with every song 
  • Super cool dances to go along with his raps 
  • Constantly working to improve his performances
  • Never sits still
  • Always moving 
  • Doesn’t care about being weird 
  • Daehyun was so done with him during that one V app 
  • You know the one where Zelo threw Dae’s shoe 
  • And was making a bunch of funny faces at the camera 
  • And kept singing about wanting to go to Mexico and Brazil
  • Just another day in the life of Choi Junhong 
  • Destroyed his hyungs in the Vring U episode with the banana cushion 
  • That one time he pulled the string out of Daehyun’s hoodie during a game 
  • You cannot win against the maknae 
  • Extra af 
  • Loved and adored by BAP and BABYz alike
  • The members can’t get enough of him 
  • He is so loved TT^TT
  • I have so much admiration for him 
  • Pick whatever word you want to describe him
  • But there are not enough words in this world to describe how truly remarkable he is

Feel free to add some of your favorite Zelo things! Our golden child.

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Bucky Barnes



If you ever wanna be in love



I’ve missed you

Coffee drinks are comforting

I’ve never felt this way


Who do you think you are

Ready to comply

The girl in the red dress

Pillow castles


All yours

Steve Rogers




I wouldn’t ask for anybody else

It’s an honor

My little baby

Shut up and dance



Pietro Maximoff

That one time he didn’t see that coming

Thor Odinson

It doesn’t hurt

Your highness

Star Wars

Poe Dameron

Don’t forget

Really? Really.

Cassian Andor

Shut up.



Shadowhunters / The Mortal Instruments

Raphael Santiago

Cuffs part onepart two


Alec Lightwood

Cooking food and chicken soups (sister! reader)

Don’t leave


Worth it

Damn right

So much for behaving


Jace Herondale


The 100

Bellamy Blake

I don’t want to


*Smuts are in italics

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“Passion” (Jimin Smut)

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Title: Passion

Featuring: Jimin (BTS) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: Mature. Smutty, passionate sexing.

Summary: You and Jimin by the fire.

Requested by anon!

The fire crackled before you, its warmth and its light drenching the front of you, and you welcomed its cozy heat on this cold night. You sat in Jimin’s lap on the ground, his arms and a blanket wrapped around the both of you, resting his face against your head and the two of you were silent, content.

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these are my favorite two shots from the dance. 

in this first one you can see viktor finally getting into it. before this, he was taking pictures over some dudes’ heads, but then so was everybody. he wasn’t really letting loose.


the super quiet skater from japan does this crazy one handed handstand and he runs over and takes a picture. based on the angle, it might just be of his abs. he’s so delighted you can tell he’s rushed over to get the shot and he got it.

also yurio is a ridiculous dancer. but i digress.

then we have a scene reminiscent of one on the ice where viktor’s teaching yuuri about eros. (hah.)

where viktor is framed in-between yuuri’s legs

also he is raising his fist to the sky in pure ecstasy. 

i know they’re all dancing seductively later, but this seems to be the point where viktor was like, fuck yeah, i love what is happening right now and lets loose in a way he might not have for a very, very long time. 

Anon: Did you see the predatory glance Kook gave Jimin while they were watching rainism at the GDA? The part where he wiped his fingers across his chin. And then I think Jimin said something to him afterword with his hand covering his mouth? Wow I’ve been ruined by Kook/min.   

You and me both, Anon. I am lowkey convinced that Rainism is some sort of elaborate mating dance that JK puts on to attract Jimin’s interests. Observe:

1. JK grabs his mate’s attention by going FULL HAM.

2: The Killing Blow = Patented K-pop “thumb-to-lips” move + The Look. His mate is thoroughly impressed. So is that dude in the back.

3: He totally got laid that night.

But really, I love how Jimin melts at JK’s antics. You can see the adoration in Jimin’s eyes, the way he can’t stop his whole face from lighting up. He has to literally hide his mouth behind his hand because his smile is so big. And the worst part is that Jungkook knows that it works. That smug little(?).. Ugh, my chest aches at how cute these two are.

There’s going to be a day when you find someone
That’s more beautiful than you could ever imagine.

Clouds above you dancing across lilac skies,
His chest feels like home.

Dancing through church isles,
You’ll be convinced that you’re in love.

You’re going to want him,
And you’re never going to want to leave him.

I pray he feels the same way for you,
Because God knows it hurts when he doesn’t.

why the banquet shenanigans happened AFTER Yuuri walked away from Victor

((sorry if someone’s already done this))

this recent gifset of mine seems to have fuelled the flames of the “what came first? the banquet or the commemorative photo offer?” debate and I’d like to clear some things up to avoid confusion:

the banquet definitely happened afterwards

yes it’s fun to think it could have happened the other way around, under the assumption Victor wanted a photo with the party animal he’d fallen for the night before, but that’s not how it is (though this way still has its perks ie. drunk Yuuri seeking out the ‘lil Russian shit who’d gone off at him in the bathroom to challenge him to a DANCE OFF).

so yes, the banquet happened after Yuuri’s defeat at the GP, not before. that’s kinda the whole reason he got drunk, enabling his bizarre banquet adventure to begin with, and subsequently making way for the rest of the story’s events right up til now to unfold (which kinda raises the implication that if he HADN’T lost the GPF last year and then gotten drunk he wouldn’t be where he is now). Also as a person who has partaken in other competition, I can assure you that none of the skaters etc. would want to be banqueting it up before the comp - you have rehersing to do! training!! why would you be partying like that so soon before the event? after makes a lot more sense.

if you want evidence, Victor states this directly in the latest ep

[The banquet refers to the party held after the competition.

Last year, Yuri suffered a crushing defeat in the Final.

He looked like his coach had dragged him to the banquet.]

‘but doesn’t the commemorative photo scene take place at the airport, after the banquet anyway?’

nope. the interior of the venue sure looks like an airport, but it also looks a lot like the lobby of a sports’ hub. it’s definitely in the lobby of the GPF venue shortly after the event has finished.

but Yuuri has a wheely suitcase, so it must be an airport?

listen pals, ice skates are pretty heavy. I’d much rather tote them and my costumes etc. around in a wheely suitcase than a regular sports bag. furthermore, the many other people gathered at the venue don’t seem to have such luggage, of which you’d expect at an airport.

not to mention Yuuri, Victor and Yuri are all wearing their Grand Prix passes etc. when there’d be no need for the at the airport (Victor’s passing critique of Yuri’s skating would also be out of place at an airport in that it’d seem rather late to say it there as opposed to right after the event).

and lastly, the electronic sign outside this ‘airport’ building reads:




what would a sign like this be doing at an airport? especially after the event is over and done with? plot twist: the grand prix took place at an airport

so yeah, to order is:

1. Yuuri walks away from his idol, upset that he can’t be on the same playingfield as him

2. Yuuri drunkenly dances at said idol, asks him to be his coach, causes said idol to fall for him and seek the opportunity to become his coach.

3. Yuuri promptly forgets point #2 entirely.

Thanks everyone, hope this clears it up!!

Food On Ice

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that Yuri initially began to skate “On Love: Eros” because he was in love with FOOD? Like he made his dance about a PORK CUTLET BOWL, and for some reason that speaks to my soul.
And Victor was like, “Okay… I literally came all the​ way from Russia and I’ve been putting out all my best moves on you - I just showed up to your home buck naked and I’m giving you the eyes everytime you look at me… You wanna make your program on sexual love about a FOOD DISH? No my feelings aren’t hurt. This is laughter of complete and utter happiness, not disbelief. Pfft. No.”

EXO’s Reaction to their child running on stage during a performance


*Shocked at first but then his dancing routine would suddenly transform into a cuter version. He could be in the middle of performing Artificial Love and in a way, he’d probably change the routine to something cuter so his son doesn’t get any ideas at such a young age.*

“What was I doing with the cane?…I was pretending it was a rocking horse…”

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*He’d be surprised and look backstage but you were giving him thumbs up with a shrug so he’d pick up his daughter and sing the song standing up, letting her sing as well because she is EXO’s biggest fan.*

“You’re doing so well! Someday, you’ll be better than me!”

Originally posted by lawlliets


*In the middle of his solo, halfway through lifting his shirt when his son came running out. Immediately drops the shirt with a shy smile. He couldn’t help but sing along with his son while sitting on the floor while the dancers in the back stared on in awe, only dancing to the parts that were appropriate.*

“Why did I start to take off my shirt? Well…I thought um…I thought it was hot in here…but it’s not hot anymore..”

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*Lucky for him, the song was Don’t Go, so he proceeded to walk around the stage with his daughter his his arms, singing along while looking at her with so much love and affection that the fans couldn’t help but awe as well.*

“Do you know the song, sweetheart? Sing for Papa?”

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*The moment he saw the mini version of himself run out, he’d just wait until there was an instrumental part in the song and stop all the members from dancing. He’d have the group stand on the outer side as his son stood in the middle.*

“There he is everyone! The best member of EXO! Dance my offspring!”

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*He’d be so scared when his son came running out that he’d accidentally scream a swear word into the microphone. His son would tug on his pants, reaching for the microphone. He knew the song fairly well because you only played it around the house like…10000 times..*

“Wha-! You know my rap parts? That’s definitely my son! Yes! EXO’s second best rapper!”

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*Turn from sexy Soo, to squishy Soo. His daughter was so cute not to smile at. The members all knew she wanted to sing the song, so he handed her the mic and everyone quieted down, listening to her sing. Kyungsoo would be so smiley watching his daughter performing the song, even when she didn’t get some of the words right.*

“Such beautiful vocals…I wonder who she got it from…” shading you onstage.

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*Couldn’t have loved it more. He’d be dancing to the song when his son came out, asking to dance with them. The members made room for the little Jongin and they were all dancing together on stage. His son was fumbling with the hard part but they all want along with it.*

“You’re getting so much better! You want your own solo? I’ll see if I can talk to Lee Soo Man about it.”

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*He was doing his water dance, feeling the flow of the music when suddenly, there was a splash that he did not create. He looked up to see his son jumping around in the water where he was dancing and started laughing. Then, he just leans on his hands and watch as his offspring created a bigger mess and looking at you with a face like the gif below*

“Yes, I know. How could daddy play in the big puddle without you? Silly me..”

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I hope this was cute! Because in my head, it was adorable! (Why Jongin and Taeoh look like father and son?)