i love the war doctor so much

remember carrie fisher and how she survived an industry that viewed women as sex objects, remember carrie fisher and how she openly spoke about mental illness and drug addiction and never sugarcoat it, remember carrie fisher for being an inspiring role model for girls everywhere, remember her and carry on her legacy forever.

carrie fisher was so much more than just princess leia and her bikini suit. she was a talented script doctor for many famous 90s movies but never was properly credited. she was the only girl in an all boys fantasy. she didn’t care about how people viewed her. she fought again sexism, against ageism, against hate. she was amazing, down-to-earth, aspiring, talented, an advocate for mental health, and a brilliant actor who wasn’t just princess leia.

i know how upset everyone is - i’m upset too. when i heard the news i couldn’t stop crying for half an hour. she was a role model to me, to girls everywhere. but it’s important to remember that she would’ve told us to save our tears for someone else and not worry about her. she is smiling now and wouldn’t want us to die over her. we have to remember that star wars is all about embracing death - never fearing it. and i feel like, in her last moments, she embraced it.

she was a brave women, and one who cared.

don’t forget carrie fisher. don’t forget her wit and intelligence and humor and compassion. carry on her legacy for generations. make her memory last forever.


generation kill on the fire brigade

[band of brothers on the police force]

Has anyone else noticed how much alike Anakin and Aphra are?

-both are very good with droids (especially fixing them up)
-loyal and devoted to people rather than principles
-are honest about their feelings (“I’ve thought about her everyday.” – “You’re what I’ve been looking for all my life.”)

They’re are a few more but I won’t list them at the moment.

Vader is rolling around with the younger version of himself, and I’m not sure how to feel about that.

You just want cruelty to beget cruelty. You’re not superior to people who were cruel to you; you’re just a whole bunch of new cruel people. A whole bunch of new cruel people being cruel to other people who will end up being cruel to you. The only way anyone can live in peace is if they’re prepared to forgive. Why don’t you break the cycle? […] What is it that you actually want? War? And when this war is over, when you have a homeland free from humans, what do you think it’s going to be like? Do you know? Have you thought about it? Have you given it any consideration? Because you’re very close to getting what you want. What’s it going to be like? Paint me a picture. Are you going to live in houses? Do you want people to go to work? Will there be holidays? Will there be music? Do you think people will be allowed to play violins? Who’s going to make the violins? Well? Oh, you don’t actually know do you? Because, like every other tantrumming child in history, you don’t actually know what you want. So, let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you’ve killed all the bad guys, and when it’s all perfect and just and fair, when you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, what are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one? Maybe you will win, but nobody wins for long. The wheel just keeps turning. So come on, break the cycle. [….] Because it’s always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who’s going to die! You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn! How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody does what they were always going to have to do from the very beginning – sit down and talk!
—  One of the best and most beautiful monologues from Doctor Who.
How about we talk about the way you’re misinterpreting the last quote of TFP

For someone who loves to read so much into everything and analyze this show to death,the meaning of the last quote sure went over your heads or you’re choosing to ignore what it really says because you want it to feed into your collective hysteria. So let’s have the quote, right?

 “I know you two. And if I’m gone, I know what you could become, because I know who you really are. A junkie who solves crimes to get high and a doctor who never came home from the war. Will you listen to me? Who you really are doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend, the stories, the adventures. There is a last refuge for the desperate, the unloved, the persecuted. There is a final court of appeal for everyone. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there is always one last hope. When all else fails, there are two men, sitting and arguing in a scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there, and they always will. The best and wisest men I have ever known, my Baker Street Boys, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.”

What Mary’s saying, simply put, is exactly what we know about the characters. At their core Sherlock is a junkie who solves cases to get high, and John is a doctor who never left the battle field, each one an addict in their own right, which isn’t exactly a stellar review or personality trait. 

What Mary is saying is that it doesn’t matter that they’re a couple of adrenaline junkies, because their adventures, their stories, the persons they’ve helped, the lives they’ve saved and will save, is their legacy, and are the the basis of their legend, and that’s what they’ll be remembered by, not their demons.

They are the last refuge for the desperate, unloved and persecuted. The last hope for everyone when life gets too strange, impossible and frightening.

Who you really are doesn’t matter” is not an insult, it’s absolution. It’s releasing them from their status of flawed and imperfect and damaged, allowing them to fulfill their potential.

Doctor who theory

Sorry, it’s my first one. Had to announce it.
Anyway, I hope it makes sense to you.

So, here goes:

The last words of each of the Doctors, right before their regeneration, 100% contradicts their personalities.
Now, it’s either to show how much they have grown or to establish that they will change not only in their face but also at their core. I’ll explain:

Remember Nine? Sarcastic and witty. Oh, we loved Nine.
But he was dark, yes?
He was the Doctor just out of the Time War, the one struggling with depression, the one trying to get better. He was trying to live with himself each day, knowing what he had done. Living with the choice, the weight couldn’t have been easy. He was depressed, he was someone trying to believe in himself. And he did, with Rose. He got better.

And what were his last words?

“You were brilliant. And you know what? So was I?”

He did get better. He overcame his depression and learned to live with himself.

Now, Ten:

What do we all remember as Ten’s catch-phrase? That’s right: Allons-y. Which means “Let’s go.” He said this all the freaking time. Throughout the series.

And now, what were his last words:

“I don’t want to go.”

Quite different from his spontaneous, let’s go attitude.

Then, dear old Eleven:

The child, the impulsive. Careless, even. He met the other Doctors, his previous regenerations. But he had forgotten what the Time War cost him, what it had taken from him. He had forgotten the pain of loosing family, friends.

And his last words:

“I’ll always remember when the Doctor was me.”

He had finally understood that he needed to remember.

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One of the biggest tragedies is that the whole “Halstead brothers grew up rich and their dad is a doctor and wanted Jay to become one but he didn’t and Will did so they don’t get along” thing got scrapped. The rich dad thing was given to Rhodes and turns out they grew up in Canaryville (not a rich place.)

The best part was like if you look at Jay and how humble and nice and down to earth he is, you would never guess he grew up wealthy and privileged as fuck and decided to go to war instead of be a doctor. And that would make his character so much more dynamic. And a great contrast to Lindsay who grew up dirt poor and on the streets. And they still relate to each other so well. 

And I loved how Will was the partier and playboy who was a contrast to Jay that Jay had to keep in check, even though Jay’s younger. Now I kind of see them being more similar. And originally, when Will came to town, the whole thing was going to be that he knocked a girl up and Jay had to help him through that. Which I wanted to see so much, I was so fucking excited for that. 

But it’s gone and although they started some of that, it got scrapped and is leaving continuity issues in its wake. 

And I was so excited for WIll to show up because we’d learn more about Jay. Which, I’ve learned more about Jay on Med than PD just from Will saying things that would also apply to his brother as well. 

And I’m still waiting to hear about what Will almost said to Erin about Jay coming home from Afghanistan that he thought she already knew. 

But I’m so glad the sibling that tied the shows together was a brother for Jay. 

I just wish it went in the same direction it was headed before Med premiered.

me, when I see someone who wears merch from a fandom I'm in
  • me internally: I should go talk to them!
  • me internally: Wait... What if they are not in the fandom that much?
  • me internally: Well they wear merch of it, so...
  • me internally: Should I talk to them? I should, shouldn't I?
  • me internally: But what if they think I'm weird. They will hate me! Nevermind then..
  • me, after walking past that person whose wearing merch: *whispers* cool shirt!

The absolute best thing about Catherine Tate is that she knows nothing about sci-fi - like she can’t even remember what the genre is called - but because she’s been on Doctor Who, she’s pretty much embedded in the world of sci-fi and nerd culture and has to attend cons and talk about it on chat shows and interviews. Watching her mystified expression as people ask her questions and hearing her say things like “I thought he was Mister Who who was a doctor" and “is there more than one star war” is just such a delight to me because it makes her sound like the awkward mother of a teenage geek who doesn’t like or understand her child’s obsessions, but feigns an interest just to be supportive.

I am so fucking proud to be a geek. Why should I be made fun of because I have the ability to care about something so much that it can make me loud and excited or burst into tears? Why should I feel bad for being so passionate about something that when my favourite characters feel pain, I feel it too? quite frankly i don’t understand why you would want to rip something that someone is so in love with away from them just because you don’t understand it.
It can be a comfort, an escape from the real world into a fantasy one where everything you were worried about is insignificant.

It can be a shining beam of hope, that actually, things might get better for you.

It can teach and remind you what’s really important and restore your faith in the world.

It can be the one thing that never lets you down.

So now, before you make fun of someone for being overly enthusiastic about something…maybe just don’t.

Things I currently love (Tag)

Hi everyone!
So, I was tagged by the lovely @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9, thank you really much! :)

One Song : Paint Your Wings by All Time Low

Two Movies : The Martian (the book was amazing too!) and the Star Wars series (sorry, I can’t simply pick one movie from it)

Three TV Shows : My latest obsession is itv’s Victoria. I also adore Doctor Who and I love The Flash too.

Four People: Jenna-Louise Coleman, Sebastian Stan, Rebecca Mader, John Barrowman

Five Foods: Pancakes, pasta, pizza, grapes and… hmm… have I mentioned pancakes? :D 

And I tag (of course you don’t have to do it, if you don’t want to): @iulliiana, @shiroufubububu,  @nightmareoverdose@sweaty-pink-pinguin, @personqwer, @inazuma-posts and whoever wants to do this. :)

So I’ve just read Issue 3 of the new Doctor Who comic - If you haven’t read them, I strongly recommend you do, it’s really good! 

 But in Issue 3, the three incarnations get taken through alternate timelines, and Ten’s is basically him becoming the Time Lord Victorious. Instead of sacrificing himself to save Wilf, he doesn’t save Wilf and thus becomes the Time Lord Victorious out of madness. 

It’s really scary because I always forgot what Ten could have become… He’s got a throne, he dresses like a proper Time Lord and basically rules the Universe. Badass much? 

Our parents really shouldn’t criticise our life choice. I hate it that my mum thinks I’m obsessed with tv show and books and forget to live in the ‘real’ world.
I could do sooo much worse like doing drugs and being a typical rebellious teenager. I’m not so bad in comparison.
My only fault is that I seem to fall in love with fictional characters and end up crying over them.
Dear parents : be happy. You could do worse than having a fangirl as a daughter.


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Well Played, Utah

I think Utah is on to something.

Teachers don’t need training. They just need to, as the Washington Post put it, “meet some minimum criteria.”

The thinking behind this is it will be possible to fill all the state’s open teaching positions this way. You know, instead of paying qualified people what they deserve and providing them with support and respect. That seems hard. This is waaaaay easier.


I say, let’s not stop with teachers!

What about doctors? Can they practice without any training? Seems solid. Like, we all HAVE bodies, right? How hard can it be?

Lawyers? Don’t they just pop into court in a nice suit and shout? I have seen SO MUCH Law and Order. Objection? Overruled.

Dentists just tell you to floss more. And even that seems suspect these days.

Why stop with the professions! I declare war on the licensing of drivers. What a waste of resources! All cars will be autonomous soon enough anyway.

See, I am in my fifteenth year of teaching and if there is one thing I know about this job it’s that it is totally easy and anyone can do it.

I am sure that the 42% of Utah teachers who quit within their first five years did so for reasons unrelated to the fact that they live in a state which believes they can literally be replaced by ANYONE.

Since this job is all summers off and being done at three, I am sure the candidate queue will be around the block. Replacing the teachers rather than repairing the system is an excellent idea. I bet these new teachers will be great with no preparation. Not one of them will quit. Ever.

Because this problem is SOLVED.

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