i love the war doctor so much

Things that Marvel needs to do in my opinion,

even if it’s not possible:

  • Black Widow movie. Either with Hawkeye (Budapest) or about hunting the Winter Soldier in the past. It can be a short movie, like half an hour to at least TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN BUDAPEST. It’s been 4 years!
  • More movies with badass female leads. (I’m so thrilled for Captain Marvel).
  • No more whitewashing. I love Marvel but they honestly need to cast the right actors/actresses. Well at least as good as they can.  
  • Make their villains ‘better’. Loki and Wilson Fisk are the only villains who had enough backstory. They need to focuse more on the villains, not only on the hero’s.
  • Peter Quill meeting his grandpa if he’s still alive. 
  • Peter Quill visiting earth before Infinity War.
  • Peter Quills’s dad showed.
  • One last season of Agent Carter. There are questions left unanswered!
  • Loki, Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Strange meeting and having an awesome fighting scene. Either them fighting together and against each other. 
  • Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Hank Pym and Bruce Banner having a conversation about clever-stuff. And maybe including Fitz-Simmons.
  • Coulson catching up with the avengers and Steve Rogers beeing happy that his greatest fan is alive. 
  • Happy comes back as Tony’s friend. 
  • Scott Lang and Steve Rogers having more conversations. 
  • May and Natasha and Gamora (and Jessica Jones) fighting together.
  • Peter Parker being friends with Wanda Maximoff because they are ‘the younglings’ and still kids. 
  • Daredevil and Captain America fighting together (I don’t know. I kinda want them together on screen).
  • Loki facing Thanos.
  • Loki staying alive. 
  • Loki showing off his tricks and fighting skills. 
  • Tony and Pepper getting back together.  
  • Steve/Bucky flashbacks.
  • Domestic!Steve Rogers and him being angry at the prices. 
  • Female Frost Giants (How do they even look like?).
  • Loki meeting his real mom.
  • Thor telling Odin that Odin was a bad parent and Loki being surprised about what his brother said. 
  • Loki accepting that Thor is his ‘brother’, but still being salty about everything. Him still doing mischief and staying true to himself but with less selfhate. 
  • Flashback of Thor and Loki’s childhood. With Frigga in it. And the Warriors three and Lady Sif.
  • The warriors three and Lady Sif helping Thor in Infinity War.
  • Steve wanting to use the time stone to travel back into the past to live with Peggy. 
  • Instead of dying in infinity war, Steve leaves the 21th century after infinity war and lives with Peggy. He’s never Captain America again and no one knows he’s alive. Bucky taking his place or Bucky coming with him.
  • The other Nine Realms being showed.
  • Peter Maximoff coming back to life just because. 
  • Luke Cage meeting Rhodey and Sam Wilson. 
  • Luke Cage and Jessica Jones getting back together.
  • Wanda keeping the Aether safe while Vision has the mind stone and Doctor Strange has the time stone.  
  • Stan Lee having many cameos because I love this man so much. 
  • Darcy and Doctor Selvig just being there.
  • Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff having a thing or breaking up for good. 
  • Clint Barton surviving everything because he’s a family man and his death would kill me. 
  • The inhumans fighting in Infinity War.
  • Baby Groot kicking ass.
  • Tony getting drunk with Rocket. 
  • The avengers visiting Asgard. 
  • Doctor Strange showing us different dimensions.
  • Original Wasp being found in a different dimension. 
  • Bucky Barnes leading with Steve (as best friends or lovers, you decide) a normal life after all the Thanos stress.
  • Avengers and X-men universe melt together or they meet. That’d be awesome.
  • Deadpool, Spiderman and Daredevil in one room.
  • Much more information about the Infinity Stones. 

Did I forget something? 

So @inevitably-johnlocked had an ask looking for Sherlock/Johnlock AUs where John is the “special” one. Steph, we talk to much and I lost the link to the ask, sorry. But hopefully this helps.

 Across the Desert, Upon the Wind    by hogwartswitch

While out on a routine sweep in the desert, John and one of his teammates get lost in a sandstorm and end up at the foot of an enormous palace. They meet - and anger - a cursed prince who spares their life in exchange for John staying behind. But the prince has a secret and John soon discovers it, plunging himself in a quest across the desert fraught with danger. Loosely based on the fairy tales “Beauty and the Beast” and “East of the Sun, West of the Moon”.

Now while John isn’t exactly magical here, he’s a badass and this is great story.

A Fold in the Universe  by darkest_bird

Alpha Sherlock and Omega John are in a relationship. Prime Sherlock and Prime John are not. So what happens when a freak fold in the universe switches one John for the other?

One of the best stories I’ve ever read. John is amazing in this one. Or should I say, the Johns are amazing ;-)

Tempered Steel     by MyFirstistheFourth

Sherlock struggles with being a mate. John faces an unknown desire. While an enemy seeks to destroy a bond and the men who share it. Alpha/Omega dynamics. Angst and Feels abound but All Shall Be Well Friends! Mature for now but may be Explicit in later chapters.

Another badass Omega John. It’s long but so good.

Secrets and Revelations by  Hisstah

Dr John Watson has some major secrets that he’s kept from his flatmate, Alpha Sentinel Sherlock Holmes.  Now the Sentinel Tower is after him. Can John stay out of their hands until he can reveal his secrets to Sherlock?

An Omega/Guide John. He’s awesome in this one. One of my favorite series. He has some pretty kick ass abilities.

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of by 1electricpirate

In which John is (reluctantly) a wizard, Mycroft is (apparently) omniscient, and Sherlock is (surprisingly) oblivious.

My FAVORITE Potterlock in existence. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this story is.

Powerful, Beautiful and Without Regret by songlin

An alternate version of our own world, in which vampirism and lycanthropy are commonly recognized diseases and a returning soldier finds himself in need of a unique flatmate.

It’s been a while since I’ve read this one, but it’s a very good series.

Colors  by Quesarasara

Everyone on earth is born with eyes that see in black, white, and an endless series of greys. When you meet your soulmate, you finally see the world in color.We’re all searching for the person who brings color to our lives. John and Sherlock are no exception.

Tell me you’ve read Colors?? One of my favorite fics <3

This Man’s Heart  by ellie_hell

In the latter part of the 19th century, a peculiar solitary man and an ex-army doctor disfigured at war live in a small village, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. When they first meet, they have no idea their lives are about to change forever and, over the months, they will form an unusual friendship, discover more about each other and themselves, and maybe fall a little in love along the way.

I have read this fic so many times. I love it so much.

How to Build a Heart out of Ashes by Teumessian

In an AU where a small number of the population become Changelings at a young age, at 17 John Watson believes he’s destined for Normal life but then the Change takes him and he is sent to the Baker Institute. There he meets Sherlock Holmes. 

I adore this fic so much. Read it so many times.

Talented People With Interesting Skillsets by CharleyFoxtrot, MurphysScribe, naienko, thecookiemomma, wendymarlowe, Yuki801

A precog, a telepath, an empath, and a clairvoyant walk into a bar. That their names are Sally Donovan, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, and Sherlock Holmes may or may not be highly relevant.

I love this series. It’s fun and John is fantastic in it.

Affirmation// Sherlock Holmes

Originally posted by elennemigo

This is not requested, but my ALL TIME favorite oneshots are the ones where the men actually show their insecurities and the woman comforts them and speaks that they are capable of being loved. That’s where this came from! Please enjoy!

Sherlock Holmes doesn’t understand how a woman like you can love a drug addicted, thick headed man like himself. After the incident with Culverton Smith, you decide to show him. 

Song lyrics from Amber Run- I Found Love

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

  “No!” You snapped angrily, jumping in front of an raging John Watson who would have beaten Sherlock to death had you not intervened. Culverton watched with an awed expression as you lifted your hand and smacked John so hard that his head flew to the side. “You don’t get to act like you’re the only one who lost something, John Watson! You don’t get to act like all the fault is placed on the only man who has ever actually cared enough to take you under his wing. Because lets face it.” You gripped the lapels of his coat and pulled him so close to your face that he could feel your anger in waves across his face. 

  “You’re just as damaged as he is.” 

In hindsight, you probably should have abstained from hitting the grieving father and husband, but you would never tolerate watching someone beat Sherlock to death because his anger clouded his judgement. John had been wary to approach you since, but found it in him to do so when you attempted to kick him out of 221B when Sherlock was discharged from the hospital. “I’m just going now.” He said quietly, brushing past your form that stood in the doorway. “I’m sorry y/n. You know how hard this is on me-” 

You leaned outward and wrapped your fingers around the former war doctors wrist. “I’m sorry for lashing out at you John, but you know he needs us as much as we need him.” You replied, feigning a smile as he squeezed your hand and left the flat, leaving you alone with your boyfriend. 

  “How can you love someone like me?” A deep baritone rumbled, drawing you out of your trance. 

I’ll use you as a warning sign

That if you talk enough sense then you’ll lose your mind

  “There’s so many reasons I love you, Sherlock Holmes. Words can not describe the unconditional love I feel for you. Even when we lock eyes,” You exhaled slowly as his blue eyes met yours, the left one swollen from the broken blood vessels. “My heart goes frantic.” 

  “That’s the thing!” He exclaimed, wincing as he stood to his feet and began to pace back and forth on the carpet. ‘’I adore you. I have adored you since the day we met because you are perfect. How can someone so perfect fall in love with someone who willingly lets their best friend beat him-” 

Marys death seemed to be a frequent topic of discussion every time John left the house for the night. “None of what happened to Mary is your fault. I’ve made that clear to John plenty of times since it happened.” You said firmly, curling your hands into fists. 

  “I’m a drug addict who didn’t have the decency to properly tell you when we started dating before the Reichenbach. You.. you utterly beautiful human being, you had so much faith in me that you waited two years to see if I’d return. I used to verbally tell you that you were incorrigible and dull. And then you somehow managed to show me that I loved you. And I do,” He hid his face in his hands in a futile attempt to mask the tears lingering in his eyes. “But God only knows you deserve someone much better then the junkie detective.” 

You were inches away from the detectives mutilated body, your breathing hitching as you took Sherlocks hand and sat it against your own to compare the drastic difference in size. “Do you know what I see in these hands? I have seen these hands save lives of innocent people. I have seen them in the most intimate ways, like the first time you found it in yourself to kiss me.” A sob broke past his lips as you led his hands to your jaw, smiling as he cupped it. “And your eyes.. I could get lost in them for hours. Those are eyes that have regarded me with such awe, and eyes that have cried thousands of tears you don’t deserve to have cried. Those are eyes that don’t just see- they also observe.” 


  “And finally, your lips.” You whispered, standing on your tiptoes and slowly trailing a finger along his cupids bow lips. Sherlock let out a moan he hadn’t expected as you slanted your mouth against his own and lightly took his bottom lip in between your teeth. “Lips that have regarded me as if I were a queen and made me feel as if I could run the world.” Your fingers curled in his shirt as his hands slid up under your blouse, and much to your surprise, caused him to pull away and bury his face in your neck. “Lips that left their mark and told others that I was yours and yours alone. That’s only one of the very reasons why I love you.” 

The two of you stood there for quite some time, cherishing the feeling of one another as Sherlock tightened his grip on your body, his trembling hands unsure of where to rest. “I-” He swallowed thickly, his voice muffled by his face in the crook of your shoulder. “Please don’t go anywhere. I need you. I-I love you.”

  “I love you too, but do you believe it when I say it?” 

You slowly pulled away and placed your hands on Sherlocks shoulders, applying enough pressure to ease him down into his chair. His arms opened as wide as they possibly could and you slid into them, throwing your legs over the chairs arm and resting your head against his shoulder. “There’s not one lie that comes from your lips. I’ve believed everything you said since you nearly offered yourself to Moriarty in exchange for Johns life. That’s why he’s always been taken with you.” 

It was clear from the trembling in his hands and his breathing that he was exhausted. “Are you tired my love?” you whispered, shushing his response as your fingers slid into his hair and began to slowly rake along his scalp. 

  “C-Can’t sleep. I’ll have nightmares of John literally trying to kill me.”

  “Do you have any ideas of what I can do to help you sleep?” 

Sherlock let out a sharp gasp as he picked you up bridal style and slowly ambled down the hall to your shared bedroom, resting you on your side before curling up in his, waiting to be able to rest his head on your chest. Your heart melted as he twined your legs together and threw his arm over your waist, his head resting on your chest. His curls tickled your nose, but you did your best to not laugh. “Sing. I don’t care what. Just sing to me.” 

You inhaled deeply and parted your lips, singing softly as Sherlock fell into a deep slumber. his fingers still linked with yours. 

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be

Right in front of me

It talked some sense to me

He wasn’t perfect, but he was so perfectly imperfect, and he was yours. 

That made it all the more better. 

Tag List 

@charlottemalfoy @gonnamurderyou @foureyedsiopao @fourtyninekirbygamzeegirl

“When John dreamed it was of the desert, miles of it, gently curving. It felt like the soft-strong curve of a woman’s body, the curl from her hip to her waist and up her back. It made him feel safe. He walked across the sand, and loved it; the burning annihilation that was the sun was present but very far away. When he finally woke he didn’t feel tired or frightened.” (Thursdayplaid, Bantam Wars)

In case you’re wondering: Yes, the boy is baby!John Watson, the man is John Watson. This is (another) beautiful scene in @thursdayplaid ’s Wee Doctor series that just itches to get out of my head onto the paper. Every time I reread this incredible fic, there are new scenes I want to paint and sketch so this probably won’t be the last :)))

Either way, if you’re up for a non-slash AU BBC Sherlock fic, open to new characters, eager for adventures and friendships and family love, this incredible fic is for you.


Hey guys,

My salary is pretty low and my expenses have risen recently (health issues, plans to work abroad), so I decided to open up fic commissions. I’ve been writing original works and fanfiction for several years now and I’m also naturally an avid reader of a variety of genres.

You can find my fics here. Some of my best known, all in the Sherlock fandom, are:

Although Sherlock is my main fandom, there are a lot of other shows, movies etc. that I enjoy: Doctor Who, Firefly, Shadowhunters, Merlin, Supernatural, Grimm, Cabin Pressure, Haven, Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, The Hunger Games, MCU. And, of course, video games – Dragon Age, Dishonored, Bioshock, Vampire: The Masquerade, Portal, Mass Effect, Morrowind, Arcanum, The Secret World, and many more. I probably forgot a bunch of fandoms, so when in doubt just send me an ask.

I will write:

  • In English or in Polish (Yes! Tak!).
  • Pretty much all genres and all ratings.
  • I LOVE crossovers, fusions and AUs (omegaverse too), so if you want to see Sherlock living in the Void as the Outsider (with John as Corvo), Sam and Dean killing Darkspawn, or all your favourite characters murdering one another in the Hunger Games , I’m your gal.
  • Aside from a few NOTPs I’m pretty open to all ships.
  • Someone commission me so that I can finally write that Sherlock/The Hangover crossover I wanted to write since 2012.

I will not write:

  • Anything connected with season 4 of Sherlock (I deny its existence), so no Rosie, no Eurus, no Mary bending the laws of physics and catching the bullet Hollywood-style to save Sherlock. Although if you want to see some improved, alternate version of s4, we can discuss it.
  • Sherlock and John in a serious relationship with someone else. I mean, they could date someone else temporarily but Johnlock is the endgame.
  • Dark!characters unless they’re the villains of a story.
  • Dom/Sub universe, BDSM, paedophilia, certain kinks that squick me.
  • Anything that makes me uncomfortable for any reason. No judgment, though, I will simply refuse politely.



Fics in English:

1 dollar/1 euro for 100 words (the currency is up to you, whichever you prefer) . Payments are done via PayPal.

Fics in Polish:

2 zł za 100 słów (stawka niższa o połowę, bo u nas bida z nędzą). Opłata PayPalem.

How to request a commission

When you have an idea for a story, tell me about it and we’ll work out the details. Once we’ve settled on the plot, I’ll ask you for the payment. If you are not sure about the exact word count you want (because sometimes it’s hard to assess), we’ll make an estimation. If the story is shorter, I’ll refund you the excess and if it’s longer it’s on me, no need to pay more.

If for any reason I can’t complete your prompt, I will obviously refund you.

Once I start writing, you can contact me at any time and check on the progress and brainstorm ideas with me. When I’m done with a chapter/fic I will post it on my AO3 account. I can gift it to you or you may choose to remain anonymous. If you prefer to read the fic before publication that can be arranged as well.

Writing takes time, but I’ll try to finish the commission as quickly as I can.

Even if you’re not interested in making a commission, please signal boost this post. Thank you!

Hi friends! I’m on the hunt for new blogs to follow, so if you post about any of the following, give this post a like or reblog. Looking for both blogs just about things I love and/or multifandom. Love if we can become mutuals! 

  • Riverdale/Archie Comics
  • Marvel
  • Sherlock
  • Shadowhunters/Cassandra Clare books
  • Star Wars
  • Doctor Who
  • The Royals
  • Parks and Rec/The Office/Trial & Error
  • Disney
  • La La Land
  • Supernatural
  • The Magicians
  • Bates Motel
  • Hamilton/Lin-Manuel Miranda
  • Harry Potter
  • Movies overall or Film history
  • Cute and Awesome stuff

THANKS SO MUCH AND I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a wonderful day!

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the Moment is actually terrifying though

like, it’s obviously terrifying as a weapon – dubbed the Galaxy Eater, it can destroy an unfathomable about of matter between one heartbeat and the next and leave no trace behind – but people don’t really talk about its sentience enough

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finally i scanned some of the pcitures i took with my way too crappy old camera

i loved all the people at the LBM so much. All those flirty Sangwoos made my heart melt aaa~

again thanks to my beloved @mrsmakishima and @sunlightschadow for being the best convention company for those wonderful days. theyre also in the photos try to find them haha 6v6

Dear Fanfic Writers

I’m glad you exist and are producing everything from shameless smutty sin that makes me feel like I should go to church to the flawlessly fantastic fluff that rots my teeth and gives me diabetes Thankyou fanfic writers for the plot twists that come out of nowhere, the descriptions that paint my mind with colour, the character development that makes it all so believable and for the beautifully cruel scenes that remind me what empathy is. Thankyou for the elation that leaps off my screen and love that makes my toes curl with joy at the sheer wonder of it. So thankyou fanfic writers for taking what I already love and making me love it that much more. You are all beautiful human beings and I am so grateful that you share your creativity and talent with the world.

1K Followers Appreciation Post

Oh wow okay so I reached 1K followers and I honestly have no idea how that happened! You guys are amazing and so encouraging and just wonderful! So my friend has convinced me to do this and since I have loads of homework which I’m just going to skip anyways, I thought why not :/ 

Since I haven’t seen much Indians on Tumblr (yet), I decided to maybe answer any questions that you guys might have about this country of mine! So go ahead and leave an ask in my inbox asking me anything you want to know (Some answers will honestly surprise you). You can ask me about the many different traditions of my country, about arranged marriages (yes that is still common here), the languages… well the list is just endless :)

Or just go ahead and send me a ⭐️ and I’ll post a random wtf fact about myself 

Okay I just love you guys so much, kay? So stay awesome and kind!

Dear mutuals,

You guys mean a lot to me!! Thanks for all the supporting messages and if you’re wondering if this dedication is for you, it probably is :)

You just want cruelty to beget cruelty. You’re not superior to people who were cruel to you; you’re just a whole bunch of new cruel people. A whole bunch of new cruel people being cruel to other people who will end up being cruel to you. The only way anyone can live in peace is if they’re prepared to forgive. Why don’t you break the cycle? […] What is it that you actually want? War? And when this war is over, when you have a homeland free from humans, what do you think it’s going to be like? Do you know? Have you thought about it? Have you given it any consideration? Because you’re very close to getting what you want. What’s it going to be like? Paint me a picture. Are you going to live in houses? Do you want people to go to work? Will there be holidays? Will there be music? Do you think people will be allowed to play violins? Who’s going to make the violins? Well? Oh, you don’t actually know do you? Because, like every other tantrumming child in history, you don’t actually know what you want. So, let me ask you a question about this brave new world of yours. When you’ve killed all the bad guys, and when it’s all perfect and just and fair, when you have finally got it exactly the way you want it, what are you going to do with the people like you? The troublemakers. How are you going to protect your glorious revolution from the next one? Maybe you will win, but nobody wins for long. The wheel just keeps turning. So come on, break the cycle. [….] Because it’s always the same. When you fire that first shot, no matter how right you feel, you have no idea who’s going to die! You don’t know whose children are going to scream and burn! How many hearts will be broken! How many lives shattered! How much blood will spill until everybody does what they were always going to have to do from the very beginning – sit down and talk!
—  One of the best and most beautiful monologues from Doctor Who.

anonymous asked:

How in the hell did Clara ruin Twelve? A lot of us have adored Peter's entire run and it is really hard sharing Bill with people ripping apart what came before with vague sweeping statements like that. We were in it from the start and a bit more sensitivity would be appreciated if this fandom has any hope of not being a toxic mess. I hate Ten but I've never tried to enforce it as a universal opinion to shit on his fans. It's probably your fault we're losing Peter this soon.

I get that people love her. I don’t and it’s called a matter of opinions. She stayed too long and was far too much of a special snowflake and Moffat tried to make the show about her when it was really about the doctor. If she wanted her own show, she needed a spin-off.  The companion should never be bigger than the Doctor. They’re meant to be us, in his world. I found nothing to connect to with Clara at all, and yet three episodes in Bill has me hooked. She’s had her time- move on. Frankly, she should have left in the Name of the Doctor.

Actually, I really enjoyed Barmaid Clara and Asylum Clara but I could not stand ‘normal’ Clara at all and me and a lot of my friends have a hard time connecting with her.

  • Not once did she thank the Doctor for taking her on board the TARDIS throughout her entire run and yet Bill thanked him in the second episode
  • She tried to blackmail the Doctor in the dreamscape to give him the TARDIS key to bring Danny back
  • Flatline where she took on the appearance as the Doctor - I could not stop cringing
  • Kill the Moon where she literally gave the Doctor dramatic speech about forcing her to make decisions on life and death when he HAS to do that THOUSAND time over and over and Clara doesn’t like it when it has been forced upon her. GET A GRIP WOMAN.
  • She was rude to Cass and her crew in Before the Flood and god damn well deserved that swear Cass gave her. (CASS SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE COMPANION!)
  • What she did between Danny and the Doctor throughout series 9. Danny was treated so unfairly and very much reminded me of the situation of Rose/Doctor/Mickey all over again.
  • She thinks she ‘knows’ everything about the Doctor when really she doesn’t
  • I loved the fact the TARDIS hated her just as much as I did
  • The gap in how she came from being a nanny to two kids to being a teacher
  • Hell Bent. She ruined what could have been an amazing story about the manipulative Time-Lords after the war and that epic build-up of Gallifrey but of course, it had to be about her and Me who I could not care less about.
  • Completely self-centered 
  • Clara always fixes everything. She’s perfect. And you know what? Perfect characters suck because they don’t feel human and are not flawed.
  • Because since she has no personality, no depth, no flaws, I just straight-up don’t care about her, one way or the other. Whether she leaves by violent death or just by waving goodbye and walking away, I won’t care. I’ll just mumble a quick “good riddance” and just wait for the show to either pick back up or find more new and exciting ways to disappoint me.
Favorite Whouffaldi AU Fanfic reads

So, sometime ago I made a list of AU Fanfics for someone to read and I had coplete forgot about it until a kind person brought it up. I never really though anything of it but now I wonder if anyone would like a list of a few good fanfics to read. The original list was made a while ago so new fics are out- I have included some but I have not gotten all of them. Now, i didn’t put in any Colepaldi ones but there are tons out there- so look them up. This range stretches 3 different sites: Fanfiction.net , Ao3 , and wattpad. (This orginally occured on a comment thread on xXdreameaterXx’s “The Art of Loving”)   

Teachers AU’s: (These were first on the list) 

1. Teachers Pet by Incendia Glacies
Summary: Basically just a Professor!Twelve and Student!Clara AU…I’ll come up with a better summary later, but that really is the main premise of this…Enjoy! Rated strong T for a few scenes, but it’s nothing too graphic…
(This is my first Whouffaldi Teacher AU and it is amazing)

2. Down the Middle by mrboogie94
Summary: AU. “So students like myself are a lost cause?”
(Smaller but still will make you smile)

3. Anything Goes by phantomofgallifrey
Summary: AU Clara Oswald is still suffering from the death of her boyfriend [Eleven] when her roommate Rose convinces her to join the Universities musical to remove her from grieving. There, Clara meets the Doctor. Chapter Twelve is Rated M.
(An amazing idea, and i love musical, it is long, and it is well written (and there is smut(; ))

4. Gold & Silver Line My Heart by xXdreameaterXx
Summary: After the death of her boyfriend Clara Oswald decides that it is time for a change. However when she accidentally ends up in bed with her new professor Doctor John Smith, who has a reputation of sleeping with his students, she might find her life changing a lot more than she would have liked. Twelve/Clara. Professor/Student. AU. Rated M for later
(I had to put this here)

5. Mistletoe by perverted monk slayer
Summary: Clara gets caught under the mistletoe with a friend, but the ‘Doctor’ is having none of that. Teacher AU Clara/12 with abit of one sided 11/Clara
(Cute, little funny one)

6. Snowbound by Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
Summary: In which Eleven, Twelve, River, and Clara are road-tripping professors who make some new friends while stuck in the snow.
(Never read it but I know that author and If you read it you should tell me how it goes)

*** 7. Lay us down, we’re in love by mrscartoon ***
Summary: NOT a teacher AU BUT it is soooo good, you will love it! Sunday Mass had finished and the crowd settled in front of the church to chat. It was then that John Smith laid eyes on Clara Oswald for the first time.
(Twelve is a priest in a small town and Clara comes and teachers- I swear it is one of my favorites)

8. On The Concept of Good by demagogue12345
Summary: 'To secure one’s own happiness is a duty’ - Kant, Theories of Ethics. Clara can’t stop thinking about her dissertation supervisor because she hates him. Those butterflies in her tummy every time he smiles are wrong, and must be trampled.
(Cant remember this one to well but…)

9. Twelve Nights by lotuskasumi
Summary: Combined two prompts from Tumblr: “can you maybe do a college AU where Clara and the Doctor are the only ones who stayed on campus for Christmas break?” and Clara and the Doctor being professors with a casual relationship who want more. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)
(They are both teachers but unknown to each other)

10. Silent Night by lotuskasumi
Summary: Sequel to Twelve Nights. They’ve done the talking — several hours of it in fact, and through a wall no less. Now comes the real challenge: finding the same kind of comfort face to face. (Whouffle/Twelve x Clara)

Give It All by: dronspy
Though she’s still teaching at Coal Hill School, Clara Oswald returns to Eastminister College to complete her MFA degree. She meets her supervisor, John Basil Smith. He is considered a genius but often has trouble being comfortable around people. Yet, Clara feels challenged by him. Eventually, she realizes how similar they both are. So the question becomes, how far will their relationship go? Words:13632 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT (it gets updated everyday, not sure if I showed you this but you might know it)

Love and Deceit by eicosanoids 

“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” Clara Oswald is teaching 19th Century British Literature. She thinks handling a bunch of undergraduates will be easy pickings compared to everything else she’s experienced in her life. She would’ve been right until the Doctor joins her class. (Professor Clara & Student 12 AU) Words: 24,439 (So good) 

They Don’t Teach you love by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor thought that taking in his old college pal Joe, a professor who is teaching at the same university and who is unable to keep his hands off the female students, was the worst mistake of his life. But then Clara Oswald sets foot into his class and he is torn between his personal ethics and making an even bigger mistake when the race for Clara’s heart is on. Prof/Student AU Words: 38,953 COMPLETE (awesome- just go to xXdreameaterXX’s page please) 

Make this chaos count by: kissmeinnewyork
All Clara wants to do is pass her Russian Literature module so she can finally write her dissertation. Professor John Smith, however, is seemingly doing everything and anything in his power to stop that from happening. (just your average twelve/clara au.) Words:1751 INCOMPLETE (sorry, I missed this before but sadly its short and not done)

Okay, so there are many AU’s out there and I will try to put down as many as I can (I will miss a few). I will include compleated and incomplete fics.

Puncture Repair by: Azertyrobaz
AU story. The Doctor is a doctor in contemporary London and Clara Oswald is the au pair for his nine-year-old son. A son who was dropped on his doorstep by a dying River Song two months before the story starts. Words: 78,140 COMPLETE (One of my favorites but a slow burn) 

Paper Hearts by: Little Miss Insufferable
Whouffaldi AU. Whouffaldi AU. A chance advertisement in a newspaper leads to a phone call that brings two unlikely people together, but how does anyone cope when they start to fall in love with someone they might never set their eyes upon again? Words: 10,346 INCOMPLETE

The Nutcracker by: pieces-of-jade

The Nutcracker!AU Twelve/Clara with appearances by other characters later on. This story just wouldn’t leave my head, so here is my dramatic return to writing fanfiction with a Whouffaldi flavouring! Words: 10,430 INCOMPLETE

In Want of An Heir by: Nehszriah
The aging Marquis of Kasterborous and Gallifrey takes a second wife with a clever plan: in need of an heir, he plans to make his new Marchioness into his successor. What he doesn’t know is that even the cleverest plans don’t always run smoothly. [vague nobility/arranged marriage Whouffaldi AU] Words: 16,458 COMPLETE (Amazing!!! One of my Favorites and definitely a good read) 

Stars in A Sky of Blood and Blue by: Nehszriah
Sequel to In Want of An Heir: the lives of the Marquis Johan and Marchioness Clara, together the Twelfth Doctor of Gallifrey and Kasterborous, and their children throughout the years. [nobility/kids Whouffaldi AU; prior reading of IWoAH is recommended] Words: 56,707 (Sequal-ish to I want an heir)

The Time That We Love Best by: Nehszriah
Clydebank, Scotland, 1940. John Smith is just trying to get through the war while making himself useful, trading in his paintbrushes for a rivet gun. After a bad day at work, he meets a young English girl at the pub who reads him a bit too well and lingers on his mind a bit too much. [Lots of fluff, slice-of-life, currently post-war] Words: 223,523 COMPLETE (A must read, so so good) 

Who’s on First? by: Nehszriah
The Doctor is one of the best coaches in the game of baseball, but runs into something he never expected when his team hires a new GM. MLB baseball AU; M for swearing. Has nothing to do with the joke. Words: 16,110 COMPLETE (another one of my favs and has a equally good sequel) 

Who Came Out of Left Field? by: Nehszriah
Sequel to 'Who’s On First’; Clara Oswald, hot-shot GM of the first-year Quad City Gallifreyans, and John Smith, the oft-cantankerous manager, are now officially a couple. What will this unique relationship bring to the table and how long will it last? [MLB baseball Whouffaldi AU] Words: 18,414 COMPLETE (: 

Take a Picture, It’ll Last Longer by: hotdadtwelve
After an agonizingly long moment of silence, he asks, in the witty manner she wishes she could have voiced, “What? What are you looking at? Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Clara blurts out, all words and no thinking behind it, “Can I? That would actually be really great.” (twelveclara university au) Words: 3,882 INCOMPLETE (beautiful but not finished) 

Ocean of Memories by: hewasimpossible
Twelve/Clara Titanic AU Clara Oswald is forced to leave her family behind. The Doctor is running from his. Neither count on finding a new family in each other on board the Titanic. Words: 4,038 INCOMPLETE (oh, how I would love to see this done) 

All Moving Parts Stand Still by: TwelfthDoctvr
John Smith was expecting this festival to be like the other hundred he’s done throughout his career until he meets The Impossible Girl. Rockstar/Music Festival AU Words: 6,560 (Okay so this person wants to have another chapter but I can stand alone fine. I LOVE THIS ONE- it just fills be with happiness!) 

What If? by: xjustkeepwritingx
AU. Clara meet this mysterious man in a pub and starts a complicated relationship with him. But what will happen when she finds out he’s her father’s friend? Words: 16,689 COMPLETE (drooling over this right now, you will love it.) 

Mr And Mrs Smith by: Crazyfangirl23
Whouffaldi au Clara and Twelve are both spies, but neither of them know the other is I’m really bad at summaries. Basically it’s Mr and Mrs Smith done Whouffaldi style. Photo and insp. credited to rotanitsarcorp Words: 17,385 COMPLETE 

**Personal Favs: 

Everest by: frombluetored
AU. The Doctor, recently promoted to CEO after the early passing of John Smith, enters his new job with short-lived surety. And then he meets the COO, Clara Oswald, who’s just as determined to show the Doctor who’s really in cha rge as she is to show him he’ll never live up to his predecessor. Unfortunately for them, control doesn’t exist in matters of the heart. Words: 120,790 COMPLETE (I could write you paragraphs about this story PLEASE READ!) 

Banged Up by: frombluetored 

There were many things Clara Oswald expected when she entered prison. Catching the eye of the prison’s most notorious inmate was not one of them. [AU. Rating will change to M later on.] Words: 67,353 INCOMPLETE BUT WAIT! ( Please read this, it is soooo amazing, one of my favorites and you will love it!) 

Death and Flowers by: Steampunkmagic
When the young goddess Clara’s life is threatened the Doctor, God of Death, takes her to the Underworld. Who had the power to kill as goddess? And who stands to gain when the Doctor’s actions are called an abduction? Clara and the Doctor must find the answer to these questions and more if they ever have a hope of staying together. Hades/Persephone AU. Words: 8,499 INCOMPLETE (definitely a good read) 

The Man that Once Was by xXdreameaterXx

The Doctor has reigned Gallifrey as Lord President since the Time War. Driven mad by power he has one goal in mind: the utter and absolute extinction of the Daleks. Until one day a seemingly ordinary human girl attempts to steal his most precious possession just to bring a little hope to the entire universe. Words: 8121 COMPLETE (unfathomably good, just so amazing and made me cry) 


Falling Slowly by: Loki’s-Phantom-x
AU. Clara Oswald hesitantly signs up for online dating and is immediately infatuated with a man who calls himself 'the Doctor’. Whouffaldi, some scenes with Jack/Ianto. Warnings for eventual smut, rating may change. Words: 8,737 INCOMPLETE (but it will make you smile) 

James Dean Daydream by: katierosefun
[Modern day spy Whouffaldi AU.] Clara Oswald has one of the most interesting jobs in the world. She works for the government, goes on a few missions to get through to possible moles, et cetera. In other words, Clara had a somewhat stable environment built around herself. That all changes, however, when Clara finds herself with a new partner – a man who goes by 'the Doctor’. Words: 54,501 INCOMPLETE (A current fav. and just got very good) 

Dreams of Freedom by: Number 947
Number: Slave 947. Unable to speak, but works well in and outdoors. Bit of a temper to it. Its bidding price was 5,000- eventually worked up to 20,000,000. Sold to the Doctor. Name given to it: Clara Oswin Oswald. Words: 9,136 INCOMPLETE (Lovely read) 

like you never lost a war by: dorothymcshane
Clara works in a bookshop while she’s trying to figure out what she wants to do with her future. The Doctor is a miserable former punk rock singer who’s been trying to forget his past. The two of them hate each other, but maybe, just maybe, they’re also exactly what the other needs. Words:11,058 INCOMPLETE (Good, frustrating but good)

Tale As Old As Time by: playitagainsam
AU, where Clara is Beauty and Twelve is the Beast.
She stepped closer, and saw his face more clearly in the glow of the faint light. It was narrow and covered in silver fur, and his eyes were bluer than the sky on a spring day. She raised her hand as if to touch his face, but she put it down at once.“Have you always been a Beast?” she asked, and he looked at her sadly. “Perhaps.” he answered, and he said no more. Words:3181 COMPLETE (Good but I will also give you another one)

***Another PF 

The Devil Dances by: lucelafonde
Rock Star AU "On her 21st birthday, Clara goes back to the bar in Glasgow and makes a promise to herself. On her 22nd birthday, she is managing a few minor gigs for the label her father also works for. Before her 23rd birthday, she has seen The Doctor and the Time Lords live no less than eleven times. Her twelfth she spends backstage with the small warm-up band she is managing at the time.“
The Doctor is the frontman of a famous rock band, and Clara has been in love with him for years. Words:13863 COMPLETE (ahhh, this one gives me the feels, read please! I would love to talk to you about this one.) 

Say something like you love me by: owedbetter
Inspired and followed by the events of the fic "The Devil Dances” by lucelafonde (a rock star!au inspired by Peter Capaldi’s punk rocker days – 100% would recommend, 'tis a glorious piece), The Time Lords are on their last show of their current tour and, ever rightly so, things end with one hell of an announcement and a bang. Words:2297 COMPLETE (So good to, must read after The Devil Dances) 

Fate’s Game  by SirJoker

Professor John Smith had accepted his fate of leading a lonely life - that was, until Clara Oswald came into the equation. Words: 10,069 INCOMPLETE (I love this one so much, it is a new fic that gets updates daily- PLEASE READ!!) 

Six Years from now by PausedInTime

Clara Oswald is young and ready to live her life. On her travels around the world, she happens to bump into aspiring business owner John Smith. They spend the night together and six years later, they happen to cross paths again. Should be M rated …  INCOMPLETE BUT- (this is getting updates daily- It is an amazing read and REALLY GOOD SMUT) 


The Marriage Sentence by: sparksearcher
Con Artist AU. Clara and the Doctor are best friends and roommates who have a habit of getting engaged in public for free meals. When they take it too far, Clara’s family finds out and instead of coming clean, they decide to pull off the ultimate con. After all, how bad could it be to get married to your best friend, even if it means marrying into a crazy family? Words:35711 INCOMPLETE 

Mr and Mrs Smith by samchandler1986 

She’s a BBC production assistant with delusions of grandeur; he’s a photo-journalist with the same. Neither of them have time to moonlight as private investigators, but here they are. Words:7346 INCOMPLETE (getting updates regularly)

Over The Hedge by: marcasite
Clara finds the home of her dreams, but will the neighbor be as welcoming? Doesn’t seem to be off to a good start…
“What are you doing? I told you to leave the hedges alone.”
Clara took a step forward, “See, the thing is, this hedge is encroaching on my property line here.” She pointed down with her clippers at an invisible line. “So anything over on my side, has to go.” Words:6999 COMPLETE (quite good in a way) 

*******PLEASE READ***

The Game Keeper by: RebelDrFerguson
Upper Class well bred Clara lives in a huge mansion, she is bored with all the young sutors her father tries on her and fancies a 'bit of rough’, enter Mr Smith the new Game Keeper, a slightly grumpy and callous 48 year old , yet still a gentleman of the countryside, has Clara found the man she was looking for or is this just some silly crush. Words:8740 COMPLETE (I re-read this about every 3 months, IT IS SOOO GOOD) 

The Wall by: antennapedia
Art school AU: “they painted over that one wall in the main staircase again so i was going to paint some cool graffiti on it but you got there first”.
It’s his wall this time, darn it. Peter is going to paint it and nobody’s going to beat him to it. Words:7721 COMPLETE (more Colepaldi than Whoufaldi cause of the names but still!)

As You Wish by: Turn_of_the_Sonic_Screw
In which Clara is Buttercup, and Basil, aka the Doctor, is Westley, aka, the Dread Pirate Roberts. Words:118 COMPLETE (short but oh, so good!) 

Once by: oswhine
A whouffaldi Beauty and the Beast AU basically. Words:10772 COMPLETE (Really, really good and worth your time) 

Flybe Nights by: gingerjay (fhestia)
Clara’s holiday is waylaid by a sudden storm, a delayed flight, and an unexpected friendship with a cranky fellow passenger. Airport/Travel AU. Human Doctor AU. Words:5021 COMPLETE (Cute One Shot) 

We mus have met somewhere before by BlindedKnight

“Oh please call me John and I don’t know honestly it depends on how this conversations goes, could be for a night or could be till the end of time with you,” he paused giving her another grin before speaking her name once more. 

Clara smirked, “till death do us part huh?” 

“Don’t believe in death.”

She started to laugh, it was the first time she heard the weirdest kind of nonsense in her life, “kind of hard to not believe in death when we grow old and die.”

“Oh yes there’s that death but a soul doesn’t die, keeps living as something else. I could become a owl in my next life or a rose for a beautiful woman to smell, of course I could be another person as well.” He leaned in smiling, “it’s why I sat down here I feel we’ve met before Clara.” Words: 21,295 INCOMPLETE (I haven’t read this but I love this author) 

How far down the rabit hole are you willing to go? by BlindedKnight

Matrix AU “Ugh, why do you drones like to keep calling me that? I’m the Doctor and you know exactly where they are, gone from your little metal hands being picked up right now.” He smirked looking around at the group of heavily armed men before staring towards the camera a slight grin forming.

“We will find them Mr Smith. You’re breaking the peace —”

He frowned shaking his head to the agent, “To hell with that agreement, you know even my side dislikes me for what I do. They all need to be set free, including you. I bet to you it even gets boring in here, especially with dealing with people like me.” He sighed, “Anyway enough talk you’ve almost got my signal haven’t you?”“Yes.”“Time for running then.” Words: 37,665 COMPLETE (So good if you like The Matrix!) 

Spotless by DaisyofGalaxy 

John Smith has one aim when he decides to again enrol his alma mater. He wants to regain memories a tragic accident stole from him. Will however life among students young enough to be his children an easy task? And will it work at all? He has no clue but somehow company of Clara, a postgraduate student of History of Art makes everything better. Whouffaldi AU with hints of Doctor/River. Words: 7,708 INCOMPLETE (Never read it- actually waiting for it to finish or get more chapters until I get overemotionally attached )

Second and Third Chances by PausedInTime

John Smith finally goes to parents evening with his failing son, Ben. He immediately takes a liking to his young teacher, Clara Oswald. Clara returns his affections and soon they become a couple and neither of them are entirely sure how they are going to tell John’s teenage son. Words: 11,603 INCOMPLETE (I really like this story- it based of a edit too) 

Rainy Mood by avespika 

John Smith’s bad day gets worse when he trips over a young woman in the rain. Words: 1217 COMPLETE (Adorable little One Shot, I love it!) 

Unsatisfied by avespika 

Basil Smith promised his late sister that he’d raise his nephews and help them find spouses. When he throws a ball to attract suitors for Troy and John he encounters the first woman in decades to hold his attention. Unfortunately Troy is also smitten.

The story where Twelve forces himself to ship Eleven/Clara. BUT it does twist a bit- Words- 3403 INCOMPLETE (I love this one- ofcourse this is due to Jenna and Victoria but this is great and has some Whouffaldi but hopefully more Whouffaldi as it goes on- just read it!)


Preservation by avespika 

Alternate Universe- Clara is a small town lawyer. The Doctor owns an island full of rare species- and a great deal of natural gas the Nestene Corporation will do anything to get. Can Clara help him save his adopted home from destruction? Words: 14,876 COMPLETE ( I adore this fic, it has recently become one of my favs- it is just sooo good) 

The Thief and the President’s Daughter by infinite_regress 

‘Really?’ Jax spluttered, ‘You? You’re the thief who took a time ship, stole the President’s daughter and stopped the Time War?’
The Doctor blushed. ‘Well, not on the same day.’

In some sectors, the Time War has not been forgiven or forgotten and time technology is illegal. Of course stories of the Time Lords are still told, but people often get them wrong. When the Doctor and Clara make an emergency landing in Devonian space the Doctor is soon recognised as the legendary hero who stopped the Time War. Who else could Clara be, but his lovely wife, the President’s daughter?

To save their skins they have to pretend to be married. Will they also face up to how they really feel about one another? Words: 16,836 COMPLETE (AHH I LOVE THIS ONE- I mean, it ranks up there right beside Everest and it also won for xXdreameaterXx’s contest!!) 

Crescendo by xXdreameaterXx  

He has loved music once. He has loved life once. Now John Smith, the Doctor, a famous conductor only seems to be drifting through life, always on the verge of a mental breakdown in his shallow and pointless existence. Until he stumbles across a street musician, a young cellist named Clara, and suddenly it all makes sense again. Orchestra AU. Words: 6,748 COMPLETE (I adore this one too- I can’t even with this one) 


Heart Of Steel by xXdreameaterXx 

David Oswald is dead, killed by his enemies. The Doctor, his right hand man, sets out to find his daughter Clara to protect her but once she realizes what kind of business her father was in she is determined to have her revenge. The Doctor is torn between protecting her from her father’s enemies and giving her everything she wants. Mafia AU. Words: 44,542 COMPLETE (seriouly, just go to xXdreameaterXx’s acount and you will find Heaven) 

Just Roommates by ThatFuckerTucker 

John Smith is a college student with a major in Physics and a minor in History. He decided to go back to college to pursue a major in Arts. Needing a roommate, he chooses none other than Clara Oswald. Will they get on well or scratch each other’s eyes out? Words: 7,410 INCOMPLETE (I like it) 

Physicians and Phonographs by whouffaldigarbage 

A Victoran AU. Clara is a maid overseeing the children of a large estate. Struggling with her own desire for freedom and the suitors pursuing her, she feels a profound lack of something in her life. One day, circumstances out of her control lead her to require the services of the mysterious and ostracized Doctor, and a friendship grows between them that leads to something more. Demons from their past come back with a vengeance, society seeks to tear them apart, the supernatural rears its ugly head, and their future stands on the precipice of extinction. Together or alone they could face it all, but the choice is not a simple one.
Rated M for future chapters. Slow burn fic. Angst, humor, the supernatural, and stuffy Victorian romance, with a dash of the original tale of Beauty and the Beast. Words: 55,212 COMPLETE AND SECOND SERIES Wow- this fic will always have a special place in my heart. It is an absolute masterpiece) 

Petty Revenge by ThatFuckerTucker 

Basically Clara wants to spite her family and goes on Craiglist where she finds an add posted by someone called The Doctor. Words: 3484 COMPLETE (bad ass fic) 

The Class Trip by xXdreameaterXx 

Clara has been looking forward to this school trip for months – almost 2 weeks on the Isle of Skye. If only it wasn’t for the obnoxious, irresponsible father of one of her students who only wants to be referred to as the Doctor and unfortunately has volunteered to accompany them on the trip. While one part of her is still considering if she could just push him off a cliff, another can’t help but think that he looks quite attractive. Rated E for later. Words: 26,837 COMPLETE (Amazing as always- awesome) 

Whouffaldi Pride and Prejudice Prompt Fill by Breakingthestandards 

The Doctor, a wealthy older gent and best friend of the also (but less) wealthy Mr Smith, has clapped eyes upon young Miss Oswald. Her parents encourage her to marry; But not him. Words: 13,279 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this be dooonnneeee *cries in a corner* This is so good though- sadly not updated) 

The Doctor and the Princess, or, A Duty of Care by TaleasOldasTimeandSpace 

Once upon a time, Clara traveled with a man named Basil, until he was murdered by pirates. Five years later, trying to escape her engagement to Prince Rupertpink, she falls in with four men who are trying to start a war between Florin and Guilder. But they are being followed by a mysterious Man in Black…PRINCESS BRIDE AU Words: 10653 INCOMPLETE (Why can’t this one be complete too *cries even harder*- an amzing movie now with an amazing ship) 


Maybe if i loved you less by owedbetter

He has been a best man too many times and the worst man just once. She’s a wedding photographer who doesn’t quite know where she’s going.

Neither of them believe in love, they’ll say - except they do. They do. Words: 29,997 INCOMPLETE (So f*cking good- I adore this fic) 

Pasion Play by CrazyFangirl23

Clara Oswald is an experienced ballet dancer transferring to a production theatre with much different styles of dancing, and she soon meets the enigmatic John Disco, a confident and daring dancer that might just sweep her off her feet. Words: 30,130 COMPLETE (breathtakingly gorgeous) 

Turning Pages by twelveisagoodone

Clara Oswald expects lots of things of her new life: enjoy her independence, be successful at her new job, make new friends and forget the pains of the past. What she doesn’t expect is to fall for the guy next door. Alternate Universe where Clara is basically Clara and the Doctor is a University professor who lives in the same building. Words: 42,606 INCOMPLETE (Absolutely Fantastic) 

Changing Tides by bgeiner (yours truly) 

The streets of Gallifrey were not meant for midnight strolls. You will not find any couples or children out past 12 o’clock on these streets, only shadows that creep in the night, filled with darkness and terror. Sadly, Clara Oswald didn’t know this…Alternate Universe - A Gang AU, boiled down to the Timelords vs. Daleks   Words: 13058 INCOMPLETE (By no means is this self promotion, I am simpluy stating an AU fic- it’s not the worst thing you will ever read but the other fics on here are better than this rubbish) 


While going through these- There are sooooo many, may I just give you the ones that are my favs-ish? There are so many out there, non-AU and Colepaldi- explore! So many beautiful people write these amazing works of art and need to be appreciated, so please, love your authors, comment, kudo- talk to them and say what you loved, hated, what you want more of or what drove you crazy! 

PS: If you want to know other Fics- please don’t be afriad to ask. Yes you can just go on these sites and look them up but If you need anything, you know where to find me!

EXO: D.O fluff/angst


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onlylovekpop: When He’s Angry

Don’t Go

Originally posted by steals-dreams

Pairing: SamxReaderxDean
Word count: 2,161
Warnings: None
Author: Brittiny
Request: @philthepegacorn Okay, so Y/n is a writer of the show Supernatural (part of the alternate universe in the French Mistake) and she get transported to the actual SPN universe. Everyone loves her -she wrote them so she knows them better than anybody- and she turns out to be a bad ass hunter because of all her research and knowledge of the monsters. Not necessarily that she can fight. Their mission is to get her back to her old life. Even though none of them want her to go. And she ends up liking it there and stays.
A/N: I was told I could pick the pairing, or make it poly. So, of course I went poly :P I didn’t include much hunting, however. I’m sorry T.T

Walking off the set, you waved goodbye to your coworkers. It had been another long day. Between writing up a new script, and making slight changes to the one they were currently filming, you were grateful for the weekend. Sliding into your car, you cracked your back before buckling up. Your car was nothing fancy, a simple 2012 Toyota. Pulling out of the parking lot, you hummed to yourself.

It was a peaceful drive home, and you enjoyed the sunset on your balcony with a glass of wine. It was just another day for you. You crawled into bed at ten, just like every other night.

The next morning was entirely different.

Keep reading