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How do you think the vongola family would treat their pregnant wife its can be headcannons it scenerio it's doesn't really matter to me.


  • We all know Tsuna would be fussing all over you, not to mention possibly annoying you as well.
  • He will definitely up the protection around you.
  • One way he’ll try to protect you is by locking securing you in the mansion.
  • Tsuna will try, but believe me, he’ll go overboard in the protecting.


  • He will trust that you can take care of yourself, giving off that “she knows how to take care of herself” vibe. In reality, he will be secretly worried about you and your baby’s health.
  • He trusts bodyguards, more or less, but he trusts himself more, so he’ll be the one keeping an eye on you.
  • You’ll definitely see a change in Hibari’s attitude towards you– he won’t be as aloof as before
  • I think Hibari would be that guy to pretend he doesn’t see it as a big deal, but will definitely be flipping out over your pregnancy.


  • Yamamoto will definitely be the sweetest guy you could ever ask for to care for you.
  • Whenever you have your cravings, for food or any other comforts, he’ll be right there to get anything for you.
  • That being said, he’ll also be a little strict in what you can and can’t have. It may be annoying, but when the baby is born you’ll be glad he did.
  • Yamamoto would be the kind father who stops his wife from giving into unhealthy temptations, I can totally see him feeding her some Greek yogurt thinking it’ll do her good.


  • This guy will be act carefree, but be just as worried as everyone else.
  • His main worries would be the events that would transpire after the baby is born, rather than the pregnancy itself. He’ll worry if you’ll be alright when giving birth and how he would be as a father.
  • Mukuro will be like Hibari in which he himself takes care of you, except he doesn’t trust the bodyguards at all. Who knows what they can do to you.
  • Basically, he will be, or at least try to be, on his best behavior as possible. He can’t afford to get you all worked up thanks to him (interpret that as you wish).


  • Gokudera will be the most serious out of everyone else. This is no time to be relaxing!
  • He’ll get all of his work done like, super early in the morning, so he can spend the rest of the day with you.
  • Gokudera practically do everything for you. He doesn’t mean to offend you, if you are, but he just believes you’re in a vulnerable stage and need as much rest as you can get.
  • Gokudera will be fussing over you so much to the point that everyone thinks it’s annoying, but it’s really just the sweetest thing. He’s going to be a father, he can’t be caught goofing off!


  • Oh Ryohei. He’ll be the energetic and excited one. Basically the opposite of Yamamoto (not that he can’t have fun).
  • He will be dragging you out, despite everyone else’s insisting not to, and talk to the baby about the environment and surroundings. He wants it to see the world before it’s born!
  • That being said, Ryohei will always make sure that you’re comfortable whenever you two are out.
  • I can totally see him acting all like Greg Universe from Steven Universe, being all energetic and telling the baby he’ll have the coolest dad (remember that scene Steven Universe viewers?).

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Hello I love your stories and I was wondering how Fran reunited with his mother and what was the dumbest thing Fran, Lambo, and I-pin ever did together. Thank you <3

Thank you! I’m very glad you’re enjoying them!

Fran reunited with his mother in the last place he ever expected–during a family vacation in Cuba. He was at a cafe and spotted her across the street, where she happened to be working at a restaurant. Though he never was able to clearly picture her face, he knows it’s her the moment he sees her. He’s about sixteen, and no longer has anxiety over her abandonment of him, so he’s only shocked that he’s this close to her at all. Fran figures this is chance to exact his revenge over her cruelties to him and observes her for a few days. One night he follows her to her home.

He quickly realizes that she leads a miserable existence, with a nasty boyfriend who mistreats her in a rundown house and working a dead-end job. It was the complete opposite of the glamour and luxury she always wanted, and he decides that leaving her to slug through her life is a much greater punishment than killing her. Fran has a brief encounter with her, finally having his say and proving how far he’s come, and wipes her mind before heading back to his family

Fran, Lambo and I-Pin have done a lot of stupid things over the course of their lives. But perhaps the dumbest stunt they ever pulled was when they took Xanxus’ truck for a joyride. The Varia boss forgot his keys at home, taking one of the limos with Squalo to get to his destination. Fran notices the keys, and coerces (manipulates) Lambo and I-Pin into coming with him. They drive around the country and everything is going fine until an animal jumps in the road. Fran swerves and the car goes into the ditch, denting the front and cracking a window.

They try to cover it up, but it’s all for naught and Xanxus finds out and he shows zero mercy.