i love the tylers

I know that no one would probably ever do this, but if anyone would reblog this and tag Jack for me i would love that, for some Reason reason my phone won’t let me tag Jack or tag anyone for that matter and I just would like a chance for him to see this, he always makes my day and makes me laugh, he is a smol Irish bean and he’s come so far in life! Everyone that I know that watches him are so proud and i just want to say…good job Sean…you’re doing good…keep it up man…. everyone has been doing great and I just want to follow in their footsteps, Why? Because it’s my dream to make people smile, and laugh and make peoples days, I want to help people going through things to get better and let them know they aren’t alone…i highly doubt this will ever get anywhere, but I look up to you jack…and Mark and Ethan, and Tyler, pewds, Shane Dawson, wade , Bob, gar, Jp, entoan, pat, everyone….they…have shaped me into the young person that I am today…you guys…helped me so much…and I just wanted to say…thank you…

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Oh!! May I please have a Tyler playlist???

I’ve done romantic and hippy tyler so, I’m sorry, you’re getting break up Tyler!! I’m SORRY (also don’t pay too much mind to the title of the playlist, I actually love Tyler’s poems those are just Lyrics from Alphabet Boy, which is the perfect Tyler breakup song imo)

With All Your Bad Poetry (Alphabet Boy)
Alphabet Boy - Melanie Martinez
You Don’t Own Me - Grace ft. G-Eazy
Me, Myself and I - G.Eazy
i hate u, i love u - gnash ft Olivia O’Brien
Concrete Wall - Zee Avi
Not Over You (Acoustic) - Tessa Violet 

send me an emotion/feeling/youtuber and i’ll make you a short playlist based on it

Picturing Tyler playing water polo is honestly the most beautiful thing because of you’ve ever seen a team play 1) it’s physically DEMANDING and cool to watch and 2) they basically wear speedos or something similar… so Tyler in a speedo. I’m in love. I know there’s one picture of him during a match that exists but I really wish there was video

I love Tyler's mind
  • Interviewer : Why did you shave your hair Tyler ?
  • Tyler : I don't know. I like it. It's not really about what it looks like though. I like the idea of getting rid of something that's been on you for a long time. And you wake up on the next day and you're like " it's not there" and it's a refreshing take on your life after that... it was the deeper emotional connection that I had with my hair that I liked getting rid of.
  • Josh : Everything he does is dramatic.There's nothing that he randomly does.

Halsey was at the panic concert last night, spencer was at the panic concert last night, josh was at the one a couple weeks ago, josh was at their jimmy Fallon performance, the singer from pierce the veil was at their concert two nights ago, dallon and his family go to tøp concerts, halsey goes to tøp concerts

The alternative music industry is just one big happy family and it’s so pure