i love the two of you sfm


#look at that dork amy #that’s the love of your life amy #you love him sfm #he’s a goof but he’s crazy about you #he’ll read harry potter just because you love it #he’ll let you win a game cause he’d rather make you happy than win #he learns all he can about your dad so he can make you happy #you two are endgame

After my Hanmetra post, I thought I would talk about another ship I was thinking of; so what about McCree and Pharah?
They were both young when they joined Overwatch (I looked up that photo from Ana’s origins story again),
they are both like “Justice is love, Justice is life” or what. xD So yeah, why not?
I can imagine making more pictures of these two;

What do you think? Do you ship it? If you agree with me, please reblog this post.


Commission for the lovely @molioanimatra of her (and her RP partner) tevinter characters ♥
Thank you so much for trusting me with these two AND for the amazing playlist! uvu

The Date

Request by: the-fluffy-dragon

My…back…hurts… So many hours spend on this. But damn I like it! Again, I wanted to try something new, A BACKGROUND!

Fluffy asked for a date between Spy and Scout’s Mom. What is better than a little dinner at the restaurant? So yeah those two lovely babies are having a good time, while Miss Pauling doesn’t… Stfu Scout…OH And Heavy and Medic too! But their fun is different obviously. Now I’m hungry.

I can’t tell how many hours I spend on this… Too much XD

Anyway I hope you will enjoy as much as I do! :D

I wanted to make SOMETHING for my boyfriend’s birthday, so I spent the day making his pony into an SFM model and making a picture or two. 

I love @youwannaslap, you guys. More than I ever thought I’d ever love someone. If you haven’t yet, make sure you head over to his (nsfw) page and wish him a happy birthday! He’s beautiful and I love him! <3333333333