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Whoo whee! Just finished the title image for @pray4thefaries new fic! I hope I do it justice! (I didn’t put your title on there so if you’d like me to put one on I can do that too…)

Anyways this drawing was a bunch of fun! Love doing dramatic expressions and wings :D

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Finally! It's been like months since I last got here before the box closed! So yay for that. Now I'm looking for any fics where Dean is a tattoo artist, like the more fluff the better!

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Glad you could make it! I love tattoo artist Dean fics and I have way too many of them to share so I’m probably going to do a part 2 for this in the future! Here’s a few of my fav fics with tattoo artist Dean in them. Enjoy!

- Admin A

Title: What’s Life Without A Little Sprinkles?

Author: emmiegrace

Rating: Mature

Words: 8,549 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love this fic! I can’t get over the mental image of tattoo artist Dean being involved in a show called “cupcake wars”. It’s priceless!

Summary: From the outside “Bee’s Knees Bakery” and “Demon Ink” don’t seem like the kind of shops to share a sidewalk. But really the cutesy sign hanging above the Cupcakery was drawn one late evening by a tattoo artist with skulls on his arm, but flowers covering his chest.

And if you take a step inside the black painted tattoo shop you’ll find a man with more love in his heart for his husband than he has tattoos on his body. And he’s willing to do anything for his dorky huffy little baker next door. Including going on a lame frilly reality competition show.

In which Castiel takes his husband as his assistant on “Cupcake Wars”

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Title: Blame It On The Rain

Author: destihellion

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 6,793 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This oneshot is fantastic. The plot is so sweet and simple yet not something I’ve read before and I’ve read a lot of oneshots :’D

Summary: Of all the wonderful things he could be doing on his first weekend off in months, Dean instead finds himself stuck in traffic in the slow lane of I-70, rain pouring down so hard he can barely see out of his windshield, and to top it all off he’s running late for a first date.

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Title: Paint and Ink verse

Author: artsyUnderstudy

Rating: Explicit

Words: 22,758 – 3 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I think I’ve recced this verse before, but it just shows how much I love it. Artist Cas and tattoo artist Dean is just perfect!

Summary: Castiel needs a model for his new sculpture project, and Dean Winchester sounds perfect for the job.

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Title: Tattoo verse

Author: LucifersHitman

Rating: Explicit

Words: 36,841 – 5 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I can’t do a tattoo artist Dean post without this verse in it. Every oneshot in this verse is just perfect and I’ve read each one more than three times!

Summary:  "Castiel thinks that, in all honesty, this entire thing was Gabriel’s fault. It had been, after all, Gabriel whome had rummaged through Castiel’s belongings.

Gabriel whome had found his sketches, his personal designs. It had been Gabriel whome had then gone out and booked him a time with his boyfriend (Sam)’s brother. Dean. A tattooist.“

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Title: In This Valley of Dying Stars

Author: grandeur

Rating: General Audiences

Words: 4,083 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: It’s really hard to keep writing these notes when all these fics are so similar :’D But whatever, this fic was sweet but not my favorite.

Summary:  “I’d like a tattoo, please,” says a deep, gravely voice, one that Dean’s never heard before, but admits in a fleeting moment of vulnerable shock that he wouldn’t mind hearing it more. It’s got a nice tone to it, like hot unadulterated sex dragging over hot lava. Or the one where Castiel comes in as Dean’s newest (unscheduled) patron, and Dean might just fall in love a little.

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Title: Marry Me

Author: linasane

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 8,927 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: There’s so many fics like this around here and this is by far my fav of them.

Summary: Blind!Cas and Tattoo Artist!Dean.

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Title: Angeles verse

Author: Archangelsanonymous (Pattypixie)

Rating: Mature

Words: 28,605 – 4 parts

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★  

Admin A’s notes: Admin J is going to kill me… but tattoo artist Dean is one of my fav tags out there! Lol my love for Au tags is limitless!

Summary: Dean Winchester is a world-renowned tattoo artist, who owns a tattoo parlor in San Francisco with his best friend and his brother, even though he hasn’t worked on anyone in close to two years. Enter Castiel Angeles, the man who finally refuses to take any excuses Dean has to offer.

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Title: An Exercise In ‘Worthless’

Author: beastofthesky

Rating: Mature

Words: 26,547 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: Okay so this might be by far my fav fic in this list and everyone should read it now!

Summary:  "I mean, you’re–” He gestures at Cas, in his neat oxford shirt and nice pants. “–and I’m a high school dropout who tattoos for a living.”

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Roadrat: The Fire that Covered the World

Title: The Fire that Covered the World 
Pair: Roadrat (angst)
(Cleaned up and finished. Just some angst, cause I was having a hard time thinking about something that would make ‘Rat or ‘Hog cry. It struck me as like… they forget to feel that sometimes, so when it comes out it’s a surprise to both of them. Nothing more important then your home, even if you are nomadic.)

The news cast was showing the images. Was showing the plumes of smoke and eaten wasteland—the scorching, the burn, the acid and the toxins rising. They weren’t there—thank god they weren’t there. But it felt like they should have been. They were meant to be in the Outback; they were built to be in Australia. But no. They were in a run-down apartment in London; some dingy shit hole they had bribed out of someone. But there it was: a fire so high and so wide that it could be the ocean.

Usually this would light some kind of gleeful reaction from Junkrat, but he sat quietly, eyes fixed on the screen as he watched his home land go up in flames. Sydney was safe, Melbourne was safe—all the big people places were safe. It was the Outback that was burning—no reports of any deaths yet, thankfully the fire is ravaging and area unoccupied by Omnics or People—the news lady was saying. But hell, they didn’t count Junkers as people. They were all going up in flames.

Junkrat’s eyes reflected the screen, those yellow sparks covered now in the blue-hue of a shitty TV and the grainy flames spreading across the ground. Roadhog wasn’t much better, he was sitting in the back of the room, tucked into a too small armchair as he stared past ‘Rat’s head and at the news broadcast. It was show casing their lives—the room as cold as gasoline.

The Outback was burning. 

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Anon plz, I want to be careful with his but DAMN I need to unload. 

If anyone knows William Wordsworth’s poem “Nutting,” you know it’s about a specific place the poet went to to muse and shit.

How complicated or lovely the poem is or isn’t isn’t he point here, the point is that a guy in my class decided to give a reading of the poem. Just take the title and imagine what a 15 year old would do with it. Then do that. And add very explicit images of gang-rape with semen everywhere. Put it on display for the whole class to see. 

Except don’t be 15. Be, like, in your early thirties or something. And do this for a doctoral seminar. And don’t only be totally serious about it but undergird it with how self-important you are and how you really can’t see anything else the poem could possibly be about because you’re not “that good at poetry” in the first place. Be SURE to spin this as a point of pride for yourself in front of someone who studies this material for a living while everyone visibly expresses how badly they want to get out of this classroom. 

Follow these step-by-step instructions to officially be “that guy”

nothing like a good nut

A Bitter Draught

I did a bit of digging, curious about the title of the second episode of OUAT season 6, and doubly curious about our new sword-slashing guest star…. 
And I found some very interesting/upsetting things.
Turns out the phrase “bitter draught” was quite popular in the 18th century, made famous by a British political cartoon dubbed “The Able Doctor, or America Swallowing the Bitter Draught” published in the wake of the Boston Tea Party in 1774. It’s a pretty graphic image, so I didn’t post it here, but follow this LINK if you want to see it for yourself.

Description (x)
Cartoon showing a European gentleman with the Boston Port Bill in his pocket pouring tea down a [native American] woman’s mouth. She is being held down by a lascivious gentleman at her feet and a judge at her arms. A woman holding a spear and shield covers her eyes while a gentleman holds a sword with “Military Law” on it. In the background is a scene of “Boston cannonaded” and in the foreground is a tattered paper containing Boston’s petition to England.
Britannia weeps as Frederick, Lord North, pours tea into the mouth of America, while a Frenchman and a Spaniard (with the Order of the Golden Fleece) watch from the side. William Murray, first earl of Mansfield (Lord Chief Justice) and an opponent of repealing the Stamp Act, holds America’s wrist while John Montagu, fourth earl of Sandwich (First Lord of the Admiralty), holds her ankles. The man with a sword represents John Stuart, earl of Bute, (prime minister for George III from 1762 to 1763 and instrumental in negotiating the Treaty of Paris) in a Scottish hat and kilt. Revere copied this image from an original in London Magazine, Apr. 1774, vol. 43, p. 185; the only change being that Revere added the word “tea” to the teapot. The Boston Port Bill, levied as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party, was signed into law on March 31, 1774, and provided the final wedge between Massachusetts and the crown.  

Basically, the cartoon depicts the anger, brutality, and vengeance of the British Empire towards the colonists rebellion. The tie in to the show, however, is that the phrase was then used later in Alexander Dumas’ 1845 novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” and the continued context of REVENGE is illustrated beautifully. 

‘Hatred is blind and anger deaf: the one who pours himself a cup of vengeance is likely to drink a bitter draught.’  (X) 

I am willing to bet that our new character is none other that the wrongly accused, vengeful, Count of Monte Cristo himself, EDMOND DANTES.

It explains the tattered clothes and fighting style and sword choice, and ties in neatly to the theme of untold stories, betrayal, and vengeance. 

The real question now is, why has he aligned himself with the Evil Queen? Has she promised him that she will assist granting his revenge? And will there be any tie-ins to Hook’s world/story-line? I personally can’t wait to find out! 

Ideas for Grieving and Sustaining Yourself While Surviving Under Capitalism
by Robin Markle, 7/8/16

I usually don’t put something out that’s this unpolished but I felt like I just needed to create and share without perfecting. It’s such a hard time to be alive, to witness and experience so much pain. Sending love to everyone. Keep loving, keep fighting. <3

Much inspiration for this piece comes from Marginal Notes and Adrienne Maree Brown, particularly this blog post, “gifting my attention.”

Image description:

Title at top says: Ideas for Grieving and Sustaining Yourself While Surviving Under Capitalism by Robin Markle.
Beneath, haphazardly around the paper are ideas:
STAY HYDRATED. make sure you’re replenishing all the sweat and tear. accompanied by illustration of a water bottle.
CONNECT WITH FRIENDS. engage in shared grief. accompanied by illustration of two people hugging and a cell phone with a text conversation viewable. one person has written “I can’t believe this.” a second person has replied “me either.” The second person writes “I love you <3.” The first person responds “<3 <3 <3 <3″
CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY. feel your feelings. feel where the grief is. s t r e t c h. accompanied by illustration of a person stretching their arms above their head.
listen to music, read poetry. make music, write poetry. accompanied by illustration of a record player playing a record and a notebook and pen.
take a breath as you send them love, healing, strength, rest. light a candle, say a prayer. accompanied by illustration of a person breathing deeply and a lit candle.
REFLECT ON THE THINGS YOU ARE DOING AND CAN DO TO CREATE A MORE JUST WORLD. if you feel there is more you can do, do it. if you are at capacity, know it is enough. accompanied by illustration of two people carrying a banner that reads, “SAY HER NAME.” one person is carrying a baby. a separate illustration shows a computer mouse arrow poised over a button that reads “donate” on a screen..
TAKE CARE. of yourself, of your loved ones. ask what you/they need. accompanied by illustration of a bowl of liquid with a spoon in it and a separate illustration of two people sitting on a beach, looking at the ocean. one has their hand around the other’s back.
remember that there is still so much beauty and potential in the world. even when we see so much hate and harm, there are many of us dedicated to birthing something better. accompanied by illustration of a heart.

[Image Title: 1000 Followers (with a heart underneath). Image Description: a drawing of Jessica and Lianna at a desk. Jess is looking at her phone with a happy shocked expression, and says to Lianna “Holy crap! We’re almost at 1000 followers! Li, hurry up and draw something already!” Lianna, sitting next to her frantically drawing on her tablet, replies “I’m going as fast as I can!!!”]

1,000 thank you’s to EACH and EVERY one of our followers!! Cleary, we were unprepared for all the love, so soon, so wonderful. We are beyond ecstatic, that we just might go pop some wheelies out back!

(This one was a collaboration, line art and drawing by Lianna, text and colours by Jessica)

Title: Doctor Leonore McCoy
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Series: Rule 63 Trek
Credits (aka, see the images I used): Livejournal post.
Crossposted + High-res version: Deviantart, Livejournal.

Holly Marie Combs as female!McCoy.

I honestly didn’t know whom to choose for Bones. I sincerely don’t remember how I ended up remembering that Charmed Season One promo of Piper with her best scowling face but then everything worked. :D I know I considered Olivia Wilde (because I love the girl) and even Kristen Steward (because she has some great grumpy faces), but nope: Holly it is.

In “Parallel lives” (Star Trek #29/#30), the female Bones is named Lea. I originally came up with “Leonore” years ago and I don’t particularly like Lea, so…

Tec stuffs (aka Behind The Manip): The girl showing this outfit is my hero (if I had 30 kilos less, I’d definitely get the dress and wear it - I could buy it, since US sizes are large and I could sneak into the XL, but.. damn, the dress is sooo short). I decided to color the jacket and put the medical pin for the zip.

USS Enterprise crew 3/13: you’ll find the rest of the crew under this tag.

Risky Business (A Cageblade Fanfiction)

This is for @eggsquish, whose lovely artwork has inspired me to write a small little fic because of one of those pieces. So, this is for her, and I hope all the people like it as well! (An alternate title could be “A Sinya Anthology” XD) 

I would like to note that for the story Sonya and Johnny are wearing their alternate costumes, because that is what the image by @eggsquish looks like. I’d also like to note that this is the closest I’ve ever wrote to smut before, so could you please give private feedback if you wish and limit flaming to a medium. My intent is to make more of a comedy one-shot with some romance and smutty undertones. Thanks!

There was something remarkably sophomoric yet strikingly exhilarating about shredding someone’s clothes off in a broom closet like a horny teenager. However, Sonya Blade couldn’t help reminding herself of two factors that should have immediately kept her from doing such an illogical thing in the first damn place. 

First, is the fact that as the General of the base, she needs to set an example for those around her or her subordinates. Engaging in sexual activities in a broom closet during work hours would not only cause whispers to swirl throughout the base with the speed that could rival a wildfire, but also make her seem like such a hypocrite for busting other members who were caught participating in similar acts around the base. Having power shouldn’t mean that you’re above the rules; Sonya dealt with too much of that when she was just beginning with her career in the Special Forces. 

Secondly, the fact that her “partner in crime” for these secretive carnal excursions is none other than her ex-husband. 

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okay swen, so im making a fan video. NO! not just smut, or fluff, but US. all of us, to send out to the world. pictures of you, your art, with your info plastered on the photo, personal info or online info or both. whatever you are comfortable with. send me a single image, you at con with our girls, you as an evil regal, your cosplay, just you and a love note, or just you. i found the perfect song. email me your pic. the title is “We are Swen”, i found the perfect song. email pics to - longfelo22@gmail.com. I can’t wait to see all of you, all submissions are private and will not be used for anything other than this video. pics should reflect the fandom, from things as just you + location, to a note of you that says “ love you jenn, love you lana or ‪#‎swen‬” original art works only, please tag in photo. etc. share this everywhere. including author name on fanfiction sites too! submissions accepted until aug. 1st. 2016

(planetarian) 【Lyrics Translation】 Ceui - Worlds Pain

“ I sought for the shine
I was sure I had once witnessed in the story that this sky lost ”

So here’s the anisong that I was really REALLY looking forward to the first moment I heard it (which was the moment the video below got uploaded), but I was quite disappointed when I saw the words ‘image song’ rather than ‘opening theme’ beside the title. From what I know, this series won’t have an opening (each episode is pretty short too), but there are hopes that it would be the ending theme to the movie that would be concluding the adaption.

Besides the truly tragic lyrics, I was super excited because the vocals were so obviously Ceui. And being a big fan of Ceui, you can’t believe how happy I was to know that she would be lending her vocals for a story as lovely as ‘planetarian’. Ceui is not a very active singer, but pretty much all of her songs are awesome. This one, of course, is no exception.

The video below is the TV-size version, but you would notice that I have the full lyrics down in the post. The full lyrics were copied from this ‘official’ utattemita video, where two composers (the one who wrote this song, and another a prolific Key composer) attempted to cover the second half of the song (meanwhile complaining about the Kanji lol).

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Title: Lieutenant Kijani Uhura
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Series: Rule 63 Trek
Credits (aka, see the images I used): Livejournal post.
Crossposted + High-res version: Deviantart, Livejournal.

DB Woodside as male!Uhura.

I love DB Woodside’s eyes. It’s just… well, it was love at first sight since his first time in 24. The cut of his eyes (not well shown in this pic, though) reminds me of Zoe’s, that’s why I picked him. I know he’s a little bit too old, compared to Zoe: I did my best to remove some sign of age from his face.

In “Parallel lives” (Star Trek #29/#30), the male Uhura is called Nnamdi Uhuro: frankly, I have no idea if it makes sense that “Uhura” becomes “Uhuro” (does Uhura have a male form?), nor I have searched what Nnamdi means.
For a WIP of mine, way before this comic came out, I genderbent Uhura, so here’s the reason for my name choice: there’s no specific male form corresponding to Nyota (“star”) but apparently the name also means “warrior”: the male name Kijani (pronunciation KEE-jah-nee) means warrior.

Tec stuffs (aka Behind The Manip): There are so few decent costumes/replicas for the uniforms out there: of these few, not all have decent quality pics and, most important, they are worn by real models and the model doesn’t look ludicrous and stiff.
This one was decent enough for posture, and of good quality. Sure, pants and shoes and the undershirt are wrong, and the metal pin was a fabric patch (so I had to change it) and the phaser replica is a perfect replica but… all white (WTF??) so I had to find a pic of the real replica that could fit the particular position and was big enough to do so (nightmare indeed). But, hmm, not bad result, in the end.

USS Enterprise crew 4/13: you’ll find the rest of the crew under this tag.

Jedda (1955)
Plot summary: Jedda is an Aboriginal girl born on a cattle station in the Northern Territory of Australia. She has been raised by Sarah McMann, the wife of the station boss, Doug. Sarah raises Jedd…

Plot summary: Jedda is an Aboriginal girl born on a cattle station in the Northern Territory of Australia. She has been raised by Sarah McMann, the wife of the station boss, Doug. Sarah raises Jedda as her own, teaching her European ways and separating her from other Aborigines. A young “half-caste” stockman named Joe is in love with Jedda and wishes to marry her, but Jedda is struggling with her own attraction to an Aboriginal man named Marbuk.

Trigger/content warnings: This blog entry contains discussions of death, racism (including slurs and blackface), misogyny, the sexualisation of children and sexual assault. Indigenous readers are also advised that this entry contains names and images of Aboriginal people who have died.

In this entry, I discuss how the Australian film Jedda represents the teenage title character’s race, gender and sexuality as inextricable from one another, and the possibility of representation being exploitative.

Voltage Gangsters in Love

I REALLY love this game but the problem I have with it is the title.

Whenever I search up this game on tumblr, 10% of it is the Gangsters in Love Voltage game and 90% of the time I’m greeted with real life gruesome images. And they’re not even ads or fake bot accounts.

I was greeted with an image of someone giving someone a blow job in public with the hashtag “gangsters in love” or “voltage”.

I never have this problem when I’m searching up “Astoria Fates Kiss”

Do you think you can discuss with the fans what kind of titles they want for this game so they won’t see anything gruesome again?

As for everyone else of the fandom, you can reblog what new name you want for the game and we can vote! 😄

@officialvoltageotome @voltageamemix

fun neuro fact of the day: the neurons in our visual cortex are best attuned to movement & therefore in recognizing moving objects. if an image is made to be completely stationary on the retina ( generally through use of lenses ), we will not see it.

source: the tale of the dueling neurosurgeons by sam kean, page 111

Title: Nurse Chris Chapel
Fandom: Star Trek (reboot)
Series: Rule 63 Trek
Credits (aka, see the images I used): Livejournal post.
Crossposted: Deviantart, Livejournal.

Simon Baker as male!Chapel.

My (and not only mine) headcanon face for reboot!Chapel is Rachael Taylor (as you can see here). I admit I had no idea which actor could fit this role: while searching for blond actors Simon Baker popped up. I loved him in The Guardian and, bam, he was perfect: perhaps it’s only me, but I feel he has something that reminds me of Rachael Taylor.

Well, the name choice was a given. :D

I’ve given him the Lieutenant stripe because - as some nice soul pointed out to me - Chapel eventually gets promoted Lieutenant during the Animated Series. It frankly did seem idiotic to me that Chapel, who clearly is McCoy’s second-in-command, didn’t even have a rank in TOS.

Tec stuffs (aka Behind The Manip): Tried to give Simon a hair color similar to TOS Chapel, who had blond hair that were almost white at times. I pretty much forgot to do the same to my two reboot!Chapel manips! D:

USS Enterprise crew 9/13: you’ll find the rest of the crew under this tag.